14 October 2037
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Joel Marsetti Hana Tanek John Crowley Elijah McMurran Jill Hart

Joel: Hana, how are you feeling?
Hana: I feel much better, thank you.
Joel: Good, good. No aches or pains? Anything at all?
Hana: Shakes his head 'no.' I feel… I feel much better.
Joel: Excellent! I still suggest you take it easy, but as of now you are officially discharged.
Hana: Thank you, Dr. Marsetti. I appreciate everything you've done for me…
Joel: No need to thank me, Hana and please, "Joel."
Hana: Joel… Holds out a hand to shake.
Joel: Gladly takes it and shakes. It's great to see you've recovered so well.
Hana: Thanks to you and Adam.
Joel: Chuckles. I am glad he was able to assist us.
Hana: Nods.
Joel: Anyhow, you can take a seat in here if you wish or you can reacquaint yourself with the castle. Though, if you do start to feel any sort of pains or illness, please come see me at once.
Hana: I shall. Bows. I think I'll return to my old room, if it has not been occupied.
Joel: Bows in return. I don't believe it has. Good evening to you then.
Hana: Good evening, Joel. Take care. Nods and departs.
Joel: You as well. Resumes his work.

Hana: Meets John in the hallway. …Hello John.
John: Hello, Hana.
Hana: Stops walking and turns to him. Can I help you?
John: I was just on my way to check up on you. Seems you've recovered.
Hana: …Yes. I was discharged just moments ago.
John: I see. It is good to see that you have recovered.
Hana: Yes. I have Dr. Marsetti and your son to thank for that.
John: Indeed. Same old John, of course. Rigid and professional. He actually doesn't look as healthy as usual, to the observant eye. …I won't take any more of your time, Hana. Though I will wish to speak with you tomorrow, if that is fine by you?
Hana: Perfectly. Well, good evening, John. Bows.
John: Nods. Good evening, Hana.
Hana: Departs.

Someone: Taps John on the shoulder.
John: Turns!
Someone: No one is there, but his shoulder's tapped again from the other side.
John: Cute, Elijah.
Elijah: Laughs. You got me.
John: I've still got it, it seems.
Elijah: Mm. Walks around to face him like a normal human being. 'Sup?
John: Not much. Rubs his eyes. Also oddly clothed quite heavily.
Elijah: Looks him up and down. Really looking forward to those cold fronts coming in later this week, huh?
John: Chuckles. You… could say that.
Elijah: Alright, give.
John: Just practicing.
Elijah: Getting used to wool?
John: No, though wool is nice on the skin.
Elijah: Man.
John: If you want it straight, I've been practicing magic.
Elijah: …Oh! Ice magic.
John: Nods. Only kind I can do to any real degree.
Elijah: Ha!
John: Did you know that at below 40, the skin instantly freezes?
Elijah: Um…
John: I didn't either. Laughs.
Elijah: …Have you got frostbite?
John: Yeah.
Elijah: Takes his arm and heads for the infirmary.
John: Resists quite a bit. I know how to treat frostbite. I'm don't have hypothermia, either or am in any danger.
Elijah: If you want a couple amputated fingers. Pulls.
John: Finally gives in and walks with him. …Could you not grab my arm, please?
Elijah: Has it got frostbite?
John: Some.
Elijah: Augh!
John: I was on my way to treat it.
Elijah: Jesus. Walks with him.
John: Walks as well. Just got a little carried away. It's not going to happen again.
Elijah: Good. When did I get to be the one taking care of you?
John: Laughs.
Elijah: Frowns.
John: I would say that we both just take care of one another.
Elijah: You're surprisingly irresponsible.
John: This one time.
Elijah: And the sword thing with the hand and the bleeding pints of blood and the attacking Price and the… Shall I go on? I don't think I need to remind you.
John: Alright. All of those times, too.
Elijah: Yeah.
John: You forgot baiting an Element.
Elijah: That was a good one. Me? I'm never irresponsible. Never.
John: Of course not.
Elijah: My photograph is next to the word, 'responsible in the dictionary. Never mind the glue stick and scissors and scraps of paper nearby. I don't know where those came from.
John: Your secret is safe with me.
Elijah: Hm.
John: Laughs.
Elijah: No laughing matter. That's some kid's macaroni project.
John: Laughing still.
Elijah: Smiles a little.
John: Stiffly scruffs up his hair.
Elijah: Man. You know… You know.
John: Do I?
Elijah: My mom gave me hell about my messy hair for years.
John: Heh. I could see that.
Elijah: Then she was all upset when Aunt Bridget gave me a crew cut.
John: I remember that.
Elijah: Shakes his head. Now the only reason my hair is messy is because of you. Smiles. If only I had lovely fine hair like Adam that just falls perfectly into place.
John: Laughs. I should tell Adam you admire his hair so much.
Elijah: Maybe he'll let me borrow his conditioner.
John: Perhaps. You could borrow mine.
Elijah: Snorts.
John: Is there something wrong with my hair?
Elijah: I bet you either use generic crap or Mom picks out your John Frida Beautiful Brunette or something.
John: …That second one.
Elijah: Laughs. C'mon, Dad, you've gotta be a man.
John: Laughs as well. Grips his fist and releases it, over and over. I happen to like having nice hair. At least it's one color finally.
Elijah: That's a step in the right direction. Unless you've got beautiful natural streaks like miiine. Shakes his head around.
John: Ha. No thanks. One color is more than enough for me.
Elijah: After like, four years or more of that… weird hair. Did you just dip the top of your head in bleach or something?
John: I already told you. I was struck by lightning.
Elijah: Smiles.
John: Chuckles and shakes his head a little.

Elijah: Arrives at the infirmary.
Jill: Hello. Puts down her teacup and approaches them. What seems to be the problem?
John: I have frostbite.
Jill: Let me have a look.
John: Peels off the layers of clothes until his arm is bared and he indeed has frostbite up the entirety of his limb. It looks semi-bad, but only the skin is frozen.
Jill: Feels his arm lightly to see if it's warm.
John: It is slightly. Was bundled up pretty thickly.
Jill: Please sit down, Sir. Leads him with his good arm to a bed.
John: Lets himself be lead. Doesn't really even know who this doctor is, just figures she's new.
Jill: Gets a basin and begins filling it with warm water. We're going to have to thaw your arm out and it will be a little painful. The frostbite doesn't seem to be too severe, though.
John: Flexing his fingers and arm. Still not a lot of sensation in the limb. Very well.
Jill: Brings the basin over, which is rather heavy. You'll need to submerge your arm in the water.
John: Nods and does as he's told. At least he's a cooperative patient. Sometimes.
Jill: If you can, alert me when the water cools and I'll replace it. May I ask how you got into this predicament?
John: Magic practice.
Jill: Next time, wear protective clothing to prevent your body heat from escaping. You'll want to wear mittens rather than gloves, if possible. If you're sweating a lot during practice, the wet clothing can give you chills. You should wear loose-fitting, layered, lightweight clothing. Wool holds the most body heat. Overall, you should stay as dry as possible. Understand?
John: Understood.
Jill: You can remember this with the acronym, "COLD." Cover, Overexertion, Layers, and Dry. Got it?
John: …Got it. Does this woman think I'm stupid or something?
Jill: Good. Turns to Elijah. And can I help you?
Elijah: Uh… No. Just here with my father.
Jill: Alright then. Let me know if you need anything.
John: How long will I need to do this?
Jill: Until it thaws. Your arm will no longer be cold. The skin will be red and will feel painful.
John: Very well then.
Jill: Returns to the doctor's station.
Elijah: Kinda hits home that you're made out of meat, huh?
John: I wouldn't say so.
Elijah: Why not?
John: On account of how much sexier I would look with it, rather than without it.
Elijah: …What?
John: I wouldn't make a handsome skeleton.
Elijah: Oh. We all look the same underneath. Well I haven't got anything underneath anymore
John: I know. You're kind of like Stretch Armstrong now.
Elijah: Who?
John: Old, old toy. It could stretch pretty far.
Elijah: Grins.
John: How far can you?
Elijah: Pretty far until my particles start breaking up
John: Ah, I see. You know, you're a bad influence on me. Laughs in a strained sort of way.
Elijah: How come?
John: Tried to do that sword trick you showed me.
Elijah: Which one?
John: Forming a blade out an Element. Though I certainly wasn't going to try the light or dark, as you did.
Elijah: Well yeah, Dad. I mean… Would you try to use a flame sword? Ouch. Not even Pixei can do that.
John: What can I say? I'm a forerunner. I have it worked out. Somewhat.
Elijah: What you need is a magic sword.
John: Sure, I'll just pluck one from the nearest magic sword tree, if they're in season. Laughs.
Elijah: Should commission Gabriel once he gets back.
John: That'll be awhile yet, I believe. I think I could get it down by then.
Elijah: I don't think you should try it again. It's not possible.
John: Laughs.
Elijah: What're you laughing about?
John: You say that when you've made a sword not only out of light, but out of darkness.
Elijah: I'm made out of light and darkness. It doesn't hurt me. You're made out of… meat.
John: I'm aware. Arm feels like it's on fire by now.
Elijah: You have to use a specially designed sword with a hilt that'll protect you from the Element in question.
John: That would be one way.
Elijah: …Of not getting frostbite and losing the feeling in your arm.
John: Oh, I can feel it now. At any rate, I just need to think of a method, is all.
Elijah: Daaad! You're incorrigible.
John: Why, thank you.
Elijah: I said not even Pixei use swords made out of fire and they're descendants of the Fire Elemental and much more heat resistant than Humans.
John: I heard you the first time, Elijah.
Elijah: Frowns. Which means you shouldn't!
John: Which means I only need to find a way. Laughs.
Elijah: I… am really disappointed in you.
John: …Those kind of words work on your children, Elijah, not your father.
Elijah: That's reckless behavior!
John: I'm going to be taking the steps necessary to keep this from happening again. You don't have to be worried.
Elijah: Yeah. Sure.
John: I certainly didn't enjoy getting frostbite and now it feels like every nerve in my arm is screaming. I made an error in my magic and I've learned from it. It made the mistake worth making.
Elijah: …And not one you should try repeating.
John: I won't be repeating the same method.
Elijah: Rolls his eyes.
John: Chuckles.
Elijah: Whaaat?
John: Nothing, nothing.
Elijah: Stares at him.
John: Feels the water with his other hand for a moment, to check the temperature. It's still slightly warm. I appreciate your concern, Elijah.
Elijah: Yes, but you won't heed it.
John: Sorry. I like a challenge.
Elijah: Famous last words.
John: I was hoping my famous last words would be, 'Watch this!'
Elijah: Rolls his eyes, but can't help but smile a little.
John: …Or, 'Oh shi- '
Elijah: Frowns.
John: Grins. …And I want it on my tombstone too.
Elijah: No.
John: Pleaaase?
Elijah: Nooo!
John: Grins more.
Elijah: Frowns. You know Mom wears the pants in the family anyway.
John: Oh, she does not. Still grinning though.
Elijah: Does so.
John: Does not. Wider grinning. Knows it's pretty much, if not totally true.
Elijah: I guess I'll save your manly self image.
John: Laughs. Wouldn't want to tarnish that. I even flex when I water the plants in our room.
Elijah: Good job.
John: Thanks. You might want to start doing so too.
Elijah: Bends his arm and gives himself a bulging bicep.
John: Ow, my ego. Laughs.
Elijah: Grins a bit.
John: What's your secret? I worked out and trained for years and years. That's mine. Grins.
Elijah: I'm a monster.
John: Oh, nonsense. You're a sweetie pie.
Elijah: Eyes roll.
John: Seems to find that particularly funny. Doesn't laugh, just keeps grinning though.
Elijah: Whaaat?
John: Not a thing.
Elijah: Come on. You're grinning.
John: I'm happy. Can't I be happy?
Elijah: Why're you happy?
John: We haven't gotten to sit down and talk for awhile. Maybe I should get frostbite more often. Laughs.
Elijah: Frowns.
John: Heh.
Elijah: I'm sorry I don't hang over your chair anymore and ask you annoying questions.
John: No need to apologize at all.
Elijah: Cocks his head to the side a bit.
John: …How goes your writing?
Elijah: Looks a bit surprised. Oh, not so well…
John: Why is that?
Elijah: Twirls a bit of his hair around in his fingers. Got somewhat of a block lately.
John: I see. I hope you work through it. Your last book was very interesting.
Elijah: Eyebrows furrow a bit. Which one was that?
John: Your survival guide.
Elijah: Looks confused for a moment but then seems to remember. Laughs a little. Oh, that. God, I bet it's awful.
John: I wouldn't say so.
Elijah: I wrote it when I was what, 15?
John: I still have it.
Elijah: Laughs a little. How embarrassing.
John: It's a good read still.
Elijah: Smiles. Maybe I should revise it.
John: You're more than welcome to your original… If you promise to give it back. Smiles a little.
Elijah: I'll try to resist the urge to burn it.
John: I hope so. I wouldn't want to lose that. It's the first gift you ever gave me. Laughs. You even skipped out on homework to write it, if I remember correctly…
Elijah: Oh, yeah… Mom was so mad at me.
John: And mad at me too, for telling you I'm a secret agent.
Elijah: Yeah. She turned your TV up loud all night
John: Almost couldn't get to sleep.
Elijah: Only almost? Geez.
John: Took some time and a pillow over my head.
Elijah: But you married her.
John: Of course.
Elijah: Of course?
John: Grins.
Elijah: Hm?
John: Just laughs.
Elijah: Whaaat?
John: Nothing, nothing. Took awhile though…
Elijah: What?
John: To marry her. Four years.
Elijah: Oh, yeah… Why the long wait?
John: Rome wasn't built in a day. I only wish Adam was being as patient.
Elijah: Huh? You think he's gonna propose to her?
John: Not necessarily. He just seems to be taking his relationship very quickly is all.
Elijah: Sleeping with her.
John: Nods. Ow.
Elijah: Ow?
John: My arm. Anyhow, I agree.
Elijah: Young love, I guess.
John: I just hope that nothing bad comes of it.
Elijah: Like what?
John: Like a premature pregnancy or a horrible break up.
Elijah: Shrugs. You've got to trust him and you've got to let him make his own mistakes. He's an adult now. You can't really protect him forever. Some things in life are painful. No getting around it, really.
John: I do trust him and I know that I can't protect him from everything. Doesn't mean I can't hope that it doesn't occur. If it does, then perhaps he'll at least learn something from it.
Elijah: That's the point of living. You make mistakes and you learn from them. If you're not making mistakes, then you're not living.
John: Nods.
Elijah: Not that I'm saying it would be okay if he got a girl pregnant. That's a sort of… life-altering mistake.
John: A very tough lesson to learn.
Elijah: Kids stay with you… your entire life.
John: Nods. They do. It's more unfortunate for the child than for the adults, if they have one before they're prepared to take care of it.
Elijah: Mm-hm.