14 February 2019
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Julius Larson John Crowley Gwendolyn Larson Jessica McMurran Middler Blaydow Thanasi Reium Katen Tanek Feemerson McMurran Adam McMurran

Julius: Gets to spend Valentine's Day with J.N… How romantic.
J.N: Grumpy, like always. Has a cane, so he doesn't fall over and pop a stitch. Or ruin his life further.
Julius: …They have Valentine's Day cookies in the cafeteria… I thought you should know.
J.N: I can't wait. Gets out of bed and steadies himself on his cane.
Julius: …You look older than usual…
J.N: Just stares.
Julius: They have pink frosting. And sprinkles.
J.N: …Yeah. Let's go before the senior citizens take them all.
Julius: Gets up and walks with him to the cafeteria, then… slowly!

Gwen: I shall go over there and kick both of their asses.
Jessica: Oh come on, you're like… a hundred-and-thirteen… You've had plenty of birthdays already. It must be getting old by now. And unless Middler got a girlfriend, no one else is spending Valentine's Day with anyone.
Middler: Pops his head in, hearing his name. I could spend Valentine's day with both of you! Didn't quite get the point of what she had meant!
Gwen: I could spend Valentine's Day using you as a target for throwing knife practice.
Middler: Smiles wider. Oh, really? That sounds like such a bonding experience!
Thanasi: I 'ave a better idea… Meedler weel be my date. Laces her arm around Middler's. We weel 'ave so much fun, oui?
Middler: Glad that somebody doesn't want to throw knives at him! May be a bit slow, but thinks that Gwen likes it much better when he's afraid or mad, so he just acts happy about all of her ideas! Okay!
Gwen: Glowers.
Katen: I believe someone could use their time more wisely signing papers. Smiles. Come along, Gwendolyn.
Middler: Poor Gwen. Her husband is away.
Jessica: Hears Adam start up crying. Sigshs. Gets up to tend to him.
Gwen: Grumble, mumble, curse. Shuffles away.
Thanasi: My 'usband ees away and you 'aven't yet found zat special someone, non? So we shall make the best of eet and spend time togezzer. No one ees ever nice or pays attention to Meedler when 'e ees so nice to all of them, mais non?
Middler: Was tempted to answer each time she said 'non' at the end of her sentences, but wouldn't want to interrupt. Thanks, Thana.
Thanasi: Oui! Zat ees why you 'ave Thanasee. Smiles. She weel take good care of you. Now. We are in Atlantees and you 'aven't been properly shown about, non? So what would you like to do or see first? Smiles.
Middler: Puts some thought into that! I… really don't know. I mean, there's a lot to do and see… so, how about we just start anywhere? Smiles!
Thanasi: Weeell… We can go eento town and veeset the shops…! Does that sound good?
Middler: Sounds great!

Julius: Looks around at all the sick people. You want food?
J.N: Sick people. …My appetite has taken a plunge all of a sudden…
Julius: Looks at the entrees today. Well, it's not exactly Jessica's cooking, now is it?
J.N: I'm not a picky-eater… Though the food does suck. Eying the unhealthy specimens.
Julius: Picks up on it. Oh… You don't have to sit by them. But maybe you should try to make friends…?
J.N: …I'll do just that. Then donate blood every two months and start going to church. Snags a Valentine cookie.
Julius: Wouldn't hurt you. Sit down at a table away from the sick people.

Thanasi: Takes Middler's hand and drags him out of the castle. She is certainly excited. You are very 'andsome Meedler, deed no one tell you zat?
Middler: Walks when he isn't being bodily dragged! Hm… No. I guess no one has. Well. Except for you just now. Smiles! Why do you ask?
Thanasi: Oh, no one ees ever nice to Meedler… It takes awhile to get off the castle grounds. Frowns.
Middler: You're nice to me and I'm grateful for that. Never realized how big the castle in it's entirety is.
Thanasi: Finally gets past the gate! And then it's still away to town! 'Ave you been enjoying your stay een Atlantees? You should veeseet me in Elf 'aven some time, non?
Middler: Atlantis is beautiful! What I've seen of it that is. No singing crabs yet though… Is Elf Haven far? We could stop by if you wanted to!
Thanasi: Seenging crabs? Elf 'aven ees on Malais… Another island country to the southeast of here… Eet would take awhile to get zhere.
Middler: Singing crab, saw it on a movie once… So Elf Haven is pretty far away? I don't know where Malais is… but I'll still try to visit!
Thanasi: Oui. You can come weeth Renasi et me when we leave tomorrow.
Middler: Alright! How is Renasi doing, anyhow?
Thanasi: 'e seems to be good, though meesing ees papa more lately… I don't know why.
Middler: I'm sorry that your husband is not here for Valentine's Day.
Thanasi: Eet's okay, I am sure 'e ees very busy.

Jessica: After she's done tending to Adam, takes him with her in her search for Feemy. Hopes he hasn't found access to any vents.
Feemy: Thankfully not in a vent. One could probably hear him, from the sound of something dropping to the ground, grumbling… Which keeps happening ad nausuem! The sounds of him unsuccessfully trying to balance a book on his head and walk!
Jessica: Feemy… What are you doing?
Feemy: Trying to walk and balance this book on my head.
Jessica: Did Katen put you up to this?
Adam: Looks at Feemy. Aaouooo.
Feemy: No. I just read it in a book once. Seems to be missing the point of the exercise. As he tries again, he just tries to swerve his head to make it stay on… Which causes it to fall. Hi, Bro!
Jessica: You wouldn't want to visit Mr. John today, would you?
Feemy: I would… but all he does is stay in bed and get mad at us. Uses his horns as a rack for the book, thus achieving victory!
Jessica: Well, yes… but if we go visit him, then Julius can come here and spend time with his wife on her birthday and Valentine's Day. Wouldn't it be nice to do something for Julius?
Feemy: Um… Has the feeling that this is a rhetorical question. Or one of those questions that you just say 'yes' to, since saying 'no', i.e. the truth will get you a dirty look. Sure!
Jessica: You're such a sweet and thoughtful little boy, Feemy.
Feemy: Feels nice to get a compliment from Mom, since she's been spending a lot of time with Adam.
Adam: Bababababa. Stares at Feemy… He looks interesting.
Jessica: Talks back to Adam with high-pitched voice.
Feemy: Flinches. That's not how people talk.
Jessica: It helps teach him language, actually. Would you like to hold him?
Feemy: Fails to grasp how babbling at Adam can teach him to speak. Okay!
Jessica: Hands him Adam carefully.
Adam: Whimpers, but doesn't cry, thankfully.
Feemy: Holds Adam the best he can, just imitating how his mom does.
Adam: Most of the hair he was born with has fallen out. But he has cap on, so it's not too noticeable. Stares at Feemy… Still has blue eyes. Blinks.
Jessica: Searches through her purse for transport potions.
Feemy: Stares back. Hi Adam.
Adam: Aaaaooo bababa… Reaches up at him!
Feemy: Blinks. That's not how you say "hi"…
Jessica: Feemy, he's a baby… He won't start speaking for awhile. Ah ha! Finds the potions. Gives one to Feemy and takes Adam from him.
Feemy: How am I supposed to understand him then? Pouts and takes his potion.
Jessica: Laughs. You can't… but he'll start smiling soon, I bet.
Feemy: I couldn't until I was three.
Jessica: Why not?
Feemy: Lambs don't have lips. I'm just kidding Mooom! I don't know when I smiled and such. Scratches at his horn.

Jessica: Laughs nervously and takes her potion. And, whoops… Ends up in the cafeteria.
Feemy: Cafateria'd! Sniffs, smells food, and wanders towards it!
Adam: Promptly wails.
J.N: …Reaaal subtle.
Everybody: Stares.
Jessica: Frowns. I dropped a quarter and bent over to pick it up… and just popped back up and you didn't notice… Sniffs. Tries to soothe Adam.
Adam: Wails.