13 September 2037

Vladora: Hey Grandpa! Why're you sleeping?!
John: Awakens, but pretends he's asleep.
Vladora: Graaandpaaa! Are you dead?
John: …
Vladora: Pulls on his nose! Grandpa!
John: Eyes snap open! Blaaargh!
Vladora: Jumps, falling out of his lap.
John: …Scared you.
Vladora: Laughs, picking himself up off the floor. That was good, Grandpa.
John: Smiles a little. Glad you thought so.
Vladora: Why were you sleeping?
John: I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.
Vladora: Why not? Were you and grandma doing the hanky panky? Doesn't know what this means, but has heard Aidae and Izzy say it!
John: Raises an eyebrow. …Where did you hear that?
Vladora: Aidae and Izzy.
John: Should have known.
Vladora: Well, were you?
John: Not in my dream.
Vladora: Last night?
John: I had a bad one when I went to sleep.
Vladora: About what?
John: …Zombies everywhere and you weren't around to show them who was boss.
Vladora: I would'a whooped 'em.
John: I know, which was why I was looking everywhere for you. I just couldn't find you, is all.
Vladora: You just call me next time and I'll come running and show those zombies who's boss.
John: Scruffs up his hair. Of course.
Vladora: Grandpa?
John: Yes Vladimer?
Vladora: It's Vladora.
John: Alright. Yes, Vladora?
Vladora: What's hanky panky?
John: Ask your father.
Vladora: He won't ever tell me. He's not cool like you.
John: I'm cool? I don't know what I do to get my accolades. I can't say. It's secret adult stuff.
Vladora: Blinks. Well now I just wanna know more.
John: Whoops.
Adam: Enters. …What is?
John: Hanky panky.
Vladora: Smiles. An opportunist. Uncle Adam, what's hanky panky?
Adam: Blinks. I thought it was a dance or something.
John: That it is.
Vladora: Looks disappointed… …A dance…?
John: Mm-hm. Is your friend still at work, Adam?
Adam: Probably. I don't think she gets off until the evening.
John: Nods. She seems nice.
Adam: Smiles. She is.
Vladora: Is she your giiirlfriiieeend?
Adam: …No.
Vladora: Shouldn't you be married already? You're really old.
Adam: …I'm 18.
Vladora: That's pretty old.
John: I must be ancient now.
Vladora: Yup! But you still look good.
Adam: …I guess I'm just an old maid. Sorry, Vladora.
John: You're still a young man.
Adam: No, Father, really… It's too late. I've just passed my prime.
John: That is most unfortunate. Something of an exaggerated frown.
Vladora: S'okay Uncle Adam. You'll find someone someday.
John: What'd he say? I couldn't hear him.
Adam: Thank you, Vladora. Now I have the courage to go on and live another day.
Vladora: Smiles. I'm a good person.
John: My hearing has left me. I can't understand a word you whipper snappers are saying.
Vladora: Uncle Adam said he loves me.
John: Whaaat? Puts a hand to his ear.
Vladora: Uncle Adam said he loves me!!!
John: Winces. …Okay, I heard you.
Vladora: Grins.
John: Stands, all stooped over with a hand on his 'failing' hip.
Aidae & Izzy: Enter!
Izzy: Holding a brown paper bag.
John: Who are those two? I'm afraid my sight has left me too. Squints.
Vladora: It's Aidae and Izzy!!! Hi!!!
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:48:22 pm) : Aidae: *frown* *mutter* oh great…
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:49:01 pm) : John: -Hoobbles on over and holds out his arms- Aidae, give your old grampa a hug -Actually enjoying this, haw-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:49:18 pm) : Aidae: Don't be stoopid grandpa. You were fine yesterday.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:49:41 pm) : John: What was that? -Grinning a little now-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:49:53 pm) : Aidae: You heard me -_-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:50:11 pm) : John: -Unstoops, and arches his back, craaacking it-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:50:13 pm) : Izzy: *munches on jelly beans out of the brown paper bag*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:50:20 pm) : Aidae: Hey! Don't eat em all!
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:50:46 pm) : John: So, how have you two been?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:51:04 pm) : Aidae: *reaching for the bag*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:51:10 pm) : Izzy: *playing keep away, is talleer!*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:51:16 pm) : Aidae & Izzy: Fine…
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:51:51 pm) : John: No talk of hanky panky I would assume.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:52:16 pm) : Aidae: Give itt… *not really listening to John* What?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:52:31 pm) : John: Don't mind me.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:52:35 pm) : Izzy: What do you saaayy?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:52:42 pm) : Aidae: *punches him!*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:52:58 pm) : Izzy: Owww… Now you're really not getting it! *runs*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:53:06 pm) : John: You two are so adorable.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:53:20 pm) : Aidae: *follows and tackles* *is strongar!* *they're soon wrestling*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:53:50 pm) : John: ..My money is on Aidae.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:54:04 pm) : Adam: *returns from the kitchen with a cup of coffee* ….
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:54:22 pm) : Vladora: Can I have some?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:54:54 pm) : John: Alright you two, enough roughhousing indoors.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:55:16 pm) : Aidae: *got Izzy's arm pulled behind his back, knee on him, pinning him down*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:55:21 pm) : Izzy: UNCLE! UNCCLEEEE!
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:55:35 pm) : Adam: You won't like it…
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:55:38 pm) : Vladora: Please?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:55:41 pm) : Adam: It's black.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:56:00 pm) : Vladora: Please?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:56:07 pm) : Adam: It's really bitter and gross.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:56:12 pm) : Vladora: Why're you drinking it then?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:56:53 pm) : Adam: It's an acquired taste.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:57:03 pm) : Vladora: …. *adults are dumb*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:57:30 pm) : John: -Yeah, we are-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:57:53 pm) : Aidae: *lets him go and grabs the bag of jelly beans*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:58:06 pm) : Vladora: Hey guys! Can I play?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:58:11 pm) : Aidae: No.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:58:17 pm) : Izzy: *gets up and rubs his arm*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:58:43 pm) : Vladora: Pleeaasee?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:58:45 pm) : Aidae: No!
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:58:52 pm) : Vladora: I'm telling Daaad!
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:59:00 pm) : Aidae: Go ahead! Cry baby.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:59:07 pm) : Vladora: I'm not!
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:59:10 pm) : John: I'll play with you.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 01:59:36 pm) : Vladora: *Frown* *sorry grandpa, you're not as cool as AIDAE AND IZZY*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 01:59:44 pm) : John: -I knooow-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:00:02 pm) : Aidae: Yeah, go play with Grandpa.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:00:14 pm) : Vladora: I will! And we'll have lots more fun than you!
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:00:47 pm) : Aidae: *roollls her eyes and shrugs then walks away with Izzy*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:00:59 pm) : Izzy: ….Sir… *runs off with Aidae*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:01:13 pm) : Vladora: *pout*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:01:13 pm) : John: -Nods to him as he departs-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:01:40 pm) : Adam: ….I need to get back to work. See you at dinner. *nods to them both and departs*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:02:53 pm) : John: See you at dinner.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:03:17 pm) : Vladora: They never wanna play with me… And when they do they just treat me like a slave. *frown*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:03:35 pm) : John: That's not fair.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:05:08 pm) : John: We can have fun without them. Just name what you want to do.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:06:04 pm) : Vladora: I dunno… *kicks at the carpet*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:06:27 pm) : John: -Haw, I'm just a boring old man. Any caandles in the dining room by chance!?-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:06:42 pm) : Vladora: *probably*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:07:19 pm) : John: -Concentrates a little, and they liight- -Pretty pathetic when you have to try and impress your grandchild, haw-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:07:42 pm) : Vladora: *PARLOR TRICK* …Why'd you do that?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:08:14 pm) : John: -Shrugs- I could do more, but not inside
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:08:22 pm) : Vladora: I wanna see that guy.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:08:30 pm) : John: Which one?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:08:37 pm) : Vladora: Your grandpa.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:08:45 pm) : John: Oh, Dad? Sure.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:08:55 pm) : Vladora: Oh, I thought he was your grandpa.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:09:32 pm) : John: You did? Why?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:09:46 pm) : Vladora: I dunno. He's real old.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:10:27 pm) : John: He is getting there. Let's go, then. -Concentrates a little to put out his silly little parlor trick-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:11:02 pm) : Vladora: ….Grandpa? *as they walk*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:11:08 pm) : John: Yes, Vladora?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:11:26 pm) : Vladora: You and grandma aren't ever gonna die, right?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:11:37 pm) : John: .. -Tricky question to answer-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:12:13 pm) : John: What brings this about?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:12:49 pm) : Vladora: I was just wondering. My mommy died when I was born… I killed her. *frown*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:13:10 pm) : John: You didn't kill her, honey.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:13:29 pm) : Vladora: I did too. She died cause I was born.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:13:43 pm) : John: It wasn't any fault of yours.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:14:06 pm) : Vladora: Aidae said so.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:14:14 pm) : John: DId she, now?
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:14:29 pm) : Vladora: Yeah.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:14:35 pm) : John: Aidae is wrong.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:14:58 pm) : Vladora: Why?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:15:44 pm) : John: Because you aren't the one that made your Mom pass away.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:15:54 pm) : Vladora: Who did then?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:16:47 pm) : John: Nobody did. It's like when you get ill sometimes. No one is to blame, it just occurs.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:17:16 pm) : Vladora: I guess…. *doesn't know that if his mom was still alive she'd be in JAIL*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:18:05 pm) : John: -She wouldn't have been there for life, rest assured.-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:18:59 pm) : John: -You'd all hate me just the same, though-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:19:26 pm) : Vladora: *you were kinda in luck that she died, haw*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:19:38 pm) : John: -Not that I was exactly pleased as punch that she did-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:19:57 pm) : John: Your Father and I are going to have some words about what Aidae has said.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:20:27 pm) : Vladora: Why?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:20:55 pm) : John: What Aidae said is hurtful and completely uncalled for.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:21:30 pm) : Vladora: She'll hate me more for getting her in trouble.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:22:18 pm) : John: I don't mean to exacerbate the situation, but it was still wrong of her to say what she did.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:23:05 pm) : Aidae: *HORRIBLE PERSON*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:23:16 pm) : John: -I'm dissapointed in you-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:23:28 pm) : Aidae: *HE KILLED OUR MOM*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:23:35 pm) : John: -Though that probably doesn't mean much coming from me-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:24:03 pm) : John: -Your Mom up and died of her own accord-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:24:14 pm) : Aidae: *I think he killed my mom!*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:24:22 pm) : John: -Well you're WRONG-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:24:44 pm) : John: -And shame on you for blaming your little brother-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:24:55 pm) : Aidae: *He's ANNOYING*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:25:08 pm) : John: -You can be too.-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:25:20 pm) : Aidae: *haw*
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:25:41 pm) : Vladora: *To Peter's rooom they go?*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:25:46 pm) : John: -Sorry if I'm not sympathizing with your plight, but I actually find it quite hard to be annoyed by my grandchildren-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:25:59 pm) : John: -Indeed, and knocks upon it-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:26:16 pm) : Vladora: *scratches his nose*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:26:21 pm) : Peter: Who is it?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:26:27 pm) : John: It's me, Dad.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:26:37 pm) : Vladora: AND VLADORA.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:26:43 pm) : Peter: Come on in. -Without even opening the door for them, haw-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:27:29 pm) : John: -Opens the door and steps inside-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:27:41 pm) : Peter: -Emptying his pipe and opening a window-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:28:20 pm) : Vladora: *enters* Hi Big Grandpa *coughs*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:29:16 pm) : Peter: Hello, Vladora. -Porcelean animals eeeverywhere. Among them, some flower pots vacant of flowers. Otherwise, a rather bare room-
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:30:15 pm) : Vladora: *coughs and sneezes* *ugh, smoke*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:30:27 pm) : Peter: I'm sorry. I wasn't expecting guests.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:30:40 pm) : Vladora: Why's your room all smokey?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:30:57 pm) : Peter: I was smoking my pipe.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:31:27 pm) : Vladora: Why?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:31:52 pm) : Peter: It's relaxing to me, and I've been doing it since before John was born.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:32:48 pm) : Vladora: Can I try?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:33:28 pm) : Peter: Sure, why not? -Offers him the pipe- You have to light the other end.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:33:32 pm) : John: Dad!
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:33:44 pm) : Vladora: *takes the pipe!*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:34:25 pm) : Peter: Here, let me help you. -Withdraws a matchbook from his pocket, and a bit of tabacco from the other. Fills the bowl of the pipe and lights the match- When I say so, inhale.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:34:48 pm) : Peter: You put that end in your mouth and suck on it.
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:34:53 pm) : John: -Just staring-
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:35:21 pm) : John: Dad, what the hell do you think you're doing?
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:35:38 pm) : Peter: Vladora is a big boy, now. I think he can try it if he wants to.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:35:58 pm) : Vladora: *puts it in his mouth!*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:36:17 pm) : Peter: -And lights it up for him- Suck on the end.
merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:37:26 pm) : Vladora: *does so like he's drinking through a straw* ……… *cough cough cough cough cough*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:37:57 pm) : Peter: -Gently removes the pipe from his grasp- How was that? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:38:15 pm) : Vladora: *still coughing*
black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:38:30 pm) : Peter: -Lightly pats him on the back, trying to help him through it at least- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:38:53 pm) : Vladora: *cough cough cough. The smoke in the room was bad enough this is like x100, haw* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:39:24 pm) : John: -Grabs a nearby pitcher, used for watering the plants. Thankfully it's fresh- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:40:16 pm) : Peter: -pat pat pat- I don't imagine that felt very good. That's why you should never smoke. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:40:43 pm) : Vladora: *still coughing, haw* *what the heeellll man* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:41:28 pm) : Peter: -Trial by fiire. A parent can tell you tell their faces turn blue not to touch a hot stove, but a kid would probably do it anyway. They only truly learn when they touch it themselves- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:41:55 pm) : Vladora: *hooray for conditioning!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:42:35 pm) : John: -Pouring VladVlad a glass of water, frowning- Here.. drink this if you can.. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:43:18 pm) : Vladora: *thankfully drinks which seems to calm his coughing* *wipes the tears from his eyes* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:44:22 pm) : John: I don't know what the hell has gotten into you, Dad. -Aangry tone, rarely used, too- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:46:59 pm) : Vladora: *after drinking the glass of water* …That was awful -_- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:47:13 pm) : Peter: Do you want to try that again? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:47:36 pm) : Vladora: No. *frown* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:47:50 pm) : Peter: Good.. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:48:34 pm) : Peter: Now, what brings you two here? -Fanning the smoke out to the window, knees creak when he stands- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:48:47 pm) : Vladora: ….my head hurts -_- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:49:26 pm) : John: Vladora wanted to visit you. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:49:55 pm) : John: Now I think it's best that he lie down. -Curtly said- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:52:03 pm) : Peter: -Worst Great Grandfathter ever- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:52:28 pm) : Vladora: I don't need to lay down . black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:52:41 pm) : John: Are you sure? -Fuss fuuuss- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:53:25 pm) : Vladora: Yeah. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:53:33 pm) : John: Alright then.. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:54:17 pm) : Vladora: *not looking very happy cause of his headache* Why do you smoke, then if it's that bad? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:54:53 pm) : Peter: I got addicted to it. I tried to quit awhile back, but something came up. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:56:11 pm) : Vladora: I mean, how can you do it at all? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:56:35 pm) : Peter: I've learned how to. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 02:57:41 pm) : Vladora: So I just wasn't doing it right? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 02:58:22 pm) : Peter: You were doing it well enough. It's just always something like that. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:00:22 pm) : Vladora: *considering that tobacco smoke is having adverse affects on me such as this pounding headache, that wouldn't be a good ideaa* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:01:01 pm) : Peter: -That's what I want you to knoow- Enough about that. How are you doing, big guy? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:01:59 pm) : Vladora: Not so good anymore…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:04:17 pm) : Peter: O black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:04:30 pm) : Peter: I'm sorry to hear that. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:04:43 pm) : Vladora: … *just stares at him* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:05:21 pm) : Peter: -Stared at- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:05:30 pm) : Vladora: I wanna lie down, grandpa -_- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:05:52 pm) : John: Alright, Vladora. Bye, Father. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:06:21 pm) : Vladora: Bye Big Grandpa. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:06:38 pm) : Peter: Good bye, Big guy, son. Visit any time. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:06:54 pm) : Vladora: *tugs on John* Pick me up…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:07:09 pm) : John: -Does so, setting him on his shoulders- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:07:41 pm) : Vladora: I dun wanna be up here… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:08:06 pm) : John: -Lowers him, and just holds him in his arms- Like this, then? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:08:21 pm) : Vladora: Yeah. *wraps his arms around John's neck* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:08:44 pm) : John: -And carries him away from his Father's room- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:08:54 pm) : Vladora: I hafta go to sword practice… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:10:01 pm) : John: -Elijah certainly is starting you guys young.- Alright, then. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:10:41 pm) : Vladora: *closes his eyes* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:10:51 pm) : Elijah: *I was started young!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:10:57 pm) : John: ..I'm sorry for what my Dad did, Vladora. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:11:14 pm) : John: -They'll all be bettar than me by the time they're eighteen, haw- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:12:00 pm) : Vladora: It was pretty mean. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:12:32 pm) : John: … He was just trying to show you that smoking is bad.. but he should have just said so. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:12:53 pm) : Vladora: He shouldn't smoke if it's bad. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:13:03 pm) : John: Mom was on his case about it a lot. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:14:53 pm) : Vladora: *stays quiet for once* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:15:35 pm) : John: -Then carries him in silence to the training hall, at least that's where he believes he'd go for sword practice- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:16:29 pm) : Elijah: *standing around* *got a haircut!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:16:43 pm) : John: -You look better- Hello, son. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:17:19 pm) : Elijah: Hey Dad… Vladora. *whoops* You want some sword practice too? *grin* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:17:43 pm) : John: Couldn't hurt. -Grins a little, despite what transpired- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:18:23 pm) : Vladora: I dun wanna sword practice… merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:18:49 pm) : Elijah: *blinks* Vladora… You said you wanted to do this. You should finish the things you start. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:19:10 pm) : John: -Frowns- My Dad let him try his pipe when he asked for it. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:19:48 pm) : Elijah: What? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:19:55 pm) : Vladora: My head hurts… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:20:56 pm) : John: When Vladora asked if he could try using my Father's pipe, he let him. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:21:53 pm) : Elijah: That's not good… *takes Vladora from John and holds him for a bit* You wanna go to bed and rest? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:23:23 pm) : John: -Relieved to see that Elijah isn't furious- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:24:00 pm) : Elijah: *understands that Peter was trying to TEACH HIM A LESSON, though he doesn't exactly agree with how he went about it* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:24:21 pm) : Vladora: Yeah… merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:24:39 pm) : Elijah: Mmmkay then… You coming, Dad? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:25:05 pm) : John: Of course. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:25:25 pm) : Elijah: *to Vladora's room they go* *haw, keeps calling him Dad without thinking* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:26:33 pm) : John: -It makes my day just a little bit better- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:28:07 pm) : Elijah: *puts Vladora in bed and gives him a glass of water and a kiss on the forehead* Just rest until dinner, alright? Love you… merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:28:15 pm) : Vladora: Love you too… *sips the water* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:29:36 pm) : John: Love you, Vladora. I hope you feel better soon. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:29:53 pm) : Vladora: Thank you, Grandpa. Bye bye. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:30:01 pm) : Elijah: *leaves the room* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:30:16 pm) : John: -Exuents as well- Sorry about that, Elijah. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:30:49 pm) : Elijah: It's not your fault. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:31:12 pm) : John: I know, but still yet. I would have thought my Father had more sense then that. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:32:09 pm) : Elijah: I understand that he was trying to teach him a lesson…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:33:16 pm) : John: If anything, I hope Vladimer learned not to ever try smoking, and my Father doesn't pull a stunt like that one again. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:34:03 pm) : Elijah: I don't think so… The kid's got allergies like his Mom. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:35:07 pm) : John: -Nods- That just makes what my Dad did even worse.. and worse yet, Aidae told Vlad that he killed his Mother. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:36:22 pm) : Elijah: ….What? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:39:38 pm) : John: Perhaps not in those words exactly, but she told Vladora that he was the reason Bara is dead. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:41:43 pm) : Elijah: *frowns and sighs* …I'm going to have to have a talk with her… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:42:53 pm) : John: I hope so.. Vlad doesn't deserve that being thrown at his face. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:43:54 pm) : Elijah: They've never gotten along very well… *frown* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:44:27 pm) : John: -Nods- Seems like we know the cause now, at least. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:46:19 pm) : Elijah: *shakes his head* ….I sometimes think I'm not cut out for this job. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:50:47 pm) : John: I used to think the same way. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:52:13 pm) : Elijah: You never seemed like it… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:53:21 pm) : John: All I could do was try my best, and with a stroke of luck it happened to be enough -chuckles a bit dryly- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:57:15 pm) : Elijah: *smiles a little, but sadly* You had mom to help you, too. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 03:58:01 pm) : John: .. I did. -Kind of knows where that one is coming from- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 03:59:21 pm) : Elijah: I don't know if I'm doing anything right… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:00:22 pm) : John: It's hard to tell sometimes.. but I think you're doing just fine, Elijah merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:01:04 pm) : Elijah: Thank you…. I think I've had good models in my life, though *smiles at him* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:03:16 pm) : John: -Smiles as well, it's quite a good feeling to have that said of him, at least he thinks he is - -Pats his shoulder lightly, squeezing it as well. Not sure if his son is too old to hug his old man- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:04:50 pm) : Elijah: *NEVAR TOO OLD 4 THAT* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:05:20 pm) : John: -Just didn't want to make him akward, haw. Most grown men don't like being hugged out of nowheere- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:07:29 pm) : Elijah: *I don't miiind* *I'm not very manly, haw* *hugs John* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:08:10 pm) : John: -Hugs baack- -It's good to know that he can still hug his eldest son- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:09:33 pm) : Elijah: How's Mom? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:10:22 pm) : John: -How were you last time I saw you, Jessie-dear?- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:13:15 pm) : Jessica: *In throes of extasy!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:13:41 pm) : John: -I can't really say that to my son- She's doing well. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:14:11 pm) : (gee it rained alll daay) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:14:22 pm) : (Still sprinkling heere) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:14:22 pm) : Elijah: That's good… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:17:09 pm) : John: -The irony of being able to lie quite well while being at heart an honest person is not completely lost on me- Do you have any plans for the immediate present? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:17:39 pm) : Elijah: No…. I know there's something going on…. *stares John in the eyes* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:18:00 pm) : John: -Stares right back into them- We're trying to have another kid. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:18:32 pm) : Elijah: *blinks* Oh… *smiles* Well why didn't you just say so? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:19:57 pm) : John: To be honest, I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be mum or not. She never said that it was supposed to be secret, or really made a move to make it known. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:21:20 pm) : Elijah: No, I mean… I understand why you might not want to make it widely known… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:21:51 pm) : John: Why do you say that? -Just curious as to why he would think that, really- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:24:21 pm) : Elijah: I mean… If you told everyone you were trying to have a child and then you had trouble getting pregnant or something then it would be more painful to have to deal with that and everyone else asking about it than just by yourselves. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:25:43 pm) : John: -Nods a little. Fair enough, Elijah but I'm not that old yet- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:28:02 pm) : Elijah: Not that I think you and mom would have trouble with it…. but Mom is kinda older…….. Well…. Uh… Yeah. *digging himself into a hooolee* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:28:30 pm) : Jessica: *certainly had no trouble conceiving Dani and Rose… The first time she and John had sex, haw* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:30:24 pm) : Jessica: *nevar had much trouble conceiving and with pregnancies in general! A lucky lady, haw* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:30:49 pm) : John: -Raises his eyebrows a little- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:31:40 pm) : Elijah: …Is it dinner time already? I better go and wash my hands… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:32:07 pm) : John: Elijah. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:32:31 pm) : Elijah: Yes? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:33:38 pm) : John: -Puts his arm around his shoulder for a kind of half hug- Your concern is apperciated, really. Could you keep this on the down low, though? If it was supposed to be secret, your Mother would have my hide. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:34:34 pm) : Elijah: Of course… I'll keep it mum. *having a strange sense of deja vu* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:35:09 pm) : John: -About MARRIAGES?- Thank you. Oh.. and I'd still like to practice sometime if you're up to it. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:35:44 pm) : Elijah: *grins* I don't think you need my help *actually had a similar conversation with Daniel when Adam was conceived a loong time ago, haw* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:36:47 pm) : John: -Would actually be considered quite good at swordplay, but no swordmaster- I'm sure you could teach an old dog new tricks. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:37:50 pm) : Elijah: *laughs* I'll try to go easy on you, old man. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:38:10 pm) : John: Hah, I'll try not to break a hip. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:39:07 pm) : Elijah: What are you, 41? Come on… I really do need to wash my hands. Vlad's not the cleanest little kid. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:41:35 pm) : Elijah: And good luck. It'll be cool having a new little brother or sister. *smile* *said in a softer voice* *to the bathroom he goees* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:44:10 pm) : John: -Smiles and nods to him as he goes- -Speaking of whiich, time to visit my beautiful wife, even if she is a little busy, I can at least say 'Hi'- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:45:03 pm) : Jessica: *stirrring stuff, everything coming off at once so is a bit distracted* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:46:02 pm) : (was Feemy born in August?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:47:25 pm) : (I believe he was, at least I could tell you more accurately if had my old chat logs that is so convienently placed on my malfunctioning computer) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:47:39 pm) : (I will assume August! *laughs*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:48:12 pm) : (Tis fine by me! -laughs) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:48:37 pm) : John: -Just another distration, haw- -Does just peek his head into the kitchen, instead of just barging in- Hello, Honey merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:49:42 pm) : Jessica: Hello John. *stirring sauce… Looks like PASTA TONIGHT* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:49:54 pm) : 2037 Danielle and Rosemary were born in March 2024 so they are 13 Nathaniel was born in December 2021 so he is 15 Adam was born in January 2019 so he is 18 Feemy was born in August 2014 so he is 23 Renasi was born in February 2012 so he is 25 Celena was born in February 2011 so she is 26 Elijah was born in November 2004 so he is 32 Demi was born in June 2003 so he is 34 John was born in December 1995 so he is 41 Jessica was born in August 1980 so she is 57 Thanasi was born in July 1921 so she is 116 black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:50:01 pm) : John: -Yum- Smells good. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:51:20 pm) : Jessica: I hope it tastes good… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:51:53 pm) : John: I'm sure it will. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:52:05 pm) : Jessica: *smiles at him* *stir stir* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:52:43 pm) : John: -Smiles back- I'll stop bothering you while you work, and see you at dinner. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:53:17 pm) : Jessica: It'll be on the table in 5 minutes… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:55:38 pm) : John: -Nods, and goes on over and kisses her on the top of the head, not wanting to distract her tooo much from her cooking- -Been affectionate lately, haw- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 04:57:24 pm) : Jessica: *turns her mouth up to him to kiss* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 04:58:49 pm) : John: -Leans down and kisses her gently at the invitation- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:02:26 pm) : Jessica: *kisses back, but it's a short oone* Go sit down… *smiles at him* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:03:10 pm) : John: -Smiles and nods- I'll be saving a seat beside me. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:04:53 pm) : Jessica: *smiiiles* *did you say that cause of the PLANNAR?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:06:15 pm) : John: -Not really, I was just kind of being dorky.. I find that I actually really enjoy being romantic, even if it's not all trashy romance book romantic- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:08:00 pm) : Jessica: *awww, I enjoy you being romantic!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:08:47 pm) : John: -It's good that it; at the very least isn't annoying!- -Takes a seat at the table- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:09:53 pm) : (Middler's last name is Blaydow?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:10:05 pm) : (Indeed!) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:10:22 pm) : (Worst last name evar) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:10:25 pm) : Adam & Elijah: *already theere… as is Vlad and Aidae and Izzzy* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:10:40 pm) : Rose and Dani: -Sitting next to one another, as usually- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:13:29 pm) : Trajedie: -Probably still working with Nick and Joel, those herculean exemplars, haw- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:14:37 pm) : Nick: *we get dinner SENT TO US* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:15:06 pm) : Trajedie: -That's much more preferable than sitting at a nice table and eating with royalty, right?- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:18:49 pm) : Nick: *Yep!* *who wants to sit with THEM?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:19:04 pm) : Joel: -Oh I don't- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:21:35 pm) : Nick: *nope, not a biiit* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:22:02 pm) : Joel: -Usually I would sigh wistfully, but the table is filled with children and teenagers, so I mean it- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:25:35 pm) : Nick: *too very very trueee* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:25:40 pm) : Demi: *shows up with his broood* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:25:59 pm) : Joel: -See!? Breed in litters, I tell you! Five at a time!- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:26:22 pm) : Joel: So then I asked him how he would get along without his foot! -Gallows humor, laaughs- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:29:22 pm) : Trajedie: … merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:30:19 pm) : http://vladora.wikidot.com/thanasi (HOORAY. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I DID THIS) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:30:38 pm) : Trajedie: 'No, tis not so deep as a well, nor so wide as a church-door, but 'tis enough, 'twill serve: Ask for me tomorrow, and you shall find me a grave man'. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:30:56 pm) : Nick: …. *stares at Trajedie* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:31:13 pm) : Joel: -Also stares- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:31:31 pm) : Trajedie: -..Not theatre fans I see!- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:32:37 pm) : Nick: ….Relevancy? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:33:18 pm) : Trajedie: It's speaking of a wound that will do them in, even if someone is making light of it. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:33:42 pm) : Nick: Do you have some bed pans to clean? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:34:21 pm) : Trajedie: … No.. I got done.. -Stares down at her food- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:03 pm) : (IT'S THE MOST AWESUMIST ARRPEE?!) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:14 pm) : (YUP) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:27 pm) : (you reaaally thiiink sooo?) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:29 pm) : Nick: ….sorry. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:31 pm) : (I do!) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:39 pm) : (I do tooo <3 -Huug-) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:41 pm) : (Tell me if there's anything you'd like me to ADD *laughs*) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:35:44 pm) : (Aww *huug*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:36:10 pm) : (Sometime I shall add MAH PEEPLES ON THAR! -Laughs-) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:36:39 pm) : Daniel: *I'd liek to know of their preference ovar vampires or werewolves* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:36:43 pm) : Trajedie: -Nods a little- -I TRIED AT LEAST- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:37:46 pm) : Nick: *eats the pasta! To my ITALIAN PALATE IT IS INFERIOR* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:38:25 pm) : Joel: -It's food, and my wife is a horrible cook- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:40:42 pm) : Nick: *yeah… I'm not snubbing it to the point of not eating every laast nooodle* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:41:34 pm) : Joel: -Jessica still is an excellent cook is- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:42:25 pm) : Nick: *yeah…. But it's not GENUINE ITALIAN.* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:42:48 pm) : Joel: -It's edible and doesn't taste like rubber plus salt. This is cuisine to me- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:43:34 pm) : Jessica: *shaddup Nick or I'll just send Kraft Mac n Cheese over* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:43:54 pm) : Adam: *smiles at his sisters* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:44:06 pm) : Rose and Dani: -Smile back!- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:44:22 pm) : Rose and Dani: -Still sport their bracelets too, Nathaniiel!- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:44:42 pm) : Nathaniel: *w00t. I know how to get the LAYDAYS* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:45:13 pm) : Adam: Let's go into town sometime together, alright? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:46:16 pm) : (I guess I could try to write more detailed character descriptions?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:46:44 pm) : (Heheh, it is what I am doing right now too, actually) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:46:56 pm) : Rose: -Nods!- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:47:03 pm) : Dani: Cool, you're usually busy. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:47:28 pm) : Adam: I've found myself with a lot more free time lately. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:47:51 pm) : Dani: Why's that? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:49:12 pm) : Adam: Well, I feel a lot better so my head's a lot clearer and I'm getting my work done faster and I still have a lot of energy when I'm done. merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:49:58 pm) : (*laughs* Daniel's the only one I left the weight on) merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:50:02 pm) : Daniel: *HOW EMBARASSING* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:50:11 pm) : Rose: -Smiiiling- Good merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:50:35 pm) : Adam: And what better way to spend my time than with my favorite little sisters *smile* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:51:06 pm) : Dani + Rose: -That always gets them smiling, though they certainly didn't need any help after it's known that Adam wants to hang out with them- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:53:49 pm) : Adam: *been a looong time since he's made such an offer or looked this happy and well* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:54:08 pm) : John: -Dinner time is going well!- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:54:47 pm) : Elijah: *smiles at his mom* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:54:51 pm) : Jessica: *smiles back* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:55:03 pm) : Elijah: *smiiiileee* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:55:06 pm) : Jessica: *smiiileee* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:55:10 pm) : Elijah: *griiiin* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:55:20 pm) : Jessica: *smiiilee* ….? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:55:32 pm) : John: -Smiles at Elijah- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:57:12 pm) : Jessica: *looks to John and Elijah* …What? merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:57:24 pm) : Elijah: *just grins at her* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:57:47 pm) : John: -Grins a little more, though it has a bit of a threatening edge to it, haw- merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:58:09 pm) : Elijah: *scaary* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:58:17 pm) : Elijah: *just laughs* merulu35 (Sat 9/13/2008 05:58:26 pm) : Jessica: *laughs a little* …You're too much like your father. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sat 9/13/2008 05:58:35 pm) : John: -Not 'I'mm kill you' threatening, but 'Don't you dare' kind of threatening- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:00:22 pm) : Jessica: *Did Peter show his face at dinner?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:01:28 pm) : Peter: -Indeed. Does come out for dinner, albeit a little late. He's not too fast- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:02:00 pm) : Gabriel: *also enters late* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:02:13 pm) : Peter: -I'm old and have bad knees. What's your excuse?- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:02:24 pm) : Gabriel: *I'm older than you* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:02:34 pm) : Peter: -How are your knees Mr. Immortal?- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:02:55 pm) : Gabriel: *I dunno….* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:03:20 pm) : Peter: -And knees creak when he seats himself where ever there is an opening- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:03:52 pm) : Luke: ….. *stares at him* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:05:46 pm) : Peter: .. Can I help you? -Not sarcastically said, haw- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:06:19 pm) : Luke: No. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:06:29 pm) : Gabriel: *looking distressed* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:06:58 pm) : John: Something on your mind? -To Gabriel. Don't mind me, I'm just prying- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:07:31 pm) : Gabriel: *stares at John* …..I was just summoned to the Angelic Court. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:08:00 pm) : John: What does that entail? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:08:13 pm) : Gabriel: I'm in trouble. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:09:01 pm) : John: That is bad news. What have you done wrong? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:09:22 pm) : Gabriel: Given the time it takes them to get around to things… Probably reincarnating myself. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:09:38 pm) : John: I see. When are you expected to arrive? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:09:50 pm) : Gabriel: Tomorrow. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:10:17 pm) : Gabriel: I have no idea if or when I'll return. If someone could look after Nathaniel. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:11:07 pm) : John: -Not sure if it would even be proper if he offered- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:11:58 pm) : Gabriel: He's fairly sensible. I'm sure he can take care of himself. But you never know. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:12:29 pm) : John; -I'll do it anyway- I can keep an eye on him just in case, if that is alright. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:13:11 pm) : Gabriel: Thank you, John. *actually sounds appreciative. May not act like it, but loves Nathaniel deaarrrlly and knows John is a good father, at least.* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:13:59 pm) : John: -Did I detect apperciation? Wow.- It isn't a problem. I doubt he'll need it, but as you said, one never knows. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:15:22 pm) : Gabriel: I'd just find it comforting to know he's being looked after in case something happens to him. *ACTUAL COMPASSION? NO WAI* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:16:11 pm) : John: -It is strange- Rest assured I'll make sure nothing goes awry. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:17:04 pm) : Gabriel: *smiles a little and looks relieved* *softly/sorta mumble as he looks down at his plate* ….I couldn't bare to lose him. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:19:00 pm) : John: -It's a relief to know that he actually cares, really- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:19:26 pm) : Gabriel: *It's a relief to know I care?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:19:55 pm) : John: -Yes actually.- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:20:15 pm) : John: -I may not know Nathaniel too well, but I wouldn't want him in the care of an aloof and uncaring man- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:21:38 pm) : Nathaniel: *not actually at the table!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:22:07 pm) : JOhn: -I gathered that much, unless we just sat here talking about you like you weren't there, haw- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:24:16 pm) : Gabriel: He hasn't been well since we returned from that trip to Lousmon. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:25:10 pm) : http://keblins.wikidot.com/ Haw ) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:25:26 pm) : John: I'm sorry to hear that. Is it serious? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:25:31 pm) : (o shoot o shoot o shoot… whew) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:26:45 pm) : Gabriel: He just seems to have no energy for the past few days and he acquired a fever yesterday. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:27:03 pm) : John: Perhaps it is best that he is moved to the infirmary. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:28:00 pm) : Gabriel: *nods* I'd rather stay… But if I don't go, I'm sure cherubim will come and drag me up there. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:28:42 pm) : John: I understand. There won't be any need for your apprehension, I will make sure Nathiel is cared for. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:28:44 pm) : (*laughs* Clive's father is a transsexual?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:29:07 pm) : (OH YES. I was just editing that, though that could explain some of his problems -laughs-) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:29:09 pm) : Gabriel: Thank you, John, that's kind of you. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:29:51 pm) : John: -Nods- No thanks is needed. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:31:29 pm) : Gabriel: *smiles a bit at him shyly… Almost looks like Julius, haw* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:32:09 pm) : (reading all that made me disproportionatly happy *laughs*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:32:23 pm) : John: -I suppose I should be used to my sincerity elicting this sort of reaction- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:32:39 pm) : (Heheh, reallly? Whyy?) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:33:55 pm) : (I put in Celena's weight too, gee *laughs*) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:34:02 pm) : (I dunno, I like to hear Kevin's take on his characters) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:34:27 pm) : (Aww, well I plan on putting THE REST there!) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:34:37 pm) : (I can't wait to read!) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:34:49 pm) : (I'm glad to hear that <3 Now I look forward to writing it!) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:35:32 pm) : Gabriel: *sorta picks at his food, which is unusual. Usually has a healthy appetite8 black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:36:12 pm) : John: -Tries for a bit of compassion himself, at least to Gabriel, which would actually be a first with no exaggeration- I am sure that Nathaniel will be fine, and you can see so for yourself when you return. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:37:08 pm) : Gabriel: Heh. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:37:56 pm) : John: -That reaction speaks quite a bit to John, even if it is assumption. Like if Gabriel IS coming back anytime soon, if at all- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:38:48 pm) : Gabriel: If you see Middler, please give him my regards. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:39:10 pm) : John: I will. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:41:32 pm) : Gabriel: *nods to them all and stands* I'll excuse myself then, I have not much of an appetite. *leaves* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:42:05 pm) : John: -Maybe we can lure him back with cake.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:45:44 pm) : Gabriel: *It wouldn't be my ooown choice whether or not I return here* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:46:03 pm) : John: -I meant back into the kitchen- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:47:36 pm) : Gabriel: *I don't think even cake can entice me. I'm afraid I'll never return, or worse, my son will die* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:47:53 pm) : John: -I'll try to make sure that he survives.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:48:18 pm) : Gabriel: *an interesting uptaking after everything you've been through and are going through* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:48:30 pm) : Gabriel: *my respect for you has certainly increaded* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:49:14 pm) : John: -I'm not as big of a prick as I can seem to be sometimes.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:51:39 pm) : Gabriel: *yeah* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:51:58 pm) : John: -I actually empathize with you greatly in this case. I know what it is like to have your child sick and worry about him.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:53:23 pm) : Gabriel: *I doon't… Nathaniel's always been so healthy… except for the normal childhood array of chicken pox and the flu and what not* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:54:33 pm) : John: -I can understand how stressful it is to worry constantly about your child's help, but not being able to do anything about it. Wondering if and when it'll end, and if maybe there is something you can do to help, but ultimately realizing you can't- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:55:27 pm) : Gabriel: *does indeed take Nathaniel to the infimary* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:55:42 pm) : Nick: *this is an unusual sight* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:56:53 pm) : Trajedie: -Bowed a little at the arrival, and helped accomodate Nathaniel at least- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:57:43 pm) : Nathaniel: *very white and running a fever, but acting more as though he's in pain than ill* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:58:01 pm) : Trajedie: -Confusing..- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:59:08 pm) : Nathaniel: *turns on his side and curls up into a ball* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 06:59:32 pm) : Trajedie: Uhm.. Ni..er.. Doctor? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 06:59:49 pm) : Nick: I'm coming… *over he goes* What's going on? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:00:29 pm) : Trajedie: I don't know.. He's running a fever, but.. look at how he's balled up. -Implying the theory that he's in pain- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:01:08 pm) : Nick: …Son? *can't remember this kid's name. Doesn't see him much* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:01:56 pm) : Nathaniel: …. *looks over at Nick* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:03:08 pm) : Gabriel: He's been weak ever since we returned from Lousmon five days ago… He passed out two days ago and began running a fever yesterday. He's been complaining that his back hurts. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:04:11 pm) : Nick: ….I see. *to Nathaniel* Your back hurts? Does it ache? Throb? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:04:39 pm) : Nathaniel: I-It…. feels like…. 's…. on… fire… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:05:55 pm) : Trajedie: -Frowns, not used to seeing this sort of illness at all. Steps back and just pays close attention- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:07:05 pm) : Nick: If you'd let me remove your shirt… *Nathaniel loosens up a bit and he removes Nathaniel's shirt* And turn on your stomach…. *Nathaniel does so, revealing that his back looks rather red and splotchy* …..Hm. That's odd. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:07:24 pm) : Nick: How long has your back been hurting? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:07:59 pm) : Nathaniel: Five… da…s…. S…. grown in pa…in. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:09:30 pm) : Nick: Do you know how long you've had this rash? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:09:59 pm) : Nathaniel: I… didn't know I had a ra…sh. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:10:22 pm) : Nick: Is the pain only on the skin? Or is it a deeper pain in the muscles? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:10:36 pm) : Nathaniel: …deeper… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:11:15 pm) : Nick: ….Hm. Do you know of anything that might have caused this? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:11:26 pm) : Nathaniel: ….No. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:12:13 pm) : Nick: Do you mind if I touch your back? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:12:17 pm) : Nathaniel: …please don't… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:12:27 pm) : Nick: Is it sensitive to touch? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:12:37 pm) : Nathaniel: v-very….. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:13:20 pm) : Trajedie: -Frowning deeper, now just lightly stroking Nathaniel's hair, trying to help at least a little. It's even worse that he's young- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:13:57 pm) : Nick: Is it a constant pain? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:14:06 pm) : Nathaniel: …yes… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:14:15 pm) : Nick: Do you mind if I try a spell? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:14:20 pm) : Nathaniel: ….no… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:15:04 pm) : Nick: *tries a healing spell…. to no affect… Tries a different one…. to no affect* Hm…. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:15:43 pm) : Nick: …Do you have any other symptoms? Do you feel hot? Cold? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:16:07 pm) : Nathaniel: m-my back feels…….ot…. the rest of me…. cold. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:16:52 pm) : Nathaniel: ….'m…. tired….. weak….. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:17:34 pm) : Nick: Your breathing? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:17:42 pm) : Nathaniel: ….normal…. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:18:11 pm) : Nick: *takes his pulse* ….Hm… It's fast… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:19:18 pm) : Nick: If you could help him sit up, Trajedie…. Try not to touch his back… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:19:37 pm) : Nick: I'd like to do a physical examination. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:20:03 pm) : Trajedie: -Does her best to sit him up without touching his back, her hands are shakey as is though- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:21:31 pm) : Nick: *removes Nathaniel's pants, but leaves his underwears, haw* *looks him over closely, tests his reflexes…. checks his fever… looks in his mouth and ears and nose and eyes. Examines the rash* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:22:23 pm) : Nick: ….Are you allergic to anything? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:22:36 pm) : Nathaniel: N-Not that I…. know…..of…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:23:48 pm) : Trajedie: -Speaks out of tuurn- ..Is there any known dangerous flora in Lousmon? -Catchers herself only afterwards and looks awfully concentrated on assisting Nathaniel- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:24:41 pm) : Nick: Lousmon is a large city…. Seems unlikely… You were in the city, correct? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:24:48 pm) : Nathaniel: Y-yes… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:25:01 pm) : Nick: Joel…. If you could perform a blood test… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:26:37 pm) : Joel: Of course. -Gets the needle- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:27:33 pm) : Joel: -And when he does retrieve it- You may wish to hold your Father's hand, Nathaniel. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:28:08 pm) : Gabriel: *takes Nathaniel's hand in both of his* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:28:20 pm) : Nick: *hopes Trajedie isn't the type to be squemish with blood and needles* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:28:53 pm) : Trajedie: -Not so much, but the seeming severity of the situation is obviously making her quite shakey- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:29:23 pm) : Joel: Nathaniel, I'm curious.. Do you know how to say the alphabet backwards? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:29:45 pm) : Nathaniel: W-what? Y-y-yes…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:29:56 pm) : Joel: Could you do that for me, please? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:30:48 pm) : Nathaniel: ….Z…. Y…….. X……. W…… V…… U….. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:31:40 pm) : Joel: Good. I could never get the hang of it. Keep at it, alright?. -Nathaniel will soon feel the needle poking into his skin- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:32:45 pm) : Nathaniel: ….T….. S…… R…… Q….. P…… O….. N….. M…. L… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:33:19 pm) : Joel: -Further in- Excellent. You're a very smart boy. -Soothingly, and when the needle finds it's mark, he draws the blood- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:34:56 pm) : Nathaniel: K….. J….. I….. H…. G…. F…. E…. D…. C…. B…. A…… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:36:05 pm) : Joel: -And is indeed finished by the time he gets to A. Looks a bit skeptical- Wonderful job, Nathaniel. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:38:06 pm) : Nick: We'll analyze this… You can rest now, Nathaniel… Trajedie, if you could help him lay down… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:43:10 pm) : Trajedie: Yes, Doctor.. -Sets him down gently- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:43:36 pm) : Joel: If I may just double check.. -Lightly touches Nathaniel's arm- You can feel that, correct? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:46:27 pm) : Nathaniel: …Yes… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:46:49 pm) : Joel: -Nods- Then you are a very brave young man. -That's a relief- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:46:58 pm) : Nathaniel: *what did you thiiink* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:47:45 pm) : Joel: -That you were losing tactile feeling in your extremities but was still feeling pain, which may implicate a direct nerve problem- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:48:10 pm) : Nick: *to the lab!* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:48:32 pm) : (Yhey! You updated!) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:48:45 pm) : Joel: -Indeed!- -Halts for a moment- Trajedie, stay with Nathaniel and inform us of any changes in his condition immediately -And off again- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:48:54 pm) : (You're just sitting there and refreeeshing -laughs-) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:48:58 pm) : (Yep!) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:49:18 pm) : (Ernest: Yes, my middle name really is Grand -Griiiiiiiin- ) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:49:37 pm) : Daniel: *laffs* *I am also like the HEAVIEST PERSON. GAWD. I'M FAT.* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:50:08 pm) : Darrel: -I'm 180 lbs-) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:50:10 pm) : (YOU CHANGED EVERYBODY'S HEIGHTS *laughs*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:50:37 pm) : (Heheh, I didn't mean to actually. I just don't have the scales that I normally would haaaave) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:51:19 pm) : (Ernest and Middler used to be 5'9" *laughs*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:51:48 pm) : (I knew they were the same heeeight, 5'9 is THE NORM!?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:52:36 pm) : (If you do see any other mistakes, please feel free to tell meee <33 ) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:53:51 pm) : (Hehe, I guess! THAR. NOW ERIK IS THE HEAVIEST OF MY CHARACTERS. HAPPY, DAN?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:54:27 pm) : (Darrel and Ernest are the heaviest on miiine) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:55:20 pm) : (ERIK AND ERIC ARE THE HEAVIEST ON MINE *laughs*) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:55:26 pm) : (Ernest's ALL MUSCLE) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:55:41 pm) : (Not aaaall these days, heheh. Age has caught up with hiiim) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:57:06 pm) : (awww) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 07:57:21 pm) : (But not SACHI) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:57:59 pm) : (She's actually is much more active, heheh. She works on cars and excerises. Ernest sells real estate which just means walking, and still does some excerise) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 07:58:08 pm) : (Moar physical labar) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:00:51 pm) : (Hehe, Ernest's so coool) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:02:32 pm) : (You think sooo? heheh) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:04:37 pm) : (Yep! Uh… You're going to have to ignoore that Vlad Vlad's birthday doesn't add up with the rp *laughs*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:04:52 pm) : (That's okay -laughs-) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:05:45 pm) : Trajedie: -Still shakey, and quite ashamed of that considering she isn't fifteen year old curled up on a bed in agonizing pain- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:06:36 pm) : Nathaniel: *poor Trajedie… would be nice to her if he wasn't so focused on blocking out the pain* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:09:44 pm) : Trajedie: -That would make me feel wooorse- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:10:32 pm) : Gabriel: *still holding Nathaniel's hand, stroking his fingers a bit* ….. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:11:17 pm) : Trajedie: … -Feels like she should say something- .. We're going to take good care of him, sir. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:13:17 pm) : Gabriel: *nods* ….thank you. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:16:22 pm) : Trajedie: -Attempts a reassuring smile and just stands by- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:16:34 pm) : Nick: *blinks* It seems to be a bacterial infection… That's odd…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:18:17 pm) : Joel: What have you discovered? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:19:49 pm) : Joel: -That is to expound on what he found odd about this bacterial infection in particular- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:20:45 pm) : Nick: Just seems odd that it's on his back… Well, he has the rash, but says the pain isn't just on his skin…. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:21:20 pm) : Nick: I examined his back thorougly and there didn't seem to be any cuts, either… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:22:12 pm) : Joel: -Nods- Judging by how he's curled up, the pain is indeed deeper as he mentioned.. and it is odd that he has no lacerations in the area indeed. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:23:44 pm) : Nick: Doesn't seem to be a problem with a specific organ…. *scratches his head, stumped* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:24:57 pm) : Joel: -Frowns- That does make it difficult to come up with an accurate diagnosis.. Hm.. -Rubs his chin- ..Adam. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:29:58 pm) : Joel: -Continues rubbing his chin- Adam was plagued by an unconventional illness as well. Because he is a Riser. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:30:16 pm) : Nick: …Do you know what this kid is? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:30:32 pm) : Joel: Do you? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:32:56 pm) : Nick: …No, that's why I was asking you. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:33:25 pm) : Joel: I've heard things being around the castle, but it is best to confirm. Shall we? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:35:18 pm) : Nick: *nods and reenters the infirmary* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:35:32 pm) : Joel: -Renters with him, of course.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:37:09 pm) : Nick: …He seems to have a bacterial infection… We're a bit stumped as to where, though… He seems to have no abrasions or lacerations on his back and he said the pain was deeper than simply his skin where the rash is… Joel and I were just wondering… What race is your child, exactly? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:37:22 pm) : Gabriel: …He's half Angel, half Fae. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:38:56 pm) : Joel: -Well, that makes it complicated.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:39:12 pm) : Nick: *to Joel* …Does that… ring any bells? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:41:55 pm) : Joel: -Frowns. Not about to tell Nick in front of the Father that he doesn't have anything on mind- Perhaps. For now it seems as though we have to rule in the possibility of a race specific ailment. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:42:31 pm) : Nick: *thinking* We certainly know little about Fae. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:44:49 pm) : Joel: Regretfully. Is there perhaps any text in the castle, or local liberary that could assist us in our endeavor? -To Nick- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:45:15 pm) : Nick: *silent as he thinks, picking at his beard a bit* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:46:32 pm) : Nick: ……… *loong silence* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:46:49 pm) : Joel: -Perhaps if Hana was here..- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:47:09 pm) : Nick: ………………does your son have wings? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:47:24 pm) : Gabriel: He does. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:47:38 pm) : Nick: What kind? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:47:47 pm) : Gabriel: Half Angel… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:47:56 pm) : Nick: ….they're in his back, aren't they? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:48:32 pm) : Gabriel: …yes… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:49:11 pm) : Joel: -Getting a few ideas as to what he could be getting at now- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:49:30 pm) : Nick: Could you release your wings, Nathaniel? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:49:50 pm) : Nathaniel: ….. *that sounds very painful* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:51:09 pm) : Nick: Please Nathaniel? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:51:22 pm) : Nathaniel: ….I'd rather…. not… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:51:57 pm) : Joel: Trust Nick, Nathaniel. He knows what he is doing, he only wants to help you get better. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:52:15 pm) : Nathaniel: P…please… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:52:42 pm) : Nick: I'm not trying to cause you unnecessary pain… Joel and I just want to make a diagnoses so we can treat you. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:54:11 pm) : Nathienl: We just need you to be brave like you were before, okay? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:54:53 pm) : Nathaniel: ……a……alright…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:55:17 pm) : -Joel: merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:58:19 pm) : Nathaniel: *lets his wings out…. most unnaturally… you can see them bulging at the skin at first as though the skin of his back isn't wanting to compensate for them. They do break out and spread veery slowly, causing him to scream in pain. It is nooot a niiice smell… Or a pretty sight…. His wings are decaying… eww…* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 08:59:16 pm) : Joel: -It's fascinating, albeit morbid and a little frightening- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 08:59:47 pm) : Gabriel: …. *puts a hand over his mouth* ….. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:00:03 pm) : Trajedie: -Thinks she's going to be ill- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:00:36 pm) : Nick: W-Well…. *fairly disgusted* …. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:02:36 pm) : Joel: .. -Keeps his mind on track- Nathaniel, does your back hurt now, or is it just in your wings? -Said very, very soothingly and softly. Nick would most likely recognize this voice as being the one used for patients that he has serious doubts about- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:04:16 pm) : Nathaniel: *trembling violently….* …….e-everywhere….. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:06:25 pm) : Joel: -Leans in to get a closer look at the wings, covering his face with his mouth and nose, just in case.. and to preserve his senses- … You can feel your wings? -Looks back at Nick, hoping he has something to add, maybe he's had a breakthrough- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:07:11 pm) : Nathaniel: …they… hurt… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:07:27 pm) : Nick: *looking closer as well, despite his disgust* ….Looks like gangrene… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:09:04 pm) : Joel: ..-In a low tone, for Nick's ear's- ..if that is the case then halting the it from spreading.. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:10:10 pm) : Nick: …..It hasn't seemed to have spread to his back yet…… *also a low voice to Joel* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:11:19 pm) : Joel: -Keeps quiet- Unsure if revascularization is an option at this stage.. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:11:48 pm) : Nick: *whispers* ….do you think they'll need to be amputated? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:12:02 pm) : Joel: ..I cannot see another option, Nick. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:12:17 pm) : Nick: *nods* It seems that way to me to… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:13:28 pm) : Joel: -Shakes his head, not disagreeing, but as if to express that this is a shame- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:13:39 pm) : Nick: *nods sympathetically* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:14:42 pm) : Joel: -Leans back from the wings, thankfully- ..Sir? -To Gabriel- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:15:32 pm) : Gabriel: *looking distraught* Yes…? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:15:50 pm) : Joel: If you would come with us, please. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:16:04 pm) : Joel: -Not going to say it in front of the child- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:16:19 pm) : Gabriel: *nods* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:17:25 pm) : Joel: -Come on, Nick. Let's do the part of the job we 'love' best.- -Not moving very far, just out of Nathaniel's earshot- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:17:39 pm) : Nick: *follows Joel and Gabriel over* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:18:01 pm) : Joel: -Would you like to give the news, Nick?- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:18:12 pm) : Nick: *I really, really wouldn't* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:19:00 pm) : Joel: -Then I will- ..It seems as though your son is suffering from an advanced stage of necrosis, specifically gangrene. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:19:19 pm) : Gabriel: …. *nods, pale looking* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:20:31 pm) : Joel: Gangrene will spread if it is not treated soon… considering it's location, were it to travel too far to his back, I am afraid there would not be much we could do for him. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:20:51 pm) : Gabriel: *nods* Will you treat it then? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:22:10 pm) : Joel: Yes… ..You must understand that removing the necrosized tissue, debridement..is not an option at this stage. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:22:37 pm) : Gabriel: Then what can be done? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:22:51 pm) : Joel: Complete amputation. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:23:53 pm) : Gabriel: *looks absolutely horrified, disgusted, and sickened* …… *just stares at Joel like a snake just popped out of his mouth* ……. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:24:10 pm) : Joel: ..I am afraid it is the only option. I'm sorry. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:24:59 pm) : Gabriel: *removal of wings is taboooo with Angels. Not something you eeeveen meentiooon* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:25:37 pm) : Joel: -That was my whoops, judging from your expression, a big one- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:26:04 pm) : Gabriel: *on par with saying you wanted to torture or rape my sooon, haw* *looks like he's going to faint* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:26:54 pm) : Joel: Sir.. please, take a seat. -Actually offers a hand to him, in order to lead him to a chair- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:27:45 pm) : Gabriel: *takes a seat* ………. *Hoorrifieeed* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:28:00 pm) : Nick: …. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:28:25 pm) : Joel: Nick and I will make the process as painless as possible. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:28:51 pm) : Gabriel: P-Painless? Only a Demon would remove an Angel's wings……… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:29:18 pm) : Joel: If the gangrene spreads much further, he will die. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:30:18 pm) : Gabriel: I-It's like a part of your soul…. or….. *horrified* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:31:02 pm) : Joel: ..Please, sir. If it spreads, then even if it does not cause his death, we will only have to remove that much more flesh. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:31:34 pm) : Gabriel: *very long silence…. face in his hands* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:33:06 pm) : Gabriel: *after a looong silence* …..Do what must be done to save him…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:33:32 pm) : Joel: -Nods- Very well… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:33:55 pm) : Nick: *whispers to Joel* Do you even know how to remove an Angel's wings? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:35:12 pm) : Joel: -Whispers- Only in theory.. I know the anatomical structure of wings. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:35:31 pm) : Nick: It'll be risky… But so would be leaving him like this… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:36:34 pm) : Joel: It will be.. but at least he will have a chance. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:37:09 pm) : Nick: If what Gabriel says is true, he'll be missing a part of his soul…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:37:27 pm) : Joel: If we don't operate, he will die. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:38:05 pm) : Joel: I don't think I would blame you if you didn't want a part of this. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:38:48 pm) : Nick: I'll assist you… It just feels… evil…. Like he said… Demons… But I don't want to involve the poor girl in it… We should dismiss her for tonight. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:39:41 pm) : Joel: -Nods- Believe you me, this is not something I am going to forget… merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:40:17 pm) : Nick: I'll talk to Trajedie and set things up… I guess you talk to Nathaniel… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:40:38 pm) : Joel: -Nods once more, and to Nathaniel's side he goes- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:40:51 pm) : Nick: *to Trajedie he goes* Ms. Remorena… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:41:21 pm) : Trajedie: -Just pale, looks up at him wide eyed, but composes herself as best as she can- Y..yes, Doctor? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:41:40 pm) : Nick: You're dismissed for tonight… If you could lead Gabriel out… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:42:30 pm) : Trajedie: -Feels even more guilty at the fact that she is glad that she can go. Stands and bows- Alright.. ..Doctor? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:42:46 pm) : Nick: Yes? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:42:59 pm) : Trajedie: What's to become of Nathaniel? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:44:08 pm) : Nick: *in a low voice* His wings are to be amputated. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:44:39 pm) : Trajedie: -Urk.. Shouldn't have asked..- -Just nods quickly- I'll.. I'll escort Gabriel. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:45:36 pm) : Nick: *nods* I'll see you tomorrow. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:46:03 pm) : Trajedie: -Ashen faced, approuches Gabriel- ..Sir..? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:46:45 pm) : Gabriel: *looks up from his hands, eyes red* ….? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:48:46 pm) : (Heheh, He has an interesting way of coming his hair, haw) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:49:12 pm) : (…parted to the side?) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:49:41 pm) : Trajedie: I'm to lead you from the infirmary..-For lack of any other gesture she could possibly offer, she proffers her hand, not as though she'd have the physical strength to even help him from her seat- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:50:18 pm) : (I just normally don't see a part on the side, forgive my rustic waaays) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:50:56 pm) : (*laughs* I always part my hair on the side) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:51:21 pm) : (I part down ze middle, though I guess my hair would look weird if I parted it to the side) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:51:43 pm) : (Rosemary is SKINNY) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:52:04 pm) : (Two pounds less than Jessimica and nearly a foot taller *laughs*) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:52:11 pm) : (she is, I am actually thinking about modifiying her weight, actually) black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:52:33 pm) : (So she's not suffering from a wasting disease, but still is kinda boney) merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:54:08 pm) : Gabriel: *doesn't take her hand, but gets up and leaves the infirmary* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:54:56 pm) : Trajedie: -So much for leading him out.. but departs as well anyhow- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:55:10 pm) : Nick: *prepares for surgery* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:55:22 pm) : Joel: Nathaniel. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:55:34 pm) : Nathaniel: ….. *looks at him* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:55:48 pm) : Joel: We're going to have to ask you to be brave again.. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:56:12 pm) : Nathaniel: *shivering… continues to make eye contact meaning he's listening* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:57:34 pm) : Joel: ..Your wings have advanced Gangrene, Nathaniel. If we do nothing about it now it will spread to your back. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 09:58:42 pm) : Nathaniel: …. *continues eye contact* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 09:59:32 pm) : Joel: If it spreads to your back.. the chances are against you. We can stop it at the wings, but that means…removing them. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:00:21 pm) : Nathaniel: ……… *begins to cry* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:01:44 pm) : Joel: -The worst part of the job. Nothing he really can say, though he does offer his hand, the same one that is going to assist in removing his beloved wings for him to hold, as little as the gesture might mean to Nathaniel- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:02:56 pm) : Nathaniel: *takes it… cryiiing…. And nooot someone who cries verry offteeen* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:03:28 pm) : Joel: -Squeezes it with one hand, patting it lightly with the other- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:04:35 pm) : Nick: *nearly finished preparing* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:05:01 pm) : Joel: -At least there is anesthetic?- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:05:32 pm) : Nick: *there is, thankfully* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:06:33 pm) : Joel: -Remains there to comfort Nathaniel, until Nick is fully prepared- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:07:36 pm) : Nathaniel: *sobbing quietly* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:07:56 pm) : Nick: *fully prepared!* *everything sterilized and lighted and suited up* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:08:27 pm) : Joel: -Lets go of Nathaniel's hand and gets prepared to the extent that is required of him- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:10:35 pm) : Nick: *puts Nathaniel under the anesthetic so he goes to sleeeep* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:11:19 pm) : Joel: -Time to do the devil's work- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:12:07 pm) : Nick: *not a fun job!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:12:24 pm) : Joel: -Not at all!- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:13:13 pm) : Nick: *leaves a big hole in his back, too!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:13:48 pm) : Joel: -And two rotting wings and other such dead flesh to dispose of- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:15:10 pm) : Nathaniel: *at least he survives?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:15:32 pm) : Joel: -At least he does. I still feel like I've done something quite awful though- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:16:49 pm) : Nick: *I feel like I assisted you in doing something quite awful!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:17:05 pm) : Joel: -I think I need a drink. Or two. Dozen.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:19:07 pm) : Nick: *gotta watch the kid and make sure he doesn't die on us* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:19:27 pm) : Joel: -I meant after we're done watching the kid and I fail trying to sleep- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:19:44 pm) : Nick: *be strong for your wife and kids* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:19:52 pm) : Nathaniel: *breathing shallooow, barely alive* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:20:15 pm) : Joel: -My wife and kids didn't just essentially cut off an angel's wings- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:21:59 pm) : Nick: *I mean, you gotta be strong for em!* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:22:30 pm) : Joel: -I'd just rather forget this ever happened- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:22:49 pm) : Nick: *you saved the kid's life. That's nothing to be ashamed of* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:23:13 pm) : Joel: -We both did. It just felt different this time is all. Maybe what Gabriel said was true.- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:23:30 pm) : Joel: -Felt different to me at least.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:23:51 pm) : Gabriel: *what?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:24:51 pm) : Joel: -The thing about the wings being part of his soul.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:25:43 pm) : Gabriel: *It certainly wasn't a lie* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:26:06 pm) : Joel: -I thought you may have been speaking metaphorically perhaps- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:26:47 pm) : Gabriel: *yup, that's why they don't take up any space in his back* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:27:07 pm) : Joel: -Hey Nick. We're going to Heeeeell.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:28:03 pm) : Nick: *sigh* *I knew I somehow would anyway* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:29:19 pm) : Joel: -Except it wasn't doing anything tempting. Just what had to be done- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:29:37 pm) : Nick: *yep* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:29:54 pm) : Nathaniel: *and now I'm in John's care… poor poooor John* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:30:12 pm) : John: -And here I thought it was going to be easy.- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:31:05 pm) : Nathaniel: *waking uupp* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:31:46 pm) : Joel: -Standing by- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:32:19 pm) : Nathaniel: ….. *eyes look unfocused and deaaad* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:32:39 pm) : Joel: Nathaniel..? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:33:18 pm) : Nathaniel: *makes no eye contact* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:33:33 pm) : Trajedie: -meanwhile got changed into nightware and is laying face first in her bed- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:33:38 pm) : Joel: Can you hear me? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:33:59 pm) : Nathaniel: *blink* ….. *eyes slowly move to Joel* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:34:35 pm) : Joel: -Okay, he can hear me at least- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:36:18 pm) : Nathaniel: *looks like…. a different person than a few hours ago* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:36:46 pm) : Joel: Nathaniel, can you count backwards from ten for me? -Seeing if he's still all there- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:37:22 pm) : Nathaniel: *stares a bit* …… *who the hell is Nathaniel?* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:38:21 pm) : Joel: Can you? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:39:07 pm) : Nathaniel: *just stares blankly* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:40:33 pm) : Joel: -Oh dear.- .. Can you tell me what year it is? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:41:34 pm) : Nathaniel: *blank stare* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:41:45 pm) : Joel: Your name? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:41:57 pm) : Nathaniel: *blank stare* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:42:04 pm) : Joel: ..Even speak? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:42:27 pm) : Nathaniel: …….lo. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:42:39 pm) : Joel: -There's that at least- Nick. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:42:46 pm) : Nick: Yes? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:43:09 pm) : Joel: Nathaniel is showing signs of memory loss. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:43:33 pm) : Nick: …..He's not brain dead, is he? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:44:09 pm) : Joel: He barely responds to my questions. -Back to Nathaniel- Repeat after me. Hello. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:44:22 pm) : Nathaniel: …Hullo… black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:45:19 pm) : Joel: Repeat after me again. Gabriel. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:45:33 pm) : Nathaniel: Gabriel…. black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:46:07 pm) : Joel: -sighs- ..Would you please stay with him? I should inform him. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:46:19 pm) : Nick: Sure. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:46:38 pm) : Gabriel: *sitting outside the infirmary* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:47:04 pm) : Joel: -And outside of the infirmary he goes. He's not carrying the 'I have great news' expression on his face- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:49:04 pm) : Gabriel: *looks to him* …Did he make it? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:49:26 pm) : Joel: Yes.. the operation was a success.. merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:50:27 pm) : Gabriel: *doesn't look overjoyed at this* …How is he? black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:50:56 pm) : Joel: We're trying to evaluate that now.. would you like to see him? merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:51:55 pm) : Gabriel: *nods and stands* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:52:54 pm) : Joel: -And back to the infirmary, to Nick and Nathaniel he goes- black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:54:11 pm) : Joel: -And of course braces for the worst possible reaction that he can concieve- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:54:42 pm) : Gabriel: Nathaniel….? *strokes his son's cheek* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:55:32 pm) : Nathaniel: *stares blankly at his father* merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:56:07 pm) : Gabriel: *tried to prepare himself for this but…….. Tears……* black_eyes_and_crimson_ties (Sun 9/13/2008 10:57:12 pm) : Joel: -Glances at Nick from the corner of his eyes to gauge how he's reacting to this at the very least- merulu35 (Sun 9/13/2008 10:58:57 pm) : Nick: *frowning deeply*