13 June 2023
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Adam McMurran Feemerson McMurran Elijah McMurran John Crowley Jessica McMurran Celena McMurran

Adam: Making sandcastles.
Feemy: Also making sand castles. There is no way he's going into the sea now that he knows he can't swim.
Elijah: Don't you want to swim, Feemy?
Feemy: I can't swim.
Elijah: The water's not deep close to shore… Sits next to him in the sand.
Feemy: Are you going to go swimming?
Elijah: I've never been able to swim very well in the ocean 'cause of the waves, but um… Kinda boring all alone.
Feemy: …Well if you're going, I'll go too. Doesn't even bother being subtle about that one.
Elijah: You don't have go if you're scared. Doesn't say it patronizingly.
Feemy: I wouldn't be scared with you around.
Elijah: Mr. John! You wanna go swimming?!
J.N: …Shrugs and stands up. May as well. This is a beach.
Elijah: Yaaay!!! Bends down, so Feemy can climb on his back.
Feemy: And climb he does! Isn't even bothered by John coming with this time.
Elijah: Stands… Urk, you've gotten heavier. Wades into the water.
J.N: Halt in his advance to the water. …Want to come too, Jessica, Celena?
Jessica: Shakes her head "no". Though she is wearing a bathing suit underneath her sundress, is self-conscious.
Celena: Kind of wants to. …Well, I guess we're supposed to be bonding.
J.N: Alright. Kind of wishes Jessica would swim too, but there's naught he can do about that.
Elijah: You're heaaavy… I'm going to let you go.
Feemy: Okay! Though I thought you'd be much stronger.
Elijah: Don't flail or anything… Your body's full of oxygen, so you'll float. Lets him down.
Feemy: Treads water! …But doesn't look like he's going anywhere.
Celena: Takes off her dress and follows J.N. to the water.
Elijah: Pulls some seaweed out from the water.
J.N: When he is actually deep enough in the water for him to swim, he disappears under the surface.
Feemy: Ew.
Elijah: Some people eat this. Puts it on Feemy's head.
Feemy: Looks up at the seaweed… Takes some from his head and abruptly tries some. Or at least as best as he could with it sitting on his head, mind you.
Elijah: Feemy!
Celena: Wades over to them. Ewww!
Feemy: Gaccckfltph! You said people eat that!
Elijah: …They do. With raw fish.
Feemy: It tastes gross.
Elijah: I didn't say, "Try it."
J.N: Tugs on one of Elijah's legs.
Elijah: Jumps and struggles!
J.N: Grabs the leg tightly from below the surface. He's crafty.
Elijah: Relaxes. Looks. I don't like you like that, Mr. John.
J.N: Surfaces. I couldn't hear you.
Elijah: I am divinely decadent.
J.N: Then again, I could hardly see your lips moving either. It's hard to be stealthy underwater when everyone's feet touch the bottom. …Alright.
Elijah: Laughs. I said, "I don't like you like that, Mr. John."
Celena: What'd he do?
Elijah: Blushes and looks uncomfortable, as though J.N. did something truly naughty. I'll tell you when you're older. Swims away!
J.N: …Bamboozled myself. …What?
Feemy: Left treading water.
Celena: Stares at J.N.
J.N: Thank you Elijah, this honestly helps me when it comes to the situation with Celena.
Celena: Knows Elijah was being stupid. He is stupid a lot. Can't you swim? To Feemy.
Feemy: Not really. How many people are going to ask me that?
Celena: Why not? You just kick your legs and do this with your arms. Does "that" with her arms. And turn your head to side-to-side to breathe! Mr. John will hold you up, so you can practice and not drown.
J.N: I will?
Celena: Now you are.
Feemy: Looks at John and doesn't look too sure!
Celena: He's going to be your stepfather one day, so you'd better trust him. Crosses her arms. Looks at J.N. out of the corner of her eye.
J.N: I guess I am going to hold him up then.
Elijah: Swims back over. Sorry Mr. John… Lean.
J.N: At least he apologized. Is soon beside Feemy, holding him up and trying not to get in Feemy's way.
Feemy: Kicks his legs and flails his arms.
Celena: Do your arms in an arc! Likes being in command!
Feemy: Arc?! Shouting over the sound of his loud splashing.
Celena: Yes. Like a circular motion.
Feemy: Follows her directions!
J.N: Having water splashed all over me. Woo.
Elijah: Just watches.
Celena: As one goes forward, the other goes back! Reach out in front of you and puuull the water away!
Feemy: Is at least good at following instruction/directions/orders. Thanks Katen.
Celena: Mr. John's gonna let you go now. Don't panic. Just go!
J.N: Lets go.
Feemy: Swims! …Kind of… Sorta.
Celena: There. You did it. Now you just have to keep doing it. Then you'll get better.
Feemy: I don't enjoy this swimming stuff too much… Okay…
Celena: But don't go in the deep water 'til you're ready or you'll panic and drown.
Feemy: That's assuring.
Elijah: Hugs J.N.
Celena: …Guys aren't supposed to hug.
J.N: Hugged out of nowhere! You should tell that to Ernest when he's had a few. So? Your father hugged me.
Celena: I never saw it.
Elijah: Have you ever seen God?
Celena: You're stupid.
Elijah: Hugs Celena.
Celena: I wish I had a sister.
J.N: Maybe you should ask your mother very nicely for one. Swims away from the repercussions of that one.
Celena: …Imagines J.N. as a girl and wrinkles her nose. Goes to look for seashells.
Feemy: …Kind of sick of the water, so leaves it all behind.
Jessica: Beckons Feemy over.
Feemy: Beckoned! Goes forth to his mother!
Jessica: Are you hungry?
Feemy: A little.
Jessica: Gives him a sandwich!
Feemy: Takes a seat! Thanks Mom! And begins to eat.
Adam: The ocean washes away his sandcastle again…
J.N: Returns to the shallow end again! …And finds it mostly deserted.
Adam: Lies on his back in the sand… Closes his eyes… Thinks about Ugly the cat… Actually tears up again.
Celena: You should paint over your skin, Elijah.
Elijah: …What?
Celena: Never mind… It'd all wash away in the ocean.

J.N: Exits the water as well and joins Jessica.
Jessica: …Will you check on Adam? He's just lying there. For 30 minutes now.
J.N: Right when I get settled down too. Alright. Stands and instead joins Adam next to the pile of wet sand that was parts of his sandcastle. How are you, Adam?
Adam: Sleeping.
J.N: Probably shouldn't let him sleep in the sun. He could get sunburned.
Adam: Already looks pretty baked.
J.N: Even I feel hot. Literally. Not sure if I'm baked as bad as he is though. Kneels down and scoops him up, figuring he could just maybe carry him to some shade.
Adam: Stirs a bit, but doesn't waken.
J.N: Jessica, your son has narcolepsy. Just brings Adam to Jessica and sets him next to her under the umbrella.
Jessica: Did he fall asleep?
J.N: Yeah.
Jessica: Feels Adam's forehead. He's hot… but he's been baking in the sun.
J.N: …Think he's sick?
Jessica: I… can't really tell.
J.N: He's been sitting in the sun… Maybe he's just tired?
Jessica: Nods. I think so. Are you hungry, John?
J.N: Not really. Thanks though.
Jessica: Cuddles up to him.
Celena: Burying Elijah's feet in the sand.
J.N: Puts an arm around her and cuddles to her in return! Is actually having a pretty good day! Hasn't been to the beach in years.
Jessica: Are you enjoying yourself?
J.N: I am.
Jessica: Sorry about last night.
J.N: Nothing to apologize for. And instead of just saying that, he actually looks to her and smiles… a bit. Still not used to throwing those around all the time.
Jessica: I think I had a bit too much wine.
Adam: Turns. Mmm…ooo…sed…yood…gimme…anug…
J.N: …Heh… He's talking in his sleep. Can't really make out what he's saying though.
Jessica: Pokes Adam.
J.N: …Wonder what he's dreaming about.
Jessica: Burning alive?
J.N: …I meant now… Frowns a bit.
Adam: Certainly looks happy for dreaming about burning alive.
J.N: Way to wipe the smile right off of his face, Jessica.
Jessica: So did I.
J.N: Frown deepens and gets quiet.
Adam: Biiig smile. …Oook…ooden…red…
J.N: Yes, he looks like he's being immolated alright.
Jessica: Pinches J.N.'s cheek.
J.N: Blinks.
Jessica: Smiles at him and kisses him on the lips. You look so grumpy.
J.N: This is kind of an about face. …I'm worried about Adam. Does look less grumpy, the concern more apparent.
Jessica: I am too… but I don't know what to do about it.
J.N: I don't either… Looks over to Adam.
Adam: Cuddled into the beach towel smiling…
J.N: …He's smiling a lot.
Jessica: Looks over at him. That's nice to see… He's so serious.
J.N: …That's why I was wondering what he was dreaming about now. He doesn't smile much when he's awake… from what I've seen.
Jessica: Whispers. What did Eric and Bridget do to him?
J.N: …I don't know. He's just been like this… Should I ask Eric? Doesn't mention Bridget, since he finds that Eric would be a better source of info.
Jessica: Nods. Has he always been like this?
J.N: From what I know, yes.
Jessica: Blinks. Maybe it's just his personality? Though neither Daniel or I are so serious… Neither were Elijah and Celena when they were children.
J.N: Perhaps.
Jessica: Strokes Adam's cheek a bit. He seems to have cooled down now he's in the shade. He always wants to play by himself, too.
J.N: He doesn't like help. Maybe he's just very solitary? Though it doesn't make much sense. Figured that children always wanted to hang out with other… children.
Jessica: Well, he certainly seems lovable enough… If that make sense.
J.N: It does. To me at least, seeing as he takes the time to cling to me… often.
Jessica: Sighs. My poor children.
Adam: Mm… Wakes up.
Jessica: Smiles. Hello Sweety…
J.N: You fell asleep for a moment there. As if I had to explain that.
Adam: Nods and stares at J.N. with big green eyes. I dreamed about you.
J.N: …You did? Looks at Jessica to see if she has any thoughts on this.
Jessica: Blinks.
J.N: Looks back to Adam. What was the dream about?
Adam: …You gave me a hug! And… I don't remember what else happened.
Jessica: You like Mr. John, huh?
Adam: Nods. He's gonna be my daddy.
J.N: Got to love the lack of tact kids have.
Jessica: You'd like Mr. John to be your daddy?
Adam: Nods. Smiles.
Jessica: Laughs a bit and pulls him into her lap.
J.N: Doesn't know what to say about that. Every time he hears it, it's a flattering, but a bit embarrassing too. It's worse now that he's saying it right in front of Jessica.
Jessica: Don't you want to play in the water, Adam?
Adam: …If you'll go with me…
Jessica: Elijah's over there.
Adam: He's with Feemy and Celena.
Jessica: So? They're your brother and sister too.
Adam: Shakes his head "no."
Jessica: Are you shy?
Adam: Feemy doesn't like me…
Jessica: What makes you say that?
Adam: We went to play together, but all we did was stand and look at each other.
Jessica: Sighs. Takes her sundress off. Stands up and takes Adam's hand and leads him over to where his brothers and sister are.

Feemy: Hi Mom, hi Adam! Waves.
Jessica: We're playing in the water.
Elijah: You look good, Mom. Thumbs up.