12 September 2037
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Renasi Reium Feemerson Crowley Adam Crowley Nicholas Romolo Joel Marsetti Trajedie Remourna Vladimer McMurran John Crowley

Renasi: Curled up in bed, wrapped up in blankets so all can be seen is the top of his head.
Feemy: Strokes his hair. You're going back.
Renasi: Coughs and shakes his head 'no'.
Feemy: Yes, you are. I'm going to have transport arranged for you back to Elf Haven. Write it off as a band expense.
Renasi: Feemy… Coughs and pulls the covers around himself more.
Feemy: Frowns. You either go back to Elf Haven or I quit the band and we both go back.
Renasi: Doesn't answer, just closes his eyes.
Feemy: Feels bad for using that as an ultimatum. …I already took it up with manager anyhow. It's set up.
Renasi: Buries his face in his pillow, coughing.
Feemy: Lightly touches his shoulder. It won't be so bad, love… If you just have a bit of time to rest you'll be better before you know it…
Renasi: No answer. Continues to lay there trembling.
Feemy: Bends down, lightly resting his chest upon him. I know you don't want to go… but your health is more important.
Renasi: Nods the tiniest fraction.
Feemy: He doesn't even want him to leave, but hasn't reached the low it takes to value his personal comfort over Ren's health. Curls some of Ren's hair around his finger.
Renasi: Hair is quite damp with sweat. Skin feels clammy.
Feemy: …You'll be better soon, once we get you back home.
Renasi: Reaches out weakly for Feemy's hand.
Feemy: Takes it, despite the clamminess.
Door: A knock thereupon!
Renasi: Coughs.
Feemy: It's open!
Renasi: Peeks from under the covers a bit to see who it is.
Guy: Peeks in. They're here. He's ready?
Renasi: Clings to Feemy a bit weakly.
Feemy: Strokes his hair gently, even giving him a kiss on the top of his head. Just give us a moment, please?
Guy: Didn't know you guys were those kinda buddies. Whatever though. Sure thing, they're outside.
Renasi: Turns to face Feemy… Bluish looking around the lips.
Feemy: Kisses him.
Renasi: Kisses back as best he can.

Adam: Enters the infirmary!
Nick: Frowns.
Adam: Smiles. Is Ms. Remorena here?
Joel: At least he's not sick. Yes, though currently occupied.
Trajedie: Changing bed clothes.
Adam: Oh, I'll come back later then, shall I?
Joel: Looks to Nick for words on this one!
Nick: Uh… I guess after her shift's over…
Joel: You may as well stay. It's over soon enough, as is.
Adam: A-Alright… Can I help with anything?
Joel: Oh, there's no need for that. I'm sure that you've had a long day, you don't need to worry yourself over giving a hand.
Adam: Nods a little, but doesn't really like just standing around uselessly as people work.
Trajedie: Changes the last bed sheet!
Joel: Would you like some tea while you wait? I think Nick may have made a pot a little bit ago…
Adam: U-Um… Sure… Yes, thank you…
Joel: Serves him some tea! So, Nick. Did you meet anyone at the ball?
Nick: Yes, I met a lot of women.
Joel: Good for you! What's her name?
Nick: I can't be expected to remember all their names… but there was Patricia, Veronica, Sarah… The list goes on.
Joel: Which are you currently seeing?
Nick: …None of them.
Joel: Oh? …Oooh… Tough break.
Adam: Sips tea awkwardly.
Joel: Did you tell them you were a doctor?
Nick: No…
Joel: That, my friend, is your problem. If you tell them you're a doctor, I can assure you that you will be swarmed with lovelies of the opposite gender.
Nick: Hm… Strokes his chin. …That's a good idea.
Joel: Just saying that you're a doctor tells them very important things. Holds up a hand and ticks them off on his fingers. 'I'm caring.' 'I'm intelligent.' 'I'm financially capable.' '…I'm good with my hands.'
Nick: Ah… Yes… Yes…
Adam: …
Joel: You never thought of it once? Where would you be without someone like me to take you under their wing?
Trajedie: Now just standing there, listening to their awkward conversation as well.
Nick: Not in a good place my friend.
Joel: Pats him on the shoulder shoulder in a friendly matter. No need to thank me. Tragedy, are you done already?
Trajedie: Yes.
Joel: Then don't keep your friend waiting. Come in tomorrow, same time, same place. Sips his tea.
Adam: Smiles. Thank you for the tea, Sir. Sets down the teacup and bows.
Trajedie: I'll be back tomorrow, Doctor. Has already been corrected about calling them "Sir".
Adam: Holds out his hand to Trajedie.
Trajedie: Goes right on over and takes his hand. No gloves this time. Doesn't have any marks to hide fortunately, though she does have longish fingernails.

Adam: When they're clear of the infirmary, gives her a friendly hug.
Trajedie: Hugs back. Never really had very 'physical' friends, so it's just a bit strange for her, but it's not a bad kind of strange. Just something to get used to.
Adam: How was work?
Trajedie: It wasn't so bad.
Adam: Rubs behind his ear a bit… Do you like sweets?
Trajedie: Nods. Of course… Why do you ask?
Adam: Just wondering… I mean, my Dad doesn't… I mean… My mom made a cake and I was wondering if you'd like to have a slice?
Trajedie: Nods! I'd love to.
Adam: Smiles and leads her to the dining room.

Nick: …You know his mother's trying to have another child?
Joel: Really now? How did you deduce that?
Nick: She went in for a check up this morning and told me so.
Joel: Ah. How come I never get the nice patients?
Nick: Nice patients? Who do you get?
Joel: I got a somewhat grouchy old man who was asking me about his knees.
Nick: I thought you were twins' doctor.
Joel: I am, but they rarely need much attention. They're far more healthy than Adam was.
Nick: Well, they're not strange last-of-their-kind kids, either. His brother wasn't much better.
Joel: True.
Nick: Except more the scrapes and bruises type. I was just an apprentice then.
Joel: Sighs. How long have we been working in this infirmary? Said in a wistful, 'wondering where the years went?' kind of way.
Nick: You've been working here longer than I.
Joel: Ha. I remember when you had just joined our delightful staff. Didn't think it'd get this boring, did you?
Nick: No, I wanted to join that theater troupe, but Mother said I wouldn't get anywhere.
Joel: Ah, the theater dream. Ever consider retiring and trying out?
Nick: Nah… Too old now… Mother would be on my case… Wouldn't have that card to pull with the ladies.
Joel: Oh well.

Adam: Once they enter the dining room. Sit down… I'll get the cake… What would you like to drink?
Trajedie: Oh… You don't have to get it for me
Adam: I'd like to, really, it'd be my pleasure.
Trajedie: Alright then… um… Just water is fine then. Doesn't want to trouble him further. Sits down.

Vladora: Heyya Gramps.
John: Hello Vlad.
Vladora: What's the hap?
John: The hap?
Vladora: Nods. Doesn't really know what it means either but heard Aidae and Izzy saying it to each other.
John: How are you?
Vladora: Coughs. I'm fine, how are you?
John: I'm doing well. Reaches down and scruffs up his hair.
Vladora: Chews on a fingernail.
John: That's a bad habit, you know.
Vladora: Yeah.