12 June 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Adam McMurran Jessica McMurran Elijah McMurran Katen Tanek Feemerson McMurran Durante Parlant

Daniel: Did you ever cry about my death?
J.N: No, but I was really sad.
Daniel: Laughs.
J.N: What's so funny about that?
Daniel: I dunno.
J.N: You are still confusing.
Daniel: I didn't know I was previously confusing.
J.N: I told you that you confused me a long time ago, you zombie.
Daniel: Well someone sounds pretty confused. I was just trying to imagine you weeping into your pillow at night with a picture of me on your bed stand.
J.N: …Why on earth would you want to imagine that?
Daniel: Well… I wanted to see if it'd be silly or not. And it was just silly. Sighs. I thought I wasn't going to haunt you anymore now that you're smooching my wife.
J.N: A part of me wants to apologize for that.
Daniel: You can't apologize for it. It's not as though it's something you didn't mean to do.
J.N: I know. To that end, I wouldn't attempt to, as I'm… happy that I'm with her.
Daniel: Mm… Well you two can be together in Heaven then.
J.N: I don't blame you for being angry at me.
Daniel: I can't say I'm really angry at you…
J.N: What are you, then? How do you feel, I mean.
Daniel: Kinda sad and disappointed. But I'm dead. So yeah… My feelings don't really matter now do they?
J.N: I think they do. It's not going to keep me from being with her though.
Daniel: Yeah. But I'm dead. So I'm mostly concerned about not spending my afterlife with her. You have different priorities when you're dead
J.N: I suppose I didn't give much thought to the afterlife until recently.
Daniel: Why recently?
J.N: It's more to the front of your mind when you can actually say that you've had a conversation with an Angel.
Daniel: Oh well… How would you feel about such an afterlife? If Jessica has to choose between me and you that is.
J.N: …I don't think I'd ever want to put her into the position of having to choose.
Daniel: Sighs. Well, I guess I'd rather her be with you and happy.
J.N: Not to undermine myself, but I'm sure when the time comes you'll enjoy her company again.
Daniel: You don't know. She could like you better… I'm sure she's gotten bored of me after like… 16 years of marriage.
J.N: I wouldn't be so sure. I guess… since I'm alive, I'm more concerned with what the present holds for us, rather then what could be in the future.
Daniel: My kids like you too…
J.N: Celena hates me and your kids love you.
Daniel: Elijah loves you.
J.N: …I… guess I don't have much of a 'retort' to that. I love him too.
Daniel: Elijah used to love me.
J.N: He still does, I'm sure. So. Yeah. Might see you in Heaven someday?
Daniel: …
J.N: What?
Daniel: With my wife!
J.N: I'm not so sure about that. But it doesn't bother me.
Daniel: I love Jessica and she loves somebody else.
J.N: She loves you too. You're dead though.
Daniel: Yeah. I'm no competition for you.
J.N: I do have the advantage of being alive. Tough one to beat. Maybe Jessica will choose me when the time comes, maybe not. I'm more concerned about the living aspect and, should she choose you, then I'll still have the time we did spend.
Daniel: …You can have heeer. I wouldn't want to make her have to choose between us…
J.N: That's kind of you to say, but it's not either of our choices. Regardless of what we say or do, she has a choice to make. Which is an odd prospect, really… I don't know how it would sound if I came out and asked Jessica, 'Hey, should you die, then I did, do you still wanna be together in Heaven?'
Daniel: Well, maybe I won't even go to Heaven. Maybe I'll just stay in Limbo.
J.N: Do you really want to do that? Who would you talk to?
Daniel: My dad. Besides, it's not really my decision. It's whenever Elijah dies.
J.N: I don't envy you.
Daniel: You think Elijah's a roach or something?
J.N: No. I just wouldn't want to know that the only way to go to the great hereafter was that my son had to die.
Daniel: Oh well. Shrugs. I did it so he could live.
J.N: That's good… I don't remember going to sleep. I hope I'm in Atlantis or something.
Daniel: You're probably naked sleeping next to Jessica.
J.N: Can you tell?
Daniel: I can change to that channel. But I don't want to see it.
J.N: Well. Who do you want to watch then?
Daniel: You want to have kids with Jessica?
J.N: I'd put thought to it. It's hard not to when one's mother and father drop subtle, and not-so-subtle hints about it.

Adam: Sits in his mommy's lap. Do you love Feemy more than me?
Jessica: Nooo… I love all of my children the same.
Adam: Are you lying?
Jessica: Nooo. Why would I lie to you?
Adam: 'Cause grown-ups think kids are dumb. Can I see a picture of Daddy?
Jessica: Haven't you seen one before?
Adam: Nope.
Jessica: Takes out a picture of Daniel. That was your father. He was very handsome and he would have loved you very, very much.
Adam: …He's better looking than Mr. John.
Jessica: He's not better looking, he's just different looking.
Adam: No. He's better looking. Was he smart like Mr. John?
Jessica: Um… I guess?
Adam: Does that mean 'no'?
Jessica: No… Your father and Mr. John are very, very different. You can't really compare people that different.
Adam: …So my dad was stupid?
Jessica: No. Your dad was smart… Like you. Smiles.
Jessica: And kind and generous and a very lovely man. And handsome. Like you.
Adam: He sounds sort of boring.
Jessica: He was not boring!
Adam: Perfect people're boring. Besides there's no such thing. So you're lying.
Jessica: I never said your father was perfect, so I'm not lying at all.
Adam: I bet you never argue with Feemy.
Jessica: Well, I suppose you and Feemy are different.
Adam: And you like him better
Jessica: I do. Not. Where do you get these ideas?
Adam: Well you didn't even see me for four years. And you saw Feemy all the time.
Jessica: That doesn't mean I didn't still love you, Adam, Sweety. You're my son. I couldn't possibly not love you. Please don't worry your little head about it. I don't love any one of you children more than the others. Why are you so concerned about Feemy specifically anyway?
Adam: 'Cause he's closest to my age and he's adopted.
Jessica: So?
Adam: So you got to pick him out special.
Jessica: Sighs. Well God picked you out special for me. How's that?
Adam: You could do better… Hugs. Kisses her cheek.
Jessica: Kisses his forehead. Do I get points for trying?
Adam: Yes.
Jessica: Well I'm sorry you think I love you less than Feemy. It's not true. I love you very much and I'm glad you're back home and that we're a family together again.
Adam: I love you too, Mommy. Cuddles up.
Jessica: Was hoping Feemy and Adam would make friends, but it seems there's some sort of rivalry going on. Sighs.

Elijah: Mr. John! Hugs.
J.N: Hugs back. Hello Elijah.
Elijah: How are you?
J.N: I'm doing alright… You?
Elijah: Good! I'm going to sword practice. Wanna come?
J.N: Sure.
Elijah: You could learn how to sword fight too! Walks down the hall.
J.N: Actually chuckles a bit. Maybe. Walks down the hall with him!
Elijah: Why not?
J.N: It's hard to say it's silly since it's actually a viable means of self defense here. I don't think I'd be any good at it.
Elijah: You never know 'til you try.
J.N: I did try. Against Demi, remember?
Elijah: …Oh yeah. Well you beat him.
J.N: I still can't figure out how that happened.
Elijah: Well, you stabbed him in the arm with your sword.
J.N: That was an accident. And he only faltered a bit because I spit my cigarette into his face.
Elijah: I don't remember that. But okay. I guess you don't smoke anymore, do you?
J.N: No. There goes my advantage.
Elijah: But you'll have more stamina now 'cause you can breathe better.
J.N: That's a good point.

Elijah: Enters the training hall.
Katen: Stares at J.N. …Signing up for classes?
J.N: Just watching right now.
Katen: Lovely… Welcome back, Elijah.
Elijah: Bows. Master.
Feemy: Peeking into the room, but not entering. Has been malingering around the training area trying to work up the guts to ask Katen. While trying to stay out of sight, to avoid annoying him and ruining his chances forever and ever.
Katen: Since this is the first time in awhile, let's go over basics.
J.N: Stands out of the way and just watches!
Katen: I strike, you parry. Ready? Draws his sword.
Elijah: Draws his sword.
Katen: Strikes.
Elijah: Parries, sloppily!
Feemy: Well, I thought it looked good.
Katen: Strikes.
Elijah: Parries.
Katen: Strikes… Elijah's sword out of his hand.
Elijah: Sorry… Retrieves his sword.
Katen: Do you even remember how to parry correctly? You're leaving your entire left side open to attack. Let's see your defensive stance.
J.N: …I couldn't catch any problems, but apparently there was one, if Elijah's sword was knocked away.
Elijah: Defensive stance!
Katen: Turn in more… Pull your arm in. Adjusts Elijah's hands a bit. Brace yourself. Let's try again. Strikes.
Elijah: Parries!
Katen: Keeps going until, thankfully, Elijah's muscle memory seems to start kicking in.
Elijah: Much defter parries.
J.N: It's weird seeing him sword fight.
Katen: Begins attacking more quickly.
Elijah: Sword is knocked out of his hand again!
Katen: Better. Again. Focus. They do this until Katen deems Elijah's parrying acceptable. Now you may implement offensive techniques. Begin. They fight!
Elijah: Can now do dodging as well as parrying!
Feemy: My brother is so cool. But Katen seems to be a lot better at this.
Katen: Disarms Elijah within a minute! Points his sword to Elijah's neck. You're leaving yourself open. Be aware of your surroundings. Or you're going to go back to dodging sticks.
Elijah: Oh God, anything but that.
Katen: Continues this until Elijah is able to hold his ground and isn't leaving himself wide open. Disarms Elijah after eight minutes of fighting! That's enough for today.
Elijah: Pant, pant, sweat.
Katen: You've been slacking off and it's made you rusty. If you want to survive out there, you'll be training hard and not sitting around.
Elijah: Yes Master.
Katen: Actually rather pleased Elijah's been picking up things again fairly quickly, but I'm not going to say that.
J.N: That looked like a lot of work.
Elijah: Bows to Katen. I'll train harder.
Katen: Bows.
Elijah: Picks up his sword and sheaths it.
Feemy: Picks his jaw up from the ground while he's at it.
Elijah: Smiles at J.N. sheepishly.
J.N: What? It's not like I can judge you. I don't even know in the slightest how to sword fight. I didn't even glean anything from that, except that what you were doing was leaving your left open… somehow.
Elijah: Comes over to him. I guess I was pretty terrible.
J.N: You looked like you did just fine.
Katen: …Feemy?
Feemy: Spotted! …Uh… Hi, Sir.
Katen: Why have you been hiding all this time?
Feemy: To lie or not to lie? I was just watching you two…
Katen: Was there a reason you had to hide to do it?
Feemy: I didn't want to interrupt… Or annoy you.
Katen: Well John was already here.
Feemy: But he came with Elijah, so he was a guest…
Elijah: Feemy… I said I'd teach you sword fighting… Well… I don't know if I'm very qualified… I didn't do too great today.
Feemy: I thought you did really good! …Er… Well!
Katen: He was sloppy. If you learn from him now, you'll be picking up bad form and techniques that are executed incorrectly.
Feemy: …So I should learn from you?
Katen: Shrugs. That is ultimately up to you. If you want to learn from Elijah, I suggest you wait until he's competent again.
Feemy: Pensive. On one hand, he wants to learn from Elijah. On the other hand, Katen is really good and his teacher too…
Katen: Raises his eyebrows at Feemy and shrugs. Are you staying for dinner, John?
J.N: If that is alright.
Katen: Well I'd appreciate it if you changed your clothes. We're having guests.

Adam: Sleeps in J.N.'s lap.
J.N: Doesn't mind too much! Still dressed all dandy too!
Adam: Snuggles into him more… Mmm.
J.N: If I was a macho man, I might actually be bothered by this. Sees who is around!
Katen: Deep in conversation with an albino looking guy.
Elijah: Looks half-asleep, as well… All this lingering over dessert.
Celena: Sitting up straight and nice, like a proper lady.
Jessica: Trying to look attentive to Katen and Albino Guy's conversation.
Demi: Watching Nathan grind his pie into mush with the back of a spoon.
Middler: Sitting around doing nothing really! Unless someone decided to talk to me.
J.N: Kind of doing the same thing! Except I have a sleeping Adam.
Katen: So… you're seeing some sort of… Dark force? And a… Person surrounded by gold?
Dante: Yes.
Katen: Is the dark force led by Lucifer?
Dante: We think not. We believe it to be a new power.
Elijah: Head drops a bit. Raises and shakes it.
Feemy: Looking kind of bored too. Considers taking his brother's dessert.
Dante: …Eyes Elijah and Demi. Of course… This is only one of many possible futures. Perhaps it can be avoided if the war is won.
Feemy: Decides to be brotherly. Treks to Elijah and tugs on a bit of his clothes.
Elijah: Ah… Hm? Softly.
Feemy: Are you going to eat thaaat? Points to the dessert.
Elijah: No… You can have it.
Adam: …You can…ave…er… Snoozes.
J.N: Wonders what kind of dream Adam's having.
Adam: …Getheren…ev…hen… Wakes up looking troubled.
J.N: …Nightmare?
Adam: No… I just felt really sad…
J.N: Ah.
Adam: Looks up at J.N. Quietly. Sometimes I have dreams where I'm being burned alive. Stares at him with big green eyes.
J.N: Wow. That's messed up. …Why do you think you have that dream? Doesn't want to just blame Bridget and Eric for letting Adam watch violent television.
Adam: I don't know. Sometimes I have a dream where I'm bleeding and I can't stop. And when I wake up… I wonder if it really happened to me. Stares at him with big green eyes.
J.N: Hm… They're just dreams, Adam. You're safe here. No one is burning you or making you bleed.
Adam: Yes.
J.N: I'm going to tell your mom about this. …Do you want me to get you to your bedroom?
Adam: Nods. If it's okay with Mommy…
J.N: Gets up, but carries Adam instead of setting him down.
Jessica: Looking at him since he got up.
J.N: Hopes he can emote this right. Kind of motions his head to the door and mouths the word "bed".
Jessica: Nods.
Elijah: Envious… Carry me away too, Mr. John. I wanna go to bed.
Feemy: Chowing down on more dessert and is now tweaky and twitchy and hyper.

J.N: Proceeds to carry Adam to his room!
Adam: Clings to J.N.
J.N: More people that like me for reasons I cannot understand!
Adam: Mr. John?
J.N: Yes, Adam?
Adam: Was my daddy boring?
J.N: No. I'd say he made things kind of interesting.
Adam: Interesting?
J.N: Yeah.
Adam: Well… I like you a lot Mr. John.
J.N: Thank you, Adam. I like you too. I know it's stupid, but I see a bit of me in you.
Adam: I hope you're my daddy someday.
J.N: It might happen… Oh if only Jessica could hear that or Elijah.
Adam: Smiles. Looks a lot like Daniel when he smiles.
J.N: At least you seemed to recover from your impromptu mutilation.
Adam: We're going to the beach tomorrow… And you're coming too.
J.N: I am. Had to speak with your sister and brothers first, though.
Adam: 'Lijah likes you, too. You'll be his daddy too?
J.N: If it happens, then I will be. Yours, Feemy's Celena's, and Elijah's… Their stepdad, at least.
Adam: So everyone will call you "Dad".
J.N: Or John. Whichever they prefer.
Adam: I'll call you Daddy.
J.N: Smiles a tiny bit. Daniel is beginning to make a bit more sense and so is Jessica.
Adam: Hugs him. Then will I be… Adam… Crowley?
J.N: …Well, if you want to be. Why wouldn't you want to be Adam McMurran?
Adam: I was just wondering if my name would change if you and Mommy got married.
J.N: Hm… You might end up being Adam McMurran-Crowley. Or maybe Adam McCrowley? Joking.
Adam: Blinks at him.
J.N: I wouldn't want that last name either. Lucky for you, that's not how it works.
Adam: Continues to cling to him. What happens after you die?
J.N: Blinks. A bit out-of-nowhere. What makes you ask that?
Adam: I was just wondering.
J.N: I see. We can talk about it another time, Adam. At his room!
Adam: Why?
J.N: Because it's time for you to go to sleep.
Adam: Why?
J.N: You fell asleep on me and it's unhealthy for you to stay up too long without rest.
Adam: I dreamed about you then… If I dream about you again, will you answer my question in the dream?
J.N: If I can, I will… What kind of dream was it? Now I'm asking questions when you should sleep.
Adam: It's kind of fuzzy now. But I was talking to you. And I was really sad.
J.N: I see… You don't know what you were saying at all?
Adam: Thinks. …No. I just felt really sad.
J.N: Nods. Alright. Opens the door and steps inside and sets him on his bed.

Adam: Hugs him. Still clinging.
J.N: Clung onto and hugged. …Is there anything else wrong, Adam?
Adam: Nooo… Just wants to be held and cuddled and loved.
J.N: I'm sorry that it's hard for me to do that stuff.
Adam: Lets go reluctantly.
J.N: Sits on his bed. He doesn't have anything to do back in the dining room anyhow. …Did Eric or Bridgette read you bed time stories? My mom used to. Maybe that tradition died though.
Adam: Not very much. Elijah did, though.
J.N: Nods. …Would you want to hear one?
Adam: I'm not in my pajamas yet.
J.N: Laughs a bit. Not even in the "ha-ha kids say the darndest things" sort of way. …Yeah, you're right. I'm used to just sleeping in my clothes. I forgot.
Adam: Slips off the bed and goes to his closet and changes. I hafta brush my teeth too… Will you go with me to the bathroom?
J.N: Yeah. Is surprised that Adam is being this responsible. This bit of surprise is apparent on his face too.
Adam: Blinks. Whats the matter…? Holds out his hand.
J.N: Takes the hand. …You are very grown up for your age.
Adam: Blinks. Walks to the bathroom with him. How come?
J.N: I don't know why you are. You're just more… responsible than other children I've met. That includes Feemy.
Adam: You hafta brush your teeth, Mr. John, or they'll fall out of your head. That's what Uncle Eric and Uncle Paul said. Uncle Paul's a dentist and Uncle Eric's a doctor, so they would know.
J.N: I know.
Adam: Gets to the bathroom and stands on a step stool to brush his teeth. Spits, rinses, and then grins at Mr. John, so he can see his white shiny teeth.
J.N: …Heh.
Adam: Hops off his step stool and takes J.N.'s hand again. Hums as they go back down the hall.
J.N: Someone seems like they're in a better mood.
Adam: Happy J.N.'s gonna stay with him longer!
J.N: I would have never deciphered that. Really. …What do you think of Celena and Feem? Thinks "Feemy" sounds strange and silly and knows his name is Feemerson anyhow, so just shortened it.
Adam: …Celena's my sister. She's pretty. But that doesn't mean anything. I don't know her very much. I guess Feemy's alright. Mommy probably loves him more than me, though.
J.N: Nods a bit. Celena doesn't like me very much. I also know that Jessica doesn't love Feemy more than you.
Adam: How do you know? She's known him longer.
J.N: Not true. Your mother kept a close eye on you and Elijah. I'd tell her how you two were doing very often.
Adam: That's not the same as knowing someone. Climbs into bed.
J.N: I guess not. Sits on the bed.
Adam: Cuddles up to J.N. Holds his teddy bear. Are you gonna make up a story?
J.N: I think I know one. You might not like it though. It has a moral at the end. Doesn't mind the cuddling-up so much at the moment.
Adam: What's wrong with morals?
J.N: They can be boring.
Adam: Well… I'll listen to the story… Snuggles.
J.N : Puts an arm around him. Everyone in the apartment complex I lived in knew who Ugly was. Ugly was the resident tomcat. Ugly loved three things in this world: fighting, eating garbage, and, shall we say, love. The combination of these things combined with a life spent outside had their effect on Ugly. To start with, he had only one eye and where the other should have been was a hole. He was also missing his ear on the same side, his left foot appeared to have been badly broken at one time and had healed at an unnatural angle, making him look like he was always turning the corner. Ugly would have been a dark gray tabby, striped type, except for the sores covering his head, neck, and even his shoulders. Every time someone saw Ugly there was the same reaction. "That's one ugly cat!" All the children were warned not to touch him, the adults threw rocks at him, hosed him down, squirted him when he tried to come in their homes, or shut his paws in the door when he would not leave. Ugly always had the same reaction. If you turned the hose on him, he would stand there, getting soaked until you gave up and quit. If you threw things at him, he would curl his lanky body around your feet in forgiveness. Whenever he spied children, he would come running, meowing frantically and bump his head against their hands, begging for their love. If you ever picked him up he would immediately begin suckling on your shirt, earrings, whatever he could find. One day, ugly shared his love with the neighbor's dogs. They did not respond in kind, however, and they attacked ugly. One of the children heard this, but by the time he got there it was apparent that Ugly's life was coming to an end. When the child picked him up, he could hear him wheezing and gasping and feel him struggling. The boy thought that he must have been hurting him just from carrying him. Then he felt the familiar tugging, sucking sensation on his ear. Ugly, even in the pain he was experiencing, was trying to show him affection. When the boy pulled him closer, he bumped his head against his hand and the boy could hear Ugly purring. The boy realized that, even in his greatest pain, Ugly was only asking for a little compassion. Some affection he'd been denied. It was then that the boy thought Ugly was the most beautiful, loving creature he'd seen. Never once did Ugly try to bite or scratch him or even try to get away. Ugly just looked at him, completely trusting the boy to relieve his pain. Ugly died in his arms before he could even get inside, but the boy held him for a long times afterwards, thinking about how one scarred and deformed stray could alter his opinion about what it means to have pureness of spirit, or to love so totally and truly. Ugly taught him more about giving and compassion than books, or lectures, or television could have in a lifetime. Ugly had been scarred on the outside, true, but he wasn't so on the inside. Many people wanted to become richer, or popular, but the boy would always want to be Ugly.
Adam: Sniffs. Crying.
J.N: Yeah, I'm a real winner. …Sorry. I'm not very good at telling nice stories…
Adam: …Do things just die so you can realize how important they were?
J.N: No. They don't die just so you can realize how important they were… but sometimes people don't know what's important until it's gone.
Adam: Sniffs.
J.N: Pulls him closer, as he feels kind of bad for being the one who made Adam cry.
Adam: Cries into his chest.
J.N: Pats his back lightly. Isn't very good at soothing either, unfortunately.
Jessica: Peeks into the room. Comes in. What's wrong?
J.N: I was afraid of that. …I told him a story and it made him cry. Doesn't sound at all pleased with that.
Jessica: What sort of story?
J.N: …Kind of a sad one. With a moral at the end… but I guess that point is a bit moot.
Adam: The kitty was nice to everyone… but everyone was mean… and when he died, he realized how much he was nice.
Jessica: Blinks.
J.N: …That is the gist of it.
Jessica: Was the cat's name Middler?
Adam: It was "Ugly".
J.N: I did not think I drew parallels to Middler.
Jessica: Well… At least the kitty taught someone a lesson… So… he didn't die in vain?
Adam: Well, he had to die to teach him a lesson.
J.N: Not this time. …Maybe the story taught you something, so nothing bad has to happened to teach you what Ugly did with that story.
Adam: I already knew that sometimes pretty people are ugly and ugly people are beautiful.
J.N: Then you're off to a good start.
Adam: And you should love people even if they don't love you.
J.N: Why is that?
Adam: Thinks for a bit at what Elijah said to him once. …Sometimes the people least deserving of love are the ones who need it most.
J.N: …Eric teach you that?
Adam: 'Lijah said it.
J.N: Your brother is smart too.
Adam: Yep…
Jessica: I think it's your bedtime, sweetheart.
Adam: Oookay… Kisses J.N. on the cheek. Niiight… Love you, Mr. John.
J.N: Night Adam… Love you too… That was inspired partially by guilt, but mostly genuine affection.
Jessica: Hugs and kisses Adam. Love you sweetheart. Sweet dreams.
Adam: Night Mommy. Love you, tooo…
J.N: Now I have to get up and does so! Which means no more hugging for you!
Jessica: Tucks him in, then goes to the door and lets the lights go out. Once J.N. has left closes the door.

Jessica: Well, he seem very fond of you.
J.N: I can't see why. I just made him cry.
Jessica: I guess he's kind of sensitive…
J.N: Sighs. He's a really smart kid.
Jessica: Nods. Must've been eating his vegetables.
J.N: Nods. I'm sorry about that… Meaning the incident of Adam crying.
Jessica: It wasn't really your fault. You just told him a story.
J.N: A kind of depressing story. How was the rest of the dinner?
Jessica: What do you think? Boring… Dante's an interesting man, just not while talking to Katen.
J.N: I didn't get much of a chance to talk to him. Didn't really make the effort either, though.
Jessica: Half-smile. I didn't know you and Adam were so close. Takes his hand and walks down the hall.
J.N: Squeezes her hand a bit. I didn't really know we were either…
Jessica: I think you'll make a good father someday.
J.N: …Thank you. Isn't really convinced, but does appreciate the words! Adam has been having bad dreams lately.
Jessica: Seems about normal for a four-year-old.
J.N: He's dreaming about being burned alive and bleeding to death.
Jessica: Does a 180 back to Adam's room.
J.N: Follows.
Jessica: What in the world has he been watching on TV?
J.N: Beats me. Figures that's a rhetorical question anyway.
Jessica: Stops walking. I-I don't even know what to say to him…
J.N: …Maybe we could ask if he watched something on T.V. he wasn't supposed to? The T.V. theory sounds solid enough.
Jessica: Y-Yes! Reenters Adam's room and turns on the lights.

Adam: Blinks.
Jessica: Picks Adam up and pulls him into her lap. Baby, have you been watching things on TV you shouldn't have?
Adam: Blinks. There's no TV here…
J.N: Yeah, I narced on you. Sorry.
Jessica: Mr. John says you're having dreams about being… burnt alive and bleeding to death?
Adam: Oh… Yes.
Jessica: Where did you get those sort of ideas from?
Adam: …I dreamed about them.
Jessica: You didn't see anything on TV about it?
Adam: No Mommy… On Franklin, they learn about fire drills… and no one ever bleeds 'cause you're supposed to wear helmets. I don't get to watch 'Lijah's movies.
Jessica: Did you get those ideas from Elijah?
Adam: No. I told you I just dreamed about them.
Jessica: Stumped.
J.N: Stumped too.
Jessica: Do they bother you?
Adam: Shrugs. I just feel like they already happened before.
Jessica: Well, um… Um… Go back to bed… Tucks him back in and kisses him goodnight.
J.N: Leaves when Jessica does!

Jessica: Looking sort of pale.
J.N: …What is it, Jessica?
Jessica: …Just that bleeding to death is how Daniel died.
J.N: I see…
Jessica: I need to sit down.
J.N: Holds out an arm for her to support herself on and tries to find a seat, so she's not just on the floor.
Jessica: Window seat. …Sorry…
J.N: You don't have to apologize for anything.
Jessica: C-Could I have a glass of water?
J.N: Nods and sallys forth to get one!
Jessica: Can't help the tears.
J.N: Does return with a pitcher and a glass… and is greeted with Jessica tears. Hands her the glass, which is filled with water.
Jessica: Sips a bit. Ashamed to be crying in front of J.N., so looks away from him.
J.N: Tries to comfort her, at least, by taking her hand into his own.
Jessica: I'm sorry, John… Just… My children.
J.N: Squeezes her hand. You don't have to apologize…
Jessica: He's… four years old… I… He… Sobs.
J.N: Squeezes her hand a bit more, though not too tightly. …The dreams will stop… and he's safe here. Now just trying to think of comforting words. Doesn't know either of those things for a fact.
Jessica: I'm just scared… Scared he's going to end up like Daniel.
J.N: …Neither of us is going to let that happen.
Jessica: Sniffs. Hugs J.N.
J.N: Hugs her tight. This is keeping in mind that I really couldn't do anything to protect Adam anyhow.
Jessica: Begins to calm down. Are you staying the night?
J.N: If you would like.
Jessica: Well, we'll be going to the beach together tomorrow…
J.N: I would actually prefer to stay here. It's starting to feel lonely at my place all by myself. Sleeping in a guest room in a big castle is starting to seem like a better prospect. No sense in wasting a potion.
Jessica: Nods and takes him to a guest room. Stands on her tiptoes and kisses him good night.
J.N: Returns the kiss and briefly, and a bit nervously, strokes her hair. …Love you, good night.