11 September 2037
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Renasi Reium Feemerson Crowley Clive Arwell Darrel Lexington Deidre Jones

Daniel: Hey John…
John: Hey what?
Daniel: …I've been wondering…
John: Go on.
Daniel: …Why did you name your daughter after me?
John: I thought it would be respectful.
Daniel: That's the only reason?
John: I do owe a lot to you. Shrugs. And I didn't have any way of really paying that respect to you. Not sure how much the gesture really means, but it was one I wanted to go through… and Danielle I thought was a nice name anyhow.
Daniel: …You like my name…? Grins.
John: The feminine version, yes.
Daniel: Sighs.
John: Though they pretty much sound the same, I guess.
Daniel: Stares at John with large brown eyes.
John: Stares back with his scrutinizing blue eyes.
Daniel: Makes a face.
John: No expression.
Daniel: Yeah, no matter what kind of face I make, yours'll still be uglier, ha!
John: Grins.
Daniel: Frowns.
John: Grins more widely.
Daniel: Frowns more.
John: Grins in direct proportion to how much he frowns.
Daniel: I'm sorry, that was mean of me.
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: Sighs.
John: I thought it was a pretty good one.
Daniel: It was pretty mean.

Renasi: Watching the band practice.
Feemy: Looks over to Ren with a smile. Glad he's here.
Renasi: Smiles back and waves a bit.
Feemy: Can't wave while playing, so nods to him. Practice on the song is soon over!
Clive: See? Ain't hard when you practice. Smug look. Credits the good practice to himself.
Feemy: …Yeaaah.
Darrel: Guess you're right.
Renasi: Claps!
Dee: Shrugs. Gets a new cigarette from her back pocket.
Darrel: Least we pleased our biggest fan, eh?
Renasi: Wooo! Ghost Hunters!
Dee: Smirks.
Feemy: Just laughs. Not at Ren, but just thinks being called by the wrong name is hilarious. Shows that they're not uncomfortably famous.
Darrel: Ghost Hunters? Oooh… Harsh.
Renasi: …Was that wrong? Whoops.
Clive: Pretty bad when our biggest fan doesn' even know our band name. We're not leaving a big enough impression. Feemz, take your shirt off at the next concert or somethin'.
Feemy: Can't Dee do that?
Clive: She does that anyway.
Renasi: Take your shirt off! Directed at Feemy.
Feemy: Laughs and takes it off, throwing it right to Ren.
Clive: …Yeaaah. You two fellas can save that for the bedroom.
Renasi: Catches the shirt and pulls something out of his back pocket. Tosses Feemy a pair of pink lacy panties with a little red heart on the back of them.
Feemy: Catches them and stares… before laughing even harder.
Clive: Yeah they look like a pair you'd own.
Renasi: Just smirks.
Dee: Raises an eyebrow at Ren. Not very subtle in appraising him. Has a thing for pretty boys.
Darrel: Laughs. Bet they fit you too Feemz. Ya gonna try'm on backstage?
Renasi: Marry me, Feemy!
Feemy: Now?
Renasi: Yes! Let's find a priest!
Clive: Raises a hand. I'll wed you back ticklers.
Renasi: Frowns a bit. You're not a priest.
Clive: No, but the girls do call me "Daddy." Smirks.
Renasi: Just looks disturbed. There was indeed a ring in the bunched-up panties. It is a thick band in white gold.
Feemy: Does find this upon further investigation. Grins and turns the ring around in his fingers, staring at it. Notices an inscription and squints to read it.
Inscription: Feemy, My Love ~ With a sheep inscribed.
Feemy: Doesn't laugh at that, but looks truly touched. Here I was going to propose to you during the concert, in front of everyone.
Dee: All the cute Elf guys are taken. What's the point of being a guitarist if you can't have them?
Renasi: Just smiles and winks at Feemy.
Feemy: Slides the ring onto his finger. Of course I'll marry you!
Renasi: Beams!
Darrel: Congrats.
Feemy: Sets aside his crummy ol' bass and right to Ren he goes!
Renasi: Holds out arms.
Feemy: Hugs him tight and even lifts him in the hug and spins him.
Clive: Taps his foot.
Renasi: Wraps his arms around Feemy's neck and laughs, smooching him.
Feemy: Smooches in return, more passionately than he normally would in front of his band, but doesn't care about making them uncomfortable right now, he's gonna be married.
Renasi: Kisses back deeply, putting his hand to Feemy's cheek.
Clive: Checks an imaginary watch on his wrist.
Feemy: Running a hand down his back. Getting a little carried away.
Renasi: Kissing as the French do.
Dee: …That's actually pretty hot.
Clive: They're really going at it.
Feemy: Gladly reciprocating, kind of forgetting where he is even now.
Renasi: Forgetting where he is too, pressing close against him, in his own little world with just him and Feemy.
Feemy: Pressing right back to him and closes his eyes.
Dee: I kinda wanna see how far they go.
Renasi: Hand has found it's way to Feemy's behind.
Feemy: Ooo heheh. His hand just continues to stroke Ren's back for now, though it's obvious that he's enjoying his amour's attention.
Renasi: Mmm… I missed out on fun last night.
Feemy: So did I. Pressing his hips to Ren's, more obvious that he's getting very carried away. His hand has now found Ren's behind.
Renasi: Parts their lips for air, but is now soon nibbling on Feemy's neck.
Feemy: Mm… Fingers press against his skin in response to the nibbling.
Renasi: Getting all hot and bothered.
Feemy: Reaching under Ren's shirt.
Renasi: Pressing against him more, kissing tenderly.
Feemy: About at the point that they can't get any closer then they already are. Strokes what flesh he finds and soon lifts the shirt.
Renasi: It comes off easily… but it's enough to break him out of his spell…. Looks to the other band members.
Dee, Clive, Darrell: Clapping.
Renasi: Goes bright red!
Clive: Thought we were gonna have to turn the hose on you two.
Feemy: Also red, though not so much as Ren. …Sorry… Kinda forgot you guys were there.
Renasi: Pulls away from Feemy and grabs his shirt back.
Dee: I liked what I saw and makes this obvious, to at least Ren, by the way she's looking at him.
Renasi: So red, especially apparent with his pale skin… Realizes something as he pulls away though and moves back close to Feemy.
Feemy: That may have been my fault. Wraps his arms around him again, though loosely. Even if that was embarrassing, he's still absolutely euphoric over the proposal.
Renasi: Just buries his face in Feemy's shoulder, embarassed.
Feemy: Is too. Whispering now. …I really didn't mean to get carried away like that in front of them… I'm sorry…
Renasi: Nods a bit, keeping close to Feemy with his face in his shoulder like an ostrich.
Clive: Whenever you two lovebirds are ready, we can get back to practice.
Feemy: …Actually… I'm done for tonight.
Renasi: Lifts his head. Feemy…
Feemy: I've got a fiance to celebrate with, so I'm out.
Renasi: Feeemy…
Feemy: Kisses his cheek. I've made up my mind on it.
Clive: Doesn't look too happy, no he doesn't.
Renasi: A bit under his breath. You'll get in trouble…
Feemy: I don't care.
Clive: You're gonna ditch practice now? What, do ya just want us to crap up our next concert!?
Darrel: C'mon, man. The dude just got engaged…
Clive: Shaddup, Darrel.
Darrel: Just sayin'…
Renasi: Really, Feemy, it's fine…
Feemy: Smiles. It is. Moves away and takes Ren's hand. Let's go.
Renasi: Holds back. Feeemy… This is more important.
Feemy: No, it isn't.
Clive: You think so, eh?
Feemy: Yeah, I do.
Renasi: Feeemy…
Clive: Good to know how much you care about the concert. Looking fit to burst.
Feemy: …Fuck off, Clive. Now dragging Ren if he has to.
Dee: Smirks.
Renasi: Dragged. Feemy! T-This is your job! Don't do thiiis…
Clive: I don't think I heard you right. What did you just say to me?
Feemy: Does stop, but only to turn. I said, fuck off Clive. One can tell he's been wanting to say this for a long time.
Renasi: Feemy!
Feemy: I'll be back to practice tomorrow. I'm not staying late tonight.
Clive: As angry as he's ever been. I should smack you for that…
Feemy: Whatever. Dragging Ren again.
Renasi: You should staaay for praaactice… Trying to pull out of Feemy's grasp.
Feemy: …Ren, you're more important than practice. Grip isn't so tight that he wouldn't be able to pull out of his grasp.
Renasi: No, I'm nooot… Please, Feemy. It's not worth it.
Feemy: Silent, looks back to the band, then to Ren. …You want me to stay, then?
Renasi: Nods, wide-eyed.
Feemy: Doesn't look too happy with that answer. …I wanted this night to be special… We're getting married… Guess I'm just going to spend it here then.
Renasi: Pinches his cheeks. Don't be like that. You're incredibly talented. Your music is important. If I'm just going to hold you back or distract you being around here, I'll stay at home. Frowns.
Feemy: …You don't distract me, Ren. You're my inspiration.
Clive: If yer staying, get your bass already, dammit!
Renasi: Jumps a little. Clive makes him nervous. I'll see you later tonight, okay? Kisses him on the lips.
Feemy: Kisses back, but not with nearly as much passion as he had before. Later tonight then… Probably much later.
Renasi: Smiles. See you later then. Waves a bit and puts his shirt back on. Love you, Feemy. Off he goes.
Feemy: Skulks back to 'his spot'.

Renasi: Rather embarrassed as he walks briskly down the street.
Arms: Reach out to grab him.
Renasi: Struggles.
Feemy: You can relax, you know… The streets aren't that dangerous.
Renasi: Feemy! Frowns. You're supposed to be at practice.
Feemy: I know.
Renasi: Hands on hips. Why aren't you?
Feemy: Compromised… A lot of late nights in the future.
Renasi: Feemy… You shouldn't have done that for me…
Feemy: I wanted to. Where would you like to go first?
Renasi: Back to Elf Haven if I'm distracting you so much.
Feemy: Mouth hangs slightly ajar, as if he can't believe he just said that.
Renasi: …What?
Feemy: …You wouldn't really go back, would you…?
Renasi: If it helped you focus more on studying music and grow as a musician then yes, I would.
Feemy: I just wanted to spend time with you, too… Shoulders slump kind of. All of his seemingly kind gestures just keep blowing up in his face it seems.
Renasi: I want to spend time with you too. I just don't want to get in the way of what's important.
Feemy: Music is important to me Ren, you know that, but you're more important to me than music.
Renasi: I don't see how that could be…
Feemy: How could you say that? We're getting married, Ren! We're going to spend the rest of our lives together. If I get kicked out of the band I'm in, I could find another or form my own or even if I couldn't, I could still pick up a guitar and make my own music… I can't find another Renasi.
Renasi: Smiles and blushes a little, despite himself. I just… This is what makes you happy…
Feemy: If I was touring without you, I'd be miserable. You make me happy, Ren.
Renasi: I'm here for you, Feemy.
Feemy: I know you are… so… please don't say you'd go back to Elf Haven and leave me here…
Renasi: I won't leave as long as you need me beside you.
Feemy: I've always needed you, Ren.
Renasi: …Do you really want to marry me? Smiles a bit.
Feemy: Stands up straight. …I was going to propose to you onstage at the concert… You beat me to it though. Chuckles a little.
Renasi: Laughs. Sorry… I guess you still can if you want.
Feemy: I'll just announce that my lovely boyfriend has decided to make me an honest man. Grins a little.
Renasi: Smiles. When would you like to get married?
Feemy: Any time is fine with me… Well… if you let me get a suit and tell my family, that is.
Renasi: Nods. Just something… small, okay? Small and quiet… Leans against him.
Feemy: Supports, wrapping his arms around him. Of course, if that is what you want… though I have kind of a big family…
Renasi: That's alright… Do you want a big wedding?
Feemy: I don't think I warrant a large wedding. Laughs a little.
Renasi: Let's go back to the inn…
Feemy: Nods. Anywhere but their practice area is fine by him.
Renasi: Back to the inn they go.
Feemy: Just thanking the heavens that Ren didn't make him go back.

Renasi: When they arrive, heads to the bathroom.
Feemy: Watches him go and figures anything he has to do in there can remain private.
Renasi: Leaning over a toilet, emptying the contents of his stomach. Then brushes his teeth. Comes back out after a bit.
Feemy: Putting away his bass.
Renasi: Lays down, trembling a bit. Pulls the covers over himself.
Feemy: Does however, notice the trembling. Sits down on the bed. …Ren, what's wrong?
Renasi: Just got a bit chilled.
Feemy: Oooh.. Let me heeelp. Under the covers he goes and snuggles right up to Ren in order to help him warm up.
Renasi: Doesn't feel particularly cold, but snuggles up to him as well.
Feemy: It is a little strange that he isn't cold, but doesn't pay it too much mind, thinking he might just be sensitive to temperature and remains snuggled up to him.
Renasi: So sleepy… Eyes close. Suddenly shakes a bit and wakes up.
Feemy: Hasn't even gone to sleep yet. Playing with Ren's hair. Did I wake you? I'm sorry.
Renasi: Mm… No… Stays awake, staring at the ceiling a bit.
Feemy: The hand moves from his hair and strokes his cheek. Alright…
Renasi: Eyes droop a little… Leans his cheek a bit on Feemy's hand.
Feemy: Smiles a little and continues to stroke his cheek. Does think that the time off and the time that is to be invested is worth it just for being able to spend more time with him.
Renasi: A tear falls onto Feemy's hand.
Feemy: The smile turns to a concerned frown rather quickly. …Ren?
Renasi: …I'm just happy…
Feemy: Believes this, but in doing so, leans over to look at his face, expecting a smile.
Renasi: Gives a weak smile.
Feemy: That's not very convincing… …What's going on in that head of yours, Renasi?
Renasi: I'm very happy that we're going to get married. Takes his hand.
Feemy: Smiles a little at that. I am too.
Renasi: Maybe I should go back home for a bit and tell Maman the good news…
Feemy: …Well… I suppose you should…
Renasi: No… I should stay here with you. A letter would be fine.
Feemy: If you're sure… I'd understand if you wanted to tell her in person… This is big news.
Renasi: If I tell her in person, she'll keep me there.
Feemy: Why do you say that?
Renasi: …Look at me.
Feemy: …I… noticed… Maybe it's better you did go back…
Renasi: I said I'd be here for you.
Feemy: …But look what it's doing to you.
Renasi: Lets go of his hand and hugs him. I'm going to be your husband.
Feemy: Hugs him as well. I know… and I do want you here… I can admit that. But not if it's putting you through this…
Renasi: I'm never going to get stronger if I don't push myself.
Feemy: Frowns and hugs him a bit tighter. But… Ren…
Renasi: What? Pinches his cheek.
Feemy: I'm just worried about you…
Renasi: Strokes the cheek he just pinched.
Feemy: You've put up with a lot for me. I know this lifestyle is stressful… and you're not going to get stronger from it if you don't let yourself recover.
Renasi: It shouldn't affect me like this. Isn't that just pathetic? Smiles.
Feemy: It isn't pathetic… I know that I've nearly had a dozen nervous breakdowns as it is.
Renasi: Strokes Feemy's hair. …My love…
Feemy: …But that isn't important… I think you need time to relax, Ren… You should go to Elf Haven. Still can't muster up the conviction it takes to say that without it being obvious that he still wants him here.
Renasi: I can't just propose to you and promise to always be by your side and then leave you.
Feemy: And I can't keep touring knowing that your health is suffering from it.
Renasi: See? I'm holding you back…
Feemy: You're not… the band is.
Renasi: You're… in the band… Half on top of Feemy… Closes his eyes.
Feemy: …Maybe that's the problem.
Renasi: Falls asleep.
Feemy: Just wraps his arms around Ren and tries to get to sleep himself, knowing that he could be coming back to the room at about this time of night for awhile.
Renasi: Trembles a bit in his sleep and snuggles more into Feemy.
Feemy: Just imagines that Ren is having nightmares or that he's falling ill. So much to be worried about just from his trembling alone. Draws him closer and kisses his cheek.