11 October 2037
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Aidae McMurran John Crowley Islywyn Price Elijah McMurran Adam Crowley Trajedie Remourna Rosemary Crowley Danielle Crowley Daphne Tanek Joel Marsetti Nathaniel Larson

Aidae: Izzy dun' like black licrice jelly beans.
John: He can pick out what he likes, then.
Izzy: Hiccups.
John: …Do you need something to drink, Islywyn?
Izzy: Hiccups. …Yes, Sir.
John: Derails the candy train to get Izzy a glass of cold water.
Izzy: Gulps it… Hiccups.
John: …Try holding your breath.
Izzy: Takes a deep breath, cheeks puffing out with air… Hiccups.
Aidae: You gotta scare the hiccups outta him, Grampa.
John: …I don't think that'll work…
Izzy: Hiccuping ceases abruptly.
Aidae: Grins.
John: Was going to scare him, too but since that worked… Better?
Izzy: …Yes Sir.
John: …Then shall we? Resume the candy train.
Izzy: Shuffles along some ways behind them.
Aidae: Whispers. Izzy's scared of you.
John: …Really?
Aidae: Yup!
John: Why?
Aidae: I dunno. You really like him though, don't you?
John: …He isn't a bad kid.
Aidae: I known him my entire liiife.
John: Nods.
Aidae: We're betroved.
John: …I know. Doesn't sound too thrilled at that.
Aidae: Doesn't really know what 'betrothed' means.
John: Do you really want to get married to him?
Aidae: Huh? No. I'm never gonna get married.
John: That's what 'betrothed' means.
Aidae: Nuh-uh!
John: I tell you no lies, Aidae.
Aidae: Eww. I don't want to be betroved then.
John: There's that bullet dodged. Probably not though… Glances over his shoulder to Islywyn.
Izzy: Dragging his feet along.
John: …Islywyn?
Izzy: …Yes Sir?
John: Why are you hanging so far back?
Aidae: Whispers. 'Cause he's scared of youuu.
John: Whispers back. …I'll try to take care of that.
Aidae: Don't be a baby! C'mon Izzy!
Izzy: Picks up his pace.
John: …You know Islywyn, as Captain of the Guards, it's my responsibility to make sure the people in the castle are safe.
Izzy: Yes Sir.
John: That includes you as well.
Izzy: Yes Sir.
Aidae: Y'know Izzy dusn't wanna learn swords, Gramps?
John: That's not a bad thing, Aidae. Feemy never learned swordplay nor did Adam or Rosemary and Danielle.
Aidae: He says hes a peace-a-fist.
Izzy: So?
Aidae: That's dumb.
Izzy: S'not.
Aidae: Jus' let people kill ya.
Izzy: S'bad to hurt people.
John: There's nothing wrong with pacifism.
Aidae: What'f they're hurting you?
John: If he's near the castle, I'll take care of them.
Aidae: Yeah. I'm gonna haff to look after you forever. Frowns at Izzy. 'N we're not betroved anymore.
Izzy: Frowns. Why not?
Aidae: I ain't never going to get married.
Izzy: Frowning.
Aidae: S'nothing personal, we'll still be best friends forever. 'M not gettin' married 'n' I'm not haffing kids.
John: …Can kind of see where this topic is going. …I heard from your dad that you're learning how to use a broadsword, Aidae.
Aidae: Yep! Jus' like you!
John: …Smiles. Just like me?
Aidae: Yep!
John: …Heh. Maybe sometime I can show you a trick or two…
Aidae: 'Kay! I can't bes married or haff kids if I'm gonna be the strongest warrior in the world!
John: Guess I'm out of the running then.
Aidae: Sorry Gramps.
John: Oh well. I don't want to be the strongest warrior in the world.
Aidae: Why not?
John: I'd have to compete against you and your father.
Aidae: Yup! I'll help ya defeat Price!
John: …Thanks. Still a bit of a sore spot, but does his best not to sound stern, flat, or deflated even.
Aidae: He's gots my little brother.
John: …I know, Aidae…
Aidae: So I haf'ta gets revenge.
John: Of course…
Aidae: What'sa matter, Gramps?
John: Nothing, Aidae.
Aidae: Is too! Pouts.
John: …Just thinking about what candy I'm going to get for myself.
Aidae: Tha's a lie. You dun' like candy, Grampa.
John: I was going to find something sweet to feed to Jessica while I whisper sweet nothings to her.
Aidae: You sed, "yerself."
John: It's just as much for myself… You see… I put it between my lips… and… Figures that talking about kissing Grandma might deter her.
Aidae: Frowns. Gramma's gonna die.
John: …Why do you say that?
Aidae: 'Cause she's jes' like Mommy was with 'Dora.
John: …She's not going to die, Sweety.
Aidae: Tha's why I'm not gonna haff babies.
John: Knew that was coming.
Aidae: Guys should haff babies.
John: Then what would women keep them around for?
Aidae: Kissing.
John: …Is that why you keep Islywyn around? Smirks.
Aidae: Makes a face.
John: …Gross, huh?
Aidae: If he was better looking.
Izzy: Thankfully, went back to dragging his feet behind them.
Aidae: But I dun' haff time for kissing with my training to be the best warrior.
John: Nods. …Are you going to learn magic? Or just swords?
Aidae: Jus' swords. Magic's for sissies.
John: I guess I'm a sissy then.
Aidae: S'okay Gramps.
John: I'll get over it someday…
Aidae: Daddy does magic too.
John: He's very good at it. I don't think he's a sissy.
Aidae: He's a monster.
John: He certainly is not.
Aidae: Wut is he then?
John: He's your dad. He's my son. He's Adam's brother. Nothing has changed.
Aidae: He's also a monster.
John: Why is that?
Aidae: He's not made outta bones.
John: That doesn't make him a monster. Different, but not a monster.
Aidae: Then what is he if he's not a Human or a Demon or an Angel or an Elf or anything?
John: Something different. A monster is defined by how someone acts… Price is a monster, Aidae.
Aidae: He's a Demon. Like Izzy
John: That's right, but how he is makes him a monster. Islywyn is a Demon, but not a monster.
Aidae: They never made up a name for what my daddy is then.
John: But he isn't a monster.
Aidae: I guess.

John: Arrives at their candy destination.
Aidae: Yaaay! Runs in.
John: To Islywyn. …Go on. Pick something out, Islywyn.
Izzy: …Thank you, Sir.
Aidae: Gets big black licorice jelly beans.
Izzy: Gets caramels.
John: Doesn't get anything for the time being.
Aidae: You said you were gonna get something, Gramps.
John: Trying to figure out what…
Aidae: We should get Daddy something.
John: What do you think he'd like?
Aidae: He likes cinnamon candy.
John: Then let's get him some, hm? Smiles to her. …Should we pick up candy for anyone else?
Aidae: I dunno. Does Uncle Adam like candy?
John: …Tell you what. I'm going to buy a whole bunch of different kinds and see who likes what. Usually not one to splurge.
Aidae: Yay! Can we have a party? A candy party? With punch?!
John: Who would you invite?
Aidae: Everybody!
John: Heh… Alright then, but after dinner. You can't eat candy now and spoil your appetite.
Aidae: 'Kay! Daddy has to make dinner like a girl. Giggles.
John: He's a pretty good cook. Picking out a lot of different candy.
Izzy: Watches him, leaning on Aidae a bit.
Aidae: Leans back.
John: When he's picked out all the candy he pays the man for it.
Aidae: Dances about around John's feet.
John: Chuckles and reaches down a hand to scruff up her hair.
Aidae: Graaampaaa! You're the best ever!
John: Smiles. Feels nice to hear that, even if it came from buying candy for the two of them.
Aidae: Everyone else is gonna think so, too! Let's get puuunch! Strawbeeerry lemonaaade!
John: Alright. Being easily swayed. Guess he is kind of a pushover.
Aidae: Yaaay!
John: Since he's in a good mood. …Islywyn? What kind of punch do you like?
Izzy: …Same as Aidae…
Aidae: Why don'tcha call him, "Izzy?"
John: …Would you prefer I call you that, Izzy?
Izzy: Shrugs.
John: I must really scare him.

Aidae: Heading back home, carrying the punch.
John: Homeward bound!
Aidae: Everybody's gonna be so happy we're having a party.
John: Yep and it was your idea, so they're going to thank you.
Aidae: Uh-huh! You think that girl's gonna come?
John: Which one?
Aidae: The black one.
John: Oh. What do you think of her?
Aidae: Adam likes sucking on her face.
John: They do kiss a lot… at the table.
Aidae: They're probably gonna get married.
John: Yep.
Aidae: Are you gonna let 'em?
John: …Maybe in a few years.
Aidae: Why years?
Aidae: Oh. Well I dun' haf'ta worry about that.
John: Not at all.
Aidae: Nope!
John: Never.
Aidae: Sorry if you wanted great grandchildren.
John: I'm old.
Aidae: You dun' look old.
John: I stay healthy.
Aidae: Yup.
John: More scruffing of her hair. Probably shouldn't treat her so much like a boy, that probably just makes things worse.
Aidae: Likes being treated like a boy! Is often mistaken for one.

Aidae: When they arrive, dinner has already started.
Elijah: I was wondering where you all were.
John: Carrying a bunch of candy.
Elijah: Gee, I guess you're not hungry for dinner.
John: Of course we are… This is just for afterwards.
Elijah: You do spoil my girl rotten.
John: Grins.
Elijah: Take a seat you three.
John: Nods and takes his seat.
Aidae: Sits. You're not cool like Grampa.
Izzy: Sits.
Adam: So Trajedie… How's Hana doing?
Traj: He's recovering rather well.
Adam: Smiles. That's good. Is he awake?
Traj: Nods. I hope he's gotten his appetite…
Adam: Hm?
Traj: It's a good step to recovery and he doesn't look well-fed…
Adam: Oh, yes…
Traj: …And the food is really good.
Elijah: Why thank you, Trajedie.
Traj: You're welcome!
Rose: Makes a face at Aidae.
Aidae: Makes a face back.
Rose: Rolls her eyes up and puffs out her cheeks.
Aidae: Pulls her eyelids inside out and dries her teeth, so they stick out.
Rose: …Eeeww… But giggles.
Dani: Rolls her eyes a little. Even I'm more mature than that.
Aidae: Mutters something about Rose being a, 'skirt'.
Rose: Blinks. What? I couldn't hear you.
Aidae: Just continues to mutter.
Rose: I can't hear you, could you speak up please? Being polite.
Aidae: No.
Rose: Frowns. …Alright? Just wanted to talk…
Dani: Don't bother. Just a waste of time.
Aidae: Mutters.
Dani: See? She can't even talk properly.
Izzy: Coughs.
John: Danielle, enough.
Aidae: Smiles.
Dani: Frowns… Was kinda sticking up for her sister.
Daphne: So, how goes it, John?
John: It goes.
Daphne: …Mm.
John: Wonders what she was really expecting him to say. …Do you like candy, Daphne?
Daphne: Blinks at him. Yes… I suppose so.
John: Good. Aidae, Isl… Izzy, and myself have gotten plenty. Punch as well, for the party.
Daphne: Party?
John: Indeed. Glances to Aidae.
Aidae: We're haffing a candy party! Yooou're invited too! Why didn't you bring 'Laric?
Daphne: Elaric left with his father to Tanekia. We're meeting up with both of them later.
John: …Surely you and Izzy can stay for the party, at least for a bit?
Daphne: We won't be leaving for a few days.
Aidae: Can't Izzy just live here?
Daphne: No, I'm afraid not.
John: He's always welcome here, though. Making a bit of an effort to not seem so frightening, at least.
Izzy: Stares at John a bit, surprised.
Daphne: Looks surprised too. …Won't you be starting Academy soon, young lady?
Aidae: Groans. Yes…
John: …Going to Gaulsabis, I presume?
Aidae: 'Course, that's the best one.
Dani: Is not.
Aidae: Is too.
Dani: Is not.
Aidae: It is so.
Dani: It is not and I'm older, so I would know.
Aidae: Gettin' senile.
Dani: You're still infantile. Frowns.
Aidae: Sticks her tongue out.
Elijah: Aidae… show respect to your aunt.
Dani: Smug look.
Aidae: Frowns. She's not even that much older than me.
Dani: Old enough.
Elijah: Don't argue with me.
Aidae: Grumbles.
Dani: Once more, looks pretty smug and self-satisfied.
Aidae: Scowls.
Dani: Just perks an eyebrow at her for a moment, as if to say, 'What now, hmmm?'
Rose: Would stick up for Aidae, but she's not very nice to me.
Aidae: Mutters something about a, 'pig face'.
Dani: What was that?
Aidae: Nothing Auntie.
Dani: That's what I thought.
Aidae: Eats her hamburger.
Izzy: Coughs.
John: Are you feeling well, Izzy?
Izzy: …No…
Daphne: Are you coming down with that flu that's been going around?
John: …You may wish to visit Dr. Marsetti, then.
Daphne: That's a good idea… Come on then, Islywyn.
Aidae: Frowns. Izzy…
Izzy: Sorry, Aidae… Gets up and goes to his mother.
Daphne: Nods to all and heads off with Izzy to the infirmary.
Dani: Your boyfriend's sick.
Aidae: He's not my boyfriend.
Dani: Suuure he isn't.
Aidae: At least I haff one.
Dani: So he is? Kinda like Feemy and Ren.
Aidae: I'm a girl, stupid.
Elijah: Aidae!
Dani: Could have fooled me.
John: Danielle.
Elijah: You won't be having any party if you keep that up.
John: The very same goes to you, Danielle.
Aidae: Grumbles.
Dani: …I'm sooorry, Aidae. You're a very, very pretty little girl. Smiles.
Rose: Daaani. Dad said stop.
Aidae: Glowers, but does her best to ignore Dani.
Dani: Grumbles and mutters. I was sticking up for you Rose, now you're being a turncoat.

Daphne: Enters the infirmary. Hello?
Joel: Hello there!
Daphne: I think my son has the flu…
Joel: Well, let's have a look at him, shall we? Stands from his seat and sets aside his tea.
Daphne: Brings Izzy over to a bed to sit down.
Joel: Approaches. Don't worry, we're only going to be using five needles this time.
Izzy: Frowns.
Daphne: Glares at Joel.
Joel: Laughs. Just joking… I don't believe needles will be necessary at all.
Daphne: I don't appreciate that.
Joel: Blinks. …Well… My apologies then…
Daphne: Frowns at him.
Joel: Inspects Izzy to check for flu symptoms.
Izzy: Indeed has the flu!
Joel: Frowns slightly. Hm…
Izzy: Stares at Joel's mustache.
Joel: Don't see many fine mustaches like mine around. Looks like you have the flu, my friend.
Izzy: 'M I going to die?
Joel: Of course not! You'll get better if you rest and get plenty of liquids and if your mother can give me a little bit of information about yourself, I could prescribe an antiviral that may help… Will help, actually. If you take them as asked, that is.
Izzy: Nods.
Daphne: What would you like to know? Crosses her arms.
Joel:Oh, just if he has any history of having difficulty with medication. I wouldn't want to prescribe him anything that could hurt him.
Daphne: Not that I know of.
Joel: Nods and away he goes, withdrawing some things from a cabinet and returning to Izzy. …Now, I have another important question for you.
Izzy: …Yes?
Joel: Holds up a hand. Has a green sucker, a red sucker, and a purple sucker! Grape, green apple, or cherry?
Izzy: Smiles a little. Cherry.
Joel: Offers it to him and smiles. My favorite too.
Izzy: Takes it. Thank you, Mister.
Joel: Don't mention it. Thank you for being a good patient. The other 'treat' goes to Daphne, the prescription bottle. Make sure he gets plenty of bed rest and eats healthy, alright?
Daphne: I will, Doctor. Thank you.
Joel: You are very welcome… This flu is getting around, so I want you to also take those antivirals. They'll help prevent it and hopefully spare you the trouble of getting it yourself.
Daphne: Me? Shrugs. Alright.
Joel: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Daphne: Nods. Thank you. Good night, Doctor.
Joel: Good night.
Daphne: Leads Izzy away and to his room.
Joel: …She was nice enough. Frowns and takes a seat. Man, I hate seeing sick children. I couldn't be a pediatrician, ever.

Traj: His family is strange, strange, strange… and they fight a lot.
Adam: Smiles at Trajedie, looking at all the candy and punch on the table.
Traj: …That's a lot of sweets. Smiles back.
Adam: Feels like Halloween already.
Traj: Giggles.
Adam: Are you one of the sweets?
Traj: …Don't know. How do I taste? Holds out a hand to Adam and snickers.
Adam: Takes her hand and sucks on her finger a little. Not bad.
Traj: Reddens a little. …Sweet? Sour? Bitter? Fruity?
Adam: Oh, so sweet…
Rose & Dani: Staring at them.
Elijah: Is too.
John: Also staring.
Adam: Beginning to feel eyes on them.
Traj: Getting that feeling too… and musters up a whole lot of nerve and leans in to peck him on the lips.
Adam: Grins, puts his arms around her, pulls her close, and leans down for a long kiss.
Traj: Even with eyes on her, is not about to break from a nice, long kiss.
Dani: Sighs wistfully.
Elijah: Looks to John.
John: Glances back to Elijah.
Elijah: Raises his eyebrows pointedly.
John: …Let's the kiss go for a little while longer, then clears his throat.
Adam: Parts from her reluctantly.
Traj: Reluctant as well. So much easier to be bold when someone is willing to be bold too.
Aidae: Stands up on her chair. Alright, no kissing at my party.
Traj: Pouts a little at Aidae.
Dani: Glances at Nathaniel.
Aidae: This is a candy party. And cherry lemonade punch. Thank you all for coming. You can eat as much candy as you want.
John: Thank you for throwing the party. Smiles.
Aidae: Yer welcome. Grampa bought all the candy. You should save sum for Gramma and Izzy.
Rose: Thanks Dad and Aidae!
Aidae: Yer welcome, Rose
Elijah: "Aunt Rose."
Aidae: Aunt Rose.
Rose: Elijaaah, she doesn't have to call me, "Aunt" if she doesn't want to.
Aidae: Well that's all I haf'ta say. You can eat candy now if you wanna. Hops down from the chair.
Rose: Hey, Nathaniel? What kind of candy do you like best?
Nathaniel: Hmmm… The sweet kind! Laughs.
Rose: Laughs. Try this! Holds out a little red fish-shaped gummy for him to take.
Nathaniel: Takes it and pops it in his mouth. Mmm!
Rose: Good? Laughs.
Nathaniel: Yup! Grins. What kinda candy do you like?
Rose: I like the sweet kind too, but the reaaally sour kinds I like the best.
Nathaniel: The really sour kind?
Rose: …Well, specifically the hard candy that you have keep in your mouth for a real long time, but they're usually sour.
Nathaniel: Hmm… Searches the table and when he finds one, hands it to Rose, smiling.
Rose: Smiles. Thanks, Nathaniel! In it goes!
Adam: Goes for the chocolate, predictably. What do you like, Traj-Traj?
Traj: Caramel.
Adam: Just caramel?
Traj: Nods! …I also like toffee.
Adam: Laughs a little. Would you like some punch?
Traj: Sure!
Adam: Stands to get her some punch.
Rose: Swallows her candy. Are you so smart that you don't even have to go to Academy, Nathan?
Nathaniel: Hm? Well, Dad's been teaching me…
Rose: Nods. He's really smart.
Nathaniel: Nods. He's been alive for a long time. I bet to him, we're just like babies…
Rose: Looks a little awestruck by that. …Yeah.
Nathaniel: Nods!
Rose: I wish I was that smart. Then I wouldn't have to go to Academy.
Nathaniel: Laughs. Don't you like learning?
Rose: I do, but I'll miss everyone.
Nathaniel: I'll miss you too!
Rose: Hehee… I've got to get you something, so you don't ever forget me.
Nathaniel: Oh! I couldn't… wouldn't… ever.
Rose: I know, but it's only right. You got me something so I wouldn't, so I'll get you something too. Nods.
Dani: This isn't fair. Those romance novels always show the guy making the first move. I've had to make all of them. To Nathaniel she goes. Hey Rose, Nathan! Smiles.
Nathaniel: Hey Dani! Smiles. What kind of candy do you like?
Dani: Chocolate!
Nathaniel: Chocolate is good! Gets her some.
Dani: Accepts it happily.
Nathaniel: Smiles.
Dani: …Heeey, Nathaniel? Can I talk to you for a moment?
Nathaniel: Sure!
Dani: …Alone?
Nathaniel: Okay!
Dani: Takes his hand and leads him away.
Nathaniel: Lead away quite easily.

Dani: Doesn't lead him far, just to the hallway. …Um…
Nathaniel: Hm? Smiles brightly.
Dani: …I… um… Wanted to say something, because I don't know when I'm going to be back from Sibia.
Nathaniel: Cocks his head to the side. What's that? Smiles.
Dani: …Reddens and toes the floor a little bit. I really like you.
Nathaniel: Smiles. I really like you too!
Dani: Smiles, though knowing Nathaniel, he may not have understood. …Really, really like you…
Nathaniel: Smiles. I really, really like you too! Doesn't understand.
Dani: …I like you like… Thinks. …Like Adam likes Trajedie.
Nathaniel: Blinks a bit and scratches his cheek. …You wanna kiss me?
Dani: …Uh-huh. Nods.
Nathaniel: U-Um…