11 June 2023
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John Crowley Jessica McMurran Celena McMurran Elijah McMurran Demitrius Larson Nathaniel Larson Katen Tanek Rosemary Crowley Peter Crowley

J.N: Plants a smooch on Jessica's forehead. Oh yeah, I went there.
Jessica: Heart flutters. When are you taking me to see your parents? Smiles.
J.N: About any time is fine. I should actually call them ahead of time this time though.
Jessica: That sounds good… since this week is slow. Though I was planning on taking the children to the beach on Friday… You can come, too of course, if you're not busy. Smiles at him.
J.N: I could arrange something at work… Are you sure it would be fine with your children if I came?
Jessica: Well… Celena I'm not sure about. I'm sure Elijah would be happy to have you and Adam too. I don't know about Feemy… Well, is it alright with you? I mean… I know you're dating me, not my children.
J.N: I'd like to come too. Offers a bit of a smile. These things take getting used to.
Jessica: Smiles. I just don't want you to feel like you're an extra babysitter or something.
J.N: I know… Which reminds me. Should I talk to Celena now?
Jessica: I suppose so… She's in her room. Do you want to go there or for me to bring her here?
J.N: I can go there… Maybe she'll at least find a way to tolerate me, so it won't ruin the day at the beach.
Jessica: Smiles at him a bit. …Do you want to talk to her alone or with me?
J.N: You're going to hear whatever she says to me anyhow… so maybe we should talk to her together.
Jessica: I guess so… Takes him along to Celena's room.

Jessica: Knocks on Celena's door. Celena? Honey? It's me…
Celena: Go away!
Jessica: …Mr. John's here… He wants to talk with you.
J.N: Chimes in. I would.
Celena: Opens her door and frowns at them both.
Jessica: May we come in?
Celena: Lets them into her purple Middler room.
J.N: This is just creepy.
Cat: Rubs against J.N.'s leg.
Celena: What?
J.N: I'd like to talk with you. Picks up the cat and hands said feline to Celena.
Celena: Takes it. Frowns at him. Yeah?
J.N: I heard from Jessica that you aren't too pleased with our decision to see each other.
Celena: Rolls her eyes.
Jessica: Celena… Do you think you could be a bit more polite to Mr. John?
Celena: Why? He always acts like a neanderthal.
Jessica: Celena!
J.N: Hm. I'd heard that girls mature faster than boys, but I suppose I was wrong.
Celena: Glowers at him holding her kitty.
Jessica: Raises an eyebrow at J.N.
J.N: I was hoping we could have a level-headed, adult discussion about this, but I don't think I see that happening.
Celena: Well you really tried to reconcile with me, didn't you? Gee. Frowns.
J.N: Reconcile? No. I didn't. I never had a problem with you to reconcile. I was more wondering what your problem with me is.
Celena: You're dating my mother.
J.N: I am.
Celena: Well… You're not good enough for her!
J.N: Maybe not. But Jessica… While speaking his hand kind of searches for hers. He's kinda feeling the stress here. …Might disagree… I won't talk for her, though.
Jessica: Takes his hand and squeezes it, also for her own support, because this is going to get awkward. Sighs. …I know you miss your father and no one can take your father's place in your heart or mine. John's not trying to do that.
J.N: Nods.
Jessica: I know you want me to be faithful to your father, but… Sometimes love is kind of unexpected and you can't really control it… and well, I've been lucky enough that John likes me back… I know he's not your father… There's no one else in this world like your father… but… why don't you try giving John a chance, just as John? You both don't know each other very well and I think if you got to know each other, you'd feel more comfortable about this.
Celena: Hates it when parents make sense. Keeps looking pouty.
J.N: That's fine, I don't know what to say either.
Celena: Expecting John to say something.
J.N: …This is awkward for me. Kind of because I don't know what to say really. I… agree with Jessica…
Jessica: So… Mr. John would like to come with us when we go to the beach Friday, so you can get to know him better. Would that be alright with you?
Celena: …I guess… Frowns.
J.N: Thanks…
Celena: Just pouts.
J.N: That went well. Sighs.
Jessica: So… We'll leave you alone now?
Celena: Yes… Good night.
Jessica: Good night, baby. Kisses her on the forehead. I love you. Smiles.
J.N: Good night.
Celena: …Good night… Sets the cat down and drops a rather sullen curtsy.
Jessica: Leaves the room.
J.N: Leaves too, seeing as he's still holding her hand.

Jessica: Closes the door. What now?
J.N: I don't know… Do you think I need to talk to Feemy or Adam… or Elijah?
Jessica: If you want to talk to any of them… I didn't think you were having any problems with Adam or Elijah?
J.N: I don't think so with Adam… I can't shake how Elijah reacted when I first told him. Insecure John.
Jessica: How Elijah reacted? Blinks.
J.N: He was more angry than Celena was with me back there.
Jessica: He was? Thought Elijah had been A-OK with it.
J.N: Shakes his head a bit. He said I was toying with your emotions.
Jessica: Frowns. How come?
Elijah: Can hear all this from his bedroom.
J.N: …I don't really know.
Jessica: Stares at Elijah's open door. …Elijah?
Elijah: Long silence. …Yes, Mom?
Demi: Snickers.
J.N: …
Jessica: Walks into Elijah's room. Eavesdropping?
Elijah: Can't really help hearing when you're talking in the hallway. My door was open before you came down here.
J.N: Just remains silent. Kind of embarrassed.
Elijah: Fortunately didn't hear much of what John said… since he talks kind of low and mumbles… Looks a bit embarrassed 'cause J.N. is. Sorry Mr. John.
Nathaniel: Sowwy Misrer John.
J.N: It's no problem… Didn't mean to interrupt anything, Elijah.
Elijah: It's alright… You're my friend, too. And… my mom… Smiles at his mother. Looks much better. And even acting a bit more like his old self.
J.N: This is good to see… Stops looking embarrassed. The hand-holding is proving to be more effective than he would have ever guessed.
Nathaniel: Misrer John.
J.N: Hello Nathaniel. I just can't call you Nathan. That's my middle name. I had it before you.
Nathaniel: Know where Dadeee? Smiles.
J.N: Frowns.
Demi & Jessica: Frown.
Elijah: Frowns after a bit… Too cheerful.
J.N: Too grumpy most the time. …I'm going to get a drink of water… Do any of you want something?
Nathaniel: Frowns at J.N. No! Wants an answer.
Demi: Nathaniel…
J.N: He's gone.
Nathaniel: Where? When Dadee come back?
J.N: He's not.
Nathaniel: Bawls.
J.N: Lets go of Jessica's hand so he can get the water and find an excuse not to be right there and listen to the crying that he caused.
Jessica: Hopes John isn't like this if they ever have children. There's a pitcher right there, John.
J.N: Isn't very good at breaking news to people obviously. Now kind of stupidly holding a pitcher of water.
Demi: Um… I'd better… go… Picks Nathaniel up. See you later, Elijah. Nods to Jessica and J.N. and leaves.
Elijah: Bye…
Jessica: Nods to Demi with a worried expression.
J.N: Nodded a bit when he passed.
Jessica: Gives J.N. an odd look.
J.N: Looks completely lost for the most part.
Jessica: Realizes he's probably pretty inexperienced with small children, especially being an only child and the only reason he gets on so well with Adam is probably because Adam is very mature for his age.
J.N: That is indeed possible. Kind of looks ashamed too.
Jessica: Pats John.
J.N: Sets the pitcher down where he got it. Didn't drink any water. …I'm sorry.
Jessica: It's alright… Demi probably should have told him earlier.
J.N: Doesn't look very convinced, but forces a smile to his face momentarily. I guess it's good that I feel guilty about it, rather than just being annoyed at bawling like I would have been a few years ago.
Elijah: Um, Mr. John…?
J.N: …Yes, Elijah?
Elijah: Hands him back the book he borrowed. I finished it. Thank you for lending it to me.
J.N: You're welcome.
Jessica: I'm going to have to talk to you later, Elijah. Gives him that look.
Elijah: Wonders what in the world he did… Didn't think eavesdropping was that bad.
J.N: That was my bad.
Elijah: Looks unhappy again.
Jessica: And stop pouting. If I haven't seen every single one of you do it today.
J.N: Been a good day, huh!?
Jessica: Kisses Elijah on the forehead, despite her chastising him. I love you, Sweety. Since she hasn't witnessed Elijah's horrible depression, doesn't feel bad about bringing him down. See you tomorrow.
Elijah: See you tomorrow… Good night, Mr. John… Love you both.
J.N: Have a good night, Elijah.

Jessica: Closes Elijah's door when they leave and walks down the hall a bit.
J.N: Follows of course. …What's on your mind?
Jessica: N-Nothing… Didn't want Elijah eavesdropping again… I think it's a bit too late to talk to Feemy. He should be in bed now, at least… Kind of doubts this. And you don't need to talk to Adam, do you?
J.N: I suppose not… He's already asked when we're getting married.
Jessica: Blinks. Indeed. He seems to like you a lot. Though I'm still a bit surprised by Elijah… You two are really close.
J.N: I don't blame him… I asked for his honest opinion… and he was under a lot of stress too.
Jessica: Well… Sighs. I always have trouble giving him "talking tos" these days. I think I'm being too soft with him. But he nearly an adult.
J.N: Nods. I think I know what you mean… Maybe I should visit Eric sometime.
Jessica: I know he's been going through some rough stuff and… I haven't seen him in years and he's so adorable and… Refrains from saying that he reminds her of his father. Though she finds it a bit frustrating that now she's dating J.N. talking about Daniel has become awkward.
J.N: …And?
Jessica: Um… I love him.
J.N: Nods. I love him too.
Jessica: Looks surprised! Smiles. That's sweet of you, John.
J.N: …I might want to tell him that sometime. I'd hope he knows, but sometimes you can't assume on things.
Jessica: Smiles. I think he'd like that…
J.N: Smiles a bit. …Should I do that now? More smiling at how absurd it would be if he just popped his head into Elijah's bedroom and said, "Oh hey, I love you, bye now."
Jessica: Laughs. No… He's probably gone to bed…
J.N: Another time then. It's getting late.
Jessica: Well… You could always tell me that… Smiles. Kisses him on the cheek.
J.N: Has kind of a strange smile on his face at that! Leans in and lightly kisses her forehead. Love you, Jessica.
Jessica: Blushes. I love you too, John.
J.N: Lightly cups her chin and leans in to kiss her! Bearing in mind that the height difference might make it a bit difficult.
Jessica: Stands on her tiptoes a bit to meet the kiss. Blushes.
J.N: Not blushing, but holding her close!
Jessica: Kisses him back. Feeling warm.
J.N: Is too. Finds it's feels quite nice to be in Jessica's arms.
Jessica: Lets the kiss linger.
J.N: That is fortunate. When it's over I'll miss it.
Jessica: Breaks the kiss and lays her head on J.N.'s chest.
J.N: Keeps her in his arms.
Jessica: It's very warm in here.
J.N: Loosens his embrace, not wanting to smother her.
Jessica: Keeps hugging him, but thankfully falls back to the flat of her feet.
J.N: I thought Gabriel cast a cooling spell.
Jessica: Feeling less warm now that the heat of the moment is over.
J.N: Gives her a final kiss on the top of her head, and probably to her relief, halts the kissing and just holds her. Is fortunately not consciously thinking about how long he should or if he should. He just is.
Jessica: Likes it… It's nice to be in the arms of a man again.
J.N: And it's nice to be in your arms. Does let go, albeit a bit reluctantly… since the middle-of-the-hall isn't the best place for a passionate embrace.
Jessica: Blushes. That was… nice.
J.N: Brushes his hand against her cheek a bit and smiles genuinely. …I don't know why I waited so long to do that.
Jessica: Heart flutters. Blushes. You have a cute smile.
J.N: This only kind of makes him smile more… Which just makes him feel more embarrassed about smiling. Thanks… You have a nice smile too.
Jessica: Ah well, you get to see it all the time… It's not special like yours.

Katen: Why are you being so fidgety? You're even making me anxious.
Jessica: I'm a horrible person and Mr. Crowley won't liiike me.
Katen: He seems to like you well enough.
Jessica: I mean John's father!
Katen: He's a Human isn't he? Seems like he'd be kind of a geezer… What is John? 40?
Jessica: He's 27… 28…
Katen: Mm… Life hasn't been good to him, huh?
Jessica: Just because you're still youthful looking at 84, doesn't mean everyone can age so gracefully. I think John is very handsome.
Katen: I applaud you for saying that with a straight face. Well, love is blind.
Jessica: Frowns at him. Goes to look and see if she has any decent clothes, so she doesn't look like she just came back from the Renaissance fair.

Jessica: Finally all ready to go and takes a potion.
J.N: And suddenly, Jessica. Hello. You look nice.
Jessica: This old thing? You do too. Hugs him!
J.N: Hugs her in return!
Jessica: Kisses his cheek. Sighs. I know your dad probably hates me.
J.N: Kisses her forehead. I don't think he does. Mother will be delighted to see you again. Trying to put the visit on a happier note.
Jessica: Do they know we're seeing each other?
J.N: I called and told them that we were coming over… but I wanted to tell them while you were there with me. Isn't going to mention that it could be that his father might not believe him due to past shenanigans.
Jessica: Okay… Ready to go then?
J.N: Nods and leads her to the car.

Jessica: Gets into his car.
J.N: And drives! And doesn't speed. And wears his seat belt.
Jessica: Doesn't say much on the drive over, she's too anxious.
J.N: When he does pull up to the driveway! …There's nothing to worry about, Jessica. Just assuming at this point, since he knows she doesn't exactly savor the idea of meeting his father again.
Jessica: Nods.
J.N: Leans over and gives her cheek a kiss, then steps out of the car!
Jessica: Gets out, staying close to J.N.

J.N: Knocks on the door!
Jessica: Remembers to smile.
Door: Opens before he can even knock twice.
Rosemary: Jessica, John! Come in! Big smile
Jessica: Smiles. Comes in. T-Thank you for having me, Mrs. Crowley.
Rose: Oh, it's no bother at all! Please, take a seat! Anywhere is fine.
Jessica: Looks to John. Will sit wherever he sits!
J.N: Sits on the sofa!
Jessica: Sits next to him. The last time I was here, I was with Daniel.
Peter: Hello John, Jessica. Nods to them!
Rose: Would you like anything to drink?
Jessica: Hello Mr. Crowley… Um, no I'm fine…
Rose: Alright, Sweety! If you do need anything, just say something. Goes to the kitchen, and gets a glass of water.
Jessica: Thank you… Sits close to J.N. for support!
J.N: I'm excellent for support. In case of an earthquake, you can grab onto me! Lightly pats her hand.
Jessica: Looks at her lap.
Rose: So, Jessica! What have you been doing all this time? Whenever I asked John he just said, 'she's busy with work'.
Jessica: Well, um… John was right… Work has been busy. And… Taking care of my children… I live aways from here, so… I don't get to visit as often as I like anymore.
Rose: That's alright. We're glad you could make it out here for this visit though! Aren't we glad, Peter?
Peter: Yes. We are.
Jessica: Peter doesn't sound very happy. Smiles. Takes John's hand.
J.N: Squeezes her hand. He never sounds very happy.
Jessica: Squeezes back. So… How have you two been? What have you been doing?
Rosemary: Oh, I've been trying to keep myself busy. Bugging Peter to help me pick out a new color for the living room walls. White just isn't as appealing as it used to be.
Jessica: Oh, well you have such a beautiful home.
Peter: I don't care what color the walls are!
Rose: Why thank you, Jessica.
Jessica: Wonders when John plans to tell her. Mr. Crowley's gonna glare at me so hard.
J.N: know I called a bit short notice Mother, but I really came over to tell both of you that Jessica and I have decide to see each other.
Jessica: Smiles. Nods.
Rose: All smiles. She really likes Jessica. That's wonderful news! I'm completely ignoring the fact that you're dating what I thought was Dan's best friend.
Jessica: Smiles at Mrs. Crowley genuinely.
Peter: Looks skeptical.
Jessica: Holds J.N.'s hand with both of hers. Scared to look at Peter. U-Um… I hope it's alright with both of you that… I'm dating your son. Looks at Peter.
Peter: Still skeptical, but to a lessening degree. She's a nice woman seemingly…
Rose: Of course it is! …Well, you're both adults and you didn't have to come down to ask us, but we appreciate you doing so! Don't we, Peter? Beams at her husband.
Peter: Yeah. Thanks.
Jessica: Smiles. Wonders if she's gonna end up like Mrs. Crowley.
Rose: Frowns a bit at Peter's reaction.
Jessica: And also finds it strange that J.N. never says anything to his parents. Usually people open up a bit more with their family, but it seems he just gets quieter.
J.N: I guess I never told you about that! …What color were you thinking about making the room? At least trying to make conversation.
Rose: Smiles! Well! I was thinking… Soon sets her claws into John and Peter and Jessica as she gives them a tour of the house and points out why she wants such wall to be such color and what kind of furniture she is going to place in said room!
Peter: Thanks a lot.
Jessica: Likes this. Which was John's room?
Rose: Oh, this one! Kind of a large room for one kid. It's mostly empty, except for a bed, some sheets, pillows, and blankets. Guest room.
Jessica: Oh… Well, I guess most of his things are at his house now.
Rose: Nods. He did take all of his things to his house from what I know… I really don't know what to do with this room. We're a bit too old to be expecting a roommate and we really do not get overnight company very often.
Peter: Ever.
Jessica: Holding John's hand. Maybe grandchildren.
Rose: Well, it's good to keep it open just in case something does happen! I wouldn't want to paint it or design it too much, since it's not going to be me sleeping in there and I don't want to design it one way and have the person who does sleep in there not like it.
Jessica: Well… Do you like to sew or anything, Mrs. Crowley?
Rose: I crochet every now and again.
Jessica: Oh… I was thinking you could make a sewing room… Hm. Well, it's your home. I think you should fix it up so it best suits you. You shouldn't really have to please anyone else. Except your husband. It's a nice… Personal expression!
Rose: Hm… Maybe you're right. Looks pensive. Is kind of taking a trip down memory lane, what with looking at John's room. Kind of remembers when he was… Well, happier. And smaller, too, but mostly happier.
Peter: Takes his wife's hand. …I'm sure John and Jessica are hungry. Let's get them something to eat.
Jessica: Leans on John.
J.N: Supports her and squeezes her hand.
Rose: …Oh yes! The pot roast should be done by now. Lead away by Peter.
Jessica: Starting to feel strange, though she's not sure why.
J.N: Looks to Jessica! Kind of to see how she's feeling.
Jessica: Funny look on her face. Just realized she's actually in a relationship with J.N.
J.N: …What's wrong? Concerned.
Jessica: N-Nothing! Squeezes his hand. Lower voice. I guess I feel a little awkward meeting your parents… Well, as your girlfriend now and the last time I saw them well… I don't know. It's just a funny feeling. I wouldn't give it any mind.
J.N: Doesn't look so reassured. I think I know what you mean.
Jessica: You do? Doesn't know if this is a good or bad thing.
J.N: Nods his head, but doesn't look like he's going to say anything.
Jessica: Bad thing. Squeezes his hand again. Um, sorry…
J.N: Nothing to apologize for, Jessica. Doesn't sound mad or sad or anything. Very neutral and calm. Like he always sounds, almost.
Jessica: Things are just different. Smiles at him. It's not a bad thing… I actually feel very happy. It's nice… Just… different.
J.N: I know. Kisses the top of her head. This is easy to do when you're a million feet tall. Things are different. Squeezes her hand and tries to lead her to the kitchen.
Jessica: Follows him. Guesses they shouldn't keep the Mr. and Mrs. waiting.

Peter: Looks at them with a raised eyebrow. …Took you two long enough.
Rose: Peter!
Jessica: I-I'm sorry…
Peter: Hm… Don't mind me. Just poking fun at you two is all. Didn't mean to offend.
Rose: Slaps his shoulder with her 'dry' dishrag. Don't tease the guests!
Jessica: …
Peter: Cracks a bit of a smile. Alright, alright.
Jessica: So scared of Peter.
J.N: Can kind of see that… so! He has an idea! What did Adam want with your pipe, Father?
Peter: More of a smile. He just wanted to look at it. Told him I hoped he didn't start the habit and he knew he wasn't old enough. Smart kid.
J.N: More or less trying to show that his dad, while rough around the edges, is not going to pull your head off and it eat.
Jessica: Stares at Peter. …T-Thank you.
Peter: You're welcome, Jessica.
Jessica: Still kind of scared of him. Thank you for making us dinner, Mrs. Crowley. It's very good… I hope Elijah and Adam weren't too much of a bother when they visited.
Rose: Oh, of course not. They were a pleasure to have over and, please, call me Rose.
Jessica: Oh, no, I couldn't.