10 October 2037
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John Crowley Adam Crowley Joel Marsetti Hana Tanek Trajedie Remourna Fay Le'Voures Renasi Reium Feemerson Crowley Daniel McMurran

Sam: Finds John. S-Sir!
John: Yes?
Sam: We found some Demon slaves in the woods, Sir!
John: I see. Have you apprehended them?
Sam: We have, Sir! They're being held temporarily in the main hall, Sir! We are awaiting your orders, Sir!
John: Very well. I'll be there shortly. Makes his way to the main hall with that in mind.
Sam: Follows him.

Demon Slaves: There are three of them. All look tired, hungry, and hurt. Only one is standing. Another is leaning against the wall and the last is curled up on the floor.
John: Stares at them. Doesn't look in the least sympathetic. What were you doing in the forest?
Colm: The standing slave. We were escaping from the Demons…
John: I see. Glances to the one on the ground for a moment.
Slave: Has matted black hair hanging in face and is bleeding from a wounded shoulder.
John: Motions for Sam to approach him. The one on the ground appears to need medical attention. Take that one to the infirmary.
Sam: Lifts the man who, as his face is revealed, John would recognize as Hana.
John: …ASAP.
Sam: Yes-sir! Takes Hana away to the infirmary.
Colm: He's the one who led my wife and me here.
John: You can explain yourself later. Relaxed visibly at this point, seeing a familiar face. If you need medical attention, there is room in the infirmary. If you need food, it can be brought to you.
Colm: Thank you. Looks relieved as he helps his wife up.
John: No thanks are needed. Rest for now.
Colm & His Wife: Escorted away by Jeff.
John: Looks to two other guards. You two. Make sure an eye is kept on our new guests.
Rob & Jacob: Yes-sir! Salute.
John: Report any strange behavior as well. These orders are effective immediately.
Rob & Jacob: Yes-sir! Depart.
John: Leaves to find Adam and report this.

John: Knocks on the door of Adam's office.
Adam: Please enter.
John: Enters and bows. Adam. I have a report to make.
Adam: Looks up from his work. Yes, Father?
John: Three Demon slaves were found in the woods, one of them being Hana. They have been taken to the infirmary to rest and recover on my orders.
Adam: Nods. Very well.
John: When they have recovered, I will have questions for them.
Adam: Nods again.
John: That is all. Bows. Thank you for your time.
Adam: Thank you. Good day, Father.
John: Good day, Adam. Leaves.

Sam: Carrying Hana into the infirmary. Gotta patient for you Dr. Marsetti.
Joel: Well, set him on a bed and let me have a look at him.
Sam: Sets Hana down gently.
Hana: Appears beaten-up, starved, and has a broken arrow in his shoulder.
Joel: Frowns. …Hana? That arrow is going to have to come out… Trajedie. Prepare some bandages and get me the antiseptic. Removing that arrow is not going to be pleasant.
Traj: Nods and does as she's told.
Hana: His breathing is erratic.
Joel: Shifts Hana slightly to see if the arrow punched through the other side. Sees that it hasn't. Will leave that for a little later and instead inspects the rest of his body, checking for bruises, broken bones, and other such abrasions.
Hana: He has several bruises, along with scratches and a swollen ankle.
Joel: Does his best to heal what he can magically, though he isn't as talented as Nick in this field, he is competent enough to tend to those injuries. …Hm… Hope that ankle isn't sprained… Trajedie, Fay? Please remain on standby to further heal as necessary… Sorry, Hana. Begins working on pushing the arrow out the other side of Hana's body to remove it.
Traj: Alright…
Fay: Oui.
Joel: Swiftly finishes the surgery.
Traj: Stomach turns.
Fay: Didn't really want to see that either.
Joel: Sets the broken, bloody arrow aside on a cloth and begins stitching up the wounds. When he's done, checks Hana's temperature.
Hana: Feels cold.
Joel: Hm… Not much else he can do for the physical injuries. Pulls a blanket up to his shoulders. Maybe Adam would be up for a blood transfusion. …Trajedie, I need you to ask Adam to come to the infirmary, if you would?
Traj: …Alright, Doctor. Turns and to Adam's office she goes.

Adam: Finishing up with his work and clearing off his desk.
Traj: Knocks on the door.
Adam: Please enter.
Traj: Steps in and bows oddly with her arms folded in. Adam, Dr. Marsetti wants me to bring you to the infirmary.
Adam: Um… Stands up. Am I sick?
Traj: Well… No… I mean… I don't think so… He's tending to some unconscious man they've brought to the infirmary… and he asked that I bring you to the infirmary… I really don't know why.
Adam: Oh… It must be Hana. Frowns a bit as he doesn't want to be lectured on how he has to procreate.
Traj: …Someone you know? …Er… I have to bring you back or tell Joel that you're not coming…
Adam: Oh! I'll come with you, of course. Sets the papers he was holding down and moves over to her.
Traj: Alright… Takes his hand, a little out of force of habit and also just because she wants to. Leads the way!
Adam: Takes her hand, smiling.

Traj: Leads him to the infirmary where Joel is still fussing over Hana and Fay is just standing there being useless.
Adam: Did you need me, Dr. Marsetti? Walks over to him.
Joel: Ah, thank you for coming, Adam. I need your help with Hana is all.
Adam: How can I help?
Joel: I really do hate to mention, but your blood does have healing properties…
Traj: Stares at Joel.
Adam: O-Oh… Yes…
Fay: Stares at Adam.
Adam: Um… Looks to Joel. Feels a bit uncomfortable with all the staring going on.
Traj: You didn't tell me that you were going to bleed Adam. Frowns.
Joel: I would rather not, but no one wants Hana to die either.
Adam: Nods. …What would you like me to do?
Joel: Familiar with the process of a blood transfusion?
Adam: Shakes his head, 'no'.
Joel: It's a simple process and painless as well, so no worries there. More said for the now glaring Traj's sake than Adam's.
Adam: Very well.
Joel: Fay, if you could grab Adam a seat and prep him for the process?
Adam: Tries to give Trajedie a reassuring smile.
Fay: Brings a chair over for Adam and gets out a bottle of rubbing alcohol.
Traj: Still frowning. Not really worried about him being harmed as much as she's irate at him being used like this.
Adam: Sits down, still trying to smile at Trajedie. Looks apologetic.
Fay: Takes Adam's arm and dabs a bit of alcohol on it.
Adam: Continues smiling, looking Trajedie in the eyes so as to avoid the needle.
Traj: Looks back into his eyes. Still frowning though. Not angry at him, but once more, just seems rubbed wrong by the situation.
Adam: It's okay, Trajedie…
Traj: A little assured. Not frowning so much at least.
Adam: I'm used to bleeding. Smiles.
Traj: This causes her to frown more, though her eyes show sympathy for Adam instead of frustration.
Adam: Chuckles a bit, realizing he just dug himself into a deeper hole.
Joel: There's no need for the macabre, Adam. Just keep your eyes on Trajedie, hm? Has the needle in hand.
Adam: Nods and looks at Trajedie, smiling at her.
Traj: Tries to smile back and manages a small one at the very least. Still looks quite sympathetic for him.
Joel: Injects the needle.
Adam: Winces a fraction but keeps his smile.
Traj: Back to frowning.
Joel: Draws the blood!
Adam: Grins at her.
Traj: Once more forces a small smile to her face.
Adam: Smiles lovingly.
Traj: Reaches out and strokes his cheek. Poor Adam. Gives him more sympathetic looks.
Adam: Trying his very best to look reassuring.
Joel: You're acting like I'm giving Adam a lobotomy Traj, geez. Is soon finished! There we go. Fay, if you would…
Traj: I'll bandage it. Frowns.

Renasi: Sings. D'accord, il existait d'autres facons de se quitter quelques eclats de verres auraient peut etre pu nous aider dans ce silence amer, j'ai decide de pardonner les erreurs qu'on peut faire a trop s'aimer. D'accord la petite fille en moi souvent te reclamait presque comme une mere, tu me bordais, me protegeais. Je t'ai vole ce sang qu'on n'aurait pas du partager a bout de mots, de reves je vais crier. Je t'aime, je t'aime. Comme un fou comme un soldat. Comme une star de cinema. Je t'aime, je t'aime. Comme un loup comme un roi. Comme un homme que je ne suis pas. Tu vois, je t'aime comme ca. D'accord je t'ai confie tous mes sourires, tous mes secrets. Meme ceux, dont seul un frere est le gardien inavoue. Dans cette maison de pierre, Satan nouse regardait danser. J'ai tant voulu la guerre de corps qui de faisaient la paix. Je t'aime, je t'aime. Comme un fou comme un soldat. Comme une star de cinema. Je t'aime, je t'aime. Comme un loup comme un roi. Comme un homme que je ne suis pas. Tu vois, je t'aime comme ca. Smiles at Feemy and winks.
Feemy: Smiles back.
Renasi: Laughs a bit and begins singing again. Evidently we knew of better ways to say goodbye, but whenever love is through, hearts need to find a reason why. Lost inside the maze, I dreamed of you and I forgave the things we do for love when love is all. Repeatedly, it's true the child in me would long for you and readily you'd give. To set me free, you'd mother me. I crept into your soul before I knew that it was wrong. Lost for words and dreams, I'm gonna scream. My love, my love. I love you innocently like a star upon a screen. My love, my love. I need you eagerly like the man I will never be. My love, I love you so.
Feemy: Smiles more fondly. Renasi…
Renasi: So wrong to place in you all of my dreams, all of the pain. Too late now to undo. I should'a known there'd come the rain. Trapped inside the gates. We danced the night through Satan's gaze. My love, oh how I yearned to feel the burn of your caress. My love, my love. I love you innocently like a star upon a screen. My love, my love. I need you eagerly like the man I will never be. My love, I love you so.
Feemy: …You're the one that belongs on a stage singing, not me.
Renasi: Laughs. Impossible.
Feemy: The crowd would love you.
Renasi: Blushes. You're a much better singer
Feemy: I happen to disagree. Smiles.
Renasi: Hm. I'd never be able to sing on stage.
Feemy: …Maybe you could just record with me sometime? Smiles wider.
Renasi: Smiles back. I wouldn't mind that.
Feemy: …Oh! Will your mom be able to make it to the concert? …That's where I'd like to announce the good news.
Renasi: Nods.
Renasi: I don't think she'd miss it for the world.
Feemy: We're not that good, Dove. Grins at his words, though.
Renasi: Oh, come on. She loves you.
Feemy: You're right… So she has to like my band. Grins more widely.
Renasi: She does! How could she not?
Feemy: Laughs.
Renasi: Don't laugh. It's true!
Feemy: I know you're being honest, Ren.
Renasi: Smiles.
Feemy: Returns the smile.
Renasi: Jokingly sings like he's in a heavy metal band. I know you're all alone tonight and I hear your cries from the world that lies beyond these lives. You've got dreams inside. They cut. I know. Cut so deep but you never show. That's the price you pay. That's the price you pay. Laughs. Is your soul on the line, my dear, as you take your bows to a silent crowd that never hears? Close your eyes for now and leave your rage. Take my hand and walk the stage. That's the price you pay. Can't sing more for laughing.
Feemy: Was already laughing during the middle of the song and is still going!
Renasi: Doubles over laughing.
Feemy: Hehehe… Ow… Heheheheh!
Renasi: Ohhh! Stop laughing! Um… Think about something unfunny!
Feemy: Stares at him for a moment with a very serious expression on his face. …Pffhht… Hahahah!
Renasi: T-Think about starving children.
Feemy: Still laughing. Not that starving children is funny, but forcing himself to be serious just somehow makes the prior humor even harder to shake off It hurts, but it's worth it for now. Hee… Ow… Heheh… Calming down. Now his ribs are throbbing.
Renasi: I'm sorry, Feeemy.
Feemy: S'no problem… Looks a little pained, but smiling still.
Renasi: Frowns.
Feemy: Aw… C'mon… I needed a good laugh. Grins.
Renasi: Your ribs didn't.
Feemy: Laughter is the best medicine! …Just not sure Ivy'd agree.
Renasi: I'm sure he wouldn't.
Feemy: What's he know, though? He's just a doctor… Heheh…
Renasi: Yeah… Doesn't know what he's on about. Smiles.
Feemy: Seriously… Don't even know why they let doctors treat people. Grins.
Renasi: They're all hacks.
Feemy: Charlatans! Laughs and winces.
Renasi: Frowns. Can look very much like his cousin when he looks stern.
Feemy: Clears his throat. …YeahI'llstop… Grins. The pain is starting to give me a headache anyway.
Renasi: Continues with the stern look.
Feemy: No more laughing from him. Grin falls right off his face.
Renasi: Approaches to get Feemy to lie down.
Feemy: Lets himself be manhandled in that fashion.
Renasi: Now rest. Stern look.
Feemy: Yes, Ren… That look works wonders.
Renasi: Continues the stern look and goes back to the window to continue embroidering. Think of something unfunny. Like economics.
Feemy: Closes his eyes and furrows his brow. Head is pounding like his ribs.
Renasi: Hums a bit after awhile.
Feemy: My head… Raises his hands and rubs his temples.
Renasi: Ceases humming and goes over. Are you okay?
Feemy: Yeah… Just a headache…
Renasi: Ivy prescribed some pain relievers…
Feemy: …I hate taking those things.
Renasi: They'll make you feel better.
Feemy: …Alright then… er… Where'd I put the bottle?
Renasi: Retrieves it for him along with a glass of water.
Feemy: Takes a few and drains the glass.
Renasi: Pats Feemy a little, then goes back to the window.
Feemy: Soon falls asleep.

Traj: …Adam?
Adam: Yes? Looking just a little pale and sipping orange juice.
Traj: Nuzzles to him affectionately. Coddling him a bit. Are you okay?
Adam: I'm fine. Smiles at her and nuzzles back.
Traj: If you say so… I really didn't know that's what they wanted you for… I'm sorry. I would have mentioned something when I was getting you.
Adam: It's fine… I mean, I'm happy to help someone out…
Traj: I know… but… still… Nuzzles more, stroking his hair too.
Adam: Still what? Smiles. Don't worry over it. I'm fine.
Traj: …I don't like you being used like that. Frowns.
Adam: Don't think of it. Smiles at her. It was my own decision.
Traj: Eases up a bit, though still snuggles to him a little protectively. …Have you showered yet?
Adam: Not yet… Laughs. Do I stink?
Traj: Laughs. No… It's just flu season, so you want to make sure to stay clean, is all… and I was going to take a shower, so I wanted to know if you'd join me? Doesn't sound sultry at all when she mentions it. Just as if she were mentioning some other arbitrary thing they could be doing.
Adam: Smiles. Alright… That sounds nice.
Traj: Snuggles to him and smiles. Alright then. Takes his hand and while he doesn't need direction to the bathroom, leads him anyhow.
Adam: Led along, blushing a little.

Traj: Once in the bathroom, she gets the water running and is soon unclothed.
Adam: Blushes.
Traj: Smiles to him.
Adam: Not making a move to remove his own garments. It's too bright in the bathroom.
Traj: Leans in and gives his cheek a peck.
Adam: Quite red.
Traj: It's already getting kind of warm in the room. Has the hot water really cranked up. How are you going to shower with your clothes on? Smiles.
Adam: I… could make it work… Blushes.
Traj: You don't have to be bashful around me, Adam… You're perfectly handsome.
Adam: Reluctantly removes his shirt. Embarrassed about his scars, now wholly visible in the bright light.
Traj: Beginning to force the matter a bit, as she starts to help undress him.
Adam: Feeling self conscious.
Traj: Eventually gets him bare and doesn't think he looks any less handsome, though the scars do illicit a look of sympathy from her.
Adam: Keeping one hand over the scar on his chest.
Traj: Puts her hand over his and very, very lightly tries to move it. Not forcing him to, though.
Adam: Hesitantly lets her move it.
Traj: That's a big scar alright. Leans down and gently kisses it, then takes his hand and goads him into the shower.
Adam: Follows her into the shower, already flushed.
Traj: Mostly standing in the way of the water, though her pale skin is already turning a little pinkish. The water might be too hot by Adam's standards.
Adam: God, it's boiling! Quickly going red all over.
Traj: Doesn't seem to bother her at all. In fact, she rather enjoys it. Smiling quite peacefully with her eyes closed, but does peek her eyes open to see if Adam is at all uncomfortable. A little aware that she takes some very hot showers. Seeing his expression, shows mercy and turns the water down, so it's not intolerable.
Adam: Phew… Afraid the heat and recent blood loss was going to make him pass out.
Traj: Hums and begins bathing Adam.
Adam: Blush renews. It's just awkward in full light.
Traj: In truth, I'm really feeling self conscious too. I don't always feel beautiful, but I had enough faith to believe that you wouldn't dump me when you saw me in full light. Trying to show you that I really, really do trust you! Hums happily as she works. It's easier to be like this when Adam is bare too.
Adam: Laughs a little, as he's a bit ticklish.
Traj: Doesn't bother her at all, though does stop and turns her back for him to wash.
Adam: Takes the soap and washes her back using the same careful and gentle strokes he normally uses when he dotes on her.
Traj: Sighs pleasantly and contently, as she normally does when he dotes on her.
Adam: Washes her all over.
Traj: Some places get giggles, others more pleasant sounds, but always remains still for him.

Daniel: Hey.
John: …Daniel!
Daniel: John!
John: Smiling!?
Daniel: Stares.
John: Over he goes… and… hugs?!
Daniel: Hugs back. What joyous event happened?
John: You're awake. I was worried about you. Yuri was kind enough to let me stay connected to this spot, though you could have been asleep for years. I'm glad you woke up sooner.
Daniel: Scratches his head. Oh yeah… Sorry about that.
John: That's alright. It was my fault, anyhow.
Daniel: Eh? Yawns.
John: Apparently mental duress can cause a soul to need slumber. Still holding Daniel.
Daniel: Mm? Puts his head on John's shoulder.
John: I can be an endless supply of that, I know. I'm sorry, Daniel. I really am.
Daniel: Um… S'okay… Really.
John: Probably not so used to me being this apologetic. Nods.
Daniel: …You're comfy…
John: …Thanks.
Daniel: Snuggles.
John: …Still tired?
Daniel: Yeah… Wait-a-minute…! Pulls away.
John: Blinks, but of course, lets him go.
Daniel: You were just worried about Adam-pants.
John: No. I was worried about you as well. If you want proof, you can even ask Yuri.
Daniel: Rubs an eye. Don't like chatting it up with 13-year-old boys in tight, tight body suits.
John: He seemed nice enough… I missed talking to you.
Daniel: You missed dream entertainment.
John: …Is it really so hard to believe that I have feelings? I had the choice to be severed and dream normally. I chose not to, because I wanted to be able to still talk to you, even if it took you years to wake up.
Daniel: I believe you have feelings. Just not ones for me. Except for the angry and annoyed kind. Grins.
John: Chuckles. Looks a little sad though.
Daniel: Sighs. What's the issue, John?
John: …Just going to be honest, Daniel. I feel lucky being able to talk with you still.
Daniel: Why?
John: You've been dead for a long time… but in a sense, I never had to lose you. We've still been conversing all these years, you know.
Daniel: True. I guess this situation would be the most beneficial one for you.
John: I consider you a friend, Daniel… A close one. I've told you things I haven't told anyone else. I'm fortunate to be able to keep such a friend, even in death.
Daniel: Oh, you're sweet, John.
John: …I mean it…
Daniel: Well, you know… We're BFFs.
John: Heh… Do you mean that?
Daniel: Um, yeah… You're my scary friend.
John: I'll try to work on being less scary…
Daniel: Heh.
John: It's not something I feel very good about.
Daniel: Being scary?
John: Indeed.
Daniel: Didn't think it was something you could help.
John: It's not. If I tried to be anything I wasn't, I'd be fake… and I suppose given the options, I'd rather be scary.
Daniel: Yeah. You're not really scary… deep down.
John: What am I, deep down?
Daniel: Molecules.
John: I love it when you talk nerdy to me.
Daniel: Stares. …Mm-kay. I imagine Jessica and Adam-pants don't think you're scary, but you'd be scary to anyone who was trying to hurt them. They'd just think of you as like… a protector. They know you wouldn't hurt them.
John: You're right about that. I'd be a protector for you and Elijah as well, but neither of you need me to be.
Daniel: Well, yeah. I'm dead and I think Elijah does because the kid's freakin' stupid. Strangely, said lovingly.
John: …Heh… I didn't know who Yuri was when he first came here when you were asleep… I put myself between you and him regardless… and he just needs sound advice then.
Daniel: Yawns.
John: …You had interesting dreams while you were asleep.
Daniel: 'Bout what?
John: About a lot of things.
Daniel: Specifically…?
John: Your life.
Daniel: Oh, wow. Now you know all my deep dark secrets I probably told you when you weren't listening to me.
John: I've always listened to you.
Daniel: Leans back nonchalantly and topples out of his backless chair.
John: Steps on over and offers him a hand up.
Daniel: I'm real smooth. Takes John's hand.
John: Pulls him to his feet. Like silk.
Daniel: Gets back on his chair.
John: Settles into a chair himself. …And it all started with one little card you made yourself.
Daniel: Huh? Oh, did you like it?
John: I thought you were going to try and kill me when I arrived. Otherwise, it was an alright card.
Daniel: Because I totally look like a murderer.
John: There isn't a look to a murderer. A murderer just is. Can be anyone. More likely to be someone who would hand a pool party invite to a complete stranger. Laughs.
Daniel: Shrugs. You could've been a murderer too.
John: True.
Daniel: So you dreamed about when we first met?
John: …I don't think it was my dream. I think it was yours.
Daniel: Oh, I did then, sorry.
John: It's like you were dreaming your life… and yes, I did. I really was a jerk.
Daniel: Well, I wasn't lying about being a king, was I?
John: That you weren't.
Daniel: It's not like I was ever peaches 'n' cream myself.
John: Heh.
Daniel: Heh?
John: Just remembering, is all.
Daniel: So what's going on in John land? Tell me aaall your problems.
John: My only problem is that Jessica isn't getting any better… Just need to get her and our child through these months and then everything will be alright.
Daniel: I hope so or you're going to be a saaad saaack.
John: …True.
Daniel: And it'd just be generally depressing.
John: ..Is it ironic that someone who used to isolate himself now so treasures the people he is surrounded by?
Daniel: No.
John: Just strange, then?
Daniel: No.
John: What is it?
Daniel: I dunno. Fine, it's ironic. Is it ironic that someone who treasured the people he was surrounded by is now isolated with just this one guy?
John: …Think so.
Daniel: I have a problem.
John: What is it, Daniel?
Daniel: When you die we'll be sleeping in the same bed, so I'm trying to think of what sort of underwear I could wear that would disturb you the most.
John: Sorry to say, but I don't wear anything to bed. Hope you don't mind.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: Laughs as well.
Daniel: I foresee much awkwardness.
John: Yep. Especially when I sleep between you and Jessica. I figure I may as well get the best of both worlds.
Daniel: Stares.
John: Smirks back at him.
Daniel: Whatever floats yer boat.
John: What do you honestly think Heaven is going to be like?
Daniel: Ice cream sundaes everyday! Which would be hell for John who hates sweets.
John: I'd just be in the corner with my prune smoothie.
Daniel: Eww.
John: Yeah, maybe not a prune smoothie. An apple.
Daniel: Shakes his head.
John: Nature's candy.
Daniel: Sad your wife's a pastry chef.
John: And her cooking is delicious. I never skip a meal or a dessert… I just try not to go overboard with sweets, is all.
Daniel: Yawns.
John: I must be boring to an epic degree.
Daniel: Mm. Still tired.
John: Can you return to sleep?
Daniel: Don't wanna. After your heroic… epic display of… heroism… Wouldn't wanna leave you dreaming about nothing for years.
John: …Heroic epic display of heroism?
Daniel: Yes.
John: When?
Daniel: When you decided to… not cut the link between us.
John: …I just didn't want to lose you. It wasn't heroic… It may have been a little selfish of me, if anything…
Daniel: It's not like I wanna be stuck here alone either.
John: …I was about to mention that, as well… but if you can rest, you should… If you think it'd be healthier if you did.
Daniel: I'm deaaad. You can't get less healthy than this.
John: I know well enough by now that souls can be put under duress.
Daniel: Can I have another hug?
John: Hugs.
Daniel: Hugs.
John: The only person who he isn't related to that he really does hug. Doesn't even hug Ernest.
Daniel: I misseeed… being loved… affection… so much… It almost makes me feel… alive.
John: Holds him.
Daniel: I know you're like… screaming on the inside.
John: Not at all.
Daniel: My soul just resonates with your piece of it. Laughs.
John: I never even noticed any connection. Tightens the hug, though not sure if he can even notice it.
Daniel: You haven't? With Elijah… before? Or Adam?
John: …I never noticed an especial kind… but then again, I never thought about it either… I didn't know that I had a connection to them until you told me that I did.
Daniel: A magnetic sort of attraction… The soul wants to be whole… It's attracted to itself. It feels… righter… when you're closer together.
John: …I can feel it when you mentioned it… I just thought it was the love I felt for them.
Daniel: It can feel… a lot like that… Especially comforting…
John: Nods. …It does.
Daniel: Laughs. Aaawkwaaard.
John: I don't mind.
Daniel: You're weird.
John: I know.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: Also laughs.
Daniel: Pulls away. Oh man, I'm gonna fall asleep if I keep doing that.
John: Because you feel all safe and comforted in my arms… heh heh.
Daniel: I dooo. Smiles.
John: Heh, really?
Daniel: Yeah. Smiles sheepishly.
John: Glad I can at least do that for you.
Daniel: Heh.
John: Smiles a bit. I mean it. I'm not bothered by a hug between friends. Not in the least.
Daniel: Not anymore at least.
John: Not anymore. Chuckles and puts a single arm around his shoulders.