10 June 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Jessica McMurran Celena McMurran Feemerson McMurran Elijah McMurran Katen Tanek Adam McMurran

Daniel: Do you want to be Adam's dad?
J.N: Elijah and Adam are good kids. Not sure if I'd be ready for it any time soon, though. Things change, so I don't know.
Daniel: What about Celena? And Feemy?
J.N: I always got the vague feeling that Celena doesn't like me. And Feemy avoids me too.
Daniel: I guess they don't even know.
J.N: Know what? That I'm seeing Jessica? Should I tell them?
Daniel: Yeah, probably. Not good to hide that stuff from kids. Take good care of my children times two.
J.N: I thought Jessica would have told them by now. I'm not hiding anything. I'll try not to scar them emotionally.
Daniel: Like reeeaaal good care. You get an 'A' with Elijah and Adam, though. Good job. Keep it up.
J.N: I miss you too, Dan.
Daniel: I didn't say I missed you. I see you all the time!
J.N: I miss you being alive. Because you could do a much better job looking after your kids.
Daniel: Yeah, but I'm actually their father, so that's kind of expected of me.
J.N: True. I wonder what I'm doing asleep so late?
Daniel: Being a lazy arse.
J.N: Screw you.
Daniel: Gee. One minute you miss me and the next you're like F-U.
J.N: I'm an emotional roller coaster. I should wake up.
Daniel: Bipolar much? See you later.
J.N: I wouldn't say I'm actually bipo— Awakens! …Drool check and it's negative.

Jessica: Gathers Feemy and Celena around. I need to tell you two something… John and I are seeing each other. Smiles.
Celena: Stares.
Feemy: Doesn't get it. He's always visited.
Jessica: I mean… We like each other…
Celena: Mr. John?! Gee Mom, that's a step or two backwards.
Jessica: That's very rude, Celena.
Feemy: Also makes a bit of a face.
Celena: I don't see why. He's about as much fun as a clod of dirt.
Jessica: Celena! That's not true. Mr. John is a very nice man.
Feemy: …Since when?
Jessica: …When you get to know him. And since he's been looking after your brothers.
Celena: I don't see why you have to be seeing anyone anyway. What's wrong with Daddy?
Jessica: Stares at Celena. Besides him being dead?
Celena: You're not supposed to see other people. You're supposed to pine after Daddy and be faithful to him for the rest of your life! That's what the heroines do in books after their lovers die! That man's not half of what Daddy was and he's not as handsome as him either. And I'll never forgive you if you marry him. And…. I won't ever call him Father either. Storms out of the room!
Jessica: Celena…! Sighs. She's already mad at me about Middler. Looks at Feemy unhappily so he can blow up at her too.
Feemy: More of a Momma's boy and not mad at her for past grievances. …Um..
Jessica: Sighs and hugs him.
Feemy: Hug and clings.
Jessica: I'm sorry, Feemy… I guess I expected you to take it better since your brothers did so well. I know it must be hard for you…
Feemy: It's okay…
Jessica: Well, I'm sure you need to time to think it over and… I'm sure you're itching to bother Elijah so… Smiles at him a bit.
Feemy: Smiles a bit too. Maybe Elijah will know what to do about this. …Um… Mom. I'm not angry at you or anything. Just have to make that known!
Jessica: Smiles more happily. Thank you, Sweety. Kisses his forehead.
Feemy: Smiles and gives his mom a fleeting hug before racing to Elijah's room.

Elijah: Sitting in his easy chair reading.
Feemy: Bursts in without knocking!
Elijah: Looks a bit startled.
Feemy: Elijah!
Elijah: Smiles. Hey Feemy. Marks his place in his book and sets it aside.
Feemy: What were you reading? Hurries to the chair he's in.
Elijah: Scoots over so Feemy can sit too. Just a book I borrowed from Mr. John.
Feemy: Sits! Oh, Mr. John?
Elijah: Yep. Still looks kind of worn out, though better.
Feemy: Did Mom tell you that she likes John?
Elijah: Actually, Mr. John told me he liked Mom.
Feemy: Oh. I don't see the difference.
Elijah: Did Mom tell you then? Puts an arm around Feemy.
Feemy: Nods. Yeah… and Celena got really mad at Mom when she did.
Elijah: Oh? How come?
Feemy: She said that John's ugly and boring and that he's not Dad.
Elijah: Laughs a bit.
Feemy: …And I thought that he was mean.
Elijah: …I can see why you might think so….
Feemy: What do you think?
Elijah: Hmm… um…. Mr. John's a bit rough on the outside… and he acts rough, too… but I think he's a good person on the inside. Smiles. Though… he's probably not someone everyone would like. I always have. He's pretty cool. And he's always been pretty cool to me. You've really just got to get to know him, though he's kinda scary at first. And he's a good friend and has stuck with me through some pretty bad times.
Feemy: Nods. So… he's not so bad?
Elijah: Yep! What do you think?
Feemy: Um… I want Mom to be happy. Just so long as John isn't mean to her.
Elijah: Laughs. I don't think he'll be mean to her… I can't say I'm entirely A-OK with it… just because I'm a bit biased towards Dad. I think it'll take some getting used to for us all.
Feemy: Yeah…
Elijah: Well Dad liked Mr. John… and I do, too… so he can't be all bad, huh? Hugs Feemy.
Feemy: Hugs. Doesn't look entirely convinced.
Elijah: Doesn't really expect him to.
Feemy: …Why'd you cut your hair?
Elijah: Blinks since that was a bit out-of-the-blue. Um… My aunt Bridget did… She can't really stand it long. Do you like it? Smiles.
Feemy: I liked it better when it was longer.
Elijah: Yeah, me too. But it'll grow back.
Feemy: Should I cut my hair?
Elijah: Do you want to?
Feemy: Shrugs. When I went to my old school, I used to get made fun of a little.
Elijah: That was a long time ago… Lots of guys have long hair here. And I like yours.
Feemy: You do?
Elijah: Yep! How are you getting along with Celena? And what's Renasi up to?
Feemy: Ren likes Celena. And I apologized and she's not so angry at me anymore I think because I got her and Middler together.
Elijah: …You got her and Middler together?
Feemy: Uh-huh. I think I did, that is.
Elijah: Blinks. That's interesting. What's Demi up to?
Feemy: I don't see him a lot.
Elijah: Oh… Well, Demi's kinda particular, anyway… I wonder if he's having sword practice… I'd like to watch. Well, what would you like to do, Feemy?
Feemy: Shrugs. Anything. I missed you. Hugs tight.
Elijah: Hugs back. I missed you, too, Feemy.
Feemy: Are you staying for good?
Elijah: Mm-hm.
Feemy: …Promise?
Elijah: I promise. Smiles.
Katen: In the doorway. Oh, Feemy… Are you studying?
Feemy: …Uh… No, Sir… I was just visiting with my brother. Isn't going to lie to Katen.
Katen: You had better be studying sometime. I expect you to retain the information you learned the past few months. Turns his gaze. Elijah? Stand up and let me have a look at you.
Elijah: Stares at Katen a bit. Stands up. You got a haircut, Lord Katen.
Katen: So did you. God, you're slouching. Stand up straight. Why are you so skinny? Are you eating at all? Have you been running?
Elijah: Um… Stands up straight. Yes…
Feemy: Blinks.
Katen: Better have been… Well, you've gotten taller… Scrutinizes. Walks around to get the 360 view. I guess you'll do. Hands Elijah his sword. I got it sharpened for you.
Elijah: Smiles. Thank you, Lord Katen. Bows.
Feemy: I wish I had a sword.
Katen: When you stop being so sickly, we'll start your sword practice back up.
Elijah: Smiles. I look forward to it.
Feemy: Sickly?
Katen: You hopefully have retained some muscle memory… Stand up straight and eat more. You look like a starving person. Well, I have work to do since your father passed away and Julius is obliterated and Gwen ran away. Sighs. Good day. Gives Feemy an obligatory stern look and leaves the room.
Elijah: Hangs his sword on his chair. He's as cheerful as always.
Feemy: …Oh, sarcasm. When will you teach me how to sword fight?
Elijah: Smiles. When I'm feeling a bit better. Sorry, Feemy.
Feemy: It's okay.
Elijah: Ruffles his hair. I'm turning into Mr. John.
Feemy: Giggles and smiles up at his cool brother.
Elijah: …Do you want to play with Adam?
Feemy: Okay.

Elijah: Brings Feemy into Adam's room where Adam is building a humongous block castle.
Adam: Stares at Feemy.
Elijah: Adaaam… Why don't you and Feemy play outside? It's a nice day.
Adam: …I guess.
Feemy: Is feeling about the same way about this.
Elijah: Wants Adam and Feemy to be friends. And doesn't think Feemy wants to hang out with him, since he's kinda old. I'll see you later then, Feemy?
Feemy: Okay. I wanted to hang out with you.
Elijah: Smiles at them both and walks away.
Adam: Steps out of his block castle. …I don't know how to get outside.
Feemy: I can show you.
Adam: Nods and follows him.

J.N: Takes a potion.
Jessica: John! Hugs him.
J.N: Hugs Jessica.
Jessica: All fixed up for him, too! Not even wearing her wedding ring.. though she kinda misses having something that reminds her of Daniel.
J.N: Never gave thought to the wedding ring, but it'll be a good comfort to know it's not there if he ever does look there and expect it. Hello Jessica. You look nice today.
Jessica: Smiles and blushes. Thank you… Holds his hand.
J.N: Reciprocates the hand-holding.
Jessica: Um… Do you like coffee… or tea?
J.N: Tea would be nice… Yes, it will be awkward at first!
Jessica: Well, I know a nice cafe in town… Would you like to go?
J.N: I would. Atlantis Town is going to be strange.

Feemy: Leads Adam outside. Huge yard.
Adam: Looks around. Wow. Are there swings?
Feemy: I don't think so… Now that you mention it, swings would be fun… Remembers puddle-jumping. Heheh…
Adam: Stands around. Stares at Feemy. What're you laughing about?
Feemy: I remember going outside when it was raining.
Adam: …Was it funny?
Feemy: Well… He'd never gone puddle-jumping. "He" meaning my friend Ren. He has pointed ears. He thought you were supposed to jump over them, but I jumped in one and he got all wet. Snickers.
Adam: Fails to see the humor in this, so just stares at him blankly.
Feemy: The laughter soon dies right there. …Um… It was funnier if you were there.
Adam: Nods. What do you want to do?

Jessica: Orders tea! And an ice cream sundae… to share with J.N., though he probably doesn't like them.
J.N: Not very fond of most sweets indeed!
Jessica: …How has work been?
J.N: It's been alright. I explained to the manager why I missed so much work or came in late some days and he's been very understanding. How has work been for you?
Jessica: Oh! Well, um… I'm sorry I'm getting you in trouble with your boss. Um… busy… Not too bad right now, though actually… Been a bit of a lull, I'm kind of surprised. Everything's going pretty well.
J.N: You're not getting me in trouble… and I like coming out here.
Jessica: Smiles at him. Ah well… Celena's upset with me.
J.N: Why is that?
Jessica: Well, first of all, I said she couldn't date Middler until she was sixteen… or well, anyone really. Secondly… um… well…
J.N: Nods and listens. Also looking her in the eye, as he is oft to do when she is speaking.
Jessica: …I told her we were seeing each other.
J.N: Nods. Kind of saw that coming. Not in this particular conversation, but sometime soon. She's not taking it well, then?
Jessica: Sighs. Well she apparently thinks I should be faithful to her father for the rest of my life…
J.N: …And what did Feemy think?
Jessica: He seemed… Alright with it… About how I would expect him to be…
J.N: What do you mean?
Jessica: Shrugs. Not entirely happy about it, but… Not real upset either… I expected Celena to take it better. She's usually more mature about things… but I guess she was already angry with me about Middler.
J.N: Nods again. Once more, was a little prepared for this. It's not like they hurt his feelings. He knew this sort of thing was bound to happen. I don't think it'd help… but I could talk to them too.
Jessica: Smiles. I think that'd be nice. I mean, I know you've spent a lot of time with Elijah and Adam and they both seem to really like you. It'd be nice if you had more of a connection with Celena and Feemy… or at least an understanding or… something. I mean, there's no reason to be a stranger with them.
J.N: I agree. Though I don't think Celena will want to see me any time soon.
Jessica: Shrugs. I think she's more angry with me than you. Though she said nasty things about you.
J.N: Maybe… but I should still speak with her.