09 September 2037
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Vladimer McMurran John Crowley Elijah McMurran Joel Marsetti Nicholas Romolo Trajedie Remourna Adam Crowley

Vladora: Climbs into John's lap. Grandpa.
John: Asleep.
Vladora: Raises his voice. Grandpa!
John: Snaps awake.
Vladora: Grandpa.
John: …Vlad.
Vladora: Grandpa.
John: I'm awake…
Vladora: Grandpa.
John: Vlad.
Vladora: Grandpa.
John: Vladdy.
Vladora: Grandpa.
John: Vladdycakes.
Vladora: Grandpa!
John: Yes, Vlad?
Vladora: …Hi!
John: Why hello. How are you?
Vladora: Good.
John: That's just swell.
Vladora: Grandpa.
John: Yes?
Vladora: Stares up at him with large red eyes. How old are you?
John: As old as the mountains.
Vladora: Nuh-uh.
John: Older than your father.
Vladora: Duh.
John: Younger than your sister.
Vladora: Nuh-uh.
John: Heheh.
Vladora: You're a liar.
John: I'm just teasing you.
Vladora: You're not my grandpa.
John: I'm not?
Vladora: Some other guy is.
John: So I can't be your grandpa anymore then?
Vladora: I guess not.
John: That's a shame. I really liked being your grandpa.
Vladora: Yeah.
John: Can't I just continue being your grandpa?
Vladora: You never was.
John: I always felt like I was.
Vladora: Why?
John: Because I love you like a grandson.
Vladora: Daddy said you weren't my real grandpa.
John: Wonders how Elijah worded it actually. I'm not related to you by blood, true.
Vladora: You're not my daddy's dad.
John: I'm not. He calls me "Father" though and I'm glad for that.
Vladora: Why?
John: Because I love him like a son.
Vladora: Why?
John: A lot of what happened when your dad was much younger.
Vladora: What?
John: I looked after him when his real dad passed.
Vladora: Did you kill 'im?
John: Your grandpa? No.
Vladora: Which one of you was better?
John: Neither, I would say. We're different.
Vladora: So he's dead and I don't have a grandpa.
John: I can't be your grandpa?
Vladora: Nope. How tall was my real grandpa?
John: I can't remember exactly. Shorter than I am. Frowns.
Vladora: What?
John: I really liked being your grandpa.
Vladora: Sorry. Daddy says he's not even adorpted.
John: Wonders if Elijah had really said, 'He's not your grandpa.' I know.
Elijah: …Vladimer Jonah, it's past your bed time. Frowns.
Vladora: Runs to his room!
John: Looks like he learned his lesson from last time.
Elijah: I better not see any lights on in there…! Frowns. Looks to John. Yeah. Smiles.
John: Smiles a bit back and chuckles.
Elijah: Sits down at the table. …I sound like my mother.
John: It's what being a parent is like, I suppose. Cracks his neck.
Elijah: Are you tired?
John: Not really. I'm feeling restless, more like it.
Elijah: Why're you restless?
John: Just not used to too much inactivity. I'd be up and about more but I don't want to worry your mother. I figure more bed rest is the least I can do to assure her that I'm just fine.
Elijah: Seems like you'd be better by now… Well Adam said you fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with him a few nights ago. S'why I asked if you were tired. Grins.
John: I suppose he got a taste of his own medicine then… heh. Shakes his head a little.
Elijah: Smiles a little.
John: Oh… I should have come to you and said this sooner but, thank you.
Elijah: Blinks. For what?
John: For saving my life.
Elijah: …Don't mention it. You can just consider us even. Smiles.
John: Fair enough, I'd say…
Elijah: You're my father… Don't want to lose you.
John: You don't have to worry about that. I see you gave Vlad the talk.
Elijah: …I did? Looks confused. Oh God, when did I tell him about sex?
John: Nods. I'm not his grandpa anymore, apparently.
Elijah: Rolls his eyes. Sorry about that. I tried to convince him otherwise and he wasn't having it.
John: That's alright. It's his own choice to make, I suppose.
Elijah: He just likes to be obstinate.
John: Maybe he'll come around.
Elijah: Nods. How's everything with Mom?
John: She's finally forgiven me for being thick. Grins a little.
Elijah: That's good… She's seemed a bit strange lately, is all.
John: Nods. It shook her up a little bit.
Elijah: Enough to chop all her hair off.
John: You should have seen her get onto me when she got back.
Elijah: I can imagine. Doesn't much look as though he's buying it, though.
John: Keeping mum about it and not giving away much of any hint that he's telling anything but the truth, which he feels he is. Just withholding a different situation.
Elijah: Stays silent.
John: What's on your mind, Elijah?
Elijah: Nothing interesting. Looks John in the eyes.
John: Looks him right back. Is that so?
Elijah: Holds the gaze. Yes, it is.
John: Doesn't waver at all. I see.
Elijah: Slowly. Well, alright then.
John: Keeps himself from looking too bothered by not telling Elijah right then and there. He would like to, but thinks it's best that he wait until he gets word from Jessica.

Joel: …So long as he can clean bedpans though, right?
Nick: Yeah… Doesn't exactly take a genius.
Joel: Precisely. Younger than I expected too. Oh well. So long as he can clean and talk to the patients and get us when something serious happens, we're just fine.
Nick: Just one small step at a time, Joel…
Joel: Indeed…
Young Boy: Heard all of that. Can I go?
Joel: …He's still here. Of course you're still here. The trip wasn't too long, was it?
Nick: May I go?
Young Boy: …May I go?
Nick: You may.
Young Boy: Leaves gladly.
Nick: …Wait.
Young Boy: Halts, and turns. Yes, Sir?
Nick: What's your name again?
Young Boy: Trajedie.
Nick: Tragedy? That's not a real name.
Trajedie: If Estragon can, I don't see why Trajedie can't. It's what my old man named me.
Nick: Well, what's your surname?
Trajedie: …
Nick: Speak up.
Trajedie: Remourna. Tries to pronounce it Re-mo-re-na, to lessen the embarrassment.
Nick: Thank you. Carry on to bed then, Mr. Remorena.
Trajedie: Coughs.
Nick: What? Are you sick already?
Trajedie: No… Just… Never mind. Had something in my throat. Good night, Sir.
Nick: Good night.
Joel: Good night. Nods.
Traj: About face and forward marches on out.
Nick: What a weird kid.
Joel: Indeed. What kind of boy wears a dress? Sips his tea.
Nick: Blinks a little. …Maybe it was a girl.
Joel: …Maybe so…
Nick: …Whoops.
Joel: …Should we ask?
Nick: Um… No, wouldn't want to embarrass… it… further.
Joel: …I am never talking to my cousin's uncle's nephew's best friend's father ever again. Shakes his head. So much for a pretty little thing…
Nick: Yeah… Sighs.
Joel: Maybe that can be our next step.
Nick: Give it a makeover?
Joel: "It" as in Ms. Remorena, right?
Nick: Yeah.
Joel: Fine by me. I'm no fashion designer though. Besides, wearing black in a hospital isn't very… appropriate I'd say. Well, infirmary.
Nick: Isn't there a uniform?
Joel: Certainly is.

Adam: Wanders the castle halls fruitlessly. Sticks his head out the window to look at the moon.
Traj: Wandering the halls fruitlessly as well, though more in search of the room she was given severely vague instructions on finding.
Adam: No full moon. Guess I won't meet any werewolves either.
Traj: Spots what can only be identified as a young man staring out of a window. In its natural habitat, too.
Adam: Looks disappointed after he stops leaning out the window.
Traj: Takes a step forward to ask for directions maybe, but stops abruptly.
Adam: Sees the bit of motion in his peripheral vision and turns to look at her.
Traj: A little wide-eyed at the sudden look, but soon averts her attention to the floor.
Adam: Hello…
Traj: Quietly. Hello.
Adam: Talk to people… But I barely know this person. I'm making a long silence, so she'd think it was weird if I said anything now. Oh, man.
Traj: …
Adam: Finally blurts out. …Howareyou?
Traj: The floor is very interesting indeed. …I'm well. Barely even got a look at Adam to begin with even.
Adam: …That's good.
Traj: She is short…ish. 5'6 at the most, with short, messy hair. If one has figured out that she is indeed female, one could also notice that she's got an extremely slender build, not stickly or emaciated. Wearing a dress that is predominantly black and dark violet, the corset opening just to show a small section of her collarbone. Also wearing long black gloves as well.
Adam: You look a bit strange, but beggars can't be choosers. …Wouldyouliketogotothefairwithmetomorrow?
Traj: That's rather sudden.
Adam: Just starting at her with big green eyes… Realizes he's supposed to look friendly, so he smiles awkwardly.
Traj: Not even looking up at his face either, unfortunately, but it is the thought that counts. Well… I…
Adam: Kinda frowns 'cause this is the part where she rejects him.
Traj: G…Gotta check with Noel… ImeanJoel. Or Nick…
Adam: Cocks his head to the side a bit. The doctors Joel and Nick? Are you a relative of theirs?
Traj: An… acquaintance of theirs… I'mnewhere.
Adam: Oh… Oh! Are you the new nurse?
Traj: Nods.
Adam: Smiles. That was quick. Easing up a bit now he has something to talk about. Holds out his hand. It's nice to meet you.
Traj: Raises her head to look at the hand, and uses that point to at least make it up to his face. Takes the hand very lightly. Nice to meet you too.
Adam: Smiles. …I'm Adam… Adam Crowley… by the way.
Traj: Forces a polite, but nervous smile to her face. …I'm …Nurse Remorena.
Adam: Ms. Remorena? Bows.
Traj: That is my name… Frowns. Stupid thing to say.
Adam: Um… Back to being awkward. …You don't have to come… to the fair… with me… if you don't want to… I just asked… I mean… I'd like to go… with you… Looks a bit confused.
Traj: First time she's really been asked, ever. …Okay. All she can manage.
Adam: Smiles and looks surprised. Really?
Traj: Nods. …If Mick… ImeanNick says I can…
Adam: Smiles. I-I-I'd… like to get to know you! I mean… since I won't be in the infirmary much anymore… Trails off again.
Traj: …That's good… That you're not going to be in the infirmary… since then you are not sick…
Adam: Oh… Yes, it is. Smiles.
Traj: Glad that she didn't just get a blank stare from that. Awkward…
Adam: Um… I'd ask Nick for you, but… I think I really owe him more favors than he does me.
Traj: I… well… That makes sense… if you were in there a lot.
Adam: Nods. …Well, I should stop holding you up. You can come visit me in my office, though… and um… If you can come, you can meet me at the front gate around 5pm or so? And… maybe… you can go to the ball with me afterwards?
Traj: I would feel a lot more flattered if I wasn't close to having some sort of anxiety attack.
Adam: …If the doctors say it's okay.
Traj: …If you want to… Is this some kind of prank?
Adam: Smiles! Looks genuine, at least. That's great.
Traj: Smiles back and it is genuine, but still quite nervous.
Adam: Smiles more 'cause she smiled. Well, uh… I should let you go, but I'll see you tomorrow? Smiles.
Traj: Y…Yeah… I'll see you tomorrow… After I clean… bedpans and oh god.
Adam: Bows. I look forward to it. Good night, Ms. Remorena.
Traj: Good night, Ad… Si… Mr… Regent. Oh yeah, that's his name. Adsimister Regent.
Adam: Just call me 'Adam'! Smiles.
Traj: …Is that allowed? Blinks.
Adam: Smiles and nods.
Traj: Smiles, but hides that quickly by looking at the ground. Okay…
Adam: Good night. Nods to her and turns to walk away.
Traj: Just stands stock still until he's gone.
Adam: Couldn't be happier… He just made friends with this weird chick.
Traj: Once he's gone, kind of walk/jogs back to the infirmary.

Nick: Sitting around drinking tea.
Joel: She honestly thinks you're trying to kill her with 1% milk? You need out.
Nick: I know. But the pretty single women in this castle are few and far between.
Joel: …Maybe you should… Ahem.
Nick: What?
Joel: …Lower the bar, a bit?
Nick: And end up with a woman like Mother?
Joel: …Eeesh. Point taken.
Nick: Outta the frying pan and into the fire.
Joel: Out of the frying pan and into the funeral pyre sounds more like it… Oh, hello Tragedy. Who just walked in. Did you get lost? Your room is that way.
Nick: Nods to her.
Traj: The… uh… Regent… Adam… wantstogotothefairwithmetomorrowcanI?
Nick: Stares. …What? Didn't get a word of that after "Regent Adam".
Traj: …Adam… wants me to… um… go to the fair with him… Shuffling her feet a little. It's not Nick and Joel that make her nervous, it's the subject matter.
Nick: Um… Looks to Joel. Mostly just relieved it didn't turn out that Adam had passed out somewhere.
Joel: Of course!
Traj: …So… it's okay…?
Nick: Yeah, sure… Already brushing elbows with royalty, I see. You move quick.
Traj: Flushes brightly at that and looks to the ground. Love the floor here.
Joel: There you have it. Now to your room then.
Nick: Yeah, show the kid a good time. Chuckles a bit. Good night, Ms. Remorena.
Traj: I will… I mean… um… Good night… Rushes out.
Nick: Jeez.
Joel: …Adam must be more desperate than… Catches himself before saying 'you'. Other boys.
Nick: Yeah, I saw where you were going with that.
Joel: Come now. Adam is regent, he could surely do a lot better. I'm sure even you agree.
Nick: Yeah, I'm sure he could. Handsome, powerful, wealthy… intelligent… Well, no one really cares about that.
Joel: Unfortunately not. …This could be bad.
Nick: Why?
Joel: Think about it. Adam has spent most of his time in and out of this infirmary. I don't know if he has had many friends, much less girl friends. He's probably a ball of raging hormones and now that he's pursuing a… girl, I think, who happens to work under us…
Nick: Yeah? So? You think she's the type to just use him?
Joel: I can't say for sure, but even if that wasn't her intention, how kindly would he look on us if she came running to him telling stories about how we make her change the sheets and bedpans and other such unpleasantries.
Nick: She can't complain about it… It's in her job description. Be like us complaining about caring for the ill. Adam seems to have some amount of sense… Well, only time will tell if he lets his hormones get the best of him, I guess. I can't exactly imagine them raging at the sight of… her…
Joel: You make excellent points. Well, at least we don't have to deal with them any longer. Why don't you take off and try to find yourself a girl, then? I think I can handle things here.
Nick: Smiles a little. I just might…
Joel: That's the spirit!