09 August 2032
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Elijah McMurran Aidae McMurran Adam Crowley Jessica Crowley John Crowley Ernest Randall Feemerson Crowley Danielle Crowley Rosemary Crowley (jr) Celena Crowley Peter Crowley Rosemary Crowley (sr) Renasi Reium

Elijah: Um… Make sure your hair covers up your ears, okay, Aidae? Fixes it a bit.
Aidae: Why? Why do I have to wear this dress? Frowns. I wanna wear pants.
Adam: Keeps having to pull up his pants. Seems to have lost weight over that ordeal.
Jessica: Hands Adam a belt.
Adam: Puts it on.
John: Slouching a little.
Jessica: Looks around. Elijah, Celena, Feemy, Adam, Danielle, Rosemary, Aidae… John… Me. Is that everybody?
John: Nods. Looks like it.
Jessica: Okay… Hands out potions to everyone.
Everyone: Takes their potion.

Elijah: Blinks a bit. Weird seeing John's house after all this time.
Ernest: Sitting on the couch holding a beer. Looks kind of half-asleep too or kinda drunk. Looks up. …Heeey! Smiles!
Elijah: Hello Mr. Randall… Bows.
Ernest: …Well holy crap! That you, 'Lijah? Stands.
Elijah: Yes Sir… Smiles. It's nice to see you again…
Ernest: You're lookin' good, man! Crushing hug time, as if they were close friends being reunited or something! Definitely drunk-ish.
Elijah: Hugs back, crushed a little. Thaaanks…
Aidae: …You don't look like a great grandpa.
John: …That's Ernest. A friend of mine.
Feemy: Heeey Ernest.
Adam: Stands back by his father… Doesn't want to be crushed.
Ernest: Leans down to get a look at Aidae. Who do we have here?
Aidae: I'm Aidae. Frowns and scrunches up her nose. You're drunk.
Ernest: Hahaha! Nooo.. I'm Ernest and I've only had a few.
Elijah: Um… She's my daughter…
Ernest: Really? Ha! Damn, time's just been slippin' by. Congratulations.
Elijah: Thanks. Smiles. I've got another one on the way.
John: Don't swear in front of my children.
Ernest: Oooh, sorry Papa John. I'll try'n curb the tongue.
Aidae: Pulls at her dress a bit.
Jessica: …Um, Ernest… How's um… Sachi?
Ernest: Stands. Knees creak just a little. …Eh…
Jessica: Hands him a cookie tin! Those are for you.
Ernest: Accepts it. …What's this? Shakes it a little.
Jessica: They're cookies for you and Sachi.
Ernest: …Oh! You didn' hafta. I'm gonna eat one right now. And opens the tin!
Dani: …Can I have one?
Jessica: You had some this morning, sweety. I'm sure we'll be having dessert at Grandma's too.
Dani: Frowns.
Ernest: You should listen to your mother… Since they're like fathers, but smarter. Samples one of the variety of cookies!
Jessica: Smiles and nods. You'll ruin your appetite.
John: …Isn't it a little early to be drunk even by your standards, Ernest?
Ernest: Frowns with a mouthful of cookie. Swallows his cookie! I'm not drunk, just had a few… Um… so, where you all headed, cuz… I don't think you all just stopped by to visit me.
Jessica: We're going to visit John's parents…
Ernest: Nods a little. …There's a whole lot of you.
Jessica: Yes… I'm not sure how we're all going to fit.
Ernest: Well… Some could go in my car and the rest could go in the 'van.
Jessica: Well… John will have to drive his car since I can't drive stick… I also haven't had my license renewed in awhile.
John: Who's coming in my car, then?
Adam: I will.
Ernest: …I like you all, really. It's great to see you… an' I hate to sound like I'm shovin' you all out since it'd be cool to talk and all, but I don' wanna give Sachi another thing to bitch about if she comes back and sees you all here… so… Might wanna speed that decision up…
Elijah: I think my license is still good, I'll drive.
John: Nods.
Jessica: So if Adam is going with John, the rest of us can go in the van.
John: Alright then.
Jessica: Thank you for having us Ernest. Smiles and starts shuffling her children out the door.
Ernest: I don't mind… I like seein' you all…
Jessica: We like seeing you, too. Bye… See you later tonight.
Adam: Follows his dad out.
John: Nods to Ernest and leaves.
Twins: Follows Jessica, Feemy in tow!
Celena, Aidae, & Elijah: Out the door.
Ernest: Closes the door behind them and sighs. Takes a seat and has another one.

Elijah: Gets in the driver's seat and adjusts it from John's long legs.
Aidae: Wonders why they all went in this small house with only windows and seats.
Elijah: Idles, waiting for John to pull out so he can follow him.
Jessica: Looking nervous, but won't admit she doesn't have much faith in Elijah's driving ability.

John: Looks at the side of the car, at a few dents and scratches. Sighs and enters the car.
Adam: Sits in the passenger seat, putting on his seat belt.
CD Player: Loudly, volume all the way cranked up! I see you comin' and it's needles and pins. I wanna hurt you, just to hear you screamin' my name!
John: Turns it down fast, looking more grumpy/annoyed by the second.
Adam: Winces.
John: Loudly revs his car, spinning the tires for a second. It feels good to be in his car again, really! And drives!
Adam: Stays quiet, hands folded in his lap. Can sense his dad is in somewhat of a mood and doesn't want to disturb him.
John: Doesn't even listen to the radio. Prefers quiet or just talking in the car than loud hard rock.
Adam: Looks out the window.

Elijah: Follows John out with much less drama… Having been taught by Eric… Is a very calm driver and makes sure to follow the rules of the road since he doesn't want to be stopped in case anything is expired. Follows John pretty closely though since he doesn't want to get separated.
Aidae: Rather terrified.
Feemy: Whistling happily! In a very good mood!
Aidae: Feemy soon feels two little arms around his and a little body leaning against his. Closes her eyes.
Feemy: Oh! She's never been in a car! Hey, Aidae, it's alright.
Aidae: Shakes her head and buries her face in Feemy's arm.
Feemy: Everything is fine, really. We'll be at Grandma and Grandpa's in no time.
Aidae: Keeps her eyes closed. Seeing everything move makes her feel nauseated.
Dani: Squirming impatiently.
Rose: Leaning on whoever or whatever is solid enough, bored.
Jessica: Becoming a bit calmer, since so far Elijah hasn't killed them all.
Celena: Aidae… If you don't feel well, it's better to look outside the car at a distant point.
Dani: Is Aidae sick?
Aidae: Sits up, still clinging to Feemy and does her best to focus on a point outside the car.
Celena: It's probably motion sickness.
Dani: It's just a car ride.
Celena: She's never been in a car before.
Dani: Still.
Celena: Cracks a window a bit so Aidae can get fresh air, even it messes up her hair.
Aidae: Just stares at a fixed point… I will conquer this. I won't have that girl thinking I'm weak.
Dani: …I never got sick in the car. A little haughtily.
Jessica: …Danielle…
Dani: I didn't.
Aidae: Stops clinging to Feemy and sits up straight, but not going to open her mouth.
Elijah: Looks in the rear view mirror. You okay, Aidae?
Aidae: Nod.
Feemy: Squeezes her shoulder a little! …You know, I knew a little girl once that wanted to sleep in my room because she thought she saw a spider in her room.
Dani: Shuts up.
Aidae: Feels a bit encouraged, but keeps her eyes straight ahead as though her life depends on it.

John: Finally pulls up into his parents' driveway and steps out.
Adam: Gets out and goes over to his father.
Elijah: Parks on the street. Gets out with everyone else.
John: Waits for everyone to get to the door.
Aidae: Pulls on Feemy's hand.
Feemy: Looks down to her. Something you need, Aidae?
Aidae: Closes her eyes and pokes her lips out, meaning she wants to kiss him.
Feemy: Aw, that's cute. Does kiss the top of her head. Excited to see your great-grandparents?
Aidae: Stands on tiptoes while he's leaning down and kisses him on the cheek. I dunno.
Feemy: I think you'll really like them.
John: When everyone is there, knocks on the door!
Peter: Answers the door.
Jessica: Takes her place by John and smiles!
Peter: …Looks like you brought the entire clan. Come in, you all. I'll tell Rose you're all here. Said with a little smile!
Aidae: Takes Feemy's hand.
Peter: Moves from the door and goes to get his wife!
Jessica: Follows J.N. in.
Adam: Sticks close to his dad.
Rose & Dani: Stick near Elijah!
Elijah: Offers his hands to the girls.
Twins: Each take one!

Peter: Comes back from the back of the house and stares at Elijah.
Elijah: Smiles. Hello… Too scared to call him 'grandpa'.
Peter: You're back. It's good to see you.
Elijah: It's nice to see you again, too. Smiles and lets go of one of the girl's hands so he can shake Peter's.
Peter: Firm handshake. Looks proud of Elijah.
Elijah: Shakes with a gloved hand.
Peter: Does notice that. Something wrong with your hand?
Elijah: Um… Yes…
Peter: Nods, but doesn't inquire anymore.
Mrs. Crowley: Emerges from the kitchen.
Elijah: Smiles!
Mrs. Crowley: Elijah! Smiles!
Elijah: Um… Too scared to call her 'grandma'. Hi!
Rosemary: Elijah gets an old lady hug.
Elijah: Hugs Rosemary back tight and kisses her on the cheek.
Mrs. Crowley: Now just fussing over him! We were worried about you! Did you get hurt? Are you alright now? I heard you had a daughter.
Elijah: I'm alright now. Smiles. Um… Looks around for Aidae.
Adam: Hugs his grandpa tight.
Peter: Hugs for 'big guy'!
Adam: It's nice to see you again Grandpa.
Peter: It's nice to see you too, big guy. Are you feeling better?
Adam: Smiles. Much better, thank you. How are you feeling?
Peter: Feeling well.
Jessica: Hugs Peter.
Peter: Also hugs. My son giving you any trouble?
Jessica: Not a bit. Smiles. I couldn't ask for a better husband.
John: Slouched, a little tired looking, but smiles at hearing that.
Dani: Wandering in the kitchen since Grandma's busy with Elijah.
Rose: Just hanging around!
Elijah: You wanna meet Great Grandma? Smiles at Feemy. Thanks for taking care of her… Takes Aidae's hand, who reluctantly comes with him.
Aidae: Shuffles forward… That's a tall lady! And a short round man!
Elijah: This is my daughter, Aidae… Aidae these are my…. grandparents. Smiles.
Mrs. Crowley: Hello, Sweety! Smiles. Has to take her time in kneeling down to get a look at her.
Aidae: Hiii… What'm I s'pposed to call you?
Mrs. Crowley: Oh, I'm Rosemary! This is my husband, Peter. Say hello, Peter.
Peter: Hello, Aidae.
Aidae: 'Lo… Looks at both of them. 'M I s'pposed to call you "Rosemary" an' "Peter"?
Mrs. Crowley: You could call me "Nana" like Celena does. Likes that one!
Aidae: Nana… Looks at Peter.
Peter: Why the hell are your eyes red? Whatever you'd like, sweetheart.
Aidae: Nono?
Peter: If you'd like.
Aidae: Nana 'n' Nono. Are you nice?
Mrs. Crowley: We try to be, hon.
Aidae: 'R you Grandpa's or Grandma's parents?
Mrs. Crowley: Grandpa's.
Aidae: I thought so…
Peter: Why is that?
Aidae: You dun look anything like Grandma.
Peter: Good. Nods approvingly!
Mrs. Crowley: Knees feel a little sore, stands up.
Aidae: Hugs Peter.
Peter: Hugs back. I have a great grand daughter!
Aidae: You're squishy. I like you.
Peter: Thank you.
Aidae: D'you like me?
Peter: I sure do.
Aidae: Smiles. You're not a Demon, are you?
Peter: I most certainly am not.
John: Looks at Elijah. Kind of cutting it close I think.
Aidae: I'm betroved to a Demon.
Peter: You are? More humoring than actually asking.
Elijah: Stops spacing out. Aidae…
Aidae: What? Looks at her dad.
Elijah: Not sure what to chastise her about, so just gives her a look.
Aidae: Back to Nono. Yep. 'Is name is Izzy. He taught me to play cards.
Peter: That's nice, sweety.
Aidae: Do you like my dress?
Peter: It's very lovely.
Elijah: Um… Grandma?
Mrs. Crowley: Yes, Elijah? What is it?
Elijah: Well… Father and I were thinking about taking you out to eat so you wouldn't have to cook for all of us.
Mrs. Crowley: This is actually a relief. Oh, you don't have too!
Elijah: It'd be our pleasure.
Mrs. Crowley: Well… alright, we'll have it your way. Thank goodness.
Elijah: Grins charmingly.
Mrs. Crowley: Pinches his cheek.
Elijah: Blushes.
Peter: Wonders if Feemy has even explained his horns yet. Was it a disease or what? Feemerson. You're an adult. Don't you think it's time for you to get rid of the 'horns'? Pet peeve.
Jessica: Frowns.
Feemy: Sorry, can't. Y'see… uh… I'm part of a band. It's kind of our thing. We're supposed to be demons, y'know? I have practice after this and it's kinda hard to get them just right.
Peter: Frowns.
Aidae: Stares at Feemy.
Mrs. Crowley: That's a little dark!
Elijah: Um… We'd better get going… Bows to Rosemary and offers her his arm.
Mrs. Crowley: Takes his arm. You're such a gentleman!
John: Dani, Rose, we're going.
Adam: Sticks with his dad!
The Twins: Go to their mother!

Elijah: Opens the door of John's car for Mrs. Crowley.
Celena: Idiot.
Mrs. Crowley: Looks pleased as punch! Gets in!
Peter: Kind of hangs back with his hands in his pockets.
Elijah: Helps her in and closes the door behind her, then to the van he goes.
Adam: Gets in the back of John's car.
John: Gets in himself. At least he doesn't rev or anything. Now just waits for Elijah, since he's going to follow him to whatever place they're eating out.
Elijah: Drives!

John: Follows!
Rosemary: Turns on the radio!
Adam: Scratches his chest and fiddles with his hair, which is getting kinda long.
John: Mutters.
Mrs. Crowley: Don't you think you're following Elijah a little too closely?
John: No.
Mrs. Crowley: You don't want to bump into him if he has to stop suddenly, son.
John: …I know.
Mrs. Crowley: Did everyone put on their seat belts?
Adam: Yes Grandma.
Peter: Puts his on.
Mrs. Crowley: …Ooo, I like this song. Turns up the radio a little.
Adam: Smiles at Grandpa.
Peter: Smiles back. …Your hair is getting a little long there. Going to get your ears lowered soon?
Adam: Grins a little. No… I need to get it cut soon. Fiddles with it.
Peter: Nods. Guys shouldn't have long hair, no sir.
Adam: I just finished Great Expectations… Have you ever read it?
Peter: I might've. Been a long time since I sat down with a book.
Adam: Nods.
Mrs. Crowley: How come you're so quiet, son?
John: Mutters.

Dani: Granma and Granpa like Aidae more than me.
Rose: I hope we eat soon, I'm hungry.
Feemy: What're you gonna order for dessert, Aidae?
Aidae: Looks a little greener.
Feemy: Oops… Sorry.
Elijah: Stops at a fancy steak place.

John: Thank god. Parks close to Elijah.
Adam: Out he gets.
Twins & Feemy: Out they get.
John, Rosemary, & Peter: Also get out.
Adam: Goes around the car to his dad and gives him a hug.
John: Hugs back. Adam, you have wonderful timing.
Mrs. Crowley: I should have brought my camera.
Adam: Hugs tight, lets go, and proceeds to stick by John.
Elijah: Holds the door open for everyone.
Everyone: Enter before Elijah.
Peter: Laced his arm up with his wife.
Twins: Stuck to Mom!

Elijah: Gets a table for them.
Jessica: Sits on the side of her husband Adam's not sitting on.
Peter: Sits beside his wife.
Twins: Sit next to each other.
Elijah: Smiles at the twins.
Twins: Smile back!
Feemy: This place is kind of nice. Think they have lobster? I crack myself up.
Elijah: Order anything you like, Feemy.
Feemy: Two lobsters then. One for the way back home.
Elijah: Laughs.
Feemy: Laughs a little. Kind of catches himself joking with Elijah and goes quiet.
Aidae: Pokes Feemy's arm, holding a menu.
Feemy: What's up? Need help findin' something to eat?
Aidae: What do all of these words mean?
Feemy: Starts reading off the items on the menu for her! Skims over the lamb chops.
Aidae: …What's good?
Feemy: Um… I personally like salads. The kind with a lot of vegetables.
Aidae: I want meat.
Feemy: Oh! Well… A lot of this sounds good. Are you sure you could eat an entire steak?
Aidae: I dunno…
Feemy: Well… That looks good. Points out an order that involves something more than just a slab of meat!
Aidae: Before I just ate porridge 'n' stew and stuff and sometimes at the Demon place the porridge had bugs in it but I ates it anyway 'cause I was hungry… This food doesn't have bugs in it, right?
John: There goes my appetite. I am starting to seriously hate bugs.
Feemy: Of course not, but if they did, you could yell at the waiter.
Elijah: Aidae.
Aidae: What?
Elijah: That's not dinner conversation. Why don't you order some chicken tenders or shrimp or something?
Aidae: I dunno. Is that good, Uncle Feemy?
Feemy: Yep!
Aidae: Which one's better?
Feemy: Chicken tenders.
Aidae: Okay. Smiles up at him. Can I hear your band?
Feemy: You can someday. If I ever start one or if I can even join one.
Aidae: Smiles.
Feemy: If you want, I could even play a little for you when we get back home.
Aidae: Yeah! Play for me. Smiles.
Waitress: Comes by to take their drink and food orders!
John: Water and a small order of food.
Twins: Soda!
Feemy: Also water.
Jessica: Tea! And steak!
Peter: Water as well and a large steak!
Adam: Tea and grilled chicken.
Aidae: Whispers to Feemy. What's good to drink?
Feemy: Whispers back. I like apple juice.
Aidae: I want apple juice and chicken tenders.
Mrs. Crowley: Also ordered chicken, but ordered coffee too.
Celena: Orders a salad with chicken! And tea!
Adam: Looks up at his dad.
John: Looks down at Adam.
Adam: What's the matter? Softly said.
John: Nothing's wrong, Adam… Why do you ask?
Adam: Looks positively shocked.
John: Oh boy, he thinks I'm lying. …I'm serious, Adam. Nothing is wrong.
Adam: Nods and believes him. Softly. Love you, Dad.
John: Love you too, son. Said quietly as well.
Adam: Smiles genuinely up at him.
Celena: Realizes something. Um… Elijah? Could you ask the waitress to make my order sans chicken?
Feemy: Wonder why? Grins a little.
Celena: Frowns.
Elijah: Um… sure… Asks the waitress politely to change the order.
Dani: Middler's a bird, so it's kind of like eating him, I bet.
Celena: Frowns.
Feemy: …Okay Dani, that's not something to say at the table. Implying it is one thing… but out and saying it? Ew…
Celena: Why does everyone bug me about Middler? My siblings seem to just think it's a free-for-all… It hurts my feelings.
Waitress: Brings the food out!
Peter: Digs in!
John: Picks at his food, as per usual.
Twins: Make sure to not so much as even glance at the other's plate.
Adam & Celena: Eat politely.
Aidae: Eats slowly… These potato things are something else.
Feemy: Doesn't eat right away, just leaning in his chair with an arm draped over the back and such. I sit all cool like.
Jessica: How has everything been going, Rose?
Mrs. Crowley: Oh, just wonderful! I'm thinking about starting a little garden out back, actually. Just need a little help from lazybones.
Rose: I'm oka- Oh, you mean Gramma.
Jessica: Smiles. Turns to Rose. And how has everything being going with you, sweetie?
Rose: Good!
Jessica: And you, Dani?
Dani: It's going well. Pointedly looks at Rose.
Elijah: Smiles at Feemy.
Feemy: Smiles back a little. Kind of hard to believe that he's killed people. Maybe Ren is wrong?
Elijah: Smile widens as Feemy smiles back. I can't wait to hear you play when we get back.
Feemy: You're gonna listen, too?
Elijah: Well it's better than plugging my ears and shouting, "la la la." Laughs.
Feemy: ..,I guess it is. …Depends on who you ask. Can't help but joke a little back.
Elijah: Really, I can't wait to hear so I can brag about you. Grins.
Feemy: Then I'll try to make it worth bragging over at least.
Elijah: Smiles. …I missed you a lot. Sincerely.
Feemy: …Missed you too. Very quietly.
Elijah: Smiles. Does anyone want dessert?
Twins: Eyes light up.
Elijah: I know you two don't.
Twins: Aghast.
Dani: I dooo!
Rose: Pleeease?
Elijah: Laughs. Anyone else?
Mrs. Crowley: I couldn't. Ate all her food!
Peter: No, thank you though. Did so too!
John: I'll pass.
Feemy: Wimps. I'm up for dessert. Still has regular food to eat.
Aidae: I wanna dessert.
Jessica: …I'd better not.
Celena: No thanks.
Feemy: C'mon, Mom. Wouldn't it be nice to eat a dessert you didn't have to cook?
Jessica: Ohhh… I can't eat one all by myself. They always make them humongous in restaurants
John: …I'll share it with you then.
Jessica: You hate dessert, John. Laughs.
John: I don't see where you get that idea…
Jessica: Sighs. If you say so…
John: Leans over and kisses her cheek. Your desserts are always wonderful.
Mrs. Crowley: No camera…
Jessica: You… Rubs her nose against his a bit, smiling and blushing a little.
Dani: Eeew.
Feemy: You don't know the half of it, Sis.
Jessica: Frowns at Feemy, turning redder.
Dani: I don't?
Feemy: Maybe this wasn't so funny after all. Well…
John: Well?
Feemy: …Nothing! Ah, how about dessert!?
Elijah: Right… Are you girls sharing?
Rose: Nooo. Last time we did, we got sick.
John: Consolation hug for Jessica.
Elijah: You sure each of you can eat your own dessert?
Rose: …Um… Maybe I can get a little dessert?
Dani: I can eat all of mine.
Elijah: Shrugs. Are you two sharing?
Feemy: If Aidae wants. Promise I don't have germs or anything.
Aidae: I'll share with him. He knows what's good.
Feemy: That I do!
Waitress: Comes by to clear the table a bit and take dessert orders… Look to the girls!
Dani: Orders whatever dessert showcases ice cream.
Rose: Um… Can I get that… but smaller?
Waitress: Nods and turns to Feemy!
Feemy: Tough choice. The pressure is on, since he wants to order something Aidae would like! Goes with his gut feeling and gets ice cream too, but with lots of extra stuff put on, like sprinkles and fudge and nuts and such.
Jessica: Orders some pie.
Elijah: Orders a brownie.
Waitress: And off she goes, bringing out the desserts a bit later!
Twins: Chow down.
Feemy: …Eesh. Don't get any on me. It's not your last meal, y'know.
Aidae: Eats slowly. This is delicious. Ice cream is even better with stuff on it.
Rose: Sooorry. Resumes eating in a more dignified manner.
Dani: Mumbles something about a tattler, but does so as well.
Elijah: To Adam. …You wanna share with me…? Knows Adam's weakness is… brownies.
Adam: It looks really good… Nods and picks up a spoon.
Elijah: Kinda surprised he gave in so easy!
Adam: I had already resolved to make up with you yesterday… The brownie's just bonus!
John: My night just got a little better.
Jessica: I'm going to make you eat it now… Smiling at him, guides her fork to J.N.'s mouth.
John: …Fate can sometimes be cruel. Chuckles a little, and does eat the offered forkful.
Jessica: Hopes Dani doesn't get a bellyache from eating all that ice cream.
Dani: Only half done and now staring at it. Full.
Rose: You have to finish before you can leave the table. A little smugly.
Feemy: Just letting Aidae have as much of the dessert as she likes.
Aidae: Eats pretty slowly.
John: Gives Jessica some pie, courtesy of his fork!
Jessica: Giggles, eating off his fork. Are we getting married again? Smiles.
John: Sounds like it could be fun.
Jessica: Our anniversary is coming up.
John: It is.
Jessica: Laughs.
Elijah: Receives the bill and slips in his college fund debit card.
Peter: If I wasn't distracted with talking with my wife, I would not have allowed this!
Dani: Ate a little bit more. …Erm… Rose?
Rose: I'm full. Smirks a little.
Dani: …Rooose.
Rose: Fiiine. Eats some of Dani's dessert. I better not get sick!
Elijah: Gets it back and leaves a big tip.
Dani: Thanks Rose. Turns and hugs her.
Elijah: Then waits for everyone to look like they're ready to leave.
John: Helped Jessie eat the pie at least!
Adam: Ate most of the brownie.
John: I hope the training hall is free when we get back.
Elijah: Looks like people are winding down. Is everyone ready to go?
Dani: Dessert is gone.
Jessica: Nods. Thank you for taking us out, Elijah.
Elijah: It was my pleasure.
Jessica: You remind me of your father.
John: Thanks.
Elijah: Grins and stands.
Rose: Thanks, Elijah! Smiles.
Adam: Stands. Thank you, Elijah. Smiles a little.
Dani: Yeah, thank you very much.
Elijah: You all don't have to thank me.
Feemy: Alright, I won't.
Elijah: …Well, Feemy does… Starts to head out of the restaurant as do the others.
Feemy: Heads out with the rest of them too.

Elijah: Smiles and catches Adam, picking him up under the arms and swinging him around and then hugs tight. Good to see you again, Adam. Tearing up a bit.
Adam: Hugs back. I missed you…
John: Aw.
Mrs. Crowley: Never leaving without a camera again. Ever. It doesn't help that Jessica's entire family is so photogenic too.
Elijah: Stays like that for a bit, then ruffles Adam's hair and kisses him on the forehead. Love you.
Adam: Smiles. I love you, too…
Elijah: Smiles at Adam and to the minivan he goes.
John: …Do you want to drive, Dad?
Peter: Sure.
John: Gets in the back of his car.
Peter: Up front with the most annoying person ever and the driving commences!

Adam: Sits in the middle seat so he can lean on his dad.
Mrs. Crowley: The light says the door's ajar. Is your door ajar? That's dangerous you know… and put on your seat belt, Peter.
Adam: …Dad…?
John: Yes, son?
Adam: …This is Mr. Randall's car, isn't it?
John: …Yes, it is.
Adam: …It seems familiar somehow.
John: It used to be my car.
Adam: Oh… Nods. You gave it to him?
John: Nods.
Adam: …That was nice of you.
John: I couldn't bring it with me to Atlantis.
Adam: Nods. …I remember you gave me ice cream…
John: …You gave me flowers first.
Adam: Smiles. Do you still have your pocket watch?
John: Nods. Of course.
Adam: Smiles and hugs his father.
John: Hugs back.
Adam: Closes his eyes, arms around his father.
John: Closes his eyes as well… Head droops a little… and suddenly 'jerks' a bit and his eyes snap open.
Adam: Opens his eyes. …Are you okay?
John: Nods. Just nearly fell asleep…
Adam: Are you tired?
John: A little.
Adam: …Are you sick? Looks up at him, worried.
John: Shakes his head. No, I'm not sick.
Adam: How come you're tired?
John: I didn't get a lot of sleep.
Adam: Why not? Leans against him again.
John: I had a nightmare.
Adam: What was it about?
John: …That you were in pain, Adam. And there was nothing I could do.
Adam: Frowns and hugs tight.
John: Hugs tight as well.
Adam: John can soon feel tears drip on his arm.
John: Hugs a little tighter. Don't cry, Adam… Said very quietly. Doesn't want to concern his parents. …Everything is fine now… It was just a bad dream I had…
Adam: …I don't mean to worry you…
John: It's not your fault, Adam.
Adam: I don't want to keep you up at night…
John: You don't… It's just my concerns getting the best of me.
Adam: Sniffs. Hugs tight.
John: Hugs and strokes his hair.
Adam: Buries his face in J.N.'s shoulder.
John: …I didn't mean to make you cry, Adam… I'm sorry.
Adam: Just shakes his head and does his best to abate the tears. Stays leaned on John 'til they get back.

Peter: And arrive they do.
John: Goes inside with everyone else.
Adam: Leans against his dad on the couch.
Jessica: Oh, I brought these for you, Rose. Hands her the tin of cookies.
Mrs. Crowley: Why, thank you!
Jessica: I hope you enjoy them.
Mrs. Crowley: I'm sure I will! I'll just put these up, where someone won't get into them all the time. Glances pointedly at Peter.
Jessica: Tries to stop smirking from the mental image of Peter being a little kid who can't reach the cookie jar.
Mrs. Crowley: Does indeed set it up in a high place.
Adam: Fell asleep…
John: Doesn't move, so he doesn't disturb Adam.
Elijah: Will you play for us, Feemy?
Feemy: Sure, if you want.
Elijah: Grins. I can't wait.
Aidae: Climbs onto Pete's lap.
Feemy: Sits down with his guitar!
Jessica: Smiles. You won't have just one great-grandchild for long.
Elijah: Smiles and blushes a bit.
Peter: …Oh? Where is your wife, Elijah?
Elijah: Well, that's actually why she couldn't come… Still blushing a bit. Not feeling very well…
Peter: Ah, I see.
Mrs. Crowley: Seems to have disappeared. Comes back with an album in arm.
Feemy: Thinks about what to play. Just strums idly as he thinks!
Mrs. Crowley: Sits down and keeps the album in her lap. Waiting until Feemy is done, of course!
Feemy: …Grins. I have one.
Celena: Still looking a bit fretful… In one of those moods.
Feemy: Begins to strum a kind of simple, but cheery melody! …There once was a farmer that sat on a rock, stroking his whiskers and shaking his… Fist at his neighbors who sat on their ricks, as they taught their children to play with their… Kite strings and marbles, like in the days of old yore, when along came a lady that looked like a…
Jessica: Feemy!
Feemy: Grins. Decent young lady, who walked like a duck…
Aidae: Laughing.
Feemy: She said she'd developed a new way to… Bring up the children to sew and to knit while the boys in the stable were shoveling up…
John: Stares.
Aidae: Fit of giggling.
Feemy: …Contents of stables left after the hunt
Elijah: You're making me look bad, Aidae.
Feemy: The horseman was feeling a nice piece of… Straw from the stable, cleaning the walls! The dairymaid came in to play with his… Dog from the dairy, which she did belong and if you think this song is dirty, then you're quite wrong.
Aidae: Giggles and claps!
John: Just stares.
Mrs. Crowley: …Um… that was a nice song…
Feemy: Seems quite pleased with himself! I could sing it again if you'd like! Impish look on his face.
Aidae: Sing it again!
Jessica & Elijah: No.
Feemy: Aw, what was wrong with that song?
Jessica: I think you know.
Feemy: I do? …I guess it didn't rhyme very well.
Jessica: Shakes her head. Play something else.
Feemy: Fine, fine… I still want to know what was wrong with it thouuugh.
Mrs. Crowley: You could always play "Killing Me Softly". I thought you did really well with that one!
Feemy: …Ah… You don't wanna hear that one again… Too personal, now.
Aidae: How d'you kill someone softly?
Peter: It's a song, sweety.
Aidae: One time my daddy…
Elijah: Aidae!
Aidae: Whaaat?
Elijah: Gives her a look. Zip it.
Feemy: You liked my song, didn't you, Elijah?
Aidae: Pouts.
Elijah: Yeah… It was pretty good… I'd've liked it more if my daughter wasn't in the room and I had to be fatherly.
Feemy: …Well, I'll play a different one then. Was hoping he'd at least laugh. I'm kind of discouraged now. Well, serious song time! Begins to play again, the tune still a little simple, but with a more rustic sound to it. You can thank Ernest for most of the songs I know that aren't Atlantian. …I can hear what you're thinkin'. All your doubts and fears. And if you look in my eyes, in time you'll find, the reason I'm here. And in time, all things shall pass away. In time, you may come back someday. To live once more or die once more, but in time, your time will be no more… You know your days are numbered. Count them one-by-one. Like the notches in the handle of an outlaw's gun. You can outrun the devil, if you try… but you'll never outrun the hands of time. In time there surely will come a day. In time, all things shall pass away. In time, you may come back some say. To live once more or die once more, but in time your time will be no more.
Elijah & Jessica: Clap!
Aidae: That was boring.
Peter: Still a little weird for him to be singing.
Elijah: Wow! You're really good!
Mrs. Crowley: Claps as well, to be polite.
Feemy: …Thanks. It was supposed to sound tough and mysterious, but his voice doesn't work well with him on that, just sounds soft. …Um.. What's that you have, Granma? Divert attention.
Mrs. Crowley: Well… Your mother mentioned her wedding…
Jessica: Oh, do you have pictures, Rose?
Mrs. Crowley: Nods. Of the wedding
Jessica: I'd love to see them.
Mrs. Crowley: First page is mostly just the male guests, with one particular group shot in the middle! All of the men that were invited are dressed nicely in suits! From the left, there is John looking happy and with his old hair, but clean shaven. Kind of towers over the rest of them. Next to him, with a hand upon John's shoulder, is Ernest and he actually wears a suit very well! After that, there's a man with his arm around Ernest's shoulders. He has light skin and very curly hair, which would be curlier, if it wasn't cut so short. He's a little shorter than Ernest and grinning widely at the camera. Has kind of half-lidded eyes, like Ernest, since they'd both been drinking, judging by the bit of flush to both of their cheeks, though it's hidden a little by sparse facial hair. It's Eugene. Beside him, also with his arms around John's shoulder, is Curtis, who is much broader-shouldered than any of them! Next to him would probably be Elijah and Adam. Middler is also there looking shocked. You all looked so handsome… That one fellow looked like he thought the camera was going to eat him.
Celena: Looks over and frowns. Goes back to where she was sitting.
Picture #2: A picture of John and his grandfather. Neither are smiling at the camera. They're very similar. Though his grandfather's hair is completely blonde, he looks very akin to how John did back in the old days. He's also leaning on a cane. Suffice to say, not a happy picture.
Mrs. Crowley: Quickly turns the page. Actually misses her father.
Picture #3: Middler and Celena.
Jessica: Smiling, looking at the pictures.
Picture #4: Bridesmaids!
Picture #5: Also bridesmaids!
Mrs. Crowley: You looked very pretty, Celena. Smiles. You're going to look just beautiful in your wedding dress.
Celena: Blinks! Looks surprised and confused.
Mrs. Crowley: You're going to find a wonderful man to settle down with someday. Smiles.
Celena: Looks like she's going to cry.
Mrs. Crowley: Blinks. Oh, honey… what's wrong? I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
Celena: N-Nothing… I'm okay, Nana… Blinks furiously, trying to hold back tears and looks away.
Mrs. Crowley: Purses her lips a little. Not sure what she had said wrong, but kind of regretting saying it, though she thinks it's true.
Jessica: Frowns.
Feemy: …Hey, remember that? Points to another picture, trying to derail the topic for his sister.
Picture #6: Eugene and Ernest leaning on one another, seemingly laughing. Too much wine!
John: Drunks.
Celena: Departs to the bathroom!
Mrs. Crowley: Watches her depart. Quietly. …What's bothering Celena?
Jessica: Um… Looks to John.
John: Gee, thanks Jessica. …She hasn't been having much luck in that regard, Mom. It's best just to leave the subject alone.
Mrs. Crowley: Oh… the poor dear. I don't see why she wouldn't have luck. She's a perfectly lovely young woman in every way. A little ruffled by hearing that.
Jessica: Nods.
John: …I think it's time we left. Dad's passed out and so has Adam.
Jessica: Nods. I'd've loved to stay and look at more of the pictures but it is getting pretty late.
Mrs. Crowley: Nods. Of course. I kind of lost track of the time. Thank you all for visiting though! If you'd like, I could copy the wedding pictures and give them to you next time you came around.
Jessica: Oh, if it's not too much trouble, I'd love that! Stands and hugs Mrs. Crowley and kisses her on the cheek.
Mrs. Crowley: Hugs and kisses on the cheek for Jessie! It's wonderful when I get to see you all and I'm so glad to see you again, Elijah and meet my great-granddaughter. A vision of happiness.
Elijah: It's really great to see you again Grandma. I'm glad I'm back.. I missed you all.
Feemy: Yep! I've missed band practice. Laughs a little.
Mrs. Crowley: Oh dear! I'm so sorry!
Feemy: That's okay, we suck anyway!
Mrs. Crowley: I will never understand young men.
John: Lightly shakes Adam.
Adam: Mmm… Snuggles more into him.
John: Adam… We're going home now.
Adam: Sleeps on.
Elijah: Picks Aidae up carefully from Peter's lap.
Peter: Doesn't even stir. Sleeps like a log.
Aidae: Bye Nana, Nono.
Peter: Snores a little.
Jessica: Goes to get Celena from the bathroom.
Celena: Comes out quite red-faced.
Jessica: Looks for the girls.
Twins: Also sleeping, leaning on one another.
Mrs. Crowley: Takes a picture.
Jessica: Shakes them after Rose is done taking the picture. Girls… We're going.
Twins: Yawn, but help each other up. They look sleepy.
Jessica: Goes over to John and shakes Adam hard. No wimpy stuff for her. Get up Adam.
Adam: Sits up blearily.
John: Aw, don't do it too hard… We're going home, Adam.
Adam: Nods and gets up, rubbing his eyes.
Feemy: Hugs Granma!
Mrs. Crowley: Hugs back and also gives Celena an extra tight hug, the poor girl.
Celena: Cries more and hugs.
Adam: Hugs Grandma, too.
Mrs. Crowley: More crying? Oh no. There, there, sweety… Hugs for Adam too!
Celena: Covers her face with her hands.
John: Puts an arm about Celena's shoulders. …Let's get you home, dear.
Celena: Cries on John's… upper arm…
John: Curse my tallness. Leads her out.
Feemy & Twins: Follow.
Adam, Elijah & Aidae, and Jessica: Follow.

John: Driving time!
Adam: Gets in the front seat.

Everyone Else: Into the minivan.
Feemy: …I'm sorry, Celena. Guilt.
Celena: Just cries.
Rose: Snoozing again!
Dani: Why're you crying?
Jessica: Let her be, Danielle.
Dani: Frowns. I wanted to know, too.
Elijah: Drives behind John.

Adam: Why was Celena crying?
John: …I think it's because of the wedding situation.
Adam: Nods. Your parents can't come?
John: That's right.
Adam: Scratches his chest.
John: It's a shame, too. They would have liked to see her get married.
Adam: Why can't they come?
John: They don't know about Atlantis. Or anything from Atlantis.
Adam: You don't think they will react well to it?
John: I don't think they would be able to accept it, really.
Adam: Why not?
John: They've lived a long time without knowing about Atlantis.
Adam: Nods a bit.
John: They don't know the real reason that Feemerson has horns or why Aidae's eyes or red or why Thanasi's ears were so big.
Adam: You think it's worth lying to them?
John: I don't like the thought of it, Adam. I really don't.
Adam: Nods. …But if you're wanting to protect them…
John: Sighs.
Adam: …What's wrong?
John: It would be nice to have been able to be completely honest with them, but I believe we're past that point now.
Adam: You mean, you think they'd be mad at you if they found out you lied?
John: No. I think they wouldn't believe us. They'd think we were crazy.
Adam: What if you brought them there?
John: Then they would think they were crazy.
Adam: You really think so?
John: I do. Or they might have heart attacks.
Adam: Nods.
John: I'm just sorry it had to be that way is all.
Adam: …Is it really so different there?
John: No magic, no Elves, no Shapeshifters, no Demons or Angels walking around…
Adam: I mean… Is it so different from any other foreign country? The people and customs are different… but the majority of the people are Human… Or look mostly human. I'm sure they've seen castles before elsewhere…
John: I'd say it's quite different there. Middler's mom is going to be at the wedding, just so you know.
Adam: …What does she look like?
John: She's a Harpy.
Adam: Nods.
John: …Not a very pleasant one, either
Adam: Nods and scratches his chest.

John: And parks at Ernest's.
Adam: Gets out.
John: Gets out as well.
Feemy & Twins: Get out as well.
Everyone: Out they get.
Lights: Still on in the house.
Jessica: Goes to knock.
Inside: Thump.
Jessica: Rings the doorbell.
Ernest: Yanks open the door. What?! …Oh… Hey y'guys're back.
Jessica: Jumped when he yelled.
Ernest: Heheh… Sorry 'bout that… Din' know it was you. C'mon in.
Jessica: Enters timidly. Doesn't like being shouted at.

Ernest: The cans have multiplied next to the couch.
Elijah: You shouldn't drink Mr. Randall…
Ernest: Yeaaah… I know. Evil stuff. Sits down on the couch heavily.
Elijah: It could hurt your liver… and your brain.
Ernest: Yeah, yeah… Heard it before.
Elijah: Don't you want to have a family someday?
Ernest: What are you, my mother?
Elijah: No… but I used to drink too and it didn't solve my problems, it just exacerbated them.
John: Just listening to this. Already has gotten on Ernest's case about drinking. Tired of doing so, just wants to go home.
Ernest: Eh… could be worse. Could do crack'rsomethin'.
Elijah: That's not an excuse.
Ernest: Did ya come all the way from magicland to tell me that're somethin'?
Elijah: I think you should ask yourself if you're really happy.
Ernest: Maybe I should ask you, since ya seem to know everythin'. Getting defensive and a little angry!
Elijah: I don't know everything, but you need to realize one day that you have a problem.
Ernest: I do know I have a problem, an' I don' think you have any place to be tellin' me that.
Elijah: You're a nice guy is all, but you're nicer when you're not drunk.
Ernest: You guys only visit me ta leave, so what's keepin' you this time?
Elijah: I was just worried about you. You seem sad.
Ernest: Here's a bit'a advice, 'Lijah. Don't worry 'bout me. Everythin' is fine here.
Elijah: Shrugs. Just don't waste your life being wasted.
Ernest: That's cute. Ya come up with that yerself or was it one of those pretty DARE sayins' you had back in high school? If that's the case, I heard they didn' work so well back then.
Elijah: Wonders what DARE is. You're a really nice guy Mr. Randall.
Ernest: Thanks.
Elijah: I just don't like seeing you hurt yourself.
Ernest: I said I'm fine.
Dani: Tugs on Jessica's hand sleepily.
Elijah: Well try not to drink so much. Goes to get potions.
Ernest: Mutters and lays down.
Elijah: Or I'll come and visit you everyday until you stop. Joking.
Ernest: That'd be more than my best friend does.
John: Frowns.
Elijah: Don't blame it on Father.
Jessica: Gives the girls potions and takes her own. Getting out of here.
Twins: Take theirs. They just want to go to sleep.
Celena: Takes hers.
Ernest: I'm not blamin' it on him. I didn' drink cuz of him, I chose to. Just statin' a fact.
John: Just pass out already. You're embarrassing yourself.
Ernest: Pft…
Adam: Just stares at Ernest with big green eyes.
Ernest: Stares back with bleary green eyes.
Adam: Looks at all the beer cans.
Ernest: I said it before. You all just come here to leave somewhere else're to go home anyway. Don't let me keep you.
Adam: Frowns. Are you lonely? At least doesn't sound patronizing like Elijah. Just sounds curious.
Ernest: …Yer a smart kid, but ya don' know what you're talkin' about, okay? I mean, you're… really smart, but this is a different thing. Does sound as sincere as he can with a slur though.
Adam: Softly, frowning. I'm sorry you're lonely…
Ernest: Smiles! It's not a very happy one though, his eyes kind of disagree with the expression. Heeey, don't worry 'bout that, I'm fine.
John: …Let's just go.
Adam: A-Are you sure?
Ernest: Oh yeah! Hey, you're smart… but yer still kinda young… an' you can't learn everythin' from a book, you know? So… when you get grown up a bit, you'll understand the deal.
Adam: Stares and nods.
John: Hm. So. I take it Sachi isn't coming back, then?
Ernest: She already was back.
John: …Just stay in the house, Ernest.
Ernest: Dammit, I'm'n adult. Don't treat me like a kid.
John: Then act like an adult. We're leaving.
Adam: Good-bye, Mr. Randall. I hope you feel better soon. Looks sad.
Ernest: Don' sweat it, little man. Said affectionately, too.
John: Leaves!
Adam: Waves a little sadly and takes his potion.
Elijah: Bye Mr. Randall. Take care of yourself. Takes his potion.
Ernest: Mumbles and rolls over.

John: That was pleasant.
Adam: Looks sad.
John: Mixture of frustrated, annoyed, and concerned, all in one!
Elijah: He's really hard-headed.
John: He's hard to talk to when he's drunk.
Adam: How sad.
John: It's pathetic. He's acting like a child.
Adam: …Maybe he just needs someone to care about him. Frowns.
John: We do care about him.
Adam: But we don't ever visit him unless we're going to Grandma's.
John: We also have lives to live, Adam. We can't be at his beck-and-call whenever he's feeling a little low.
Adam: I don't think he should be dismissed just because it's inconvenient. Isn't that just rationalizing it to yourself? Seems almost guilty himself.
John: Sighs and nods a little. …I'll make more of an effort… but I can't just pop in there whenever. If he actually does have a girlfriend still, I don't quite know how she's going to react to me just appearing out of thin air.
Adam: Nods.
John: Especially because she hates me.
Adam: Why does she hate you?
John: We didn't get along so well in high school.
Adam: …Why not?
John: We had a falling out.
Adam: …About what?
John: We used to date back in high school. Then we broke up.
Adam: …Oh. That's a long time to hate somebody.
John: Some people keep hating.
Adam: Frowns and looks sad again.
John: Scruffs up Adam's hair. …I'm going by the training hall, if you want to come with.
Adam: Shrugs. Alright.
Elijah: I should get to Bara and put Aidae to bed… Night Father… Adam. Hugs them both.
John: Hugs in return. Good night.
Elijah: Love you both…
Adam: Love you, too, Elijah. Kisses his cheek. Life's really too short to hold hate in your heart. Hugs tight.
John: Love you, Elijah. Have a good rest.
Elijah: Laughs. Don't be so grown up. Kisses Adam's forehead. 'Night Dad… Father. Waves and off he goes with a sleepy Aidae.
John: Ha, you called me "Dad."
Adam: 'Re you going to the training hall because you can't sleep? Stares up at his father.
John: …Just going to do a bit of exercise first then try, Adam.
Adam: Nods and follows him.

Feemy: Already knocking on Ren's door.
Renasi's Room: No answer.
Feemy: Just peeks inside then.
Renasi's Room: Nobody home.
Feemy: …Aw. I didn't even wanna do anything grabby. I just wanted to snuggle.

John: Leads into the training hall!
Adam: To the training hall!
John: Now, what to do in the training hall? Sword practice? I need something physically taxing. Begins by hacking up a dummy.
Adam: Throws thin daggers at a target board… Close… Closer… Hits the target… Hits the target…
John: Swinging harder and harder at the dummy in question. Venting!
Adam: Throws daggers… Hits the target, hits the target, hits the target…
John: Getting more violent than he would have liked. Has a lot of pent up frustration!
Adam: That's why I'm scared of Dad when he's mad. Goes to get the daggers and does it again! Hit the target! Eventually gets bored and watches his father.
John: It takes a little while, but finally he lowers the sword, panting. That sucked. Doing that while tired just made him feel worse.
Adam: Stares at his dad.
John: Glances over to Adam.
Adam: Stares.
John: …Something wrong, Adam?
Adam: …You must be really… upset.
John: Why do you say that? You're pretty much right, but I just want to know your reasoning.
Adam: …You were rather violent.
John: Nods a little. …You ever feel so frustrated that you just wanted to scream?
Adam: Thinks.
John: Lets him think. Really wants to know his answer.
Adam: Nods.
John: …It's kind of like that.
Adam: What are you frustrated about?
John: A lot of things.
Adam: Like what?
John: Isn't going to mention that he feels absolutely powerless to help Adam in his ordeals, despite how much he wants to. That when he did die, there wasn't a thing he could do except watch it happen. The problem at Ernest's for one. He's a good friend of mine and it was troubling to see him like that.
Adam: Nods. …But you're going to help him, right?
John: If I can. That's the problem. When people get like that, first they have to want to be helped and Ernest might not be at that place yet.
Adam: Nods, looking thoughtful. …Are you frustrated about me?
John: …Why would you ask that?
Adam: What you said before… About the nightmare and not being able to help me… Stares up at him.
John: …I'm not frustrated at you… I just wish I could help, Adam. More than anything, I wish I could make everything okay.
Adam: Nods.
John: …I'm sorry. I don't mean to upset you. This isn't your fault… It's not in our control.
Adam: Nods. Takes his father's hand, looking up at him. You should focus on what you can do… Not on what you can't… and I think… You're already doing everything you can do… I couldn't ask for a better father, really…
John: He'd honestly, really, never thought of it like that…
Adam: Stares up at him with big green eyes.
John: Squeezes his hand gently. It's probably sweaty and gross, sorry. …It's hard to focus on that sometimes… but I'll try.
Adam: Nods. I've caused you a lot of pain.
John: Don't say that, Adam… You're not the cause of any of my pain.
Adam: Some of it… I… hope I'm worth it… A good son to you.
John: You're a wonderful son… I wouldn't trade you for the world.
Adam: Smiles a bit. …I try my best…. You make it easy, though. I want to be the best person I can be.
John: Smiles a little proudly. It is good to hear you say that… Already so smart and mature. It's hard to believe you're so young.
Adam: Smiles and hugs him.
John: Hugs him with one arm. Not about to use the arm that still has a sword held at the end.
Adam: Stands on his very tippy-toes, leaning heavily to kiss him on the cheek.
John: Bends down to help that. Used to doing so!
Adam: Succeeds in giving his dad a smooch, then pulls away to take the knives out of the target and put them away.
John: Watches him and blinks. …You have a good arm.
Adam: Putting the daggers back in their case. Hmm?
John: You hit the target with all the daggers. I don't think even I could have done that. Puts the sword he used away.
Adam: Blushes a little. …Thank you, but… I bet you could do it, too.
John: Not sure if he could. Looks like you've got a talent for it.
Adam: Flushes and shrugs a bit, embarrassed. Though of course, enjoys being praised by his dad.
John: Scruffs up his hair. …I'm going to try and go to sleep, Adam.
Adam: I hope you can. Hugs him tight. I love you, Dad. I feel so grateful to have you.
John: I love you too, Adam… and I'm glad that I have you as a son.
Adam: Smiles. Good night… Have good dreams… One last hug and departs.
John: Departs to his room.

Feemy: Goes to sleep in his cold lonely bed.
Renasi: His bed isn't so cold and lonely because he's in it! Was waiting up for him but… fell asleep naked beneath the sheets.
Feemy: Slips into bed with him. Not doing anything naughty, just snuggling up happily.
Renasi: Deeply asleep.
Feemy: Rests a hand on his chest. Closes his eyes and drifts off.

Jessica: Sitting up in a new sexy thing… This one is much… kinkier.
John: Stares when he does enter the room. Oh great and I'm all sweaty. That's real attractive I bet. Takes off his shirt and kind of whips it into the corner without turning to look away from her. Really, the thing was gross… You'll thank me, I promise.
Jessica: Smiles.
John: …Quite an outfit you have on there.
Jessica: Blushes. You don't like it? …I wore it all day.
John: Oooh, you did? …Must have been a little uncomfortable… Why don't I help you out of it? Right on over, stroking her shoulder.
Jessica: That would be a relief…
John: And it would be my pleasure. Settles next to her and, very slowly, begins to remove the garment, gently stroking whatever flesh is exposed.
Jessica: And they do… naughty stuff.
John: Now I'm even more sweaty. Is also sleeping like the dead about fifteen minutes later. Very unlike him.