08 July 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Adam McMurran Jessica McMurran

Daniel: Well, it's nice to know that, in the end, you got forced to look at my grave because you can't say "no" to my hot wife.
J.N: I went of my own free will. I just didn't want to intrude.
Daniel: I thought you thought it was pointless and stupid.
J.N: I think it doesn't have a physical point, yes. To others, it may be a comfort to stand over your bones. Part of a healing process that's never going to be complete.
Daniel: I thought it was more of an… honoring and remembering the dead guy but… okay.
J.N: Well, I figure I wouldn't need to look at a stone in the ground with your name on it to remember or honor you.
Daniel: All you have to do is fall asleep.
J.N: True.
Daniel: Well, on a scale of 1-10, how much fun was it looking at a stone in the ground with my name on it?
J.N: Fun? Well… I don't know.
Daniel: Should I add like… -10?
J.N: I don't think it was fun. It was… solemn?
Daniel: Oh well… Sorry about that. It's funny we don't get along any better now than when I was alive.
J.N: I don't mind. If you think that visiting your grave is honoring and respecting you, then I'll do so. If you have any other requests though, I'm all ears.
Daniel: No thanks since you don't remember anything
J.N: Yeah, good point.
Daniel: You're doing well with 'Lijah and Adam at least.
J.N: They're wonderful.
Daniel: Stares.
J.N: At least Middler didn't talk a lot during the trip. That was fortunate. And I don't think Celena was staring hate daggers at me. We may be past that.
Daniel: Oh, haha you were being sarcastic… Daniel's a dumb ass because he doesn't get your booone dry poker face sense of humor… Oh joy.
J.N: I wasn't joking.
Daniel: Probably because she was sending love arrows at Middler.
J.N: Probably. If Jessica does marry me, does she have to get approval from me to marry Middler?
Daniel: No. Besides, I already approved and my approval override yours. I'll probably regret it when she mysteriously disappears on their honeymoon and all they find left of her is a pile of bones.
J.N: Yeah, maybe. I wasn't joking about Elijah and Adam, by the by.
Daniel: You think they're wonderful. Why?
J.N: I like them.
Daniel: Laughs. Because they like you.
J.N: I wouldn't say that. I dated a girl in high school that seemed like she hated me.
Daniel: Why did you date a girl that hated you?
J.N: I liked her.
Daniel: How did you get her to date you?
J.N: Four weeks in the pit weakened her resolve. Barring that, I just asked her.
Daniel: Oh, good job.
J.N: It happens.
Daniel: So you like Elijah because… um… uh… He's so very lovable. And you like Adam because he's smart and weird.
J.N: We can keep it at that.
Daniel: Aw, you agree, that Elijah's lovable. I thought it was just parental bias. Anyway you haven't dealt with teenagers yet… Except Celena… and that's just the tip of the iceberg my friend.
J.N: I imagine so.
Daniel: Elijah was a horrible teenager. Frowns.
J.N: Yeah.
Daniel: Yeah! It's not all adorable four-year-olds and sticky kisses!
J.N: I know.
Daniel: Do you want kids of your own, then?
J.N: Unsure.
Daniel: What is keeping you from being sure?
J.N: Just thinking on it, really. It's not like I'm going to just out and ask Jessica if she feels like having another kid anytime soon. Especially with marriage seeming to be in the distance.
Daniel: Well, you must have had some opinion on whether you wanted children or not before you even started dating Jessica.
J.N: Marriage proposal, I mean. To be honest, I'd thought about it and thought that there wasn't going to be a woman that could tolerate me long enough, or vice versa, to propagate.
Daniel: I see. So the only objection you have to reproducing is whether or not you find a woman willing to do it with you? Meaning if you could, you would? Or it was just some sort of impossible feat that was never going to happen and therefore a waste of time to even ponder on?
J.N: I find that while I counted it as being rational thought, I see it now as mostly just self-defeating logic that allowed me to pretend that I was content to work at a chopper's and come home to a dark house with only books and my own thoughts to keep me company.
Daniel: Shrugs. I dunno… If Jessica could put up with me, I don't see how it's such a big leap to have to put up with you.
J.N: We're different kinds of bothersome, you and I. Some people can tolerate annoyance from column Dan, more than column John and sometimes vice versa.
Daniel: And Jessica is the rare flower who can tolerate us both.
J.N: Indeed. Just a thought, but did you guys think I'd never dated before?
Daniel: I thought you killed your old girlfriends.
J.N: Yeah, yeah and hid 'em in the basement. With the others. I had a few girlfriends in high school. None of them ended on a particularly good note.
Daniel: Really, it was like… "Cliche analogy" just trying to find out your last name and occupation… You were pretty much mum on your old girlfriends when I asked. So I assumed you killed them and didn't try to pry anymore… How unusual of me.
J.N: That was nice of you.
Daniel: Anyway, even if you had horrible failed relationships with them, you did better than me, who never had any other relationships besides with Jessica.
J.N: They weren't horribly failed, except for one. They went just about as good as high school relationships go. You weren't missing out on much.
Daniel: I know everyone thinks I'm a weirdo for that. Well, you're not so much of a jerk once you get to know… you…. Well recently, at least… Times when you weren't a jerk to me were seldom and probably out of a sense of obligation.
J.N: The times I wasn't is when I just didn't feel like a… jerk, for lack of a better term.
Daniel: Um… You were otherwise actively trying to be a jerk?
J.N: No, I was just in the mood that apparently sanctioned jerk-hood.
Daniel: Gruuumpy.
J.N: That could be the word for it.
Daniel: I thought you enjoyed picking at me.
J.N: I did. I think.
Daniel: I'm an easy target.
J.N: Yeah.
Daniel: Ha. Would you still hang out with me if I was alive?
J.N: I would.
Daniel: One-lunged… and divorced Jessica…
J.N: If you were still there, I wouldn't be with Jessica.
Daniel: I'm not sure you would have a lung either because I dunno if I'm really that self-sacrificing to go through that sort of day-to-day discomfort. I'm sorry. I'm a human being who likes to feel well most of the time.
J.N: I wouldn't blame you either.
Daniel: I know you don't exactly feel snazzy with my lung either, so… yeah… 'Least you're healthier.
J.N: It's weird, actually. I guess in a creepy way, you're always with me. I pretty much owe everything to you.
Daniel: Doesn't that suck?
J.N: I'm grateful.
Daniel: And you don't have to do anything but hang out with me in your dreams. I can't even say you have to look after my kid since you're dating my wife and it's now in your job description there.
J.N: I would have anyway… Curious, but are you really speaking to me from Limbo? Or are you just a part of my subconscious?
Daniel: Umm… Ahh… I dunno. I just know Limbo is connected with dreams.
J.N: I see. I'd hate to think I was just talking to myself for… how many years?
Daniel: Four or something… But I'm definitely me. Since I know things about me you don't.
J.N: Of course. Though, I could have always just made it up.
Daniel: I guess.
J.N: I'll believe you though. Weirder things have happened.
Daniel: Like the entirety of Atlantis.
J.N: Yep.

Adam: Sits on J.N.'s chest and… scratches his chin hair.
J.N: Murmurs and stirs.
Adam: Stops scratching and simply lays down on J.N.'s torso. Stares up his nose.
Nose: Just like any other. Just cooler.
Adam: Those are some cool nose hairs.
J.N: Stirs more. Eyes open.
Adam: Whispers. Mr. John.
J.N: Oh… Hello Adam. Softly said, mostly due to the fact that he's just waking up.
Adam: Sorry I woke you up.
J.N: Is'alrigh.
Adam: Blinks at him, then lays his head down on J.N.'s chest and scratches his chain hair wearily.
J.N: Gives him a hug with one arm.
Adam: Listens to J.N.'s heart beat and feels his chest rise and fall.
J.N: Adam has to not care that he's waking me up. This is the third time he's done it. Not that I care, though. How're you?
Adam: Not-so-good. How're you?
J.N: Doing alright. Why aren't you doing not-so-good?
Adam: My tummy hurts and I had a nightmare and I can't go back to sleep.
J.N: Nods! I see. You can stay in here as long as you'd like, Adam… What was your nightmare about?
Adam: Somebody put bugs in me…
J.N: That is macabre.
Adam: Scary metal bugs… Then I bled a lot. I was really sad.
J.N: Very macabre. I'd be sad too.
Adam: Scratches J.N.'s chin more.
J.N: Are you going to grow chin hair yourself when you're older?
Adam: I dunno… You think it'd look good?
J.N: I'm not sure. We'd have to wait and see.
Adam: Rolls off of J.N.'s torso.
J.N: Sits up.
Adam: Sorry if I was squashing you.
J.N: You weren't.
Adam: Holds his stomach. What did you dream about?
J.N: I can't remember… Notices him holding his stomach. We should get something for your stomach. You did mention that it hurt a bit ago.
Adam: What?
J.N: You said it hurt earlier.
Adam: Yes… but what could make it feel better?
J.N: Shrugs. Maybe water. Did you eat too much… or not very much?
Adam: I dunno… the same as always…
J.N: Nods! Though that doesn't help much, except to tell that he didn't overeat or that he isn't hungry.
Adam: Stares.
J.N: Jessica might know what could help.
Adam: She's sleeping.
J.N: Checks his pocket watch for the time! It's late. Oh well. Laying down might help.
Adam: Is laying down. …I think I'm gonna throw up.
J.N: …Searches for some kind of container to maybe get this in!
Adam: Kinda wishes he had his mommy on hand now!
J.N: Brings a basin over! Is at a loss as to what he can do, really. Adam, I'm going to get Jessica… okay?
Adam: Nods.
J.N: Kisses his forehead. I'll be right back. And hurries off to get Jessica.

Jessica: Sleeping blissfully! And glad she has her little Feemy back.
J.N: Opens the door to her room. Jessica.
Jessica: In her underwear, asleep.
J.N: I would too if I were more comfortable with the idea in Atlantis. Heat bothers me much more than cold does. Approaches her and lightly shakes her shoulder. Jessica?
Jessica: Mmm… no…cybertron…mmffrbb…
J.N: Shakes a bit harder! Jessica.
Jessica: Snerk! Awakens. Oh… John… Stares up at him. Um…
J.N: Adam's sick in my room.
Jessica: Mm. Ugh. Closes her eyes again.
J.N: …I don't know what to do either. Shakes.
Jessica: Sighs and sits up. Puts on a robe. Yes, yes…
J.N: …Feels bad for having to wake her up, too.
Jessica: Stomach flu?
J.N: I don't know… He just said his stomach hurt and that he thought he was going to throw up. I got a basin and told him I was getting you.
Jessica: Oh well… I've been through this before. I hope he's gotten chicken pox already. Shuffles off down the hall.
J.N: Follows.

Jessica: Enters J.N.'s room. Sweety? Strokes his hair.
Adam: Mumbles. Leans on Mommy. Indeed been vomiting.
Jessica: Lovely. John… Could you get some water… I mean… A lot of water? Picks Adam up carefully.
J.N: Nods and goes to do so. In a quick manner as well.
Jessica: Takes Adam to the bathroom.
J.N: Yeah, you were right Dan. Not all hugs and sticky kisses. Sometimes there's vomit too. Brings forth the water, as instructed.
Jessica: Makes Adam drink in between vomiting!
J.N: We're bonding as a family, alright.
Adam: After probably having nothing left in his stomach to throw up, just lays against his mother and sips water unhappily. …Am I going to die?
J.N: Someday. No. Even if he was talking to you, Jessica.
Jessica: You just have a stomach flu. It happens to nearly all little kids. Hugs him. You just have to drink lots and lots of water and you'll be fine.
Adam: Why do I have to drink water?
Jessica: Because you're losing a lot of water when you throw up and if you don't you'll shrivel up like a raisin and die. Not particularly eloquent late at night.
J.N: Nods to confirm! Though Jessica knows much more about this than himself.
Adam: Eyes droop.
Jessica: Takes Adam to his room and sets a basin out for him in case he doesn't think he can make it to the bathroom. Also a pitcher of water and a glass. You need to rest… Lays him down and tucks him in. Kisses his forehead. If you need anything, you know where to find me… Or Mr. John… Alright?
Adam: Nods. Hugs his mommy and holds arms out for J.N.
J.N: Leans in and hugs Adam.
Adam: Fading fast. Niiight… Daaadee… Snoozes.
J.N: Smiles a bit. Goodnight, Adam. Turns to Jessica.
Jessica: Takes J.N.'s arm and leaves the room, closing the door behind!

J.N: Lead out. …I'm sorry, Jessica. Now that he's not occupied by Adam being sick, does realize that he did indeed barge into her room in the middle of the night and shook her awake.
Jessica: …For what? Turns to him, leaning against him a bit.
J.N: Wraps his arms around her. …For just barging into your room and waking you up.
Jessica: It's alright… I understand you were worried about Adam.
J.N: Kisses her forehead. Still feels bad about it, of course.
Jessica: Did I hear him call you what I think I heard him call you? Looks up at him.
J.N: I think you did. Looks back down to her, to make eye contact.
Jessica: Smiles. Sorry about that… I've told him not to.
J.N: …I really don't mind… I guess I'm not really his dad though… but I don't mind him saying that. It kind of makes me feel nice. An unfamiliar kind of nice.
Jessica: Well it's not like he ever really knew his dad… I just don't want him to make you feel… uncomfortable or obligated or… I dunno.
J.N: Thank you for considering my feelings on it… If you don't want him to call me dad, I'll ask him to stop myself, if you'd like.
Jessica: It's not that I mind… I just thought you would.
J.N: Nods and smiles genuinely.
Jessica: If you don't mind… then I guess it's alright. I mean… I don't know… If he calls you 'dad' are you going to want to assume those responsibilities? Because you really don't have to and I don't want you to feel like you're being forced into something you're not ready for.
J.N: I see what you mean… Fatherhood is a considerable step to say the least.
Jessica: It certainly is… Smiles at him. …Not that I think you're not doing well with Adam… I appreciate you staying up with him when he's sick. You're not shirking the 'icky' parts, at least…
J.N: Frowns a little bit. Kind of remembers how Celena told him that he should learn how to be more fatherly. I try my best… though I'm not sure if my best is really what's right.
Jessica: Nobody's a perfect parent at first… I certainly wasn't. You have to learn with experience.
J.N: Hugs her a little. I'm sure I'll get experience with that when I finally get settled completely here.
Jessica: Smiles and nods. You've got it a bit rough, huh?
J.N: Rough? …Maybe. I don't think so though… I'm happy.
Jessica: Well… Dating me…. You've got to deal with a nearly-adult young man, a nearly-teenager young lady, an older child and a younger one.
J.N: I'll try not to mess up too badly… Smiles a bit ruefully at that.
Jessica: You're doing really well, I think… Even Celena seems to have warmed up to you a little.
J.N: We had a little talk a bit ago… Came to something of an understanding.
Jessica: Oh, really? How did that come about?
J.N: She came to my room and the subject just came up, so we talked about it. Trying to leave out the parts where she kind of insulted him. But… I don't like being dishonest, even if it is just excluding bits. She was a kind of hostile… and I tried to explain to her that I wasn't just trying to get to know your kids just because of you… or that I wasn't just trying to sleep with you.
Jessica: Raises her eyebrows. Sighs. Celena…
J.N: I don't mean to get her in trouble… I'm just being honest with you.
Jessica: Well… I guess as long as you've made peace with each other then… I suppose I shouldn't complain. Cocks her head at him. …John….?
J.N: Yes, Jessica?
Jessica: …Do you want to have children of your own? Has been wondering.
J.N: Blinks, looking shocked, as he definitely did not see that coming. Well… I… And now you get to see very obviously awkward John, not just subtly awkward John.
Jessica: Seeing him awkward makes her feel awkward! S-Sorry… I um…. Was just wondering.
J.N: It's okay… I've thought about it…
Jessica: Looks up at him.
J.N: Once more, looks back down to her… and is at a complete loss of what to say next, too.
Jessica: …Did you come to a conclusion?
J.N: Yes… I did…
Jessica: Hugs him for a bit of encouragement.
J.N: Hugs back, finding support in the embrace. …That I would… someday. Doesn't want to make her feel obliged or frighten her off, which he is actually extremely worried about doing.
Jessica: Nods. Hugs. Kisses him on the cheek. Thank you for telling me…
J.N: Nods as well, kind of robbed of the ability to speak. Even looks a bit anxious, though he tries to hide it. You're welcome… I wouldn't keep something like that from you.
Jessica: Clears her throat, blushes, and looks away. At least you know it means she considers her relationship with you serious and long term. …I wouldn't mind having a child with you someday.
J.N: Surprised he can hold a conversation with Jessica, seeing as how often their times alone ends up with him being rendered quasi speechless.
Jessica: Quite red. Leans her head against J.N.'s chest.
J.N: Runs a hand through her hair. Heart is beating very quickly.
Jessica: Hopes she doesn't give J.N. a heart attack. Um…
J.N: Not dangerously, ludicrously fast. My heart just happens to race during moments like this. Stops stroking/playing with her hair, as well. …Yes?
Jessica: …Sorry… Blushes.
J.N: There's no reason for you to be sorry at all…
Jessica: Well… I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable or anything.
J.N: Chuckles. Well… I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable either. You're still very pretty when you blush.
Jessica: It's alright… I just… Wanted to talk about it.
J.N: Nods. …You've been thinking about it too then?
Jessica: Well, yes… I mean… Blushes. I really like you, John and… Well, I know you don't have children of your own and you're still young and you might want to have children, so… I thought I needed to put it into consideration.
J.N: You're very considerate, Jessica. …I know this is obvious and it should go without saying… but… You know that we don't have to have a child, if you do not want to.
Jessica: Well, I didn't say that out of any feeling of obligation… I did put thought into it… I thought about it a lot… and that was the decision I came to. I know it probably seems early, but… Well, it wouldn't be good if you desperately wanted children and I didn't or something.
J.N: Is quite glad it's not like that or like the situation Julius had with Gwen. No one's rushing us… Even if that sounds weird to just out and say.
Jessica: Well… It just puts my mind at ease.
J.N: Doesn't look so anxious anymore either. I'm glad to hear that.
Jessica: Leans in to smooch, but too tired to go on tiptoes.
J.N: Leans down more, just so she doesn't have to stand on her tiptoes and smooches her.
Jessica: Kisses back.
J.N: Gives her a close hug.
Jessica: Wraps her arms around him.
J.N: Finds that his anxiety and worries kind of seem less serious when she's holding him.
Jessica: Hm. You really are lovely, John… Under that rough exterior… Laughs a bit.
J.N: Chuckles in spite of himself. You're lovely too, Jessica. Even though you didn't have a rough exterior.
Jessica: Smiles and blushes.
J.N: Leans in to kiss her again.
Jessica: Meets the kiss. Smooches. Leans close to him.
J.N: Hugs her tighter and enjoys the moment.
Jessica: Sexy hug?!
J.N: Sexy hugs back!?
Jessica: Some more passionate kissing.
J.N: No complaints, returns the passionate kissing. And his heart's beating fast again!
Jessica: Getting rather into it.
J.N: Is getting caught up in the moment.