08 August 2032
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Gabriel Middler Blaydow Nathaniel Larson Renasi Reium John Crowley Feemerson Crowley Celena Crowley Adam Crowley Bara McMurran Aidae McMurran Elijah McMurran Jessica Crowley

Gabriel's Door: A knock upon it.
Gabriel: Yes?
Middler: Cracks open the door and peeks inside. Hello, Gabriel!
Gabriel: Takes off his reading glasses and blinks. Smiles a little. Hello Middler.
Nathaniel: Middler! Runs over and hugs him!
Middler: Hugs back! Hello to you too, Nathaniel!
Nathaniel: Grins up at him. You never come visit me anymore.
Middler: I'm sorry about that, Nathaniel. I'll make it a point to do so more often, does that sound good? Smiles.
Nathaniel: Laughs. You don't haf'ta if you're busy. Lets him go.
Middler: Not at all, It'd be my pleasure to spend more time with the both of you.
Gabriel: Stands and stretches, being hunched over a technical drawing is no fun. What can I do for you, Middler?
Middler: Well, I just wanted to ask you a question. You don't have to say yes or anything, but I thought you'd be the only person I could ask.
Gabriel: Ask away.
Middler: Well, I know it's a bit odd, but I would be delighted if you would consider being my best man at my wedding.
Gabriel: Raises his eyebrows and… actually blushes?
Middler: As I said, you don't have to say yes and you don't have to decide now or anything, but you're really the only person I would ask.
Gabriel: Reddens a little more. Um… Me?
Middler: Please? Smiles hopefully!
Gabriel: I-I… I'd be honored Middler. Smiles genuinely… Which means awkwardly.
Middler: Actually bows respectfully and gratefully. I'm glad you accepted, Gabriel!
Gabriel: Bows back. My pleasure.
Middler: In such a good mood now, very akin to how he used to be way back. Now… about not seeing you two much, if either of you are not doing anything tomorrow, perhaps you two could be convinced to take a stroll in town with me? Nathaniel: Grins and looks at his father.
Gabriel: I'd enjoy that Middler, thank you.
Middler: You are most welcome. You two are very important to me and it would be a pleasure to spend more time with the both of you.
Nathaniel: Grins. Where're we going?!
Middler: Anywhere you and Gabriel would like to go is fine by me, Nathan.
Nathaniel: …The menagerie!!!
Gabriel: Nathaniel. There's no need to shout.
Middler: The menagerie it is, then!
Nathaniel: Bounces on his toes in excitement. And we'll get cotton candy!
Middler: And ice cream too, if you'd like.
Gabriel: I don't think he needs that much sugar.
Middler: Gives Gabriel a look. Not a reproachful or resentful one, more like, 'Aw c'mon, pleaaase?'
Gabriel: Shrugs. If you want to be the one keeping him from bouncing off the walls.
Nathaniel: Do you wanna see my drawings, Middler?
Middler: You're a softy, Gabriel. Smiles. I would love to!
Nathaniel: Carefully takes his drawing off his father's desk. It's a quite expansive drawing of a glinter, but a smaller and lighter one made for only one person. Dad was correcting it… I messed up here and here and here. Points out the mistakes, beaming.
Middler: …Wow! That's very impressive! Genuinely impressed with what he's seeing. Wasn't expecting anything like that at all.
Nathaniel: I got my math wrong there… I'm gonna have to do it over. Couldn't sound happier!
Middler: It's a little beyond him! …Very beyond him, actually!
Nathaniel: Begins to talk Middler's ear off about aerodynamics and physics and thrust and so-on-and-so-forth at a rapid speed!
Middler: Pays attention very carefully! Trying his best to understand too, really he is! That's very impressive, Nathan! I couldn't have learned all of that in a million years.
Nathaniel: Blushes a bit. I bet you could, Middler. You're really smart!
Middler: I have no idea where you got that idea from! You have a real talent for it, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: Grins. Well I can't even pull a rabbit out of my hat, though I've been practicing magic real hard.
Middler: Keep practicing magic and you'll be better than me at that, too!
Nathaniel: Not even Dad know how to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
Middler: Really?
Nathaniel: Nods!
Middler: I'm sure he can do much more impressive things than that.
Nathaniel: Still… You're really special. He can't shape-shift or anything, either.
Middler: Someday, I might teach you the secret of that trick.
Nathaniel: Grins. Really?
Middler: Really!
Nathaniel: Promise?!
Middler: Promise.
Nathaniel: You're the best! Hugs Middler tight.
Middler: Tight hug. I like it when he's happy.

Ren's Door: Knocking.
Renasi: Who is it?
John: John. Is Feemerson in there?
Renasi: …Yes, Sir.
John: May I come in?
Renasi: Yes Sir.
John: Enters! Hello Renasi, Feemerson.
Renasi: Hello, Sir. Bows. …Would you like me to leave?
John: No, I'm not going to be long. I just wanted to thank the both of you for telling Jessica and I about your relationship. I know I did earlier, but I appreciate the respect you showed in doing so.
Renasi: I-I-It's no problem, Sir.
Feemy: …Uh… Thanks.
Renasi: Bows to John again.
John: Bows in return and then leaves!
Feemy: Blinks.
Renasi: Blinks.
Feemy: …Dad's a big stickler on honesty.
Renasi: He's kinda weird.
Feemy: A little.
Renasi: And then we saw him smooching your mom.
Feemy: …Yeah. You got a good enough look at it, ya perv.
Renasi: Laughs. Your mom's kinda hot.
Feemy: Ren!
Renasi: Laughs!
Feemy: Besides, your mom's much hotter anyhow.
Renasi: Laughs!
Feemy: You're not going to hear me admit it, but for a small time, I had a tiny crush on your mom, but I thankfully grew out of it.

John: Knocks on Celena's door.
Celena: Who is it?
John: Your father. Are you busy, Celena?
Celena: No… Come in…
John: And enters. Hello, Celena.
Celena: Hello Father… Sitting in a chair with two cats on her bed, rolling bandages.
John: Meanders to her bed and pets one of the cats. How have things been?
Celena: Pretty good… Middler said I probably wouldn't lay eggs.
John: Blinks. …That's a relief.
Celena: Nods.
John: …I wanted to say that I'm happy for you, Celena.
Celena: Blinks. Thank you, Father. Are we going to visit Nana again?
John: You're welcome, Celena… and I did want to visit Mother and Father again soon, but I wanted Adam to feel a little better first, so he wouldn't be left out.
Celena: Nods. Is he doing better?
John: Much better, from what I saw. I plan on visiting him soon… Would you like to come with me?
Celena: I wish I could but Middler and I are going out in a couple minutes… I'll visit him in the morning. Smiles.
John: Nods. Alright. Tell Middler I said 'hi'. Leaves that cat alone. Love you, Celena and I hope you have a nice time out.
Celena: Puts her bandages to the side and gets up and hugs John. Has to really stand on tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek and still only makes it to his very lower cheek.
John: Hugs and has to really bend down to kiss her on the top of her head.
Celena: I love you too, Father. I'll tell Middler you said 'hi'. Hugs close.
John: Hugs tight, but briefly, since she has things to do.
Celena: Smiles up at him. See you at breakfast tomorrow!
John: See you then, Celena. Smiles back and then leaves and it's off to see Adam.

Adam: Sitting up in bed, book on his knees, taking notes in his lap.
John: Knocks upon Adam's door!
Adam: Come in…
John: Steps in. Hello, Adam.
Adam: Dad… Smiles. Holds his arms out to hug!
John: Gives Adam a big hug!
Adam: Hugs back tightly and kisses his father on the cheek.
John: Kisses Adam on the forehead. How're you doing, Adam?
Adam: Does wince a bit as he lets go and rub his chest a little. I'm feeling a lot better. Smiles. How are you, Father? I think you need a vacation after all of this…
John: Looks a bit concerned, but knows that the bug situation is one that he is always going to have to live with, unfortunately. Until… …I was thinking about going on a trip. How would you like to see Grandma and Grandpa?
Adam: Smiles. I'd love to. I wasn't feeling so well last time… So I'd like to make it up to them.
John: Well, we'll go when you're able to be out and about, how does that sound?
Adam: Great… Smile… fades a bit…
John: … Adam?
Adam: Um… I guess Elijah will be going too…
John: …I'm sure he'd like to come with. Just kinda remembered the whole situation, damn.
Adam: Nods.
John: …I don't want to exclude either of you, Adam.
Adam: You don't have to exclude anyone, Dad… I'm sorry.
John: You don't have to apologize, Adam.
Adam: No… I'm the one that has the problem…
John: You've told me how you felt about Elijah… and I understand. To an extent. I don't feel abandoned though.
Adam: Looks thoughtful. I guess… nearly… dying… made me realize… Sighs. I don't want to hold grudges…
John: Strokes his hair and nods. You nearly dying made me appreciate you much more.
Adam: But… It takes a lot more strength to forgive someone. Sighs. He is my brother… Softly, twisting his bed covers in his hands. …I don't want to hate him forever… That doesn't solve anything or make anything better…
John: Just keeps listening, not wanting to interject, but wants to know how he feels on the subject.
Adam: Looks up at him. …And you believe that it wasn't his fault… right?
John: …I believe he was being manipulated.

Renasi: …Hey…
Feemy: Hm?
Renasi: Um… I told my dad we were dating… and he said he was okay with it.
Feemy: I'm glad to hear that!
Renasi: But… he said he wanted to be invited to your concerts.
Feemy: …That's a little early, y'think?
Renasi: Yeah… I told him you were just getting your start.
Feemy: Heh… It's nice to know someone else is plannin' on me being a success.
Renasi: I wish you could meet him and my sister.
Feemy: Maybe I can sometime. Give'em an autograph too. Frowns a little.
Renasi: What's the matter?
Feemy: When do you have to return home?
Renasi: Oh… Frowns. Um… A week from now, I think.
Feemy: What'll we do when you have to go?
Renasi: Um… I guess I could ask Maman if I could stay here?
Feemy: …I wanted to ask if you'd stay, but I didn't want to put you in a weird position.
Renasi: Well… I am the Prince of Elf Haven but… Mom's an Elf, so she should live a long time… and there's Dad now too… and Thanakia is a princess, so who knows which of us will inherit the throne?
Feemy: I'm kind of a commoner, so… if you wanted to go back to Elf Haven… maybe I could… just go with you?
Renasi: …What would your parents say? Wouldn't you miss them?
Feemy: I'd miss them a lot, really… and I'm not sure what they'd say… but I don't want to be apart from you now. Sorry if I'm being clingy… heh…
Renasi: Blushes. What about your voice teacher?
Feemy: I could find a new one. I don't think I could find a new Renasi.
Renasi: Blushes. Well… there's certainly voice teachers in Elf Haven…
Feemy: So… if you don't want to leave Elf Haven to stay here… I'll go with you. Deal?
Renasi: Nods. You're the best, Feemy! Hugs and kisses him.
Feemy: Smiles and hugs Ren tight.
Renasi: My sister and father just came back, so… I don't really wanna leave them right now…
Feemy: I understand, Ren…
Renasi: But it's not really fair to take you from your family…
Feemy: …Hey, it's okay… I wanna be with you…
Renasi: …I'm really flattered, Feemy. Blushes.
Feemy: Is kind of thinking about how much he's going to miss his family though.
Renasi: …Maybe you could stay half a year with me and I could stay half a year with you? Or something…
Feemy: We'll work something out. I have to tell my voice teacher that I'm already relocating though.
Renasi: Well uh… We love each other so… It'll work out… and there's always potions, so you could visit your family when you want to.
Feemy: That's a little better to hear. Nods! Of course. We have a week until we have to really worry though.
Renasi: Nods. You're lovely, Feemy. Kisses him on the lips.
Feemy: Returns the favor with a light kiss of his own.
Renasi: You're not half bad in bed, either. Laughs.
Feemy: Reddens at that. Hehehe… That's certainly a… wonderful compliment.
Renasi: And am I just awful? Grins at him.
Feemy: …You're okay, but you could do better. Grins back.
Renasi: Mock offended face!
Feemy: Oh, I know… The truth hurts.
Renasi: Makes a sad face.
Feemy: Reaches out and pets his face. Oh… I made my Elfy sad. I'm sooorry.
Renasi: You did. Pokes his lips out.
Feemy: Aw… I'll make it up to you, I promise.
Renasi: Pokes his lips out further.
Feemy: …I'll make it up to you nooow if you want.
Renasi: Sad eyes, but his lips turn up into a bit of a half-smile.
Feemy: He looks cute when he pouts, too! Leans in and pecks his cheek. There, is that better?
Renasi: Shakes his head "no", half-smile getting a little wider.
Feemy: No? Well… Kisses his cheek again, closer to his lips. Now?
Renasi: Makes an even sadder face, turning his ears down a bit.
Feemy: Aw and you can move your cute little ears too!? Cups Ren's chin and gently turns it to face him. Then how about… And kisses him on the lips very lightly, though he doesn't bring his lips very far from them, even after the 'peck' is done. …That?
Renasi: Eyes sparkle a bit but keeps the pout.
Feemy: …Someone is hard to please. Pouts a little himself, his other hand starting to trail down Ren's chest.
Renasi: Puts his lips into a smoochie face.
Feemy: Grins a little and indeed smooches Ren, the invitation being too welcoming.
Renasi: Kisses back lovingly, then laughs a bit.
Feemy: Finds himself laughing a little bit as well, as he finds Ren… infectious! …What's so funny?
Renasi: Maman says she wants eight more children…
Feemy: Blinks. …Uh… wow… That's ambitious.
Renasi: I think she's trying to compete with your mom. Grins.
Feemy: Heh, I guess the twins make everyone want more children or somethin'.
Renasi: Hehe, why do you say that?
Feemy: What mother wouldn't want two little girls running around and annoying everyone?
Renasi: Laughs. What do you think our children would look like? Grins.
Feemy: Looks mock-thoughtful. Hm… I dunno… I don't plan on getting you pregnant any time soon though!
Renasi: Oh, come on. Grins.
Feemy: What, you can't wait until marriage? Grins back.
Renasi: Grins. Flops back on the bed.
Feemy: Lays down as well, putting his hands behind his head and relaxing.
Renasi: How's your brother doing?
Feemy: Adam? I checked in on him earlier today… He's looking a lot better.
Renasi: Smiles. That's good… um… Looking a bit guilty.
Feemy: Blinks and tilts his head at Ren. What's up, Ren?
Renasi: I'm just… sorry about your brother.
Feemy: Oh… It is unfortunate… but at least he's getting better… I was really worried for awhile there…
Renasi: Rolls over on his stomach. …You know it was Elves who invented those bugs…
Feemy: Invented? …I thought they were a disease.
Renasi: Sort of… They were like a biological weapon against the Risers in their genocide. I guess not entirely biological, since the bugs are man-made…
Feemy: …Why would they do that? What did the Risers do to the Elves?
Renasi: The Elves wanted more land and… well, the Demons influenced the decision as well… They thought the Risers were cursed, so there was no small amount of prejudice as well. So um… My ancestor killed your brother's ancestors…
Feemy: Nods a little, taking that all in. Ah…
Renasi: So… If it weren't for the Elves… There would still be Risers and your brother wouldn't be so hurt.
Feemy: Well… you can't change what they've done.
Renasi: Nods.
Feemy: Kind of rests his chest a little on Ren's back. I'm just thankful that he's doing well now.
Renasi: Nods. It'd be terrible for anyone to pass away so young.
Feemy: …Hey, think you might be up for seein' how he's doing?
Renasi: Nods. If you like, I wouldn't mind.
Feemy: I'd like to, just want to make sure he's doin' alright, you know?
Renasi: I understand. Moves to sit up.
Feemy: Gets off of him so he can.
Renasi: Stands up. Takes his hand.
Feemy: Stands as well!
Renasi: To Adam's room they go!

Feemy: Knocks on Adam's door!
Adam: Sleeping quite deeply.
John: Hears the knocking and very gently sets him onto the bed, as to not wake him.
Adam: Stirs a little but doesn't waken.
John: And answers the door and sees Renasi and Feemerson. Hello.
Renasi: Hello Sir.
Feemy: Hi Dad… Um, is Adam awake?
John: …No. I was just on my way out.
Renasi: Whoops.
Feemy: Oh, okay then.
John: Nods to the two. Good night. And walks past them.
Renasi: So scary.
Feemy: …He's always been worried about Adam. What do you wanna do now?
Renasi: Let's get some food and go outside and see if we can see a shooting star!
Feemy: Heh, maybe I should have let you be the leader when we were kids. Laces his fingers up with Ren's.
Renasi: Grins. You'll have to go get your guitar, you know.
Feemy: Smiles. Alright then! Has never been so enthusiastic to play guitar in his entire life.
Renasi: I'll get the food and stuff… Meet you at the front gate.
Feemy: See you there!
Renasi: Nods and rushes off!
Feemy: Rushes off himself!

John: Knocks on Elijah's room door.
Bara: Answers. Blinks. Yes? Doesn't look so good.
John: Hello. Is Elijah there?
Bara: Leans against the door frame. No… Pauses, shutting her eyes. He's at the… training hall…
John: Alright then. Thank you. Hm. She doesn't look so good. I can only imagine why. Turns and takes his leave.
Bara: Stumbles back into the room and towards the bathroom.
John: And to the training hall.

Aidae: Blindfolded, with Elijah tapping her with a long pole. She dodges a few but others, no.
John: Just watches from the door for the time being.
Elijah: Waits for a few minutes before 'striking' again, each time moving silently to a new position. After she dodges three times, bends down to kiss her, which she dodges. Laughs and removes her blindfold, after some struggle. You did well! Holds her close.
John: Starting to listen to where you're stepping?
Aidae: Smiles. Did'ja see me, Grandpa?
Elijah: Smiles up at J.N., too.
John: I did. You did very well. Steps more into the training hall, so he's not just lingering in the door.
Aidae: Grins. Thanks!
Elijah: Picks her up. You're a lucky one, Aidae. Katen would hit me hard.
John: He does hit hard.
Aidae: Are you better if you get hit hard?
Elijah: I don't know… Probably not. I'm certainly not inclined to hitting my daughter with a stick.
John: Crosses his arms kind of. So, just been training in here?
Elijah: Yeah, Aidae wouldn't stop nagging at me 'till I would.
Aidae: You said you'd teach me swords… Frowns.
Elijah: I am teaching you swords. Evading is an important part of swordplay. You have to be aware of your surroundings, you can't just strike obliviously.
John: He's right. You're not going to find a better teacher, either. At least a better teacher that's not going to make you feel like you've been road-hauled.
Aidae: Will you carry me, Grandpa? I wanna see what the world looks like up there!
John: Sure thing, Aidae. Takes Aidae from Elijah. Even puts her on his shoulders, if she allows it.
Aidae: Hugs around his head. Wooow! I can see the whole world!
John: Really? Can you see your dad's bald spot? Grins a little.
Aidae: Nooo….
John: Good. Dodged that arrow then, heh.
Aidae: …I kinda like you, Grandpa.
John: Thanks. I kind of like you too, Aidae.
Aidae: …You don't love me?
John: Of course I do, but I didn't want to embarrass you in front of Elijah.
Aidae: Why would that embarrass me?
John: I've got a better question, you only kinda like me?
Aidae: I don't know you that well.
John: Well, I'd like to change that Aidae.
Aidae: Smiles and hugs his head more.
John: Smiles a little.
Aidae: I like it here. Nothing tries to kill me and there's food and Mommy and Daddy are happier except for Mommy who's sick.
John: I hope they are happier. No one is going to hurt you behind these walls. You're completely safe.
Aidae: Hugs his head and kisses his cheek.
John: A little surprised by the affection. Didn't think Aidae would really like him all that much.
John: Walks around a little, to make her stay on his shoulders a little more interesting. So, you two done training for the night then?
Elijah: Yep… How's Adam?
John: Unconscious.
Elijah: W-What?
John: Asleep, Elijah. He's looking much better.
Elijah: Sighs. Looked like he was going to have a heart-attack.
John: Did you want to come with me to visit my mom and dad, Elijah?
Elijah: Smiles a little, still looking a bit nervous. Y-Yeah… I'd love to… If they'd like to see me… I haven't seen them in a long time.
John: They were asking after you the last time we visited. They even saw the picture of you and Aidae and want to meet their great-granddaughter.
Elijah: Smiles. Great. That'd be great.
John: How would you like that, Aidae?
Aidae: Great grandparents…? Are they nice?
John: What do you think, Elijah?
Elijah: They're very nice. Grandma'll certainly dote on you.
John: She'll also probably want to make a big dinner for when you all come by.
Elijah: Maybe we should take them all out to eat instead.
John: It wouldn't be a bad idea at all.
John: …Do you even have any money that would work in the U.S.? Laughs.
Elijah: Nods. I do.
John: Even after all these years? Heh, you certainly know how to prepare.
Elijah: …If my room still remains untouched, my dad left me his debit card to his savings account with the PIN. Grins.
John: More money than I have, I know that much.
Elijah: I think it was to help send me to college, but uh…
John: Well, it's better it gets a small use at least.
Elijah: I guess it bought a house and car for Ernest. Laughs a bit.
John: …Yeah.
Elijah: Are you gonna invite him to dinner, too?
John: Yeah… Better to maybe give Ernest a heads up.
Elijah: Nods. I'd like to see him again, too…
John: Really? I didn't think you liked him too much.
Elijah: Shrugs. I just kinda want to see everyone. Laughs a bit. Uncle Eric, too. Rubs his eye.
John: Tired?
Elijah: Got something in my eye…
John: Nods. The mighty warrior gets an eyelash. What shall he do?
Elijah: Laughs. Well hey… you're some sort of… sword mage now.
John: Who'd have thought?
Elijah: Do you like it better than being a butcher?
Aidae: Fallen asleep on J.N.'s head.
John: …Yeah, actually. It's challenging.
Elijah: Nods. That's great… Smiles and looks up at Aidae. You want me to get her?
John: …You should, I don't want her to fall off.
Elijah: Unless you want me to, uh… stretch and get her then, uh… bend down.
John: I was hoping you'd get a chair.
Elijah: Back problems? Well, close your eyes.
John: I was kidding.
Elijah: I don't want to disturb you for life or anything.
John: …Trust me, you're not going to disturb me. I'll bend down.
Elijah: Nods.
John: And does so.
Elijah: Takes his daughter safely into his arms, cradling her.

Feemy: Met Ren at the front gate, guitar in tow.
Renasi: You came. Grins.
Feemy: Ya even have a doubt I would? Grins back.
Renasi: You could have run into some hot young thing in the halls and taken her to bed. Starts walking.
Feemy: Oh yeah, we know how much of a lady's man I am. Walks with him side-by-side.
Renasi: I'd say you're good looking enough. Walks away from the castle and its lights.
Feemy: You're such a charmer, you know that?
Renasi: Really?
Feemy: …Well, yeah. Really… I'm actually kinda surprised you didn't have a girlfriend or boyfriend… or someone to just be with besides me.
Renasi: Laughs. I told you, I'm cripplingly awkward around girls.
Feemy: Heh, I knooow… but if you weren't, you'd have a fan club, I'm sure of it.
Renasi: Laughs and lays a blanket out on a small hill. I hope wolves don't eat us
Feemy: I hope not either, since I know you can run faster than I can, you could at least escape. Chuckles a little.
Renasi: Y'know what you are? Grins.
Feemy: I dunno, what am I?
Renasi: …A wolf in sheep's clothing.
Feemy: Grins at that, snickering even. Oh, you think so?
Renasi: Yep! Pulls out a bottle of wine, some bread, and cheese from the basket.
Feemy: Eyes the bottle of wine a little… and the food too. Kind of hungry!
Renasi: Takes out two glasses and pops open the bottle and pours them each a glass and slices the bread and cheese.
Feemy: Sips his wine. Likes drinking more than eating. Doesn't have to be wine, but just drinks more than he eats, period.
Renasi: A toast to us?
Feemy: Of course, a toast. Raises his glass. To us.
Renasi: Clinks his glass with Feemy's.
Feemy: Empties his glass after the toast, since he thinks that's what you're supposed to do.
Renasi: Laughs. Gee, Feemy… We aren't taking shots.
Feemy: …Oh… I thought… um… Just embarrassed. Isn't that what you're supposed to do after a toast?
Renasi: Laughs. No…
Feemy: Now I feel stupid… Laughs a little.
Renasi: Hey, it's cool. Sips his wine.
Feemy: Pours himself a half glass. …How do you even know how to do shots? I didn't think you went out drinking.
Renasi: I've seen it done before.
Feemy: Oooh, where?
Renasi: Yeah, okay… I went out on my 18th birthday with some guys and I've done it before and we got really drunk and I threw up a bunch and I was awfully sick the next day and I swore it all off for good. I only drink wine now and one glass at a time and I drink it slowly.
Feemy: Snickers. Really?
Renasi: Yeah… Just thinking about it gives me a headache. Ugh…
Feemy: I bet. I asked if I could go out and have a drink a few years back and Dad looked like he was going to kill me with his mind. Laughs.
Renasi: Well you can, 16's the legal drinking age.
Feemy: I know.
Renasi: …I don't recommend it… I've never felt so awful.
Feemy: Dad can be a little scary at times, admittingly… and I trust your judgement. Takes a sip of his wine. So… no going out and drinking for me.
Renasi: Good. Grins.
Feemy: Takes another sip, but takes a bite of bread too!
Renasi: Eats the bread and cheese, looking up at the sky.
Feemy: Also looks to the sky. It's pretty outside.
Renasi: Yeah, not too hot and not a lot of mosquitoes.
Feemy: Mm-hm. Not gettin' eaten alive.
Renasi: Lays on his back and sighs contentedly.
Feemy: Hey… What are you gonna wish for when you see the star?
Renasi: That we'll be together forever, of course. Grins.
Feemy: Reaaally…? …Well, I'd wish for the same thing too, hehe…
Renasi: …But…?
Feemy: …Buuut… I don't think we need a star for that. Leans up and takes another drink.
Renasi: Smiles.
Feemy: Stretches a little.
Renasi: …You ever wanna get married or anything?
Feemy: I don't see why not. Would you wanna get married to me? …Or did you mean to someone else?
Renasi: Oh… I meant to each other… Blushes. Renasi Crowley. Laughs.
Feemy: I think it's gotta good ring to it, but if ya wanted, I could take your last name, y'know…
Renasi: I don't mind… Unless you really want to be Feemerson Reium.
Feemy: We could flip a coin for it? Leans up again to take another drink.
Renasi: Blushes a little. I'd honestly rather take yours…
Feemy: …Aww… Well, I'd be glad to give it to you then.
Renasi: Mr. Renasi Crowley… Laughs. I'm gonna have to start writing it on my notebooks. With heaaarts. Renasi Armel Crowley… Laughs.
Feemy: I'll carve it in a tree somewhere, too. With a big heart around it.
Renasi: Ohhh, don't kill the trees Feemy. Laughs.
Renasi: …You know what Armel means, Feemy?
Feemy: …I don't, what's it mean?
Renasi: "Stone prince". Laughs.
Feemy: Hehe… Well, you're a prince… and you rock! Laughs.
Renasi: Laughs!
Feemy: Refills his glass when he sees that it's empty.
Renasi: You're drinking a lot.
Feemy: I am…? …Oh, I always drink a lot. I'm always more thirsty than hungry. It's kinda weird. Not like… just wine… but water or tea, you know. Just drinking period.
Renasi: Well you'll get drunk if you drink a lot of wine.
Feemy: …Yeah, I'll slow down then. This is too nice to be drunk during.
Renasi: Smiles.
Feemy: Smiles as well. A tiny bit light-headed, but nothing big.
Renasi: Still sipping on his first glass.
Feemy: Tries to find a place to set his drink where it won't spill. …Oof. The stuff is kind of tickling my nose a little. A little more light-headed. …Where can I put this so it won't spill on the blanket? If I keep holding it, I'm going to just drink it out of habit.
Renasi: Holds out his hand to take Feemy's glass.
Feemy: Hands him the glass with a mile-wide smile.
Renasi: Are you drunk? Takes it, putting it to his side.
Feemy: Nooo really, I'm not. I haven't had that much to drink… I do feel a bit light-headed… but I'm just… happy, you know?
Renasi: Laughs. Okay then… Why don't you play me a song?
Feemy: Sure, anything for you, Ren. Does seem a little more cheery than usual, even for himself, but not slurring his words or wobbling!
Renasi: Smiles and laughs. I'm going to have you playing that song everyday. You're going to hate it as much as the Jellyman Kelly song.
Feemy: Oooh… You want me to play our song? I don't think I could get tired of singing for yooou.
Renasi: I'd like to hear it again…
Feemy: I couldn't say no to that faaace… Chuckles a little and sits up. Bringing over his guitar, he begins to strum the familiar chord of their song.
Renasi: Smiles, looking up at the sky as he plays.
Feemy: Just watches Ren as he plays the song from the beginning all the way to the end.
Renasi: Sings very softly along with him.
Feemy: Thinks it sounds much, much better when he sings with. You sounded beautiful, Ren.
Renasi: Laughs. You mean just a little less awful than a dying bird?
Feemy: I mean… maybe you should sing a song for me. I like your voice. Smiles sincerely.
Renasi: Um… Well… I'll try… Do you know the music to the song in the The Ballad? The one Junia sings to Katen?
Feemy: I've read the music to it before… I think I could manage something.
Renasi: …I'll try singing that.
Feemy: I'd love to hear it… Gives him an encouraging smile, since he knows that he works best when people believe in him.
Renasi: Blushes and sits up, so that he can better sing.
Feemy: Strums a little bit, trying to recall to memory just how the song went and after a little bit of strumming, recalls it and begins. Not rushing Ren, but just playing the beginning, so he could get a feel for it.
Renasi: Lets him play for a bit, then sings… Has a clear, crisp voice… It's a sad song and a bit haunting in the still night. His voice is low and timid as he starts out but soon gains strength as he loses himself in the music and the sky full of stars above.
Feemy: Never plays so loud that he couldn't hear Renasi. Rather, playing to accompany his voice. He never once thinks that he sounds less than wonderful. Renasi's voice easily overshadowing the sound of the sorrowful guitar in his hands. The emotion of the song made it difficult for him to even keep his hands from shaking slightly, but never lets it ruin the sound of their music.
Renasi: Lets his voice become softer and slower as the song ends, as though he regrets it… It simply trails off into nothing, though gradually and not abruptly… It seems strangely fitting, as the song dissolves into the air and trees and sky around them. Sits quietly, lips slightly parted, staring up at the stars, which reflect back in his eyes, glistening from un-shed tears.
Feemy: Lets his own playing fade as Ren's voice does, hearing the song eventually end and be taken and kept by the sky above. There didn't seem to be any sound made, just silence. As if the night itself wasn't quite ready for the song to end and yet it had. He couldn't help but find his gaze locked on the singer of the song, unable to bring himself to blink, not even speak for the moment. Even the sound of his heart thumping in his chest was unheard and ignored in favor of the silence.
Renasi: Bites his lip just a little… searching the sky above, as if he's looking for an answer… and sees it… A shooting star. Softly. …Feemy… Lays his hand on his love's, smiling a bit, as the star crosses the sky.
Feemy: He found his gaze inevitably tracing Ren's, curious as to what he was looking at… or for. His own eyes did not catch it, at least, not at first. Only a blink, a mere second of light and while it could have been a trick of the eye, he knew in his heart that it was as real as the soft voice that called his name. As real as the touch of his closest friend, his true love. …Ren
Renasi: Turns to look at Feemy and… blinks… and the tears are released all at once, flowing down his face, though he's smiling. Wipes them away and moves close to Feemy, putting his head on Feemy's shoulder and wrapping his arms around him.
Feemy: Watches the tears streak down his smiling cheeks, smiling happily with Ren, knowing the tears hadn't been born of despair. He brings his own arms around his companion, just wanting to feel Renasi in his arms. He'd never felt this way before, but he knew more than ever, without a shadow of a doubt, that he loves Ren more than he could have known himself.
Renasi: Stays close and quiet, head laying on Feemy's shoulder. Quite aware of the pounding of his heart as, through the silence, he can hear it quite clearly in his ears. He seems to see nothing more than himself, Feemy, and the expanse of the sky above them. Just two little molecules in the expansive universe that were brought together by love.
Feemy: He just holds Renasi in silence, not needing to speak how he feels at this moment. How they both feel is more clear than any words they could articulate. While the shooting star may have been long gone from sight, it would stay in memory, almost as if the night or… something out there had given the two their blessing.
Renasi: Moves a soft hand up to Feemy's cheek, turning his face ever so gently towards his own and leaning down to meet his lips softly. As his lips press against Feemy's, lets his hands drop from Feemy's cheeks and drape down his shoulders. On the surface, it isn't a very hard or deep or passionate kiss, it's soft and lingering, as though a piece of velvet was slipped over Feemy's lips for a moment. Despite this, the feeling behind it is indeed deep, passionate, and loving.
Feemy: He only pressed slightly, ever so gently, back to the kiss. The depth of the emotion was conveyed easily to him, despite the soft touch. The passion, the love. It wasn't in the act of the kiss, but the thoughts and emotions of those who shared it. He only kissed Ren back in the same fashion that he had been. Softly, feather-light almost. Though Ren was not pulling him tight to his body, he had never felt so strongly, so lovingly held in his entire life.
Renasi: Beginning to feel warm… Leans his forehead against Feemy's, eyes half-closed. Lets his hand stroke down Feemy's chest lightly. Lips slightly parted, looks into Feemy's eyes deeply and they speak his tender thoughts and the feeling of enchantment they both share. His look is almost imploring, questioning, and begging.
Feemy: He was quite sure that his heart was trying to escape his chest, almost as if it were trying to be closer to the hand that had made it's home upon his chest. His eyes gaze into Ren's, speaking not just tender thoughts and silent sweet nothings, but also answering the questions that were wordlessly presented with a tilt of his head, parting their foreheads and joining their warm lips instead.
Renasi: Greets his lips gladly with his own. As the heat in his body begins to rise, the kissing becomes feverish and openly passionate, though neither hard nor overbearing. His hands stroke and massage along Feemy's chest, sides, neck, shoulders and back soothingly as his heart beats faster. Though they're together in the kiss, keeps his eyes open in communication which are alive, excited and burning with passion.
Feemy: He couldn't deny the rush he felt from looking Ren in the eyes, it held the kind of passion that could burn them both, but he was not worried in the least. He could feel a warmth spreading through his veins like a pleasant poison, starting first with his lips and slowly spreading throughout his body. His own eyes mirrored Ren's, perhaps a strange contrast to how loving they had looked a second ago, now they had a passion, almost a hunger in them, as his own hands explored Renasi's body. Not in haste, but rather slowly, becoming familiar with every bit he was allowed to feel.
Renasi: As the kiss ends… renews it, turning his head into it and closing his eyes. Knows quite well now that Feemy is feeling the same as he does and he trusts him, allowing his partner's hands to explore each and every crevice of him, letting his clothes slip from his body to allow access, baring his pale skin in the moonlight and entwines himself in his lover's arms. Lets his thoughts of anything else dissipate and gives himself over to the pleasure he feels and his awareness only lingers on the two of their warm bodies pressed together, shivering with passion, love, and lust.
Feemy: The night air did nothing to cool his skin, which almost felt like it was burning against his love's skin. Clothes fell like Fall leaves disturbed by a brief wind. He did not need to look upon Ren's skin to appreciate it's luster in the moonlight. Hands may have known every inch of smooth skin in the time they were allowed to explore. He pressed harder against his love, shuddering against him as he sought to grow closer by any means, shedding his own clothes, should Ren desire to explore him as well.

Jessica: Sitting up for J.N. in bed, wearing a new sexy thing.
John: Retires to his room and does hope his wife is there because he hasn't seen her for a good portion of the day and misses her.
Jessica: Indeed lounging on the bed, skimming through one of her trashy romance novels.
John: Opens the door quietly, in case she's sleeping.
Jessica: Quickly puts the book under her pillow and arranges herself nicely.
John: Steps inside and smiles to his wife when he sees that, not only is she awake, but in her sexy new thing.
Jessica: Why hello there stranger… Smiles.
John: Hello, Miss… Smiles a little more.
Jessica: Fancy you coming in here…
John: Indeed… Who could have known I'd see you here? How we keep meeting, it must be fate.
Jessica: Well, we must let fate run its course, if it is truly inevitable. Smiles.
John: That we must. Fate being a fickle thing, has nonetheless smiled on me this night it seems. Smiles back and approaches the very lovely Jessica.
Jessica: I won't deny it… Nor will I deny such a handsome man… Holds out her hand for him to take.
John: Takes her hand very tenderly, bending down and kissing it gently. Nor would I deny a beauty such as yourself.
Jessica: Laces her fingers with his, pulling him gently towards her.
John: Doesn't need further coaxing. Moving towards Jessica with even the slightest pull from her.
Jessica: Pulls herself up by his hand and closes her eyes for a kiss.
John: And a kiss she receives, a very tender kiss at that.
Jessica: Wraps her arms around his neck, so as not to strain his arm, and kisses back.
John: Places a hand on her hip, lightly stroking up her side as they kiss.
Jessica: Parts his lips a bit while they kiss.
John: Getting quite passionate with this kissing, his hand gently strokes her side, trailing slowly down.
Jessica: Leans back as they kiss, pulling him along on top of her.
John: Makes sure not to press too much of his weight atop of her, but it's a little hard to concentrate on that as they kiss.
Jessica: Pulls her arms from around his neck and lets them travel down his body, unbuttoning his shirt.
John: Relaxes from her touch, his hands still caressing her through her garment lovingly, but also taking care not to impede her machinations.
Jessica: Kisses his lips a little off-center, which she takes as an invitation to let hers trail away from his, down on his neck and to his warm chest. Hand reaching downwards.
John: Obviously enjoying himself. Caresses her hair gently, looking to her adoringly as his heart audibly beats in his chest for her.
Jessica: Kisses, pressing on him with her hand as she gets to work on removing his trousers.