07 September 2037
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Jessica Crowley Adam Crowley Joel Marsetti Nicholas Romolo

Daniel: Well hey there sleepy-head.
John: Hi.
Daniel: How's it going?
John: As well as it can be.
Daniel: Gonna have another kid?
John: Indeed.
Daniel: Aww.
John: …What?
Daniel: What?
John: I just don't see what you're "awwing" about…
Daniel: Having another kid?
John: …Oh… Sorry… Still have things on my mind… I've wanted another kid for awhile, truth be told…
Daniel: Why didn't you say something?
John: It took awhile for me to even think I'd be a competent father… and when I got over that… there were so many other problems.
Daniel: Like Adam. Aren't you glad we had 'em?
John: I am.
Daniel: Why?
John: I love them dearly.
Daniel: Cause you a lot of grief. What do you get back? Some hugs?
John: Love.
Daniel: Smiles. Is it worth it?
John: Smiles a little. Yes. I've never thought differently either.
Daniel: Heh… Nope…
John: Nope?
Daniel: You once told me the only person that mattered to you was yourself.
John: I was an awful person.
Daniel: Awful?
John: Nods.
Daniel: That's a bit harsh.
John: It's true.
Daniel: Why do you think you were awful?
John: I was selfish and callous.
Daniel: Why did you want to continue on like that when you weren't happy?
John: I was used to it. Didn't know how else to be.
Daniel: Did you only care for yourself because you thought everyone else thought you were worthless?
John: I hardly know anymore. I had a lot of resentment in me.
Daniel: Didn't trust people? Well, it's painful being selfish 'cause you're all alone. Then it's painful being selfless because people hurt you.
John: I'd rather be hurt and loved than suffer alone. And you're right too. I didn't trust anybody. Always thought they had their own interests at heart, like me. With that in mind, I reasoned I could only logically depend on myself… since I had my own best intentions at heart.
Daniel: Glad you came to my pool party?
John: Glad I met you.
Daniel: Don't know why Ernest couldn't've helped you out.
John: He's a good guy… I just don't think he even realized how much of a problem I had.
Daniel: Didn't break into your house and stuff.
John: Laughs.
Daniel: Stares.
John: …I guess he didn't… Just strange… a simple piece of paper changed my entire life.
Daniel: Huh?
John: The pool party invite.
Daniel: Oh, I made them with Crayola markers and printer paper.
John: More laughter!
Daniel: Stares.
John: I don't think there's ever going to be another person like you, Daniel.
Daniel: …What's that supposed to mean?
John: Exactly how it sounds. There is never going to be a person like you, ever. You're one-of-a-kind.
Daniel: There's actually lots of people like me 'cause I had lots of reincarnations and stuff.
John: Were they really the type to invite a curmudgeon to little get together at their place?
Daniel: Um… Don't know all of 'em…
John: I just doubt it is all.
Daniel: Isn't pretty much every person one-of-a-kind?
John: Yeah we're all unique, just like everyone else.
Daniel: Laughs a bit. Well hey, you looked really grumpy.
John: I was.
Daniel: Like your dog died or something.
John: That was pretty much how I always looked for the most part.
Daniel: But yeah, what're the chances of some guy from a magical kingdom inviting you to a pool party?
John: High enough apparently.
Daniel: Well it ended up being fortuitous to me too in the end.
John: It did?
Daniel: You're taking good care of my wife and kids. I couldn't ask for more.
John: I always will too. I'll do my best and if my best isn't good enough, then I'll just try harder.
Daniel: Laughs. Glad I got a sorta-friend out of it, too.
John: …I wasn't a very easy guy to be friends with. I'm glad you had the patience for me.
Daniel: I thought you were kinda cool.
John: Cool? As in hip or something?
Daniel: No. Just cool.
John: What do you mean?
Daniel: You were interesting to talk to. I like to talk with people I have to keep on my toes around.
John: Got to be light on your feet to dodge my barbs, I guess.
Daniel: I just like to talk with someone who's challenging… Who makes me think.
John: I'm glad that I made you think then.
Daniel: Explore others view points, even if I don't agree with them.
John: It's a good thing to try.
Daniel: Also, the fact that you insulted me and stuff. Grins.
John: What, you liked the abuse?
Daniel: Sometimes. I thought it was kinda funny.
John: I did try to be original.
Daniel: "Your mom's a whore" was a good one.
John: Sometimes a classic line had to be thrown in.
Daniel: I can't remember much else. I'm sure there were many.
John: No sense in digging up the litany of curses I've thrown your way.
Daniel: Laughs. I'm a mysterious person.
John: That you are. You've been having me spill my guts all these years and you've barely mentioned anything about yourself.
Daniel: I totes mentioned lots of things.
John: "Totes"… What?
Daniel: I totally mentioned a lot of things.
John: Stares.
Daniel: What? You never asked until like… yesterday.
John: True, but that's because you're usually on me about my life the moment I lose consciousness.
Daniel: Feel free to ask away and I'll divulge all my deep dark secrets. Laughs.
John: I could just make a fortunate out of selling a book detailing your life explicitly.
Daniel: I don't know why anyone would want to read it.
John: You were a king in Atlantis. Figure people would pick it up to get some dirt.
Daniel: I've only done good things. Ever.
John: Ever?
Daniel: Nooo. I pulled Jessica's hair on the first day of kindergarten.
John: Heh.
Daniel: And she told on me and I didn't get to go to recess and I thought to myself, "I'm totes gonna marry this girl and have three kids with her and adopt a half-sheep boy."
John: I'll make sure to put that in the book.
Daniel: Except what I really thought was, "I'm gonna make this girl's life a living hell for the next seven years or so."
John: You probably did too.
Daniel: I'm so good at it!
John: Evil.
Daniel: What else do you want to know? Yes, my hair is naturally flippy.
John: You know, that was the last thing I was going to conceivably ask, but thanks.
Daniel: I'll let you think of something, then. I'll try my best to say the truth within a bunch of other irrelevant crap that I'll probably throw in.
John: Great. Unfortunately, I should probably wake up or something. Unless it's midnight.
Daniel: You're the worst.
John: I am?
Daniel: You get me all ready to talk and then you're like, "I'm leaving". Laughs.
John: There's plenty of nighttime to do that though. Unless it's already night.
Daniel: It will be in like 30 minutes and then I'll just make you talk about yourself again. Grins. Just think about aaall the questions I can ask you in my free time, which I have a lot of.
John: Yes. I was adorable as a child. There's one down.
Daniel: Grins. Conceited, aren't we?
John: Not really. I lost my two front teeth falling off of my bicycle.
Daniel: Laughs. At least I didn't look through your private photo albums like Julius.
John: That was awful.
Daniel: Julius was a jerk!
John: He could be.
Daniel: If Gabriel is any indication. But hey, I didn't go up to the attic and look at pictures of my father either.
John: What?
Daniel: What?
John: Who did that?
Daniel: Did what?
John: Go up into an attic and look at pictures of your father.
Daniel: I didn't.
John: …Alright then.
Daniel: See?
John: Sea.
Daniel: Seaside.
John: Just to a shore you, I'm not going to clam up.
Daniel: Was that a pun or something?
John: Heh heh heh… Aren't I just fabulouuus?
Daniel: Who am I…? I'm Jean val Jean.
John: …Heh.
Daniel: Heh.
John: Just straaange…
Daniel: What?
John: Things.
Daniel: What things?
John: If one stops to think about it, everything.
Daniel: Um, okay. So what's your favorite color?
John: Mahogany.
Daniel: That's a weird favorite color.
John: I know. It isn't mine. I actually like burgundy.
Daniel: Coool. What's your favorite food?
John: …Chicken.
Daniel: What kind of chicken?
John: I like my chicken medium-done with a slight honey glaze.
Daniel: Where in England were you born?
John: I was actually born in London.
Daniel: Awesome.
John: Didn't stay enough to remember much of it's vaunted bridge. Moved to the colonies relatively early.
Daniel: What's the first thing you wash in the shower?
John: Do you really want to know?
Daniel: Yes.
John: My hair.
Daniel: Do you floss?
John: Yes.
Daniel: What comes to mind to you when I say, 'cabbage'?
John: Corn beef.
Daniel: Have you ever counted to 1,000?
John: No, but I have read the dictionary.
Daniel: That's cool. I couldn't do that and I'm a etymologist. Do you bite into your ice cream or just lick it?
John: Lick, but I don't really eat much ice cream.
Daniel: Do you like your hair?
John: Yes.
Daniel: Do you like yourself?
John: Relatively.
Daniel: Have you ever met a celebrity?
John: I've met the rulers of Atlantis, is that good enough?
Daniel: Do you like cottage cheese?
John: No.
Daniel: How many countries have you visited?
John: Three.
Daniel: You've been to more than that.
John: I was hoping you'd mention that. The only question in which I was sure that you would know the answer to, but you asked anyway.
Daniel: Laughs. Would you go skydiving?
John: Yes.
Daniel: Have you made a prank phone call?
John: No.
Daniel: You don't elaborate much, do you?
John: No.
Daniel: Do you like your name?
John: I don't mind it. I thought it was pretty stupid though.
Daniel: How about your middle name?
John: It may as well be the second half to my first name.
Daniel: Do you know what your name means?
John: Not right off hand.
Daniel: What would you change your name to if you could?
John: No. Too used to being called what I am now.
Daniel: Does your name match who you are?
John: I don't know.
Daniel: What's your favorite coin?
John: Buffalo nickel.
Daniel: What's your dream job?
John: I already work it.
Daniel: How many cousins do you have?
John: I don't know. Our families don't keep in touch. Not since the last time we went to England.
Daniel: If you had to share a house with someone famous, who would it be?
John: I already do.
Daniel: Laughs. Do you like lemon pies?
John: Never had one.
Daniel: Do you know anybody that's emo?
John: Knew of. There was some guy in school named Schrodinger who was real into that.
Daniel: What's your least favorite chore?
John: Being forced to stay in bed.
Daniel: Do you like dusting?
John: Not in particular.
Daniel: Do you ever dust?
John: I have before, but not enough to make a definitive statement as to my liking of it.
Daniel: Would you like to have pets?
John: If the pet wouldn't maul the children.
Daniel: Is there a reason you don't have a pet?
John: Because my need for companionship doesn't outweigh the displeasure I would experience in cleaning up another creature's shit.
Daniel: Laughs. Do you like animals?
John: I do indeed. Medium well.
Daniel: Laughs. Do you prefer domestic or wild animals?
John: Domestic. Just to keep in mind, I don't eat chicken or mutton anymore.
Daniel: You said chicken was your favorite food.
John: It is. Middler is my son-in-law, so I'll make that concession for him.
Daniel: I hope you never make friends with a cow. Do you think animals are cool?
John: I like dolphins. Dolphins are the only animal that I've read about that has been known to kill their offspring for no reason other than for the fun of it.
Daniel: Stares a bit. …Do you like your friends?
John: The ones I do consider my friends, I do. By-the-by, I don't find that the dolphins kill their offspring funny, rather it's kind of an interesting development for a species that should be just doing it's best to survive. Killing their children is obviously detrimental to that.
Daniel: Well humans do it too. And dolphins are supposed to be smart.
John: Certainly does say something, but humans breed like a virus.
Daniel: And we're at the top of the food chain.
John: Yep. All things considered… I think if overpopulation became a huge problem, we'd become more inclined to kill off more humans.
Daniel: Not exactly doing your part, having more kids.
John: I'll even it out somehow.
Daniel: Heh.
John: Next question?
Daniel: Do you have a best friend?
John: Yes.
Daniel: How long have you known them?
John: I've been married to her for a long enough time, but excluding her, I'd say… more than two decades.
Daniel: Have you always been friends?
John: Not always.
Daniel: Do you ever pretend to be a superhero?
John: I am one. Father of five, captain of the yadda yadda and magical janitor of the Castle Atlantis.
Daniel: Laughs. Does food sound good?
John: Yes, actually.
Daniel: What's the scariest household appliance?
John: What the hell… The bidet.
Daniel: Laughs. Have you ever used a saw or a shovel?
John: I have.
Daniel: Which would you rather get for your birthday?
John: A shovel.
Daniel: Who are you most likely to receive it from?
John: Thinks. …That is completely beyond me.
Daniel: Do you write thank you cards?
John: I give my thanks in person.
Daniel: What do you judge people on?
John: If they're attractive or not.
Daniel: Laughs. What do you judge yourself on?
John: Smirks. I was kidding.
Daniel: I already know you judge everyone by their honesty.
John: Then why did you ask?
Daniel: I thought you might surprise me.
John: You were pretty much right, though there's more to it than that.
Daniel: What's your best feature?
John: My rock hard abs.
Daniel: What feature could use some work?
John: I have to put effort into not being so awesome.
Daniel: Are you happy with yourself?
John: Relatively.
Daniel: Are you happy?
John: Yes.
Daniel: Have you ever been camping?
John: Once and I didn't like it too much.
Daniel: Have you ever been to camp?
John: No.
Daniel: Which would you rather do?
John: Go to camp. Is it true that your eyeballs would fly out of your head if you kept your eyes peeled for a sneeze?
Daniel: No. Do you like chocolate?
John: Not in particular. Mind you, I don't have much of a sweet tooth.
Daniel: Are you allergic to anything?
John: Not that I'm aware of.
Daniel: Do you eat porridge?
John: Only if I've really pissed Jessica off.
Daniel: Laughs. How do you feel about fairy tales?
John: They're stories about people in fantastic situations, often with a happily ever after ending.
Daniel: What's your favorite fairy tale?
John: Would you believe me if I said "Donkey Cabbages"?
Daniel: What's your favorite nursery rhyme?
John: Ring Around the Rosie
Daniel: Would you call yourself a poet?
John: No.
Daniel: Do you consider your poetry to be good?
John: …I don't write poetry.
Daniel: Do you like to read poetry?
John: Not in particular.
Daniel: Why not?
John: It's just never interested me.
Daniel: What are your favorite and least favorite poems?
John: I don't have a favorite or least favorite.
Daniel: Why are trees green?
John: Because they know red is my color.
Daniel: Are trees green?
John: Trees are different colors. Though the leaves are green, the trunks themselves vary in hues.
Daniel: Would you bite a leaf in order to save a cookie?
John: Yes.
Daniel: What's the strangest thing you've ever been asked?
John: What is the scariest household appliance.
Daniel: Laughs. Which is the better word, "no" or "yes"?
John: Neither holds a greater value to me.
Daniel: What color contacts would you like to have?
John: I like my eyes the way they are.
Daniel: Do you believe that eyes are the window to the soul?
John: Unsure, but considering all that I've seen and learned in the past years, I would say that the possibility exists.
Daniel: How do you feel about mirrors?
John: They're reflective.
Daniel: How about standing between two mirrors?
John: I once heard a story about mirrors. As it goes, apparently mirrors are not actually reflective at all. You're really staring through the glass and looking into another world. A world filled with malicious beings. Unfortunately for them, the rules of their world state that they can only imitate the one who is looking into the mirror. Of course, they cannot imitate everything precisely. Their trick was that the moment you could prove by your own doing that the being in the mirror was not you, they were free to travel through it the next time you look through. It's advised that you never look into that mirror again.
Daniel: Stares a bit. …Are you superstitious?
John: No, I just find that to be interesting.
Daniel: Are dragons real?
John: You'd know better than I do. Are they?
Daniel: Maybe… Do you like urban legends?
John: I do, since most of them are based off of fact.
Daniel: Have any of them ever happened to you?
John: No.
Daniel: Anyone you know?
John: No. Even if it did, after it happened and I told the tale, it wouldn't be the same urban legend afterwards.
Daniel: Are you afraid of the dark?
John: There's no need to fear the dark, just what's in it.
Daniel: Do basements scare you?
John: No.
Daniel: Laughs. Dark basements?
John: No.
Daniel: At night?
John: No.
Daniel: Alone?
John: No.
Daniel: What scares you the most?
John: Losing my family.
Daniel: Do you have a psychologist?
John: I visit him every night apparently.
Daniel: Laughs. Do psychologists scare you?
John: I could not think of anything less frightening.
Daniel: If you were a psychologist and you went through trauma, would go see another psychologist?
John: Depends, really.
Daniel: What do you think of chiropractors?
John: Their job is a snap.
Daniel: How about pediatricians?
John: They've got a lot of room to grow.
Daniel: Paleontologists?
John: They have trouble letting go of the past.
Daniel: Why do you think the dinosaurs died out?
John: Smoking. Really, I don't know beyond the theories I learned in school.
Daniel: Do you wish they were still around?
John: No.
Daniel: Have you ever seen dinosaur bones at the museum?
John: I have.
Daniel: Have you ever found a dinosaur bone?
John: No.
Daniel: What's your favorite dinosaur?
John: I don't have one.
Daniel: What do you know about brontosauruses?
John: They're big.
Daniel: What would happen if a T-Rex fell over?
John: The same thing that happens when any creature falls over. It gets up or it has no choice but to stay down.
Daniel: If you could be a dinosaur, which kind would you be?
John: I'll be a fossil soon enough as it is, I don't want to be a giant extinct one.
Daniel: Have you ever had braces?
John: No.
Daniel: Do you have fangs?
John: Grins at him. None.
Daniel: Would you like to have fangs?
John: No.
Daniel: Do you believe in vampires?
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: Do you think you're a vampire?
John: No.
Daniel: What do you think of people who think they are vampires?
John: I haven't run into anyone like that.
Daniel: Do you like the concept of vampires?
John: They don't interest me in a literary fashion.
Daniel: Are you a werewolf?
John: Stares.
Daniel: Would you like to be a werewolf?
John: Keeps staring.
Daniel: Do you think it's possible to be a werewolf?
John: Once more, the possibility most likely exists.
Daniel: Which is better, vampires or werewolves?
John: I honestly cannot say.
Daniel: Have you read any of Beowulf?
John: In high school.
Daniel: Do you think it could be real?
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: Do you think "Grendel" is a pretty name?
John: Yes, actually. Though for a mother of monsters, I would spell it "Grendelle".
Daniel: Gwendelle. Do you like the Phantom of the Opera?
John: Not in particular. Well, look-it the time.
Daniel: Have you seen the show?
John: Pinches himself.
Daniel: You're no fun at all. Grins.
John: Doesn't awaken. Blinks.
Daniel: Blinks.
John: Hm.
Daniel: I had 1,000 questions to go…
John: Pinches.
Daniel: Just laughs.
John: Does awaken that time.

Jessica: Looking through old baby clothes. Getting a bit ahead of herself.
John: Was sleeping very deeply. Sits up in his bed. Groggy.
Jessica: Picks up a stack of photos and flips through them. Good evening, honey. Smiling a little, looking at the photos.
John: …Evening…ghh…
Jessica: What's the matter?
John: …Slept too much.
Jessica: You needed the sleep. Hands him the stack of photos and goes back to looking through the baby clothes.
John: …Flips through them.
Photos: Of Elijah as a tiny baby and pictures of Dan holding him. Some of Jessica, too.
John: Keeps flipping through them.
Photos: Showing a toddler Elijah, blowing out birthday candles.
John: Aww. More pictures.
Photos: Begin to show Elijah with his arm bandaged up and then sleeved. And later, with bruises and swords as he gets older.
John: That's depressing. More pictures.
Photos: Elijah's finally holding his baby sister and thus pictures of Celena start to be thrown into the mix! Pictures of her and Elijah together mostly now. But as she gets older, they separate.
John: Aww, they're so adorable. Even more!
Photos: As Elijah starts to enter his teens, he looks moodier. Even so far as scowling at the camera. Celena's quite dolled up in pretty dresses and looking proper. There's just Celena for a bit. Then to a thinner-looking Elijah.
John: Moody Elijah!? Who would have ever guessed!? Even more!
Photos: Elijah fills back out and begins to look like John might remember him and those are the last of the photos!
Jessica: Looking at pink and blue clothes.
John: Sets the photos aside and stands up.
Jessica: Throwing away stuff that's shabby and has stains.
John: To her he goes to give her a hand in looking through the baby clothes a bit preemptively!
Jessica: I know it's a bit early… but… Smiles a little.
John: Always good to plan ahead. Sifting through the clothes with her now.
Jessica: There are lot more girl's clothes than boy's!
John: We're all set if we have another girl. Smiles a little as well.
Jessica: Smiles. I'm not sure which I'd like…
Drawer: Underneath some of the clothes is a small leather-bound book.
John: Interesting. Apprehends the book.
Book: Fairly nondescript.
John: Oh well. Open sesame.
First Page: A bunch of scribbles, literally.
John: Strange. Next page it is.
Second Page: In an open hand that uses broad strokes and fairly circular forms, July 24 - BALL - 7:30 pm, July 25 - Training 6:30 am - 8:00 am - Breakfast with King Astohn - 9:00 am - 11:30 am. Lessons 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm. Practical 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm. Dinner 5:30 pm -6:30 pm. Lessons & Practical 7:00 - 9:30 pm. 10:00 - Sleep.
John: Innocuous enough. Curiosity drives him to flip to another page.
Book: Blank for a page and appointments are written rather sparsely throughout. More balls and ceremonies as well as when to leave for trips until about halfway through.
John: Still seems harmless enough. Just a scheduler so far. Reaches the halfway point and continues to investigate.
Book: Strangely enough, the handwriting seems to get neater the farther within the book he goes, even going into script at times. Next there's an exaggerated drawing of Katen with books on his head, holding a cup of tea, pinkie out. In a hand finer than the book's so-far owner, a bubble comes from his mouth indicating him saying, "Blah blah blah penmanship blah blah blah stand up straight blah blah blah genealogy blah blah blah imbecile blah blah blah ballroom dancing blah blah blah blah blah blah blah why yes, Herbal Essence keeps my hair healthy and shiny!"
John: Smirks. This would be Elijah's, I'd bet. Though… they also had to go through lessons with Katen in actuality… Maybe I shouldn't be reading this… However, proceeds a little further.
Book: More appointments… Then a cruder drawing of a hairy man gnawing on a whole turkey. Next page, in the book's owner's hand says, "If I have to sit through another brunch with King Astohn, I'll die." A frowny face is underneath that. In the artist's more finely-lettered script, "I nearly fell asleep yesterday in that meeting with Shateiel" Under that in the book owner's hand, "Rly?" "Yeah, talk about slow and boring" "UR going to Hell" "Yeah" Underneath that is an "I *heart* you" in a thicker hand with more flourishes. "Sit next to me tonight, not across." Frowny face.
John: Reads on!
Book: More appointments. Then a page of "Elijah"s and "Elijah McMurran"s.
John: Nearly at the end, may as well finish it.
Book: More appointments… A few pages from the end is an elaborately done and colorful "HAPPY BIRTHDAY". Then a couple more appointments in very refined script, though still recognizable as the book owner's. At the end of the book is several folded sheets of paper with writing on them. The inside of the back cover says Daniel J. McMurran 2003 - 2004. There are some folded loose pages as well.
John: Doesn't investigate these. Sets the book back in its place.
Jessica: …You're being awfully quiet. Looks over at him.
John: Looks back to her and gives her a little smile.
Jessica: Smiles back. What're you doing?
John: Going through this drawer.
Jessica: Blinks at the still large stack of baby clothes. …I see.
John: Goes back to rifling through the clothes. Thinks she knows about the book, though at the same time… maybe she doesn't? If she didn't know about it, it might be something that she would want. But on the other hand, if she did know about it, why keep it in this drawer? Always strives to be honest with his wife… So… Takes the book out and holds it up. Jessica?
Jessica: Yes? Blinks at him.
John: I found this at the bottom of the drawer.
Jessica: Blinks. …What is it?
John: Offers it up. It's a book.
Jessica: Takes it and curiously flips through… Smirks a little when she comes to the picture of Katen, despite herself. When she comes to the end, takes one of the pieces of paper out and opens it… After reading a bit, blushes and folds it back up, looking embarrassed. Coughs. …Right… Um, thank you, John.
John: You're welcome, Jessica… What'd the note say? It's kind of easy to tell when you're feeling awkward at times.
Jessica: Slips the book into her apron pocket. …Just something I wrote… Quite red. Busies herself with the baby clothes.
John: What was it abouuut? He's not suspicious, just curious.
Jessica: Frowns a little at John's prying. Quickly. Itwasaloveletter. Gets redder! Picks up the basket of baby clothes and heads for the the laundry room.
John: A love letter. Not really surprised that she's embarrassed and maybe a little peeved at his prying, but he's not even bothered by it at all.

Jessica: Frowning as she walks down the hall.
John: Soon following her.
Jessica: Silent. Not really that miffed at him, just doesn't know what to say.
John: If you kept them, I wouldn't be bothered by it. Way to make things awkward.
Jessica: I didn't know that was in there.
John: She's going to keep them. I don't see how you would have. The clothes were kind of old.
Jessica: I'm sorry, I can't just burn everything of Daniel's.
John: What…?
Jessica: Swallows and frowns.
John: …Jessica, I would never ask you to do that.
Jessica: Frowns.
John: …Where would you get an idea like that?
Jessica: …I don't know.
John: Did… I make you think that? Sounds pretty guilty.
Jessica: You seemed rather upset when I was sad about moving Daniel's things from our room.
John: I thought differently then, Jessica.
Jessica: Just sighs.
John: Guilty now.
Jessica: Well I didn't know you'd changed your mind.
John: …Even then, I didn't want you to burn everything that Daniel had given you.
Jessica: I didn't want to hurt your feelings. I haven't looked at at any of it in years.
John: I appreciate you going through that Jessica… I really do… I know you didn't want to hurt my feelings… but I never meant for you to shut him completely out of your life… and I'm sorry that's how I came across.
Jessica: Nods her head a bit, looking upset.
John: Not sure what else he can say on it… Tempted to change the subject, but doesn't even know if that would be a good thing to do.
Jessica: Purses her lips a bit, as though she wanted to say something but thought better of it. Then… It's alright. Starts to walk again.
John: Frowns as she walks away. Now not even sure if he should follow her or even what to do. The entire subject caught him completely off guard.
Jessica: After a bit… …I'm sorry… I've been a bit peevish lately.
John: …I shouldn't have pried into your business to begin with… I understand why you'd be angry with me.
Jessica: I'm. Not. Angry. With. You. With an angry tone of voice.
John: Frowns more deeply. …I'm sorry.
Jessica: Silence again.
John: …Honey?
Jessica: What?
John: Would you like a hand with…? Motions to the baby clothes, which doesn't seem like there is going to be a use for if they keep getting into rows.
Jessica: I'm fine.
John: Alright… I'm going to check on Adam, if he's still awake…
Jessica: Mm-hm.
John: Love you, Jessica. Bows and turns to depart.
Jessica: Love you. Frowns.
John: Not feeling too good anymore. Off to Adam's it is.

Adam: In his room, resting.
John: Knocks on his door. Doesn't just barge in anymore.
Adam: Wakes from his sort of half-sleep… Wonders if he dreamed the knocking. …Yes?
John: It's me, Adam.
Adam: Come in…
John: Enters, closing the door behind him. Hey… Feeling any better, son?
Adam: Nods. Better than I have in years. Smiles. He's sitting up in bed.
John: That's wonderful news. Smiles back to him.
Adam: Smiles. Holds out his arms for a hug.
John: A hug he receives!
Adam: Hugs. Has gotten a lot of color back… Looks downright rosy without looking feverish. Eyes are bright and alert. Can't seem to stop smiling.
John: All wonderful things to see. It even cheers him up some, just to be reminded in a more material form that Adam isn't sick anymore. At least the bugs are gone.
Adam: Really… I can hardly ever remember feeling so well…
John: You look healthier too, Adam… You're going to be out of this bed soon.
Adam: Smiles. I'd be out of it now, but… I don't really want to risk anything.
John: Nods. That's good. No sense in rushing it. Just take your time to recover.
Adam: Smiles. It's a little difficult… Like every time I go to sleep is a trial. Laughs a bit and grins.
John: Scruffs up his hair. Heh… I hate staying in bed too, but it's for the best.
Adam: Smiles. I just keep having dreams where I've got my bugs back and I wake up all scared. Laughs.
John: That's something to laugh about…? That'd make it hard to sleep… Can't help but grin a little bit himself. Adam's joy is kind of rubbing off on him.
Adam: It's alright… Smiles… then grins.
John: Hungry. Adam, would you excuse me for a moment? I'm going to grab a late bite to eat.
Adam: May I come with you? Smiles.
John: I don't see why not. A small walk couldn't hurt you.
Adam: I don't think so. Gets up and goes around his bed to his father.

John: And it's onward to the kitchen!
Adam: Follows with a spring in his step.
John: A complete turnabout of his mood. It's just so great to see it. Even with all that is happening, he takes a great deal of solace in the fact that at least his son is well again!

Joel: Hey Nick.
Nick: Yeah?
Joel: How much do you enjoy changing charts, cleaning up blood, and changing sheets?
Nick: Very little.
Joel: I thought so. That's why I got this idea…
Nick: What?
Joel: Well… It's something that has to be done. We're doctors, we can't allow our patients to lie in their squalor… But. Maybe we could convince a certain higher up to maybe hire a nurse. Someone to do all that while we concentrate on… well… being doctors.
Nick: A-A nurse…? Eyes light up.
Joel: Yep. A nurse. If anything, even if the one in question doesn't have a whole lot of experience in the field, we can at least say we're tutoring the nurse. Of course, then we'd be obligated to actually do so kind of, but I'd prefer that than… bedpan duty
Nick: Nods. An excellent idea. And Adam does owe us a favor… Well I'd say more than a favor…
Joel: I'd say so indeed, but we should approach this without pulling that card. After all, the request is rather reasonable, I would say.
Nick: Nods. A truly excellent idea, Joel! Genius, I'd say.
Joel: Looks quite satisfied with himself. You think so?
Nick: I do!
Joel: Glad you think so. We can arrange a meeting tomorrow then. The sooner we're rid of bed pans, the better.
Nick: Don't know why we didn't think of this sooner!
Joel: Because we were too busy cleaning up sick and excrement.
Nick: Nods. Our youth wasted.
Joel: With the free time we will undoubtedly accrue, we can actually spend time on something more enjoyable.
Nick: Nods. Maybe I can finally get a date.
Joel: That's the way to think. The possibilities are endless!
Nick: Move out of Mother's!
Joel: There you go!
Nick: Wouldn't be so bad to have a pretty young thing liven this infirmary up a bit!
Joel: No it would not. Strokes his chin.

Adam: Sits with his father in the dining room with a big smile on his face.
John: Eating hungrily whatever there was for leftovers.
Adam: What did you do today?
John: Swallows. Laid in bed.
Adam: Blinks. …Oh! Your injury… Are you healing up well?
John: Touches it gingerly. It's going to leave a mark, but I'll be fine.
Adam: I'm glad… Frowns a little.
John: I pretty much deserved this one.
Adam: I hope you didn't do it thinking of getting revenge for me…
John: …I'll be honest with you, Adam… That was the plan.
Adam: Frown deepens.
John: …Don't beat yourself up over it, Adam. It was my choice.
Adam: I don't want what happened to me to cause further unnecessary pain…
John: …I wouldn't say it was unnecessary. It taught me quite a few things.
Adam: Please, Father… The best way we can get revenge on Price is by living our lives normally and not letting what happened affect us. Losing control and our heads is just what he wants us to do.
John: Nods. I know, Adam… There's no need to talk about this now, though. It's in the past. How about your future?
Adam: Blinks. …I never gave it much thought.
John: Smiles a little. No time like the present, Adam. It might be a good idea to think on it.
Adam: Heh… I always found the future a bit daunting… Haunting, even… It only promised more pain… and still… I find it daunting. Smiles. I never put much thought into it. This path was chosen for me, but I don't reject it.
John: You've got the intelligence and the talent to do a great many things on your path.
Adam: Smiles and even blushes a little at the compliment from his father. I'll do my best. Not only to think of my future… but the future of Atlantis, as well.
John: Nods. It's a lot of responsibility, as you know, but I believe you're more than up to the task.
Adam: Smiles more and blush deepens. It's been awhile since he sat down and had a conversation with his father without him clamming up and shutting down. …Thank you, Father.
John: You are welcome, but I am just speaking the honest truth. It's good to have a conversation with Adam. While he's being very complimentary to his son, he truly does mean every word of it.
Adam: Well… I think I get it from you. Smiles.
John: Smiles a little. It feels nice to be seen as a source of Adam's innate talent. Though it might not strike him as completely true, it is still gladdening to hear it. Thank you, Adam… Though you worked hard for what you know. You owe credit only to yourself for that.
Adam: I've always tried to do my best. Bites his lip a little.
John: …Is something wrong?
Adam: …I don't know… Maybe I am feeling a little regret.
John: Regret?
Adam: Heh. I spent a lot of time studying and not a lot of time… doing other things.
John: Nods a bit in understanding. Can kind of relate to that one.
Adam: …Like making friends…
John: There is still time to make friends, Adam.
Adam: I… don't really know how.
John: …Perhaps try to find people your age with a common interest?
Adam: How am I supposed to know if they have a common interest?
John: Ask.
Adam: Thinks about this. I guess.
John: What's the worst that could happen from trying?
Adam: They'd think I was very strange.
John: Then it's their loss.
Adam: Smiles a little. I am very strange.
John: I don't see anything wrong with being different from others.
Adam: …How did you meet Mom again?
John: She lit my cigarette for me at this very table, I believe… but when Jessica and I first starting seeing each other… well… I was there for her. It started off being as simple as just talking with her, getting to know her better.

Daniel: You could always just ask not to dream about me anymore.
John: I like your company, actually.
Daniel: Except when I'm asking you 1,000 pointless questions?
John: - thought it was kind of interesting until you started asking me questions you knew the answer to. Besides, you'd miss me too much.
Daniel: I had no idea whether or not you wanted to be a werewolf or if you liked Phantom of the Opera.
John: Yeah, but do I look like a werewolf or a vampire to you?
Daniel: You never know.
John: That's true. Except no. You did know.
Daniel: Did you know the Phantom of the Opera's name is Erik?
John: They were both maimed beyond belief, so yeah, I could see that.
Daniel: Ha.
John: You must like me for my sharp wit.
Daniel: Yeah, yeah.
John: You're great Dan. You help me with my head.
Daniel: I'm a good psychologist?
John: Maybe, maybe not. It just helps to have someone to bounce my ideas off, really. Get confusing, painful thoughts out of my head that I wouldn't want to burden the conscious with. Not to mention the dream journal. Thoughts are more clear and rational when you put them down to paper. They become less abstract and winding.
Daniel: You could talk to a wall.
John: Then people would think I'm crazy. I'd rather talk to the dead guy in my dreams.
Daniel: Nice.
John: And I value your opinion on things. A different perspective helps.
Daniel: Thank you.
John: You're welcome.
Daniel: Why the hell did you say you wanted to get to know me?
John: Because I do.
Daniel: I-It's just very vague.
John: I want to know regardless.
Daniel: What you want to know is what I'm trying to figure out.
John: Start from the beginning?
Daniel: What? With the singing?
John: How about this… It'll be a trade. Tell me something about your life, I'll do the same.
Daniel: But… what should I tell you?
John: Whatever you feel like.
Daniel: I was a pirate for Halloween when I was six.
John: At six I was a zombie.
Daniel: One time… I went as a Christmas tree.
John: One time, I went as a doctor. I had lame costumes.
Daniel: I went as Satan once.
John: I was a bumblebee when I was two. They were just showing me off though.
Daniel: I can't remember what I was way back when… I might not have even gone trick-or-treating.
John: My mom has pictures of it… Had.
Daniel: My mom put all of our old pictures in the attic after my dad died.
John: My mom was addicted to taking pictures. She loved it.
Daniel: I don't like to admit it… but my mom didn't like me too much.
John: Why?
Daniel: After my dad died, she didn't really try to cope with the loss… She just decided to pretend he never existed, but I was sort of a constant reminder, since I resembled him so much. She held that against me… Also probably that, in all honesty, she would have preferred if I had died in the car accident rather than my father… Considering I was in the accident too.
John: That's pretty bad.
Daniel: She came from a wealthy family… Wasn't really used to being poor. Then I came along and just made them poorer.
John: Surprising that you came from her.
Daniel: Why's that?
John: Seems like growing up raised by her would have maybe caused her to rub off on you a little.
Daniel: Shrugs. I always just thought my mom did the best for me. I mean, she was a single parent and had to work a lot to support me… Send me through college. I appreciate everything she did for me.
John: That makes sense. When I was recovering from my lung removal and my parents were finally allowed in, I remember clearly my mother crying and blaming herself for what happened. And I agreed with her.
Daniel: Wow… My mom didn't visit me much when I was in the hospital… She had to work… and y'know… When she wasn't working… she deserved her free time and stuff. Eric stayed with me nearly the whole time, though.
John: That's fortunate at least.
Daniel: Eric's pretty much the only person I was truthful with…
John: It's good you had someone like that for you.
John: I remember when I was 15, my mom desperately wanted to help me. So she got me a journal. Being the clever guy I was, the first sentence I wrote was, 'I hate my parents. My mom most of all'. This was based off of the fact that I thought she was going to read it. I was right, too.
Daniel: Laughs in a, "I can't believe you did that. That's horrible." way.
John: …I wasn't an easy child to deal with…
Daniel: I looked like I was rebelling a lot after I was sick… but I wasn't really. I was mostly a jerk kid when I was 13 or so.
John: We started around the same time, at least.
Daniel: I think getting sick was partly what cured me of that at least.
John: How did you get sick?
Daniel: I dunno. However you get leukemia. I'm not clear on that. Wasn't around any atomic bombs, I don't think.
John: I guess the how isn't important. I know I've just been spouting things about my mother. Sorry that I don't branch out, but this is the last one. Promise. Looking back, I've noticed a lot of little things she tried to help me with. She gave me a lot of personal freedom when I got my schoolwork done on time. Yet when that didn't seem to help, she yanked back on the reigns. That didn't seem to help either. It was very rare that I'd ever reciprocate much of her love… Very occasional moments. After all the times she'd bring dinner to my room if I just didn't feel like coming out or was studying, to checking up on me and telling me that she loved me before going to sleep every night. Always asking how my school day was and actually wanting to listen. I couldn't name everything she's done for me. I know she's had a few nervous breakdowns over how I was too. I could hear her with my dad. It wasn't any wonder why she was wound so tight and so emotional when it involved me. When I said, 'She's always been like this.' I should have said, 'I made her like this'. That's why she was so moved when she thought that we were friends back in the day. Something so small was a huge step for me in her eyes.
Daniel: Heh. Wish I had your mom.
John: I wish I'd moved past that incident much, much sooner than I did.
Daniel: Shrugs. Everyone deals with things a different way.
John: That's true.
Daniel: Heh. I don't know what to say in answer to that story.
John: It's not a competition. You don't have to try to 'out do' me. I wasn't trying to do so to you.
Daniel: No, I know… Just something comparable… Rather than… I dunno… I made an A in math in 7th grade or something… Which is a lie 'cause I think I failed math then.
John: Not everything is going to be able to compare. I'm not going to deny that I was a wretch.
Daniel: Hey, I was a jerk kid. I berated my friends and stuff and expected them to put up with it. Anyway, my situation with my mother was pretty much opposite of yours
John: It wasn't fair for her. She deserved a better child. Maybe if we would'a switched. Ha.
Daniel: Shrugs. Maybe you deserved a good mother regardless.
John: Things just became very different. I may as well have been a new person after I got back from the hospital. Considering that my first day at kindergarten I was all smiles until my mom and dad went back to the car. Then it was crying and screaming and chasing after them. Kind of a stark change to go through.
Daniel: Heh… Can't say I've ever changed extraordinarily or suddenly. Just seemed to happen gradually. Probably just growing up, really. My life would've been a lot different if my father had been alive.
John: Better?
Daniel: Happier, probably… but.. Shrugs. I didn't really understand what I was missing out on. I had my brother and my uncle John and I thought that was good enough. I never really wanted a father… At least not any guy my mom would bring home. I mean… My mother worked a lot and my brother and sister went to college and stuff when I was 13… I guess that forced some level of independence on me. I had to look after myself.
John: Funny that I had a two loving parents and just tossed them aside in the delusion that I could take care of myself just fine without anybody else.
Daniel: I dunno, I guess having leukemia just made me depressed while I was in the hospital. Then I got real self-conscious when I left. Laughs. That might've been when I started this whole facade crap. Keeping up appearances.
John: I could imagine leukemia might make someone depressed.
Daniel: Yeah… I was miserable… Not just the leukemia, but the chemo and radiation and getting infections and… Sighs. The treatment… Sorta when I found out I was mortal and life wasn't just gonna be a smooth ride because nothing bad could ever happen to me. I lost a lot of confidence… or even arrogance, you might say. When I came back to school, I was afraid my friends would see that and act differently towards me or like me less.
John: In my case, I just stopped talking to my friends period. I suppose it's because they couldn't relate. Their problems of, 'My mom wouldn't let me stay up to watch this show.' just seemed… stupid. It's hard to really think about what was going through my head back then. It's as if I'm recounting the actions of a completely different person. Only unfortunately, it's not.
Daniel: Heh. When I came back from the hospital, Julius' twin brother Alex started going to school with us. That didn't help things.
John: Why?
Daniel: Jealousy. Julius was my best friend and now his identical twin was going to school with us, so of course identical twins are best friends and stuff and I just couldn't even compete.
John: I can see the problem there. What did you do?
Daniel: Not much since I was the odd-man-out all of a sudden, when I used to be on top of it. Heh. It at least became clear later on that Julius didn't seem to like Alex anymore than me. It's not very interesting… but Alex was really a passive and subdued kind of person. Laughs.
John: Nods. I've got nothing to that. I didn't have friends in school and I didn't want them either.
Daniel: Laughs. I was popular in elementary school, of all times and then some other kid spread lies and stuff about me 'cause I had done something that miffed him or whatever and I ended up with no friends at the start of middle school. Ended up hanging out with Jessica and Julius.
John: Would have been nice to have friends like them growing up.
Daniel: I'm surprised either of them stuck around with me. Jessica and I really became friends in high school when I began to straighten myself back out… but yeah… Kinda preferred having a few friends I could trust rather than a whole bunch of people I barely knew. So… comparatively, I had a real good life… Sorry…