07 June 2023
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Jessica McMurran Elijah McMurran John Crowley Adam McMurran

Jessica: You're looking a lot better, Sweety. Smiles.
Elijah: Smiles. Seems… 70% happier!
J.N: That's a good percentage happier. …Hey, Jessica. If you want to spend a bit more time with Elijah… I could drop this off at Adam's room…
Jessica: That's alright… I'll go with you. Looks at Elijah sternly. You need to rest! Hugs him and smooches.
J.N: Reaches over and… scruffs up his short, dorky hair. Take it easy. Then picks up the box.
Elijah: Thanks Mr. John… You too… Love you both… Pulls the covers over himself, curls up, and closes his eyes.
Jessica: I love you too, sweetheart. Leaves the room.
J.N: Exits with Jessica.

Jessica: Closes the door. Aww, he said he loved you.
J.N: Shifts a bit uncomfortably, but chuckles a little. He's said it before, too..
Jessica: Would hug J.N. if he wasn't holding the box. Smiles at him very warmly.
J.N: It kind of feels good to get a look like that. Kind of looks forward to seeing Adam.

Jessica: Enters Adam's room.
Adam: Looking at a picture book. Mommy! Get up and hugs.
Jessica: Hey Sweety. Picks him up. Hugs. Big kiss. Mr. John brought your toys!
J.N: Sets the box down next to Adam's bed.
Adam: Looks at J.N. …When are you getting married?
Jessica: Blushes. U-Um… Not yet! We're not even engaged, Sweety. You've got to be patient.
J.N: Doesn't know what to say to that.
Adam: Shrugs.
Jessica: Do you like having your own room? Sets him down on his bed.
Adam: …It's scary at night.
Jessica: Sits next to him. What're you scared of?
Adam: …Lonan…
Jessica: Lonan?
Adam: 'Lijah always has nightmares 'bout him… and he hurt him or something when he was my age… and…. he killed my daddy. So he might do the same to me.
Jessica: Awww… Pulls him into her lap. I wouldn't let him, Sweety.
Adam: How? You're not a big scary guy.
Jessica: No… but I am a mother!
Adam: …That doesn't make sense.
J.N: …Everyone here is able to make sure that nothing bad happens to you. That's a lot of adults against one.
Adam: Looks at J.N. You too?
J.N: Yeah. Though I wouldn't be able to do much of anything given the thought.
Adam: Smiles at J.N. It reassures him, at least!
Jessica: Sets Adam aside to start unpacking the box, which is probably as big as Adam is.
Adam: …There's no lectricity here?
Jessica: No… Everything's run by magic.
Adam: What about TV?
Jessica: No TV.
J.N: T.V. isn't good for you anyway.
Adam: Looks at J.N. How come?
J.N: …Well, what's a show you watch?
Adam: …Little Bear!
J.N: What happens on Little Bear?
Adam: …The bear plays with his friends. And doesn't wear clothes. Even though his parents do…
J.N: And that happens every episode?
Adam: Mostly… I watch Franklin, too.
J.N: T.V. is just the same stuff over and over.
Adam: That's cause of reruns.
J.N: Then what does Franklin do?
Adam: Sometimes he's a jerk and he learns his lesson. He's a turtle an' he always learns a lesson. I don't watch Blues Clues or Dora the Explorer. They think I'm dumb.
Jessica: Stares at Adam a bit.
J.N: Hm. They tend to treat children like they're dumb. What I'm trying to tell you is that T.V. is a waste of time. Do you really think that you couldn't come up with something better than a turtle who is a jerk, that learns his lesson?
Adam: I dunno… Maybe if I could read.
J.N: That takes a lot of work and time…
Adam: But everyone knows how to do it. But me. Then I could read the Franklin and Little Bear books. What's the difference?
J.N: Reading a book isn't the whole of it. You have to think about what you've read, let yourself come to your own conclusions. Feels a little weird talking to a child like an adult. Normally it wouldn't bother him too much, but Adam is very young.
Adam: That's why he sort of doesn't even get it! Can't I do the same with the show?
J.N: I guess you could, truth be told. A book won't treat you like you're dumb though. Well, some might.
Adam: I guess.
Jessica: Sweety… Well, Katen is letting Feemy off for summer for a bit, but once the break's over, you can go to tutoring with Feemy and Katen will teach you how to read and count and so forth.
Adam: And write?
Jessica: Well, yes, that too… and… manners… and… well, probably more than you'd want to know right now, honestly.
J.N: Pulls some of Adam's stuff out of the box in an attempt to help.
Adam's Stuff: Numerous blocks and puzzles and action figures and various rocks and all sorts of junk.
Jessica: …Do you want these rocks, Adam?
Adam: Yes! Don't throw them away. I cut my knee on that one… I had a humongous scab.
Jessica: ….
J.N: Why do you want to keep it?
Adam: ..Show him who's boss.
J.N: I see. Most people try to get rid of things that connect them to bad times in their lives.
Adam: Uncle Eric says… what doesn't kill you… makes you stronger!
J.N: Your uncle Eric is also talking metaphorically. Being a doctor he should know better than that…
Adam: How come? What's meta…. for… ick… lee?
J.N: Some people who get sick just keep getting sicker… Hm, that wasn't even a metaphor. A metaphor is something used to represent something else.
Adam: Very confused face.
J.N: I'm sure that Katen will show you a lot of examples of what they are.
Adam: I've never met him… What's he like?
Jessica: He's very serious.
Adam: Serious?
Jessica: Yes. He won't go easy on you. Takes the last block out of the box and sighs and sits down on his bed again. I suppose you do need to see Katen sometime soon… He needs to give you a talking to.
Adam: …Am I in trouble already?
Jessica: Nooo… A talk about how to stay out of trouble… Atlantis is a lot different from the U.S. a lot different. Not everything may be what it seems. You have to be careful. I'm not trying to scare you, but… We are nearing a war… and… There are some really bad people out there.
Adam: You scared me.
Jessica: Pulls Adam close. We're going to protect you… That's why we brought you back here. This is probably the safest place for you to be right now, okay? Like John said… There are a lot of adults here ready and willing to protect you.
J.N: I'd kind of forgotten about the war.
Adam: …Why do people want to hurt me? I never did anything to them.
Jessica: Well… The whole Riser thing is really too macabre for a four-year-old. You've got… something inside you… that they want… and…. they'd have to hurt you… to get it.
Adam: Blinks at Jessica blankly. What?
J.N: This is news to me too.
Jessica: A… power…
Adam: Looks and sounds skeptical. A power?
Jessica: Yes. A Healing power.
Adam: …I never noticed anything like that.
Jessica: Well, that's because you wouldn't unless you knew it was there.