07 August 2032
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Renasi Reium Feemerson Crowley Elijah McMurran John Crowley Celena Crowley Middler Blaydow Adam Crowley Jessica Crowley Hana Tanek Daniel McMurran Erik McMurran

Renasi: Laces his arm through Feemy's and leans.
Feemy: Smiles and leans a little against Ren as well. Not enough to totter over though.
Renasi: So… Where're you taking me?
Feemy: Some alleyway where they won't hear us. Grins.
Renasi: Laughs. Not sure I'm ready for that.
Feemy: Heh, me either.

Elijah: Hey M— Father…
John: Hello, Elijah.
Elijah: What're you up to?
John: Just making sure everything is running smoothly.
Elijah: Am I bothering you?
John: Not at all, Elijah.
Elijah: Nods. Shoves his hands in his pockets and looks around the room.
John: …Something the matter, Son?
Elijah: Nope… How's everything going?
John: They're going alright. Adam and the girls have gotten better, it seems. Well, Adam hasn't fully recovered, I think, but he's improved.
Elijah: That's good… Sighs. I wish I could see him. Said a bit sadly.
John: I wish you could too.
Elijah: Stays silent and looks out the window.
John: Is that what was on your mind?
Elijah: Shrugs. Sorta… He's my little brother, you know? Kinda fond of him.
John: Nods. Do say? …I thought Adam was going to be thrilled that you were back… Maybe he just needs a little bit of time.
Elijah: Nods. I don't want to upset him when he's sick…
John: I think he'll like to see you in time.
Elijah: I hope so. Um… about Bara… She's kinda noticed… People watching her recently and… she's not too happy about it.
John: I don't imagine she would be.
Elijah: In fact, she's been threatening to leave with Aidae.
John: Frowns.
Elijah: So, um… Yeah.
John: Seems kind of like an irresponsible thing for her to do. Taking your child out of safety in that manner.
Elijah: She says she doesn't want to feel like a prisoner anymore.
John: I think it's unfair to compare your prior residences to the castle.
Elijah: Well, if she leaves with Aidae, I'll have to go with her…
John: You would let her take Aidae out of the safety of the castle? I don't think you want to go back to starving, and more so, you don't want Aidae to have to either.
Elijah: Well, the thing is… I can't just let her leave by herself, either…
John: Because she's your wife. I can respect that. I hope you can respect what I have to tell you as well.
Elijah: Well, it's not just that… but what do you have to tell me?
John: Maybe you already know, but I was the one who suggested to Katen that Bara have an eye kept on her. Now what else is it?
Elijah: Well… She's kinda… Pregnant.
John: I see. Then it's doubly irresponsible for her to even entertain leaving the castle.
Elijah: Nods. Well I agree with you, of course. We've been through a lot and… she just wants to feel safe, y'know?
John: I would think that an increased presence of soldiers would make one feel safer, not the opposite.
Elijah: Yes, but Bara doesn't really trust us.
John: The feeling is mutual.
Elijah: Bara's not with the Demons anymore.
John: I don't trust her regardless and apparently Katen agrees.
Elijah: What do you think she's going to do?
John: I don't have any suspicions on possible actions, but regardless, from your own words, I don't feel she merits trust.
Elijah: They didn't treat her any better than they did me.
John: I never said they did. Generally, people I can trust aren't among those that would tell my son that the person who made his young life a living hell is really his father and that they should continue on his work.
Elijah: She's changed…
John: I'll see that for myself, then.
Elijah: I can understand how she feels.
John: How so?
Elijah: Being watched all the time… Having no privacy… Under constant suspicion, spies everywhere… Being unable to trust anyone and likewise, no one trusting you. Always tense and on your guard.
John: I see no reason why she should feel ill at ease if she is keeping her nose clean. She should have nothing to worry about if she has nothing to hide.
Elijah: I told you she doesn't trust us. She thinks you're going to throw us in the dungeon or execute us.
John: Logically, if that was the case, it would have been done while you three were sleeping for a few days at a time.
Elijah: Sighs. If she doesn't do anything suspicious for a month or so, will you stop spying on her?
John: It's not my call.
Elijah: Katen… right. Well, I'll try talking to her.
John: If Bara has any particular problems with me, then she can speak with me herself as well.
Elijah: She doesn't have a problem with you.
John: Just saying, is all.
Elijah: Sighs heavily and hugs J.N.
John: A little surprised that he's not outraged. Hugs back.
Elijah: I've just got a bit of nerves…
John: I don't blame you at all for that.
Elijah: Sits down. I guess I'm going to be a dad again.
John: Yep. Have any cigars?
Elijah: Blinks. I thought you stopped smoking. Frowns.
John: I did.
Elijah: Then why do you want a cigar?
John: It was an old tradition. Men used to give out cigars to their friends when they have a child, especially a boy.
Elijah: Well Bara definitely wants a boy. She says we won't stop having children until we have one. Hope we don't end up like Dante and have 19 girls and one boy.
John: That'd be a picnic. At least you could have your own army.
Elijah: Laughs. Of girls?
John: I couldn't think of a more deadly squad. Said with a straight face, but with such exaggerated severity, that one could tell he was joking.
Elijah: If they're all like Bara and Aidae, then yeah probably… and Mom on a bad day, heh.
John: Your Mom on a bad day? Heh… Don't even joke about that one.
Elijah: What does she think of your little….? Strokes his chin.
John: My…? Oh that? She hasn't complained so far. I think.
Elijah: Stands. Well, I'd better go and talk to Katen. I'll leave you to your rat-killing. Hugs J.N.
John: Hugs. I'm not killing any rats anymore. I'm done, but if you need to talk to Katen, I won't keep you.
Elijah: I'd better before he turns in. I promised to let him interrogate me anyway. See you later, Mis— Father.
John: Bye, Son.
Elijah: Waves and he's off!

Renasi: Follows Feemy, holding his hand.
Feemy: Leads the way quite eagerly!
Celena: Feeemy!
Feemy: Freezes! Celena? Looks about.
Celena: Walks out of a store, dragging Middler along.
Middler: Carrying her purchases!
Renasi: Quickly removes his hand from Feemy's.
Feemy: Acts like the hand holding Ren's was itching his own leg. Hey Celena, Middler.
Celena: …Were you holding hands?
Renasi: Laughs. No. You know, I don't even think he washes his hands after he uses the bathroom. That's pretty gross.
Feemy: Hey, I wash my hands afterwards!
Renasi: Yeah, sure.
Celena: Well, what're you two doing anyway?
Feemy: Ren was helping me find a singing instructor.
Celena; Oh, good. I want you to play at my wedding.
Feemy: …Really? I was just messing around… I didn't really think you wanted me to.
Celena: Well of course! You're my brother… and that's alright with you too, right Middler? Smiles up at him.
Middler: I'd be delighted to have him play at our wedding.
Celena: Smiles. See?
Feemy: Right now though, I was taking Ren to the skating rink.
Celena: Laughs. How charming… May we come along?
Feemy: I kinda wanted to do this with just Ren… but… Alright, not a problem with you, is it Ren?
Renasi: I guess it's okay… Wanted to go alone as well.
Middler: Splendid!
Celena: Goody! Let's go. Takes Middler's arm and walks with the boys.
Feemy: Now I can't even hold Ren's hand. Bummer. Leads the way!
Celena: Why are you dressed so nicely to go to the skating rink?
Feemy: Because first we were finding a singing instructor for me, so we didn't want to look bad, y'know?
Celena: Oh, I thought you were turning over a new leaf.
Feemy: Well, also Ren thought that he might actually pick up a chick if he was dressed decent for once.
Renasi: Ohhh, I don't know about that, Feemy. I picked up someone particularly nice just by not wearing a shirt at all.
Celena: Rolls her eyes at guy-bragging.
Feemy: Suppresses a smile. Really? Seems hard to believe. What's she like?
Renasi: Eh, she's kinda ugly, actually. Laughs.
Middler: That's not a nice thing to say at all, Renasi. Frowns a little.
Feemy: Yeah! I'm sure she has a wonderful personality!
Renasi: Kinda average there too. Grins.
Feemy: Finds this pretty funny, actually! I can believe that, y'know? Some girls take what they can get. Me? I just had to play one of my songs and…
Celena: Oh please. I bet neither of you have even ever kissed a girl.
Middler: Oh, I wouldn't say that Celena. Feemerson and Renasi are both charming young men. I'm sure they've had their share of relationships.
Renasi: Blushes a bit.

Feemy: And we're here! Hopefully you're better on roller skates than you are on regular skates, Celena.
Celena: What? What're you trying to say?
Feemy: You nearly killed Ren last time on ice! Laughs. I would have been fine… but Ren? Shakes his head.
Celena: I don't remember that at all.
Feemy: You don't remember? Mom mentioned it a little bit back. Dad did the splits and everything.
Celena: I remember Father doing the splits but I don't remember nearly killing Renasi.
Feemy: Yeah, well we all linked up hands and you started going breakneck speeds!
Celena: Ohhh, I think I remember.
Middler: I just remember falling. A lot.
Celena: Cuddles up to Middler. I'll support you.
Middler: Smiles. I don't know what I'd do without you!
Renasi: Goes to the counter to get skates for his tiny Elf feet.
Feemy: Does so as well.
Celena: Gets some skates for her tiny Human feet and goes to sit down and put them on.
Middler: Gets skates for his horrible bird feet!
Renasi: Tentatively skates onto the rink. Does much better with four wheels.
Feemy: Does better with four wheels as well!
Middler: Not much better, but has Celena support!
Celena: Holds Middler's hand and skates along with him, away from the boys.
Middler: Waves to them as they skate off!
Renasi: Waves.
Feemy: Skates close to Ren and whispers. Sorry…
Renasi: It's alright… but you owe me when we get home. Winks.
Feemy: Heh… I'll remember that… Now, what's this about being ugly with only an average personality? Grins.
Renasi: She really was. Grins. Who said anything about you?

Celena: Middler…?
Middler: Yes, Dear?
Celena: Who of your family are you inviting to our wedding?
Middler: Hm… I hadn't thought of that. I was thinking of asking Mother, but it's hard to get a hold of her.
Celena: Nods. Well… Sincerely. I'd love for your mother to be able to attend… Do you want to have children, Middler?
Middler: Yes Celena, I would. Only when you're ready, though.
Celena: Nods. …You're only one-fourth bird, right?
Middler: I suppose that would depend on how you would classify a Harpy.
Celena: Nods. …You don't think I'll lay eggs, do you?
Middler: I don't think you will, Celena.
Celena: Well… I'd like to have children with you regardless… I just don't think I'd be very good at roosting.
Middler: I'd gladly roost for you.
Celena: Grins and nuzzles against his shoulder.
Middler: Smiles and skates slowly!

Renasi: Skates about with Feemy. You really think we should keep this a secret?
Feemy: Well… it's really no one else's business but our own… but really, I don't think I mind if anyone else knows. I'm not ashamed at all.
Renasi: Well, I know it's no one's business but keeping it a secret might be kind of a pain… Then again… Your father scares me a bit.
Feemy: …Well… I think we shouldn't hide it Ren, but I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable.
Renasi: I'm not ashamed at all. Like I said, my parents probably won't mind a bit… If you're worried about your family though… Well it's your decision.
Feemy: I'm not at all. Well… Dad might not be too pleased, but I don't see why he would have problem! I wouldn't even mind telling Celena right now.
Renasi: Blushes a bit, but nods his head. If you want to… I will too.
Feemy: Good. Since now sounds fine to you… Grins a little and takes his hand, trying to lead Ren over to Celena and Mid.
Renasi: Hesitates but goes along with him.

Adam: Sitting up, reading a novel.
Jessica: Makes small talk with Hana.
John: Enters the infirmary.
Jessica: Smiles. Hello John.
Hana: Hello John. Bows.
John: Hello Jessica, Hana.
Adam: Dog-ears the page in his book and sets it aside. Holds out his arms to his father.
John: Hugs Adam.
Adam: Hugs back tightly.
John: Feeling better, Adam?
Adam: A lot better… but I promise, even when I've fully recovered, I'll take care of myself and eat right and rest and go easy on myself. I won't let myself get that sick again and worry you all. It was lonely being all by myself in my room most of the time and… I don't know if I'll be able to come back if there is a next time… So I'll do everything the doctors said. It's a promise and you can hold me to it. I won't break my word.
John: Smiles. I know you won't break your word, Adam. Especially proud of that! …Trying to focus on the fact that he's better and not think about what happens if he gets worse again.
Adam: Kisses his father on the cheek and lets him go reluctantly.
John: When Adam lets go, he goes to hug his wife too.
Jessica: Hugs back happily. Softly to him. Both of the girls are doing fine, too.
John: Smile widens a little. Softly back. I'm glad to hear.
Jessica: Smiles. Kisses him on the lips gently.
John: Kisses her back, almost forgetting that Hana is standing right there, along with Adam and with that in mind, regrettably keeps it brief.
Hana: Uh… John… If you wouldn't mind me asking Adam a few questions?
John: I had an inkling that was why you were here.
Hana: You said I could if you were both present. Smiles.
John: I did.
Hana: May I…?
John: Adam? Is that alright with you, too?
Adam: Nods. It's alright…
Hana: Smiles!
John: Very well then.
Hana: Thank you, John. Turns to Adam. So! What happened after you… well… died? Did you see or hear anything? Or was there simply nothing?
Adam: Looks thoughtful. …Well, it was dark… and… I heard a voice… A male voice… I can't say I'd ever heard it before… but it seemed familiar, as though… I almost remembered it. I still couldn't see anything, but I could feel a… hand, I suppose, on my face. It was strange because… I didn't feel any pain. I just… felt very light.
Hana: Nods. And what did the voice say? Do you remember?
Adam: …He said my name and told me to, 'go back'. Then… it felt as though he picked me up and held me closely… It was a strange feeling… but nice… The voice told me to remember what it felt like being in my body… How it felt when my dad held me or my mother stroked my hair… How my fingers felt turning the pages of a book, how my arms felt drawing the string of my bow…. As he talked and I remembered these things… I felt his touch and voice getting softer… farther away and I felt myself returning to my body and my heart started beating and I began to breathe. That's when I woke up.
Hana: Fascinating!
John: That is interesting, actually…
Hana: And you don't know who the owner of the voice was? You never saw anything?
Adam: No… I'm certain I'd never heard it before… Though it seemed familiar. I'm sure I'd recognize it if I heard it again. I never saw anything… It was just black. My eyelids felt too heavy to open.
Hana: Can I see the places where you were bleeding?
Adam: Nods and shows him his arms and reveals his chest, which is developing a bruise where the bug was and has apparently returned.
Hana: Do you mind if I touch?
Adam: …No…
John: Giving Hana kind of a 'look' at this point.
Hana: Touches Adam's arms very gently with no response, even when he presses harder… Touches his chest very gently which results in a wince and stops. Well, that's interesting! So that one is left and has returned. Straightens up. Turns to the parents. When do you plan on having him marry?
John: When he chooses.
Hana: Brows furrow a bit. You do remember I said that this bug problem wouldn't stop until he's sired his third child?
John: I remember it quite clearly, Hana.
Hana: Well, I know Risers can survive death once but… beyond that… it's uncertain. Adam being of a bit of a sickly demeanor, well… It seems as though it'd be better for him to begin to start a family sooner rather than later… It'd be truly awful if he died and the Riser line was lost forever.
John: Glares at that. I don't give a damn about any sort of Riser lineage. I just want what's best for our son. As far as this situation goes, it is one that will be discussed with Adam by Jessica and I.
Jessica: Takes John's arm.
John: Relaxes, but only a little bit. Only for Adam's benefit do we even tell you about his condition, otherwise it's none of your damn business.
Hana: My apologies John. I meant no offense. But the Risers were one of the original races of Atlantis and have a very rich history and Sibia itself is to undergo excavation soon. It would be a shame if it was all lost to us forever. We're quite lucky that the race has survived this long.
John: …Are you done asking Adam questions?
Hana: Considers. I am.
John: Alright then.
Hana: Smiles. Thank you for your time, Adam. And thank you John, Jessica. Bows.
John: I really need to learn how to keep that particular part of my temper in check…
Adam: Nods to Hana politely.
Hana: Good day. Leaves!
John: Just watches him leave, then looks back to Jessica and Adam.
Jessica: Blinks. Pats J.N. on the arm.
John: …I'm sorry I lost my temper like that, Jessica.
Jessica: It's alright… I guess Hana can have that effect on you.
John: I'm just glad Adam is alive and doing better. All Hana seems to care about is the fact that Adam is a Riser.
Jessica: Well… He is a specialist on races…
John: That doesn't give him the right to act like Adam is more of a history project than our child.
Jessica: I know but… we wouldn't have the information we have about Adam's condition if it wasn't for him.
John: …I know. Relaxes more, no longer angry, but still a little embarrassed that he lost his temper. Sighs.
Adam: …You think I should… get married soon?
John: Looks to Jessica on that one.
Jessica: …I think your father was right, Adam… This is about what you want… We're not going to force you to do anything you don't want to do and you certainly shouldn't feel obligated to… carry on the Riser race. It's your life and… You're an intelligent young man… It's your choice to lead it how you like. Of course, I don't think you should have children or get married until you're ready to deal with those responsibilities. You told your father you were going to take better care of yourself and I believe that you will. If you do that, I hope you won't become so ill again. While we want you to get better as soon as possible and stop being in pain… We don't want you to be stuck with responsibilities you aren't ready to handle yet, either. So, unless your condition becomes very bad… I think what Hana mentioned should only be considered a last resort. I have no doubt when you grow up, you'll most likely get married and want to have children someday. But like I said, only when you're ready.
John: Nods, agreeing with Jessica completely. Couldn't have said it better himself.
Adam: Looks at his parents and nods, since what his mother says makes sense to him.
John: Might owe Hana an apology… Smiles at Adam.
Adam: Smiles a bit.
John: …Are you enjoying your book? Just wants to get off the subject.
Adam: Nods. It's alright… Looks thoughtful.
John: Might regret asking… but… …What's on your mind? Though I might be able to take a few guesses.
Adam: Oh… I was just thinking about that voice I heard…
John: What about it?
Adam: It sounds strange to ask but… do you know who it would be?
John: …I may, but it would only be assuming.
Jessica: Blinks at John.
Adam: …Who?
John: Really, only has an inkling, doesn't realize that subconsciously he was told who it was. …I think… Frowns. Doesn't really want to say, since the answer might upset Jessica. …I can't make a guess. I don't know about the Risers well enough.
Adam: Frowns. You said you had an idea… and you were the one… who thought it was my father talking through me that time… and saw him when I opened that book… Looks up at him, in the eyes.
John: Looks back to him, in the eyes. It sounds like that's what you wanted to hear, kid. …That was my idea, Adam.
Adam: …You think it was… my father again?
John: As limited as my knowledge is of this situation… that's my inkling, yes.
Adam: Nods and takes his father's hands and leans against his stomach.
John: Squeezes his hand and sighs. If he knew for certain that it was Daniel, he'd have no problem saying so… but he didn't want to just guess.
Adam: …Thank you for being there for me when it was happening and when I woke up… I was scared…
John: …You don't have to thank me, Adam… Jessica and I will always be there for you.
Adam: …I know… Thank you for being my parents… You're better than I could ever ask for.
John: I suppose your real father always will be as well, it seems.
Adam: Hugs his father around the waist.
John: Strokes his hair and remains grateful that he's alive.
Jessica: Joins in for a group hug.
Adam: Hugs his mom, too.
John: Uses his gangly limbs to hug the both of them.
Adam & Jessica: Eventually release each other.
Jessica: You need to get some rest, sweety. Kisses his forehead.
Adam: Nods. Alright, Mom.
John: Also lets go. Try not to stay up too late reading, alright?
Adam: Smiles. I won't… Good night, Dad… I love you both. Lays down, pulling the covers up over himself.
John: Love you too, Adam.
Jessica: Nods. I love you too, sweetheart… We'll move you back to your room tomorrow, okay? Night… Leaves the infirmary.
John: Leaves with her.

Celena: Looks at the two coming over. What's up?
Renasi: Blushing.
Feemy: Hey Celena!
Celena: Hey Feemy.
Middler: Hello Feemy.
Feemy: Skates right up, holding Ren's hand. I just wanted to say sorry, Sis.
Celena: Looks down at them holding hands. …For what?
Feemy: Well, I guess for lying. Y'see… we were holding hands earlier. Ren and I are going out, now Smiles!
Celena: Stares and blinks a bit. …Oh… Well, okay. Looks at both of them and shrugs. Congratulations?
Renasi: Quite red!
Feemy: Thanks, Sis!
Middler: It's nice to see you both found someone.
Renasi: Smiles a bit at Middler. T-Thank you…
Celena: Why the big secret?
Feemy: Ren's concerned with how Dad is going to take it.
Celena: Laughs a bit. Good luck with that.
Feemy: …You think he's not going to take it well?
Celena: Well… I don't really know… He just seems kind of severe and serious about everything…
Middler: Even he looks pensive. …I'm… sure that he'll be happy for you both!
Feemy: Oh well, it's not like there's much Dad could do anyway. We're adults…
Renasi: Yeah… Looking less embarrassed and more nervous.
Celena: Well I know my dad wouldn't care, at least.
Feemy: Your dad is my dad.
Celena: Oh, just forget it.
Feemy: Forget what? I want to know what you meant.
Celena: You remember…? Daniel?
Feemy: Not really.
Celena: Well, forget it… Seems to realize something. Looks at the both of them. Oh, I'm sorry… I didn't know you were on a date.
Feemy: It's okay, we really didn't make it obvious. At any rate, Daniel isn't the one I'd be telling, Dad is.
Celena: Yes, I know… Well, I'm hungry… Let's get something to eat, Middler. Do you want to share pizza or something, Feemy?
Feemy: Sure… but… is there any way we can get it without meat on it?
Celena: I don't mind just plain cheese.
Feemy: Thanks again, Sis!
Celena: …Do you, Middler?
Middler: Oh, not at all!
Celena: Well, let's go order… Takes his hand and skates off to the counter with him.

Jessica: Smiles. I'm so glad he's doing better.
John: So am I… Smiles and wraps an arm around her waist.
Jessica: Leans against him, wrapping her arms around him. Though I hope what happened hasn't… scarred you for life.
John: Wraps his other arm around her. I'll be fine… I'm more worried how it affected Adam than myself.
Jessica: What do you mean? He seems alright…
John: I know… but… I'd just think the experience was more traumatic for him than me. Maybe I'm just overthinking on it though…
Jessica: Nods. Releases him and takes his hand to walk down the hall to the dining room. Needs some tea after staying up with Dani most of the night. …Do you really think it was Daniel who was talking to him?
John: …It's only my conjecture, but I believe it was Daniel… It's just a feeling.
Jessica: Thinks about this quietly as they walk down the hall.
John: …Why do you ask? So much for your quiet.
Jessica: …I was just curious… You've said before that… Daniel said that… He was watching over us…
John: Nods. …How does that make you feel, Jessica?
Jessica: Well… I guess it's a bit reassuring in someways that he is… Like a guardian angel or something? Laughs a bit. I suppose it's a bit strange to think of, as well… I'm not sure how to describe it.
John: It's strange because it's your dead past husband watching over us?
Jessica: Well, yes. Though I suppose I'd find it strange to know that any dead person was watching over me.
John: Nods. I agree…

Renasi: Having finished eating pizza, heading back to the castle. I guess we should tell your parents tonight?
Feemy: Nods! Yep! May as well. Wanna surprise them with a smooch?
Renasi: Laughs. No… I think we should just tell them.
Feemy: Hehehe… I know, I know… I just think you look cute when you're flustered and red is all.
Renasi: Oh, thanks… Where do you think your parents will be?
Feemy: Shrugs. I'd say their room, or the dining room. Maybe the twins' room, or Adam's room as well.
Renasi: Geez, couldn't have narrowed it down a bit? Laughs. Where do you wanna start, then?
Feemy: I'd say dining room… I kinda want to get a glass of water anyhow, so kill two birds with one stone!
Renasi: Good idea… but you shouldn't kill birds or your sister'll get mad. Grins.
Feemy: Snickers. I guess she would. I hope she's got a lot of sticks and twigs gathered up for those eggs she's gonna lay.
Renasi: Laughs. You really think she's gonna lay eggs?
Feemy: Naaah, but I bet the look on her face after hearing that she might was priceless.
Renasi: Laughs. Kinda mean to your sister, huh?
Feemy: Hehehe, she knows I'm just kidding with her.
Renasi: I remember aaall those times you'd get on her nerves and she'd like… beat you up and stuff.
Feemy: Hey… She hits hard for a girl. She could'a probably beat you up too.
Renasi: Laughs! Yeah… probably.
Feemy: I guess I kinda deserved it sometimes…
Renasi: …Maybe…
Feemy: Coughs. You're not supposed to agree.
Renasi: I-I-I mean n-no-no… Never! You're a saint, Feemy… A martyr. Grins at him.
Feemy: That's better. Grins back. Doesn't hold a grudge against Celena.

Middler: Well, it's nice to see that those two are happy.
Celena: Yeah… I didn't know Feemy was interested in boys.
Middler: I didn't know, either.
Celena: Shrugs. Whatever makes him happy. He's been friends with Ren a long time.

Jessica: In the dining room now and makes herself a cup of tea. Have you seen Elijah today?
John: I did. He needed to talk to me about Bara.
Jessica: What about her…? Did you want some tea?
John: Yes, please. And she's noticed that she's being monitored.
Jessica: Makes him a cup of tea and sets it down for him. Oh?
John: Takes a sip of it. Yes. She has threatened to leave the castle and take Aidae with her.
Jessica: Frowns. Do you think she will?
John: I don't think she will.
Jessica: Why not?
John: This is just me assuming, but she loves her child and I don't think she would endanger Aidae. Another reason is that she's pregnant.
Jessica: Eyes widen. Really?
John: Elijah told me that she is.
Jessica: …Is it Elijah's child?
John: Shrugs. I'm pretty sure it is.
Jessica: Oh… Another grandchild…
John: I also told Elijah that I'd suggested to Katen to keep Bara under close watch.
Jessica: And how did he react to that?
John: He wasn't angry. He just explained that Bara felt like she wasn't being trusted.
John: So I told him that I didn't trust her. Takes another drink of tea.
Jessica: Why don't you trust her?
John: She told Elijah that he was Lonan's son and that they should continue his work. That's not trustworthy behavior.
Jessica: Nods. So what is Elijah going to do?
John: He's probably already spoken to Katen. Beyond that, I don't know.
Jessica: Well… she had better not take my son and grandchildren away from me.
John: If she cares about the well being of herself, her children, and Elijah, she won't budge. If she does leave, it'll just make her seem even more suspicious anyhow.
Jessica: Nods.
John: Finishes his cup of tea. The tea was good, thank you.
Jessica: No problem. Smiles! Well, John… Smiles at him, stroking her hair a bit.
John: Smiles back to her.
Jessica: Twirls a bit of her hair with a finger and looks coy. You wanna guess what I'm wearing beneath my dress…? Smiles. Can't pull off coy, so blushes.
John: Raises an eyebrow and grins a little. Sounds like fun… What do I get if I'm right? Has 'that' tone of voice. The kind reserved for Jessica in these kinds of moments.
Jessica: Oh my… Well I suppose I'd have to be yours for the evening… Smiles. Softly. And do anything you like…? Lays her head on the back of her hand a bit and lets her hair slip over one eye.
John: Who could turn down an offer like that? Stands and makes his way to his paramour. I know I can't. Reaches down to brush her hair out of her face gently.
Jessica: Turns her head up to meet his eyes, cocking her head to the side a bit. Smiles and unfortunately blushes. Hm? How many guesses shall I give you?
John: Brushes the back of his hand against her cheek gently. Hm… I'll only need one guess once we get to the bedroom. Moves his hand away from her face, actually reaching out to scoop her up into his arms and whisk her away to their chambers!
Jessica: Giggles, burying her face in John's neck/shoulder. That's cheating! Doesn't seem to protest much as her arms go around him and hold him close.
John: Grins a little roguishly. I don't think you'll be complaining after long. And does indeed lift her up into his arms!
Feemy: Enters, along with Ren, into the dining room!
Jessica: Giggling.
John: Hasn't noticed yet either, a little busy necking Jessica.
Jessica: Eyes closed. Mmm! I'm your slave for the night…
Feemy: Oh, ew!
Jessica: Looks over.
John: Also looks over. Deer caught in the headlights!
Jessica: Face goes quite red!
John: Faintest bit of red, barely even noticeable. …Hello Feemerson, Renasi.
Jessica: Would like to be set down but isn't struggling like Adam.
John: Gets to that, since the shock has worn off.
Feemy: Stop staring, Ren. Nudges him a little.
Renasi: Face quite red. Coughs and looks away.
Jessica: Um… What do you need, boys?
John: …One of you better be dying.
Feemy: Well, Ren and I wanted to tell you something… Ew, my mom and dad were making out where we eat.
Jessica: …Yes Honey?
Feemy: Takes Ren's hand!
Renasi: Takes Feemy's. At least the embarrassment of seeing Feemy's parents in a compromising situation has somewhat lessened his embarrassment about telling them they're a couple.
Feemy: Well… Ren and I just thought it'd be proper to tell you… um…
Jessica: Looks at them holding hands.
John: …Yes?
Feemy: This is a little harder than I thought it would be. Squeezes Ren's hand a little.
Renasi: He's so scary! Squeezes back. Can't speak.
Feemy: …That… Ren and I are… seeing… each other…
Jessica: Smiles reassuringly at him. Well that's great… I'm happy for you two.
Feemy: I wasn't worried about telling you, Mom. Smiles a little, facing going kind of red.
John: …You two are dating? Stares.
Renasi: Speechless. Can't look John in the eyes. Stares at the floor, quite red.
Feemy: …Yes.
John: …For how long?
Feemy: Two days ago.
John: Alright. Thank you for telling us, Feemerson. I'm glad you thought well enough to tell your parents that you're dating.
Jessica: Nods. Smiles.
Feemy: Was expecting more resistance, but thankful that they didn't!
Renasi: Looks up shyly at both of them.
John: Offers a small smile to the two of them. It's a little strange, but he has nothing against it.
Feemy: Leans up and kisses Ren on the cheek! See? Nothing to worry about.
Renasi: Turns redder but smiles back.
Jessica: Well, um… Take good care of each other.
Feemy: I'll take good care of Ren. Smiles! So relieved.
Renasi: Nods and kisses Feemy back on the cheek.
Feemy: Reddens a little more. Just wanted to say, that is all… um… We'll leave you two alone now…
Renasi: Nods! Bows to them both. Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Crowley.
Jessica: Good night, boys.
John: Nods. Good night.
Renasi: Departs quickly, dragging Feemy along if he must.
Feemy: Is a little dragged!
Jessica: Just feeling disappointed. Interrupted right when it was getting good! Sits back down at the table. …So, um…
John: Sits down next to her. Leans over and kisses her on the cheek!
Jessica: Frowns.
John: I know the moment is ruined, but I love you anyway.
Jessica: So, um… Feemy's dating Ren…
John: …Yeah.
Jessica: That's okay with you?
John: I don't have a problem with it
Jessica: Me neither…
John: …But?
Jessica: …We were having so much fun.
John: Sighs. Yeah…
Jessica: Strokes John's hair a bit. …I think I see a gray hair…
John: Really?
Jessica: Searches around in his hair a bit, leaning closer. …No… It was just the light…
John: Chuckles a little. I wouldn't be surprised though.
Jessica: You'd definitely look older… Since she got up a bit to look and is close now, just takes a seat in John's lap.
John: I'm just going to sit up half the night and systematically pull any gray hair I find now.
Jessica: Oh, pooh. Wraps her arms around his neck and lays her head on his shoulder.
John: Wraps his arms around her. I guess I'm not ready to stop being your fine young stallion. Chuckles a little.
Jessica: Laughs into his shoulder.
Jessica: I would have liked to have taken a ride, tonight. Giggles.
John: Kisses the top of her head. It would have been my pleasure too.
Jessica: Smiles and looks up at him with sort of pleading eyes. I wouldn't mind being whisked away and perhaps we could try again, my handsome master? Chuckles softly and kisses him by his ear, pulling close.
John: Grins and stands, hoisting her up in his arms in the process. Of course, my lovely little peche. Once more, that very soft tone reserved only for Jessie. I hope you are prepared for a long ride.
Jessica: Your wish is my command… Said softly in his ear, then nuzzles and touches her lips to his cheek oh so softly.
John: Carries Jessica away to their room!

Renasi: Once they are safely in the halls. Geez, we had to run into your parents macking?
Feemy: I know! …I mean, "slave"? Shudders. I didn't even think they still macked, period.
Renasi: Your mom's into some kinky stuff. Laughs.
Feemy: Oh god, don't remind me! She's my mom! I don't want to think about that kinda stuff.
Renasi: At least your mom wasn't a prostitute…
Feemy: I guess my mom seems pretty tame then. I can't believe that she was though, your mom's so nice.
Renasi: Laughs. Prostitutes can't be nice?
Feemy: I guess prostitutes can be nice, but still, your mom doesn't seem like the type.
Renasi: Shrugs. Well, it's not like she talks about it much… I guess she needed the money…
Feemy: Nods. I guess. Whaddya wanna do now?
Renasi: …I dunno… What do you wanna do?
Feemy: Want to hang out? Talk in one of our rooms?
Renasi: Sure… Let's meet in my room and… bring your guitar.
Feemy: Alright, I'll see you back in your room. And departs for his room, just to grab his guitar.

Renasi: To his room he goes! Where he makes sure to take off his shirt!
Feemy: Knocks on Ren's door.
Renasi: Come in… Lit candles.
Feemy: Enters.
Renasi: Lounging on his bed.
Feemy: …Nice setup you've got, Ren.
Renasi: Just something I threw together… Now come and serenade me. Laughs a bit.
Feemy: Takes a seat and begins to strum on his guitar. Which song, then..?
Renasi: Our song.
Feemy: Smiles. …I like that one too.
Renasi: Grins.
Feemy: …Strumming my pain with your fingers… Reddens.
Renasi: Smiles and listens.
Feemy: Sings their song in a very soft tone, changing the lyrics to imply that he's singing about Ren, which he kind of is.
Renasi: Blushes, listening and smiling.
Feemy: …With your sooong—
Renasi: That was… excellent. Grins a bit.
Feemy: …Hehehe… You're just saying that.
Renasi: No really… Your music really speaks to me. Smiles.
Feemy: Smiles. …You've kind of been my inspiration lately.
Renasi: Blushes. Wow… Kinda nice to be a muse for such talent. Laughs a little.
Feemy: Kind of looks to the ground, a little bashful himself, but because it's from Ren, really. Doesn't even know what to say either, all flustered, just like how he likes Ren!
Renasi: Laughs a bit. I should be more flattered than you.
Feemy: It just means a lot when you say it, Ren…
Renasi: Well, I'm being honest… Smiles. I hope you become world famous and then you could have lots of boyfriends and girlfriends besides me. Laughs.
Feemy: Laughs a little as well, but looks at Ren with big 'doe' eyes. I only need one, Ren.
Renasi: Grins. C'mere you big lug. Laughs.
Feemy: I'm smaller than you though! Doesn't stop him though! Snuggles up to Ren. You're so kind, Ren. How can I return the favor?
Renasi: …You could give me a kiss.
Feemy: …Hehehe… Leans up and lightly presses his lips to Ren's, as per his request.
Renasi: Kisses back happily, wrapping his arms around Feemy.
Feemy: Wraps his arms around him in return, leaning into the kiss very slowly.
Renasi: Kisses back.
Feemy: While liking kissing Ren, he mostly just likes snuggling/pressing up to his little, tall Elfy.
Renasi: Steering the kissing to the more passionate direction.
Feemy: No problem with that. Does break the kiss and sits up, knees on either side of Ren's hips.
Renasi: Blinks up at him with hazel eyes curiously.
Feemy: Takes his own shirt off. …Just feeling a little stuffy s'all.
Renasi: Smiles. Helps him with his pants.

Jessica: After the deed is done, buries her face in his chest a bit, inhaling his scent. Said softly. I love you…
John: …I love you too.
Jessica: You're my everything…
John: …You're my love, whose radiance sends the sun drifting beyond the horizon sullenly… Whose beauty turned the moon pale with envy.
Jessica: Blushes. Where is this coming from? Oh, John… Giggles. You know I can't compete with that… Kisses him on the cheek warmly.
John: Smiles a little proudly. Hadn't really thought it was that good. Has wanted to tell Jessica that for a long time. Kisses her back on the forehead. …You're… just more than I could have ever wished for, Jessica. You're my dream come true.
Jessica: Blushes. Too bad John can't see in the dark, since he seems to like her blushing. You're like a puzzle piece that fit into my life and made it complete again… I feel so lucky to have you… all of you… your thoughts and opinions and your strength and love and your warm body to snuggle up to at night and keep me safe. You also gave me two beautiful daughters I couldn't imagine living without now. You've just amounted to so much happiness in my life… I couldn't do without you.
John: …Out of our minds and through your lips, Jessica… Smiles warmly. No one could express it better…
Jessica: Giggles a bit and kisses him softly again, just a bit off the lips. Thank you for everything, John.

Renasi: Lays cuddled in Feemy's arms. …I'm kinda in love with you.
Feemy: Red. …You… You really mean it…?
Renasi: Yeah… It's strange… Because I had these feelings for you… Like you were just my best friend but… I guess I realize it was something more… It's sorta funny…
Feemy: Hugs Ren very tightly. It is kinda funny… but… it feels right to me… I didn't really know what love felt like before… but… I think I do now.
Renasi: Blushes. I'm glad it was with you… You always think love's just gonna strike you seeing someone you've never seen before when… It was really just right under my nose.
Feemy: …I'm glad it was with you too, Ren…
Renasi: Someone I already knew and trusted and could talk to and laugh with and just… enjoy each other's company.
Feemy: Yeah… I don't have to act cool or… try to be someone I'm not… or anything like that… I guess I'm just saying I agree, Ren.
Renasi: Laughs. You're pretty cool, Feemy.
Feemy: Hehehe… You're the only one who thinks so Ren, but that's okay, since I don't care if everyone else thinks I'm a loser if you think I'm cool.
Renasi: Laughs. How touching. Kisses him on the cheek.
Feemy: Squeezes tighter, at least as tight as his kinda wimpy arms can.
Renasi: Hugs back.
Feemy: Sighs in contentment.

Daniel: Welcome back.
John: Well hello there.
Daniel: How's it going?
John: Going well.
Daniel: How's Adam?
John: Doing better.
Daniel: That's goood. And you figured out that it was me talking to Adam. You're a smart one.
John: Mostly just assumed.
Daniel: And Feeemy…
John: Is dating Ren.
Daniel: Yep. To think he was crawling in the vents just… like 12 years ago.
John: I know… I don't have a problem with him dating Ren. I guess it's just strange to see that he's pretty much all grown up.
Daniel: Yeah… What is he now, 18?
John: Yep.
Daniel: Gee, I'd be 50-something if I was alive.
John: I'd still look older than you.
Daniel: Laughs. Just get to be eternally 39. You have a couple more years before you're older than I was. You might be as old as my dad was.
Erik: I'm only 33.
John: Older, then.
Daniel: What's going on with my Lena Lady?
John: Still getting married to Middler.
Daniel: And Elijah is having another kid with that crazy lady.
John: Apparently she wants a boy.
Daniel: Since it's the male who determines gender, maybe she'll chop off Elijah's head if he doesn't give her one.
John: Elijah can take care of himself.
Daniel: Battling your wife to the death. You and Jessica never argue. What's the point of being with Jessica if you're not gonna argue with her? Seriously. You're missing out.
John: Not very often, at least. We've had arguments before.
Daniel: …Except for real arguments. Those are no fun. And Jessica can get kinda scary… Serial killer scary.
John: I can imagine so.
Daniel: Y'know… I was thinking… You go to sleep naked but you aren't naked here with me.
John: Hm… How in the hell do you know I sleep naked?
Daniel: Grins. Takes the channel changer from his father, who is watching Teena, and changes it to the John channel in which he is quite naked.
John: Well, someone's a voyeur.
Daniel: Naaah… I was gonna turn it off right when you were saying weird things to each other but Feemy came in and it got interesting again and then you started saying weird things to each other again and I turned it off again.
John: …Huh. I didn't notice, but I got kind of built. Hm. Shrugs.
Daniel: You never look at yourself in the mirror? Well that explains a lot.
John: I look at my face. Not really the rest. I don't stand nude in front of a full-length mirror and admire myself.
Daniel: Laughs. Unless you're Ernest. You don't like… Look at your clothes to make sure they're not doing anything funky?
John: …Like what?
Daniel: Like looking bad on you?
John: Not unless I'm trying to look good.
Daniel: Um… Dress for success?
John: What about it?
Daniel: I guess Jessica is probably your fashion consultant now, so… Whatever.
John: Pretty much. Maybe I should start asking Ren and Feemy.
Daniel: Ha. Stereotypes. Maybe you should ask Elijah.
John: I'll stick with Jessica and uniform.
Daniel: He did dress you up that one time for like… a ball or dinner or something.
John: True. Hey, could I ask you a favor?
Daniel: Yes?
John: Could you use that… remote… channel changer thing and check on Ernest?
Daniel: I don't want to see Ernest doing it with Muscles McMighty.
John: It's pretty late, I doubt they're up. Or they might be. Could you at least check, please?
Daniel: They're your eyes burning out of your sockets. Changes the channel to Ernest.
Ernest: Sleeping. On the couch. Oh no.
Daniel: Got in trouble with his girly friend.
John: Yep. In his own home too.
Daniel: Your home.
John: My home is in Atlantis. It's my house though.
Daniel: I wonder what he did? If Adam was there, I could ask him.
John: Sachi is crazy. Trust me. Or bipolar or something.
Daniel: Crazy in bed?
John: No comment.
Erik: Is she taking lithium?
John: I don't know.
Daniel: Better or worse than Jessica?
John: In bed?
Daniel: Yeah.
John: …They're different, but Jessica is better.
Daniel: Uh… Jessica's the only woman I've slept with, so yeah.
John: You asked.
Daniel: Will you walk my daughter down the aisle?
John: Of course I'll walk my daughter down the aisle.
Daniel: Frowns.
John: If she wants me to, that is.
Daniel: And give her away to Middler?
John: So far, Middler isn't a cannibal. And he hasn't done anything to make me not trust him, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Yes, to Middler.
Daniel: Ohhh right. When he turns you to his ways, he'll eat you all.
John: You think so?
Daniel: Shrugs. I guess Middler's an okay guy, too. But if he doesn't take care of my daughter, kick his ass.
John: Sure. I'd love to build a reputation as a loose cannon around the castle.
Daniel: …At least Elijah is still loyal to me.
John: What do you mean?
Daniel: He at least kept my last name. Have a son and carry it on, Elijah!
John: Ah. That's what you meant. Alright. What's Middler's last name, anyhow?
Daniel: Uh… Caaaw!