06 August 2032
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Daniel: What did you look like in high school?
John: I wore the latest fashion and had a flock of hanger-ons around me. I was a cool kid and when the Sharks stepped in on our territory, we'd have a slightly homoerotic dance off to show them who was boss. With lots of singing.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: Really, I just looked the same. The blonde hair, slouched posture, grumpy, and wore jeans and T-shirts a lot, unless it was cold. Then I wore a jacket too or a long-sleeve shirt. I was taller than almost everyone else in class too.
Daniel: Did the basketball coach keep trying to recruit you?
John: Not as often as you'd think. The school had my medical history and everything. He did try to convince me that I could do less running and try to make three pointers or penalty shots. I didn't really listen though.
Daniel: You were too cool for the basketball team.
John: You know it.
Daniel: The best years of your life and you were a slumpy grouch.
John: They don't feel like the best years of my life. The recent ones do.
Daniel: Yeah… High school sucks.
John: Some people like it well enough.
Daniel: If you're on the football team and dating a cheerleader. I did take Jessica to prom, even though we weren't even dating then.
John: How'd that go?
Daniel: It was fun!
John: Good.
Daniel: You could've taken her if you weren't like… Four or something.
John: Yeah, yeah, I get it. I'm young, she's not near my age, blah, blah, blah.
Daniel: I bet you were cute when you were four.
John: You're not going to find out.
Daniel: I guess… With missing teeth, aww… and your hair was probably natural blonde.
John: Probably. Just a thought, but I feel sorry for my father.
Daniel: Why?
John: He's fat and old.
Daniel: Yeah…
John: Though that wasn't the reason I had in mind. It's mostly that I barely look like my father at all.
Daniel: You are a bastard?!
John: Why does that make me a bastard?
Daniel: I was thinking your mom cheated on your dad. I thought you looked kinda like him.
John: I do only slightly. I take very strongly after my mom, apparently.
Daniel: Well I take very strongly after my dad.
John: And my mom also took very strongly after her dad.
Daniel: Adam takes strongly after me.
John: Yeah. But he's better looking.
Daniel: He's less of a doof, too.
John: Indeed.
Daniel: Unfortunately, Elijah inherited aaall of my doofiness.
John: Love 'em anyway.
Daniel: And I dunno what Celena got.
John: Not any taller.
Daniel: She gets that from her mom.
John: Heh. I wonder what my little lambs are going to look like when they're all grown up.
Daniel: Hot.
John: Stares.
Daniel: What? I'm not related to them.
John: I know you're not.
Daniel: Just sayin' they're pretty girls. They'll probably be pretty when they grow up. Unless Dani really disfigures and starts looking more like you.
John: I hope not.
Daniel: Rose looks a lot like her mom, so she's guaranteed to be beautiful.
John: True.
Daniel: But your mom's like a supermodel.
John: …No. She's my mom. I am not going to entertain the thought of her being a supermodel.
Daniel: Is she really like a librarian or something because she's tall enough to shelve books without getting on one of those step stools?
John: I don't know her career nowadays. I think she was part of a book club for awhile. That's who she mostly brought over to Jessica's baby shower. But that was back at Adam's baby shower.
Daniel: My mom's super old and when she dies, my dad's gonna leave me and it sucks. I'll be here all alone for eternity.
John: Is your dad only staying here to wait for your mom or something?
Daniel: He actually gave her part of his soul like I did with Elijah but my mom's not immortal.
John: Ah, I see. That's a shame, really. It's too bad that you have to be here alone now.
Daniel: Yeah and when you and Jessica die, you'll get to hang out in Heaven and sip martinis, so aren't you glad I won't be there to mess things up for you?
John: I try not to think about it. Really, the only time it even comes up is when I'm asleep.
Daniel: Because you don't want to entertain the idea of Jessica having to choose between me and you.
John: I don't think it'd be fair for her.
Daniel: Yes, I'd rather give her to you than cut her in half.
John: The feeling is mutual.
Daniel: But you don't have to worry 'cause I'm stuck here forever.
John: Not really fair, but that is how life goes.
Daniel: You mean death.
John: Death too, then.
Daniel: Maybe Adam will give part of his soul to somebody and then we can hang out together, which would work really well considering he hates me or something.
John: Heh.
Daniel: I never did anything to him but help create him, geez.
John: It happens.
Daniel: Shut up.
John: Oh, make me. I didn't think you'd be so touchy, what with being dead and all and dealing with me for a decade.
Daniel: I'm on a self-righteous tirade.
John: If that's the case. Pinches himself.
Daniel: Yeah, yeah, always running away from your problems.

John: Jerks awake. Still sitting up in a chair. In the infirmary.
Joel: Sheesh. Sitting there all night with your child like she has some kind of wasting disease.
Rose: Just keeps going back to sleep, mostly just to get this whole being sick with thing over faster. At least faster for her, since time flies when you're asleep.
John: I'm glad I didn't pick the difficult girl.

Jessica: Um… Would you like another story, sweetie?
Dani: Uh-huh. Nods and looks cheered up at the thought of another story! Still wishes that she'd been sick when she had lessons.
Jessica: Well… Would you like to see Daddy?
Dani: Nods more! I do!
Jessica: Because… He needs to help Mommy tell the story.
Dani: Even better! Okay!
Jessica: Oh God. Well, let Mommy go get him and she'll be right back. Pours her a glass of water. And drink this while I'm gone, okay? And don't just pour it back into the pitcher because I'll know.
Dani: I will. Dutifully drinks the water, blech. Thinks if she doesn't, there won't be a story.

Jessica: Walks off to get John. Pokes her head into the infirmary. How's Rose?
John: Sleeping.
Jessica: That's good. Goes over and strokes her hair a bit. You got the easy one. We need to tell Dani a story.
John: …A story? Which one does she want us to read her? …And why do you need my help to read it?
Jessica: ..I mean about why Elijah has a different last name from her.
John: Oh… Stands and looks down to Rose briefly, then back to Jessica. Alright then.
Jessica: Looks to the doctor. Will you look after her?
Joel: Certainly. Smiles and nods.
Jessica: Smiles back and takes John's hand, leading him off so he won't run off ahead of her as he's prone to do.

Jessica: Heavy sigh as she walks down the hall. Nerves.
John: Squeezes her hand. Don't worry, Jessica.
Jessica: Leans against him and continues to trudge down the hall.
John: Supports her and kisses the top of her head.
Jessica: Finds some comfort in that.

Dani: Growing impatient for story time.
Jessica: Enters the room with Daddy, as promised! Sits down next to Dani and tries to smile.
Dani: All smiles, since it's story time.
John: Also sits down. Makes no attempts to smile though. This is a serious topic.
Jessica: Well, um, Honey… Daddy told me that you were wondering why Elijah had a different last name from you and the rest of your siblings.
Dani: Nods. Uh-huh. Looks at her strangely, since this is supposed to be story time, at least to her it is.
John: Your mother and I think it's best that we both explain to you why that is. Taking a role in this discussion!
Jessica: Nods! Grateful to J.N. for the support! Wonders how best to explain this!
John: Tries his hand at it then. Your older brother… had a different dad. Blunt.
Dani: 'Lijah calls you Father.
John: I'm glad he does… but I'm not related to him by blood. That's why his last name is McMurran and not Crowley. I just consider him one of my own children.
Dani: Looks to her mother!
Jessica: Nods. Your father's right… and… Celena and Adam have the same father as Elijah, as well.
Dani: But they're Crowleys too.
John: I asked if they wanted to be adopted and they chose to take my last name.
Jessica: Nods. Feemy is both your father and I's adopted son.
Dani: So he's not my brother at all?
John: …He's as much your brother as Rose is your twin, Danielle.
Dani: And 'Lena and Adam and 'Lijah are half-brothers and sister.
John: Frowns.
Jessica: Haven't you known Adam and Celena your entire life? And Feemy, too. They've been your brothers and sister all that time. I don't think it matters whether you're related by blood or not.
Dani: Seems to relent a little bit at that. 'Lijah hasn't.
John: Elijah would have been around, but he had to go away for a long while.
Jessica: Nods. And isn't Elijah very nice?
Dani: He is very nice… Seems to be considering this!
Jessica: Allows her to think.
Dani: Where's their dad?
Jessica: Their father passed away just before Adam was born.
Dani: Nods. Well, that explains everything.
Jessica: Do you have any other questions?
Dani: Once more, looks thoughtful. Trying to think if there's any detail that she missed to inquire about.
Jessica: Lets her think again.
Dani: Fortunately, even for an especially nose-y person, her eight-year-old mind can't find too many other interesting and awkward questions to ask. No.
Jessica: Smiles and strokes her hair a bit. Well your daddy and Adam and Celena and Elijah's father were… good friends and you're named after him, too. Smooches her forehead.
John: Nods and leans down to kiss her forehead as well. He was a good man.
Dani: It's a little above my head and I don't really know how to think about being named, not only after a guy, but after a dead guy.
Jessica: Well… That was the story…
Dani: …That wasn't a story. Frowns.
Jessica: It was a story about why Elijah has a different last name from you.
Dani: I liked the other story better.
Jessica: Sighs. Now I have to think up another story.
Dani: I think Gwen the dragon didn't get what was coming to her at the end though.
John: Gwen, the dragon?
Jessica: Blushes. Gwen the dragon's husband left her and she was never seen again.
John: Cheek twitch.
Dani: That's sad.
Jessica: It would be if Gwen wasn't very mean and set a poor bird man on fire.
John: More twitching. Trying not to laugh, actually.
Jessica: And left her children.
Dani: Nods sagely. You're right. Now it's not sad. She was evil.
Jessica: And generally rude to everyone she met. Nods.
John: Puts his face in one of his hands, shoulders shaking slightly. Has a mean sense of humor!
Jessica: So don't be like Gwen the dragon.
Dani: I won't be.
Jessica: Good.
Dani: If I was, when I got married, my husband would leave me. …But I wouldn't kidnap people and make them my slaves. Frowns. Now just recounting the story!
Jessica: Nope. That's very bad.
John: Calms himself. Yes. Don't be like Gwen.
Jessica: I hope she doesn't associate this when she gets to Modern Atlantian History.
Dani: …Are you two gonna tell me a story or was telling me about 'Lijah and 'Lena and Adam and Feemy all? Frowns!
John: I think we could tell another story.
Jessica: What would you like to hear a story about?
Dani: Um… I wanna hear one about a hero.
Jessica: …A hero…
Dani: Nods.
Jessica: Looks at John. Big smile. You tell the story.
John: Actually big smiles back. Kinda weird, eh? A hero?
Dani: Uh-huh.
Jessica: Waits for John to tell the story, yeah.
John: Alright then. There once was a young boy who lived at in a small town that was overlooked by a great castle.
Dani: What's his name?
John: I was getting to that, sweetheart. His name was Hans.
Jessica: …Bites her lip.
John: Hans wasn't poor, but he wasn't rich either. He lived happily with his family. They didn't go hungry and while they didn't have more than anyone else, they were content with what they had. It would be like that for a long time, until Hans was a young man. The kingdom that overlooked the town didn't think that the people from the town was giving enough money to them. They wanted more and more with each passing year and by this time, Han's family was very, very poor.
Dani: Why didn't Hans get a job then?
John: Glances at Jessica. Is this what you've been dealing with? Hans did have a job. As a matter of fact, he had… four. He would make shoes and help lay roads for the greedy king in the great castle and help the elderly with the chores they couldn't handle themselves and he also had to keep his house clean to boot. Hans was very busy.
Dani: He doesn't sound much like a hero.
John: I suppose he doesn't, does he? The greedy king in the great castle had made other places angry and they sent out great people to put an end to his wicked rule. One was a great wizard, who could shoot out lightning from his hands. The other was a master of the sword. He could easily beat anyone in a fight.
Dani: What were their names?
John: You're killing me here. Their names were… Joseph and Erik. But anyhow, they went right through the little town and despite the people's adulation at such great heroes, they ignored them. Joseph held his nose up high, ignoring them, as he was a great wizard and they weren't worth his time. And Erik merely kept his distance from them all, preferring to work alone. It was only coincidence that the two heroes had arrived at the same time.
Dani: Hans isn't a hero. Why's the story about him?
John: You'll find out if you listen, hon.
Dani: Looks skeptical, but remains silent.
John: Everyone had heard of these heroes, even Hans and when they passed his house, he tried to speak with Joseph first as he passed by. "Joseph, you're a great and powerful wizard I know, but if I can help you at all with your endeavors, I will." Joseph merely scoffed. "And what can you do? You're just a peasant, there's nothing you can do that I cannot, better." This surprised Hans, as he'd heard great things about this man. "Very well. Even if I can't help, I am grateful that you would face the greedy king for us." said Hans, but Joseph only laughed. "I'm not doing it for you. I'm being paid beyond my wildest dreams to end him." And with that, he walked on. Hans, shocked at his reply, only watched him go. It was shortly after that he recognized Erik, the famous swordsman. He approached him cautiously, speaking out to him. "Erik, I know you're a masterful warrior whose presence can decide entire wars, but if I can help you at all with your endeavors, I will". Erik didn't even look to Hans as he spoke. "I do not need your help. I only need myself and my blade." Once more, Hans was surprised, as he'd heard many wonderful things about Erik. "Very well, then I thank you for helping free us from the greedy king's rule". "I'm not fighting for you. I'm fighting for glory, so everyone, everywhere will know without a doubt that I am the best." he said, and left Hans behind.
Dani: Even more skeptical. They don't sound like heroes. None of them. Hans is just somebody and the other two are jerks.
John: True. Anyhow, Hans couldn't believe what he'd seen. He'd heard these two being called heroes, but it seemed hard to believe. So despite his father and mother's wishes, he went off to the castle as well. And before you ask, the mother's name was Maerie and the father's was Nathan.
Dani: Frowns. Can you read minds?
John: Yes. Anyhow, Hans reached the castle last, since the other two had a head start and he wasn't as fast as Erik and didn't have Joseph's magic to help him. By the time he had gotten there, it seemed like the battle had been won!
Dani: Frowns.
John: Hans saw great fireballs fly from the wizard's hands and Erik was only a blur as he cut down guard after guard that tried to best him. Hans was greatly overlooked in the chaos. When all the guards were defeated, there was only the greedy king left. When the two heroes confronted him though, they were paralyzed it seemed! The greedy king waved an arm and conjured forth what looked like a small hill of pebbles in front of him, but Joseph started shoveling the stones into his pockets. The greedy king waved his other arm and Erik held his blade aloft, a triumphant look on his face. The greedy king then drew a knife from his robes and approached Joseph. Hans didn't know what to do. He didn't have any magic to help him and he wasn't as skilled with a blade as Erik. Fortunately, he was unnoticed by the greedy king, who wanted to end what he saw as the only threats he had. Hans picked up a sword from the nearest fallen guard, so heavy that he could barely lift it, but he willed himself to hold it on high and charged the greedy king, taking him by surprise and running him through!
Jessica: This story is violent!
John: The greedy king fell to the ground, dead, ran through by the peasant. Joseph stood up suddenly, looking at the rocks on the ground and Erik just lowered his blade, both turning to the one who had saved them. "What happened?" is all that Hans asked. "I saw riches, beyond my wildest dreams" Joseph responded, his head hung in shame. "I heard the cries of everyone all around. That I was known as the best swordsman that had lived." Erik spoke sullenly. Joseph looked at the peasant Hans strangely. "Why were you not halted by the greedy king's illusions?" Hans just shrugged. "I don't know. But you desired riches, and Erik desired to be world renowned. All I wanted was to get rid of the greedy king." When they heard that, they both knew who the real hero was. It wasn't the most skilled or the most powerful, but the one who thought of others before them self. The two heroes carried Hans upon their shoulders to the roar of the crowd that had formed outside of town. When they let him down, Erik clapped him on the shoulder. "You should come with me. I could teach you to be a sword master like none other." Joseph grabbed the other. "Or perhaps you would like to be my apprentice." Hans nodded to them both, but stepped away. "I am grateful, but I have everything that I could wish for. My family is safe, and the greedy king is no more." Hans didn't go off to become a great wizard or a great swordsman, but he lived happily ever after in his home town. The end.
Dani: Stares. I liked Mom's better.
Jessica: Smiles.
John: I'm not good at stories.
Jessica: Oh, I thought it was good. It was much more articulate than mine.
John: Shrugs.
Dani: Hans was kind of a loser.
Jessica: He was a hero.
Dani: Skeptical. How?
Jessica: He killed the evil king and he saved everyone and he was selfless and a good person.
Dani: Oh. If I were Hans, I would have just asked to go with both of them.
Jessica: …Do you think you'll be able to rest now, baby?
Dani: Nods. I could have during the story. Though it wasn't that bad, I like stories about me better.
Jessica: Laughs and strokes her hair, kissing her on the forehead and tucking her in. Get some rest, then.
Dani: Nods.
Jessica: I love you… Stands up.
John: Stands. Love you and Mom can tell the next story.
Jessica: Smiles. I will… Takes John's arm and leaves the room.

Jessica: …We should check on Adam.
John: Nods. We should. Hopes he has gotten better.
Jessica: To Adam's room they walk. …Well, that wasn't so bad…
John: Nods. It could have been worse… It's better they know when they're younger, I think.
Jessica: Nods. We'll have to tell Rose, too.
John: Of course… Glances at Jessica. I think she might take it better, anyhow…
Jessica: Nods. Rose is a very calm little girl. Smiles.
John: Smiles, very glad of that small favor. She is. I don't think anything would change how she looks at her siblings.
Jessica: Smiles. I liked your story.
John: Chuckles. Thanks, honey. I'm not good at improvising or storytelling though.
Jessica: Despite what Dani says, it was much better than mine…
John: I wouldn't be so sure. I haven't heard yours yet… Your antagonist was much more fearsome.
Jessica: Laughs. I don't think much could top Gwen the dragon.
John: Not at all. Just imagining some large dragon, with Gwen's head at the end of the neck.

Jessica: Peeks into Adam's room and enters. Softly. Sweety?
Adam: Doesn't sit up or raise his head. …Mom?
John: Enters with her, of course.
Adam: Looks very pale. Blinks at them.
Jessica: Strokes his cheek. How are you feeling?
John: On the other side of Adam.
Adam: …Not so good…
John: Frowns. So much for that hope…
Jessica: Frowns as well and strokes his hair.
John: …Are you hungry, thirsty…?
Adam: …I've… eaten… Takes his father's hand.
John: Lightly squeezes it. Alright, son…
Adam: Closes his eyes and swallows. I'm trying to get better.
John: I know you are, Adam…
Adam: Keeps his eyes closed, breathing shallow.
Jessica: Bites her lip and looks to John.
John: Looks back to her, quietly despairing.
Adam: Fell asleep. His hand slips from John's.
Jessica: Nods her head to the door to him.
John: Stands and does go to the door, since he knows Adam has to get his rest.

Jessica: Leaves after him, closing the door quietly behind her. Hugs John.
John: Hugs Jessica back tightly.
Jessica: Hugs tighter, laying her head on his shoulder.
John: Frees an arm, just to stroke her hair in an effort to console her.
Jessica: Trying her best not to cry, just clings tight until she can calm herself. Pulls away from him after a bit. …We should check on Rose.
John: Nods. …We should.
Jessica: Takes his hand and walks. It'll be okay. Squeezes his hand.
John: Nods and squeezes back. …I know. Sounds sure, but…

Jessica: Enters the infirmary.
Rose: Awake. Not looking very happy either!
Jessica: Rushes to her, stroking her hair. Are you okay, sweety?
Rose: Looks happy to see her parents.
Jessica: Pulls Rose up into her arms, holding her closely.
Rose: Clings. Mooom. I don't feel good. Whine.
Jessica: Um… Sweetie? Daddy and I need to tell you something…
Rose: You do? Okay.
Jessica: About why Elijah has a different last name than you… Much less nervous about telling Rose. Well… To put it quite simply… Elijah, Celena, and Adam have a different father.
Rose: Blinks. Who?
Jessica: Um… My late husband… Daniel McMurran… He died just before Adam was born…
Rose: Oh. Strange look on her face.
Jessica: What's the matter, baby?
Rose: Nooothing. But… Do you love them more than me?
Jessica: Of course not! Why would you think that?
Rose: Thoughtful. Well… No reason. It was kind of irrational, but an anxiety none the less.
Jessica: You're all my children and I love you equally.
John: Nods. Your mother is right and I feel the same way.
Jessica: And as for Feemy… Well… Both your father and I adopted him.
Rose: That's why he has horns?
Jessica: Nods.
Rose: It's not a disease?
Jessica: It's certainly not.
Rose: Nods. I didn't believe Dani anyway.
Jessica: Laughs a bit. You have any more questions?
Rose: Shakes her head.
Jessica: Smiles. I hope this doesn't make you think of your brothers or sister any differently.
Rose: Frowns a little. …Do you think they think… differently of me and Dani?
Jessica: I don't know why they would… You're just as much their sister as they are your siblings.
Rose: Nods. Okay.
Jessica: Gives her a big hug and a kiss. You're such a sweet little girl.
Rose: Hugs tight. Thanks Mooom.
John: Wow… That was pretty easy.

Feemy: Stops practicing guitar when he hears a knock on the door. S'open!
Renasi: Comes in. What an awful noise. You should just quit while you're behind. Grins.
Feemy: Laughs. Hopes he's joking too. I probably should, but I'm pretty dense, so I won't until people start throwing food at me.
Renasi: Laughs and comes over, sitting beside him on the bed. Sorry I didn't see you at all yesterday… I was hanging out with my family.
Feemy: Not a problem! Your family is important!
Renasi: Yeah, but my friends are important, too. Looks at Feemy.
Feemy: I know, it's why I bug ya so much.
Renasi: Grins and lounges on Feemy's bed. So what's up?
Feemy: Not much. Just practicing… Y'know, I'm thinking maybe I can actually do something with my music.
Renasi: I know what you can do…
Feemy: Oh? What's that?
Renasi: Okay now… Listen closely… First… You need to start drinking coffee.
Feemy: Nods. Then what?
Renasi: And not just any coffee… Don't buy your coffee pre-made… You need to buy a can of ground coffee from the store and use that, okay? Okay, once you use all the coffee, you'll have an empty tin and a coffee addiction. Now go down to the street corner in town with the tin and your guitar and start playing. People'll put coins in the tin and hey… You got a job! 'Course all the money will go to fuel your coffee addiction, but then you'll get more tins, equals more money. Am I genius or what?
Feemy: Blank stare.
Renasi: People should pay me for my good ideas. Grins up at him.
Feemy: Oh ha. You're a laugh riot. Frowns. So, what, my music really sucks?
Renasi: Come on… I was just teasing you… I think you're good, but you don't want to hear my opinion. I'm your friend and I'm obligated to think you're good. Go down to one of the clubs or something and audition for an act, they'll tell you if you're good or not.
Feemy: Grins. Ha, I got you to say I was good. I know you're teasing me and I do want to go down and audition, but… well, you know.
Renasi: Well, what? I think you should get an electric guitar and join a rock band. You've got the hair for it.
Feemy: …I should!
Renasi: Big yawn. Closes his eyes.
Feemy: …You sleepy?
Renasi: Meh…
Feemy: Meh? What's that mean?
Renasi: I dunno, I'm atrophying over here. Save me.
Feemy: With what? I'm not infectious or anything.
Renasi: Ennui. Do something interesting. A trick maybe. Surprise me.
Feemy: I could play you the jelly song. Grins.
Renasi: Oh man… Half-closes his eyes. I'll fall asleep if you do thaaat… Don't let me fall asleeep.
Feemy: Well, I'm pretty uninteresting! I have other songs, but I doubt you wanna hear those really.
Renasi: Oh Feeemy… You'd better hurry. Closes his eyes 3/4!
Feemy: Shrugs and just turns on the bed and lays the back of his head on Ren's stomach. Oh well.
Renasi: Oh… Crushing my spleen with your horns is putting me in a critical state. Closes his eyes, only leaving them a crack open.
Feemy: If you pass out, I'll have to revive you myself you know?
Renasi: Oh… That might be… exciting… but… I'll never know because… Closes his eyes.
Feemy: That means mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!
Renasi: Makes an unattractive snoring face.
Feemy: Laughs a little and sits up and pokes his side experimentally.
Renasi: Snores, even makes little 'pu' sounds.
Feemy: Pushes on his side with both hands.
Renasi: Continues his fake sleeping!
Feemy: Keeps pushing!
Renasi: Keeps 'sleeping'.
Feemy: More pushing!
Renasi: Particularly loud and long snore.
Feemy: Leans over and pinches his nose.
Renasi: Snores.
Feemy: Puts a hand over his mouth!
Renasi: Snores, getting drool on him.
Feemy: Eww!
Renasi: Just gets a 'peaceful' look on his face and stops snoring.
Feemy: Moves his hand and stares a little. Slowly leans a little over, face a small distance from his own.
Renasi: Pretending to be really asleep now. Is curious why Feemy's stopped poking, but doesn't peek.
Feemy: Pretty sure he isn't asleep… Kind of feels himself shaking a little as he leans just a little bit closer, enough that his very shallow breathing could probably be felt on Ren's face.
Renasi: Is he really gonna give me mouth-to-mouth? Does his best to stay completely still and control his breathing.
Feemy: Losing his nerve severely at this point. What if he doesn't want to be my friend if I do this? I'll just say that I was joking, is all… I did threaten him with mouth-to-mouth earlier…
Renasi: Body tenses a bit… So curious, but refuses to peek or give Feemy any clue that he's really awake.
Feemy: Was always the more courageous out of the two. Soon he's even closer, his lips hanging right over Ren's. Still, losing his nerve by the second.
Renasi: Lips curl up a bit in a faint smile… Can feel Feemy's breath on his face, heat beating a little faster.
Feemy: This would be a little easier if he could see him smile even the faintest bit, but being so close to his face prevents that. Feels his own heart thump in his chest… then in a moment, his lips touch Ren's.
Renasi: Takes a moment for him to realize that it's actually happening. If Feemy can see his face, it's very red. Shyly presses his lips back against Feemy's. Heart is thumping.
Feemy: His own face is very red and he can't actually believe that this is happening. Heart is also thumping in his chest, but gets a little bolder and presses his lips just a tiny bit more to Ren's.
Renasi: Parts his lips a bit, kissing back. His face feels very hot, must be beet red. Still not daring to move much.
Feemy: Gaining a little confidence back by the moment, as he was so sure that Ren was just going to bolt upright, not… participate. Moves slowly, not breaking the kiss, until he can very, very lightly press his body to Ren's.
Renasi: Puts a hand tentatively on the back of Feemy's neck… Then wraps the other around him, trembling a bit from nerves.
Feemy: It's a bit comforting to know that he wasn't the only one who seemed to be worried or still is. Presses just a bit more to Ren and then breaks the kiss finally.
Renasi: Finally opens his eyes, just to make sure he didn't dream all that.
Feemy: He's greeted by a very red face and big blue eyes staring/gazing right back at him.
Renasi: Blushes. …Well… Guitar's not the only thing you suck at.
Feemy: Chuckles a little. Y…Yeah… Like you'd know…
Renasi: Wraps his arms around him a bit tighter and leans up and gives him a kiss back.
Feemy: Surprised by that, but… it feels nice and soon finds himself kissing him back with more ease than he would have thought he could have, considering who he was kissing.
Renasi: Also quite surprised by how natural it feels… Relaxes and enjoys it, holding Feemy close.
Feemy: Finally closes his eyes and snuggles to Ren affectionately, all of his thoughts kind of a blur as he also relaxes and enjoys the moment.
Renasi: Lets the kiss linger a bit until it ends, feeling quite warm and still a bit shaky. Keeps his arms around Feemy.
Feemy: Hasn't felt this way in his entire life and finds it's quite pleasant. When the kiss does end, he just smiles to Ren, face still flushed.
Renasi: Smiles back shyly but doesn't say anything… Having trouble getting his thoughts together.
Feemy: He's not the only one having those sort of troubles and while he doesn't feel awkward, oddly enough, he also is at a complete loss of words.
Renasi: Gently moves to sit up, feeling a bit cramped, keeping one hand on Feemy's shoulder.
Feemy: Sits up as well, a little embarrassed at how close he'd snuggled up to his friend during the kiss.
Renasi: …Well, that was certainly interesting…
Feemy: The kind of dreamy look on his face snaps off, replaced by a shy smile. …Yeah… It was…
Renasi: Smiles back. Blush returns.
Feemy: Leans a little on Ren, though is kind of afraid of smothering him. …I… um… liked it…
Renasi: Shyly puts his arms around Feemy and leans back. …I liked it, too.
Feemy: Encouraged by the arm around him and by Ren's words. …And… I like you, too. Mentally kicks himself for sounding juvenile.
Renasi: Blushes and buries his face in Feemy's shoulder a bit. …The feeling's mutual.
Feemy: Puts his arms around his friend and snuggles up to him once more, still in a bit of disbelief about what had happened, but he doesn't regret it in the least.
Renasi: Snuggles back, pulling close to him. So… What now?
Feemy: Snuggles up to him, blinking a little bit. …I don't know… um… Grins a little, turning to look at him. …Are… are you my girlfriend? Definitely not the best time to joke, but it's kind of how he deals with things. He's hoping that Ren at least doesn't storm out of the room, offended.
Renasi: Well, you might want to ask yourself, Feemy… Am I a girl?
Feemy: …No, you're not a girl.
Renasi: Guess I'm you're boyfriend then… Laughs.
Feemy: Sighs a breath of relief, glad that he wasn't offended. …Hehehe.
Renasi: …You're not actually a bad kisser…
Feemy: …Really? …Well… You're not either. Blushes.
Renasi: Well… not like I have any previous experiences to compare it with… At least I don't have to worry about being bad with girls now.
Feemy: Hehehe… That's true…
Renasi: Laughs and disentangles himself from Feemy. Well, play me something on your guitar.
Feemy: Picks up his poor instrument from the ground. Alright, I'll try not to hurt your ears too badly.
Renasi: Thanks. You should sing too and I'll try not to go deaf. Grins and lays back on the bed.
Feemy: …Sing, too? Well, if you're sure… Takes a seat and strums a little on the guitar, hesitating a little bit with a shy smile on his face, then he plays and sings Ren a song. The same one he had shown off to his Grandparents! Strumming my pain with his fingers. Singing my life with his words. Killing me softly with his song. Killing me softly with his song. Telling my whole life with his words. Killing me softly with his song. I heard he sang a good song, I heard he had a style. And so I came to see him, to listen for a while. And there he was this young boy, a stranger to my eyes. Strumming my pain with his fingers. Singing my life with his words. Killing me softly with his song. Killing me softly with his song. Telling my whole life with his words. Killing me softly with his song I felt all flushed with fever, embarrassed by the crowd, I felt he found my letters and read each one out loud. I prayed that he would finish but he just kept right on. And finishes. Didn't do badly at all! His voice is still too soft to really be useful for the rock scene.
Renasi: Blushes. I liked that.
Feemy: …You did?
Renasi: Yeah, your voice isn't bad.
Feemy: Looks to the ground sheepishly. …Thanks.
Renasi: And you're pretty awesome with the guitar.
Feemy: Grinning quite happily. I… Thanks… You really mean it? Not even trying to be coy, but really, honestly is flattered.
Renasi: Yeah… Not just as your friend… or boyfriend… Blushes.
Feemy: Honestly couldn't get much more red than this. …Thanks, Ren.
Renasi: Smiles. Hey, you're talented and you work hard at it. I bet if you took some voice lessons or something, you could get really good at that, too. Then you'd really be rockin'.
Feemy: Nods. I want to take voice lessons, though I don't know where I could. It'd be great if I could actually make something of my music.
Renasi: Well, I think you should go for it. I'm sure there's someone in town who teaches voice lessons.
Feemy: Nods. …Well, would you maybe want to come with tomorrow and see?
Renasi: Sure. Smiles.
Feemy: Smiles, face returning to it's natural color finally. Thanks Ren. Maybe we could go do something after that?
Renasi: Laughs a bit and blushes himself. …What, like a date?
Feemy: Well… Yeah… I mean… Is that okay?
Renasi: Laughs. I'd love to.
Feemy: Hehehe… Alright then!
Renasi: Just grins and blushes. Then stops suddenly.
Feemy: What's wrong?
Renasi: …Your dad is gonna totally beat me up.
Feemy: …Why would my dad beat you up?
Renasi: I dunno… He's kinda scary.
Feemy: …True… He kind of is, but I don't see why he'd be mad at us, or you.
Renasi: If you say so… I trust you.
Feemy: …Besides, it's not like we have to report to our parents that we're dating. I'm not ashamed or anything… but it's really only our business.
Renasi: Nods. You're right.
Feemy: Regardless, I'm probably going to tell my Mom. Even if and when we do say, I'm sure our parents will understand.
Renasi: Nods. Yeah… Not worried a bit about his parents.
Feemy: Actually a little worried about his dad. He just seems very… Severe, at times. He's not even especially mean, but he's kind of intimidating, like Ren said!
Renasi: Lounges on Feemy's bed, feeling quite content. Care to join me?
Feemy: Sets aside the guitar. Certainly.
Renasi: Smiles.
Feemy: Makes his way to his bed and lounges with Ren.
Renasi: Snuggles up to him a bit. Sighs.
Feemy: Reciprocates the snuggling, even 'nosing' him on the cheek a little.
Renasi: Blushes.
Feemy: Hehehe… Your face is all warm. Are you embarrassed? Teasingly said, of course.
Renasi: Sorta… Laughs a bit.
Feemy: Oooh? What of?
Renasi: I dunno… This is all kinda new.
Feemy: Nods. It is.
Renasi: But… I like it…
Feemy: Smiles. …I do too.
Renasi: …I didn't think you'd actually kiss me. Especially with all that attractive snoring I was doing.
Feemy: Chuckles. …I don't want to sound creepy, but I'd been kind of thinking about it a little bit before…
Renasi: R-Really? Smiles.
Feemy: Nods. Really… but… it's kinda hard to work up the nerve to try.
Renasi: Well, you were always the leader and the one with the good ideas, huh?
Feemy: Hehehe… I kinda always thought of us as partners… You know, equals.
Renasi: I remember when we went puddle-jumping or something and you put a bunch of worms in your pocket and your mom screamed. Laughs.
Feemy: Haha! Oh yeah! I remember that!
Renasi: But really, I just followed you around and stuff.
Feemy: I don't see how you could handle a bossy little kid like me, Ren. Grins.
Renasi: I never thought you were bossy, I just thought you were fun to be with…
Feemy: I never thought I was the leader, y'know? I just liked being around you, too.
Renasi: Grins. Well I never had any good ideas…
Feemy: Oh well! I heard I was a bad influence too. Didn't you hurt your leg trying to climb a tree?
Renasi: Laughs. Yeah… but I wouldn't say that was your fault…
Feemy: Snuggled all happily up to Ren.
Renasi: Snuggled up as well. Wouldn't mind being kissed again!
Feemy: Presses close to Ren, leaning over him and giving him just a little peck on his lips, at least for now. He keeps his face close to Ren's though.
Renasi: Smiles. Is that all?
Feemy: Grins a little. Nope…
Renasi: Well now I'm certainly not bored.
Feemy: Good… Rubs his own nose to Ren's a little, even though 'Eskimo kisses' are the least manliest thing ever, but does make up for it with a real kiss.
Renasi: That's what I'm talking about. Puts his hands on Feemy's arms and kisses back, feeling much less nervous.
Feemy: Aren't we the affectionate one?! Wraps his legs around Ren's and leans more into the kiss.
Renasi: Presses closer to Feemy, parting his lips in the kiss and moving his arms around Feemy's neck, stroking his hair a bit.
Feemy: Parts his lips into the kiss as well, his eyes drifting shut as he feels himself grow warm.
Renasi: You're making me feel… a little too happy.
Feemy: Um… Same here. Sorry?
Renasi: It's alright with me! Quite passionate kissing.
Feemy: Might be getting too caught up. Pressing very close and kisses back with rising passion.
Renasi: Hands might be going places… they shouldn't.
Feemy: Shivers, but breaks the kiss, with more than a little regret.
Renasi: Frowns when he stops.
Feemy: Doesn't look like he wants to stop and his body certainly doesn't seem to want to either. …Just wanted to check with you before we go any… further.
Renasi: Blushes. I'm alright… Strokes Feemy's cheek a bit.
Feemy: Nods and actually nuzzles Ren's hand with his cheek. I am too then… Pretty affectionate when it's brought out of him, obviously.
Renasi: Blushes and waits for Feemy to resume kissing.
Feemy: And does so with much gusto!

John: Has gone to check on Adam. Lightly knocks, then completely ruins that by opening the door a fraction to peek inside. Enters very quietly. I'll just give his forehead a kiss and leave him be for the night.
Adam: His breathing is labored and erratic. Sees John's silhouette… Oh God, it's the Angel of Death.
John: …Adam? His breathing doesn't sound normal to me.
Adam: Small gulp/sobbing sound.
John: Brings light to the room. …Adam?
Adam: Very pale, breathing shallow and pupils dilated. …Dad…?
John: That's right… It's me Dad…
Adam: Fading fast… Lips looking a bit blue.
John: Oh god. …Adam! …Adam, honey… listen to me… I'm going to get the doctor… I'll be right back!
Adam: …Dad…
John: Thinks differently of that and, as gently as he can with how worried he's feeling, scoops Adam out of the bed and into his arms.
Adam: Trembling quite badly and feels very cold.

John: You'll be alright Adam… Kind of a mantra he chants as he makes his way as fast as he can to the infirmary, Adam held tightly, protectively in his arms.
Adam: Eyes close.
John: Hurries much faster. Very much panicking at this point. With his frantic speed, he makes it to the infirmary much faster than he normally would. Woe be to anyone who happened to step in his way on the way, as he wouldn't have any guilt about 'running' them over.
Adam: Has stopped breathing.

John: Holding Adam helplessly when he does enter the infirmary. Doesn't really care how he looks at this point. Someone! He's not breathing!
Nick: Stops drinking tea and rushes over. What happened?
John: I…I don't know! Just do something! Help him! Making a scene, oh my.
Jessica: Amazingly, sleeping.
Nick: Immediately begins CPR and mouth-to-mouth! After a few minutes… still no pulse or breathing…
John: Can't see him breathing, now really panicking.
Nick: Keeps trying! …To no avail. Stops and stands and shakes his head at J.N.
John: Grabs him by the front of his shirt quite roughly. Keep trying!
Nick: Sir… With the lack of oxygen coming to his brain…
John: Doesn't let go of the doctor in his white-knuckled grip. There has to be something else! Don't let my son die!
Nick: Looks at him regrettably. He's already…
John: Lets go of the doctor, only after thrusting him quite violently to the side, just so he can get to Adam and try to hear a pulse… or see him breathing or stir or anything that would make what the doctor said untrue.
Adam: Very white and still… no pulse or breathing.
John: Brushes his hand lightly against Adam's cheek. …Don't go, Adam… Tears roll down his cheeks freely. …I promised you'd be alright…
Adam: …Gasps, eyes opening… Even sits up, breathing heavily. Trembling all over.
John: Just looks shocked at the moment, so sure that he'd lost Adam.
Nick: Looks quite shocked as well!
John: Sorry, Adam… but this is probably going to hurt. Hugging him quite tightly.
Adam: Glad for it, his burst of adrenaline gone, was crumpling over a bit. Lays in his father's arms, breathing heavily and eyes quite wide.
John: Just sobbing and holding his son tightly.
Adam: Finally calms down enough, breathing returning to normal, though still trembling. Clings to his father weakly.
John: Adam… We thought you'd left us…
Adam: Quite shaken, but says softly. …I'm okay…
John: Doesn't stop the tears, though they're kind of from joy, but he still can't get over the sadness that had gripped him when he saw his son… die.
Adam: Clings to his father. Can't seem to get himself to stop shaking and doesn't even realize he's crying himself.
John: Eventually does stop crying, calming himself for Adam's sake and it helps that Adam's alive and… relatively well in his arms. That his son isn't gone forever.
Jessica: Just sleeps… Though it's probably better that she didn't go through that ordeal.
John: Glad she didn't even. Doesn't even take the time to think about if the doctor is alright, just concerned with his son.
Adam: Finally calms a bit, stopping his small, short, gasping sobs and his trembling begins to ease.
John: Stops holding him so tightly, but does keep him in his arms.
Adam: Trembling even eventually stops. Lays quietly in his father's arms.
John: …Just to make sure. …Adam?
Adam: Weakly. …Yes, Dad? The fever he's had the past week… has broken!
John: Just hugs him a little closer.
Adam: …I'm sorry for worrying you, Dad…
John: It's okay, Adam…
Adam: Weakly leans up and kisses his father on the cheek.
John: Cheek is still probably salty with tears.
Adam: Wraps his arms around his father's neck, probably half sitting in his lap.
John: Doesn't bother him any at all.
Adam: Very strange to see his dad cry in front of him. I'm still here and… something feels different. Pulls away from his father a bit.
John: Lets him, of course.
Adam: Fumbles a bit and unwraps the bandage on his lower arm… It's not bleeding and there is no wound… There is a small, shiny, scary, and dead metallic-looking bug.
John: There's the bug Hana was talking about.
Adam: Unwraps his other arm, revealing another healed wound and dead scary bug.
John: Maybe Hana would want to see those bugs.
Adam: With some effort, removes his shirt and the bandage around his chest… The wound is healed but no dead bug. That one's still in me…
John: Picks up one of the bugs with a thumb and forefinger.
Bug: Shiny silver with spine-y legs and big sharp pincers and many glassy dead eyes.
John: What a disgusting little creature.
Adam: Seeing the bug up close… makes him get sick over the edge of the bed.
John: Poor Adam. I'd probably get sick too. Grabs the other bug, just so Adam doesn't have to see that one too.
Adam: Holds his stomach, trembling, eyes shut tightly, trying to hold off more vomiting.
John: For lack of a better place to put them, pockets them and lightly rubs Adam's back.
Adam: Waves of nausea begin to pass and relaxes again, laying down in bed. Cheeks have some healthy color in them again.
John: …Feeling better, Adam? …Do you need some water?
Adam: Yes please… Feeling weak, though strangely better than he has been.
John: Okay, sweety… I'll be right back. Stands and looks to the doctor. …Would you please keep an eye on Adam? I'll be right back. It's your job, but it's polite to ask anyway, eh?
Nick: Nods.
John: Thanks. And goes to fetch Adam water!
Nick: Does brain exercises with Adam… Math problems… Remembering history facts… Repeating a sentence… Repeating the same sentence a few minutes later after being distracted.
John: Doesn't take him long to come back with a pitcher of water and a glass.
Nick: Well… he's mentally sound. Moves away when John returns!
John: Sits where he was before and pours a glass for Adam. Here you are…
Adam: Thank you… Dad… Takes it and sips.
John: Sets the pitcher on the nightstand.
Adam: Stares at his father over the glass inbetween sips.
John: You're such a beautiful child. To the doctor. Should Adam be kept here for the night?
Nick: U-Um! I…I think that would be for the b-b-est…
John: Alright then. I should find a nice, comfortable chair then.
Nick: Jittery… Wishes Joel would take his shift.
Jessica: Stirs in her sleep. Mmm…
John: Looks to Jessica. Decides not to wake her up, but will talk to her when she does wake up on her own.
Jessica: Sleeping against a headboard is kinda cramped. Stirs more.
John: Maybe I should just carry her to bed.
Jessica: Mmm… Awakens. Blinks. Longs to stretch but still holding Rose… Very carefully moves Rose so that she's laying down and covers her up… then stretches.
Rose: Not even a little bit stirred! Sleeping very peacefully.
Jessica: Looks up. Smiles at John and goes over to him. Adam's here?
John: Nods. He's going to be staying here overnight, as well.
Adam: Sets the glass down and smiles at his mom.
Jessica: Hm? You're looking a bit better… Puts her hands on his cheeks. You don't feel warm anymore… Are you feeling better?
Adam: Nods. I'm okay, Mom…
John: Hopefully my eyes aren't still all gross and red and puffy. Gives her the, 'we need to talk' look. Mostly a mixture of concern and a very subtle motion with his head to the door.
Jessica: Blinks a bit at John. Looks back down at her son and strokes his chest and arms a bit. You're not bleeding anymore…
Adam: Caught the look. Hugs his mom. …Sorry Mom, I'm a bit tired… Really is.
Jessica: Looks at Adam curiously and hugs him back, stroking his hair. Releases him. Alright then… You should rest… Tucks him in as he lays down and kisses his forehead as he closes his eyes.
John: Strokes his hair briefly. …Love you, Adam. Stands.
Adam: Smiles and soon falls to sleep, exhausted.
Jessica: Smiles and looks to John. …What's wrong?
John: Pulls out the same disgusting bug that he'd grabbed from Adam.
Jessica: Makes a disgusted and disturbed face.
John: Hana mentioned a bug. Here it is.
Jessica: Just looks truly disgusted/bothered and doesn't want to get close to it or look at it any more closely.
John: Pockets it. Thankfully has a strong stomach. Crosses his arms but then uncrosses them. …I… don't think you want to hear what I've got to say, Jessica…
Jessica: Pales a bit. Adam's alright, isn't he?
John: …He is now… but before… Jessica, Adam died.
Jessica: What?! Looks back at Adam.
John: …He got worse, Jessica. I checked up on him… and his breathing… Shakes his head. It's difficult just to say any of this. …I got him to the infirmary… but he stopped breathing… The doctor said he was gone… and… then he was breathing again… and when he took off the bandages, those bugs were there.
Jessica: …Was he actually… dead?
John: Eyes actually tear up a little. …I couldn't hear his heart when I checked… and I couldn't hear his breathing… then he just sat up.
Jessica: Moves closer to him, putting her arms around him a bit. But… he's better now, isn't he? I mean… the bugs are all gone? And he's not sick?
John: Shakes his head once more. …He said there was still one left in him. Wraps his arms around her. Now he feels like he needs some sleep or just rest of any kind.
Jessica: Strokes John's cheek. Do you think he'll be alright…? I mean… Is that some sort of High Riser thing? Being able to die and come back to life?
John: I don't know… I wanted to ask someone who knew about the High Risers.
Jessica: …Hana…?
John: …He'd be the best person to speak with… and it's the only reason I still have those damn bugs. I'd like nothing more than to… burn them, but… maybe he can learn something from them… and it might help Adam…
Jessica: Nods. Do you want to talk to him now?
John: …I would like to.
Jessica: Gives John a kiss that hopefully comforts him a bit, then takes his hand to make another late night visit to Hana's room.

Renasi: Lays next to Feemy, naked.
Feemy: Clings to Renasi.
Renasi: Plays with Feemy's hair a bit.
Feemy: …You can stay in here for the night if you want, Ren. Looks up at him.
Renasi: I wouldn't mind that…
Feemy: …And I'd like it if you did.
Renasi: Lays a hand on Feemy's chest and snuggles up to him. Mmm… You have any other love songs to sing me?
Feemy: I just miiight…
Renasi: Let's hear it then…
Feemy: Grins a little playfully. There was a horned boy, a blonde little joy, a kind heart beat in his chest. And when he was good, he was very good, but when he was bad he was best?
Renasi: Psh… Jellyman Kelly eats jelly on toast… I don't know the rest of the song.
Feemy: Hehehe… You don't want remember the rest of the song.
Renasi: So… you don't know any other love songs?
Feemy: I think I do… but honestly, I already sang my best one earlier.
Renasi: Aww…
Feemy: You seemed to like it well enough.
Renasi: I did like it… Strokes Feemy's chest.
Feemy: Aww… Really? Smiles over to him, skin getting goosebumps.
Renasi: Sings a bit, jokingly. And when you touch me like this… and when you hold me like that… Laughs.
Feemy: …I just have to admit, that it's all coming back to meee… Sang it seriously, but soon laughs afterwards.
Renasi: Laughs and kisses Feemy on the cheek and down his neck a bit.
Feemy: Chuckles a little and shivers from the kisses on the neck.
Renasi: Ohhh, you're ticklish. Continues to kiss. Feemy might need a turtleneck now.
Feemy: Making noise at this rate.
Renasi: Kisses down to his chest.
Feemy: Flushes and watches, stroking his hair.
Renasi: Kisses down to his stomach, even using his tongue a bit.
Feemy: Squirming some. Just growing warmer, since he's going lower.

Jessica: …Are you okay, John? Imagines that must have been a pretty horrifying thing to see. Squeezes his hand.
John: Nods and squeezes her hand in return, holding it tightly. …Yes… I'm just glad he's with us… I was scared that we lost him…
Jessica: Nods. I hope we never do… Leans on him a bit.
John: I hope so too… and maybe Hana can help us in that regard… Sighs, mostly just out of relief. That was just too close.
Jessica: Nods. I hope so…

Jessica: Knocks on Hana's door. Takes a bit to wake him up.
Hana: Opens the door blearily, hair tousled, not wearing a shirt… Must run in the family.
John: Hello, Hana.
Hana: …Hello John… Are you here about… Yawns. Adam?
John: I am. I also have something you might like to see.
Hana: Mm… Come in… Enters and shakes himself a bit to wake up, turning on some lights.
John: Enters and waits for Jessica.
Jessica: Enters behind him.
Hana: Um… Clears off some chairs for them to sit at a small table by a window. Rubs his eyes. Smiles. How can I help you?
John: Takes out the bugs from his pockets and holds them out.
Hana: Blinks wearily. Takes it from his hand gingerly and looks at it under a magnifying glass. Is this…?
John: Yes, it is.
Hana: Fascinating!!! How did you retrieve it without…? Frowns. …He's not dead is he?
John: Not anymore. It's what Jessica and I wanted to speak with you about.
Hana: Ah… Do tell.
John: Crosses his arms, making sure to keep himself calm. …Adam's health declined… I brought him to the infirmary… and… Can't help but look a little stricken. Remembering it is just awful. The doctor tried to revive him, but he was proclaimed dead.
Hana: Nods. What happened then? Looks intrigued.
John: …He woke up. I couldn't hear his heart, I couldn't hear him breathe… but he just sat up…
Hana: Ohhh! And what did he see while he was dead?
John: …It didn't occur to me to ask my son that question, Hana.
Hana: Look of disappointment. You never ask the good questions.
John: When he's feeling better, we can ask him, if that's of any importance.
Hana: Well… It'd be fascinating to know! But… Risers have been known to survive death before… Hence their name.
John: Nods. Can you learn anything from those things? Motions to the bugs.
Hana: Oh certainly! They'll be fascinating to study… though… I believe they are indestructible so… I can't dissect them. Frowns.
John: Keep them anyway. I don't want to see them again.
Hana: Nods. I'd love to have a chance to talk with your son.
John: …Jessica? What do you think?
Jessica: Well… As long as we're there with you… Then I guess it'd be okay. But… later.
John: Nods. He needs his rest. It may be awhile.
Hana: Nods. Certainly. It'd be terrible to lose the last remaining High Riser Refrains from saying, 'before he procreates'.
John: It'd be terrible to lose Adam, period.
Jessica: …Thank you for your time, Hana… and sorry for waking you up so late.
Hana: Don't worry about it… Always happy to help. Smiles.
Jessica: Well… We'll let you get back to sleep. Nods to him. Good night… Leaves the room.
John: Goes with Jessica.

Renasi: Finishes up pleasing Feemy.
Feemy: Experimentally tries a little nibble on one of Ren's ears.
Renasi: Laughs a little.
Feemy: Ticklish?
Renasi: My ears are kinda sensitive.
Feemy: So's my neck, didn't stop you though.
Renasi: Oh, well carry on, Feemerson. Lays down.
Feemy: Gets atop of Ren, knees along the sides of his hips. It just sounds weird when you call me that, y'know?
Renasi: I thought you preferred to be called Feemerson? Grins.
Feemy: I dooo… but you're a special case, Ren. Leans in and kisses.
Renasi: Kisses back.

Jessica: You always get so angry when we talk with Hana… Smiles up at him. Do you want to go back to our room or back to the infirmary?
John: I don't like how he makes Adam sound like a guinea pig… Sighs and shakes his head. …I want to make sure Adam is alright… but… it'd be nice just to… relax for a small while, selfish as that is…
Jessica: So… what would you like to do? Puts her arms around him again.
John: Leans a little against Jessica. …Let's… check on Adam… and if he's doing well… maybe just relax… We're going to end up sick if we keep up worrying.
Jessica: Nods and kisses his cheek. That's a good idea.
John: Glad that she didn't think he was being selfish, wanting to sleep.
Jessica: Returns to the infirmary.
John: Follows her.

Adam: Doing just fine. Breathing is normal and a more healthy color has returned to his face. Looks quite peacefully asleep.
Jessica: Checks on Rose as well.
Rose: Doing just fine!
Jessica: Wonders if she should check on Dani… Pats J.N.'s arm. You get to sleep… I'll go check on Dani, okay?
John: …Alright… Kisses her forehead.
Jessica: Stands on tiptoes to kiss his cheek. Good night, love.
John: Good night, sweetheart… And departs for their room.
Jessica: Goes to check on her Dani.

Dani: Sleeping on the bed without covers.
Jessica: Checks her temperature.
Dani: Still running a fever.
Jessica: Frowns. Figures she'd better stay with Dani. Pulls the covers over her daughter, tucking her in sweetly and kissing her forehead before taking her place in the chair beside her to sit out the night.

Feemy: Finished and has gotten some pants on temporarily! Just to get a pitcher of water and glasses, then it's back to bed, just for the snuggling.
Renasi: Starting to get sleepy.
Feemy: Snuggles up to him.

Daniel: Why hello there, John.
John: Oh. Hello, Dan.
Daniel: How's it going?
John: I don't even know.
Erik: Joseph and Erik OTP, right?!
John: …You watched that?
Erik: Jah… It was great… I wrote some fanfic… Would you like to read it?
Daniel: Daaad.
John: …What?
Erik: Nothing…
John: What the hell is an Oh-Tee-Pee?
Daniel: Just forget about it John… but it's like Jessica and me. Grins.
John: You mean "OTP" means that Erik died young and his friend married Joseph and lived happily ever after?
Daniel: It means, "One True Pairing".
John: Still doesn't make sense, seeing as she's with me now.
Daniel: Only because I'm dead.
John: Yep.
Daniel: Aren't you glad Adam's not?
John: I am. Daniel, I respect you a great deal. And I consider you a friend. But please, no jokes right now. I am not in the mood, awake or asleep.
Daniel: Yes, Sir.
John: Thank you, Daniel. I'm sorry… but almost losing Adam… I think my life shortened by ten years.
Daniel: Don't say thaaat. Hugs him. You have to live a niiice long liiife in my place.
John: Stares.
Daniel: Sorry, sorry… Stops hugging.
John: Just shakes his head.
Daniel: Whaaat?
John: You don't even know?
Daniel: …You don't like hugs…?
John: Not that. Crosses his arms. I'm not living in your place.
Daniel: Ugh. I didn't mean it like that.
John: Then how did you mean it?
Daniel: I meant just that I thought it would be nice if you lived a long time instead of dying before you hit 40 like me. And y'know… make my wife and kids happy and stuff whereas I can't. And I want you to be happy, too. Because you're my friend and stuff. I mean… I certainly didn't expect that'd you'd want to get together with my wife and adopt my kids… I mean, I asked you to look after them but I thought you'd just sorta do it half-assed because you felt obliged to me or something. Not that you did that because I asked you to…
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: I'll stop digging myself into a deeper hole. Ha.
John: Your choice there.
Daniel: Ohhh goodness gracious.
John: What?
Daniel: Well I did tell Adam he should probably go back to being alive.
John: So, he did die. Truly and honestly, he was dead.
Daniel: Nods. I think it's happened to me before.
Erik: Me too.
John: Me too. Oh wait, no. Those were medical paddles. And volts.
Daniel: Yeesh.
John: We can't all be Risers.
Daniel: Lung being taken out?
John: Yep.
Daniel: Leukemia.
Erik: My father stabbed me.
John: That sucks. I'm actually curious…
Daniel: What?
John: You had leukemia, but you seemed fine when I knew you.
Daniel: I don't even know… I was totally going to die according to the doctor, because I had come out of remission, which is why I broke up with Jessica… Anyway after being in Atlantis, uh… I seemed to get better. It was probably the water.
John: Oh. Hm. That explains why I haven't keeled over. Or at least bedridden. My immune system is, or was, kind of impaired due to the transplant.
Daniel: Nods. Well I'm glad you're doing better.
John: Thanks.
Daniel: Sorry I was being pissy earlier today.
John: It ha— It's alright.
Daniel: Half-smile. It kinda sucks being dead and watching life go on without you.
John: I imagine it does. I know the only real reason you do so is because you don't have a choice.
Daniel: There's not much else to do. And Feemy's totally macking on Renasi.
John: I said I wasn't in the mood for jokes, Dan.
Daniel: It wasn't really a joke.
John: You're serious?
Daniel: Yep.
John: You watched them?
Daniel: Uh… I changed it real fast when they started smooching.
John: …Hm. That's just… weird.
Daniel: Why is it weird?
John: I'm mucking about in the past a little, I guess. Just never really thought of Feemy with anyone.
Daniel: He's 18… He's gonna have relationships. With… Elf boys.
John: I could care less that it's with a boy. I guess I shouldn't think of Feemy as an eight-year-old anymore. Seeing as he's pretty much an adult.
Daniel: Yeah, probably not… Do you still think of Adam as a four-year-old?
John: …Somewhat… but it's hard not to want to shelter Adam.
Daniel: That's understandable… He's kinda sickly.
John: Nods. …And eventually Rose and Danielle are going to be adults.
Daniel: Yep, happens to the best of us.
John: …I'll let them date when they're twenty-eight.
Daniel: Ha, you're letting Celena get married and she's, what? 21?
John: She grandfathers out of it.
Daniel: Huh?
John: Jessica and you decided on 16 before I was her father. So, it was both of your choices. Now that I have a say in it, it's twenty-eight… Or twenty-five, if they're mature about it.
Daniel: Uh… yeah… good luck with that.
John: Crosses his arms. I know how to put the fear of John into teenagers.
Daniel: That's pretty terrible, so I hope you're joking.
John: I'm not. I wouldn't lay a finger in anger on my twins. Relents. …But I guess they'd hate me if I kept threatening boys with physical harm.
Daniel: Yeah, they'll hate you if you don't let them date while they're teenagers.
John: Maybe I'll just teach them magic and bog them down with lessons, so they won't have time.
Daniel: You're very overprotective. Are you not going to let Adam date until he's 28?
John: To be fair, yes.
Daniel: Poor kid is never going to get rid of those bugs.
John: Frowns. …Oh, right.
Daniel: Just let him start having kids now… Would probably be better in three years. Grins.
John: If you could get him away from books, that might work.
Daniel: Gonna suck if he turns out to be gay.
John: …Yeah. Maybe we should just start introducing him to girls now.
Daniel: Laughs. And you talk about Hana treating him as a specimen.
John: I'd be trying to save his life. Hana would probably be tickled pink if he could dissect Adam.
Daniel: Eww. So you do want Adam to knock up a girl a few times.
John: Not in particular. Just saying.
Daniel: If he has twins the first time, he'd only have to do it twice.
John: Yeah.
Daniel: Well… I'm sorry about Adam. He probably inherited his bugs from me, since I died with them.
John: It's not like you tried to give them to him.
Daniel: Certainly not… It would've been nice to be Adam's father but… I think you're doing a pretty good job.
John: Thanks.
Daniel: You have a granddaughter too, now. A sorta scary one.
John: She's not scary.
Daniel: I find a four-year-old who's seen that kind of stuff… uh… sad.
John: Sad. But not scary.
Daniel: Show her your grandfatherly love, John.
John: Of course. Now I have an obligation to spoil a child.
Daniel: You're going to spoil her? Laughs. Why?
John: It's what grandfather's do. …Though It's not that I want to spoil her, but maybe family can make up for what she's been through.
Daniel: Ah… She's gonna turn into… whatever Elijah is.
John: I don't care. She's still my grandchild. Though I guess I would care if she ends up going around and killing people with that power.
Daniel: I don't think Elijah would raise her that way.
John: I don't think so either, so doesn't look like that problem is going to occur.
Daniel: Sounds like it might be painful, otherwise. I wouldn't want my body to turn into… Something else.
John: Indeed.
Daniel: Sighs. My poor Elijah. I did the best I could by him.
John: You did a good job.
Daniel: Yeah, that's why horrible things happened to him all the time.
John: It's not like you made them happen. You didn't tell Lonan to do what he did or Bara to tell Elijah that he's his son. A lot of it was out of his control.
Daniel: Nods. At least maybe I raised him to be polite and honest and to work and study hard? Uh… Shrugs. Actually, Katen probably had to do with the politeness.
John: Yeah.
Daniel: Mister John.
John: Don't call me that.
Daniel: You'll never have to hear that again. It did get on your nerves. I thought so.
John: Not from him. From you, though.
Daniel: Psh, why from me?
John: Just weird.
Daniel: Can't call you J.N., either.
John: Do you want to call me J.N.?
Daniel: I want to call you whatever I like when I feel like it. Laughs. Though probably not Mr. John, since I am your senior and you should respect your elders.
John: Fat chance of me calling you anything other than Daniel or Dan.
Daniel: You seem to prefer Dan.
John: I know, Daniel.
Daniel: Why do you prefer Dan?
John: I'm not sure, Daniel.
Daniel: You won't call me Danny?
John: How about Danny-Boy?
Daniel: Please, no.
John: Danzig?
Daniel: Mr. McMurran.
John: Dan the man?
Daniel: Ha.
John: You're right, not a chance in hell.
Daniel: Daniel. And I guess Dan's alright, since I've gotten used to it. But I'll just think you're calling me 'Dan' endearingly and affectionately.
John: As endearingly and affectionately as I can.
Daniel: You can be, but neeeveeer to meee.
John: Hugs Dan, out of nowhere.
Daniel: Bastard. Hugs back.
John: I know I'm difficult and you've dealt with me for this long and I'm grateful.
Daniel: Aww, you're a sweetheart, J.N. Anyway, it's probably about equal there.
John: What do you mean?
Daniel: I'm difficult and you've had to deal with me for a long time, as well.
John: I didn't have to deal with you and you didn't have to deal with me. I remember you saying that this whole… thing, here is optional and that at any time you could stop or I could ask you to stop and you would.
Daniel: Oh, that's true… I'm surprised you haven't asked me.
John: I enjoy your company.
Daniel: Smiles and even blushes a bit.
John: It's true. Even if it's weird.
Daniel: Smiles. That's nice of you to say, John.
John: I'm just being honest.
Daniel: Blushes. Just covers his mouth with his hand and looks away.
John: You really cannot be that flattered.
Daniel: Bashful. I don't get compliments from you much.
John: I don't suppose you do. Well, you can take that one to the bank.
Daniel: Embarrassed/flattered. Says nothing.
John: Just surprised that he's so flattered over a simple compliment.
Daniel: Coughs. S-So um…
John: Yes?
Daniel: Smiles. Thanks.
John: You're welcome.
Daniel: Blushes more and goes back to being bashful.
John: Stares.
Daniel: Smiles at John.
John: Smiles back. Why not? He's a good guy and I'm not usually very nice to him.
Daniel: I'm really touched.
John: I'm glad it means that much.
Daniel: Even if you'll never remember any of this when you wake up and Daniel will once again be that kinda annoying guy who gave you his lung.
John: I have a great deal of respect for you, Dan. I thought you knew that.
Daniel: Um… Not really, because I don't really understand why.
John: I could have sworn I've explained this to you. I also thought that I even told my daughters that you were a good man. I even named one of them specifically after you, too.
Daniel: I thought maybe you just kinda liked the name Danielle on it's own. Laughs.
John: It's not a bad name, mind you. I respect you, by the way, because of your character. When I knew you, you were a very kind person, willing to tolerate a jerk like me for reasons I can only guess at. I can't see where you stood to profit from being around a consistently grumpy, sarcastic, and overall snarky man like I was… Well more-so then than I am now. You were a good father as well, though at the time I couldn't appreciate it. You were perfectly willing to let a strange child into your family and I never saw you treat your children unfairly. This isn't even getting into your altruism in your last days… since you've already said you wouldn't have given me your lung if you would have lived, though I'm not holding that against you. A lot of people labor under the delusion that the one who dies with the most stuff is the winner and when you could have been doing all sorts of things, you chose to stick around me and your family. So, that's why I respect you a lot.
Daniel: Well… Blushing. I didn't think it mattered so much that I was 'nice' to you or whatever considering I annoyed the hell out of you and I don't think annoying the hell out of someone is doing them favors but… Smiles.
John: It's the thought that counts, Daniel. The gesture is all that matters usually… and… well… if you'd have lived… I wouldn't have a lovely wife… or two beautiful daughters… or Elijah, Celena, Adam, and Feemy calling me father… but maybe I would have had a good friend, at the very least.
Daniel: Smiles. …Well I know which one you would prefer by a long shot. Grins. But it's nice that you would say that… and… I'm flattered you took the things I did for you to heart and became a better person and are now living a happier life, whether you're looking over my family while you're doing it or not. I mean, I know it wasn't all me but my wife and kids, too… but yeah…
John: Nods. I got what you meant, Daniel.
Daniel: And… It was worth it spending my last days in a hospital bed, even though I really hate hospitals… That's besides the point. Because, um… Life is for the living and I wanted you to be happy and have a better life and I guess I forget that sometimes and become bitter about being dead or something, so you should just ignore me.
John: I don't blame you for becoming bitter at times.
Daniel: Well, I am happy for you and I hope everything works out with your girls and Adam.
John: Thank you.