05 September 2037
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Adam Crowley Jessica Crowley John Crowley Joel Marsetti Nicholas Romolo Elijah McMurran Daniel McMurran

Adam: Sitting up in bed, eating dinner.
Jessica: Back home and looking for John. Heading to the infirmary. Enters! Adam! You're awake… Smiles.
Adam: Smiles at his mom and holds his arms out to her.
Jessica: Gladly hugs him, stroking his hair and kissing his forehead.
Adam: Hugs. …Mom, I'm better…
Jessica: You look better. Smiles. I'm glad you're feeling better…
Adam: No… I mean… the bugs are gone… Grins.
Jessica: Blinks. They are?
Adam: Nods, smiling. Grins. Kisses his mother on her cheek and hugs again.
Jessica: There's no denying that you look happier than I've seen you in years. Holds him close, smiling. That's great, sweety… That's great. Tearing up a bit. Sniffs. How did you get rid of them?
Adam: Blinks.
Jessica: You didn't get three girls pregnant? Frowns.
Adam: Well, uh… I sort of died again.
Jessica: Frowns.
Adam: It's okay, Mom… I'm better now, at least… Smiles and grins a bit up at her.
Jessica: Daniel….
Adam: Blinks.
Jessica: Blinks. I mean, Adam…
Adam: Great, confusing me with my sister.
John: Didn't hear that at least. Standing in the door of the infirmary.
Jessica: Strokes Adam's soft hair. Back to the infirmary door. Where's your father?
Adam: If he was a snake, he would've bitten you.
John: I wonder where he heard that one.
Jessica: Smiles. John… What're you doing out of bed?
John: Restless is all… Kind of pale.
Jessica: Frowns at him, looks sort of angry. Go lay down. Commanding tone.
John: …Okay, dear. Smiling.
Jessica: Frowns.
John: Stupid smile still on his face as he goes and lays down.
Adam: Purses his lips and eyes go over to his father. That, "Mom's mad at you" look.
John: Just looks back to him, stupid smile still on his face.
Adam: Just looks confused at that and lays down as well, so as not to attract his mother's wrath.
John: Just lays down. She hasn't been gone long, but… Just needed to see her is all.
Jessica: Crosses her arms, frowning at him.
John: Smiling back at her. I'm probably not very infectious, so I doubt it's going to do anything but make her angry.
Jessica: Staring him down with that, "I'm disappointed in you," look.
John: I'm glad you're here…
Jessica: I thought you had more sense.
John: Nods a little. Smile doesn't go away. I'm sorry, Jessica. I do. I shouldn't have been out of bed.
Jessica: And pray tell, why were you?
John: …Just not used to being bedridden. I may not look it, but I'm incredibly stressed out.
Jessica: Just frowns at him.
John: Still smiling. I'm just going to have a nervous breakdown soon.
Jessica: Eyes him and goes back to fussing over Adam. Giving John the cold shoulder.
John: Closes his eyes and rolls over onto his side. Hiding his stricken expression from them. Bites his bottom lip and just rests. Not sleeping, but acting like he is.
Adam: Doesn't like his mom arguing with his dad. I'm tired, Mom…
Jessica: Mmkay, sweety. Get some rest. Smiles.
Adam: Does so… Actually falls asleep fairly soon.
Jessica: Looks over to see what John's doing.
John: Not much, just laying on his side and being quiet. Looks asleep, unless you look at him from a different angle.
Jessica: Walks around the bed so she can see his face.
John: Not smiling anymore, that's for sure.
Jessica: I hope you're ashamed of yourself.
John: …I am.
Jessica: Good. You're a grown man. There's no reason to act so baby-ish over having to stay in bed for a few days.
John: Talking about different things we are. …There wasn't…
Jessica: Unless you just want to make yourself worse. Then you'll be staying in bed longer. And get an infection and die and break my heart.
John: …I… I'm sorry, Jessica… Pathetic.
Jessica: It was already stupid of you to try and attack Price when you told me you weren't going to! Frowns.
John: It's fine. I deserve it. Go ahead and yell at me.
Jessica: What in the hell were you thinking? It's really going to help Adam and Elijah feel a lot better about what happened to them not having a father!
John: Throat feels like it's constricting. Speaks very quietly. …I… thought I could win…
Jessica: Oh sure, up against Lucifer's right-hand man in the middle of a battle. Did you lose all common sense? I thought we had resolved this years ago. I don't know why you seem to want to get yourself killed.
John: Price's injury was less painful than this by far. …I'm… sorry.
Jessica: Just frowns at him. Care to explain yourself?
John: Hard to breathe here. ..I..
Jessica: Well?
John: …It was… Stupid of me… I just wanted him… to pay for what he did…
Jessica: That's not your job. Let someone else do it. It doesn't matter who kills him.
John: …Wanted to myself.
Jessica: Why?
John: …What he did to Elijah… Adam… Aidae… and Katen. It is because of Price's attack that he died, after all.
Jessica: Sighs.
John: Maybe people forget that I'm human too. Oh well. It's not their responsibility to remember.
Jessica: Are you just never going to be happy with yourself until you kill Price?
John: I can't kill Price. I know that now… so… you don't have to worry…
Jessica: Good. I don't know why that seems to make you think you're a worthless human being.
John: That's not, really. You kind of are. I know I'm not worthless…
Jessica: Sneezes.
John: Blinks. Bless you…
Jessica: Sneezes again. Keeps her hand over her face, reaching for a tissue and turns her back to him to wipe off all the snot.
John: …Jessica…? Are you alright…?
Jessica: Sniffs. Yes… thank you.
John: Forces a very small smile to his face. …You're welcome…
Jessica: You're not worthless, John… You're a wonderful husband and father and captain.
John: Sometimes it's just hard to see that for myself. …Thank you, Jessica…
Jessica: You don't need to kill Price to prove any of that.
John: Nods his head slightly.
Jessica: I can't believe after all these years, you were still dwelling on that.
John: …I can be thick like that…
Jessica: Frowns. Goes over and hugs him.
John: Hugs her gratefully and doesn't feel like he wants to let go any time soon, either.
Jessica: Strokes his hair and kisses him on the cheek. You big dope.
John: Laughs a little at being called a dope. I can't be a rock all the time. Even I need support.
Jessica: Sits on his bed, staying in his arms and holding him back.
John: Feels much better, at least better than he has since the battle. Thoughts are less jumbled and chaotic at the very least.
Jessica: I'm sorry you couldn't come to Katen's funeral.
John: I'm sorry I couldn't as well… It was the least I could have done for him.
Jessica: Sighs. Well, I got to see Daniel, too.
John: …You did? Oh, his grave.
Jessica: Nods.
John: I'm glad you were able to.
Jessica: I'm glad Adam's doing better.
John: Nods. It's wonderful…
Jessica: Sighs. I'm sorry, John.
John: You don't have anything to be sorry for.
Jessica: No, really… I wasn't being very supportive.
John: Hugs her a little tighter. Can't really find it in him to hold anything against Jessica right now.
Jessica: I just love you a lot and I don't want to lose you…
John: I love you too, Jessica… A little tighter on the hug, not so much as to crush her, though. This may really have been the only time he's been in such a way, where he's actually made it pretty clear that he needs her.
Jessica: Holds him close and even cradles him a bit… Doesn't mind coddling John either.
John: Doesn't mind being coddled, either. He takes a great deal of comfort in being in Jessica's arms.
Jessica: Don't feel bad, John… It's better to just… move on.
John: Nods his head a little. It sounds like good advice.
Jessica: Put it all behind you. Everyone makes mistakes.
John: …I know…
Jessica: Lays with him silently.
John: Does eventually break the silence. …I love you all so much… I'd do anything for you…
Jessica: Stays silent a bit longer. …Just nothing that will get you killed.
John: You don't have to worry about that anymore… Actually has been considering just retiring.
Jessica: Wraps her arms around John's neck and buries her face a bit in his neck.
John: That's been something I've been mulling over laying in this bed. Hugs her closer, just glad to be holding her and being held by her.
Jessica: Crying.
John: Lightly strokes her back. Now he's doing the coddling.
Jessica: Pulls away from him.
John: Surprised at that, but lets go when she does.
Jessica: I need to get a glass of water… Off she goes.
John: Looks sad to see her go.
Jessica: Doesn't come back from her trip to get a glass of water for an hour.

Jessica: Sits down next to him again.
John: Thinks she had to regain her composure… Smiles for her.
Jessica: Smiles back.
John: Glad that she's back.
Jessica: Unbuttons the front of her dress.
John: Was not expecting that.
Jessica: Shows him her old wound… It looks all black and gross.
John: Stares. …Jessica…
Jessica: Buttons her dress back up.
John: Grew paler even in that short time… Not even sure what to ask first.
Jessica: Keeping mum.
John: …What does that mean…?
Jessica: Just fixes her hair a bit.
John: …What does that mean, Jessica? A bit firmer.
Jessica: Continues messing with her hair.
John: Tell me! First time he's ever yelled at his wife.
Jessica: Jumps a bit. Well… if I take care of myself and go easy, then I'll probably live another two years.
John: Just looks like he's going to cry. His eyes squeeze shut and he shakes with quiet sobs.
Jessica: Strokes his arm.
John: Clenches his fists and just keeps on. At least he's not making a large scene.
Jessica: Strokes his arm and his hair and his cheek.
John: Unclenches his fists and sits up, hugging her tightly if she allows.
Jessica: Hugs back… Please not too tightly.
John: Not too tightly indeed. Buries his face into her neck. Just a wreck.
Jessica: Cradles him again and strokes his hair.
John: Sobbing becomes less pronounced after awhile, but doesn't let go or move regardless.
Jessica: Holds him close.
John: Eventually pulls gently away.
Jessica: Lets him go reluctantly.
John: Didn't really want to let go of her. Definitely not a pretty crier, at least that's plain to see.
Jessica: Gently wipes his tears away.
John: Strikes him as a little strange that she's doing all the consoling when she's the one dying. This just makes him think that she's known for awhile. Not even sure of what to say at the moment.
Jessica: Staying quiet herself. Keeps stroking his arm.
John: Arm is trembling.
Jessica: Strokes his hair, too.
John: …H…How long have you known…?
Jessica: A few months…
John: Nods a little. …Why didn't you say anything sooner…?
Jessica: I didn't want to upset you.
John: Nods once again.
Jessica: I'm sorry…
John: …There's… no way to stop it…? Nothing can be done…?
Jessica: Shakes her head 'no'.
John: Hadn't expected as much. Bites his bottom lip somewhat roughly.
Jessica: Continues stroking him.
John: Just kind of lost. This may have been the worst possible time for the news to have come.
Jessica: Messing with her hair again. Wishes she hadn't told him at all.
John: Stops chewing on his bottom lip and gives her a kiss to her forehead with shakey lips.
Jessica: Strokes his cheek.
John: Leans to her hand slightly. …I love you so much, Jessica…
Jessica: Smiles. I love you too, John.
John: Calmed down, at least. …Thank you for telling me… Just thought of how much worse it would have been if she would have passed from that and had never mentioned a thing.
Jessica: I'm sorry for making you upset…
John: Shakes his head. …We… at least have time…
Jessica: Nods and smiles up at him.
John: Smiles back, though sadness still lingers in his expression.
Jessica: Continues stroking him comfortingly.
John: Please don't leave my side… Just not now. Takes one of her hands and laces his fingers up with her's.
Jessica: Squeezes his hand.
John: Squeezes in return.
Jessica: Lays down on John's bed.
John: Lays beside her and strokes her hair.
Jessica: Snuggles up to him, laying her head on his chest and putting her arms around him.
John: Wraps his arms around her, holding her close.
Jessica: Continues to try and comfort him.
John: Does take solace in knowing that she's here, at least for now. Though she doesn't seem to need any comforting, trying to provide it.
Jessica: Wanting to drop off to sleep herself but… must… comfort… John.
John: I'm being selfish, but I don't want you to leave my side.
Jessica: Eyelids droop, stroking his hair.
John: Closes his eyes as well, not to sleep, but just to try and concentrate. Too many thoughts at once, too much is going on, too many negative emotions to shift through. All the while, just keeping her close in his arms.
Jessica: Strokes comfortingly, stifling a yawn. Forces her eyes back open.
John: …You should get some rest…
Jessica: I'm alright, John.
John: A little glad to hear that she's not going.
Jessica: Stays up then… doing her best to comfort him.
John: It's just enough that you're here.
Jessica: Ugh, it's so hot, but must comfort him. Keeps eyes open, becoming miserable. Wants to chop all of her hair off and rip off her clothes and move away from John and go to sleep.
Joel: Stands up and goes over to the Crowleys! …Excuse me…
Jessica: Sits up quickly, wincing, holding her side, and looks embarrassed. Yes?
John: Half-glares at Joel, as if that was his fault. Don't tell her to leave.
Joel: I don't mean to intrude… but these beds were hardly built for two people… If you wanted to move Mr. Crowley to your room, that would be agreeable, so long as you promise that he would stay in bed.
Jessica: Oh… Of course. I'll take good care of him.
Joel: Nods his head. I am sure you will, Mrs. Crowley. Perhaps he'll listen to his wife over us. Us just… you know… being the doctors.
John: So long as I'm with Jessica, I'm fine.
Jessica: Nods. Thank you for caring for him. Stands up and goes over to the other side of the bed to help John up.
John: Accepts the help, though he's not so physically incapable that he can't walk. Does look more worse for the wear than when she first came in though. Unfortunately he can't hide that for her benefit.
Joel: Back to Nick to sip some tea and share cynical thoughts with.
Jessica: Good night Mr. Pistachio. Helps support John and leaves.
John: Accepts the help at first, though after awhile, he walks on his own.
Joel: Hey! I didn't go to medical school to be called "Mister"!
Nick: Since when is your last name "Pistachio"?
Joel: I don't know. Are you going to ask Mr. Crowley for a raise anytime soon? Or some other sort of benefit?
Nick: I'll just ask Adam over there. He controls my salary.
Joel: Good point. Though the father could just give you a lump sum. Though not as much as the regent can.
Nick: Maybe I could try both of them. I certainly cleaned up enough of his blood and vomit.
Joel: True. I hope our regent remembers his devoted medical staff when fund allocation starts.
Nick: Nods.
Joel: Sips tea.
Nick: And I dunno what to do with these bug things but flick 'em at people.
Joel: With those pincers? Someone is liable to lose an eye. Then guess which two people have to deal with it?
Nick: You're right.

Jessica: Once they get to their room, strips down completely naked.
John: Does the same. Has another ugly scar to boast.
Jessica: Goes to the vanity and, as casually as though she were taking her hair down, takes a knife and chops it off. Gets into bed.
John: Dumbly gets into bed. Doesn't even know what to think of that.
Jessica: Goes back to trying to comfort him.
John: Eventually does go to sleep, but doesn't look peaceful in his rest.
Jessica: Finally. Goes to sleep as well.

Daniel: Hello.
John: Hello.
Daniel: How's it going?
John: Not so well.
Daniel: Are you still sad about that thing?
John: The injury from Price?
Daniel: And feeling like you're not good for anything and you wasted your life, etc., etc.
John: I didn't say I wasted my life. Just that I wasted time that could be spent doing other, more important things.
Daniel: That's what I meant. Is that still bugging you?
John: Probably.
Daniel: Probably?
John: I can't think clearly.
Daniel: What's the matter?
John: Jessica is dying.
Daniel: What?!
John: She was attacked by Demons some time ago. Katen protected her. She suffered what looked like a minor injury. There was poison on the blade though, which caused her to retire as active Queen of Atlantis. She found out two months ago that the same wound is going to, at the latest, kill her in two years.
Daniel: Oh God… Oh God, that's awful.
John: It is.
Daniel: Frowns. My poor Jessicaaa…
John: Sorry.
Daniel: …Take her to Disney World or something.
John: Nods.
Daniel: Hugs John.
John: Hugs back. Very, very tightly.
Daniel: I'm so sorry, John.
John: …I'm sorry too, Daniel.
Daniel: Stays quiet, which is a first.
John: Lets him stay quiet without making a snide or cutting remark. Which is a first!
Daniel: …That's really terrible.
John: It is…
Daniel: For both of you.
John: Nods. …And for you too.
Daniel: Not really terrible for me. I'm dead. I'm already never going to see her again. I feel bad for her because I love her. I feel bad for you because you love her and you're my friend.
John: Just nods again. Not very talkative right now.

Jessica: Wakes up. Sighs. Tries her best to remove herself form J.N.'s arms without waking him.
John: Stirs when she moves away, but does not wake up.

Jessica: Still tired… but beginning to feel incredibly guilty over telling him. Goes to the dining room where she cries.
Elijah: Mom?
Jessica: Blinks. What're you doing up?
Elijah: Shrugs. Was just going to get some milk. I'm 35… Don't have to adhere to a bed time. What happened to your hair?
Jessica: Blinks and feels it. Oh. I cut it.
Elijah: It, um… Looks really good. Are you okay?
Jessica: Just having trouble sleeping.
Elijah: Is Father okay?
Jessica: He's alright.

John: …Funny thing about snakes.
Daniel: What about them?
John: That my son seemed to know the moral of that story.
Daniel: Huh? When did you bring up snakes in conversation?
John: I didn't. He did. Specifically how, that if I was a snake, I would have bitten Jessica. Doesn't even look or sound remotely angry.
Daniel: Were you near her?
John: Relatively.
Daniel: That's just a turn of phrase.
John: I see. Sighs. Alright then…
Daniel: What?
John: I thought you made him say that is all. Shrugs.
Daniel: Oh no, I didn't. I wasn't even watching. Hence my confusion.
John: Sorry. I didn't know Adam was familiar with that story or turn of phrase.
Daniel: You've never heard it before?
John: I have.
Daniel: Just the coincidence?
John: Nods.
Daniel: I thought when he was tiny-little, that Adam would have dreams about your dreams with me sometimes.
John: I think he has.
Daniel: That would probably explain it.
John: Nods again. I'm tired…
Daniel: You're asleep.
John: I know… Maybe you know what I meant…?
Daniel: Um… Even those who are gone are with us as we go on. Your journey has only begun. Tears of pain, tears of joy, one thing nothing can destroy… Is our pride deep inside, we are one?
John: Poetic.
Daniel: I never found a problem song lyrics couldn't solve.
John: …Hm… Good times come and good times go. I only wish the good times would last a little longer. I think about the good times we had and why they had to end.
Daniel: As you go through life you'll see, there is so much that we don't understand and the only thing we know is things don't always go the way we planned.
John: …I suppose I am not as good at it.
Daniel: You're not bad.
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: I'm so happy 'cause today I found my friends. They're in my head. I'm so ugly. That's okay, 'cause so are you. We've broken mirrors. Sunday morning is everyday for all I care and I'm not scared. Light my candles in a daze 'cause I found God. Yeah.
John: Stares.
Daniel: …Hi…
John: Tell me about yourself.
Daniel: …What?
John: …We've spoken for all of these years in Limbo and… I suppose I don't know very much about you even then.
Daniel: Uh… Blinks. What do you want to know?
John: …I don't know… When I can clear my head, you can tell me your life story.
Daniel: One time you told me I talked so much about myself you could tell me my life story.
John: That was a long time ago…
Daniel: You could give it a try.
John: Not right now…
Daniel: Do you just want to hear someone talk and not have to listen to them? Because I'm fine with that.
John: That's not it… I want to know who you are. You know who I am.
Daniel: My name's Daniel Johnathan McMurran.
John: …Just not right now is my only request… Too much to think about… sort out… and it has to be done before I wake up.
Daniel: I assure you it is all extremely uninteresting.
John: I'd want to hear it anyway.
Daniel: I don't know why you say that I know who you are…
John: You've seen me with my wife and my children. Simply put, that is who I am.
Daniel: You've seen me with my wife and children as well.
John: And that is who you are?
Daniel: I dunno. I'm different people with different people.
John: Shrugs and sighs.
Daniel: What's the matter?
John: I already said… Just tired. Too much to think about. Not enough time to think.
Daniel: Why do you have to think of it all before you wake up?
John: I'm not going to cling and moan to Jessica. When I wake up, I want to be able to be strong for her, support her.
Daniel: She's thinking the same thing you are.
John: I know.
Daniel: Why don't you just mutually support one another? And if you need someone to bounce your thoughts off on, I'm here for you.