05 August 2032
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Daniel McMurran Erik McMurran John Crowley Jessica Crowley Feemerson Crowley Elijah McMurran Aidae McMurran Rosemary Crowley Danielle Crowley Katen Tanek Celena Crowley Middler Blaydow Demitrius Larson
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Gabriel Joel Marsetti Adam Crowley

Daniel: My brother he was born on the fourth of July and that's all…
Erik: …Your brother was born on October second… and that's all.
John: You should have just followed your dream and become a singer.
Daniel: You're the one with the awesome voice.
John: That's the longest running joke we have, I think.
Daniel: But I genuinely like your gravely voice.
John: Why?
Daniel: I dunno… It's cool.
John: That's good to know.
Daniel: La vie boheme?
John: Didn't learn that language.
Daniel: Oh, jeez.
John: If I dig real deep, I can order something to drink in Spanish and maybe German.
Erik: Let's hear. Grins.
John: Hm. …Trinken, bitte. Fails accent.
Erik: Grins.
John: Didn't say it was going to be impressive. If you'd have asked me when I knew it better, you'd only have gotten the 'drink' portion.
Daniel: Life's too short, babe. Time is flyin'. Why're you asleep in the middle of the daaay?
John: I know… I should probably wake up. I mean, how long have I been asleep?
Daniel: I dunno… Awhile.

Jessica: …Feemy?
Feemy: Hm? Mom?
Jessica: Enters his room holding some papers and a machete.
Feemy: Eyes the large knife.
Jessica: Hands it to him. This is yours… I guess you're old enough… Lord know what you're going to do with a machete. It's not like you're traipsing through jungles or tall brush on a daily basis.
Feemy: Blinks a bit dumbly at it. I don't know either… Is this a late birthday gift or something?
Jessica: A late Christmas present… from Elijah… When you were five. I just found it in the bottom of my dresser. It took me a bit to think why it was there.
Feemy: …Oh.
Jessica: Also… Hands him the papers she was holding.
Feemy: Sets the implement of destruction aside and looks at the papers.
Jessica: The top one is a crude drawing of a man with a star shirt and flippy hair.
Feemy: Drawing a blank here.
Jessica: …Some old drawings of yours. Smiles.
Feemy: Grins a little bit. …I should just have these burned. I'd never live these down, I bet. Looks at the next one.
Jessica: Nooo… If you don't want them, give them back to me.
Next One: Another drawing of Daniel… Beneath it are some facts about him like his favorite food and his favorite color.
Feemy: Hehehe… Reads these facts!
Next One: Favorite color: Green. Favorite Food: Probably anything your mother makes.
Feemy: Grins fades slowly. A sad look doesn't replace it, just a thoughtful one as he looks at the picture.
Next One: Another Daniel… This time with an anatomically correct figure drawing of Daniel in contraposto beside it. Feemy's failed art lessons.
Feemy: Who drew that?
Jessica: Julius… Do you remember Julius?
Feemy: Digging deep in that sheepy noggin of his. He sounds familiar, but… Easier to remember Julius and Elijah than Dan by a long shot. Not recalling things with crystal clarity, but little bits of moments that are special to the memory. Looks at even more pictures.
Actual Photo: Julius and Feemy sitting on J.N.s old couch.
Feemy: Smiles. Ah, nostalgia.
Jessica: Other pictures include… Daniel standing next to a grumpy-looking J.N. grinning and pictures of everyone at the beach and at the lake and Gwen in her wheelchair and Daniel holding Feemy and pictures of Feemy with his fish at the fair and his birthday with his headlamp and with Elijah and so forth.
Feemy: This has certainly helped jog my memory. Misses Julius all over again.

Elijah: Groggily awakens! Finds some of his old clothes and puts them on. Also gives Aidae some slack. Then makes his way to the dining room where John is passed out. The more things change, the more they stay the same.
John: Would you believe me if I said I was on duty and just sat down to rest my eyes?

Daniel: Your son is awake.
John: Which one?
Daniel: I'll live inside him forever. With Satan himself by my side and I know that now and forever, they'll never be able to separate Daniel from Elijah. So I'll be stuck in Limbo.
John: Can't you see it's over now? It's time to… Oh, wait… Smiles.
Daniel: Frowns.
John: What, you can make jokes about your untimely demise, but I can't?
Daniel: Bastard, bastard, bastard.
John: Guess that's a "no".
Daniel: I don't care. But yeah, it's LiLi.
John: I should probably stir myself then.
Daniel: Go for it… See you tonight. Grins.
John: The way you say that makes me uncomfortable. Pinches himself.
Daniel: Just as planned.

John: What's just as pla- Mutters and raises into a sitting position slowly.
Elijah: Afternoon, Father.
John: …Afternoon? Stretches in his chair and frowns.
Elijah: I dunno… Is it evening?
John: I hope not. When did you wake up?
Elijah: Half an hour… an hour ago? It's five… I think that's evening.
John: Ah damn…
Elijah: What's wrong?
John: I don't like sleeping away most of the day. Someone should invent some kind of… magical alarm clock.
Elijah: …You've been sleeping at the dining table? Is Mom mad at you?
John: Shakes his head. No, I don't think so at least.
Elijah: Shrugs.
Aidae: Eating a small bowl of ice cream with an expression of pure wonder on her face. This is the best thing ever.
John: Grins a little bit, mostly with the mental image that he's just laying face first at the table and everyone just works around him, eating Lunch, talking, etc as though he wasn't there sleeping.
Elijah: Holding Aidae in his lap. Yawns big and rubs his temples.
John: Still tired?
Elijah: Yeah, a bit… but I kept dreaming I couldn't move and was having trouble breathing, so I got up.
John: Nods. Nightmares, nothing new.
Elijah: Mmm. Shakes himself a bit. How long did I sleep?
John: I think since you passed out at the table and we carried you to your room.
Elijah: Oh, God… Sorry about that.
John: It wasn't a problem at all. I think I'd be in some trouble if I had serious problems helping you to your room.
Elijah: I know I'm just like a bag of bricks. Looks around. Where're your little bundles of joy numbers one and two?
John: Hm. All things considered, they'd be bundles of joy one and A. They are twins, you know and they're probably torturing Feemy.
Elijah: Aw… How bout Adam?
John: He's in bed… He hasn't been feeling very well.
Elijah: Frowns and sighs. Probably doesn't remember me, anyway.
John: I wouldn't say that.
Elijah: Really? Smiles.
John: Yeah. Crosses his arms.
Elijah: Keeps smiling. What about 'Lena?
John: I don't think she'd forget you.
Elijah: Grins. How's she doing?
John: She's getting married.
Elijah: Surprised. Really? To who?
John: Middler.
Elijah: Laughs.
John: Not laughing with you, no sirree.
Elijah: Laughs a lot. Not just at the thought of Celena and Middler getting married, it's just a relief… Hasn't laughed in awhile.
John: …Heh. That's all the laughter you'll get from me right now!
Elijah: Calms himself. Um… Well I'm happy for her. Is Katen still around?
John: Indeed.
Elijah: And how much do they all hate me on a scale of 1-10? Grins.
John: Raises an eyebrow. That's a weird joke to make, even by my standards. You want me to give you a rating for each of them?
Elijah: Unless you have some better way of relaying the information.
John: Well, I haven't asked Celena, but I'm sure she'll be glad to have you back, so I'd say… 8. You'd get a 10, but I'm still sure she'll call you stupid if given a reason. I think Feemy is going to love having you back, seeing as how much he looked up to you when you were around, even if he was young, he hasn't changed all that much, so I'd say 10. You saw for yourself how glad Jessica and I were to see you, so I'm not going to give a rating… and Adam… Frowns.
Elijah: Ah-ha. Adam hates me.
John: He thinks you betrayed us.
Elijah: I guess I did.
John: That wasn't your fault.
Elijah: Just smiles a bit.
John: …You'd just have to explain to him the… problems you've had, is all.
Elijah: Um… I was right, Mr. John. Lonan stopped controlling me after I killed him.
John: Stares.
Elijah: Scratches his cheek a bit. You might say he's controlled me in other ways since then indirectly… but my mind hasn't been taken over since.
John: Furrows his brow. How so?
Elijah: …Where do you want me to start…?
John: At the beginning.
Elijah: It's still bit of a jumbled mess, even to me. I haven't had much time to get my thoughts straight and piece things together… but maybe saying it out loud to you will help. You've had that effect before with me, at least.
John: Nods. I'm all ears.
Elijah: Well… Let's see… Sighs and rubs his temples again. Demi and I were in Lonan's fortress to confront him… Except he took me over. I threw my sword through Demi's chest… Frowns. …but, I managed to regain some control over myself. I picked up a sword and fought Lonan… It was close… but I overcame him and defeated him… I was pretty badly hurt here… Points to his shoulder. And here. Points to his side. But I ran the sword through myself… here… Points to a little below his chest to the side, close to his heart. I didn't want to live anymore after I'd killed my best friend…
John: Nods, remaining silent, so he can continue.
Elijah: Then… I woke up… I was with Bara and I couldn't remember anything. She told me that she was my wife and I was Lonan's son and we were going to continue his work…
John: I see.
Elijah: Well… I later found out she had replaced my blood with Lucifer's, which completed the process of turning me into… this.
John: You don't look any different to me.
Elijah: Heh. My mind remembers what my body looked like and how it functioned but… I'm not really made out of flesh and bone anymore. More light and dark matter. It wasn't a fun process and it will apparently happen to Aidae too. Frowns. John: Frowns as well. Not sure what to even think of that. So. What does that mean?
Elijah: Well, I can do this… Melds the fabric of his glove to his hand and grows his fingers out long. I can morph the shape of my body. Returns his hand to normal and removes the glove. It looks like normal skin beneath. But I have to wear these. The skin on my hands is corrosive to the touch.
John: …I see.
Elijah: Well, Bara and I stayed in one of Lonan's fortresses for awhile and gathered a few of the straggling Demons from the war as allies. Then we attacked the prison in Gaulsabis and released the Demon Price, who was one of Lucifer's right hand men before he was put away many years ago. We then went into hiding in Die Insel Holle. That's when my memory started returning… and it was quite literally Hell.
John: Not looking very happy with this. Just stone-faced for the most part.
Elijah: Both Bara and I were tortured… We were little better than slaves to Price. I can't think of a moment when I felt safe there. It was, quite honestly, worse when Bara became pregnant and had Aidae. That's when it became all too easy to manipulate me. Looks pained. I did some awful things so my daughter wouldn't be killed… or worse. Goes silent for a bit.
John: …Take your time, Elijah. You don't have to explain everything right now.
Elijah: After a bit. Anyway… We finally met a Demon named Daphne who's a double agent… working with the Angels. She helped us escape and we stayed with her for a time… and Katen's brother Elaric… Who is a lot like me. We made it out and traveled around… I don't know for how long until we found that cabin in the woods. That was fortuitous. And well… then you came along.
John: Just taking this all in. Not quite sure what to think of all of this.
Elijah: I probably deserve to be jailed… but… I want Aidae to be safe.
Aidae: Sleeping in his arms.
Elijah: I guess she'll become a monster, like me… but she's not a bad little girl and she's never done anything wrong.
John: She'll be safe here. I also don't think either of you are monsters, but this is a lot to take in.
Elijah: Swallows. Tears up a bit and holds Aidae close.
John: And so will you, Elijah. Though I doubt you need our protection.
Elijah: I'm scared of putting you all in danger if Price is looking for me. He's not as powerful as Lonan or Lucifer… but I think he and the Demons are planning to attack us as some kind of… last stand or something.
John: Nods a little and stands. Then I should probably inform Katen of that. And inform him to keep an eye on Bara, as well.
Elijah: Nods, looking unhappy. I'm glad I could be of some use at least.
John: And I'm glad that you're back home, Elijah.
Elijah: Smiles up at him a bit, misty-eyed.
John: Reaches over and scruffs up his hair. Just like old times.
Elijah: Tears roll down his cheeks, though he's smiling a little.
John: I still can't look at you and see a murderer. It doesn't matter that you just told me that you have done awful things, they were for your daughter. You've been deceived, used, and maybe I'm being blind and naive about it, but you're still just… Elijah, to me. Smiles a small bit, but not feeling particularly happy with what he's heard.
Elijah: …Thank you, Father… I love you. Said very softly.
John: I love you too, son…
Elijah: …You should go tell Katen… Sits back in his chair, holding Aidae close.
John: …Of course. I hope to see you later. Turns and leaves to find Katen.
Elijah: Lays his head on the table.

Jessica: Has left Feemy. Giiirls?
Rose: Maman? Horrible maiming of the French word too! Heard Ren say it once and thought it sounded nicer than Momma or Mommy.
Jessica: Giggles a little. I'm not a Pokemon, sweetie.
Dani: It just sound weird when you say that.
Jessica: Would you girls like to help Mommy with dinner?
Dani & Rose: Nod vigorously!
Jessica: Holds out her hands. Well come along then. Smiles.
Twins: Dash right to her side, each grabbing a hand.

Katen: In the library. Looks up from his book. Hello John.
John: Hello, Katen. I hope I'm not disturbing you in the middle of something important.
Katen: Not at all. Without sword lessons or tutoring, I've had quite a lot of free time.
John: That's fortunate. I won't take much of your time, but I just finished speaking with Elijah and he brought up a disturbing possibility. Much more formal/polite with Katen. It's a professional thing, of course.
Katen: Raises an eyebrow. And what is that?
John: You're familiar with the Demon Price, I take it?
Katen: Oh yes. He was released from the prison in Gaulsabis a few years ago… Though no one's seen him since. It's rumored he's hiding in Die Insel Holle.
John: Elijah believes that it is a possibility that Price is planning on making an attack.
Katen: Nods. Doesn't look surprised. We've been anticipating it. The Angels have deployed a spy there who has been feeding us information. We're doing our best to prepare, though we didn't think an attack would happen so soon. Better safe than sorry.
John: That would be Daphne?
Katen: …You know of her?
John: Elijah mentioned her, is all.
Katen: Nods. It's a tricky situation. We don't know quite how strong they'll be or where they'll attack from and they're desperate.
John: I see. I'm no more informed than you are… Though I do have a request, if I may state it?
Katen: You may.
John: Maybe it's not my place to say, but after hearing Elijah explain his situation thus far, I do not trust Bara.
Katen: Oh? Why don't you trust her?
John: Elijah told me that Bara told him that he was Lonan's child and she his wife and that they should continue his work.
Katen: Frowns and nods.
John: Perhaps I am being skeptical, but I'm not one to trust someone who would tell such a lie. Especially when it lead to what happened recently. Crosses his arms. I'm not sure what can be done, except keeping an eye on her and I don't believe I have the authority to do that.
Katen: Nods. I agree, John. I'll order for an eye to be kept on her. As for Elijah… What do you suggest we do with him?
John: Crosses his arms more tightly. In light of what I've heard, I believe that he's been manipulated by his associates. By Bara and, when they freed Price, by Price himself, who used his daughter as collateral. I am not sure if my judgement would be the one to trust, but I do not believe he means harm to any of us in the castle. If I did… Frowns. I would not be here speaking with you about this.
Katen: Nods. I trust your judgment… Though I'd like to question him myself.
John: Visibly relaxes a little. That would probably be for the best. I'm sure that there's much more you could glean from Elijah's words than I could.
Katen: We'll see. Thank you for coming to me with your concerns, John.
John: Bows a little. Of course. I'll leave you to your reading then.
Katen: Bows back. I'll see you at dinner.
John: Indeed. Takes his leave!

Jessica: Walks with them to the dining room where they meet… Elijah! You're awake.
Elijah: Looks over from staring out the window morosely. Mom… Smiles.
Jessica: Hugs him.
Elijah: Hugs back. Has already put Aidae to bed with her mom.
Twins: Just stare at him from a small distance away.
Jessica: Releases him.
Elijah: Notices them and smiles. You must be Rosemary and Danielle.
Twins: Nod.
Elijah: Kneels down, smiling. Which one of you is which?
Dani: …I'm Rosemary.
Rose: No you're not!
Dani: I am so! Grinning.
Elijah: Grins. So you're Danielle and you're Rosemary. Looks at them when he says their names. I'm your brother, Elijah.
Rose: We saw that picture of you.
Elijah: Smiles. Well, I'm the oldest and you two are the youngest. Grins. Genuinely happy to meet them. Do you do hugs or handshakes?
Rose: Answers this with a hug!
Dani: You wear girl's gloves.
Elijah: Gives Rose a big hug. Laughs.
Rose: I'm a very clingy, affectionate girl.
Elijah: Gives her a kiss on the forehead after stroking her hair a bit. To Dani. You're a lot like your dad. Are you the one that does handshakes? Holds out a hand.
Dani: Looks to her mom.
Jessica: Smiles. What is it, sweety?
Dani: No 'look' that says I have to be polite. Takes his hand! I hug too, but I don't know you really well. Just what did he mean by, 'a lot like my dad' anyhow?
Elijah: Shakes her hand lightly. Smiles. You're both so pretty! I hope to get to know you both.
Dani: I know I'm pretty, but I appreciate the acknowledgement!
Rose: You don't shake hands with Feemy or Adam, Sis. All smiley, since he called me "pretty" and usually only my parents and grandparents do that.
Jessica: Goes to start on dinner and lets the girls visit with Elijah.
Dani: I know them.
Rose: 'Lijah is your big brother. Chastising.
Elijah: 'S alright, Danielle. Smiles. …What do you two like to do?
Dani: Shrugs. Just play outside or visit with Feemy. We don't have lessons right now.
Rose: Perfectly content being spoken for!
Elijah: Nods. How about you, Rose?
Rose: Blinks. Oh… um… Dani said it already. I like it when Feemy plays music for us… and playing outside with Sis. Think Aidae will wanna play too?
Elijah: Smiles. I'm sure she'd like that. I hope she's being nice to you two. She can be a little rough.
Rose: She's nice.
Dani: She said you killed someone. I'm such a little darling.
Elijah: Sits down on the floor so he can look at them. Nods.
Dani: Oh. Alright. Too young to really understand what that entails. She also said you could beat Dad up.
Rose: Sis! Mom said to drop it.
Dani: Yesterday. Doesn't count today.
Elijah: Laughs! I'm sure your dad could give me a run for my money.
Rose: Purses her lips.
Dani: Looks satisfied with that!
Elijah: Smiles at Rose. You look like Mom… And to Dani. You look like Mom, too… but more like your father.
Dani: Scrunches up her nose at the last part. Dad's fine and all, but I don't like being implied that I look kind of like a guy, even if that's not what you mean.
Rose: In contrast, looks awfully proud!
Elijah: You have your father's eyes. Smiles at Rose.
Rose: I don't have a problem. I like Dad's eyes, but I like Mom's too.
Elijah: You're both gonna be gorgeous when you grow up.
Dani: All perceived insults are forgotten. Is kind of easy to mollify.
Rose: Thaaank you, Brother… and I like your gloves. I think they're pretty. Honestly thinks this is a compliment.
Elijah: Laughs! Thank you, Rosie.
Rose: You're welcome! Smiles.
Elijah: Smiles back. Quickly growing a soft spot for the sweet little girl. Might take a bit longer with Dani. Looks at his gloves. All ready for the ball, I guess.
Dani: Men don't wear gloves like that to the ball.
Elijah: Why not?
Rose: On his side now! Yeah, Dani, why nooot?
Elijah: Smiles. Can't help himself, hugs Dani and pokes/tickles her a bit. Trying to get her to lighten up.
Dani: Unlike her father, it doesn't take nearly as much to get a reaction out of her. Giggles when tickled at and poked.
Elijah: Laughs too and tickles a bit more.
Dani: Laughter gets louder!
Elijah: Relents and hugs her tight. Don't be so serious, huh? Laughing too.
Dani: Maybe Elijah isn't so bad. Hehee… O…okay. Still giggling a little.
Elijah: Gives her a kiss on the forehead and lets her go.
Dani: Smiling now.
Rose: Now I kinda want to be tickled too.
Elijah: Smiles. Are you two peas in a pod?
Rose: Makes a little bit of a face. I don't like peas much…
Elijah: Laughs. I mean… Are you two inseparable? Can't have one without the other?
Dani & Rose: Nod at that!
Rose: I'd be lonely without my sis. Uh-huh. We do a lot together.
Elijah: Can you read each others minds?
Rose: Um… I haven't tried.
Dani: I can read her mind. More grinning.
Elijah: Oh really? What's she thinking right now?
Rose & Dani: No you can't!
Dani: More grinning.
Elijah: Wow! You really can! Looks impressed, though he knows they really can't.
Rose: Looks more horrified than anything.
Dani: Gives Elijah a big smile for that.
Elijah: Laughs. Now it's Rosie's turn to be tickled!
Rose: Squeals with laughter.
Elijah: Tickles more! Reaches over with his other hand and tickles Dani too! Finally relents and hugs them both.
Dani & Rose: Both hug him.
Elijah: I'm a preeetty baaad big brother, huh?
Dani: Nooo.
Celena: You certainly are
Elijah: Jumps and looks behind him. Oh hey.
Rose: Hi Celena!
Celena: 'Oh hey?' I haven't seen you in eight years and all you say is, 'oh hey?' Frowns, hands on her hips.
Elijah: Stands. I'm sorry, Celena…
Celena: Tears up a bit. You big idiot… Goes over and hugs him.
Elijah: Hugs back tightly.
Celena: …Big… idiot… Kisses his cheek lightly and pulls away from him.
Elijah: Looks her up and down. You haven't grown a bit!
Celena: Punches him! I have too!
Elijah: Laughs.
Celena: I grew an inch and a quarter, for your information!
Dani: That's not a lot.
Elijah: Laughs more.
Rose: Dani! That was rude.
Celena: It's better to still be short than to still be stupid.
Elijah: Aw, well I'll admit, I'm stupid. Smiles at her. You really have grown. In some places. Are you really getting married to Middler?
Celena: I am. Shows him the ring.
Elijah: Smile widens and tries not to laugh.
Celena: Frowns and swats at him with her hand since she can see his eyes dancing.
Dani: Is his family coming to the wedding?
Celena: Stops 'beating up' Elijah. What's that, sweety?
Dani: Middler's family. Are they gonna be at the wedding?
Celena: …Well, I'm sure they're invited.
Elijah: Shudders. Old enough to remember… the feathers… everywhere. Would query if she wants a horrible bird monster at her wedding but decides he'd better not, given that he's a horrible monster period and he's probably invited.
Dani: What's his mom like?
Celena: Well… Has trouble remembering… She was only eight then.
Elijah: She has a lot of feathers.
Dani: Curious expression. Oooh. Like Middler's?
Elijah: …Mom cried. Dad was in a state of shock. The feathers were everywhere. It was Thanksgiving. b
Dani: …Is she a monster?
Elijah: Um… She's sorta part bird.
Dani: Stares at Celena. You're getting married to a bird.
Celena: He's only… one fourth bird.
Dani: Oooh. Nods, as if that explained everything.
Rose: Mom's gonna yell at you, Dani.
John: Grand entrance to the dining room. Not really grand though.
Elijah: Even Father… Hello Father.
John: Hello Elijah, girls. That means you too, Celena.
Celena: Hello Father.
Dani & Rose: Would normally stampede their father and hug his legs, but Elijah's interesting, so they wanna stay around him for awhile. Hi Dad!
Elijah: I mean… even Father was scared.
John: Scared of what? Approaches.
Elijah: Middler's mom… When she came for Thanksgiving.
John: Oh. I was going to shoot her. Well, I wanted to at least.
Celena: I don't think Middler would have appreciated that.
John: Probably not.
Elijah: Pulls out a chair and sits down, yawning… Pats his lap for one of the twins to sit down. Hopes not both, they're kind big.
Dani: Gets there first. Makes a victorious face at Rose.
John: Sits down as well.
Elijah: You wanna sit in Father's lap, Rose?
Rose: Oookay. Climbs into her father's lap.
Elijah: Holds Dani. I'm glad I have three nice little sisters. Especially since my brothers hate me.
John: Strokes his daughter's pretty hair.
Elijah: How did it go with Katen?
John: It went well. He wants to talk with you, though.
Elijah: Nods. Smells the food cooking. I guess dinner will be ready soon… Not looking forward to seeing Demi.
John: I don't imagine you would.
Celena: Aww, kiss and make up.
Dani: Boys don't kiss other boys.
Celena: Boys can kiss other boys.
Dani: Wrinkles her nose and imagines someone like… Katen kissing someone like… her father. Gross.
Celena: But Demi has a sweet little raven-haired boy named Othello and a tiny little daughter named Eponine.
Elijah: He really likes naming his kids after characters from classical literature, huh?
Celena: Well I haven't met your daughter yet. I don't even know her name.
Elijah: Her name is "Aidae" and… Well, I'm sure you'll find her interesting.
Celena: Ada?
Elijah: Aidae.
John: So he wouldn't forget it.
Elijah: Huh?
John: Grins a tiny bit.
Elijah: Just looks confused.
Celena: A-D-A?
Elijah: A-I-D-A-E, actually.
Celena: Well, that's just ridiculous.
Dani: Nods in agreement.
Celena: What's the rest of her name?
Elijah: Aidae Ruby McMurran.
Celena: Is it spelled R-O-O-B-I-E?
Elijah: No, it's spelled normally.
Dani: McMurran?
John: Sighs.
Elijah: Thinks they already know. Mm-hm.
Dani: You're my brother though.
Elijah: Yep! And you're my little sister.
Dani: Are you adopted?
Elijah: Nooo. Well, I hope not… Not that there's anything wrong with being adopted.
Celena: Yes. Being adopted herself!
Rose: Dozed off already.
Dani: Alright. Why does Aidae have a different last name?
Elijah: Ohhh… You don't know.
John: Glances at Elijah.
Elijah: Looks at J.N.
John: We'll talk about that later, sweety.
Elijah: Nods. It's better if your daddy tells you about that. And… Mommy, too… Maybe.
John: Preferably.
Elijah: Mouths to J.N. 'sorry'.
John: Shrugs his shoulders a little, not too bothered by this! Better they learn when they're young anyhow.
Elijah: …It doesn't matter what our last names are because we're all family and Father's a great father, isn't he? He went through all the trouble to come and find me and bring me back here. He's super brave and strong… You might even say he's a secret agent. Winks at Dani.
Dani: Nods in agreement!
Elijah: Grins and kisses her forehead. Your sister's sleeping.
Dani: Looks to the now slumbering Rose. Pft. Baby.
Elijah: Aww… Don't you love your sister?
Dani: I do, but it's too early to go to sleep.
Elijah: Which one of you is older?
Dani: We were born at the same time.
Elijah: I mean, which of you was born first?
Dani: Laboring under the delusion that they both popped out at the same time. …At the same time.
Elijah: Grins. That musta hurt for Mom. Laughs. Figures it's probably Rose, since she has the name Mom and Father came up with first.
Jessica: Comes out with food. Dinner's ready!
Elijah: Hop down, Dani… I need to get Aidae.
Dani: Hops down indeed!
John: …Should I wake up Rose?
Jessica: Nods.
Elijah: Rushes off to get his daughter while Bara sleeps on.
John: Has to shake her a little harder than he would have liked, as she's kind of stubborn in waking up this time.
Celena: Sits down at her normal place.
Jessica: Goes to get Feemy, holding a plate of food to drop off for Adam.
Rose: Climbs down from John's lap and sits down in her usual spot, rubbing her eyes.
Jessica: Brings Feemy back to the table with the rest of the motley crew of Gabriel, Nathaniel, Demi, Anastasia, Othello, Eponine, etc… Probably Middler.
Celena: Smiles at Middler.
Middler: Smiles back.
Elijah & Demi: Carefully avoid each other's gaze.
Rose & Dani: Very much awake and are now bothering one another at the table.
Aidae: Sticks her tongue out at Othello.
Othello: Looks affronted!
Feemy: Looks a little tired, but not nearly to the extent of the rest of the sleep-deprived people in the castle.
Aidae: Pulls both of her eyelids down.
Othello: Pulls his nose up at her, sticking out his teeth.
Aidae: Crosses her eyes and puts her fingers in her ears, waving them around.
Elijah: Hiss. Aidae! Stop that!
Othello: Rolling his eyes up into his head and sticking his tongue out.
Aidae: Begrudgingly obeys her father.
Middler: I thought the face making was cute.
Demi: Gives Othello the look.
Othello: Stops.
Aidae: Eats hungrily, but slowly… Still savoring the taste.
John: Picks at his food, per usual.
Elijah: Doesn't eat much.
Gabriel: Frowning at Elijah.
Feemy: Eats like a normal person! Weirdos.
Elijah: Gabriel's eyes boring into me is making me a bit uncomfortable.
Feemy: Sighs. Dani, Rose stop eating off of each other's plates.
Rose & Dani: Busted.
Dani: Tattler.
Jessica: Sweeties… You both have your own plates to eat off of.
Rose: I knooow.
Dani: I already ate my favorite bits of the meal and she had some to spare sooo…
Jessica: If you want more of something, ask… You'll get germs eating each other's food.
Dani: Rose is contagious? Ew… Scoots away from her sister.
Rose: I'm not sick.
Jessica: Sighs. If either one of you has a bug, then the other one could catch it. Though considering how close you are to each other anyway, you probably would… anyway.
Dani: Further away. I hate being sick.
Rose: Yes, Mom. I won't eat off of Dani's plate.
Jessica: Good girl. Smiles.
Dani: I won't either.
Jessica: Nods and smiles, then serves dessert!
Twins: Devour.
Aidae: Eats slowly. Cake is delicious!
Elijah: Barely eats.
Feemy: Eats some, but not all of it. I need to watch my boyish figure.
Gabriel: Devour.
Elijah: Stands and stretches. I'm sorry, Mom… Father… Everyone… I'm going to go to bed. I'm still a bit beat. Picks Aidae up, who's finished with her cake.
Jessica: Nods. Get some rest, sweety.
John: Have a good night's sleep, Elijah.
Elijah: Thanks Father… Mom… Bye Girls. Feemy. Love you all. Off!
Feemy: Guess I'll have to talk to him tomorrow or something then.
Celena: Stands. I'd like to be excused too, Mother… There's a concert in town and Middler and I are attending.
Middler: Stands as well.
Jessica: Nods. Have fun… Don't come back too late.
Feemy: Concert… hm…
Celena: We won't. Takes Middler's hand and traipses off.
Middler: Of course! Traipses off with!
Feemy: I need to find people with musical talent too.
Gabriel: Leaves with Nathaniel following behind like a young page since the girls got seconds and none left for him.
John: Looks after them as they leave. At least I'm not worried about Middler staying out all night.
Jessica: Nods. He's a good man.
John: And boring. Grins a little.
Larson Family: Go off to spend time together.
Jessica: Tch… I don't think a man who could turn into anything would be boring.
John: Why's that? Raises an eyebrow at her.
Jessica: I don't knooow… Don't look at me like that! He's certainly not as exciting as you.
John: Is that so? Grins a little more.
Feemy: Stands! Can I be excused?
Jessica: Smiles slyly at John, then smiles not-slyly but lovingly at Feemy. You may, sweety.
Feemy: Thank you. Off he goes!
Jessica: Watches the girls eat cake. It sounded like you two were getting along with Elijah.
Twins: Nod! They don't talk while eating.
Jessica: Just don't call him "Eli", okay?
Dani: Swallows. Why?
Jessica: It makes him feel bad.
Dani: Oh. Okay.
Jessica: Promise me you won't.
Dani: I promise.
Jessica: …Rose?
Rose: I promise, Mom.
Jessica: Good girls. Smiles.
John: Make sure not to forget, either of you.
Rose & Dani: Smile. Praise from Mom! We won't.
Jessica: Sighs and just relaxes, taking J.N.'s hand under the table and closing her eyes a bit. Looks quite content.
John: Squeezes her hand gently and smiles.
Jessica: Opens her eyes and smiles back. You're getting some loving tonight if I have any say in it.
John: Leans in and gives her a kiss on her cheek. Nothing too much, not in front of the children anyhow.
Jessica: Blushes a little, even after all these years. Looks at him lovingly.
John: Glances briefly to the distracted twins and does sneak a small kiss onto her lips. Still thinks she looks even more pretty when she's blushing.
Jessica: Gives him a peck back!
Twins: Blissfully unaware. Bothering each other again.
Jessica: Are you girl's finished?
Dani: Uh-huh! A little wired.
Rose: Looks sleepy.
Jessica: Did you have a good day?
Rose: Nods.
Dani: Elijah's nice.
Jessica: Smiles. I'm glad you think so.
Rose: Uh-huh…
Jessica: You like having another big brother?
Dani: I already had two, but another's good.
Jessica: Now it's even girls for boy.
Dani: Nods.
Rose: Yawns.
Jessica: Do you girls want to go to bed?
Dani: Frowns.
Rose: Uh-huh… Nods.
Jessica: …Just Rose, then?
Dani: Idea. I'll take Rose to bed. I know where the room is.
Jessica: Alright… Smiles. That's sweet of you, Dani.
Dani: It's responsible of me! Takes Rose's hand. C'mon Sis.
Rose: Nods and away we go!
Jessica: Thinks it's a bit early to go to bed.
John: I wonder why Rose is tired.
Jessica: I hope she's not sick… Frowns.
John: I hope not either… We should check on her a little later.
Jessica: Nods, worried.
John: …I'd want to check on her now, but I don't want Dani to think we don't trust her.
Jessica: Nods, worried.
John: …Maybe she just stayed up too late? Or woke up early…? Trying to think of what else could have happened besides being sick.
Jessica: Ohhh… All my children… Worries.
John: …Celena's doing just fine.
Jessica: …At least they're getting along with Elijah.
John: Nods. Dani rushed right to his lap when he sat down. He must have hit it off with them pretty well.
Jessica: I could hear them laughing from the kitchen.
John: Pleased to hear this! Smiles. I knew they'd like him… Well, I didn't know in actuality, but I thought they would.
Jessica: Well, Elijah's pretty good with children.
John: It appears that way.
Jessica: Hands J.N. the picture of Feemy sitting next to Julius on his old couch.
John: …Heh. That was an ugly couch.
Jessica: Well… Coughs.
John: Hm? I kind of like pushing her buttons. I know that it's Julius and little Feemy.
Jessica: Takes out the picture of Daniel grinning next to grumpy J.N.!
John: Well, wasn't I just a little ray of sunshine?
Jessica: …Maybe you were happy on the inside?
John: Heh-heh… Maybe.
Jessica: Perky Elijah next to grumpy J.N.! Everyone wants to take pictures with the grumpmeister!
John: Did I really look like that all the time?
Jessica: Well… I'm sure you were happy on the inside?
John: I might have been.
Jessica: Pokes him. You don't know if you were or not?
John: There were a lot of things going on in my head back then.
Jessica: Like what? Smiles. How annoying we were?
John: Back then, I guess so… Though considering now, it's hard to believe I was like that.
Jessica: Nods. Shows another, just Daniel and Elijah hugging.
John: They look happy.
Jessica: Nods and smiles. Then Daniel and Feemy.
John: Chuckles a little bit. Daniel had a way with children.
Jessica: Nods. You do too.
John: Leans a little tiny bit on her. …Does Feemy remember Dan?
Jessica: Very little. I think these pictures refreshed his memory a bit… He was only five when Daniel died…
John: I know. It would be nice if he did.
Jessica: Strokes his cheek a bit. I think he thinks of you as his father now.
John: I think so too… and I'm glad he does.
Jessica: Smiles. Shows Gwen in her wheelchair.
John: Isn't that when she was hit by a car or something?
Jessica: Y-Yeah.
John: It's kind of hard to sound too caring. Who took a picture of that?
Jessica: Julius, maybe…
John: Cheek twitches a little bit.
Jessica: Shows the pictures of them at the beach.
John: More astutely aware of how unhealthy he was/looked.
Jessica: One of Daniel and J.N. where "BFFs" is scrawled over it in Daniel's handwriting.
John: …What's a Bee-Eff-Eff?
Jessica: Laughs. Ohhh, you must be joking!
John: Grins a little. …I am… I know what it means.
Jessica: …I think he really did want to be BFFs. Laughs a little, leaning against him.
John: Supports and puts an arm around her shoulders. It would have been nice… Kind of said more out of politeness than anything. Not meaning to insult Jessica or anything, but he is also acutely aware of a very important fact.
Jessica: …Are we ever going to tell the girls?
John: Do you think we should?
Jessica: I-I don't know.
John: Dani is already curious as to why Elijah and Aidae are McMurrans and not Crowleys. I don't think we have any real choice.
Jessica: Ohhh… I didn't know she knew that.
John: She found out just before dinner.
Jessica: …Would it change things… If we told them?
John: …I can't be sure. I don't think they'll mind… but I have a feeling that they'll figure it out soon, even without our telling them.
Jessica: Nods. I don't like lying to them, either.
John: …So I suppose we should tell them tomorrow, when we can both sit down and explain it to them.
Jessica: Nods. Oh! We were going to check on Rose… not take a trip down memory lane. Stands.
John: Nods and stands. …I hope she's not sick.
Jessica: I hope so too. Goes to the girls' room.

Jessica: Creeps in as quietly as she can and goes over to Rose. Puts her hand lightly on her forehead.
Rose: A little warm, but nothing to send up red flags over.
Jessica: Whispers. John!
John: …Yes? Keeps his cool.
Jessica: She's sick…
John: Frowns and even checks for himself.
Rose: Looking a bit bothered! All these people are touching my face in my sleep.
John: Confirmation, though he did believe Jessica.
Jessica: Let's take her to the infirmary… Dani too.
John: Looks like he's about to ask why, but then it becomes kind of obvious.
Jessica: Feels Dani's cheek.
Dani: Little warm. Not as much as Rose's.
Jessica: Wakes her up, since Rose is the sicker one, so John will carry her and she can't lift either of the girls.
John: Lightly scoops up Rose.
Dani: Murmurs a little bit, but wakes up with no real fuss. …Mom? Rubs her eyes.
Jessica: We need to see the doctor, sweetie.
Dani: Why?
Jessica: You and your sister are sick…
Dani: …I don't feel sick
Jessica: Well you might get sick since you were eating Rose's food.
Dani: Gets out of bed. I'll go… but I don't feel sick.
Jessica: We're not taking any chances…
Dani: Okay… Where's Rose?
John: Left ahead to get his girl to the infirmary.
Jessica: Looks around. Well… I guess your father's already taken her to the doctor. Takes Dani's hand and leads her to the infirmary.

Rose: Laying in bed when they arrive.
Joel: Taking her temperature at the moment and asking questions of John.
John: Yes, she seemed lethargic.
Jessica: Smiles at the doctor while taking Dani in… Looks very worried.
Joel: Smiles back sympathetically. Worried parents. Her appetite?
John: She ate all of dinner… and two helpings of cake.
Joel: I see… Turns to Dani and Jessica finally. And this is the other half that was being brought in I take it?
Jessica: Nods. They're inseparable and… Dani was eating off Rose's plate, so she might be sick too
Joel: It's a valid fear, especially if they're close.
Dani: Staring.
Joel: I know that stare. Don't worry, I'm just going to take your temperature and ask you a few questions, that's all. You kids don't have a plague or anything.
Dani: I'm not sick.
Jessica: Worries.
Joel: Your mother and father just want to make sure. Let's just put their minds at ease, okay?
Jessica: Nods. In tears.
Dani: I'm not sick. Seeing Jessica worried is kind of making her worried too.
Joel: Very patient, apparently. You have to be in this line of work. Doesn't even sound bothered by the constant rebuffing. I see. Have you been feeling tired at all, Dani?
Dani: A little. But it's night.
Joel: Did you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? All of them?
Dani: Nods.
Joel: Nods. Alright. Does your stomach feel alright?
Dani: Frowns.
Jessica: …Honey?
Dani: I think I ate too much.
Joel: Your stomach hurts?
Dani: A little…
Jessica: I gave them all food poisoning. Oh no… I'm a terrible mother.
Joel: Nods again. Your stomach hurt after you ate?
Dani: …Kind of before too. I'm not sick.
Joel: Looks to Jessica with a sympathetic smile. Kind of a subtle way of saying 'Not yet, you're not. Just give it a second though'.
Jessica: Lips trembling.
John: Walks to her side. Also doesn't look too pleased.
Joel: Dani, I'd like to take your temperature. It'll just take a moment.
Dani: …But I don't feel sick… Looks back up to her parents.
Jessica: Eyes glistening with tears… Not doing much to cheer up her daughter.
John: Sorry, a bit busy trying to keep your mother from dissolving into tears.
Dani: …Okay.
Joel: Thank you for your cooperation, Dani. And does take her temperature! It only takes a moment. Well… I'm afraid to say that she does have a temperature, but only a slight one.
Jessica: W-What about Rose?
Joel: She's running a fever, but I assure you, it is nothing serious.
Jessica: A-Are they going to be okay? Wraps her arms around Dani and holds her close, though that might not be a good idea if she's contagious.
Joel: Nods. Overreacting parents are common. Yes, they will be fine. With plenty of bed rest and fluids, they'll both be good as new.
Jessica: M-My other little boy is sick too a-and he's not getting any better… and now my daughters…
Joel: Frowns. Genuine sympathy, really. Perhaps a checkup might be in order for your other child. All I can suggest for these two is bed rest, healthy foods, and fluids. Frowns a bit more and leans in to the parents and says quietly, so Danielle does not overhear this. …I would suggest that if Dani is going to her room, at least one of you two should go with her… and bring a basin.
Jessica: That's what the other doctor said to do for Adam! And he's not any better! And… and now I need to stay up with a vomiting child. What about Rose?
Joel: I think she should stay in the infirmary for now or at least keep a distance from Dani until they've both recovered. Wouldn't want either of them to get sick again from one another.
Jessica: Nods. Um… Looks to John. Who should stay with who?
John: Frowns. I can stay with Rose, if you'd like.
Dani: Not too happy. I want to sleep in here.
Jessica: You don't want to get sicker, sweety.
Dani: Looks at Rose, then back at her mother tearfully.
Jessica: Strokes her cheek. She'll be fine… She'll be with Daddy. He'll make sure everything's alright.
Dani: Sniffs and looks back over to Rose and nods.
John: Your mother's right… Rose will be fine. Go with your mother.
Joel: So that's what they meant by inseparable.
Jessica: C'mon baby… Mommy will stay up with you… Takes her hand and goes back to her room after grabbing a basin.

Dani: Sniffling and mopey the entire way there.
Jessica: Puts her in bed and tucks her in, stroking her hair. You want me to read you a story or do you wanna go to sleep?
Dani: I want to hear a story…
Jessica: What sort of story would you like to hear?
Dani: You should make one up.
Jessica: Um… Not good at that.
Dani: …Or the one with the princess in the castle… With the dragon and the knight.
Jessica: Is the princesses name Dani?
Dani: Smiles a little. It can beee…
Jessica: Well… Once upon a time there was a princess named Dani and she had a twin sister named…
Dani: …Rosanne.
Jessica: Rose for short…
Dani: Thank you. Nods. Rose for short.
Jessica: One day, a plague struck the kingdom and her sister Rose got sick, so Dani resolved to go on a journey to find a cure.
Dani: Paying rapt attention.
Jessica: Well first, she asked her friend Nathaniel for help. And he gave her supplies for the journey and gave her some magical boots which let her walk reaaally far in one step!
Dani: How far? Not skeptical, but actually a little excited.
Jessica: Um… 10 miles.
Dani: Wow…
Jessica: Well, only the most evil dragon in the land had the cure and she lived in the desert. So Dani made her journey to her cave, which was very dangerous because she had to walk through the lands of gryphons.
Dani: What was the dragon's name? Attention to detail.
Jessica: …Gwendolyn.
Dani: That's a pretty name for an evil dragon. Not disagreeing, but does like the name.
Jessica: Well… "Gwen" for short.
Dani: Nods.
Jessica: The problem was, Dani didn't bring enough water on her journey and she collapsed in the midst of the desert and the gryphons surrounded her… but when she woke up, she was in the cave of the dragon.
Dani: The gryphons didn't skewer her? Doesn't really know what that means, but heard Aidae say it and it didn't sound good.
Jessica: Nope, because the dragon saved her… but the dragon only wanted her to be her slave and planned to eat her up once she got a new slave.
Dani: Did she make Dani cook and clean?
Jessica: She did! And polish all her gold and jewels. Dani kept trying to steal the antidote and escape while the dragon was out hunting… but she couldn't!
Dani: Frowns a little, but she still is paying rapt attention. Why couldn't she?
Jessica: Because the dragon could read her mind and could tell when she was going to try to escape. But the dragon eventually grows fond of her because Dani is an enchanting young girl. So she tells Dani the cure for the plague and she finally escapes after retrieving her 10-mile boots and goes back home to take Rose to the cure. But when they get there, Gwen and the gryphons attack them and Rose can't reach the cure in time. But instead of dying, Rose gets to become a fairy and live forever.
Dani: Frowns! But… why did Gwen attack? I thought she liked Dani…
Jessica: Because Dani escaped and she wanted her back.
Dani: Nods. Dani didn't help Rose very well…
Jessica: But Dani discovered her courage! And that she could do anything… even without her sister's help. And she married Nathaniel the half-fairy and they had children.
Dani: The story was a lot more interesting than the other ones. Were they pretty children?
Jessica: Very pretty children and Rose was their fairy-godmother.
Dani: This has at least made me forget that I failed my sister in the story. Sits up suddenly.
Jessica: Grabs the basin!
Dani: Oh, you're good. But this isn't.
Jessica: Holds the basin underneath her.
Dani: Proceeds to be sick, fortunately into the basin.
Jessica: Strokes her hair comfortingly.
Dani: Crying and sobbing and being sick all at once. At least it's brief though, but she's still sobbing afterwards.
Jessica: Holds her close. It's okay, honey… It's okay…
Dani: Clings. Mooom… I… Sniffs. …I'm not a good sister… Confession time.
Jessica: Yes you areee… There couldn't be a better sister than you.
Dani: I… Sniffles. …Rose got sick in the h…halls before we got to bed…
Jessica: Somebody's not going to be happy to come along that. Why didn't you come tell us, sweety?
Dani: …Cuz I said that I'd get her to bed… and I didn't… because I wanted to see Brother first… and… she said she wasn't feeling good and I told her it'd only be a little while and then she got sick…
Jessica: What did you do after that?
Dani: I took her to bed after that… but she didn't want me to go, so I stayed there with her, then I fell asleep.
Jessica: Well… That was good of you but… You should've come and gotten me and Daddy so we could take care of her and make sure she didn't get worse. Pours her a glass of water from the pitcher beside her bed and hands it to her.
Dani: I know… That's why I feel so guilty about it. Drinks some of the water, but soon spits it up. Not in a sick way, but in a disgusted manner, since her mouth tastes awful and her nostrils burn and nothing it seems will taste good again.
Jessica: You need to drink that sweety or you'll get dehydrated
Dani: Pouts up at her mother sadly, but makes no further argument. Drinks and makes a face.
Jessica: Watches Dani drink. Are you tired?
Dani: Nods her head a little. …I feel sick.
Jessica: Do you want to go to bed?
Dani: Yes…
Jessica: Alright… I'll stay with you. But finish your glass of water.
Dani: Dutifully does so, but doesn't look like she enjoyed it one bit.
Jessica: Tucks her in.
Dani: Stares at her mom, as if she's going to leave if she closes her eyes for a moment.
Jessica: Keeps sitting beside her.
Dani: Just keeps staring, though soon she blinks more and more often and soon her eyes drift shut.

Feemy: Peeks inside Adam's room.
Adam: Crying.
Feemy: …Adam?
Adam: Sniffs. Stops crying so he can listen. Wipes his eyes quickly and sits up.
Feemy: Enters. …You're awake?
Adam: Nods a bit, face all red and eyes still watery, though he's wiping them stubbornly.
Feemy: Unlike his father, he doesn't stand around, but takes a seat. What's wrong, Adam?
Adam: …I'm sick…
Feemy: I know… but I meant besides that. I navigated that well.
Adam: I'm just worrying everybody and I'm an inconvenience and… It's my fault because I didn't take care of myself and that was selfish of me… and… and I don't get to be with all of you anymore… though I probably deserve it.
Feemy: Oh, Adam… You're not an inconvenience and you don't deserve to be sick. Once you get better, things'll be just fine, like before. This is keeping in mind that he feels Adam is smart enough to know that he'd have to take better care of himself too.
Adam: Crying again… Loses his perfect posture to slump over.
Feemy: Adam… Don't cry… Everything's going to be alright… Reaches over to hug his brother.
Adam: Accepts the hug quite gratefully. Cries on his shoulder.
Feemy: Hugs kind of tightly. It's kind of hard not to cry when your little brother is crying, but is trying his best to be a big brother and be strong for him.
Adam: I-I'd give it all up if I just got better…
Feemy: You will get better… It just takes time… but then you'll be back to your old self…
Adam: Sniffs. Cries. Feemy… W-What do you feel like when you're normal?
Feemy: Caught off guard with that question. Takes a little time, not only to think, but to better compose himself, so his voice doesn't waver. I… well… I feel happy when I'm normal… Isn't going to mention physical health though, oh no.
Adam: I mean… How does your body feel?
Feemy: Was afraid that he'd mention that. …I… never really thought about it, Adam… It's hard to explain…
Adam: Calming down a bit. …Do you just not hurt at all?
Feemy: …I don't hurt… Really didn't want to say that…
Adam: Nods, clinging to him. …I want to feel like that one day…
Feemy: …I want you to as well, Brother.
Adam: …Hana said I'd get worse before I got better.
Feemy: Hugs him a little bit tighter.
Adam: I don't want to make you sad, Feemy… You're the best big brother.
Feemy: And you're the best little brother, Adam…
Adam: I love you… I'll do my best to get better. I won't complain any… I'll go easy and eat right and be as healthy as I can be and one day, I'll get all better and I won't hurt anymore and it'll be worth it going through all of that.
Feemy: Nods at hearing all of that. I love you too, Adam… and if there's any little brother that could do all that, it'd be you.
Adam: Hugs Feemy tightly. Thank you for coming and seeing me… I was so lonely.
Feemy: Hugs him tightly back. It's nothing, really… I've missed seeing you around… I visited earlier, but you were asleep… and everyone else would visit but we all just want you to be able to rest so you can get better faster.
Adam: I'm trying… I just get… sad…
Feemy: I know you are, Brother… and I promise that I'll visit you every day when you're not resting…
Adam: Thank you, Feemy… but you don't have to if you're busy.
Feemy: I'm never too busy for you, Adam.
Adam: Snuggles into him. Thank you, Feemy.
Feemy: Anytime, Adam. Glad he's not crying anymore, it's much easier to think and be comforting like he wants to be.
Adam: Wiggles his nose as Feemy's hair tickles it. Sniffs.