04 September 2037
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Jessica Crowley Adam Crowley John Crowley Nicholas Romolo Joel Marsetti Daniel McMurran

Jessica: Attending Katen's funeral. Though she'd rather be by John's side. The actual burial's been long over but everyone's having dinner afterwards and they're all in Malais, so she's going to have to spend the night. And worry about him.

Adam: Looking very white. Hair is damp with sweat.
John: Gets out of his bed, and goes to Adam. Not even he can really be optimistic at this point.

Nick: Grumbles something about 'bed rest' and lets it go. Offers Joel a cookie.
Joel: Accepts and chews on it.

John: Confidence has been wounded along with his pride and his body. Strokes Adam's forehead.
Adam: Feels quite hot, breathing shallow.
John: Despite the sweat and heat, kisses his forehead and just goes back to staring at him. If there's any solace to be had, at least Adam won't be in any pain… and he'll be in a better place. No more bugs, no more bleeding, no more illness, no more worries… Closes his eyes and actually… prays. This is all I can do now.

Adam: As the night goes on… breath starts catching.
John: Just takes Adam's clammy hand. Squeezes the hand lightly. …I'm here for you, Adam. Said very quietly, even if Adam can't hear him, regardless of how loud he speaks.
Adam: Later… breathing becomes shallower and shallower… Chest barely rising and falling at all.
John: Gets closer, letting go of his hand, so he can hold Adam instead. It's actually been quite a long time since he has.
Adam: Breathing finally catches and doesn't begin again.
John: Hugs him tighter. The same numbing ache is present, just like last time. Eyes are stinging, his chest feels tight to the point where breathing is a bit difficult and no matter what he does, he can't stop himself from shaking, as if chilled.

Joel: Stands and right to John and Adam he goes.
John: Doesn't even notice at first.
Joel: …Mr. Crowley? If you would… Lightly motions him to step away for a bit.
John: Eyes are swollen and red, obviously crying. Just nods and gently settles Adam down.
Joel: Oh yeah, that kid is not breathing. Just to go through the motions though. Checks for a pulse of any sort whatsoever, not expecting to find one.
Adam: No pulse.
Joel: …I'm sorry, Mr. Crowley.
John: Just nods.
Joel: A little hard not to feel sorry for him. Didn't really think he'd cry about it. Walks back to Nick.

Nick: Looks to Joel.
Joel: Dead. Quietly, of course.
Nick: Frowns. Looks towards John.

John: At least not loudly sobbing or anything, though still shaking somewhat. Just lightly stroking Adam's hair, as if he could still feel it. Just at a complete loss of what to do. Doesn't move from his spot, staying there for Adam, even after he's gone.
Adam: Begins breathing again. Probably goes unnoticed by his father.
John: Unfortunately, yes. Too busy being grief-stricken and crying. It's a little embarrassing, crying over your dead son.
Adam: Mmm… Waking up.
John: Heard that at the very least.
Adam: Fever running again and extremely disoriented.
John: He's alive?! …Adam…?
Adam: Looks up at him confusedly, trying to remember who this person is.
John: …Say… something… anything… So I don't think I'm just hallucinating, or something.
Adam: Says nothing… Too disoriented and feels very tired.
John: …Just… just rest… Stands, and approaches Nick and Joel.
Adam: Gladly closes his eyes and goes back to unconscious-dom!

Joel: …Mr. Crowley, your son fought hard for a long time against his illness. Before he even has a chance to speak.
Nick: Nods soberly.
John: …He's alive.
Nick: Mr. Crowley… I know this must be difficult for you…
Joel: Nods to supplicant Nick's words.
John: …It happened last time.
Nick: Can't deny this.
Joel: Looks at Nick with a, '…What?' expression.
Nick: Sighs and goes over to check Adam, who is indeed breathing, has a pulse, and a high fever.
Joel: Follows, since that whole, 'it happened before' thing was pretty confusing.
Nick: Well… He's alive… Though still ill.
Joel: An expression of dumb shock on his face!
Nick: …What about his… bug… things…? Looks to John.
John: …I don't know… Trying to gather his thoughts.
Joel: He was dead!
John: They… usually die when he… dies.
Nick: Mutters and takes off his bandages. He's still bleeding from the wounds, but a dead bug or more falls out of every single one.
Joel: He was dead.
Nick: Notices that Adam's getting paler.
Adam: And breath getting shallower again.
John: Not hard to notice now. …Doctor…
Nick: Yes?
John: …Adam… is… Can you do anything for Adam…? He was conscious… He was awake… He's not in a coma…
Nick: Um… Sighs, knowing this is completely futile. Tries healing Adam's arm and… amazingly, the wound heals. Blinks. Joel, if you could give me a hand. If he loses anymore blood, he'll die.
Joel: Snaps out of it. Right away. And gets to work.
Nick: Hoping Adam won't go into shock before they're through.
Joel: Working a little faster than usual himself just for that reason.
Adam: Every wound he has heals.
John: Just watching and waiting.
Nick: Checks Adam once they're through… His breathing and pulse are still relatively stable. Sighs.
Joel: …Are you telling me that this isn't the first time this has happened?
Nick: It happened before, about five years ago.
John: To the chase. Adam is a Riser.
Nick: Collecting all the bugs up in a petri dish. Wishes they had collected some of the blood to heal the other patients.
John: Counts the bugs in the petri dish!
Nick: What do you want to do with them?
John: They should be disposed of. How, I'm not sure. They're indestructible or so I'm told.
Nick: There are 14 total. Throw 'em out the window?
John: …Doesn't seem like a very good idea. They could be dangerous, even if they're dead.
Nick: Hm. Sets them aside and gets a rag and some water to wash all the blood off Adam.
John: …Thank you for everything.
Nick: Looks a bit surprised. Just doing my job. Looks pleased with the end result. It's nice to see Adam without bandages and blood all over him. The wounds aren't fully healed, just older and not bleeding. Scars will probably be left.
John: Pleased as well. It is a good change.
Nick: Could you move him to another bed? Gently, mind you. I'd like to change these bed clothes.
John: Nods, and does as he's asked to do.
Nick: And give him the medicine… I think he can recover if he's woken up. Changes the bed clothes.
John: ..Should I wake him, then? Or let him wake up on his own?
Nick: Try and wake him. Just be gentle.
John: Nods and lightly shakes him. Adam…?
Adam: Mmm… Stays asleep.
John: A little harder. Adam. Said louder, too.
Adam: Eyes open blearily… After a bit, seems a little more focused. …Dad? Very weakly said.
John: Nods. Yes, son… It's me… Begins stroking his hair again. Coddling him like he used to, unfortunately.
Adam: Doesn't feel particularly good… but feels so strange.
John: …You… left us for awhile, Adam… but you're back now… Almost left again… If the doctor… hadn't… Now it hits me.
Adam: Blinks up at his father.
John: …Healed you.
Adam: Stays quiet… Seems to be thinking. Stays quiet for a long time.
John: Just lets him think. He doesn't want to get ahead of himself, even if he thinks he knows what this means.
Adam: Checking and double-checking and triple-checking and quadruple checking… Whispers. …There's not any…
John: Nods.
Adam: Another long silence as he checks again. …There's not any…
John: …They're gone.
Adam: Cries.
John: Leans in and holds Adam if he allows it.
Adam: Allows himself to be held… Shuddering sobs.
John: Hugs him tightly, though not too tightly. He still is ill.
Adam: Cries into his father's shoulder… tears of happiness.
John: Pats him on the back lightly. Even he's shedding tears for Adam, just glad that the bugs are gone, that they won't torment him any longer.
Adam: Hugs his father weakly.
John: My son has a chance, now! Kisses the top of his son's head, as gross with sweat as it is.
Adam: Kisses his father on the cheek, smiling through the tears.
John: This has got to be the most I've cried in the entirety of my life.
Nick: Mr. Crowley… The medicine, please.
John: Oh… Of course… Sorry, Doctor. Reluctantly lets go of Adam. Medicine in hand. …If you take this, you'll get better.
Adam: Nods and reaches a shaky hand out for the medicine.
John: Meets him halfway with it, smiling. Not a very pretty smile, as his face is still kind of red and gross from crying.
Adam: His face doesn't look any better. Takes the medicine.
John: Stands and walks right to Nick, probably not a long distance.
Nick: Did he take it?
John: Yes, he did.
Nick: Good.
John: Holds out a hand for him to shake!
Nick: Stares a bit at him.
John: You don't have to shake my hand if you don't want to. I'm going to talk anyhow. …I'm grateful for everything you've done over the years. If it wasn't for you, Adam wouldn't be here today. It's not much, but you have my deepest thanks.
Nick: Um… Don't worry about it… It's just my job… Shakes his hand, carefully. Hopes he doesn't body slam him.
John: No body slam comes. Just a firm handshake. Regardless. If there is anything at all I can do for you, just name it. I'm in your debt. Actually means all of that, too, That's how glad he is that Adam is going to be okay.
Nick: Uh… Really… It's fine… Just… a joy to see your son… doing well.
John: Nods and spares him the awkwardness of more words.
Adam: Laying back down. Feeling down his chest for bugs… Can hardly believe it.
John: Away from Nick he goes, and sits back down at Adam's bedside. Actually looks beat himself. He's sore, emotionally, and physically fatigued and he's got a lot on his mind too.
Adam: Once he stops checking himself for bugs again, looks to his dad. …Are you okay? Softly said.
John: I'm fine, Adam… Are you?
Adam: I think so…
Nick: You should be resting, Mr. Crowley.
John: …I'll be fine, Doctor.
Nick: Go lay down. That's an order. We'll make sure Adam is still there when you wake up. You both need to rest. Don't kill me.
John: Nods and stands.
Adam: …Dad…?
John: …Yes, Adam?
Adam: What happened?
John: …Price attacked the castle.
Adam: Eyes widen, frowns, and sits up, wincing. Is everyone okay?
John: …Katen is dead and there are others injured.
Adam: Frowns, going paler… …Mom?
John: She's in Malais, attending his funeral.
Adam: Frowns.
John: She's alright though… so are Elijah and Demi.
Nick: I said in bed, Mr. Crowley… Regent. Don't kill me.
John: Nods and it's in bed for him.
Adam: Lays down uneasily.
Nick: Maybe I was wrong about John.
Joel: Nods. Try to stay off of your feet for a bit longer, Mr. Crowley. Consider it a break. After all, you're lucky that wound wasn't fatal.
Adam: Sits up. …Dad?
John: I'm fine, Adam.
Nick: He's fine. If you would all just go to sleep, you'd all be fine. Sits down and sips tea.
Adam: Lays down reluctantly.
John: Also lays down so Dr. McBossy will stop yelling.

Daniel: Hello. No inflection.
John: That was fast. I must have been more tired than I thought.
Daniel: Nod. How are you? Very serious.
John: I'm doing well.
Daniel: That's good.
John: …Is something bothering you? You're all… serious.
Daniel: Just testing the waters…
John: What do you mean?
Daniel: Well, sometimes I am not serious and you get all angry at me. So I was trying to prevent that before I figured out your emotional state.
John: Ah… That's thoughtful of you. That's my fault at times too, actually. Sometimes I just assume you've been watching the goings on and that you'd know what kind of mood I'm in.
Daniel: You never can tell with bees. Another delightful visit from your son.
John: Thank you for bringing him back again, Daniel…
Daniel: I even took the risk of waiting longer so all his bugs would die. Like Hana said… What?
John: There's nothing I can say or do to express my gratitude, Daniel.
Daniel: Yeah, there really isn't, 'cause I'm dead. But I appreciate the sentiment.
John: I know gestures from me don't mean a lot, but you've done more for him in those few moments than I ever have in all the years I've been with him.
Daniel: That's a lie.
John: It's not a lie, Daniel. You've given him a future. Something I could only dream of doing. Something he could have only have dreamed of having, had it not been for you.
Daniel: Yeah, I gave him a life and I gave him a future. I did that by getting freaky with his mom, too. You did all the work. You stayed with him while he was sick. You talked to him and comforted him and held him. You taught him and scolded him and provided him with a good role model. You did everything it was within your means to do for him. I don't think it adds up.
John: Good point. But regardless, you have my thanks. I know you didn't do it for me, but I'm grateful all the same.
Daniel: I did do it for you. And Adam. And Jessica.
John: You're a regular guardian angel, Daniel.
Daniel: You know it had to be his choice to go back. I'm surprised he made it.
John: I'd ask what you said to him, but I think that's something that should be kept between father and son.
Daniel: You're his father.
John: Nah, I'm his dad… hah.
Daniel: I'm just the baby daddy.
John: You've been there for him too, Daniel. In the capacity that you can be.
Daniel: It's hard to help caring for your children.
John: I know. I don't think it's fair that you're only called the "baby daddy" for that reason. Though maybe you'd find it strange calling them "our" children… Heheh… Ha ha!
Daniel: That's just disturbing.
John: Just keeps laughing.
Daniel: Stares.
John: More laughing. The laughter doesn't sound very mirthful, actually. Eventually just stops and falls to his knees.
Daniel: …Are you okay?
John: …I don't know.
Daniel: Are you going crazy?
John: Maybe. Blood wells up under his shirt.
Daniel: Maybe you should do something about that.
John: I've already thought about it enough as is. The blood drips down his sides. I know this isn't really what is happening, so I guess it's easier to not be disturbed by it.
Daniel: Do you want to talk about it? Stares.
John: The blood?
Daniel: Your issues?
John: I guess that's one among them.
Daniel: Why're you bleeding?
John: I guess you weren't watching much the past days.
Daniel: I know you got injured by Price. Why're you bleeding right now?
John: I guess because it's just on my mind. It's been on my mind ever since it happened. I don't know the ins and outs of the subconscious or any of that such. I can only assume that if I wasn't talking to you right now, I'd be pleasantly reliving that moment.
Daniel: What's your problem with being injured? Besides that it's painful. Was it excruciating or something?
John: It was quite painful, actually. If it were any deeper, I might either still be unconscious or dead.
Daniel: Okay, but you're fine. It was a close call. Did it make you realize that you're a mortal?
John: I've always known that. I came to that stunning conclusion before I was a teenager.
Daniel: So you were traumatized by the pain? The fact you nearly died?
John: It's more or less what the wound means, really. And all that it connects to.
Daniel: Are you ashamed about it?
John: Yes.
Daniel: Why?
John: First, I lied to Jessica. Even if I twisted it in my mind to make it some sort of half-truth. 'The safety of the people in the castle is the first priority,' when she warned me not to do anything rash. I knew first thing that what I wanted to do was kill Price, that was my first priority. Even if I made myself believe that the two were the same thing. Instead of knowing my limits, I told Elijah that I could handle myself. I really, stupidly, thought I could. A captain of the royal guard. Utter crap. After Adam had been brought back, you know that was all I've wanted to do. It's what I've trained to do all these years. Something of a twisted goal to aspire to. I gave it my all, I gave it the best I could and I still came up laughably short. I didn't neglect my children, mind you. I knew how to be their dad. I wouldn't forsake them, but when it came to practicing, it was all about killing him. Simple as that.
Daniel: Mm. Sighs.
John: Shrugs his shoulders. My best just wasn't good enough. All of the time practicing was really just for nothing. That's all there is to it. Considering that I could have just never become a guard and just left more competent people with such matters. I could have at least spent more time with my children. Or my wife or anything that would have eventually amounted to something.
Daniel: Well… It's an admirable quality wanting to avenge your children and having the bravery to try. Lonan did terrible things to my son and my best friend… but I wouldn't try and face him in battle. I won't say it was foolish of you to try though…
John: The difference being that you weren't wasting your time preparing for just that.
Daniel: Being a castle guard is your job. I trust you enjoy doing it for other reasons besides exacting revenge.
John: It used to be about guarding the castle. That just changed is all. I already told you what my motive was to improve after what happened. That was all there was to it. Well, I did believe I was protecting my family and I did reason that killing Price would do everyone good. Which it would.
Daniel: Okay, you made a mistake. The important thing is that you learned from it.
John: After how many years of wasted time?
Daniel: I don't think serving your wife and your son and your kingdom was a waste of time.
John: I could serve them just fine without the extraneous practice I put in. I could have just as well without working to become a captain.
Daniel: I think what you did proved you were better than you thought. Also that you have the makings of a leader. You're a very intelligent man and you have a lot of common sense. But you're human and you let emotions get in the way of that. You can let all of that go and say you're going to put in the minimal amount of effort into your potential or you can keep working in that direction. Not to killing Price yourself, but utilizing your abilities to help kill Price. I told you that years ago.
John: …You did tell me years ago. But I didn't remember then. Ha.
Daniel: Well let that scar of yours serve as a reminder.
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: Price had the unfair advantage of being a Demon. A powerful one.
John: I know.
Daniel: He freaking killed Katen.
John: Katen was shot with an arrow in the back. Swordsmanship isn't really much use when you're being shot at with arrows, I guess.
Daniel: Really surprising, actually… Katen's usually quite aware of his surroundings. And his hearing's better than a Human's.
John: It doesn't surprise me. I know Elves have better hearing. The ears aren't for show.
Daniel: Sorry, I didn't see Katen's death.
John: …He was actually shot with an arrow shoving me down.
Daniel: Shoving you down?
John: I'd gotten done talking to Hana and needed to take a walk outside to clear my head. Katen was outside with his sword drawn. Looking back on it, he probably knew that someone was out there. He was about to say something to me, then he shoved me down in time for arrows to miss us. Namely me, actually.
Daniel: Are you saying he saved you?
John: I hadn't put it together like that, actually… At least until I word it all out… Yeah, he saved my life.
Daniel: That was nice of him. Could always trust Katen with your life.
John: Would have done the same for him.
Daniel: I don't want to sound horrible… but I'm not sure if it's bad or not that he's dead…
John: What do you mean?
Daniel: I don't think he was ever too happy. I think it's good that he can be with his wife again, at least.
John: There's the bright side.
Daniel: He lived a long life by human standards… 95-years-old or something.
John: Yeah, that's pretty old.
Daniel: In that case, I think the saddest thing about dying is the people who will miss you. For me, well, I miss my family and will probably never be with them again. So that's sad for me.
John: That is pretty sad.
Daniel: Frowns, then laughs a bit. See? I made myself sad.
John: I'm sorry to hear that.
Daniel: Stop being sad…
John: Are you telling yourself this? Or me?
Daniel: Myself.
John: Ah.
Daniel: Please change the subject before I get really depressed.
John: A fish walked into a sushi bar and confronted the head chef. Pointing to the head chef, the fish said, 'You killed my father. I challenge you to a game of chess. If I win, you must retire. If you win, I will willingly be your main course.'. The chef nodded and a game of chess commenced. The game was a close one, but the fish won. 'I have won.' the fish said proudly. The chef nodded, took out his knife, and cut the fish's belly open. 'Why?' Said the fish. 'I won'. The chef merely shrugged. 'So did your father.'
Daniel: Stares.
John: Stares back.
Daniel: I don't get it.
John: Was it a joke?
Daniel: I guess not, since it wasn't funny.
John: Alright then. Using an English accent. A man'n a giraffe walk into a bar. They get pissed'n the giraffe totters over. The bartender says, 'Oi! You can't leave that lyin' there!' The man stares for a moment and says 'Buddy, that ain't a lion, it's a giraffe.'
Daniel: I hate you.
John: What?
Daniel: That was terrible.
John: So I'm expected to come up with funny jokes now?
Daniel: No, please stop.
John: Ha. A woman finds a snake mangled in the woods. Feeling pity for the creature, she brings it back to her home. There, she nurses the poor creature back to health. It takes weeks, but it makes a full recovery. The moment it regains consciousness, it lashes out and bites her. With the venom coursing through her blood, she manages to sputter out, 'I've cared for you tirelessly… Why would you do this?' 'Did you forget I was a snake?' is the only response she gets.
Daniel: What the hell?
John: You said no more jokes… What was wrong with that one?
Daniel: It was pointless.
John: It's story with a moral.
Daniel: Don't help snakes.
John: Which could translate to what?
Daniel: Don't help crafty people.
John: It was more to say that no matter what someone does, in the end, some things cannot be changed. Though I suppose a snake doesn't really bite to kill but it's a story.
Daniel: Like I'm never going to get out of here.
John: I was trying to change the subject.
Daniel: Moans and puts his head in his arms.
John: Gets to his feet finally.
Daniel: Silence.
John: You're in need of help more than I am.
Daniel: How so?
John: It's not obvious?
Daniel: I can't be helped.
John: Unfortunately true.
Daniel: If I could just hold Jessica in my arms again…
John: Does it really comfort you to say this to me?
Daniel: Silence.
John: Doesn't speak either.
Daniel: Just for a few seconds… It'd be enough to last awhile.
John: I can't help you there, Daniel.
Daniel: Hold Elijah and Celena… my grandchildren…
John: Now just listens.
Daniel: Feemy and Adam too, if they'd let me…
John: Would you really ever want to let go?
Daniel: No…
John: Then I fail to see how that would help. To know you could only hold them for a few seconds more. To get the memory of doing so fresh in your mind.
Daniel: I'd swing Jessica around and make her laugh and smile… and I'd say something to bug her and she'd look all pouty and swat at me and say something back.
John: What would you say after all of these years?
Daniel: That I love her and she's still so… so… beautiful.
John: And if you held her, held Elijah, held Celena for those few seconds. Seconds of joy… tell me, how do you think it would make them feel to lose you after those few seconds?
Daniel: It wouldn't happen like that at all, in actuality. Jessica would stand distant away from me and look sad. She wouldn't run to me… I'd tell it to her from afar. It would just make her sad.
John: What makes you say that?
Daniel: There's you between us now.
John: Nods.
Daniel: And she'd choose you. She put me behind her.
John: And you say that why?
Daniel: I just know Jessica. And I know she'd stay loyal to you. I know they all would. Except Elijah.
John: We're not opposing sides, Daniel. Or do you feel betrayed by them?
Daniel: I don't feel betrayed. We're not on opposing sides… I still have Elijah… This seems to make him feel better. I'm so glad.
John: We don't 'have' any of them, Daniel. I don't even understand how you're going about this. I honestly cannot wrap my head around it.
Daniel: Elijah still thinks of me as his father.
John: No, he doesn't. He thinks of you as his dad. Dad, father. Should mean the same thing, right? Well, apparently it doesn't. Not to your children. My own dad actually recently explained it to me. 'Any man can be a father. It takes a special person to be a dad.' Celena does not call me dad and nor does Elijah. Do you find solace in that?
Daniel: I shouldn't.
John: But you do.
Daniel: You're right, it's not a contest.
John: But. You. Do.
Daniel: I do. They're my children. I helped create them with a woman I love a lot. I watched them be born and I raised them. I helped shape who they are today. It's nice to know in some way they still respect me for what I did for them… That they still appreciate and love me and remember me.
John: Was that so hard to say? Honestly. There is no more need for you to hide behind a facade anymore. You don't have to be charming, you don't have to be kind. It's just me.
Daniel: Well what's the world coming to if I don't have to be kind anymore?
John: Don't make me laugh.
Daniel: What's that supposed to mean?
John: You've told me you put up facades to hide your true self. All I want to see is what you really are, not some mask that says kind things occasionally.
Daniel: My real self is petty.
John: At least it's real. I don't understand why you would still hide behind a mask now of all times anyhow. It's just me. Why should you care if you're petty?
Daniel: I'm sorry if I hold kindness over honesty on the virtue ladder. Not that I condone two-facedness. I really hate that. But I'm probably guilty of it myself.
John: Shrugs.
Daniel: And yes, I care what the people I like think about me.
John: That still begs the question of why you bite your tongue around me.
Daniel: Because I try to consider your feelings.
John: Why?
Daniel: Because I care about you and don't want to hurt you.
John: You're not going to hurt me with your words, Daniel. What do you think you could say to me that would hurt?
Daniel: All this father and Jessica stuff.
John: Why do you think that hurts?
Daniel: Because I know you love Jessica and you want to be my childrens' father.
John: I'm more worried for you when you talk about Jessica and I don't want to be their father. I would like to be seen as their dad, but that isn't going to happen.
Daniel: I'm probably just projecting my own feelings onto you because it bugs me when I talk about Jessica as my wife or my children as my sons or daughter and you say the same exact freaking thing afterwards.
John: I figured it did.
Daniel: Yeah.
John: It was never my intention to bug you with saying that though.
Daniel: I thought it was just general asshatery.
John: Not at all. Am I suddenly not supposed to refer to them as my children and wife when I'm around you? Would that make you feel better?
Daniel: No.
John: Truly now?
Daniel: Sighs.
John: It would.
Daniel: That's not really my place to tell you what to do.
John: I know it isn't.
Daniel: Especially just to preserve my poor little feelings.
John: I can assure you that I wasn't going to stop doing so even if you had said yes.
Daniel: It's not like I don't ever want you to refer to them like that. I just don't want to feel like you're correcting me.
John: I'm not. Jessica is my wife and they are my children.
Daniel: And Jessica's not my wife since death did us part and you adopted my children except Elijah.
John: I consider Elijah a son of mine and he calls me father at least. But if that is how you feel, then why do you persist on calling them your wife and your children?
Daniel: That's not how I feel, I was just rationalizing it.
John: In your heart, Jessica's still is your wife and they still are your children.
Daniel: Yes.
John: Nods. In Celena's heart and in Elijah's heart, you will always be their dad. And there are parts of Jessica that I will probably never know as well.
Daniel: What does that mean?
John: What do you think it means?
Daniel: I have no idea… I was asking you for clarity.
John: It is just to say that there are simply parts of Jessica that she has shown only to you. That is me projecting though, in reality. As there are parts of me that I've only shown to her and only ever will.
Daniel: Well yes, that's just about the same for any two people.
John: So it is.
Daniel: I'm pretty sure, in Jessica's mind, I've gone down to like… 'good friend' status rather than 'lover', which you replaced.
John: Husband, I think, is the fitting title, really.
Daniel: Husbands are good friends, who are also lovers.
John: Who also happen to have gone through a ceremony that makes them legally wed.
Daniel: I'm not saying I'm the good friend and you're the lover. Just that she doesn't think of me as a lover…
John: All things considered… Jessica doesn't know you're in Limbo, I believe… Would it really be so much better to be waiting in Heaven for her after she's been married to me?
Daniel: Selfishly, yes.
John: Even after she's been married to me for this long?
Daniel: It's hard to describe… I'd take anything over never being near her again.
John: I see.
Daniel: I'm not saying I'd want to hurt her… or take her away from you.
John: I know you don't want to hurt her.
Daniel: But it would hurt her seeing me and having to choose. I'd rather you just had her and she never see me again.
John: Do you say that also because you have the feeling that you may be hurt worse if she chose me in that position?
Daniel: I think I've accepted that she would choose you. She's already given me up. It's easier to keep with that.
John: Given you up. Hm.
Daniel: Yep. She's moved on.
John: The two things are entirely different.
Daniel: I know. But I meant them in the same way.
John: Why do you do this to yourself every night?
Daniel: What else is there to do with myself?
John: You should hate me.
Daniel: How could I hate you?
John: How could you not? Unless you're making a reference to not having a physical body.
Daniel: I wasn't.
John: Then how could you not hate me? Or dislike me? Or resent me?
Daniel: You've made my wife happy and been a father to my kids and taken care of them.
John: That doesn't make you happy.
Daniel: Yes it does.
John: Does it really?
Daniel: It really does. I like seeing the people I love happy and taken care of.
John: I enjoy taking care of them. I doubt it's any consolation, but I truly love them all.
Daniel: I appreciate you taking care of them.
John: I used to do it for you. I don't anymore, but thank you for the thought.
Daniel: I didn't say you were doing it for me. I still appreciate it.
John: I know you didn't. I was just being honest about the whole thing, though.
Daniel: Being perfectly honest, jealousy makes me resent you. It doesn't make me hate you.
John: I don't blame you for resenting me in that fashion.