04 October 2037
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Adam Crowley John Crowley Jessica Crowley Danielle Crowley Rosemary Crowley Elijah McMurran Trajedie Remourna Daniel McMurran Yuri Mizitas

Adam: Humming happily as he makes his coffee. Sips. Mmm, black coffee.
John: Finds Adam in the kitchen.
Adam: Smiles. Hey Dad.
John: Hello, Adam.
Adam: How're you doing?
John: Oh, I'm doing well. I wanted to talk with you, actually.
Adam: About what?
John: How to approach this?
Adam: Stares at him with big green eyes.
John: Your mother and I were talking about you and your relationship.
Adam: Okay. Sips coffee and smiles.
John: And we think that perhaps you are moving a little fast with it.
Adam: Frowns. He's some kind of mind reader. And why do you think that?
John: You've only known her for a month and you're both already sharing a bed.
Adam: Yes.
John: You don't think that's rushing a little?
Adam: Maybe but for this particular case, no.
John: Why is that?
Adam: I feel very deeply for her and she reciprocates my feelings. We're both honest with each other and I find it easy to discuss my feelings with her. I think we have a good level of trust.
John: Nods a little. But even bearing that in mind, what would be the harm in taking it slow?
Adam: Shrugs. There's no harm in it, but it's not as though I can go back in time and do it over again.
John: I'm aware of that. I am only saying that it would probably be for the best to keep that in mind for the future.
Adam: Of course. If you find it objectionable, we can always go back to separate rooms. At least until Trajedie's 18.
John: How old is she now, anyway? Honestly, can't really tell.
Adam: 17, turning 18 soon.
John: When?
Adam: The 31st.
John: Over 20 days of separation. I don't know how the two of you would handle it.
Adam: Smiles. I really think you'd like her if you got to know her. I know she dresses a bit unusually, but that doesn't really mean anything.
John: I don't hold her manner of dress against her, Adam. Honestly, I do not have a single problem with her at all, personally. Your mother and I are only concerned about you.
Adam: I suppose that's… understandable. Though I hope you trust I have more common sense than to put myself in bad situations. The course of actions I've followed have been to a large degree because Trajedie is who she is. If she were different, things would have turned out differently. That's not a particularly coherent train of thought, but it makes sense to me.
John: I have much stock in your common sense and your intelligence. I must also take into account though, that you're still young and you've spent much of your life bedridden, with only family as company… I do not mean to sound offensive or crass… but did you not think for a moment that could be a factor in your relationship?
Adam: I have considered it, yes and if you want the truth of the matter, it probably has, I'm sorry to say. So overall, I feel very lucky that it was Trajedie and like I said, we have level of trust and understanding between us and talk about things before putting them into action. She also understands what my life was like before our relationship. So I don't feel, wholly, that it has effected things negatively… Like I said, luckily. So you can at least rest assured of that, if it's worrying you.
John: You feel that you've formed that kind of bond within a few week's time?
Adam: I feel that way, but it could just be my inexperience talking.
John: Which is what we're worried about, Adam.
Adam: You don't want me to regret what I've done later?
John: I don't want you to get hurt.
Adam: There's no guarantee, but I don't think Trajedie's a harpy.
John: What makes you so sure?
Adam: Unless she's a very good liar… well… she doesn't seem much more experienced than I am.
John: I see.
Adam: …Care to elaborate?
John: I'm only acknowledging your thoughts on the matter, since I have not known Trajedie long enough to make a judgement of that nature myself.
Adam: I really think you'd like her.
John: Why do you say that?
Adam: She's very thoughtful. I love to talk to her. Smiles. She likes to read and discuss things and figure them out. I like to hear her opinion on things and she seems to like to hear mine. Um… I went off a bit there… but she's very intelligent and thoughtful and a hard worker and honest… All qualities I think you value.
John: He is right about the qualities that he values. Then I look forward to getting to know her better. Perhaps dinner again?
Adam: Of course… She's had a couple days off, so she should be more awake and hopefully there won't be anymore interruptions…
John: Nods. Hopefully not… and Adam?
Adam: Yes?
John: I just want you to know that it isn't your mother and I's intention to critique how you're living your life. We're just worried for you… I do have faith in you, I truly do. I know that you're an intelligent young man who would think things through before rushing headlong into something like this.
Adam: Smiles. I understand. It's a parent's job to worry and what-not. I'll take what you've said into consideration and I'll try to take things more slowly. I… was really thinking about this myself and… what you've said helped.
John: Nods. I'm glad you understand, Adam and I'm glad I could help you as well.
Adam: Smiles and sets down his mug to hug his dad.
John: Hugs his son, glad that he at least was levelheaded about this.
Adam: Hugs tight.
John: Tight hug, always careful not to crush though.
Adam: I love you, Dad.
John: I love you too, Son.
Adam: Hugs. Always the affectionate one.
John: Always nice. Misses the affection he used to get from him.

Jessica: Girls…
Dani & Rose: Stare at their mother with blue and brown eyes.
Rose: Yes, Mom?
Dani: I didn't do it…
Jessica: I'm just reminding you two… You can't date until you're 16.
Rose: Okay.
Dani: Whyyy?
Jessica: Because you're too young to be seeing boys.
Dani: Frowns. But what if there's one I really, really like?
Jessica: It's too bad. You'll have to wait for him… because boys are bad and want to do bad things. Your brother is a great example of this.
Rose: Even Dad and Adam and Elijah and Izzy and Grandpa and Demi and Othello and… Runs out of breath.
Jessica: Yes, they're all men who have… bad urges…
Dani: Even Nathaniel?
Jessica: Even Nathaniel. Somehow doubts this.
Dani: Does too! No he doesn't. Frowns. Though doesn't really know what urges she's talking about.
Jessica: …Let me say this differently… Around your age… For both girls and boys… Hormones can start to affect you and make you want to do things you may not necessarily be ready for.
Dani & Rose: Glance at each other.
Dani: Like what?
Jessica: Like… making babies.
Dani: Nathaniel wants to make babies with us?
Jessica: …Yes.
Dani: …How many?
Rose: Stares.
Jessica: Sighs. It's not as though he wants to have children… Boys just want to take part in the act…
Dani: Furrows her brow. Is it fun?
Jessica: Yes but only if you're a grownup person and it's with someone you love and trust and have been seeing for a long time and you do it safely.
Dani: That sounds like a lot of work.
Rose: Nods.
Dani: …Okay. Never agrees right off bat. She's plotting something.
Jessica: …Dani…
Dani: …Yes Mom?
Jessica: Gives her a look.
Dani: Stands resolute… For a few moments, then averts her gaze to the ground.
Jessica: Danielle… Is there something you want to share with the rest of the class?
Dani: We're not in school. Mumbles sarcastically.
Jessica: Danielle Mae Crowley…
Dani: …Sorry, Mom.
Jessica: If you keep this act up, Rose will be going to Academy and you'll be going to school in town.
Dani: Nods. Yes, Mom… I won't talk back again.
Jessica: Good girl. I don't think either of you want to be spending your dinners in the bathroom like your poor old mother. So stay children as long as you can and don't date boys until you're 16.
Rose: Yes, Mom.
Dani: Nods as well. Yes, Mooom.
Jessica: Good. Then you should get ready for dinner, it'll be in five minutes. Leaves.
Rose: Love you, Mom. As she leaves.
Jessica: Love you both… And she's gone.
Dani: Waits… Hmph. Mom can be sarcastic to me but I can't to her. It's not fair. Waited until she was sure her Mom was out of earshot.
Rose: Don't be mean to Mom.
Dani: Suck up.
Rose: Brat.
Dani & Rose: Glare.

Adam: Brought Traj to dinner.
Elijah: Made dinner again.
Adam: Again, pulls out a chair for her.
Traj: Sits with a smile. Looks much better and not even dressed weirdly either. Well, a shirt and pants might be weird for women to dress in.
Dani & Rose: Saunter in, glaring each other.
Rose: Rubbing her arm. Meany.
Peter: Also present, in wheelchair!
Jessica: Danielle…
Dani: Yes, Mom?
Jessica: Mother knows all. Did you hit your sister?
Dani: No!
Jessica: Looks to Rose.
Rose: Shakes her head. She diiidn't. Lying.
Jessica: Why're you rubbing your arm?
Rose: …I'm cold. Weak excuse.
Jessica: Sighs.
John: Rosemary. Danielle. Getting on his wife's side. I would appreciate it if you did not lie to your mother.
Dani: Takes a seat. Not lying… Mumble, mutter.
Elijah: Serves everyone. Pats Dani on the head again.
Dani: Smiles at him as he passes.
Elijah: Smiles back at her.
John: Don't encourage her. Frowns.
Elijah: Just shrugs.
John: Don't make me freeze you to your chair. Does let it go, though.
Traj: …The food smells really good.
Jessica: It's making me nauseated.
Elijah: Thank you, Trajedie.
Traj: …You cooked it? Thought Jessica had. Can't help but look surprised.
Elijah: Yep! Sits down himself after having served everyone.
Peter: Eats. Almost always silent at the table.
Traj: Adam never told me you could cook.
Elijah: I'm sure I'm not in Adam's first thoughts when talking to a pretty girl.
Traj: Smiles sheepishly at her plate. Barely used to being called, "pretty" by Adam as it is.
Elijah: Smiles.
Adam: You charmer.
Traj: He is. Well… Adam… um… He speaks highly of all of you.
Dani: What's he say about me?
Traj: That you're a loud, annoying, little brat whose ability to talk without end and tact truly astonishes him. …He said you're a very high-spirited young woman.
Dani: That sucks, but it's enough of an answer to mollify her.
Adam: Eats.
Traj: Would eat if she wasn't being chatted up.
Adam: Does smile at her fondly.
Traj: Smiles back.
John: So, Trajedie. Are you thinking about seriously pursuing a career in medicine or is this merely a step onto a different goal?
Traj: I am going to pursue the career… and Dr. Marsetti was kind enough to take me as his protege.
John: I see. Good luck with that.
Adam: Eats.
Traj: Eats a little bit. Should say more… so… You look very pretty today, Mrs. Crowley.
Jessica: Spacing out a bit. …Oh! Thank you. Smiles.
Traj: Smiles back to her. Really trying to get to know Adam's parents or at least be cordial with them. We're big fans of your cooking at the infirmary.
Jessica: Oh… Thank you… Smiles. I'm glad you enjoy it.
Traj: We all do very much. Just full of compliments.
Jessica: Smiles.
Traj: …Oh and congratulations on your promotion, Sir. To John.
John: …Thanks.
Adam: Gee, my family's great.
John: I just didn't know how to respond to that.
Elijah: Hey Trajedie…
Traj: Turns her purple eyes to him. Yes, Elijah?
Elijah: Ask Adam about how he used to eat chalk.
Traj: Stares.
Adam: Frowns.
John: Elijah.
Elijah: Laughs.
John: Enough. Frowns.
Adam: …I had an iron deficiency.
Traj: Pica?
Adam: Nods.
Traj: Then it's understandable.
Elijah: It's okay, Adam… I was one of those kids who would eat paste of his own accord.
Adam: That'd explain a lot.
Elijah: I know, right?
Adam & Elijah: Smirk at each other.
Traj: More staring.
John: Would have gotten on Adam's case, but they were joking around it seems.
Elijah: His room…
Traj: What about it…?
Elijah: Ground zero.
Adam: You're exaggerating.
Elijah: No, really. I shared a room… even a bed with him for four years…
Traj: A little lost.
Adam: More like two for the bed…
Elijah: Whenever he got out of the crib. Puzzles and action figures and just juuunk everywhere.
Adam: It was organized. It had a purpose.
Elijah: Uh-huh.
Adam: I finished all of those puzzles and then I put them back in the box.
Traj: Giggles a little bit at the thought of a young Adam playing with toys.
Elijah: To Trajedie. Adam's a genius… Genius kid. You know how he is now? He's always been like that. Always.
Traj: I can see that. Smiles. That is to say, she can visualize Adam having always been smart.
Elijah: He was never a kid. He was a miniature adult. Grins.
Traj: A little bolder. I like mature men. Smiles coyly.
Elijah: Laughs! He's a serious guy.
Adam: And some of us are never serious.
Elijah: I am sincere.
John: …Heh. My apologies. Mandatory amusement. It's in the charter. The guards of the castle are obligated to at least chuckle at the regent's witty comments. Said with a completely straight face.
Traj: Looks to Adam.
Adam: Smiles. It takes great effort to laugh at anything I say, since I'm so serious.
John: I agree. My apologies. Also mandatory to agree with the regent on everything. Also, in the charter. Beginning to grin a little bit.
Adam: I'd be nothing without my loyal servants. Kick back on my throne… Have lovely women feed me peeled grapes… The minstrel singing sooongs about me.
Elijah: I always wondered who ran the country in those situations.
Adam: The evil advisor.
Elijah: He's evil because he has to run the stupid country himself, so he might as well overthrow the laze-about king.
Adam: Then he'll become a laze-about and his advisor will have to do all the work.
Elijah: It's a vicious cycle.
John: Vicious cycle.
Elijah: Ha!
John: How frightening.
Traj: These people are crazy.
Elijah: Trajedie… Before my dad was a royal guard… you know what he was?
Traj: …Ah… um… ah… Looks at John and tries to think.
John: Interpretive dancer.
Elijah: Laughs.
John: I'm very spry.
Traj: …I…I'm sure you were… great…
Elijah: Snorts. And his part time job was secret agent.
John: Only to fund my true passion, interpretive dance.
Elijah: Laughs.
Traj: Now they're just messing with me. I know that much.
Adam: You guys…
Elijah: See? Adam. Spoiling all the fun. Sad-am.
Adam: Well, there's a point where it just becomes ridiculous.
Dani: Elijah's funny. Smiles to him.
Elijah: Smiles at her and winks. Dani's gonna tower over us all one day. She'll be six-foot-five.
Dani: Grins. Yep. Can't hide the cookies then.
Elijah: Nope and you'll wear high-heeled pumps and look down on all of us lowly folk.
Dani: 'Cept for you, Elijah.
Rose: "Except." Frowns.
Elijah: Laughs. You know what's really unfair?
Dani: What?
Elijah: Feemy went and had a freak growth spurt and grew an inch taller than me out of spite. Grins.
Dani: You can do that…?
Elijah: I think it's his unicorn powers at work.
Dani: I thought he was part goat.
Rose: Dani, that's mean.
Elijah: Sheep. Come on, he's been your brother for how long? At this rate, you must be thinking my hair is black and my eyes are the same shade of brown. Grins.
Dani: Nooo, he's a goat. They go, 'Maaa.' Ripping on Feemy.
Elijah: No seriously, Feemy used to turn into an actual sheep, if my memory serves me correctly.
Dani: …Really?
Rose: Also looks intrigued.
Elijah: Nods.
Traj: It's so strange here.
Elijah: That was a long long time ago before you or Adam were born.
Rose: I wish I was a Shapeshifter. Then I could look like whatever I wanted too.
Elijah: And be bad? Give into your darker side a little, Rose? Grins.
Rose: Frowns. I wouldn't be bad.
Elijah: What would you do then?
Rose: Pouts a tiny bit. Look prettier.
Elijah: Oh, Rose… You're beautiful.
Dani: Grinning at the idea. Already has a lot of plots in mind for what she would do if she were a Shapeshifter.
Rose: Dani already told me you have to say that. Frowns more.
Elijah: …You're the spitting image of Mom and is Mom ugly?
Rose: No. Mom's pretty.
Elijah: Then you're pretty, too. Smiles.
Rose: That does the trick. Smiles. Thank you, Elijah. You're handsome too. Always pays back compliments.
Elijah: Smiles. Thank you.
Traj: Aww.
Rose: You're welcome. Not always sugary. Can be just as bad, if not worse, than Dani. Difference is, she rarely gets caught for her evilness.
Elijah: Gets up to serve dessert. Which is… ice cream with assorted dishes of toppings placed around the table.
Rose & Dani: Love you forever, Elijah.
Adam: Sprinkles and chocolate sauce.
Traj: Liberal amounts of fruit. Especially cherries, strawberries, and berries in general. Loves those.
Adam: Oh, man.
Jessica: Left for the bathroom long ago.
John: All sad now.
Adam: Spends more time watching Traj eat her dessert than eating his own.
Traj: Savors the fruit. In no hurry to finish her dessert.
Adam: Stares.
Elijah: You're so creepy Adam.
Traj: Glaces at him from the corner of her eye.
Adam: That look in his eyes.
Traj: Oh my… Notices that and savors the fruit even more, eating it slowly. Even a cherry passes her lips, stem and all.
Adam: Oh God.
Traj: When it goes in, her mouth moves very subtly.
Rose & Dani: Busy now talking about what they would do if they were shape-shifting twins.
Messenger: Here to break the mood. Ms. Remourna?
Traj: Turns to the messenger. …Mmm? Has a knotted cherry stem in her mouth.
Messenger: Hands her a letter.
Traj: Takes the letter in one hand and does withdraw the knotted stem, placing it on her napkin.
Adam: Stares.
Traj: From Nick. I figured. …Do you mind if I open this at the table?
Adam: Sure.
Traj: Opens the letter and reads the contents. Not aloud though.
Letter: Dear Trajedie, Goodness, you certainly do know how to hit me where it hurts. Quite vicious! Apologies then, from me… I didn't mean to disturb or hurt you feelings so badly to be sent back such biting remarks. Please trust that Joel gained his reputation through hard work and a devotion to his subject matter. His only fault being that he's a dry writer. I suppose you must come to your own conclusions about him, though and it's understandable for you to have ill feelings towards him now, but try not to be too shortsighted. As for being a doormat to my mother, there's no getting around that and I suppose I'll accept that I am or have been, though I have no intention of letting that sorry fate continue. On a lighter note, you are a romantic through and through, aren't you? There's nothing inherently wrong with that, so try not to let it die over your course of studying cell structure. I'm afraid knowing the ins-and-outs of the workings of mitochondria can tend to displace ones fancies. Anyway, I am once again writing on too long for my nurse's pleasing, so I must end this letter now. Take care. Sincerely, Nick
Traj: Does feel a little bad for being so hard on him in the last letter.
Adam: Who're you getting letters from? Smiles.
Traj: Dr. Romolo. Smiles back at him.
Adam: Oh, really? How is he doing?
Traj: Well… He didn't really mention it in his letter… but I hope he's doing better.
Adam: It's very nice of you to keep in touch with him. Smiles. I'm sure it's lonely for him being away from his friends and family.
Traj: I imagine so too, now that Joel is back in the infirmary.
Adam: Nods. Laying in a hospital bed day in and out's not much fun.
Traj: Nods. I know… Well… I mean… not as well as you do…
Adam: Just smiles at her.
Traj: You must find it cute when I flounder like that… Smiles back.
Adam: How do you do that?
Traj: Do what?
Adam: Tie a knot with the cherry stem?
Traj: Oh! Kind of forgot about that. Thought he may have been referring to the letter, oddly enough. It's kind of hard to explain… I've had a lot of practice.
Adam: Stares… That look back in his eyes.
Traj: Leans in close to him, so her lips are close to his ear. …I'll show you how… but you'll need a lot of practice too… Whispering to him.
Adam: Goes quite red.
Traj: Leans back and smiles slyly at him, that look in her eyes too.
Adam: Blushes.
Traj: Not exactly sure how to look seductive, but doing her best to do so.
Adam: Oh man.
Traj: Another cherry goes in. Lips move subtly again, never losing that sly smile and her eyes remain locked on his, if he allows it. Takes a little longer than usual, but when she stealthily removes the stem, there are two knots on it instead of one, evenly spaced out.
Adam: …May I be excused?
John: …Hm? Oh, yes, you may. My authority, since Jessie isn't here.
Adam: Leaves the table in a hurry.
Traj: …May I be excused as well, Sir?
John: Yes, you may. It was a pleasure to have you for dinner, Trajedie.
Traj: Bows. It was a pleasure to attend, Sir. Good-bye… And… takes her time leaving, in no hurry.
Elijah: Horny bunnies.
John: Clears his throat. Elijah. Not in front of Danielle and Rosemary.
Elijah: Coughs.
Dani: Boys are bad and want to do bad things to girls. Nods.
John: Stares.
Elijah: Yup.
John: My little girls are growing up. I must stop them.
Elijah: And sometimes other boys.
Dani: Nooo.
Elijah: What about Feemy and Renasi?
Dani: It's not bad because they can't make babies. Nods.
Elijah: I wouldn't say that.
Dani: Why not?
Elijah: Well, it's never good to do that kind of thing unless you're ready and you love and trust the other person.

Adam: In bed, naked.
Trajedie: First place she checked, though took her time getting there. Stands in the doorway, looking at him, still taking her time.
Adam: Smiles and holds his arms out to her.
Traj: Slinks to him, swaying her hips and is soon right in his arms.
Adam: Pulls her close and chuckles a bit. …You know where to hit me where it hurts.
Traj: Nick said that too, though suppose he meant it differently. Snuggles up to him and speaks in a ill-practiced attempt at a silky tone. I know… but… I'm a nurse… so show me where it hurts and I'll make it aaall better..
Adam: Blushes, a bit speechless.
Traj: Trying her best to be seductive, really. Hasn't had much practice.
Adam: I think you're doing a good job. My lips feel like they're on fire.
Traj: I have read a lot of romantic plays in my time. They come in handy, it seems. Let me have a look at them. First just trails her index and middle finger down them, then leans in close, lips just a breath away from his, but doesn't touch them.
Adam: Closes his eyes, hands tightening around her waist.
Traj: Breathes a few warm breathes onto his lips and finally she touches her lips to his, but very briefly and the touch was barely a brush.
Adam: Mmm… You tease.
Traj: I know. Once more a gentle brush, but soon she finally commits to a kiss.
Adam: Kisses back, though he's letting Traj be dominant tonight.
Traj: Seems like she's taking the reigns anyhow. Presses close to him for a moment, but soon parts the kiss. …Does it hurt anywhere else…?
Adam: Presses against her, indicating that particular spot.
Traj: Ooo. …It feels swollen. Soon going under the covers, trailing hot kisses along his body.
Adam: Mm… Traj… Strokes her soft hair.
Traj: Kisses faster down his body, until she reaches that particular spot… and gives him a lick.
Adam: Ooo. Shudders.
Traj: Experimenting with him gently, pressing his lips to him, listening to his reactions. A little surprised with how much initiative she's taking… but also feels a thrill with it.
Adam: Mmm… Smiling quite blissfully. Quite enjoying it.
Traj: When she can, she looks up to him while she affectionately tends to him. A curious thought crossing her mind. She looks to him and soon, past her lips he goes.
Adam: Mmm! Fingers clutch in her hair a bit but not violently so.
Traj: A curious feeling. Hearing the sound he made encourages her to continue this particular exploration and more of his sensitive skin passes her lips, a little eager to please him.
Adam: Moans. T-Traj…
Traj: Having no real experience… is a bit at a loss of what to do when she takes all she can. A slightly odd idea strikes her, though it seems to make sense in her mind. The very tease that had started this little event. He would soon feel her tongue against him quite firmly, the same one that knotted the cherry stems.
Adam: Ah, you're an evil girl and I'm quite enjoying this. His breathing his heavy, eyes closed, and trembling a bit.
Traj: All comes together as to why the cherry stem thing was so enticing. If she thought about it later, she might feel a little lewd for learning that skill without even thinking, but it certainly helps her now as she continues to lavish her affections on him.
Adam: T-Traj… A bit pleading but doesn't want her to stop.
Traj: Doesn't feel like she's going to stop. It rather feels like she's getting into it quite a bit, though still being curious, she tries different spots on him, trying to get a feel for where he's especially sensitive there.
Adam: A lovely game of hot and cold with the sounds of his moaning.
Traj: Once she finds the hottest, sticks with it ruthlessly.
Adam: Body beginning to tense up.
Traj: Keeps at it. Very much into it, still glancing up to him when she can.
Adam: Very near getting to that point.
Traj: A little oblivious to that.
Adam: His moaning is certainly getting louder.
Traj: That's certainly a hint and not a subtle one. Slowly withdraws from him.
Adam: Ooo, you are a tease.
Traj: Yes, I am. Doesn't leave him alone for long though and once more, she takes him in, though not all the way.
Adam: Mmm… Traj…
Traj: Has already been stirred herself by all of this, but intent on helping Adam in this endeavor and very, very slowly takes him all back in.
Adam: Moans. Not long now…
Traj: Seems intent to bring him there, her tongue soley focusing on the most sensitive part of his most sensitive part.
Adam: Tenses up and does indeed reach that point.
Traj: Should have prepared for that and now is rapidly thinking about how to cope with what has just happened… Eww… This is a hard choice. Does indeed imbibe it, though on the grounds of not wanting to stain his bed. It at least didn't ruin the mood for her.
Adam: Calming down.
Traj: Tried to at least do as was done to her, taper it off, though not quite as good, and not sure it works that way for men. Oh man, I'm pent up too! Looking up at Adam from his hips.
Adam: Once his elation is over, sits up, pulling her up too.
Traj: Easily pulled to him, snuggling close.
Adam: Begins removing her clothing.
Traj: No protests there! Her skin is even a little warm to touch. One can tell she's very pent up.
Adam: Drops her clothing to the floor and switches places with her. His attentions are now fully lavished on her and her body.
Traj: Not very difficult to please, at least in this case, as he certainly doesn't have to work to get her very wound up.
Adam: Kissing everywhere, though hastily. Can feel her tenseness, so is eager to please her.
Traj: Hasty is working well in this situation, her body seems to be very responsive to his attentions.
Adam: Soon finds focus on her more sensitive zones with lips and tongue.
Traj: Getting kind of loud, tensing and moaning.
Adam: Lets a finger enter her slowly, stroking, as he continues to lick and suck on her sensitive areas.
Traj: Shudders against him. A…Adam! Shivering and tensing more.
Adam: Continues this, beginning to focus on the most sensitive areas he'd discovered in previous endeavors in this region.
Traj: Getting quite the reaction from her. Not shrieking like a banshee, like someone might say, but moans are getting louder and it's obvious she's reaching her limit.
Adam: Continues, picking up his pace, going a bit faster and pressing a bit harder.
Traj: Gives a cry of elation and begins to shudder against him her peak obviously and joyously reached.
Adam: Quite enjoys the feeling himself. Does taper off again.
Traj: Her nice, soft, alabaster skin has a slight pink tinge to it as she winds down.
Adam: Removes himself from that region and up to lay next to her and wrap her in his arms.
Traj: Snuggles quite happily into him, more than willing to bask with him in her afterglow.
Adam: Holds her close, smiling at her. So nice to get to know more about her, even in this way.
Traj: Snuggles close, smiling back to him. Wonderful that they can share themselves with one another, learn, and explore one another as well. Kissing at him a little affectionately.
Adam: Smiles but looks sleepy.
Traj: Not looking sleepy at all. Cold shower for her, it looks like. Almost assaulting his lips with her kisses, not pressing or snuggling to him affectionately. Mmm…
Adam: This begins to wake him up. Wraps his arms around her, reciprocating the kisses.
Traj: Being quite assertive this time, pressing to him somewhat hard, moving to rest atop of him.
Adam: Ooo la la. Certainly doesn't mind if she's on top tonight. Is indeed becoming aroused.
Traj: Not too heavy, so at least he's not getting smushed, either. Straddles his upper hips, sitting up for a moment, before bending down to resume attacking his lips with passionate kisses.
Adam: Kisses back, pressing against her, hand stroking her chest.
Traj: Seems just as responsive as she was when they had first tended to one another, shivering against him when his hands passed over her, her kisses turning to the french persuasion.
Adam: Ooo. Lets his tongue dance and entwine with hers, massaging a breast gently.
Traj: Her tongue happily entwines with his own, handily displaying to him personally how she's able to tie cherry stems into knots. Mmm… Rubbing her hips against his, apparently very eager for him.
Adam: Quite aroused now. That's an interesting trick. Begins to sit up.
Traj: As he tries to sits up, she presses down against him.
Adam: Obliges her and lies back down.
Traj: You're mine now. Leans in close, nuzzling her lips to his neck and soon he would feel her nibbling and suckling on it.
Adam: Mmm… Not quite as sensitive in this area but it feels nice. I can see that she's wanting to be dominant tonight.
Traj: Not being very surreptitious about giving him a little something to remember her by upon his neck.
Adam: Good thing high-collared shirts are in style…
Traj: Finally ceases with her love biting, rising off of him slightly.
Adam: Smiles at her.
Traj: Smiling back to him, though it's the same kind of sly smile that she'd given to him at the table. Arranging herself over him, so their hips can meet in a more satisfying manner.
Adam: Oh my, that feels nice. Gives a soft moan, placing his hands gently on her hips.
Traj: Mm… Soon pressing down against him, shivering as a pleasant thrill runs through her body.
Adam: Mmm! Eyes close.
Traj: A very alien thrill to her, seeing this. Rarely does she assert herself in anyway, so there's something very pleasing about doing so. Ooh… Moving up and down upon him.
Adam: T-Traaaj… Looks quite blissful.
Traj: Can't help but enjoy being on top quite a bit… and from the looks of it, he does too. Mmm… Adam… Leans forward a little, though only to grip his shoulders and move faster.
Adam: Oh, man. T-Traaaj… Quite loud moaning.
Traj: Moaning herself and pressing back to him with what could be surprising roughness.
Adam: You are quite surprising! Moans, tensing up, hands stroking down her hips and thighs and eyes open now to enjoy the view.
Traj: This is just as surprising to me as it is to you! Quite a view. Panting and moaning as well, shivering and pressing harder and faster to him, fingers clenching his shoulders even tighter.
Adam: Moaning getting louder in chorus with hers, hips moving a bit in tune with hers.
Traj: Suddenly shudders and jolts, releasing his shoulders and arching her back as she moans and continues to jolt.
Adam: Quite in synch with her… Reaches his peak as well! Moans.
Traj: Doesn't stop moving against him until she winds down… and then almost collapses on him, panting.
Adam: Catches her, holding her close and stroking her hair. You're wonderful… And I thank God you're on birth control.
Traj: Snuggles to him affectionately, though not a lustful kind. A very tender, loving kind. Mmm… You are too..
Adam: Smiles and strokes her back lovingly. Although I do wonder what our kids would look like.
Traj: Now looks rather sleepy herself. Very worn out, but looking quite content and once more, aglow.
Adam: …You're beautiful, Trajedie…
Traj: …You're beautiful, Adam. Smiles to him… and speaks again, knowing what she said may have sounded weird. …You're handsome… but handsome are your features… beautiful is what your heart and soul is.
Adam: Blushes and sighs. I-I wish my parents could see this… I mean… not this. Just… how wonderful you are…
Traj: Snuggles to him. …I want you to meet my parents…
Adam: Smiles. I'd like to meet them too!
Traj: Sighs.
Adam: …What's the matter?
Traj: …It's not fair. They're going to be so happy that I'm with you… but it's because you're the regent.
Adam: Um… They're… like that?
Traj: Not like… that… but… it's hard to explain… Maybe they are like that… I don't know… Sighs.
Adam: …I'm not sure I understand.
Traj: It's hard to explain.. I think they'd see it as some sort of… accomplishment or something. I know my mom wanted me to take interest in smart and successful men. Frowns.
Adam: Laughs a bit, though not in an unkind way. …I guess I see what you're saying… I'll just have to prove to them I'm more than just a regent… but someone who truly cares about and loves their daughter.
Traj: …It's just unfair. They're just going to see you as the regent and… well… you shouldn't have to prove that nothing else but who you are matters.
Adam: Scratches his head. Well… don't we all sort of have to prove ourselves in some way?
Traj: …I suppose we do… Sighs. …I still have to to your parents…
Adam: Frowns. They think I'm moving too fast with you.
Traj: Frowns a little as well. …I… that's my fault…
Adam: …How is that your fault?
Traj: At the lake… and at the restaurant… I just feel like I pushed myself on you… a lot… but… I wanted to go that fast… Did you?
Adam: I don't know… I don't… and still don't feel like it was bad to… I mean… I don't feel like either of us forced the other to do anything…
Traj: Nods. …Moving too fast with me… There's really no way to remedy that now… is there?
Adam: No… Sighs. But I'm young and inexperienced… I've been bedridden most of my life… I've never had any friends…
Traj: Looks up at him, looking a little confused due to her loss of knowing what to say and a little sad as well.
Adam: …I just wish… they'd mind their own business… I know they care about me… Sighs. I sound so ungrateful… Forget I said that.
Traj: …You don't sound ungrateful… They do care about you… They probably just don't want you to settle down with just any girl you meet… A little degrading to herself.
Adam: To you, you're just any girl… but you're not to me… You're so special to me… Even if for some reason, things don't work out between us, I won't regret my time spent with you. I feel like I've learned so much the past month… About things I couldn't experience reading a book. I think that's worthwhile… I think you're worthwhile. I don't regret it a bit. I'd do it all over again but… Ah… I can't even say that… securely… because I keep thinking, "I'm just saying that because I'm inexperienced." Well… Well I'm getting experience right now, aren't I?
Traj: Snuggles closer to him, a little embarrassed with herself at how… clingy she's become, but can't really help herself. …I hope things work out between us, Adam… You're a wonderful boy… and you've taught me as well… We've both learned from one another… and… maybe I'm being short-sighted… but I don't feel like what I feel for you is because of a lack of experience… but… even if it is… I don't see why we can't just let time be what proves it to them… to you, that we're not just stupid, lovesick kids…
Adam: Holds her close. I hope so, too… and… I don't want to lose you… I want to be with you for a long long time… I want to know more about you… I want to keep getting to know you everyday… You're like a book… I can't stop reading… I can't stop thinking about… A page-turner… A cliffhanger each night when we go to sleep…
Traj: There's something so endearing and special about being spoken of in such a way. …Adam… I know I said it before… but I'm yours for as long as you'll have me… of my own choice. I want to be yours… I want to be the story you never tire of…
Adam: Smiles at her. …You're mine… and I'm yours… through and through… I'm yours. Kisses her on the lips.
Traj: Returns the kiss lovingly. There just wasn't any way she could think of this as just being inexperience. She couldn't believe that two could love so deeply just because they haven't sampled love before one another.
Adam: Strokes her cheek, smiling up at her.
Traj: Smiling down at him and lightly runs her fingers through his hair. …Time is on our side with love like yours.
Adam: …If it's the only thing on our side… I think it's enough… and everything else will follow because only time could never take me away from you… Chuckles, kissing her on the cheek, just off of her mouth.
Traj: I disagree… I don't need time with me. I only need you. Returns his kiss, a light peck on the corner of his mouth. …I could stay up all night and fall more in love with you… but I've kept you awake for long enough…
Adam: Laughs a little. I think you're tired too, huh?
Traj: You would be right… Giggles a little. …Before we let the cliffhanger arrive… can I tell you something? …Just an odd occurrence that sticks with me for a reason I can't figure out?
Adam: …What's that?
Traj: Settles onto him, like she's going to doze off right atop of him. …I was in town on a walk and sat down on a bench to enjoy the day… and this strange guy with a wig made out of feathers sat next to me… and I guess he noticed me looking at the sky. Out of nowhere he asks me, 'What color should the sky be?' …And… it was so out of the blue that I said, 'violet'… and he chuckled and said, 'I think so too'… then left… I don't know why that's stuck with me, but… I'm sorry… I'm weird… I fit right in here… Giggles.
Adam: …A wig of feathers…?
Traj: Nods. Black feathers… I don't know why he was wearing it.
Adam: Laughs! I think that was my brother-in-law.
Traj: Stares. …What?
Adam: Laughs. …My brother-in-law… Middler. He has feathers for hair… He's a Shapeshifter… Half Harpy…
Traj: …Oh… I don't doubt for a minute that he's related. Laughs.
Adam: Laughs. My older sister's husband. Smiles.
Traj: …Celena, right? You mentioned her… I haven't met her yet.
Adam: Nods. She doesn't live here anymore… Though I'm sure she'll come to visit again… sometime this month… I think she'll come to see Feemy's concert, at least. You'll probably meet her and Middler then.
Traj: …I'd forgotten that the concert is this month. You've been on my mind too much to keep it there.
Adam: Laughs. Which reminds me, I need to buy a ticket.
Traj: Of course… because I couldn't go without you.
Adam: Well you'll be backstage.
Traj: …Your brother is the bassist, he can get you back there too without a pass, I'm sure.
Adam: We'll see… I don't want to inconvenience him or anything.
Traj: Snuggles more into him, getting cozy. I could always throw a big fit, too… Laughs a little.
Adam: Laughs. I'd like to see that… You think the sky should be violet to match your eyes? Smiles.
Traj: Giggles and peers up at him. I'm more interested in your answer… What color should the sky be?
Adam: Why green, to match mine, of course. Flutters his eyes and laughs.
Traj: Laughs. Grass is already green to match your eyes. It wouldn't be fair… The sky would be like a rolling field.
Adam: Laughs. It does seem to be the only color the sky never is.
Traj: The sky is violet sometimes… I think it's beautiful right before the sun vanishes.
Adam: Nods, smiling.
Traj: …And not because… it's the color of my… eyes.
Adam: …Why then…?
Traj: Mmm… b'cause… It's not just one shade… it's many shades… The sun… makes a good painter…
Adam: …It's had lots of practice… making a completely new one… everyday.
Traj: …Never the same one, either… Silence.
Adam: Sleeps.

Daniel: I am everything you want. I am everything you need. I am everything inside of you that you wish you could be. I say all the right things at exactly the right time, but I mean nothing to you and I don't know why.
John: I'm waiting for someone to put me together. I'm waiting for someone to push me away. There's always another wound to discover. There's always something more I wish he'd say. Bet you thought I didn't know that one.
Daniel: Never see you listening to music.
ohn: I've heard music before.
Daniel: Amazing. How goes it in John land? I haven't tuned in for awhile.
John: It goes well. What have you been watching instead?
Daniel: Nothing.
John: Why?
Daniel: I dunno. I'm a ghooost
John: You're a soul.
Daniel: Same difference.
John: And I'm a soul-der
Daniel: Laughs. That was lame. Trying to think of what we were doing 18 years ago.
John: I've got soul and I'm a soldier. 18 years ago, hm?
Daniel: I remember… Halloween… I made Middler shrink to Feemy size and give Feemy his suit for a costume. Then we went trick-or-treating… and Feemy kept trying to sneak candy in the vent.
John: Middler was all wrapped up in bandages because Gwen set him on fire and it ended up unfortunately, that he wasn't horribly disfigured, that he was just trying to be a mummy.
Daniel: Laughs. Then we must've gone to the Larson family reunion earlier.
John: That must have been… what's the word I'm looking for..?
Daniel: I dunno?
John: Stimulating.
Daniel: You came too… I'm trying to remember how you were supposed to be related to Julius… I had to drive with Middler and Gwen and had a terrible headache.
John: Did they give it to you to begin with?
Daniel: Yes… and you said something to my sister, Jessica, and my aunt Sally that made them all look sad.
John: I wonder what it was?
Daniel: Don't you remember?
John: I don't.
Daniel: It was probably something to do with killing animals.
John: Oh, I may have mentioned that a goat screams like a child when it's injured.
Daniel: …That is sad.
John: It is.
Daniel: …And you thought in an appropriate thing to say to the women… Though my sister was probably baiting you… or vice-versa.
John: Most likely. You know, that fact actually gave me an incredibly odd nightmare that almost made me quit my job.
Daniel: Like what?
John: I was at work, but not in my work clothes. I went to the back where the animals were usually kept for a day or so. Instead of animals, they were all children. Just a bunch of eyes looking at me, then arms reaching out to touch me. They were all smiling, too. That was one of the most disturbing dreams I have ever had in my entire life.
Daniel: It sounds really disturbing.
John: Mind you, that it's not as though I was intending to slaughter them. I suppose I just drew similarities to blissful ignorance.
Daniel: You're weird.
John: I am. I think far too much, I think.
Daniel: Laughs. Yeah. How're things going with Adam pants?
John: Better weird than frightening, at least. He's doing well. He really seems to have a thing for the girl he's seeing.
Daniel: Just now figuring out that one?
John: Yeah.
Daniel: If Adam were my son, I would call him, "Adam pants" all the time and he would hate me.
John: Ha. Infinite possibilities, Daniel. There is no telling what would have happened if you had lived. How different things would have been.
Daniel: Yeah… I'm glad someone benefited from my death, at least.
John: I could only be so lucky to be able to do the same.
Daniel: Heh. Register as an organ donor
John: No. Mine.
Daniel: What?
John: My organs.
Daniel: …Whatever.
John: I'm joking. One of them is yours, anyhow.
Daniel: You know I couldn't give blood 'cause I had cancer?
John: Fascinating. Were you immune to vampires then?
Daniel: It would be funny if I could give blood, then whoever was getting it would be healed.
John: Strange how things happen…
Daniel: They'd think they found a miracle cure, then they'd call me up and make me sacrifice myself to the world.
John: First they'd clone you. Like that sheep.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: …But it would be evil because it wouldn't have a soul… So he'd try to kill you.
Daniel: You watch too many movies.
John: Watched. I don't generally anymore.
Daniel: True. Are you of any particular religion?
John: I'm a dyslexic insomniac agnostic. I stay up all night and wonder if there really is a dog.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: Born Christian. Family never actively practiced though.
Daniel: You don't seem like the type who'd stay a religion just because you were born into it.
John: What makes you think I would declare myself another religion just for the heck of it?
Daniel: It's not that. You just seem like the type to not take things for granted… To at least question your faith, if nothing else.
John: I don't question faith insofar as I question building a structure around it.
Daniel: Nods. Not even when you were an angsty 12-year-old who hated everything?
John: Angst my ass. I was just downright cantankerous. You thought I was bad when you first met me? You have no idea how snarky I was when I was a teenager.
Daniel: Could'a come by and knocked you upside the head. Woo! Naw, I'm sure you were six feet at least by 13.
John: Ha, I don't remember how tall I was. That would have been funny though, just getting smacked by a complete stranger.
Daniel: Laughs. If only I could go back in time. You'd probably kick my ass.
John: Heh, so you wouldn't go back in time and give me some big hopeful speech and a Daniel-styled hug?
Daniel: Naw, just knock you upside the head. Probably have a snotty Elijah to take care of.
John: His ass I would have kicked. Laughs.
Daniel: My poor little baby boy?
John: I really have no idea what I would have done. Most kids my age gave me a wide berth.
Daniel: You have a high school reunion coming up? Grins.
John: 'Hey folks, I'm Captain of the Royal Guard in the magical Kingdom of Atlantis.'
Daniel: Laughs.
John: 'I'm real good with sword plus magic.'
Daniel: They let me out of the mental institution just for today!
John: The staff is on standby for your and my protection! Please, stop running.
Daniel: Laughs. There's always the, "security guard" story.
John: I'll just tell them something manly. Like I wrestle bears.
Daniel: Laughs. All young-looking and handsome with your beautiful pregnant wife.
John: Did I ever mention that I get a personal chuckle out of mentioning myself as manly? And stop hitting on me.
Daniel: No… I can't resist. Hits him… not hard.
John: My turn then. Rolls up his sleeve.
Daniel: Oh God! Flinches.
John: Two for flinching.
Daniel: Wait… I'm dead.
John: Pokes him twice on the arm.
Daniel: Gee. You sure aren't manly
John: Ow, my pride.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: For that, I'll just break your back over my knee.
Daniel: Um, yeah… I remember when you were going to shoot me.
John: Really?
Daniel: Yup.
John: Why was I going to do that again?
Daniel: Something Julius said or did to you.
John: I remember you saying the gun wasn't loaded, too. Then I shot my own ceiling… or did Julius say that?
Daniel: Jessica was pissed.
John: I did pull a gun on her husband, even if I wasn't going to shoot you.
Daniel: Oh, Julius grabbed you as you were trying to walk away.
John: Before or after I had the gun?
Daniel: Before. That's why you got it.
John: Why'd he grab me?
Daniel: I dunno. You were leaving the room and I guess he wanted you to stay for some reason.
John: Yeah. I was a dick back then.
Daniel: You were real touchy about being touched.
John: I didn't like it.
Daniel: Why?
John: You know what it's like when your body is cold and then you put it in water?
Daniel: …Sorta?
John: …Kind of a stinging, slightly warm feeling?
Daniel: Not really.
John: It's hard to describe, but when someone touched me, it was like that. It really got my back up. Put me on the defensive.
Daniel: Weird.
John: I'd have had to know you and trust you to allow it. I didn't know Julius all that well, so it aggravated me.
Daniel: Enough to pull a gun out on us, hehe.
John: Yeah. It sounds foreign now, but being touched almost hurt. Shrugs.
Daniel: That's weird… and too bad I'm a real huggy, touchy person.
John: So you may understand my cantankerous attitude a little more. I don't know if that really applies now. Strangers just don't go and hug me anymore.
Daniel: I guess not. I think Elijah helped you overcome that somewhat.
John: He did. More than somewhat.
Daniel: I hugged him a lot. Probably why he turned out gay. Laughs.
John: Heh, I hugged Adam a lot and he's not.
Daniel: Then I dunno what happened with Elijah.
John: A lot of things did, but let's not get into that.
Daniel: You think the Lonan thing made him gay?
John: No. There was trouble with Isaac too.
Daniel: Is he gay? He's like… bisexual.
John: That would be my guess.
Daniel: Bara was pretty mannish looking. Maybe she was the happy medium.
John: Eh. Elijah told me once that he had a crush on a girl. Then we both got off track and started talking about something else. I've always wondered who it was, though.
Daniel: Why?
John: Curious about what qualities Elijah holds in esteem.
Daniel: I can't think of him having any normal romantic relationships.
John: That's a shame.
Daniel: He's quite charming.
John: He is when he wants to be.
Daniel: Laughs.
John: I've also been curious as to why he seems enjoy encouraging Danielle when she's misbehaving.
Daniel: Laughs. What do you mean?
John: Danielle hit her sister and lied to Jessica about it and for that, he gave her a pat on the head.
Daniel: Elijah was a troublemaker. I think he can relate or sympathize or something.
John: By encouraging it. Great.
Daniel: You probably scold her a lot. No harm in that… but then she's gonna be all, "misunderstood teenager" if she thinks she doesn't have a friend in the room.
John: I've tried explaining to her why I scold her and that doesn't do any good either.
Daniel: Well, when Elijah was that age, he ran away and went to war and got captured by Demons and tortured and experimented on. Grins.
John: I know.
Daniel: All because I was hooorribleeey striiict and meeeaaan.
John: Unlike you, I have an insurance policy.
Daniel: What's that?
John: Danielle couldn't run off unless Rose was dumb enough to go with her.
Daniel: Demi went that time with Elijah.
John: Neither of them are prodigies with a blade either.
Daniel: Good with magic.
John: …Very good… Frowning.
Daniel: Laughs. You're sending them away to Academy… That should be good enough for them. Elijah was under house arrest. The poor kid's still under house arrest.
John: I know. I hope that someday soon we can put an end to Price so he can be free. Even if it means seeing him less.
Daniel: Would probably be good for him.
John: Wonder what he'd do first?
Daniel: Can't say.
John: My first guess is move as far away from the castle as possible. Laughs.
Daniel: Laughs. How long do you think he would last?
John: Before coming back? I think he could stay away.
Daniel: He'd take Aidae and Vlad-Vlad away with him.
John: I know.
Daniel: That would be saaad.
John: It would be, but that is a part of life. All of my children have grown up except for the twins and the one that's on the way. They're going to become adults, leave the castle, get married, have grandchildren. I'm going to get old, retire, and die in the meantime.
Daniel: Adam's never gonna.
John: His job is in the castle, so there is his reason.
Daniel: Then you'll always have Adam pants and his and goth girl's kids. Laughs.
John: I'll be quite old when they finally have kids, I hope.
Daniel: What? Seven years at the most?
John: An old fogey, I'll be.
Daniel: Heh. I wonder if Adam children would be as creepy as he was.
John: He wasn't creepy.
Daniel: He was weird.
John: Different, but not creepy.
Daniel: Laughs. He was sweet.
John: Nods. He was…
Daniel: But not anymore?
John: He still is, at least I believe so.
Daniel: Turning his attentions on his girly-friend.
John: That happens when they grow up.
Daniel: Feemy with his Renasi.
John: Danielle with Nathaniel, it seems.
Daniel: Laughs. He's like… Adam and Elijah and Celena's… third cousin or something.
John: Strange for them to like each other then, no?
Daniel: Well, they're not related. Though since Elijah's children are Renasi's cousins. That makes Feemy and him somehow related.
John: I don't want to work that one out.
Daniel: I can't figure it out either.
John: Looks a bit thoughtful.
Daniel: Are you trying to figure it out?
John: No. Actually thanking my stars that Rosemary doesn't seem to have a crush on Nathaniel as well. I don't envy who has to break up that cat fight.
Daniel: Nathan has a crush on Rose.
John: …How do you know that?
Daniel: I know.
John: How?
Daniel: Psychic. I don't know. I just thought it'd be funny.
John: …I wouldn't doubt it.
Daniel: Maybe things'll work out in three years.
John: Magical cat fight ahoy. Woo-hoo.
Daniel: Ha.
John: Sure, laugh about it.
Daniel: Sooorry.
John: Augh… Rosemary does have a crush on Nathaniel. She was the one who asked after him and actually tried to visit with him too. Sighs.
Daniel: Your daughters aren't allowed to date for three more years. Chill. They'll be in Academy anyway.
John: I know. I'll miss them dearly.
Daniel: You'll have Snickers.
John: Snickers?
Daniel: Your son.
John: Why is he Snickers?
Daniel: I dunno his name.
John: …Why are we even calling it a, "he?" We don't know its gender.
Daniel: It's going to be a boy.
John: How are you so sure?
Daniel: I know.
John: Oh no you don't.
Daniel: There's a 50% chance.
John: I should strangle you.
Daniel: Why?
John: I have the lofty assumption that it'd be therapeutic.
Daniel: You jerk.
John: Heh.
Daniel: How do your kids feel about me?
John: Well, they think you're an eight-foot-tall dragon slaying anteater with laser eyes and a devil-may-care attitude.
Daniel: …Really?
John: No.
Daniel: Then what?
John: I told them who you were and that you were a great man who helped me when I was younger and still helped me to this day.
Daniel: Not curious about me a bit? Eh, figures.
John: They're girls. They stopped coming to me with their questions once the novelty of my height wore off.
Daniel: Laughs. Gee.
John: Grabs Daniel by the front of his robe. I could hurt someone like meee, out of spite… or jealouuusy. I don't steal and I don't lie! But I can feel and I can cry! A fact I bet you never kneeew.
Daniel: Stares.
John: Grins.
John: Lets go too and laughs.
Daniel: Stares.
John: Keeps grinning. Raises an eyebrow at him.
Daniel: Stooop iiit.
John: More grinning.
Daniel: Augh!
John: Toothy grin. Straight, pearly whites.
Daniel: Seriously, stop or I'll give you nightmares.
John: Keeps on grinning. Stop to speak, though. Lucid dreamer.
Daniel: I'm giving you nightmares.
John: Won't help much since I'll… well… not only know that I'm in them… Well, you know what a lucid dreaming is. You don't need me to explain.
Daniel: Well stop grinning at me.
John: Why?
Daniel: Because you're offering no explanation and it's creepy.
John: I'm happy. I haven't seen you in awhile, too. So I missed that stupefied expression on your face.
Daniel: Frowns.
John: I can't enjoy making you feel uncomfortable, but you can me?
Daniel: Yeah.
John: No. Heh. I'll stop grinning at you.
Daniel: Thank you. What were you happy about anyway?
John: Weirding you out.
Daniel: Rolls his eyes.
John: They'll fall out.
Daniel: No they won't.
John: Sure they will. I've seen it.
Daniel: Rolls his eyes again.
John: Caaareful.
Daniel: Rolls his eyes.
John: You are playing a dangerous game, Sir.
Daniel: Stooop! You're driving me crazy.
John: Laughs.
Daniel: What is this? Payback?
John: I can't believe it!
Daniel: What?
John: I'm out-Danning Daniel.
Daniel: Bastard.
John: Laughs.
Daniel: You wanna out-Dan me… Take my place and I'll be with Jessica and adopt all your freaking kids.
John: Stops laughing. I'll stop, then.
Daniel: Thank you.
John: Hm.
Daniel: Sorry, I'm irritable.
John: I've noticed.
Daniel: It's like we are switching roles… This is terrible.
John: Yeah. Except I won't do a bit where I say, 'Whine, whine, piss, moan' to you.
Daniel: Can't quite live up to me.
John: I can't live up to you, you're dead.
Daniel: Heh.
John: Hm.
Daniel: What?
John: Nothing.
Daniel: Whaaat?
John: Seriously. Nothing. I didn't even say a word.
Daniel: You said, 'hm.'
John: That's a sound. It doesn't even have a vowel.
Daniel: It indicates thought.
John: It indicates me being silent so you don't go on a sulky tirade.
Daniel: Sighs. You really regret naming your daughter after me.
John: Not a bit.
Daniel: Smiles.
John: Crosses his arms.
Daniel: Laughs. What?
John: Nothing.
Daniel: Egotistical, aren't I?
John: Perhaps a bit.
Daniel: Aww, you're so mean.
John: Others knew you better and would be a better judge of your character.
Daniel: Now you're being super mean.
John: How-so?
Daniel: You're all grumpy pants again.
John: Hm.
Daniel: Holds his head and screams.
John: Just watches him as he does.
Daniel: A very long scream.
John: Continues to watch and waits for when it ends.
Daniel: Finally stops, slams his hand down on the counter and looks to John.
John: Looks calmly back to him.
Daniel: Hehehehehehe.
John: Stress relief it is?
Daniel: Heheheheheehe…
John: I thought so.
Daniel: Hehehe… Puts his head down on the counter and sobs.
John: Uncrosses his arms and walks over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. …Just let it out.
Daniel: Y-Y-You draaaiiin meee…
John: Bends down and wraps his arms around his shoulders, since that's all he can really manage from his vantage point. I'm sorry.
Daniel: Y-Y-You're an insane person.
John: Keeps hugging.
Daniel: Hugs John and cries.
John: Pats his back gently and hugs tighter.
Daniel: Does calm down eventually, still hugging John.
John: Doesn't let go either, still hugging as well.
Daniel: Hugs for a long time.
John: Doesn't mind, even patting his back gently every now and again. Honestly trying to be comforting, though it may seem odd.
Daniel: It is rather odd.
John: So he isn't good at it. It's the thought that counts?
Daniel: Seems to be, rather strangely, asleep.
John: Strange, since he's pretty sure that has never happened before. Unsure if he should try and wake him up or if him sleeping would be a good thing.
A Thing: Small, as in short and skinny. Dressed all in black, with a hood and the neck of his shirt pulled up over his mouth and black goggles.
John: Stares.
A Thing: Is your host asleep?
John: Host… as in… am I asleep now or are you referring to Daniel? Lets go of him and if possible, puts himself between the newcomer and Dan.
A Thing: I'm referencing Daniel.
John: He is.
A Thing: You can't stay here if your host's asleep.
John: …I did not know that souls require sleep.
A Thing: It's rare but it's been known to happen.
John: Is Daniel in any danger?
A Thing: No. He's dead. I just don't know when he'll wake up again. Anyway, I'll escort you out of here.
John: …Very well, then. Would you be the reaper that Daniel spoke about?
A Thing: Yes, I am Yuri.
John: I see. I'm John. Nice to meet you.
Yuri: Nice to meet you. Please come with me.
John: Nods and steps away from Dan.
Yuri: Leads John out of the bar and John he's back to whatever dreams he would normally have.
John: Laying on his back in a wide open field. Cloudless blue sky, rich green grass under him. A tree hangs overhead, giving him shade. Sits up and smiles, seeing those he has known, loved, even lost, all gathered just a little bit away. Doesn't always have nightmares. They're all here. Mom, Dad, my wife, my friends, my children… Even Daniel and Katen. Stands and walks to them. Stops breathing. Breath caught in his throat for a second there.