04 November 2018

Daniel: Hands a potion to J.N.
John: Stares at the strange liquid.
Daniel: That'll take you to Atlantis.
John: I'm sure it will. With purple dragons and melting walls and periodic fits of shrieking.
Daniel: Hehe… Come on… I said I'd get you a new shirt after I used your other one to staunch Julius' blood.
John: Thanks for that. You take yours first.
Daniel: Do you promise to follow?
John: All the way to the loony bin. I might even visit, too.
Daniel: I have potions back, you know. Anyway, fine, I'll go first.
John: You've got a lot of this? That explains everything.
Daniel: Lire makes them for us.
John: Less creative name for a dealer then I've heard before.
Daniel: Laughs. Anyway… One… Two… Three… See ya on the other side. Drinks the potion and is gone to Atlantis.
John: … Stares at the potion again. Well, it's seeped through the container it seems.Curiosity killed the cat, and he also drinks his own.
Daniel: Wow! You actually came!
John: Hm. I figured if I was tripping I wouldn't see you.
Daniel: …You're in Atlantis.
John: Seems that way.
Daniel: Come on, then… I'll get you a shirt.
John: Indeed doesn't seem very phased. Just waits to follow, puffing on his cigarette.
Daniel: Takes him down the hall to the great storage closet of clothes.
John: Pretty nice armoire you've got. Still half expects that he's hallucinating.
Daniel: Looks through the clothes until he comes upon a big white shirt, fantasy styled. Hm. It's got a red stain on it…
John: Grabs it. Better than the other shirts. Really. Frills? Gold and black jackets? Never.