04 June 2023
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Daniel McMurran Erik McMurran John Crowley Jessica McMurran Gabriel Feemerson McMurran Celena McMurran Middler Blaydow Katen Tanek Hana Tanek Demitrius Larson

Daniel: Well I'm glad we can all have these little nocturnal get togethers.
Erik: Mumbles. I'm not.
J.N: So, I thought maybe you were going to haunt me Dan.
Daniel: I'm already haunting you. This is the extent of my haunting.
J.N: Oh. Are you angry at me?
Daniel: For what?
J.N: …Nevermind.
Daniel: Being in love with Jessica? Not much I can do about it. Being dead.
J.N: …I do feel bad. If that's any consolation.
Daniel: Well, if she likes you too it'd be selfish of me to make her unhappy because of the feelings of a dead guy. I want Jessica to be happy. I guess I want you to be happy, too.
J.N: That puts my mind to rest… It's a shame I'm not even going to remember this when I wake up.
Daniel: Yeah. I already cursed you with my overly emotional son.
J.N: He certainly is going through some trouble…
Daniel: He's going through some crazy. And it's kinda my fault you're stuck with him.
J.N: I don't mind. I like being around Elijah.
Daniel: When he's crying hysterically? When he's naked in his sorta boyfriend's bed?
J.N: …Well, no and no. I just take the bad with the good. He's intelligent and I find that I enjoy spending time with him.
Daniel: Sure you're not just lonely?
J.N: No, I like spending time with him. Actually, I feel things have been going well… Not for him, unfortunately, but I feel better than I have in years. It's good to get this out subconsciously.
Daniel: Smiles. Tears up. Aww.
J.N: You're not going to cry are you?
Daniel: Have you ever seen me cry?
J.N: …Maybe once? I don't know…
Daniel: I can't really remember either. I don't even cry in front of Julius, so whatever.
J.N: I can admire that.
Daniel: You only cried when you had your original lung back in a dream.
J.N: I did?
Daniel: Yeah. But now you don't remember.
J.N: Oh.
Daniel: I only cry in front of Eric, heh.
J.N: …So… I cried because I had my lung back?
Daniel: Yeah… you were all blubbery. I don't remember why even…
J.N: I see… Shrugs. I guess it was just a dream anyway.
Daniel: That secret conversation you had with Elijah, maybe.
J.N: I didn't cry then. I mean, it'd be a little selfish considering that Elijah kind of has more of a reason to anyhow.
Daniel: I don't remember what of the many terrible things that happen to Elijah was happening at that moment… I just figured maybe 'cause you didn't hate your parents anymore.
J.N: I didn't hate them. Resent and blame them, yes, but not hate them.
Daniel: Well that's pretty much when you got that self-serving philosophy, wasn't it?
J.N: Nods.
Daniel: Well, maybe if you never lost your lung, then you'd never have become embittered toward the world and you'd be a nicer, more emotional J.N. like you are now, sorta.
J.N: …Maybe, but I guess there's no sense in dwelling on what could have been. …Which means I probably should talk to Jessica again sometime soon.
Daniel: Talk meaning have sex with.
J.N: I think sex is quite a bit away. I dunno.
Daniel: I don't want to know. But you'll never wake up unless I disturb you or make you mad or someone living does, but there's no one in your house 'cause Ernest's at his "pad" and Elijah's in the hospital and Jessica's in Atlantis.
J.N: Hm. I should get to waking up then.
Daniel: Shrugs. If you want to
J.N: Well, I need to talk to Jessica, I think.
Daniel: If you want to… I'll be here… For eternity or something.
J.N: You'll get to Heaven eventually. Gives Daniel a hug he won't remember.
Daniel: Thanks. Hugs. Awesome.
Erik: …I'd like a hug.
Daniel: Hugs his dad. Love you.
Erik: Love you, too.

J.N: Snrkble. Rubs his eyes. Gets dressed. Wonders if he should call Elijah, but doesn't want to smother him and figures that if something is going wrong, Eric would call him, because he's cool like that. Takes a potion!
Jessica: Jumps! John!
J.N: Hello Jessica.
Jessica: I didn't expect you! Obviously… Hair is in a scraggly messy ponytail 'cause it's hot.
J.N: Oh. Sorry.
Jessica: It's alright… Smiles. How are you?
J.N: I'm well… I guess maybe I should mention if I'm going to visit later.
Jessica: Really, it's fine… Smiles. How is Adam?
J.N: He's doing well… He's very intelligent for his age. At least I think so.
Jessica: That's good! How's Elijah?
J.N: …I believe he is still in the hospital. I haven't heard word from Eric lately, so Elijah must be doing well.
Jessica: …Is he? Frowns.
J.N: I'm sorry that I'm not bringing better news.
Jessica: Frowning. The minute he gets better, he's coming home.
J.N: I'll tell him that the next time I see him.
Jessica: Crosses her arms! If he stays there any longer, he'll probably die. Blinks at him. Well… Would you like something to eat?
J.N: Looks concerned at those words. No thanks… I'm not feeling very hungry.
Jessica: Some water maybe?
J.N: Sure.
Jessica: Pours him a glass from a pitcher and hands it to him. Pours herself a glass as well 'cause it's hot.
J.N: Isn't too bothered. At least I don't have a lot of hair to keep all that heat in. But does prefer the cold.
Jessica: Come sit… Sits in one of the chairs in her office. What have you been up to?
J.N: Sits down. Just work, and thinking. Yourself?
Jessica: Laughs a bit. Thinking is good. Been doing pretty much the same thing, myself, really.
J.N: What's been on your mind?
Jessica: Blinks, blushes a bit, which is kinda hard to tell since her cheeks are already flushed from the heat. Um… Just work, really. Going to Arudis next week… Have to talk to the Queen of Blaunkia about the Shapeshifters… What about you?
J.N: About the same… Thinking about work, how Elijah and Adam are doing, and you.
Jessica: Smiling until she is a bit thrown off on the last one. Me?
J.N: …Yeah. You.
Jessica: Smiles a bit. What about me?
J.N: A few things. Takes a sip of his water. Actually feels like the temperature just jumped about five degrees. One of them is the offer to stay in Atlantis.
Jessica: Oh! Smiles. Have you made a decision?
J.N: I'm still thinking, truth be told. There is something I wanted to tell you first.
Jessica: Hm? What's that?
J.N: I've been thinking about it for some time… and I got it figured out. Takes another sip of water, more out of being nervous and using that little delay to gather his confidence. I have feelings for you, Jessica. As more than a guest who tells you about your children and more than just a friend. I'd understand if this make you uncomfortable… and… I'm sorry if it does. It's just something I needed to tell you.
Jessica: Noticeably blushes this time! O-Oh…
J.N: Awkwardly takes yet another drink.
Jessica: J.N. was probably already the most awkward man on Earth. Smiles a bit funnily. Well, um… Takes a sip of water, too.
J.N: You can't win them all.
Jessica: I…
J.N: …I'm not expecting you to feel the same way… and I'm sorry if I bothered you with this.
Jessica: N-No! Not at all… Actually… well, um… the thing is… I kinda… feel the same way… Looks up at him shyly.
J.N: Just looks shocked, really.
Jessica: Looks down again, blushing.
J.N: …I see.
Jessica: …I see?
J.N: This is hard for me. I'm sorry. Smiles.
Jessica: It is very awkward. Smiles back. Holds out arms to him, after some hesitation.
J.N: Steps into her arms, despite how hot it is.
Jessica: Hugs. Blushes!
J.N: Hugs her tightly and is even still smiling. Really didn't think she'd feel the same way.
Jessica: Enjoying it, but also feeling guilty.
J.N: Pleasantly unaware of that. His mind is too jumbled to think about that right now.
Jessica: Um… how long have you felt like this? …Does Elijah know?
J.N: Thinks to put an exact date on it. …I told Elijah before he went to the hospital.
Jessica: Oh… well… Blushes.
J.N: You're cute when you blush.
Jessica: W…What was his reaction?
J.N: …Well… he yelled at me and said that I was toying with your emotions…
Jessica: Stares.
J.N: …Though when I talked to him the next day, he apologized… said he was under a lot of stress when he said that. Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy.
Jessica: Chews on her lip. Well… I guess that'd be expected.
J.N: …I wasn't trying to toy with your emotions, if I did… I just wanted to think everything through before I told you everything.
Jessica: I understand… I mean, feelings change… And it has been years… Fingers her locket nervously.
J.N: Looks at the locket, then to Jessica's eyes!
Jessica: Quickly lets it go and smiles.
J.N: Smiles as well, genuinely too, so it might look a little weird!
Jessica: Has no idea what to do now. It's kinda cute. Blushes.
J.N: Gives her another hug, though briefly. I think I need to step outside… Burning up now.
Jessica: O-Okay… I was going to look for Gab—- Do you want me to come with you? Are you hungry?
J.N: That's a lot of questions! Well… I'm not hungry… and I'll come with you to find Gabriel, if you'd like… and when you're done, we can step outside…?
Jessica: Well, I was going to look for Gabriel since he could cool down the room with his magic spells or something… Well, Julius used to do it.
J.N: Nods. Well… I'll come with if you want… and we won't need to go outside if he does. Not used to coordinating group activities.
Jessica: At least feeling more comfortable now that they're doing something and not alone and talking about their relationship and hugging and stuff.
J.N: I don't mind the hugging too much, but it's really warm in here and I kind of need to get some air.

Jessica: Takes his hand and walks down the hall.
J.N: A bit surprised by this hand-taking, but doesn't mind and follows!
Jessica: Finds Gabriel drawing. Um… Gabriel?
Gabriel: Looks up. Looks at Jessica and J.N… Sighs a bit. Hopes she doesn't want him to look after her snotty brats again… Even if Feemy and Renasi were pretty well behaved and didn't drown or splash him or anything. Yes?
Jessica: Hey… I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if you could put a cooling spell in my office? It's really hot in there. Smiles a bit.
Gabriel: Looks at Jessica and looks at J.N… who looks familiar… and they're hand-holding… But wasn't she with that annoying brown haired guy? Whatever. None of my business. Is there a ventilation system?
Jessica: Looks up at the vents. Yes…
Gabriel: Well, take me to where it's centralized. Puts aside his drawings of swords.

Feemy: Knocks on Celena's door.
Celena: Who is it?
Feemy: Just me.
Celena: Sighs. Hides her scrapbook. Come in…
Feemy: Enters! Hi! What're you doing?
Celena: No-othing…
Feemy: Nods and believes this. Did I tell you that Middler thinks you're lovely? I didn't know if I forgot to tell you when I said I was going to ask.
Celena: Blushes. Nooo… What else did he say?
Feemy: Thinks! He said that you were a lovely young woman… That's all I remember.
Celena: Sighs. If only he would say so in front of me…
Feemy: He's in the halls. You should ask him!

Jessica: Takes Gabriel to where the vents are centralized.
J.N: Follows!
Gabriel: Concentrates! Implants an ice and wind spell in the vents… Magic AC! That should do for about a week… I don't have the time or energy to construct a longer one tonight…
Jessica: Thank you, Gabriel! The castle begins to cool off!
J.N: That's actually pretty impressive.
Gabriel: …My pleasure… Just sounds bored.
Jessica: Are you hungry?
Gabriel: Um…
Jessica: There's cake!
Gabriel: Yes. Looks at John.
Jessica: Looks at John, too. Um…
J.N: …?
Jessica: Do you mind getting cake?
J.N: Oh, not at all.
Jessica: Smiles. Takes his hand again.
Gabriel: …Weren't you with that annoying brown-haired guy?
Jessica: Frowns.
J.N: His name was Daniel.
Gabriel: Shrugs. None of my business. Lead the way.
J.N: Holds her hand tightly, but not in a crushing grip.
Jessica: Squeezes his hand a bit and leads the way!

Celena: Blushes. I-I couldn't!
Feemy: Sure you could!
Celena: …You think so?
Feemy: Nods!
Celena: Well… well, I will… I'm going to tell him how I feel! Stands up. Fixes her hair and goes to find Middler.

Jessica: Cuts Gabriel a slice of cake. Would you like some, John?
J.N: …Sure, I'll take a little slice. To be nice.
Jessica: Cuts him a not-so-little slice but not humongous, either… and a new glass of water! Smaller than that?
J.N: No, that's fine.
Jessica: Serves herself a slice and some tea! So… Are you making a sword, Gabriel?
Gabriel: …Thinking about it…
Jessica: Um… You invented Glinters, didn't you?
Gabriel: Yes… I did.
Jessica: And forged Dubbiel's Sword?
Gabriel: Mm-hm.
J.N: Completely lost, so he eats his cake and drinks his water.
Gabriel: Looks at J.N. and tries to remember where he's seen him before.
J.N: Eats mostly in silence.
Gabriel: Oh… You're the guy that lives in the house. 6.4 billion years of excellent observations and running.
J.N: Yeah.
Gabriel: But you're here now, I see.
Jessica: Do you have work tomorrow, John?

Middler: Wandering the halls! Wearing something that isn't so hot, though soon he realizes it's colder in the castle.
Celena: M-Middler?
Middler: Turns to the voice and smiles. Oh, Hello Celena!
Celena: Hello Middler… Blushes. Um… I have something to tell you…
Middler: Oh? Well, what is it? Oh dear…
Celena: …I love you!
Middler: Tries to act surprised. …You do?
Celena: Goes very red. Just nods her head.
Middler: …I knew I should have remembered to ask Jessica about this! I don't know what to say… Fiddles with his glasses nervously.
Celena: Smiles at him. You… You're so handsome and smart and funny, Middler!
Feemy: From around the corner, thumbs up.
Middler: Ah…hah… thank you, Celena! You yourself are a very lovely, intelligent young lady. More nervousness.
Celena: Blushes! So… We're boyfriend and girlfriend now?
Middler: …I…I…I… One of his lenses pop out of his glasses from twisting and gripping them too tightly.
Celena: Blinks. Oh! Let me get that for you! Does so.
Middler: T…Thank you! Affixes the lens back into his glasses.
Celena: What do you think we should name our children?
Middler: …Chi…children? Oh… uhm… that is a big step, Celena… Has no spine.
Celena: Giggles. Sorry… Didn't mean to be too forward. When should our first date be? Hehe!
Middler: …I… don't know… Thinks. I think you should get permission from your mother before we make any plans!
Celena: O-Oh! Well, of course! that'd only be proper! You're such a gentleman Middler! Well, I'll be waiting for you 'til then… Would it be alright for me to give you a goodnight, kiss, though? Just a little one?
Middler: Ah… I… Defeat. Yes. Jessica will skin me alive.
Celena: Stands on her tip toes and pecks him on the cheek. Blushes. Good night, Middy Curtsies. Holds out her hand to be kissed.
Middler: Takes the hand and kisses it, just relieved that she didn't want a long, drawn out kiss of some sort.
Celena: Giggles. Blushes. Curtsies again low and then runs off.
Middler: Bows in return… and when she runs off, so does he, to find Jessica!

J.N: Work? Hm… I have to work in the late hours tomorrow. Loathes paperwork.
Jessica: Will you check on Elijah, too, sometime if it's not too much trouble?
J.N: Of course.
Jessica: Thank you… I'm worried about him.
J.N: …So am I.
Jessica: Did they ever make a diagnoses?
J.N: They haven't yet… I think they're still trying to figure it out.
Middler: Pokes his head into the dining room.
Jessica: Blinks. Middler?
Middler: Hi Jessica! …Um, may I have a word with you, please?
Jessica: …Privately?
Gabriel: Actually smiles at Middler.
Middler: If that is possible… Notices Gabriel and smiles back, Middler is in distress!
Jessica: Sure… Excuse me, John… Gabriel… Goes with Middler to somewhere private.
J.N: Nods… and is now all alone with Gabriel.
Gabriel: So… What happened to whats-his-face?
J.N: I'm not familiar with anyone by that name.
Gabriel: Sighs. Devin…? Darrel? Daniel?
J.N: Daniel is dead. Killed by Lonan.
Gabriel: Oh… Oh… Was he the… High Riser?
J.N: Yeah.
Gabriel: Sorry if you liked him or something. Doesn't sound sorry. Or if you just like his wife or something.
J.N: Hm. If you're not sorry, then you can shut up about being sorry.
Gabriel: Shrugs. Hot-headed, aren't we?
J.N: Not really. If you're not sorry that he's gone, then that's your business. I'm not interested in listening to you spout bullshit though.
Gabriel: Touched a sore spot?
J.N: Takes a sip of water and shrugs. Unlike some, I prefer to be honest about the situation. I'm just treating you like I treat others.
Gabriel: You're always honest, then?
J.N: Just to people's faces.
Gabriel: Stares at J.N. and says nothing.
J.N: Doesn't even bother staring at Gabriel.
Gabriel: You're a liar.
J.N: Sometimes.
Gabriel: Earlier said you didn't lie.
J.N: Not to people's faces.
Gabriel: What other way is there to lie? Do you lie to yourself? Do you lie to God? Do you lie to inanimate objects?
J.N: I've lied to myself and I have lied on inanimate objects.
Gabriel: Funny. But you're only human.
J.N: And you have a natural talent for stating the obvious.
Gabriel: Pretty much everything is obvious. Your girlfriend ran off with the bird man… Are you worried?
J.N: Is it a large burden being as cerebral as you are celestial?
Gabriel: Are you always so incredibly dull?
J.N: Personally, I enjoy this game. We take turns asking each other stupid questions. And nothing gets resolved.
Gabriel: Rolls his eyes. I'd rather spend time with Lonan, frankly Stands.
J.N: Bye.
Gabriel: Good bye. Walks away.
J.N: Hah, it doesn't mean anything when you say it, since I don't respect you.

Middler: How are you doing Jessica? Obviously trying to make a bit of small talk before he just lays his problems onto her.
Jessica: Good! Smiles. How are you?
Middler: Oh, I'm doing well! …I had a few things I wanted to ask you, if that's okay.
Middler: You see… I'm having troubles with Celena…
Jessica: Troubles?
Middler: She just told me that she loved me.
Jessica: Blinks. Oh.
Middler: And now she thinks we're boyfriend and girlfriend. Making a mountain out of an ant hill.
Jessica: Don't worry about it, Middler, I'll talk to her. She can't date until she's sixteen.
Middler: …How old is she now?
Jessica: Smiles a bit at Middler. Twelve… Thirteen in February…
Middler: Nods. Ah… I see… I don't mean disrespect to your daughter… I just agree that she's too young to be interested in me.
Jessica: Nods. Well, maybe she'll fall out of love with you by then… Not that you're not a good man, Middler… I mean… You're a lovely man. But um… You don't seem very comfortable with this.
Middler: Bows his head a bit. I know what you mean, Jessica. If I can be so bold to assume, that is, I am sure your daughter will have the choice of who she will see when she is older… just right now I don't think it's proper for us to be… uh… 'Dating'… Which is what she thinks we are.
Jessica: Pats his arm. Don't worry about it, Middler… I'll take care of it.
Middler: Thank you very much, Jessica… and… I had another question, if I can have a bit more of your time?
Jessica: Smiles. Ask away.
Middler: Well… I was wondering if there was some way I could visit Haliah to see my mother?
Jessica: Well, there's several ways… You could take a ship… You could take a potion… You could fly on a Glinter… I guess you could shapeshift into an Angel and fly… Or just a bird…
Middler: Well… I don't know anything about Haliah… or anywhere, really…
Jessica: Wait-a-minute… Haliah? Your mother lives there?
Middler: Shrugs. I don't know, really… I just remember that you mentioned it a long while ago. Back when I was visiting Thanasi.
Jessica: Well, I plan on visiting Haliah sometime this month… So, if you wouldn't mind waiting a bit…
Middler: Of course not! …Um, if I may ask, why are you visiting Haliah?
Jessica: Well… It's where Daniel's grave is.
Middler: Oh…
Jessica: If you want to go earlier or just some other time in general, then that's fine with me.
Middler: I don't have a problem with visiting with you. I could take the time to maybe read up on Haliah, if that is at all possible.
Jessica: Well, of course… There's lots of books in the library. You know, we… Haven't even seen Gwen since Julius' death… She handed Nathaniel to Demi and won't open her door to anyone.
Middler: …Really? That is most unfortunate… Someone should check on her.
Jessica: Katen says he will if she doesn't come out by Friday… I'm just afraid she won't be in there. If she is, she's awfully quiet… and hungry.
Middler: Nods and frowns more. Well… I could check on her if I could sneak under the door… But I am extremely uncomfortable with the thought that all she would have to do is step on me to end my existence.
Jessica: If you'd like, Middler.
Middler: We may have not… Er… Ever seen eye to eye, Gwen and I, but I don't want anything bad to have happened to her.
Jessica: You're a sweet man, Middler. Squeezes his arm.
Middler: Smiles a bit. Thank you… Do you know where Gwen's room is? She has avoided showing me.
Jessica: Well, you were there when Julius… left… I can show it to you again if you don't remember… Or I can just go with you for moral support?
Middler: Just that once… but I would prefer if you would come with. Moral support is nice, but if Gwen takes too much of an exception to my intrusion I could just need medical support.
Jessica: Hmm… Too bad Daniel's not around… Well, Gabriel's a good healer. We'll see… Smiles at him.

Katen: Enters the dining room. Oh… John…
Hana: Enters after him.
J.N: Hello Katen.
Katen: Hello. Bows a bit and sits at the table.
Hana: Bows too and sits.
Katen: I didn't know you were visiting.
J.N: Well, no need to be rude to them. I don't mean to surprise anyone. I should get into the habit of mentioning when I'm going to visit. Also in a bit of a good mood.
Katen: Shrugs. Doesn't really bother me. You're no one important or anything. Takes out a creative writing assignment of Feemy's and a big red pen.
Creative Writing Paper: Full of swords and adventure and a thinly veiled Elijah Mary Sue.
Katen: The paper is soon full of the nit-pickiest of grammar, punctuation, and manuscript mark-offs.
Hana: Going through one of his old Riser books. Barely knows J.N., but is a friendly sort. Are you a scholar, Sir?
J.N: No…
Hana: Oh… Smiles. This is a book on Riser society… It's really quiet fascinating. Gets off on this stuff, but there's no reason J.N. would care in the least.
J.N: Does like reading though! If it's possible, I'm going to live here. What was Riser society like?
Hana: Amazing! They were actually quite technologically advanced! More so than Atlantis is now, even. Unfortunately, their kingdom is overgrown now and difficult to get into. This book was recovered in Elf Haven. However, we are planning to excavate Sibia soon. There is one High Riser left and we are deliberating on how or if it'd be possible for the race to flourish again. It was, after all, one of the indigenous populations of Atlantis. Will talk your ear off on this stuff.
J.N: …High Riser? …Do you mean Adam?
Hana: Is that his name? Yes, I think so! Don't you think it's amazing? There was only one left waaay back in the 1600s and there's still one left today! Considering the High Riser is always the third child of the previous High Riser. What luck.
J.N: It's all waaay above his head after mentioning Adam.

Middler: Goes with Jessica to Gwen's room.
Jessica: Stops at Gwen's door.
Middler: Hm… Maybe a mouse?
Jessica: Something less noticeable, maybe.
Middler: …Ant?
Jessica: Nods.
Middler: Never been something so… small. Gives it a shot!
Middler Ant: This is terrifying. Please do not step on me.
Jessica: Doesn't make a move, but squints at the floor.
Middler: Indistinguishable from any other sort of black, gross ant.
Jessica: Middler?
Middler: Can't really speak, so he runs around in a circle to show that he isn't just a normal ant.
Jessica: Good luck!
Middler: Skitters under the door!
Gwen: Not in the room!
Middler: Changes to himself again because being an ant is scary! And opens the door for Jessica.
Jessica: Comes in. Gwen? Looks around the room… Looks under the bed.
Middler: I think she's gone.
Jessica: Damn it! I don't believe this.
Middler: We should find her.
Jessica: How? We don't even know how long she's been gone. She could be anywhere.
Middler: Frowns. …I know… I just… Guess someone should do something…
Jessica: Dammit, dammit, dammit. Daniel's dead. Julius' gone. Gwen hit the road. Who's left to rule the other three countries? Damn it. Not like she has two children or anything… and a baby… Who's going to look after Nathaniel? Damn it. If I see her again, I'll murder her.
Middler: I've never seen her so angry. …Uhm… maybe there's a place she has gone?
Jessica: Yeah… To those woods in Arudis where people go in and don't come out.

Hana: I'd love to study him…
Katen: He's a person, Hana, not a lab rat…
J.N: I was just about to mention something like that, Katen. Wow. Adam is just a child. I don't think Jessica or his brother would be pleased to hear you say that. I'm not either!
Hana: Laughs a bit. I meant no offense… Of course, of course… They're just so fascinating and he's the last one… I wouldn't do anything against his or his mother's consent, of course.
Katen: Shakes his head at Feemy's creative writing paper and moves on to his history essay. For so little time spent with Elijah, he certainly had a big influence on him.
Hana: Who?
Katen: Feemy.
Hana: Oh, the sheep boy. He's fascinating, too!
Katen: What is Elijah doing these days, John?
J.N: He's in the hospital.
Katen: Doesn't look very surprised. Is he slouching?
J.N: Yeah.
Katen: Frowns. I'm sure I'll have to teach him manners and penmanship all over again, along with genealogy, probably… Then swordsmanship. Sighs.
J.N: He graduated near the top of his class, if that's any consolation.
Katen: Elijah's smart, he just doesn't always apply himself. And he's highly lacking in common sense.
J.N: I agree.
Hana: Swordsmanship?
Katen: Looks a bit proud. Elijah's a prodigy with a blade.
Hana: Laughs. Well, I'm glad you found a student. I know I was a complete failure.
Katen: Frowns. You were excellent in your studies.
Hana: I know… but I know you always wanted a good student in swordsmanship.
J.N: …Are you going to train Feemy to use a sword?
Katen: Rolls his eyes. He doesn't want to learn from me, he wants to learn from Elijah.
J.N: …Does that bother you at all?
Katen: Well, yes, Elijah's not even a master.
J.N: Ah. Do you want to train Feemy to use a sword?
Katen: Shrugs. He's an energetic child, he could use a good focus. If he wants to learn, I'm willing to teach.
J.N: Nods his head a bit.
Katen: I could see why he'd want his cool older brother to teach him instead of his stuffy old teacher.
Hana: Aww, Father, you're not old…
J.N: It's weird seeing Katen not being rude. Try asking him really nicely?
Katen: If he really wanted to learn, he'd ask me himself. I believe he only wants to learn because it's 'cool' and it's what his older brother does.
J.N: Makes sense. He looks up to Elijah.
Katen: I will not have a pupil who has no respect for the actual art. A sword is dangerous and should be respected as such. It's not a plaything and it's not something to show-off.
J.N: I agree. That's weird to hear myself say.
Hana: Father gets so serious.
Katen: It's no laughing matter.
J.N: I gave Elijah something of the same talk when I taught him how to shoot a gun.
Katen: Stares at J.N. Gun?
J.N: Yes.
Katen: What is a gun?
J.N: Hm… A gun is a weapon that launches a projectile through a metal barrel
Katen: …Like an arrow? Or a dart?
J.N: Kind of. The gun usually shoots bullets propelled by cordite and these metal bullets are designed to kill people.
Katen: I see… And you taught Elijah…? He's terrible at archery… Which is a shame… Daniel was so very excellent at it.
J.N: I'd heard. The gun is a bit more dangerous considering that it can pierce through most armor and usually flies through the target.
Katen: How do you shoot it? You must have some arm power…
Hana: It must be like a cannon… but on a smaller scale.
J.N: Nods. Some guns have a kick, but they've minimized it quite a bit.
Hana: It sounds fascinating! Can you bring one?
J.N: Not sure if that's allowed.
Hana: Maybe you can make one with Lord Gabriel?
J.N: I'd rather not.
Hana: Frowns.
J.N: If I can help it, I'd rather not be around him.
Hana: Oh… Because of Lord Julius?
J.N: Not really. It's more because Gabriel's a dick.
Katen: Stares at J.N.
Hana: Also stares.
J.N: …Considers that maybe they don't know what he means by 'dick'. …A jerk.
Katen & Hana: Knew what he meant, just couldn't believe he said it about the Archangel Gabriel.
Katen: …You weren't always so blithe and bonny yourself.
J.N: True. But I never made anyone think otherwise either.
Katen: I can't say I prefer Gabriel's company to Julius', but he is a greater asset to us.
J.N: That is true.
Hana: He is 6.4 billion years old. I can't imagine being that old. Maybe when you get that old… You just don't care what you say to other people.
J.N: I'm in my twenties and I generally don't care about that. Perhaps.
Hana: He's an Archangel. He wasn't born like you and me… He was created.
J.N: His brother came over and ate all my pie.
Katen: A kinda snort/laugh. Pulls out his handkerchief and coughs.
Hana: …Bless you. You mean Michael? He and Gabriel were originally one soul and they got split apart and put in different bodies. That's why they're 'brothers'.
J.N: That would explain it.
Hana: Gabriel is very well-respected by the people of Atlantis. He made many great contributions to our society. Like the Glinter! He also came up with the idea of the Kings and Queens of Atlantis.
J.N: I heard.
Hana: Sorry… I guess I'm just spouting off information you already know.
J.N: It's fine.
Hana: But, you know, he wanted peace between Humans and Angels and wanted to help them. And he was against the war between Dubbiel and Raziel which let the Demons out of Hell. And he found Atlantis. And he brought the Humans here. You know?
J.N: …I didn't know.
Hana: Oh… Well, he's a fascinating person.
Katen: Grading Feemy's math.
Math Paper: I'm actually pretty okay! Go repetition!
Hana: Have you seen Eden Elwood?
J.N: …No. I'm not from around here.
Hana: Well, he died a long time ago. But he was one of King Daniel's ancestors! Takes a picture out of the book and shows J.N. a guy with black hair and green eyes that looks like Daniel. Did you know King Daniel?
J.N: Yeah. I honestly do not like talking about Daniel. He's sorely missed. Actually sounds sincere.
Katen: Moves onto Feemy's genealogy.
Genealogy: He doesn't find me very interesting, as I have a bit of a doodle going on near the end of me.
Hana: I apologize… I didn't mean to bring up a touchy subject… I didn't know you were very close. I'm sorry.
J.N: You don't have anything to be sorry for.
Katen: Writes "unacceptable" on the top. Big X over the doodle! Moves onto science.
Science: Not much better than genealogy, but there are no doodles! Some lines are quite dark and would show to the keen eye that Feemy was growing quite frustrated with the material!
Katen: Writes "penmanship" on the top, but grades it normally.
Jessica: Enters the dining room. Looks nearly in tears from stress.
J.N: Turns to Jessica. …What's wrong?
Jessica: Gwen's gone!
Katen: Gone?
J.N: This is tragic how?
Jessica: Gone! Not a trace of her. No note… No indication how long she's been gone. No way to find her. She could be in Arudis by now.
Katen: Sighs. Well, I should have known…
Jessica: I can't do the work of four people, Katen, I can't… Sits at the table and puts her head in her arms.
Katen: Heavier sigh. Well… I'll help. We can work something out.
J.N: Puts a hand on her shoulder.
Jessica: And there's Nathaniel… He doesn't have any parents… We can't expect Demi to raise him.
Katen: …Isn't he 20 this June?
Jessica: Demitrius can't raise a child!
Katen: Doesn't see why not. Isn't Gabriel technically his biological father?
Jessica: I suppose.
Katen: Then he's Gabriel's responsibility.
J.N: …Does it seem like Gabriel would want to raise Nathaniel? Or that he'd be a good father?
Katen: I don't know… It's better than giving him to an orphanage… What's your suggestion?
J.N: Does Nathaniel have any relatives that can look over him… besides Demi?
Jessica: Well, Julius has two brothers and a sister… I don't know about Gwen's family… but they still live in the U.S. Mark and him weren't ever very close and Shawn already took care of Demi for twelve years… Sandra doesn't want children.
J.N: Not much else I can interject there. Hm..
Hana: You could all raise him! They say it takes a town to raise a child…
J.N: Stares.
Jessica: Hana… He needs a parent or someone to love him.
J.N: …Looks like Demi is about the only one who can… but Hana is right in the sense that everyone would need to help. This coming from someone who doesn't have any business talking about this to anyone.
Katen: As long as you don't get any ideas, Jessica. You'll have enough work already and with Elijah and Adam coming back, you'll have your hands full.
J.N: Katen is right.
Jessica: Frowns. I know… Perhaps we should include Demi in this conversation.
Katen: What about Gabriel? What's wrong with him?
Jessica: He's shown no interest so far in getting to know his children.
J.N: …If you tell me where I can find Demi, I can bring him here.
Jessica: Well… Gives him rather complicated directions to Demi's room.
J.N: I think I got that. All I need to do is repeat them over and over in my head. Stands up to get Demi!

Demi: Is, luckily, hanging out in his room.
J.N: Got a little lost, but soon righted himself and eventually does find his room! And knocks on it.
Demi: Opens the door. Blinks. Mr. John?
J.N: Hello Demi. You're needed in the dining room.
Demi: Alright… Looks back at sleeping Nathaniel in the crib and steps out.
J.N: Will he be alright by himself?
Demi: Deliberates over this. Sighs. Goes back in the room and picks Nathaniel up.
Nathaniel: Continues to be asleep.
Demi: Walks, but not fast enough to lose J.N. Doesn't want to be rude.
J.N: Gets a bit of an urge to tell him why he's being asked to the dining room. Seems a bit unfair for him to be blindsided.
Demi: …How's Elijah?
J.N: He's in the hospital.
Demi: Frowns. Is he sick?
J.N: The doctors do not know what is wrong with him.
Demi: Oh… Looks unhappy, but he pretty much always does.
J.N: …Sorry that I can't bring good news. I'm going to visit him soon. Do you want me to tell him anything?
Demi: Oh… Just tell him I hope he feels better soon… And I'm looking forward to spending time with him again soon. And… That I miss him. Thank you.
J.N: No problem.

Demi: Arrives in the dining room. Nods to all of them since he can't bow 'cause he's holding Nathaniel.
Katen: Demitrius… Your mother's gone.
J.N: Sits next to Jessica and remains quiet.
Demi: Nods his head… Doesn't look particularly upset… As though he half-expected this as well.
Katen: Well… You're an adult and can care for yourself now… The problem is, your brother…
Demi: …I can care for him, Lord Katen.
Katen: Taking care of a child is a big responsibility, Demitrius. And you're a young man… I'm not sure you'd be happy with such a responsibility.
Demi: He's my brother. I love him… Isn't it my duty?
Katen: You've always been mature for your age but… He is just your brother… Not your son… It's not fair for you… I'm not sure it's entirely fair for Nathaniel. What do you think of Gabriel doing it? He is your father…
Demi: …He is not my father. And no. Even if I did a poor job raising him, at least I love him. I can't say that for Gabriel.
Katen: Well everyone's a 'no' on Gabriel, then.
Hana: Well we haven't asked Gabriel.
Jessica: And we're not going to. If he was going to look after his children at all he'd have gotten the gumption by now. I'm not asking him and having him personally reject them.
Katen: The fact of the matter is that we still don't have anyone to care for Nathaniel.
Demi: My offer still stands.
Jessica: It's just not fair to you, Demi.
Demi: Shrugs. The idea doesn't bother me much, actually. It's not as though I have much of a social life.
J.N: A bit surprised that Demi is taking this so well.
Katen: Well… I don't really see any reason why we can't try it… With the supervision of myself and Jessica and so forth…
Jessica: I guess so… Aren't you upset about your mother, Demi?
Demi: …I didn't know my mother very well… or very long… Nor did I understand her very well… I did understand that there wasn't much binding her to this world but my father. I expected she'd go. I said good-bye to her when I said good-bye to my father.
Jessica: …I'm sorry, Demi…
Demi: Shrugs. Life's never saw fit to be "fair" to me.
J.N: Sucks to be you.
Jessica: Stands, takes Nathaniel from Demi and hands him randomly to John, then hugs Demi. Tears.
Demi: Hugs back.
Nathaniel: Snores.
J.N: Blinks. Adam only liked me for my facial hair, I'm not a child watching prodigy! Doesn't complain though and just holds him silently.
Jessica: Lets go of him after awhile. Sniffs. Well um… Would you like some cake then?
Demi: Um… Sure…
Jessica: Cuts him a slice!
Demi: Sits down and proceeds to pick at it politely!
Jessica: Sits down next to John again and wipes her eyes. Takes Nathaniel from him and hands him to Katen, then beckons J.N. to come with her.
J.N: Gets up and follows her.

Jessica: Goes to her office. Sorry… Wasn't really the ideal day, I guess.
J.N: It's no problem. None of us knew this was going to happen.
Jessica: I guess not… Wish I could feel more empathy for Gwen, but… Just because her husband died doesn't mean she can abandon all of her responsibilities.
J.N: I know what you mean. You didn't.
Jessica: Nods. Sighs. There's still reasons to keep on living… Hugs him.
J.N: Nods and hugs her back. It is very difficult to empathize with Gwen indeed.
Jessica: Puts a hand on J.N.'s cheek and kisses his other one.
J.N: Looks a bit flustered at that… Kind of not used to being very intimate, but does place a hand over her own.
Jessica: Leans her head against his shoulder… probably had to tip-toe to even reach his cheek.