04 July 2023
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Daniel McMurran John Crowley Elijah McMurran Adam McMurran Ernest Randall Jessica McMurran

Daniel: Scratches his nose. I see you got Celena over to the dark side.
J.N: I just talked to her once. She still probably hates me.
Daniel: She doesn't hate you… She hates the concept of you.
J.N: That doesn't make a lot of sense.
Daniel: She just hates the idea of her mom getting married to some other guy instead of the romantic notion that she would be faithful to her father for the rest of her life. She'd dislike any guy in your position.
J.N: I see.
Daniel: Celena's got a very pat way of thinking about things and when the world doesn't conform to her ideals, she tends to get upset about it. Anyway, I probably spoiled her, so it's my fault.
J.N: It happens.
Daniel: I couldn't help it… She's a lot like her mother. And Elijah… falls down the stairs a lot.
J.N: He does?
Daniel: Oh yeah… Like, ten times at least in his lifetime… He can trip while standing still, it's pretty amazing.
J.N: That's frightening. Why do people give him weapons?
Daniel: I dunno, put a sword in his hand and he's Mr. McGraceful… Maybe it balances him out or something.
J.N: Perhaps. I actually thought about it while I was awake and have decided to ask if I may be trained.
Daniel: In what?
J.N: Self defense. Even if the thought of it makes your sides hurt from hilarity.
Daniel: You should learn Kung Fu.
J.N: Who in Atlantis knows Kung Fu?
Daniel: Some Demons, actually, I think… Katen doesn't. Katen's a swords and archery guy… His hand to hand combat training's pretty minimal… Evasive maneuvers… Where to hit someone in what situation… Practical stuff… Not fancy.
J.N: Hm… Not to mention that bringing fists to a magical knife fight doesn't sound wise.
Daniel: No… Well, you could learn… Swords, knives or daggers, archery, or magic. Or all of the above, I guess.
J.N: I see. You know, it's a real shame I won't even remember this.
Daniel: Yeah… Why am I wasting my non-existent breath?
J.N: Why are you?
Daniel: Habit.
J.N: Ah, so you just don't enjoy my company?
Daniel: I do enjoy your company, even if it is fruitless.
J.N: Fruitless?
Daniel: For you. You don't get any benefit from talking to me.
J.N: I enjoy it. I think. I enjoy it as much as I can while unconscious… yet conscious enough to hold a conversation with you.
Daniel: But you don't remember it when you are conscious. Pretty pointless. Just relieving me of some of my eternal boredom… Then I can pick your head.
J.N: You'll be a John expert soon enough.
Daniel: Psh. You don't know the first thing about me and I think it's the same the other way around.
J.N: Of course I don't know the first thing about you. I don't remember it when I wake up.
Daniel: See? This is all pointless… I should just leave you alone and you can dream about eating pizza all night long.
J.N: To be honest, I don't even know what the hell I'd dream about.
Daniel: Eating pizza.
J.N: You think?
Daniel: Yeah. So this is just my selfishness keeping you from eating pizza. That's not very fair. But I'm dead and you have a really great life because of that, so I can haunt you.
J.N: Alright.
Daniel: You make me feel so guilty… Aren't I like your fairy godmother or something? Didn't I give you everything you ever wanted…?
J.N: How do I make you feel guilty?
Daniel: Making you have these dreams all the time. When you could be eating pizza… or dreaming about Jessica or something.
J.N: I don't mind. If I could remember, I'd probably prefer to talk to you.
Daniel: You'd rather talk to me… than have sexy dreams about Jessica?

Elijah: Mr. John's house! Hm… Mr. John's asleep.
Adam: Climbs into J.N.'s lap.

J.N: Stirs. Eyes are opening.
Adam: Sorry Mr. John.
J.N: Mumbles. S'fine.
Adam: We came over for the Fourth of July… S'at alright? Blinks.
J.N: 'Course. Rubs his eyes.
Adam: Hugs J.N. and gives him a kiss on the cheek.
J.N: Blinks a bit dully. Is not cogitating well. The dream/consciousness transition was not a good one.
Adam: Snuggles. Can I watch Little Bear?
J.N: Sure, if you want.
Elijah: Lounges on J.N.'s couch.
J.N: Finally emerges fully into consciousness. Hm… You guys mind if Ernest stops by?
Elijah: Nope. Ernest likes fireworks, too?
J.N: Shrugs. I don't know, but I'll invite him over anyhow.
Elijah: Oh… I'm glad we weren't disturbing a, um… Well… In case you decided to hang out…. never mind… Can't articulate his thoughts.
Adam: Watching Little Bear… in which Little Bear has the hiccups and he's bothering his dad who's reading the paper which is very important.
J.N: You guys aren't disturbing anything. I'd just planned to see if you two would want to watch fireworks today.
Elijah: Oh… Good then…. Adam, you've seen this episode like… 500 times.
Adam: Blinks. Looks at J.N… Do you really have my father's lung inside of you?
J.N: I do. Want to see the scar?
Adam: Yes.
J.N: Lifts up up his shirt so Adam may behold the scar in all of its splendor.
Adam: …Does it hurt?
J.N: The scar doesn't.
Adam: Blinks. 'Lijah's got lots of those.
J.N: It's a wonder that he even has any feeling in his back.
Adam: Why do you have my father's lung?
J.N: He gave it to me.
Adam: Stares… Rather macabre image… Blinks. Did it hurt?
J.N: The operation didn't, but it did afterwards.
Adam: Why did you want his lung?
J.N: Because I only had one.
Adam: Why?
J.N: …My other was ruined.
Adam: How?
J.N: About the one subject that will cow and make him shut up. Frowns deeply.
Elijah: Do you want to learn a new vocabulary word, Adam?
Adam: Okay.
J.N: Thank you, Elijah.
Elijah: Tact… It's a noun… it's when you stop asking people personal questions, so they don't hate you. I'll use it in a sentence… "Adam McMurran lacks tact."
Adam: Frowns.
J.N: …It's a sensitive subject, Adam.
Adam: Frowns. I'm sorry, Mr. John.
J.N: It's alright, Adam. Tries to emphasize this by scuffing up his hair playfully.
Adam: Hugs him. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings…
J.N: You didn't hurt my feelings. It just isn't a time I like to bring up. No harm done. Speaking somewhat softly, too. Trying what Celena suggested.
Adam: You don't hate me…?
J.N: Not at all.
Adam: Smiles. Kisses him on the cheek again and snuggles. I love you, Mr. John.
J.N: For being very serious, you certainly are a very affectionate boy. Hugs. …I love you too, Adam. I kind of do, too. His words still come out a bit weird, is probably never going to be very good at expressing himself positively.
Adam: More snuggling.
J.N: Being loved feels pretty nice.
Adam: Rubs J.N.'s chin hair.
J.N: It doesn't bother me, but it is kind of strange. You've met Ernest, haven't you, Adam?
Adam: Yes. He treated me stupid.
J.N: Treated you stupid?
Adam: Like a little kid… Like I didn't know anything.
J.N: Oh. Ernest isn't around kids much, I think.
Elijah: He was being… condescending.
J.N: To you, too?
Elijah: I dunno… I don't think he likes me very much, anyway. And he always really emphasizes the last syllable of my name… Is he making fun of my name or something? I don't get it.
J.N: …Oh. That. There's a reason he does that.
Elijah: Does he have a speech impediment?
J.N: No. He just likes to come up with stupid nicknames for people, so I told him not to do that when he met you. It's annoying. I do not often lie. That was for your benefit.
Elijah: What's his stupid nickname for me?
J.N: I don't know. I just told him not to come up with one. Him and someone else used to call me "Johnny Boy", so I doubt anything he came up with anything for you that was much better.
Elijah: Oh… Well… It can't be worse than "Li-Li."
J.N: I guess not.
Adam: Li-Li.
Dora: Azul! Azul!
J.N: Actually looks around for a bit to see who the new voice was, though stops when he realizes that the T.V, which actually has a bit of dust on it, is on.
Adam: She only ever teaches us that one Spanish word.
Elijah: You should know Spanish anyway 'cause you're Mexican.
J.N: Do you know Spanish, Elijah?
Elijah: No. But everyone at my high school thought I did.
J.N: That's a shame.
Elijah: My dad tried to teach me… Well, I didn't do so bad with just Latin… Um… My pronunciation and grammar was always bad, though. It's funny, because I think he actually knew more Spanish than my mom.
J.N: He did?
Elijah: Yeah… I think he could speak most Latin or Romance languages pretty well… Knew quite a bit of German, too. My mom understands Spanish, but she doesn't really speak it…
J.N: I suppose she wouldn't need to, these days.
Dora: Swiper no swiping! Swiper no swiping!
Swiper: Aww, man.
Adam: How does that stop him?
J.N: He could be brainwashed by that girl and when she says those words, his mind forces him to stop.
Elijah: Blinks.
Adam: What's "brainwashed"?
J.N: It's a process that involves instilling certain beliefs or codes of behavior into someone.
Adam: What's "instilling"?
J.N: It's slowly introducing something. If your mother ever told you not to steal, she'd be instilling that lesson.
Adam: Okay.
Elijah: Sighs.
J.N: Something wrong, Elijah? Is just beginning to assume that sighing = bad.
Elijah: Just thinking about Isaac… I hope he's alright.
J.N: I doubt it. He's in jail or prison.
Elijah: Frowns. I guess it's my fault.
J.N: No, it was his.
Elijah: That too… I just…
J.N: Waits to see if he'll explain what he means.
Elijah: He didn't really have anyone to love him.
J.N: I see.
Elijah: If it makes any sense, he just makes me feel… sorry… and… sick to my stomach.
J.N: Yeah, he is kind of worthy of pity.
Elijah: I guess… but he was only ever using me… Maybe I was using him, too.
J.N: Hm… Does not look like he agrees with that. What brought on thinking about Isaac?
Elijah: Brain washing. Lack of sleep.
J.N: Brain washing?
Elijah: I don't really know how to explain it… When I look back on that person… I wonder who it was… It doesn't seem like it was me. How could I do those things or think that?
J.N: I know what you mean.
Elijah: You think the same?
J.N: Something along the lines.
Elijah: Sighs. I thought I could maybe make Isaac's life better… but he didn't really want my help… Instead of changing him, he changed me.
J.N: Nods. How did you even meet Isaac?
Elijah: At school… One of the odd times he showed up… We had a friend in common… A girl I kinda had a crush on. Anyway, she wasn't interested in me and we sort of drifted apart, but apparently Isaac was. It was after Marit graduated, so I couldn't really hang out with him and his group of friends anymore, so I hung out with Isaac.
J.N: Who was the girl?
Elijah: Eh, her name was Carreen…. She called herself "Rei" for short… she and Isaac knew each other since they were kids, but yeah… She got a boyfriend.
J.N: I see. And you just started hanging out with Isaac?
Elijah: Pretty much. He had been interested in her to, so I guess we had something in common. He could be fun to hang out with sometimes when he was sober and not high or whatever. Well then he started getting all friendly with me. I just sort of put up with it, since he's really…. that type of guy and I thought he was just joking. I guess I just sort of gradually fell into his group of friends.
J.N: At least you're done with that now.
Elijah: Yeah… Just me an' wholesome Demi.
J.N: Did you have any other close friends?
Elijah: When?
J.N: Ever.
Elijah: Um… Laughs. Not really when I was a kid since my parents were trying to protect me from the outside world… I mostly just hung out with adults and I guess my sister when she was born. My dad and I were real close up until I got to be a teenager. I guess that made me kinda awkward, that I never really hung out with kids my age, so I wasn't ever any good around them socially or whatever. I didn't like Demi much when he first came to Atlantis, but I guess he sorta grew on me 'cause he was real quiet and I could talk to him nonstop and he wouldn't tell me to shut up like everyone else… Anyway, after I got allowed to leave the castle and stuff, I started to make some new friends. Especially if we had group sword training and stuff. Um… Yeah. I'm still kinda awkward.
J.N: I'm glad to hear that much.
Elijah: That I'm still awkward?
J.N: No. That you made friends.
Elijah: Oh… Yeah. You're my friend, too.
J.N: Of course.
Elijah: Smiles.
J.N: Smiles a little.
Adam: Wishes he had some friends.
Elijah: Mom wants to know if you want to come and visit my dad's grave with us… four days from now?
J.N: Would you want me to?
Elijah: Well, it's up to you… If you mean, "do I mind?"… I don't.
J.N: Are you sure?
Elijah: Why would I mind?
J.N: I don't know. That's why I asked if you did.
Elijah: Shrugs. I thought you might mind… Since you're dating my mom… That it might be awkward or something. But it doesn't bother me. I don't really know how you feel about my father or his death or anything, but you're welcome to mourn it or… I don't know.
J.N: Nods, but doesn't say anything.
Elijah: Really, I don't mind at all.
J.N: I trust you to be honest with me. If you had a problem with it, you would have mentioned it when I asked you. Compliment for Elijah!
Elijah: Smiles a bit. Heh…
J.N: I just don't want to step in on something that I thought was very… family centered.
Elijah: Well, I guess you've sort of become a part of our family…
J.N: …Perhaps… but I just wanted to make sure.
Elijah: Well, I feel that way… and Adam and my mom do…
J.N: I feel that way about you, too.
Elijah: Smiles and blushes.
Adam: Can we see your mommy and daddy again, Mr. John?
J.N: …We can sometime. You will never, ever see me blush. Anything short of extreme humiliation in front of those I hold in esteem will not work! Maybe Elijah, your mom, Celena, and Feemy will want to come, too.
Adam: Why them?
J.N: Why not?
Adam: I dunno. I was just wondering why you wanted to bring everybody.
J.N: My parents would be glad to have the company. And let them tally up their step grandchildren. …Heh.
Adam: What?
J.N: Just thinking back a bit, is all.
Adam: About what…? Or is that… tapless?
J.N: "Tactless" and it's alright. Just remembering when this house was a bit more full.
Adam: Taptless… Full of who?
J.N: Your family. And Middler. And Gwen… Julius.
Adam: I don't know those people…
J.N: I didn't think you would.
Elijah: You missed out, Adam. Well, you were in Mom's tummy most of the time… So you were sorta there.
J.N: Things have changed.
Elijah: It was lots of fun… But it's not so bad now, either.
J.N: I know. Things aren't worse. Just different.
Elijah: You got me a pocket knife for Christmas!
J.N: Do you still have it?
Elijah: Yep! Somewhere…
Adam: Sighs and crawls out of J.N.'s lap after turning the TV off.
J.N: I left you hanging!
Adam: Wanders off to J.N.'s room.
J.N: …Looks at the door to his room, concerned!
Elijah: Whisper. He's weird.
J.N: Shakes his head!
Elijah: No?
J.N: I don't think so.
Elijah: Blinks, kinda surprised. How come?
J.N: Maybe he didn't have a lung removed, but I was kind of the same way, afterwords that is.
Elijah: Blinks. …How so…? If you don't mind me asking.
J.N: …It's hard to explain.
Elijah: You asked everyone weird questions? Doesn't know about the Adam "wanting to be alone" thing.
J.N: Perhaps not weird… but I hated adults. I thought they were lying.
Elijah: Well… I know you… stopped trusting your parents. But he's only four-years-old, I don't even know how he can be like that.
J.N: I don't either.
Elijah: Well, he is the reincarnation of Fate or whatever.
J.N: He is?
Elijah: Supposedly… That's what the High Risers are.
J.N: Ah… It's all over my head.
Elijah: What is?
J.N: Magic and sword fighting and the history of Atlantis… and Angels. Everything.
Elijah: Oh… Yeah… Guess you'll have to learn more about that stuff when you move there… Do you wanna tuck him in and stuff?
J.N: Adam? Looks back to see if he did indeed nod off!
Adam: …Yes?
J.N: Just seeing if you're awake.
Adam: Silence.

Adam: Stares at Ernest… He's the most muscled person I've ever seen.
Ernest: Is kind of awkward around Elijah and Adam… and even J.N kind of, since the whole Atlantis thing.
J.N: Wow, awkward silences ahoy!
Adam: How come you have all those muscles? Are you a superhero?
Ernest: Gives a nervous chuckle. Ah… No. I just work out…
Adam: Why? You don't fight evil?
J.N: He just chases tails.
Adam: Huh? He's a dog catcher?
J.N: No. He's a lady killer. Knows that Adam's going to take that literal.
Ernest: I used to box during the summer. Not professionally, but just a bit at the gym.
Adam: Why do you kill ladies?
Ernest: …I don't kill people. What is wrong with that kid?
Adam: Mr. John said you did and Mr. John never lies.
Ernest: Glances at John. …Yeah, he sure doesn't. Rolls his eyes.
Adam: So why do you kill ladies? Are they bad ladies?
Elijah: Probably. Laughs.
Ernest: I don't kill ladies. It's an expression.
Adam: What does it mean?
Ernest: Why the hell am I even explaining this to a kid? That ladies enjoy my company.
Adam: Because of your muscles?
Ernest: Maybe. You'd have to ask'em, cuz I usually don't.
Adam: Muscles don't say a lot about your personality. You could be really boring or mean.
Ernest: Stares…
Adam: Stares back.
Ernest: …You're a smart kid. Doesn't sound very pleasant saying that.
Adam: Why?
J.N: Alright, enough of this. …Adam, what was the word you learned earlier?
Adam: Instill? Con-dee-sending? Tapt?
J.N: Tact.
Adam: Tacpt.
J.N: You remember what it means?
Adam: Not to ask people personal questions so they don't hate you.
J.N: Exactly.
Adam: Frowns. I'm sorry Mr. Ernest.
Ernest: It's alright.
Adam: Do you hate me?
Ernest: Nah. You are annoying though!
Adam: I'm sorry I hurt you feelings. It's alright to look pretty, too. But it's better to be smart as far as I am concerned.
Ernest: Nods a bit.
Adam: Goes and crawls in J.N.'s lap where it's safe.
J.N: I like you just the way you are!
Adam: Buries his face in J.N.'s chest.
Ernest: Where's your umbrella, Mary Poppins? Snickers at J.N.
J.N: Burn'd?!
Adam: Turns and glares at Ernest. Mr. John has a pocket watch. As though this assures Ernest that John is very cool.
Ernest: Yeah, he showed that to me. Has he told you that a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down?
Adam: Frowns. You're mean. You're a big dummy.
Ernest: Doesn't seem too insulted! Ah, I'm just teasin' John is all.
Adam: Maybe you're just jealous of him. Clings to J.N.
Ernest: Maybe a little. I guess. It's hard to be practically perfect in every way.
Adam: Shut uuup… Looks like he's about to cry, as though Ernest's making fun of him and not J.N.
Ernest: Ugh. Alright, alright.
Adam: Frowns. You should say you're sorry.
Elijah: Adam really doesn't get guys playfully jabbing at each other… Ha.
Ernest: The 'are you kidding me' look ahoy!
Adam: Serious face. Glares, frowns, and stares.
Ernest: …Sighs. I'm sorry, John.
Adam: There's no excuse for hurting people's feelings.
Elijah: Laughs.
Ernest: …Didn't you call me "dumb" just a bit ago?
Adam: You were being dumb. I calls 'em as I sees 'em. Mr. John's obviously not Marry Poppins.
J.N: Just watching the 'show'.
Elijah: Adam, shut your can… You're insufferable when you get like this. I'll send you back to Atlantis.
Adam: Shuts up, lays his head against J.N.'s shoulder and pouts.
Ernest: …Eh… Where is Atlantis?
Elijah: And stop poking your lips out, you look like a fish. Um… in the Atlantic ocean…
Ernest: …Like, inside of it?
Elijah: Um… In the middle of it… It's an island… Or, um… A few islands.
Adam: Pulls his lips back in.
Elijah: It's not underwater. Your technology stuff can't detect it because the magic messes it up.
Ernest: Yeah… Are there unicorns and stuff like that there?
Elijah: In The Forest… but um… No one ever goes in there and comes back out unless they were born there or something. I've never seen a real unicorn.
Ernest: Ah… The concept of Atlantis is still nerve-wracking.
Elijah: They only show themselves to virginal maidens, anyway.
Ernest: Yeah, I remember that part… I dunno. Just seems like people've been missin' out.
Elijah: On what?
Ernest: Shrugs. Just… y'know. Everyone these days are told that magic doesn' exist and such an' now it does, but no one knows it but some people.
Elijah: Well they wouldn't want to come to Atlantis anyway since most people can't live without their television and internet and cell phones.
Ernest: I always fantasized about magic when I was a kid. I probably should be happy that Atlantis exists!
Elijah: Basically, we don't want a lot of people coming over and ruining our unique culture or something. Besides, it's dangerous with all the Demons and stuff.
Ernest: …Demons? I guess that shouldn't sound so implausible.
Elijah: Yeah, we're in a war against them.
Ernest: I see… uh… How's that goin'?
Elijah: Not so good since Lucifer got revived.
Ernest: Frowns.
Elijah: What?
Ernest: Lucifer, like the devil?
Elijah: I dunno if he's the Devil… but um… Like the Fallen Angel. I guess it's my dad's fault he got revived.
Ernest: Why's that?
Elijah: It's complicated… But basically my dad could revive someone by dying. Not that he did it intentionally… Lucifer's brother Lonan did it.
Ernest: You lost me.

Adam: Stays firmly planted in J.N.'s lap hugging/clinging to him, but hasn't said a word since Elijah told him to shut up.
J.N: Gives him a little hug, since he pretty much got yelled at for his sake and, despite not being very verbal about it, does appreciate the gesture. …Anybody hungry?
Elijah: If you are…
Adam: Says nothing.
J.N: …You're hungry, if I am?
Elijah: Yeah…
Adam: Stomach growls.
J.N: You're hungry, Adam?
Adam: Yes.
Elijah: Sighs. You can talk Adam, just don't be obnoxious.
Adam: I'm not obnoshous.
J.N: How about you, Ernest?
Ernest: Shrugs.
Adam: Stomach growls again.
J.N: Barbecue?
Elijah: Are we going somewhere?
J.N: I could cook out or we could just go out. Shrugs. Either way.
Elijah: Whichever is easiest for you, Mr. John. I dunno how to cook on a grill.
J.N: It's less expensive just to cook out.
Ernest: I'll make sure you don't burn it.
Jessica: Appears!
Ernest: Flinches!
Jessica: Oh… Looks at Ernest. Hello John…
J.N: Hello Jessica.
Ernest: Hi. Not used to the whole 'just appearing' thing.
Jessica: Sorry I came unannounced… and uninvited, but I got back from Arudis a little early and Celena's staying with a friend and Feemy's at Thanasi's, so um…
J.N: You're always welcome here.
Elijah: Mooom… You're ruining our… manliness.
Jessica: Oh, please.
J.N: I was just about to get the grill set up.
Adam: Clings.
Jessica: Oh, are you cooking?
Ernest: Something close to that. Har-har.
Jessica: Glares at Ernest. What're you trying to say…?
Ernest: …I was just messin' with John. See, Elijah. That's how you glare someone down.
Jessica: Hm. Goes over to John and smooches him.
J.N: Smooches back.
Jessica: I missed you… Rubs his hair.
Ernest: Sufficiently cowed.
J.N: I missed you too. Smiles.
Ernest: That's just… strange.
Jessica: Smiles back and refrains from kissing him more since children and Ernest are in the room.
Ernest: …Um… so… you have somethin' to grill then? I can go grab that, if you'd like…
Adam: 'Lijah yelled at me.
Jessica: Why did he yell at you?
Ernest: Leaves the room to invade the freezer and see what's for grilling.
Adam: I was being obnoshous.
Jessica: Obnoshous…? You mean "obnoxious"?
Adam: Yes.
Jessica: Why?
Adam: Mr. Ernest was saying mean things about Mr. John.
Ernest: You narc.
Jessica: What was he saying about Mr. John?
Adam: That he was Mary Poppins.
Jessica: Snorts/Laughs.
J.N: I thought it was kinda funny too.
Jessica: …I think Ernest was just joking with Mr. John. He probably didn't mean it.
Ernest: From the kitchen! Hey John! You got chicken and you got… steak, I think… Whaddya want me to get out?!
Elijah: …You mean he wasn't being earnest, Mom?
Jessica: You're grounded.
Elijah: Laughs.
J.N: Chuckles a tiny bit.
Ernest: Well fine. I'll just grab the chicken then.
Jessica: Stares at John since he actually found Elijah's lame pun funny?!
J.N: No, just the situation.
Adam: When're you marrying Mr. John, Mommy?
J.N: That was a bit out of the blue.
Adam: This is a pertinent question!
Ernest: Pokes his head into the room! …Did I hear right? You two are gonna get married?
Jessica: When John proposes to me.
Ernest: …Just so long as you don't wear a blue suit to it. Has chicken.
Jessica: A blue suit?
Ernest: John usually looks like his mother dressed him. Ah har har!
Jessica: I bought him these clothes.
Ernest: Looks like a deer caught in headlights. …Well… Yeah… I said "usually"… He doesn't right now.
Jessica: Looks at him wryly.
Ernest: Things have really changed. I'll get this to the grill.
Jessica: Looks to John. I thought you were cooking?
J.N: I am. Ernest is going to give me a hand. Gives Adam a small hug. I have to get up now.
Adam: Clings.
J.N: I'll be back. Just going to make something to eat.
Jessica: C'mon Adam… You can sit in my lap.
Adam: Lets go reluctantly. Mommy's soft and squishy and nice, so it's okay.
J.N: Leaves to assist a now grumpy and awkward Ernest.
Elijah: Wants to see the mystery of grilling things, but figures he should let J.N. and Ernest have some alone man-to-man best friend time.
Jessica: Realizes she should be making side dishes, which is the woman's job, as dictated by God, so she has to give Adam to Elijah who is not soft and squishy, but hard and boney.
Elijah: Beginning to actually fall asleep after days of non-sleep.

Ernest: I'm sorry I called you Mary Poppins.
J.N: Hm. Really?
Ernest: Yeah. Julie Andrews was a lot hotter. You remind me more of that one dude from Hellraiser.
J.N: Which?
Ernest: The guy with all the pins in his head.
J.N: …You mean Pinhead?
Ernest: That's his name? Huh… Not very creative.
J.N: You were the bald one, not me.
Ernest: …So, man. What'd you think? About the whole Atlantis thing?
J.N: Did you bring all the chicken?
Ernest: …Uh? …Oh! Yeah. All there. Whaddya think though, really? Every kid's dream is for there to be magic. Or be a cowboy.
J.N: Shrugs.
Ernest: C'mon. You had to have had some thoughts.
J.N: It's interesting. I want to know how it works.
Ernest: ..So you're movin' there and gonna be a… I dunno… a warlock or somethin'? Gonna get a big tower to live in too?
J.N: Yeah, maybe.
Ernest: C'mon, be serious.
J.N: I doubt I'm going to be throwing magic around, but if I am going to Atlantis and living there, then it's only right I learn their customs.
Ernest: …Uh… so… you're gonna visit when you move? With those… Mimes drinking. Potions?
J.N: If I can.
Ernest: That's cool…
J.N: Why don't you visit? I'm sure Jessica only kind of hates you.
Ernest: Laughs. She's very… defensive of ya… uh… Were you being serious? About her kinda hatin' me?
J.N: What do you think? No. I don't think she really does.
Ernest: …I dunno… Atlantis seems kind of scary. I think that one Middle guy has the hots for me too.
J.N: …Yeah, probably.
Ernest: Or he was drunk.
J.N: Gwen set Middler on fire one time. Daniel had to bleed on him to save his life.
Ernest: …What?
J.N: Daniel's blood used to heal people.
Ernest: Oh. Of course. Sarcasm. Why doesn't he look like a giant scab then?
J.N: He… she… it can look like whatever he, she or it feels like.
Ernest: Considers the possibilities.
J.N: His mother ruined my roof. She's a harpy.
Ernest: You said that was… well…
J.N: I didn't say what it was. Flips some chicken.
Ernest: Yeah. Asshole.
J.N: Heh.
Ernest: ..So… I'm gonna miss you, John.
J.N: I'll visit.
Ernest: Yeah, but still. I bet you haven't even mentioned this to Eugene or Curt.
J.N: Should I tell them that I'm traipsing off via potion to Atlantis, where Demons are putting up a war front?
Ernest: You're not gonna be fightin' in some war, are ya?
J.N: I don't think so. Elijah is though. He's a sword master.
Ernest: Like Zorro?
J.N: …Yeah, I think so. Not the best cook ever, but is kind of good at grilling. At least I'm not burning it.
Ernest: It'd be kind of cool to know how to duel, I'd think.
J.N: Looks at Ernest like he'd grown a third eye.
Ernest: What!? …Alright, I think it'd be cool is what I'm sayin'.
J.N: Why?
Ernest: What? You never imagined you were some knight savin' the princess in the castle from the dragon? Jeez, it's called havin' an imagination and when I was a kid, I thought that'd be the… freakin' bees knees, so the idea kinda still sounds cool to me, even if it really ain't possible.
J.N: I guess it is if you went to Atlantis.
Ernest: Hah! Nah. You go ahead and fight dragons.
J.N: Chicken's done.
Ernest: What? …Oh. Yeah, looks ready. And you didn't even burn it. Or burn everything around you.
J.N: Piles up the chicken on a plate and brings it inside!

Jessica: Has the table set!
J.N: Glad to see it is, though he hadn't thought it would be! Thank you, Jessica.
Jessica: Not at all… Sets baked potatoes and veggies on the table. Dinner's ready, boys!
Adam: Hops out of Elijah's lap where he was napping a bit and goes to the table.
Elijah: Stays put, having a horrible nightmare.
J.N: Hm. Where's Elijah? Asking Adam more than just wondering aloud.
Adam: On the couch… He's asleep.
Jessica: Sighs. Serving drinks. What would you like, Ernest?
Ernest: Water… if you would… please… Walking on eggshells.
J.N: Should we wake him up?
Jessica: Mostly forgotten about it all since she was distracted with making stuff and you were out of her sight for awhile. Um… Yes… No sense in letting nice hot food go to waste.
J.N: Alright. Goes to do so! When he reaches the sofa, puts a hand lightly on his shoulder to shake him. Elijah. Wake up.
Elijah: Sleeps.
J.N: Shakes harder! Elijah. Wake up.
Elijah: Mmm…? Eyes pop open. Mmm… Puts his head down between his legs as though he's dizzy.
J.N: Are you alright?
Elijah: Yes… I'll be there in a second.
J.N: Alright. Goes back to the table!
Jessica: Is he coming? Has gotten everyone drinks and is sitting down.
J.N: Yes.
Jessica: Say grace, Ernest.
Ernest: Not seeming so gregarious anymore. I don't know any… I haven't said grace… ever.
Jessica: Sighs. Not particularly good at it, either… Usually made Daniel do it.
Ernest: …Uh… Sorry… Looks like he'd rather be somewhere else, at this point.
Jessica: Wonders what in the world is Ernest's problem, since she's hardly angry at him. Oh well… Closes her eyes. Thank you God for giving us this food for the nourishment of our bodies and thank you for keeping Elijah, Adam, John, and Ernest in good health… Amen.
Ernest: That's not what I think.
Elijah: Comes to dinner about five minutes later, looking somewhat pale, but otherwise normal.
J.N: Actually eating and not just picking at his food.
Jessica: What's the problem Elijah?
Elijah: Nothing… Sorry.
J.N: Seems a bit concerned, since he's pale, but he said nothing was wrong…
Elijah: Not particularly hungry anymore, but since J.N. was nice enough to make the food, eats politely.
Ernest: Eating too, albeit quietly.
Jessica: …Sighs. What's the matter, Ernest?
Ernest: What?
Jessica: You look all sad and you're being quiet.
Ernest: Yeah, I'm not a blank slate like John is most of the time. …I try not to talk while I'm eating. Excuse.
Jessica: Well, um… That's polite… Getting the animosity feeling.
Ernest: I try… Offers a smile! Unlike John, I can fake emotions quite well! I look pretty happy, at least to most I would!
Jessica: Smiles back uneasily.
Ernest: Gets back to eating.
Jessica: Dinner silence.
Elijah: Can only eat about half of it until his stomach starts saying "no way".
J.N: Thank you for your help with dinner, Jessica. Not so bothered by dinner silence.
Jessica: It was no trouble at all… and the chicken's delicious.
J.N: Thank you.
Ernest: Is mostly trying to think of something to say to relieve the awkwardness and make Jessica not mad at him.
Jessica: …Aren't you going to eat anymore Elijah?
Elijah: Nooo… I'm full.
J.N: His plate is empty.
Jessica: Frowns at Elijah.
Elijah: Really, I can't eat anymore.
Jessica: You're too skinny.
J.N: Thought occurs. …How was your trip to Arudis, Jessica?
Jessica: Hm? Oh, it was alright… Mostly just business and kind of lonely… I did miss you a lot. Smiles. Oh, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Haliah with us on Tuesday?
J.N: Alright. I'll come with. I kinda missed you too and even if it isn't some sort of pleasure trip, I want to spend time with you.
Jessica: Smiles. Middler will be coming too, since he wants to visit his mother.
J.N: You tricked me! Nods! Alright.
Jessica: I hope we don't have to visit his mother. What sort of desserts do you like, Ernest… or are you just a… protein shake kind of guy?
Ernest: Protein shake?
J.N: I'd rather not visit his mother either.
Jessica: Well, you're a muscle builder.
Ernest: I'm actually a real estate agent. …I do work out though.
Jessica: Well you're always welcome in Atlantis, Ernest.
Ernest: Thanks.
J.N: I told you that she didn't kind of hate you.
Jessica: What?!
Ernest: Glares at John.
J.N: I say how it is too. Glad that's cleared up.
Jessica: Why would you think I hated you, Ernest?
Ernest: I didn't say that.
J.N: He didn't, but he was worried that you disliked him. Picks up his plate!
Jessica: Why?!
J.N: I don't know. Ask him. Does anybody need their plates taken up?
Elijah: Yes.
Jessica: Looks to Ernest.
J.N: Collects the plates!
Ernest: Flustered.
Jessica: Frowns. Pouty face. I don't dislike you Ernest… Why would you think so?
Ernest: It could have been the glaring. Or the fact that everyone seems to resent me trying to joke around with my BFF.
Jessica: Waits for an audible answer.
Ernest: …The glare kinda did it. You looked pretty angry and I wasn' try to offend or anythin'. It's just what John and I do.
Jessica: I'm sooorry. I guess I'm acting like somebody's mom. Sighs.
Ernest: It's not a problem.
Jessica: I'm really sorry, Ernest.
Ernest: It's okay, really. No harm was meant. Is more relieved that she doesn't hate him. It'd be awkward hanging out with John were that the case.