04 August 2032
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Jessica Crowley John Crowley Danielle Crowley Adam Crowley Aidae McMurran Rosemary Crowley Katen Tanek Celena Crowley Middler Blaydow Feemerson Crowley Renasi Reium

Jessica: Could you check on Adam? He's been asking after you since the day you left.
John: I will… I should have sooner. Needed some rest himself. Hasn't fainted his entire adult life and proud of it.
Jessica: Trying to give the girls french braids. Unfortunately, their hair is rather short.
Twins: Sitting calmly, the both of them.
John: Kisses Jessica's forehead, despite her working! I'm glad to be home… I'll see you after awhile, honey. And off to check on Adam!
Jessica: Bites her lip and continues trying to work with Dani's hair.
Dani: Very cooperative when she's not being a cranky, nosey girl.

John: Knocks on Adam's door. He should be in his room, unless he worsened and had to go to the infirmary.
Adam: Wakens from his light sleep. Wonders if he just dreamed the knocking.
John: Adam? Not very loudly, so he could let Adam sleep if he's still sleeping.
Adam: Blinks. …Come in…
John: Enters and shuts the door behind him. Hello, Adam.
Adam: Smiles. Dad… Laying in bed. Has a "History of Atlantis" textbook laying on his stomach.
John: Light mental/physical exercise was suggested. No scoldings for Adam… and he's too glad to be really angry with him right now. Comes right on over, smiling. Has really missed his family, even in the short absence.
Adam: Sits up with some difficulty. You're alive…
John: I promised you I'd be alright, didn't I?
Adam: Nods. Holds his arms out for a hug.
John: Hugs him back lightly, not wanting to hurt his son.
Adam: Always wishes he'd get tighter hugs. Clings. I was worried about you…
John: I was worried about you, too. I really was. You're pretty sick from what I gathered when I left.
Adam: Stays in his father's arms, though John's probably gonna get a backache from leaning over. I'm sorry for worrying you.
John: It's nothing to apologize for… Have you been getting plenty of rest like the doctor said?
Adam: I haven't left my bed since you left… Doesn't sound particularly happy about this, but honestly, really hasn't had the strength to regardless.
John: That's good… but you do need some fresh air too. When you're up to it, we could take a walk outside, if you'd like.
Adam: Nods and lets go of J.N. to cough.
John: Frowns at his coughing. Not disapprovingly but, of course, in a concerned manner. …Do you need anything, Adam? Something to eat, drink?
Adam: Shakes his head 'no'. I already ate. Lays back down. How is everything?
John: Everything is alright, Adam… I brought back Elijah and his daughter, as well as his wife too. They're resting, but perhaps I could bring them to visit you when you're both feeling better.
Adam: That's okay.
John: A somewhat confused look. …You'd rather not see them?
Adam: I'd prefer not to.
John: …Oh… I see. It is your choice, of course…
Adam: Nods.

Aidae: Wanders into the dining room where there is a hair salon going on. My sleeping parents are pretty boring.
Jessica: Smiles. Hello Aidae.
Rose: Work on Dani's head as much as you'd like, at least I get to move around. Hello! Not very shy either, apparently.
Aidae: Hullo Grandmommy. Dunno who those two are.
Jessica: Smiles. Aidae, these are my daughters, Danielle and Rosemary. Points them out. Dani, Rose… This is your niece, Aidae.
Aidae: Hullo.
Danielle: Hello, Aidae.
Rosemary: A pleasure to meet you. More polite.
Aidae: Rubs the side of her nose. Still wearing her faded red dress. What're you doing?
Jessica: I'm giving the girls french braids. Looks at Aidae's hair… which is shorter than both Danielle and Rosemary's… Doesn't think she could manage to braid that.
Aidae: What're they for?
Jessica: They're just to look pretty.
Aidae: What?!
Rosemary: Nods. Mom could do something with your hair too. Would you, Mom?
Jessica: Sorry, Aidae… I think your hair's a bit too short. When it grows a bit longer, I'll french braid it for you, okay? Smiles.
Aidae: Shrugs. I dun want it long.
Jessica: Hmm… Well, we should look for some new clothes for you.
Rosemary: All smiles. This is exciting for her!
Aidae: Can I have slacks?
Jessica: Slacks?
Aidae: Like pants. I dun like dresses. I had sum pants but I had to give 'em to another girl, then all I had was a dress and when you wear a dress, people can look up it and I dun like that.
Rose: …People don't do that here. Looks to her mother for confirmation.
Jessica: Nods. No one will look under your dress here, sweety.
Aidae: Pants're still better. Especially when you have to fight and ride horses and run around 'n' stuff. I want pants.
Dani: Maybe Feemy or Adam still have some baby clothes for you.
Jessica: Nods. I'm sure we can find some pants for you, Aidae.
Aidae: Smiles!
Jessica: Wanted to put Aidae in a pretty dress and a bow in her hair, aww. Not sure how much fighting you'll be doing here.
Aidae: Nuh-uh, Daddy said he'd teach me how to sword fight and I'mma hold him to it.
Jessica: …Alright…
Rose: My dad sword fights too.
Aidae: Not as good as my dad, I bet.
Rose: I don't know. I really don't like it though.
Aidae: Why not?
Rose: People get hurt sword fighting.
Aidae: Duh. What if someone wants to hurt you, then what're you gonna do? Cry?
Rose: Pouts a little. Aidae isn't very friendly. No one in the castle would hurt me. 'Cept for Dani sometimes.
Aidae: What about ouside the castle?
Rose: Looks thoughtful. I don't go anywhere without an adult.
Aidae: I saw this guy right in front of me get beheaded this one time and then they were gonna skewer me through but my daddy came in the nick of time and killed him and his blood spurted everywhere. If I'd known how to sword fight, I could'a killed him myself, I bet.
Rose: Aghast. Not even sure what all of that would look like even.
Jessica: Starts on Danielle's other braid.
Dani: I bet my dad could beat your dad any day.
Aidae: Nuh-uh!
Dani: Yeah-huh.
Jessica: Dani, Aidae… Your fathers are father and son. They're not going to hold contest with each other. Drop the subject.
Dani: Drops it, of course.
Aidae: Frowns.
Katen: Enters the dining room. Good evening Jessica, Danielle, Rosemary… Looks at Aidae questioningly.
Jessica: Hello Katen.
Rosemary: Hello Katen.
Jessica: Oh, Katen… This is Aidae, Elijah's daughter… and your cousin… apparently.
Katen: Raises an eyebrow.
Jessica: Aidae, this is Katen… He was your father's sword master.
Aidae: Hullo.
Katen: Hello, Aidae… Cousin?
Jessica: Your mother was Thanasi's sister, wasn't she? Well Aidae's mother is also Thanasi's sister… so… I suppose that would make her your cousin.
Katen: …Delightful. I always wanted Elijah to be my uncle. I trust he's back, then?
Jessica: Nods. He's sleeping.
Katen: Turns to the girls. Well, you will be starting up your lessons again soon.
Twins: Don't look too pleased with this. Like their free time. Don't hunger intellectually, at least not yet.
Katen: As for you… Turns to Aidae. How old are you?
Aidae: Four. How old are you?
Katen: Old enough.
Aidae: You look familiar.
Katen: How so?
Aidae: I knew a guy that looked just like you. We stayed with him for a bit… Oh, his name was 'Laric.
Katen: Blinks. …Indeed.
Aidae: You could be brothers. Nods.
Katen: ….Anyway… Can you read? Write? Count?
Aidae: I can count to five.
Katen: …You'll be starting lessons, too.
Aidae: What for?
Katen: You need an education.
Rose: It's not so bad. We could help you.
Aidae: Shrugs.

Adam: …Could you sit down?
John: Sits. …I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stand over you.
Adam: It's alright… Sits up and hugs him again…
John: Smiles a little and hugs him a little tighter, though still being careful not to hurt him. Probably underestimates Adam's resilience.
Adam: Finds his dad comforting. …Are you disappointed in me?
John: Not in the least, Adam… Why would you think that?
Adam: …I don't want to see him…
John: That's your choice, Adam… I'm not going to be disappointed in you if you don't want to see him… but why don't you?
Adam: …I don't know why you do… He betrayed us.
John: …Elijah wasn't himself…
Adam: How do you know?
John: …Elijah explained some things to me… and I think it's only fair that he be the one who tells you what problems he had.
Adam: …He left us… Me. This all comes back down to his abandonment issues.
John: …He left to fight in the war, Adam… and after that…
Adam: He never came back.
John: …He's back now, Adam.
Adam: It's too late now.
John: Why is that, Adam?
Adam: He already hurt me. I don't trust him anymore.
John: Nods. I understand, Adam… The abandonment issues have always been a problem, of course.
Adam: Hugs him more tightly.
John: Pats his son lightly on the back, trying to be a comfort to him.
Adam: Pulls away from J.N. to cough. Pulls back his hand to reveal blood.
John: My poor child. I'd trade my health with his if I ever had the chance.
Adam: Wipes his hand with a handkerchief. That's gross. Then lays his head back on J.N.'s shoulder. Sighs.
John: Once more, lightly pats his back.
Adam: …I should probably let you go.
John: I don't have anywhere to be, Adam. I'll stay for as long as you would like.
Adam: You've always been there for me. The highest compliment.
John: I always will be too, Adam.
Adam: Hugs.

Celena: Middler…? Would you kiss me?
Middler: Smiles, then leans close to his beloved and presses his lips to her own.
Celena: Kisses back.
Middler: You're the only woman I remember ever kissing. So it's like you're the only woman I've ever kissed at all.
Celena: Puts her arms around Middler's neck.
Middler: Puts his hands on her hips, not in a suggestive way… at least, not very but so his arms just weren't hanging limply at his sides.
Celena: Lays her head on Middler's shoulder.
Middler: Beams happily and plays with her hair, being careful not to scratch her with his kind of long nails or get her hair tangled up either.
Celena: Sighs. I love you, Middler.
Middler: I love you too, Celena. You've made me the happiest man in all of Atlantis.
Celena: Aww… Hugs tighter. You've made the happiest woman in the world.
Middler: Holds her closer as well, his smile growing wider at her words.

Jessica: Finishes Dani's other pigtail!
Aidae: I'm hungry.
Dani: Now I'm pretty.
Jessica: Ah, that's right… You slept through dinner… One moment and I'll get you something to eat. Gets up to go to the kitchen.
Dani: Do you like them, Rose? Smiles.
Rose: Nods!
Jessica: Comes back presently with a plate with roast beef and mashed potatoes and green beans and a large glass of milk.
Aidae: Stares. This is for me?
Jessica: Nods. Mm-hm! Eat up!
Rose: It's really good. Nods sagely.
Dani: No, it's actually poison. Just shut up for once.
Aidae: Eats, slowly savoring it… This is delicious.
Jessica: Looks at her pretty girls. Girls are the best! Even if Aidae is very boyish. I love my boys too, of course… but you can't do their hair and put them in pretty dresses… or it's usually recommended not to do that.

Feemy: Knocks on Ren's door!
Renasi: Who is it?
Feemy: Just me.
Renasi: Come in!
Feemy: Does so. Hey Ren.
Renasi: Hey Feemy. Grins.
Feemy: What're you doing shut up in your room? Leans against the door once he shuts it and smiles.
Renasi: Ah… Nothing much. Fiddles with his ear. What's going on?
Feemy: Ah… Not much with me, I guess… I mean, you know that Elijah and his kid and girlfriend or something are here, right?
Renasi: Uh… No, I didn't know that.
Feemy: …Oh. Well… They're here.
Renasi: Nods. That's good. You get to see your brother again.
Feemy: …Yeah.
Renasi: What's wrong?
Feemy: Sighs a bit. I don't even know what to say to him. I remember him… a little and I should be glad to see him again, but it's just… Raises his hands up as if that would somehow help him conjure up some words to explain what he was trying to convey, but they drop without providing any.
Renasi: …Well, you can try to get to know him again? I mean… Was he mean to you or something?
Feemy: He wasn't mean… I think. It feels nice to see him… It's just weird. I don't really even think I fully know why he was gone.
Renasi: Uh… I thought he threw a sword through Demi's chest, killed Lonan, then disappeared, only to turn up later and release that Price Demon from prison as some sort of inhuman monster.
Feemy: Stares. …Yeah, but why?
Renasi: He was claiming he was Lonan's son or something. Continuing his work.
Feemy: Frowns deeply at that.
Renasi: Then he just sorta mostly disappeared and turned up later as an alleged assassin. He was supposedly the one who killed the king of Dahlia, as well as some generals and probably more, except he never left any evidence. Then even that stopped for the past few years.
Feemy: …So he's a murderer?
Renasi: Well, yeah. He's not even Human, apparently. He's some kind of Shapeshifter.
Feemy: Renasi's honesty isn't making him feel any better in the least, but at least it's honesty!
Renasi: Other people say he can control horrible monsters.
Feemy: …I see.
Renasi: …Sorry.
Feemy: S'fine…
Renasi: I just don't know why he's back here and not in jail or something.
Feemy: Shrugs. For some reason hearing all of that was kind of painful, his slight memory violently disagreeing with what he's being told.
Renasi: I guess your parents have it under control.
Feemy: Nods. Kind of wondering what the hell his parents are thinking now. Oh look, the floor, that looks like a nice place to sit and he does so.
Renasi: …There's a chair, y'know? Or you could sit on my bed.
Feemy: Didn't really want to meander all the way to the chair or bed, but goes to the bed and has a seat. Then just lays flat on his back with his legs hanging over the side. At least I'm not going to cry over it.
Renasi: Are you okay? …I'm sorry about what I said, Feemy… Sounds genuinely sorry! I didn't mean to hurt you. I thought you already knew all that.
Feemy: I'm fine. I guess I'm just not very aware of things like that. I probably should have known though.
Renasi: Well… He's your brother. Maybe he had a good reason… Sighs.
Feemy: Maybe he does…
Renasi: I guess you could ask him.
Feemy: I couldn't right now even if I wanted to. He was so tired yesterday, Dad and I had to carry him to a room.
Renasi: Well… When he wakes up, I guess.
Feemy: If it's even safe to do so.
Renasi: Well… I guess your parents know your brother? If they trust him, then maybe you should…
Feemy: …I guess I should.
Renasi: Pats his friend on the shoulder. I'll be there for you.
Feemy: That's comforting. …Thanks, Ren. I'm glad you're here.
Renasi: I'm glad to be here… Supporting you like you supported me.
Feemy: That's what friends're for.
Renasi: Flicks Feemy's horn and laughs a bit. Cheer up. Everything'll work out.
Feemy: Sits up and smiles a fraction. Also a little hard to be mopey around Ren, though that's in part that I don't just want to be a downer and annoy people with how I feel. Yeah… Things are going to be alright.
Renasi: Claps him on the back. Smiles a sorta understanding smile.
Feemy: …Thanks, again. Sorry that I keep saying that. It's hard to express gratitude.
Renasi: It's cool. And hey, thanks for being my best friend. Smiles.
Feemy: It's my pleasure. Smiles, didn't want to say 'don't mention it', so that just came out.
Renasi: …We're gonna be bachelors forever.
Feemy: Heh, what makes you say that?
Renasi: Just a couple losers spending more time crying on each other's shoulders than picking up chicks, huh?
Feemy: Well… What's so important about picking up chicks anyway?
Renasi: Well, if you think we should just kiss each other…
Feemy: Raises a brow at that.
Renasi: I'm just sayin'.
Feemy: Shrugs his shoulders, but looks thoughtful.
Renasi: There's a knock on his door. Who is it?
Thanasi: Your maman.
Renasi: Come in!
Thanasi: Enter. All aglow. Salut, Feemy.
Feemy: Hello, Thanasi.
Thanasi: Renasee, I theenk you should come eef you would like to see your Papa and seester. Smiles.
Renasi: Stares.
Feemy: Stares too, then claps Renasi on the back. Everything does turn out alright.
Renasi: Stares at Feemy a bit and stands up, as if in a dream.
Thanasi: Takes Ren's hand. Sorry to take eem away from you like thees, Feemy.
Feemy: It's alright, this is important. Stands, since he's not going to wait inside of the room without Renasi being there.
Thanasi: You're a sweetheart, Feemy! Drags Renasi away.
Feemy: Now I'm lonely. Ventures off in search of his beloved mom.

Jessica: Good to see you Feemy, sweety.
Feemy: Hi Mom.
Rose & Dani: Hiii Feemy!
Feemy: Hi Dani, Rose.
Aidae: Hullo. Still slowly eating her food.
Feemy: Takes a seat. Hi.
Aidae: Can I touch your horn?
Feemy: Resists the urge to leave. She's only a child, after all. If you want.
Aidae: Touches 'em, and pulls on them. They're pretty cool. I wish I had some. They make you look tough.
Feemy: Head moves when they're pulled on. That's kind of a new one, but I guess they look cook when you're younger. Thanks.
Aidae: You're my uncle, right?
Feemy: Yep.
Aidae: You don't talk much. How old are you? Are you a soldier?
Feemy: I guess I don't… and I'm seventeen… and not really…
Jessica: Frowns, seeing Feemy so unhappy.
Feemy: Aidae's already hitting kind of sensitives spots and she's not even trying to. I'm not very happy with the fact that I'm an abysmal sword user or that I have horns.
Aidae: Why aren't you a soldier?
Feemy: I'm not very good with a sword.
Aidae: Oh… What do you do then?
Feemy: …I play guitar.
Aidae: Oh… You're a bard? Laughs a bit.
Feemy: Flushing a bit from embarrassment. No one has ever laughed at his guitar playing. Now it seems a bit pathetic when compared to, say, a soldier. …I… don't think I am…
Jessica: Feemy is a very talented musician, Aidae.
Aidae: Bleh, art. Who needs it? Finishes the last of her mashed potatoes.
Feemy: Even the kid laughed at me. Not a happy camper at all.
Jessica: Are you finished, Aidae?
Aidae: Nods.
Jessica: Then I think it's time all of you girls went to bed.
Rose & Dani: Groan.
Jessica: Come on now, hup-two. It's past your bed time. Kisses them all on the cheeks and foreheads.
Rose & Dani: Obedient though, so they are going to march on off to bed.
Aidae: Do I hafta go?
Jessica: Yes Ma'am.
Aidae: Sighs and shuffles off.
Rose and Dani: Hand-in-hand off to bed.
Jessica: Rubs Feemy's shoulders a bit. What's the matter, sweety?
Feemy: Nothing, Mom. Smiles up at her, but is such an awful liar when it comes to her anyhow.
Jessica: Now, now, don't lie to your mother.
Feemy: Frowns. …I'm sorry.
Jessica: Hehe, your mom knooows everything. Kisses Feemy on the cheek and strokes his sheepy hair before sitting down beside him.
Feemy: At least I still have nice, sheepy hair. You do…? Then what's bothering me? Half-jokingly. Kind of curious to see if she really will know.
Jessica: Weeell… I know you're sensitive about your horns, though I don't think you really have anything to be ashamed of. They make you unique and you wouldn't be my Feemy without them. They're a part of you and I like them just like I like every other part of you. Pokes him.
Feemy: That kind of does make him feel a little better, but he still can't help but think that it'd be better sans the horns. I know they do… and besides, you have to love me no matter how I look. You're my mom.
Jessica: Laughs. Well I still like your horns. And what a wonderful son you are. And a very talented musician. I'm so proud of you.
Feemy: Smiles a little in spite of it all, since really his mom was the reason he started enjoying music so much anyway.
Jessica: Smiles. Strokes Feemy's hair a bit more. What's going on with you and Elijah?
Feemy: Wow, she really does know a lot. Smile fades at the mention. …I kind of knew who he was when I walked into the dining room.
Jessica: Oh… So you really didn't remember him?
Feemy: I did… A little. I mean… It's hard to put it together but… I knew who it was, on the inside. I know that sounds stupid, but I don't know how else to put it. I felt he was an important part of my life at one point that I missed.
Jessica: Nods. Well you can rekindle your relationship again.
Feemy: Frown deepens. I also heard… things from Ren about him.
Jessica: What did you hear?
Feemy: That he's a murderer.
Jessica: Frowns and sighs. …Well, there's a lot we need to talk with Elijah about, but…. It is possible he was acting… Well… Not of his own intentions. Lonan had the ability to control him.
Feemy: Nods his head a little. That would be nice to absolve him of all guilt.
Jessica: But with Lonan being dead… Well, we have a lot to talk to Elijah about. It's best if we let him sleep first, though. No sense interrogating him in that condition.
Feemy: I know.
Jessica: Gives Feemy a kiss on the cheek. This is difficult but… I'm hoping I know my son. And… I'm very glad you're not a soldier.
Feemy: …You are?
Jessica: Considering all that's happened to Elijah… The pain and horrors he's gone through… I wouldn't wish that on any more of my children. Frowns. Daniel and I should have never agreed to it… I don't care if he was a prodigy… It's not worth losing him for and it's not worth whatever mental and physical agony he's gone through.
Feemy: Nods a little, even if he doesn't understand the depth of her words.
Jessica: Has teared up a bit. Continues to stroke his hair. You should be free to pursue your own passion. I'd rather you create music than destroy.
Feemy: That is reassuring. It's kind of plain to see that martial training is designed to hurt other people, even if it should be used to protect others. Music for him is different. Even if it doesn't solve any problems or he can't really defend anyone with it.
Jessica: Trying to comfort Feemy but the guilt is welling up from what she thinks she and Daniel did to Elijah.
Feemy: Tries to hug his mom and for once help her out and comfort her, instead of vice-versa.
Jessica: Sighs. I hope everything clears up and we can all just relax and be a family again. Look forward to Celena's wedding and… Nods.
Feemy: Seems to be parroting this kind of often, at least since his talk with Ren, but… Everything is going to turn out fine.
Jessica: Nods. And your brother too… I mean… Adam… Sighs. He hasn't been getting much better.
Feemy: Frowns. He'll get better… He just needs to rest like Dad told me the doctor said.
Jessica: Nods. The problem is he has been resting and hasn't seen much improvement. Sighs. Straightens herself up, then gets up to make a cup of tea.
Feemy: You're such a great help Feemy.
Jessica: Comes back with her cup of tea and sits down. Are you enjoying Renasi's visit?
Feemy: Nods. I'm really glad he's here…
Jessica: Smiles. I'm glad I invited him.
Feemy: I'm really glad you did too… I missed him a lot. I probably sound like a child.
Jessica: Friends are always nice to have around.
Feemy: Nods heartily to that. Hasn't really made many friends around the castle, though is generally well-liked anyhow? So much for charisma.
Jessica: Oh, I should have made you tea, too.
Feemy: It's okay, Mom.
Jessica: Sighs. I wonder where your father is?
Feemy: Shrugs. …Um… So, did you get mad when Dad when he wanted to be a soldier?
Jessica: Well… No… He's a grown man and it's his own decision… I do worry about him a lot, though.
Feemy: Does he fight a lot? Maybe I should just ask him? Ha, never.
Jessica: Well, things are relatively peaceful now, so not as much as he would be if the war was still going on. If nothing else, we have Elijah to thank for the elimination of Lonan.
Feemy: Nods again. The Elijah subject is a little weird still.
Jessica: Sips tea. Are you tired, sweety?
Feemy: Shakes his head. I stay up a lot later than this.
Jessica: Ah… Nods. Where's Renasi?
Feemy: Talking with his father and sister I guess.
Jessica: Blinks. They're back?
Feemy: They just got back, I think.
Jessica: Rekia and Thanakia?
Feemy: Thanasi just told him that they were back and she lead them there. That's why I came here, because I wasn't going to linger in Ren's room.
Jessica: Oh… Well that's a surprise.
Feemy: I'm glad his family is back together.
Jessica: Nods. And… Though it's caused some tension… I'm glad ours has, too.
Feemy: I hope we get along as well as their family probably is.
Jessica: Nods. As you said, everything'll work out.
Feemy: I did say that!
John: Bumps into the door of the dining room because he was daydreaming.
Jessica: Turns her head to the bumping sound.
John: Steps in, rubbing his nose a little bit.
Jessica: What happened?
John: I bumped into the door.
Jessica: Stares.
John: …Yeah, I know. Everyone has their off days.
Jessica: Smiles a bit. How was Adam?
John: Frowns a little. He really doesn't seem to be getting better to him either, but he's not a doctor. He's… doing well as he has been… At least he's resting and not trying to overextend himself.
Jessica: Nods and looks worried. Well, he has been eating better, as well.
John: Kisses Jessica atop her head and takes a seat afterwards. That's good… Perhaps we're just not giving it enough time?
Jessica: Nods. I hope so.
Feemy: I'll keep an eye on Adam. …Since you two have jobs and such.
Jessica: Thank you so much Feemy. You're such a sweetheart.
John: Nods. I'm glad to know that you'll be looking after him, Feemerson.
Jessica: Actually finds the name 'Feemerson' more funny than 'Feemy' but tries not to crack a smile.
Feemy: Just one laugh and you'll be in awe at how rebellious and goth I can become. I'd put old dad to shame. Being laughed at by my mom would be an all-time low.
Jessica: Though it's terrible of her, wanting some alone time to talk with John about everything since it was so late last night she fell right asleep.
Feemy: Is kind of looking at the door. Stands. I'm gonna go see if Ren's back.
John: Glad to have spent so much time with you. Alright, then.
Jessica: Smiles and pats Feemy's arm. Have a good rest sweetheart, when you go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow.
John: See you tomorrow, Son.
Jessica: Stands.
Feemy: Hugs his mom when she stands. Love you, Mom.
Jessica: Hugs back warmly and kisses him on the cheek. Love you too, Feemy. G'night.
John: Stands as well… Kind of hopes for a hug too.
Feemy: Wish is, of course, granted. A very huggy sort of person. 'Night Dad. Love you. And he's off!
Jessica: Once Feemy is gone, makes her way to her own room. In the bed and in our underwear/naked is the best way to talk to John!
John: We could just talk here, but I shall follow you where ever you shall go. Plus we usually go to sleep after our long talks I've noticed!
Jessica: I like talking with you all snuggled up best!
John: Good, because I like it a lot too!

Jessica: Once she makes it to her room, does her nightly ablutions and removes her clothes, then gets under the covers and waits for John.
John: Goes through the good hygiene motion, removes his clothes, and gets in bed besides his wonderful wife.
Jessica: Immediately snuggles up to him as she does every night. Strokes his chest a bit.
John: Every night for all these years and it's still one of my favorite things to do. Ha, I'm squishy on the inside when it comes to my family.
Jessica: Wonders where to start… At the first child, I guess. …So Elijah's back…
John: Nods. It's great to have him here…
Jessica: …We have a lot to talk with him about… I'm sort of scared to, though.
John: …Why are you scared, Jessica? Lightly strokes her shoulder, something he does when he's trying to be reassuring.
Jessica: …I guess it's easier to tell myself that he didn't really do those things intentionally… That he was being controlled and… I'm scared to know the truth. To possibly find out I'm wrong… and… from what Aidae's hinted at… I don't really want to know what horrible things he's gone through either…. I feel so guilty… I know it's all my fault.
John: …Jessica, it's not your fault at all. His hand leaves her shoulder, just to find her hand. Does look a bit confused about what she means by Aidae hinting at something, but what Bara hinted at was pretty unsettling too. Demons in a six-mile-radius of the cottage?
Jessica: It is… Daniel and I agreed for him to have sword training… To become a soldier… when he was four years old! He didn't even choose it, we… and Katen, chose it for him.
John: …But… still, Jessica… you could not have possibly seen any of this as an outcome…
Jessica: Sighs. He was four-years-old… but… he'd nearly been killed by Lonan and… we wanted him to be able to defend himself. We certainly didn't know he'd end up being a prodigy.
John: You only wanted what was best for him.
Jessica: Sighs. He's gone through so much… I've just wanted things to be… normal for him but… I know they probably never can be and… I just feel like a bad mother.
John: Squeezes her hand, once he finds it. Jessica… you're far from a bad mother. You've always done your best and what you thought was right for Elijah…
Jessica: Laughs a bit. Well my best obviously wasn't good enough.
John: You're not being very fair with yourself. You've done your best… but not everything is under your control… A lot of bad things happened to Elijah… but they didn't happen because of something you did or didn't do. You're not to blame for everything bad in his life.
Jessica: Sighs. I know you're right, it's just… Boys are trouble… I'm glad Feemy's not a soldier and neither is Adam. I guess it'd be fairer to say Elijah is trouble… He just seems to attract it.
John: Chuckles a small bit. I think Elijah is every bit worth the trouble… but I suppose if boys are trouble, you're glad we had two very beautiful daughters instead of trouble-making boys, hm? Trying to be positive.
Jessica: Girls can be every bit as much trouble as boys… Aidae certainly seems to be wanting to follow in her father's footsteps… God knows what she's been through, I can't really blame her for how she acts.
John: So much for being able to be positive. I wouldn't blame her either. Bara was talking about Demons when we were leading them away from their cottage.
Jessica: It seems obvious she's been in their company… She said she was staying with Katen's brother Elaric for awhile and also told a lovely story about seeing a man decapitated before her and then the man who'd done it was going to 'skewer' her before Elijah ran him through and 'blood spattered everywhere'.
John: …That's over for her now, at least. She's safe here.
Jessica: Nods. …It's going to be interesting seeing how she adjusts. She doesn't seem to have any social awareness and seems to think nothing is more important than knowing how to fight.
John: If it's as bad as what she's said, then when she was living with Elijah and Bara, she was probably right.
Jessica: Nods. I suppose… It's scary looking in her eyes, though… They don't look like a child's at all… There's no… innocence there.
John: She's lived a hard life I would say and we don't even know the whole of it. We can at least offer her a better future here.
Jessica: Nods. I just hope she's receptive to it.
John: I hope she is too.
Jessica: …What do you think of that Bara woman?
John: She looks kind of like a man? She's very blunt. She threatened me with decapitation if I was leading them into a trap. It's good to see she's protective.
Jessica: It's good to see she's protective?
John: Nods. It is.
Jessica: How so?
John: I feel better knowing that Elijah's wife is willing to protect her children if she has to and I'm pretty sure she has had to. I'm sorry if that sounds strange.
Jessica: Well… She is Thanasi's sister and Thanasi's not bad… so… well… I guess it's just strange, even from the brief impression I got of her.. Not the type of woman I'd expect Elijah to marry.
John: …What type of woman did you think he would marry?
Jessica: I dunno someone more… bubbly? And well… sweeter, I guess. She acted more like a bodyguard or something.
John: Resists the urge to say, 'someone more pleasant'. I know what you mean.
Jessica: Moving down the list. Well… Celena's nice and well-adjusted…
John: She is. I'm happy for her.
Jessica: As well-adjusted as you can be, being in love with Middler. Nods. Sighs. Feemy's unhappy.
Jessica: Sighs. Feemy's unhappy.
John: …He is?
Jessica: Well, he's a teenager… He seems unhappy with himself… His horns… His choice of hobbies or career. He's having issues with Elijah… I suppose that's to be expected. Elijah was gone for a long time and now they've both changed and… Elijah's allegedly done some bad things…
John: Frowns. That wasn't his fault…
Jessica: We don't know that, John. Sighs. And Adam's ill…
John: Sighs as well.
Jessica: I'm scared we're going to lose him. Finally voices this fear.
John: Scared to hear that, too. …I am too.
Jessica: And… Swallows. …I'm wondering if that wouldn't be so bad… He's suffering so much.
John: Looks horrified at that. Not a little scared or even startled, but just completely frightened at the thought that him dying might be construed as some kind of relief.
Jessica: I just don't want him to be in pain anymore…
John: …I don't either…
Jessica: Tears. What kind of life is that? He's bleeding constantly and in pain and according to Hana, those bug things are just going to keep multiplying and he could even go blind someday. He gets sick all the time. It's preventing him from doing things he enjoys and he's not getting any better with bed rest and we can't do anything for him!
John: Just squeezes her hand, pained to know that everything she's saying is complete truth.
Jessica: But… I don't want to lose him John… Even if it's selfish. He's such an intelligent and sweet and loving young boy… He has a lot of life in him, his body just isn't cooperating.
John: Nods. I know… He's got so much potential… and there's so much he could do, but life isn't fair with him it seems.
Jessica: Heavy sigh. …Maybe you're right. Maybe we're just not giving him enough time.
John: I think he'll get better… At least better than he is now. He's just been working too hard for too long.
Jessica: Nods. I hope you're right… and then… We'll make sure he goes much easier on himself.
John: Nods in agreement. Given the chance, he'd just do it all over again…
Jessica: I'm hoping if he recovers, this experience will teach him to go easier on himself.
John: He's a smart kid. I'm sure when he recovers, he'll at least consider slowing down.
Jessica: …He loves you a lot. Was fretfully worried about you when you left and kept asking after you.
John: …I love him too… but he probably would have gotten better if I hadn't left and gotten him worried.
Jessica: Well, he should be getting better now that you're home… and Elijah, too.
John: …He doesn't want to see Elijah
Jessica: Hm? Why not?
John: He says he betrayed us.
Jessica: Frowns and sighs. Another. Well… Our girls… Are treasures.
John: All of our kids are treasures… Though I'm a little worried about the twins.
Jessica: What about them?
John: Nothing big… Just a bit concerned about how close they're growing together is all.
Jessica: They're just little girls, John… and they're twins… I think they'll grow out of it.
John: You're right. I just don't want to have to deal with inseparable teenagers.
Jessica: Teenagers usually like their privacy… I can't be completely certain… I've never had twins before. Well, I was a twin but… my brother and I were very separable. If you want to try it, I don't see how it could hurt giving them separate rooms now.
John: Well… I suppose right now might not be the best time with Elijah just coming back… I don't think the twins are going to have a problem with him, but… I don't think we need to separate anyone right now at this time. Just voicing a small concern is all.
Jessica: Nods. It'd definitely be a good idea not to start more drama. I do wonder how the girls and Aidae are going to get along…
John: …Maybe a little rocky at first… but our girls are sweethearts. They just might like having another girl around that's near their age.
Jessica: She's… not very… feminine.
John: This doesn't surprise me. She's an ear-picker. …I hope they can be friends regardless.
Jessica: Nods. So do I.
Jessica: Still a bit strange to think I'm a grandmother…
John: I know. You look too young to be a grandmother.
Jessica: Laughs. Well you're definitely too young to be a grandfather.
John: Well, I like having a granddaughter anyway.
Jessica: Smiles. I thought you'd find it weirder than me.
John: I guess I should, all things considered, but I don't. Chuckles.
Jessica: You really do love Elijah as a son.
John: I really do.
Jessica: Is he calling you 'Father' or 'Mr. John'?
John: Maybe I'm just mishearing things in my old age… but I do believe I heard him tell Aidae that I'm his father, though she pointed out quite quickly that we don't look a thing alike.
Jessica: Well Rose and Dani haven't seemed to notice…
John: I'm hoping that the children might help them along that particular topic… So it doesn't just strike them like a ton of bricks that most of my children don't look much like me at all.
Jessica: Well… I think they sorta… do. Sometimes.
John: Why do you say that?
Jessica: Well, Feemy has blonde hair… like you used to and blue eyes. I think he looks the most like you. Giggles a bit.
John: Chuckles. No. I think he's more handsome than I am.
Jessica: Laughs. Impossible! And then Adam and Celena… Both have brown hair… A completely different shade from yours. And Adam has light-colored eyes…
John: Nods. And the twins, fortunately, look much more like their beautiful mother than their father.
Jessica: Giggles. Well, that's a given. Rose has your pretty eyes.
John: Laughs a little at that. That's about the only thing I could give her without ruining everything else.
Jessica: Nooo… Dani's definitely got your nice high cheekbones. I honestly think she looks more like you than me and she's downright gorgeous.
John: Still obviously doesn't think he's a very attractive person, but quite alright with that. They're both beautiful. I'm just glad they didn't inherit my prior surliness. Chuckles.
Jessica: Well… Doesn't want to say she's glad too!
John: It's okay. I was actually a little sweetheart when I was really small, at least that's what Mom says. Grins a little. You can say it too.
Jessica: Nooo… I hope they inherit your intelligence and good common sense and your secret sweetness. Laughs.
John: I'd rather they have their mother's brain, really, but a little hidden cache of sweetness wouldn't hurt them.

Feemy: Knocks on Renasi's door.
Renasi: Getting ready for bed again. Who is it?
Feemy: It's just me.
Renasi: Come in!
Feemy: And enters!
Renasi: Shirtless again. Hey. Grins. How's it going?
Feemy: It's goin'. Do you just like it when I'm talking to you shirtless? How was the reunion?
Renasi: It was good. Smiles. Sits on his bed. Um… turns out my dad and my sister were helping my uncle Ikaias out and well… It took them awhile. I hope you get to meet them sometime soon. I told Thanakia about you.
Feemy: Sits down as well. You did? …What'd she say? Didn't think he'd come up in the conversation, really.
Renasi: Um… Refrains from saying that she thought he had a 'funny name'. Just that she thought you sounded cool and she'd love to meet you.
Feemy: Well, I'd like to meet her sometime too.
Renasi: Great! You're gonna love her.
Feemy: Not as much as I love you. You think so?
Renasi: Yep! She's great. I bet she'll like you, too!
Feemy: How can she like and love me too?
Renasi: I said you'd love her, she's only gonna like ya. Nudges him a bit.
Feemy: Oooh, I see what you mean now.
Renasi: Laughs a bit.
Feemy: I'll keep my charm in check when around your dear sister. Nudges him back.
Renasi: You'd better. I might be a fiercely overprotective brother.
Feemy: Maybe when I see her, I can judge if it'd be worth it or not. So long as you keep your shirt on when you beat me up.
Renasi: Sorta frowns. Thanakia is beautiful! I think you'd better worry if you're up to her standards. Smiles.
Feemy: …Oh yeah, you're reaaally overprotective.
Renasi: Hey, I'd love for us to be brothers… Except according to Maman, now we're sort of related somehow.
Feemy: …We are?
Renasi: 'Cause her sister or something is married to your brother.
Feemy: Oh well. I'm adopted anyway. Least it's not by blood.
Renasi: Whaddya mean 'at least'? You don't wanna be related?
Feemy: …Well… you wouldn't want to say that your best friend is a relative, would you..?
Renasi: Doesn't really bother me.
Feemy: Well… that's good. It doesn't really bother me either.
Renasi: Oh yeah? You're the one that brought it up.
Feemy: Well… yeah… as a joke.
Renasi: Now you're acting all awkward.
Feemy: No I'm not… Is really acting all awkward. Could be a good liar if his body language wasn't so easy to read.
Renasi: Laughs a little. What's the deal Feemy? C'mon.
Feemy: C'mon… I can't always make funny jokes… I mean, some of them have to bomb. It's statistics…
Renasi: Except you're like… lying through your teeth.
Feemy: Sighs. Oh yeah, he saw through it. Well… it wasn't a joke… but I really am okay with it…
Renasi: Didn't know it'd hurt your pride so much that you were friends with your… distant relative. Geez. Mostly jokingly.
Feemy: No, no! That's not it. It wouldn't hurt my pride at all, honest!
Renasi: Mm-hm.
Feemy: I'm being honest, really!
Renasi: Looks over to Feemy.
Feemy: Looks a little distressed over the fact that he's not taking his word! Though he just lied to him a little bit ago. Really!
Renasi: Fine, fine. I'll get off your back.
Feemy: Frowns. But you don't believe me?
Renasi: Yes, I believe you.
Feemy: Relieved. Since he believes him.
Renasi: Just sighs.
Feemy: …Something bothering you?
Renasi: Nope. Couldn't be happier.
Feemy: Smiles. That's great, Ren.
Renasi: …I feel kinda guilty since you're having issues.
Feemy: Shakes his head. Don't let it bother you.
Renasi: It does. I want my friend to be happy too.
Feemy: Well… It probably sounds a little weird, but it makes me kinda happy to know that things are going so well for you.
Renasi: Smiles. Am I infectious?
Feemy: Heh… maybe a little.
Renasi: Touches Feemy's arm with a finger and holds it there. Feeling happier?
Feemy: A little. Smiles.
Renasi: Touches another finger. How about now?
Feemy: …A little more. Chuckles a bit.
Renasi: A third finger. Hm?
Feemy: Even more so.
Renasi: Fourth finger!
Feemy: Actually even smiling wider. Actually is getting happier obviously!
Renasi: Grins. Thumb.
Feemy: Laughs and it's a happy kind of sound.
Renasi: Reaches over with his other hand for a sixth finger.
Feemy: Looks over to Ren with that happy smile still on his face. Even he thinks it's a little odd that this gesture is doing so much to improve his mood.
Renasi: Grinning! Seventh finger!
Feemy: Very slightly and very subtlety leans to the fingers. He really is infectious! I'm warm and kind of feeling something akin to giddy now. Yay.

Jessica: Hahaha! When'd you get the idea that I was any kind of genius?
John: Heheh. I happen to think you're much smarter than I am, Honey.
Jessica: What in the world ever gave you that idea?
John: You always appeared smart to me. Even when we were just starting out together, you always seemed to know what to do when Celena and Feemy were in a fight or when one of the twins wouldn't go to sleep. Even before that, I'd say that to me, you seem very intelligent. I don't understand why you think I am, to be perfectly honest.
Jessica: I dunno… I don't really think of any of that as being 'smart'. As for you, you're just… Well you think things through. You're sort of… analytical, I suppose. You don't let emotions guide your judgments. And well… You seem to have a lot of knowledge. At least you're well-read and you're articulate. I'm pretty much the opposite of all that. Laughs a bit. I was never a great student in school or anything. I might have 'common sense' but that's about it. So um… Adam got his smarts from his father. Laughs a bit.
John: Well, I think you're intelligent, Jessica and this is coming from an analytical man who doesn't let his emotions guide his judgements. A bit teasingly, but is being sincere in his words about his thoughts on her intelligence. He did. Unfortunately he's not my blood, so he can't inherit anything from me, but I did try to instill a good work ethic into him when he was younger, but I doubt he needed me to do that.
Jessica: Blushes a bit. Well, I think you've helped him along, too… Both of his fathers.
John: Smiles and nods a bit. Understood what she had meant.

Renasi: Has both of his hands on Feemy and now his toes!
Feemy: Oh dear. Actually flushing a little bit by this point.
Renasi: You're all reeed, Feemy. Laughs.
Feemy: …What? I am? Notices his face does feel a little warm… and just gets even more red, now out of embarrassment as well.
Renasi: Laughs and takes his digits off of Feemy, then proceeds to lean on him. What's the matter?
Feemy: Supports. May be blushing and a little flustered, but still smiling. Not a thing.
Renasi: You look like a happy tomato now.
Feemy: Even more flustered at that. Well… yeah… I'm happy.
Renasi: Why're you happy?
Feemy: …Why shouldn't I be? I mean… I'm hanging out with my best friend.
Renasi: Shrugs. Leans. Stays quiet.
Feemy: Supports his leaning with a bit of his own leaning and also stays kind of quiet.
Renasi: …You think this is weird?
Feemy: …What is? Knows what you're talking about or at least has an inkling, but wants to be for sure.
Renasi: I dunno… This.
Feemy: …Leaning on your friend?
Renasi: …Male friend.
Feemy: Oh… it… well… if this bothers you, I'll stop.
Renasi: Doesn't really bother me… I kinda like it.
Feemy: …Doesn't bother me either.