04 April 2019
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John Crowley Elijah McMurran Julius Larson Middler Blaydow Jessica McMurran Gwendolyn Larson

J.N: Grabs a pencil and a stack of paper and shoves it into Elijah. I have a request.
Elijah: Yeah, okay?
J.N: You got me thinking. Why isn't there a demon survival guide? I think you should write it.
Elijah: Grin. I'll do it for YOU, Mr. John!
J.N: …Thanks.
Elijah: Gets started, which thankfully shuts him up. Apparently no one has noticed he's missing yet…

Julius: Be-est frie-end.
Middler: Hi Julius~!
Julius: Hugs Middler.
Middler: Hug!
Julius: I missed you, Middler.
Middler: I missed you too, Julius. Are you well?
Julius: Yeah… Sort of. How about you?
Middler: Doing well. Elf Haven was interesting to visit, but I did lose Natey.
Julius: You lost Natey?
Middler: Yeah… Ivy decided that he'd take better care of him. There wasn't much I could do.
Julius: What do you mean? He's your rabbit.
Middler: I tried talking to him… but he wouldn't budge.
Julius: Just take him back.
Middler: I did though. I couldn't even walk out of the room with Natey though.
Julius: …Get Thanasi to get him?
Middler: She said she'd duel him, but I didn't want them to fight.
Julius: Call the police?
Middler: …There's an Elf Haven police force?
Julius: Well, I could send the army into Elf Haven and have them get your bunny back.
Middler: There's no need to get the army involved. What if that started a fight?
Julius: Guess I could just threaten to THROW HIM IN THE DUNGEON if he doesn't give the bunny back.
Middler: Or I could pull Natey out of my hat like I did when I first brought him around.
Julius: Why don't you do that then?
Middler: Well, it's wrong to steal. And I know he pretty much stole Natey from me, but you know that two wrongs don't make a right.
Julius: It's not stealing if you take something that was yours to begin with and you didn't sell it to him or give it to him or anything.
Middler: Nods. Thing is… He took care of Natey when I couldn't because me and Thanasi got lost somewhere because we went to visit Daniel's grave so I could apologize, but we didn't have a potion back.
Julius: Yeah, that was nice of him and all, but that doesn't mean he can keep him now that you've returned.
Middler: I know…
Julius: You visited Daniel's grave to apologize for what? Offers a chair to Middler.
Middler: For… uh… something. Sits down.
Julius: Sits as well. Something?
Jessica: Comes in! Middler!
Middler: Yes someth- Hi, Jessica!
Jessica: Hugs. Where've you been?! Haliah?
Middler: Elf Haven!
Jessica: Ohh… I thought you were visiting your mother.
Middler: My mom lives in Haliah? …That's good to know! I never knew where she was from.
Jessica: I THINK that's where harpies live… Or one of the surrounding islands.
Gwen: Comes in. Oh look, the circus is in town.
Middler: Looks around with a smile! Oh, right. Insulting me.
Gwen: Sigh. I thought we were rid of you.
Jessica: Middler is worth 10 of you.
Gwen: Scoff.
Middler: How are you, Gwen?
Gwen: Not so great anymore. To Julius. Oh look, you're not asleep.
Middler: I'm sorry to hear that, Gwen.
Gwen: I'd feel better if you left. Cheery tone.
Julius: I wouldn't.
Middler: That's alright. I don't plan on leaving right now. I've missed Jessica and Julius too much just to shuffle off now.
Gwen: Hmph. Well, someone will be sleeping in his office tonight! Leaves.
Julius: Si-igh.
Jessica: …So, did you enjoy your stay in Elf Haven?
Middler: Yes, except for the ordeal with Natey, and I'm sorry about that Julius.
Julius: Glumly. It's alright…
Jessica: Ordeal with Natey?
Middler: Explains the ordeal!