03 October 2037
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Renasi Reium Feemerson Crowley Trajedie Remourna Adam Crowley Jessica Crowley John Crowley

Renasi: Here we stand, in this moment now I give my heart, I give my love this is my vow to you I swear and I promise to give all I can, all I am, I give to you. Here we are, hand-in-hand united as one by the promise of our love I open my heart and let you in to live there forever as a lover and a friend.
Feemy: He sings so beautifully…
Renasi: As I stand here before you I can't help but adore you… Here we stand, in this moment now I give my heart, I give my love this is my vow to you I swear and I promise to give all I can, all I am, I give to you. Here we are, face-to-face brought together by God's amazing grace…
Feemy: Listening.
Renasi: Hums.
Feemy: Can't really sneak up on Ren due to his Half Elf ears, so he doesn't bother. That was beautiful.
Renasi: Smiles and blushes. Thank you.
Feemy: You're welcome… It's wonderful to see you out of bed. Over to him he goes.
Renasi: I'm feeling much better… Smiles. Friends, we started out as friends. Friends turned into lovers. Do you remember when I held you for the very first time? Love me. It is so easy, boy, for me to speak my mind.
Feemy: Smiles and closes his eyes, actually remembering quite clearly when they were friends and when they became lovers.
Renasi: I've said- I want you. I need you. Oh boy, how I believe in you. You're the light that has always seen me through. In you, I could find that I will be forever by your side.
Feemy: He's going to make him cry if he keep singing. Smiles wider.
Renasi: Now we see our love has grown and these have been the sweetest times that I have ever known and I know that it will never end, 'cause every time I look at you, I fall in love again.
Feemy: That did it. Sighs happily, a tear strolling down his face.
Renasi: I want you. I need you. Oh boy, how I believe in you. You're the light that has always seen me through. In you, I could find that I will be forever by your side. Longer than the sun will shine, love is a tie that binds. Forever. Forever. Two hearts are meant to be one love eternally. Together, forever, forever.
Feemy: Steps closer and loops his arms around him tightly. Of course not… I could listen to you sing all day and night, Ren.
Renasi: Laughs. I'm not as good as you.
Feemy: I know. You're much, much better. Squeezes him.
Renasi: That's not truuue. Laughs. Day after day I must face a world of strangers where I don't belong. I'm not that strong. It's nice to know that there's someone I can turn to who will always care. You're always there.
Feemy: Holds him closer. Much, much better than I am.
Renasi: Laughs more and nuzzles to him a bit. When there's no getting over that rainbow. When my smallest of dreams won't come true. I can take all the madness the world has to give, but I won't last a day without you.
Feemy: Listens and nuzzles to him in return, loosening his hug, since his ribs are starting to ache a bit.
Renasi: So many times when the city seems to be without a friendly face. A lonely place. It's nice to know that you'll be there if I need you and you'll always smile. It's all worthwhile. When there's no getting over that rainbow. When my smallest of dreams won't come true. I can take all the madness the world has to give, but I won't last a day without you. Giggles.
Feemy: Chuckles and hugs him tighter once more, despite the slight pain it brings. I wouldn't last a day without you either, Renasi.
Renasi: Smiles. Touch me and I end up singing. Troubles seem to up and disappear. You touch me with the love you're bringing. I can't really lose when you're near. If all my friends have forgotten half their promises, they're not unkind, just hard to find. One look at you and I know that I could learn to live without the rest. I found the best. Grins.
Feemy: Tighter he hugs. Oh, that hurts. It's worth it though. I've got to wait awhile longer before I can sing for you again…
Renasi: Laughs. Then that'll make it all the better when you can, right?
Feemy: Chuckles. I guess we'll find out when I can sing for you again…
Renasi: Hm?
Feemy: Loosens an arm and runs a finger over one of his ears. Just a surprise I have for you when I can sing again, is all.
Renasi: Shudders a bit… His ears are sensitive. I look forward to it…
Feemy: Good… Smiles, continuing to stroke his ear.
Renasi: Shivers and his ear twitches a bit.
Feemy: Chuckles and loosens his hug even more, though only to lean down and nip at the his ear instead.
Renasi: The shiver runs down through his body. Mm!
Feemy: I missed doing that so much…
Renasi: Oh, Feemy…
Feemy: Nibbles on the ear. I've just missed you…
Renasi: Shudders and starts unbuttoning his shirt.
Feemy: Looks like he missed me too. More nibbling for his Elfy love.
Renasi: Mmm… Removes his shirt.
Feemy: Oh, his pale skin I've missed so much… Missed in very wrong ways, too. Unbuttoning his own shirt. At least glad he can wear one and he doesn't have to traipse around in a backless smock.
Renasi: Starts removing his pants, slipping them off.
Feemy: His ears must be pretty sensitive. Licks the ear all the way to its point.
Renasi: Mmm… Leans back against Feemy but not too hard, so as not to hurt his ribs.
Feemy: Slips his own shirt off and wraps his arms around him, leaving his ear alone for the time being to instead just nuzzle to him for a moment.
Renasi: Nuzzles. Sitting in front of a window, mostly naked. Lips soon find Feemy's.
Feemy: Glad their lips met finally and even though it hurts a little, hugs him tightly to himself.
Renasi: Hands go to Feemy's soft curls. His long thin fingers run through them as he kisses Feemy.
Feemy: His own just stroke Ren's soft skin, sorely missing the feeling of his skin since their time apart, including their recovery.
Renasi: Stops kissing him and just looks to Feemy with a sort of silly smile.
Feemy: Smiles back at him, leaning in to give him a kiss that is, quite literally, right between his eyes, just to see if they'll cross for a moment.
Renasi: They do. Laughs and pulls away to shut the curtains… Then stands and removes his underwear.
Feemy: Takes a seat on the bed.
Renasi: Sits on Feemy's lap, rubbing a bit…
Feemy: Wraps his arms around him.
Renasi: Continues his pressing movements and his lips find Feemy's neck.
Feemy: Mm… Shivers, holding him tighter to himself. Ren may already be feeling just how much he's missed him by now, with his position on his lap.
Renasi: Does indeed. Lets his hand stroke down there over his pants teasingly.
Feemy: Tease! Shivers more, head tilting to the side, so he can do whatever he pleases with the side of the neck he'd chosen to lay his lips upon.
Renasi: Does indeed kiss his neck more, unbuttoning Feemy's pants to let them slide down, along with his underwear.
Feemy: Only moves to accommodate being undressed, shuddering as his neck is kissed even more. Mmm…
Renasi: Strokes Feemy's now bare, sensitive skin more in earnest than in teasing as he continues to smooch.
Feemy: More shivering, his own hands strolling leisurely down Ren's body, seeking to return the favor in kind, though they're in no hurry, despite the affections being lavished upon him.
Renasi: Kissing down him, carefully skipping his rib cage and removes himself from Feemy's lap, kneeling down before him to take him between his lips.
Feemy: Oh, wow. Strokes his hair as he does.
Renasi: He's pretty good at this. Had a lot of practice. Stops before Feemy's had enough and gets back on his lap, positioning himself above him.
Feemy: I'd love to be more affectionate, but the ribs kind of do hinder me… quite a bit actually!
Renasi: Let me take care of you.
Feemy: My dove.
Renasi: Rides him with throes of passionate moaning.
Feemy: Doesn't even care if they bother anyone else. Moans from him as well.
Renasi: Quite missed this particular intimate activity.
Feemy: Has too. Very pent up as Renasi might be able to tell, even with his broken ribs.
Renasi: Quite pent up himself… and is soon to find release, moaning louder, then quieting back down and panting.
Feemy: Eventually finds his own and is quite in the same state afterwards, panting pleasantly and fortunately for people in earshot, quieting down as well.
Renasi: Happily lays in Feemy's arms.
Feemy: Holds him close, his chest hurting a little bit from the panting and moaning, but that is in the back of his mind. My dove…
Renasi: …My sheep. Laughs.
Feemy: Chuckles. …Baaa.
Renasi: Giggles. Depleted his stamina from that romp, so removes himself from Feemy to lie down.
Feemy: …We should get some rest, shouldn't we? After he deigns to release Ren.
Renasi: Mm-hm… Yawns.
Feemy: …Think Ivy would let me sleep in here?
Renasi: I don't see why not. We're engaged to be married.
Feemy: I meant more for medical reasons. So long as you don't nudge my side in my sleep. Laughs.
Renasi: I'll try not to… You know how large I am. I just take up the whole bed.
Feemy: Oh, I know… but since I usually prefer that you sleep half on top of me, it evens out pretty well. Grins.
Renasi: Well, I'm not gonna tonight. I'll just sleep over here on the very edge.
Feemy: Oh no, you are not. You're gonna sleep stark naked and next to me. More grinning.
Renasi: I am stark naked.
Feemy: I know, which means you're halfway there already.
Renasi: I don't want to hurt you, Feemy. Honestly.
Feemy: You're not going to. Just sleep on the side of me that isn't hurt.
Renasi: Sighs, gets up, and goes around the bed to Feemy's other side.
Feemy: I'm a stubborn old sheep, aren't I?
Renasi: You are.
Feemy: Still grinning. …You just like letting me have my way.
Renasi: You are the dom. Smiles.
Feemy: Gets comfortable on the bed. Always was the leader of the two of us… Chuckles.
Renasi: Too true.
Feemy: Never saw why though. You're smarter than I am. Grins and closes his eyes.
Renasi: Says who?
Feemy: Says me. Puts his hands behind his head like a makeshift pillow.
Renasi: Hmph.
Feemy: Peeks an eye open and turns his head to look at Ren.
Renasi: Eyes closed.
Feemy: Leans in and gives his ear one more tiny nip before settling back down.
Renasi: Aaauuu…
Feemy: That's the cutest sound. Makes him want to nip at him again.
Renasi: Already asleep.
Feemy: Soon follows.

Messenger: Knocks on Adam's door. Ms. Remourna?
Traj: Gets up to answer the door.
Adam: Asleep himself.
Messenger: Hands her a letter.
Traj: Takes the letter! …Thank you. Weird, a letter? Looks to see who it is from.
Letter: From Nicholas Romolo.
Traj: Opens it and reads the letter.
Letter: Peace, peace, Trajedie, peace! Thou talk'st of nothing. …In all seriousness… Thank you for the letter, Trajedie. It was kind of you to send me one amidst your own busy schedule. I also apologize for taking Joel from the infirmary, I'm sure you had a rough time of it, but if you are still in one piece enough to read this, I believe it has proven you to be more than up to the task to be a doctor. My apprenticeship was much like your own by the sound of it. No doubt my cousin's skull can grow a bit too heavy for his spine to support, but I believe it is still screwed on straight. He's a knowledgeable man and his book, while dull, will provide you with what you need to know to be a good doctor. Also, I'm sorry to say, but Joel knows that standing up to my mother will have little effect. It's best to save your breath, though she certainly has an endless supply. While I thoroughly appreciate your efforts to the cause, I've lived with my mother for a long time and am used to being berated. Well, this is a letter and not a lecture. Sadly, I've run out of time to talk of lighter subjects as my nurse, Anita, demands I rest. Take care and always practice safe sex. Sincerely, Nick
Traj: A little shocked at the fact that he got what she had referenced in her previous letter, to say the least. The letter was great up until that last part, the jerk. I might not even write back! Decides to anyway.
Letter: Dear Dr. Romolo. The letter is of no consequence, as I found myself acting not only as the custodian, but as the page to the 'Great Dr. Marsetti.' As for his book and his dry literature, I say that reputation is an idle and most false imposition; oft got without merit and lost without deserving. Perhaps that is untrue, but I suppose that is to be seen. You will have to forgive me for not looking to him as a friend in Denmark, but between tending the infirmary with Fay and reading his book, I have very little to like about him at the moment. I'm not just getting to rest. Fortunate, as I would not like to embarrass myself again by becoming so heavy with sleep that my eyes cannot help but close at the dinner table with my lover's father present. I fortunately, though, have more time to write of lighter subjects. Regardless of how accustomed you are to your mother's words, it would still be best not to let her use you like a carpet. You've seen too many summers for that sort of thing to be excusable. If you deign to accept your position as a bear skin rug, then I suppose I have no position to protest your resignation in the matter. The messenger has came late or early, and I feel the need to be in my love's arms once more. I apologize for the brief nature of this letter and for not touching upon airy subjects as well. I hope you are faring better or at least well. I would also recommend you practice safe sex, but I kind of feel that there wouldn't be a point to it. - Sincerely, Trajedie
Traj: Choke on that burn sauce. Sends it off ASAP and back to bed to snuggle with the unconscious Adam.
Adam: Snuggles unconsciously.
Traj: Resists the urge to bother him in his sleep with her affections. Snuggles more, pressing close to him.
Adam: Sleeps on, though his eyebrows knit a bit.
Traj: Observes his face curiously. Strokes gently down his side and watches to see what kind of reaction that'll bring out of him.
Adam: His body feels very hot.
Traj: Snuggles more into him, though partially because she very much enjoys warmth.
Adam: Mmm… Looks uncomfortable.
Traj: Still working up the nerve. Looks to his face… He really is handsome!
Adam: Sweating. Mm…
Traj: He's sweating… That's not a good sign. …Adam?
Adam: Mmm. Head turns from side to side.
Traj: Could be having a nightmare. Adam. Pulls away from him and gently shakes him.
Adam: Fingers curl, clenching the sheets. Mmm…
Traj: Shakes a little harder. Adam!
Adam: Hand moves to scratch his chest where his scar is, then suddenly, his eyes open and he sits up with a yell. Pants. His fingernails are dug into his skin but not enough to break his flesh.
Traj: Staring at him with wide eyes, looking concerned. …You had a nightmare. Thinks he did, at least.
Adam: His hand presses hard into his chest and doubles over weakly, panting… Body temperature is returning to normal.
Traj: …Are… you okay, Adam? Lightly puts a hand on his shoulder.
Adam: Calming down. Sits back up. …I-I'm okay… You're right… I just had a nightmare… Feels his chest a bit more lightly… Then seems satisfied and puts his hand back down at his side. Gives her a weak smile.
Traj: Doesn't return the smile, just looks worried for him. …And your skin was hot.
Adam: S'okay… Just the burning dream…
Traj: …I see… How mortifying.
Adam: Smiles, wrapping his arms around her.
Traj: Snuggles into him when his arms wrap around. …Are you sure you're alright?
Adam: As good as gold.
Traj: This seems to mollify her at least and she smiles to him.
Adam: Smiles back. Feeling his chest again.
Traj: Looks down at his hand and frowns a little. …Are you having chest pains?
Adam: No… Just checking…
Traj: Looks to him questioningly, then looks to his chest, getting an inkling as to what he's checking for. Places a hand lightly on his chest as well.
Adam: Smiles. Strokes her hair. Did you enjoy dinner last night?
Traj: Strokes his chest, though mostly on the scar that rested upon it. I did when I was conscious… Smiles as well.
Adam: Laughs. …Sorry about my sister…
Traj: It's no problem…
Adam: She's uh… high-spirited.
Traj: …That's one way to put it…
Adam: Scratches his cheek. …The Gabriel thing was a bit weird…
Traj: Very… Is it like this at the castle often? I mean… with the… strangeness?
Adam: Laughs a bit. …Yeah…
Traj: It's much more lively than back at home, for sure.
Adam: Smiles. I'm strange too, you know? The last of my kind.
Traj: You're not strange at all though… You're intriguing.
Adam: Laughs. …Really?
Traj: Nods. Really… and it's not because you're the last of your kind, either.
Adam: Then why?
Traj: Your thoughts do. Lightly taps him on the nose with her index finger.
Adam: Laughs a bit. …I don't really understand.
Traj: …It's hard to explain, I guess… I mean… I just find your thoughts interesting… The way you look at things.
Adam: I'm glad you find me interesting, then… I find you interesting, too.
Traj: …Well… I… didn't mean it to sound… weird…
Adam: You don't at all…
Traj: Laughs a little. …I'm kind of weird. Sorry…
Adam: You're nooot… Holds her. If you are… I don't care… I love you for it…
Traj: Wraps her arms around him as well, snuggling closer yet. …Thank you, Adam. I love you too.
Adam: …It's still so wonderful to hear that…
Traj: I hope it's always wonderful to hear it… I know it will be for me.
Adam: I was so lonely before…
Traj: Adam… You don't have to be lonely anymore now…
Adam: I know… because I have you…
Traj: For as long as you want me…
Adam: Always… Always, always, always…
Traj: Smiles hearing that. …I'm touched… I… well… I didn't want to scare you off… but… when I think of what lies ahead… my future… I just can't picture it being without you…
Adam: Smiles, holding her closer. I-I feel the same way…
Traj: Snuggles closer as well, squeezing him in her arms. Adam…
Adam: …I know it's still so early… and that frustrates me to some extent… I feel like you were made for me… or I was made for you… or we were both made for each other…
Traj: Rests her head gently against him. I feel the same way… but what frustrates you about it…? Has a thought on why it might, but wants to know his reasoning.
Adam: I… It's hard to articulate… I feel very much as though a lot of people are judging us… You and me… Not so much… in a normal relationship… I mean… just my parents… or family… but all of Atlantis… I'm the regent… everyone wants me to make a good match and I'm sorry that it puts that kind of pressure and expectation on you… and our relationship, as well. I… went off on a bit of a tangent… I mean… we're both very young… and we haven't been seeing each other for very long… I mean… it's too early… one would think… to be wanting to make lifelong commitments… I just… feel like I've… always been with you… that I always should have… That I should always be… Like you're a part of me… I didn't know I needed but I found and now I couldn't do without… Maybe it's just my inexperience talking or… I don't know. It doesn't feel that way to me… I always… I like to think things through… Sighs. I'm rambling… I don't even know what I'm saying.
Traj: …I think you're making sense… From the outside looking in… I guess if they heard us say that we want to stay together, they'd just think we were being foolish, young lovers… I mean… you're right… we haven't been together long… but… I don't think the time spent should matter all that much… but the substance of the time spent… but… I guess I can't say it's not my inexperience either… but I've never felt this way, like I have for you… and I honestly, truly, don't think I ever can feel that way for someone else… but… Sighs. …It is hard to put into words…
Adam: …I… know what you mean. Blushing a bit. I think… I think we're thinking the same thing…
Traj: …Even if we're both equally bad at articulating it… Smiles.
Adam: Laughs a bit. Trajedie… you're just… everything I could ever ask for… Too perfect… Too wonderful… Like you said… I don't think… I don't think there's luck enough for there to be someone else as good as you out there… I… I do feel very lucky… to have you. Ah… Everything I say comes out awful.
Traj: Smiles a bit more, her own cheeks tinting pink. …It doesn't matter how you say it. It matters what you mean… and… I feel the same way. There just can't be anyone out there like Adam Crowley… and… even if there is… I don't want to find out…
Adam: Laughs, holding her close and nuzzling his nose to her. I am the last of my kind.
Traj: Nuzzles her nose back to his, this particular show of affection bringing out a dimply smile. You are the last real gentleman.
Adam: Now that's not true…
Traj: Smiles and gives his lips a little peck.
Adam: Smiles, staring at her.
Traj: Stares right back to him, smiling all the while.
Adam: Oh, it's frustrating.
Traj: Blinks.
Adam: I don't even know why… I'm being so greedy…
Traj: Smiles a little impishly, pouting a little bit playfully into the expression as well. Do you just wish you would have met me sooner…? So everybody would understand why you want to marry me now?
Adam: Goes quite quiet at this!
Traj: Her expression withers after a few moments of utter silence pass. …I…I'm sorry…
Adam: Y-You have nothing to be sorry for…
Traj: I do… I… shouldn't have said that…
Adam: …No… maybe it's something that should have been said…
Traj: Within every joke, there is a kernel of truth, it's been said. …Adam?
Adam: Yes?
Traj: …Is it true…?
Adam: Looking her in the eyes, as he always does, especially with serious conversation. What?
Traj: Looking right back into his eyes, where she usually looks when her eyes aren't wandering with her thoughts. …What I said just a little bit ago.
Adam: That I wish I had met you sooner, so everyone would understand why I want to marry you now?
Traj: …It's stupid to ask…
Adam: Looks thoughtful. Partly yes… partly also… I wish… how long we've been dating was comparable to how deeply I feel about you…
Traj: Stares at him a little.
Adam: Stares back. Silent, so she can make her thoughts known when she's ready.
Traj: …Did… you say you would want to marry me…? That is what most stuck out in the last words, of course.
Adam: …Well… that's not exactly how I would ideally put that thought into words… but yes.
Traj: Goes red with embarrassment, breaking eye contact. S…Sorry…
Adam: …It's okay… Not stuttering or blushing, at least… Trying to seem as though he's sure of himself and sincere.
Traj: Hard for her to remain that way. She really doesn't want to seem like an idiot to Adam. …And… I do wish we've been dating for longer… but… the fact that I feel this way for you, even after this short time… it… kind of speaks volumes…
Adam: Stays silent, looking at her and stroking her hair a bit.
Traj: Gets the nerve to meet his eyes again, though it helps having her hair stroked.
Adam: When she does meet his eyes, smiles a bit reassuringly.
Traj: Smiles a little in response. The last thing she'd said wasn't something she felt foolish for saying in the least, unlike the statement before.
Adam: …It still feels… very greedy of me… I mean… It should be enough… to be your boyfriend… to have you with me every night… It should be enough…
Traj: I don't think it's greedy… I love you, Adam… so… just tell me what else I can give you… and… I will…
Adam: …Just… all of you… everything… the rest of your life… Laughs. I'd be… more than willing to give you the same. Laughs. Everything I say comes out awful.
Traj: Shakes her head and smiles. No, it doesn't… and… It's yours… Adam. All of me. For as long as you want me… Which I hope is always… always, always.
Adam: Puts his hands in hers. And I'm yours… for always, always, always…
Traj: Squeezes his hand gently. …Promise…?
Adam: I promise. His gaze is unfaltering.
Traj: Keeps his gaze, not blinking or breaking or otherwise faltering as well. I promise, too.
Adam: Smiles. …We're both so young…
Traj: …That only means we have a long time to be together…
Adam: I mean… Strokes her cheek. No one will probably approve…
Traj: …We don't have to have their approval… and… if it does mean anything… we'll just show them that our feelings are real through time… when we're still together.
Adam: Smiles at her and holds her close.
Traj: Snuggles close to him, smiling as well and wondering how she could have ever gotten so lucky to have been found by such a wonderful person.
Adam: Wonders the same thing. She's making me think about proposing, but I know my parents will never approve.

Jessica: Gets back into bed after spending some quality time with the toilet.
John: Wide awake. Had a nightmare.
Jessica: John…? Strokes his chest. You awake?
John: Nods slightly. I'm awake, Honey.
Jessica: What's the matter?
John: …Just thinking, is all.
Jessica: About what?
John: Time… Chuckles. …Kind of vague…
Jessica: …Time?
John: Puts an arm around her, to pull her closer. I had a nightmare earlier. A very realistic one… that reflected a genuine fear I have… and it just got me thinking about time… more specifically, I suppose how much of it has passed since we've been together.
Jessica: Strokes his cheek. What was your nightmare about?
John: Puts a hand over the scar on his side. That I was going to die.
Jessica: Frowns. You're not, are you?
John: Not that I know of… Lifts up the covers to double-check the injury and thankfully, it's the same. No Demon mark.
Jessica: Good.
John: It's not that I'm afraid to pass on… I just don't want to leave you and the children. Pulls her a little closer.
Jessica: I wouldn't want you to leave, either.
John: I know… It just got me thinking about when they were younger, is all.
Jessica: Like what?
John: Oh… I just remember when Danielle and Rosemary would skip down the halls holding hands… How they were inseparable. Chuckles.
Jessica: Smiles. They still are very close.
John: I know… Danielle really wants to go to the same Academy as Rosemary.
Jessica: Sighs. Things'll work out…
John: I'm not worried about it, really. It wouldn't be a bad thing if they did go together… It could be a little intimidating and it could be a good thing if they knew that they had someone they trust there as well.
Jessica: Nods. That's true…
John: …I also remember when Elijah was just going to high school in America.
Jessica: Giggles. …A bit of a fish out of water.
John: Flopping around, for sure… He called me and asked me how to be cool. More chuckling.
Jessica: Laughs! What did you tell him?
John: That I'm not. Laughs. I asked him why he thought I was cool… and I remember him saying because I didn't care what anyone thought of me. I told him that he shouldn't either, that he should be and act like himself regardless of what people think.
Jessica: Well… that was sound advice
John: Heh… The castle sword master is the same kid that used to think I was a secret agent…
Jessica: Giggles. Oh… I was so maaad about that… I stayed at your house and turned the TV up so you couldn't sleep. I'm surprised you could still stand me after that.
John: Heh-heh… You had every right to be mad. I knew that then, even.
Jessica: Well… It was still immature of me.
John: It got the point across very well, though. Smiles.
Jessica: Hm… and I was cooking all that Mexican food, since I knew you didn't like it.
John: You knew how to wage war, that is for sure.
Jessica: Giggles.
John: I'm surprised Elijah still hung around me after I dropped that bomb on him.
Jessica: Poor Elijah… He used to call you, "Mr. John" all the time, too.
John: Now he calls me… Dad.
Jessica: He does. Smiles.
John: Smiles. I'm grateful that any of the children I've adopted do… I never would have guessed that Celena would when she first knew we were dating.
Jessica: Giggles. She was… not happy… It's strange to think about now…
John: It is… Chuckles. I think she called me a boring caveman at one point.
Jessica: Giggles. The only one who was okay with it was Adam… or a little too okay with it.
John: Too okay with it?
Jessica: I think the problem was, he was wanting you to be his father before we were even married.
John: Nods. I didn't help that problem either… I did let him call me, "Father" before we were married.
Jessica: Well… in retrospect… it was fine, really… Knowing what I know now… I mean.
John: Of course… but then… I think I wanted to be a father to him even before I knew it. Maybe some kind of… latent paternal instinct. Chuckles.
Jessica: Laughs. I thought you two were always very sweet together.
John: I barely even knew what I was doing around him. Laughs and sighs. …I remember always waking up to see him staring at me from my lap.
Jessica: Giggles. He loved you a lot… I'm glad he found a good father in you. It's hard to think of a time when you weren't Adam's father, really.
John: I'd like to think that I did my best to be there for him, at least.
Jessica: You've been a wonderful father to him, John. There's no doubt about that.
John: I couldn't have done it without help, Jessica. Pulls her even closer.
Jessica: I'm always willing to lend a hand. Wraps her arms around his neck.
John: And you've been a wonderful mother to all of them and a wonderful wife. Leans in to kiss her forehead.
Jessica: Giggles. Thank you…
John: I'm only being honest, Honey… Sighs happily. And now Adam's head-over-heels in love with that Tragedy girl.
Jessica: Oh, well… Is she nice?
John: She fell asleep at the table. Chuckles.
Jessica: Well, they're perfect for each other then.
John: I was thinking the same thing… I don't blame her, though. I heard there was only one other person in the infirmary at the time, so I wouldn't doubt that she was exhausted.
Jessica: Nods. It's nice that he found someone.
John: It is. He sounds serious about it, too.
Jessica: Really? I hope he takes things slow.
John: …I'm… sure he is.
Jessica: What's with that hesitating response?
John: …What do you mean? Whoops.
Jessica: …He's a horny 18 year old boy who's never been in a relationship before.
John: Now… Jessica… that is a little unfair… He's still a smart young man.
Jessica: If he lets his brain do the thinking.
John: Kind of hard to argue with that. …They were feeding each other at the dinner table.
Jessica: That's fine, as long as they're not sleeping in the same room.
John: …They are.
Jessica: …What?!
John: Adam seems very enamored with her.
Jessica: Like I said, he's a horny 18-year-old boy and now he's probably gotten her pregnant.
John: He would at least use protection. That's me, Mr. Brightside.
Jessica: I thought he'd be more responsible than this… He's dated her for less than a month!
John: …He has been confined to the infirmary and his bed for a long time. I don't blame him for getting a little… carried away.
Jessica: You don't blame him?
John: …Well, he certainly could have used his considerable intelligence in this matter… so… I suppose I do blame him.
Jessica: He's only 18… He's too young to do that sort of thing.
John: You're right… I was younger when I did, though. But for what it's worth, he really does seem to have feelings for the girl. He told me he loves her.
Jessica: He doesn't know what love is.
John: I didn't really know either, until I met you… All it takes is meeting the right person.
Jessica: Well, you don't just meet the right person first thing and never have any prior relationships except with family members.
John: …Not true.
Jessica: What makes it not true?
John: Celena.
Jessica: Celena had friends.
John: …True.
Jessica: Celena didn't sleep in the same room with Middler until they were married, either.
John: Also true… but he's chosen to go a little… fast… with this one.
Jessica: He's rushing into things.
John: He is… but there isn't much we can do about it. We can't just tell him to not see her.
Jessica: He hasn't even known this girl for that long. It'd be one thing if they'd known each other or been friends for years, but he just met her a few weeks ago.
John: I know, Jessica… He is rushing into things and they are taking things fast, it seems.
Jessica: Well, maybe you should talk to him.
John: I have… Well, I spoke to him shortly about his girlfriend and promised to get to know her better at dinner. I also told him that he was entitled to a degree of privacy.
Jessica: And what did he say about her?
John: That he loved her. I told him not to say it if he didn't mean it and he assured me that he did.
Jessica: John… He's never had friends before… He was lonely…
John: I know, Jessica… but even then.. I don't think he would look me in the eye and say it if he really, truly, didn't mean it. Even if he is rushing into things.
Jessica: He can certainly be stupid when he really wants to be.
John: By the time this conversation is done, my wife is probably going to be scooched all the way to the other side of the bed and only respond with, 'yeah' and, 'mm-hm.' …Speaking of feeding each other at the table, I saw Nathaniel and Danielle doing the same thing.
Jessica: What? Now Danielle really is too young.
John: She is… Though I think she was just imitating what Adam and Tragedy were doing. Maybe we should talk to Danielle and Rosemary about dating, then?
Jessica: They're being a bad example… and I will.
John: Nods. It's best you talk to them… Otherwise, they're not going to be able to date until they're 30.