03 February 20??

Julien: Knocking on Vladora's bedroom door.
Vladora: Rouses herself from her nap. …Who is it?
Julien: Slowly opens the door.
Vladora: Looks.
Julien: Hey Beautiful.
Vladora: Julien!
Julien: Steps inside. Looks like he lost a little bit of weight, owing to the hospital food, but otherwise, he seems normal.
Vladora: What are you doing here?
Julien: Paying a visit, of course. Weird, huh? Wanting to see my fiance? Grins.
Vladora: Nooo… but… you're already out of the hospital? Is it alright for you to be moving around?
Julien: I was lucky. Nothing vital got shot and no damage was done to anything from the impact of the bullet. As for moving about, yes and no.
Vladora: What's that supposed to mean?
Julien: Walking, sitting, and laying down is hardly moving at all.
Vladora: Does that mean you can do it or not? Crosses her arms.
Julien: I can walk, sit, and lay down. That's about it. Still have those stitches in me. Want to see them?
Vladora: Not really.
Julien: Laughs. It's just great to be out of bed. So sorry for the gross joke.
Vladora: Been feeling a bit sit to my stomach lately, so I had really better not.
Julien: I'm sorry, Vladora. I'd be right here with you through it all if I could.
Vladora: Don't worry about it. School is important and so is your health.
Julien: I knew you'd say that. May I have a seat, Mi'lady?
Vladora: Yeah… Sorry. Scoots over on her bed to make room for him.
Julien: No need for apologies at all. Walks over and takes a seat on her bed where she'd made room.
Vladora: Reaches over and strokes his cheek.
Julien: Smiles and nuzzles her hand. I've missed you.
Vladora: I've missed you too. Smiles. Notice anything different?
Julien: I can already tell you got more beautiful.
Vladora: Smiles. Oh, you.
Julien: Blinks when he realizes that she isn't wearing gloves and his face isn't melted off. Nuzzles. You're not wearing gloves…
Vladora: Nope. My body turned back human.
Julien: Blinks. But how? Why?
Vladora: Well, I'm not entirely sure how… but I figure it's because I'm expecting.
Julien: That's strange…
Vladora: I don't mind. It's nice to be able to feel again.
Julien: Nods. Doesn't want to say that it's nice to be able to touch her bare hand.
Vladora: Wraps her arms around his neck, snuggling up to him, then released to pull the blankets up.
Julien: Snuggles back to her once her covers are pulled up. I'm sorry for stopping by so late.
Vladora: I don't mind. It's nice to sleep with someone else in your bed.
Julien: It is. I missed that too. Never knew how lonesome it was until I was hospitalized.
Vladora: Aww. Strokes his hair. Vladora's here for you now.
Julien: Snuggles to her a little more. And that makes me a happy Julien.
Vladora: Hm… What do you think of the name "Acacia"?
Julien: You're just absolutely positive it's going to be a girl. Grins and thinks about the name Acacia.
Vladora: Yep. Laughs. It's gonna be a girl because I said so.
Julien: So it won't be a boy if I say so? Keeps grinning.
Vladora: Hm. If it's a boy, you can name it.
Julien: I wouldn't know what to name it anyhow. Acacia… hm… What does that mean?
Vladora: It's a flower, I think.
Julien: A pretty flower?
Vladora: I don't actually know… Not sure if I've ever seen one. Not really much of a botanist.
Julien: The name sounds pretty, I think.
Vladora: I think so, too. It's really… growing… on… never mind.
Julien: Grins. …Hehehe.
Vladora: Ugh… Pun not intended.
Julien: That's what makes it funny! Laughs.
Vladora: Oh, don't… I hate puns. Laughs.
Julien: Stops laughing, but still grinning at her.
Vladora: Shakes her head.
Julien: I'll stop, I'll stop. I'll be a frond. Laughs.
Vladora: …What?
Julien: Intentional pun, not as funny.
Vladora: I didn't get it.
Julien: Fronds are a type of leaf.
Vladora: I know… but, uh… I don't get it.
Julien: It sounds vaguely like "friend". Frond. Friend.
Vladora: You'll be a friend?
Julien: It's a phrase. "Be a friend," means to do a favor or something akin to that.
Vladora: Shrugs. Wouldn't it be great if women had retractable breasts?
Julien: Like airbags?
Vladora: Air bags?
Julien: They're in a car. They burst out on impact. Are your boobs getting in the way of things?
Vladora: I dunno… They're just kinda annoying… You have to wear a bra and if you don't it's uncomfortable and they jiggle around and stuff and now they're kind of sore.
Julien: Never knew being a woman was so hard.
Vladora: Me neither. I mean, I appreciated boobs as much as the next guy, but they're actually kind of annoying when you have them. I guess I'll get used to it.
Julien: Do you think you have to stay a woman? I mean, there are couples that have two dads and I'm sure you're going to talk to our daughter about the Opposer thing.
Vladora: I don't know… really… I mean, I think I'd like to be a mommy instead of a dad. Laughs. That'd certainly be less confusing…
Julien: If that's what you want, I think you'd make a good mom or dad. I just don't want you to feel like you absolutely have to stay a woman if you don't want to.
Vladora: It's not that I don't want to. I mean, a body is a body. It just takes some getting used to. A, uh… learning curve, if you will, heh.
Julien: Learning curves. Raises his eyebrows. …Sorry, but I'm happy if that's what you want. I'll support you every step of the way.
Vladora: Argh. And, thanks, Julien… Do you mind me being female? I mean, I guess you fell in love with me as a male.
Julien: So long as it's you in that body, I don't mind which gender you are.
Vladora: Smiles. It's me… and I admit… I like wearing cute dresses.
Julien: I'll admit that you look great in cute dresses.
Vladora: Grins. Better than checking out chicks in cute dresses is to wear one yourself.
Julien: I'll take your word since I don't think there's a dress that I could quite pull off. Grins back.
Vladora: Laughs. Too true. I'm lucky I don't make a hideous looking girl. Like… imagine my grampa as a girl. Laughs.
Julien: Shudders and laughs. Uuugh, Queen John.
Vladora: Not a pretty picture.
Julien: No, it isn't. Chuckles.
Vladora: Wonder what it'll be like being Vladora Randall… Though my name still bothers me.
Julien: Vladimer? You could legally change it.
Vladora: Laughs. Just change it to Vladora June Randall or something.
Julien: That doesn't have a bad ring to it. I especially like the "Randall" part.
Vladora: Laughs. I bet you do. Vladora Joan Randall… Ah, I dunno.
Julien: Grins and snuggles to her. It's a good bet, though I think changing your name to Vladora would be good too. Heh, I call you Vladora more than your actual name.
Vladora: Nearly everyone does, because I insist. Laughs.
Julien: Laughs. Makes sense just to keep Vladora. Not sure about a middle name though.
Vladora: Well, it's Vladimer Jonah Aura McMurran… Since Vladimer and Aura are used to make Vladora, I thought to just keep Jonah, though it's a guy's name.
Julien: I know your full name, your dad always used it when he got mad at you, heh. Hm… Joan is nice, I think. Keeps to the old middle name a little, but still is feminine.
Vladora: Nods. Not sure about changing my name, though. I'm kinda attached to it. Laughs. Well, except the McMurran part. I'm alright with becoming a Randall.
Julien: Grins. That I'm glad to hear. You can keep your name. Except the last bit, of course.
Vladora: Hmm… Snuggles up to him. Julien Harold.
Julien: Puts an arm around her. That's my name and I quite like it too.
Vladora: I missed you a lot… I was going to visit you on the 28th… but it was Aidae's birthday.
Julien: I understand, Vladora. Don't worry about that. You should be around for her birthday. Not going to mention that he missed you terribly.
Vladora: It was kinda frustrating since I finally had time to go and see you and… it turned out it was Aidae's birthday… and she doesn't even like birthday parties, so… Ah… Oh well.
Julien: Well, I'm here now and I'm out of the hospital. We can make up for lost time.
Vladora: Sighs. How long until you have to go back to school?
Julien: Only two days. Laughs. Something kind of… surreal about doing homework in the hospital while I lay there from a gunshot wound. Has anyone else done that before?
Vladora: Um… I wouldn't know… Maybe.
Julien: Most people just… uh… die when they're shot. Or have to stay in the hospital for months. I do not look forward to school.
Vladora: Why not?
Julien: Less time here and the school guidance counselor is going to want to talk to me and people probably won't leave me alone about what happened. Simon and Frank are loud mouths so everyone probably knows two versions of the story, neither of which are right. Ah, high school.
Vladora: Aww… All 'cause of me, too. Oh… I hope Froggy doesn't blab about me and you.
Julien: Laughs. He gets a kick out of that nickname. But I don't think he will. He keeps on the level.
Vladora: Well, that's good. What is is his name? Vishon?
Julien: You got it. He remembers your name. Imitating his accent. Vladera.
Vladora: Vladera. Giggles.
Julien: His accent used to be really thick. Hard to understand what he was saying, since he had his own dialect too.
Vladora: Hm… Aren't you going to miss your friends when you move here?
Julien: Yeah… I will.
Vladora: Awww.
Julien: But Vish was moving back to Jamaica anyhow and he's really my best friend, excluding you.
Vladora: Ah, well… You'll both be islanders.
Julien: Heh… Well… I think he's warming up to you. He hasn't gone on a tirade about us being engaged at least.
Vladora: Well that's is good. He seems like a cool guy.
Julien: Simon, on the other hand…
Vladora: What?
Julien: He says that marriages end in either divorce or tolerable hatred.
Vladora: That's not true. My grandparents have been married for years and still love each other a lot.
Julien: Yeah, he doesn't know what he's talking about.
Vladora: Does Simon know you're marrying me?
Julien: Sighs.
Vladora: What?
Julien: He does.
Vladora: You told him?
Julien: He more… overheard Vishon and I talking about it.
Vladora: Oh… So now the whole school knows?
Julien: By now? Yeaaah.
Vladora: Oh…
Julien: …So… Did you want to go n the senior trip with me? You'd have to get signed permission. Just thought I'd bring that up now that we both are aware that everyone and their mothers know.
Vladora: Is that all they know? And yeah, I'd like to go with you. Where are you going?
Julien: No, that's not all they know… and we're going to Six Flags.
Vladora: Six Flags? Doesn't sound real exciting. Guess they need the funding to buy a seventh flag.
Julien: Laughs. I won't spoil it for you, but it's better than it sounds. Though I don't think you could go on a lot of the rides.
Vladora: Rides?
Julien: Yeah, rides.
Vladora: Why not?
Julien: Think of a cart, secured to a track. And it moves at break neck speeds up and down, left and right, looping around. Motions with his hand. Taking you more than fifty feet up into the air, then spiraling down.
Vladora: Woo! Sounds fun.
Julien: Think of it like my driving, but worse. Grins.
Vladora: Sounds nauseating.
Julien: Laughs. Well, it's actually safer. No other vehicles to crash into.
Vladora: We'll seee… So now everyone knows that you got me pregnant? Hm… Maybe just go on the trip to kick some asses.
Julien: You take on the boys, I'll take on the girls.
Vladora: Laughs.
Julien: Grins.
Vladora: No problem.
Julien: Snuggles. I'm luck you're as awesome as you are.
Vladora: A veeery lucky guy.