03 August 2032
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Demitrius Larson John Crowley Elijah McMurran Aidae McMurran Bara McMurran Jessica Crowley Thanasi Reium Feemerson Crowley

Demi: Sits outside Elijah's cottage in the woods. …You had better try negotiating with him without me.
John: Negotiating? Dressed in his royal guard apparel.
Demi: …Talking with him? He might see me as a threat. I'm a bit nervous to be letting you go on your own in case you'll be in danger but hopefully I'll be able to apprehend him quickly if things go south. If he… invites you in… enter without me and send out an emergency signal if you're in trouble. I trust you can hold your own against him for at least a few minutes.
John: …Alright. By your advice, I'll try not to die before you can assist me. Doesn't really seem like he's too convinced of any danger. Actually seems to be anticipating the visit. Too dense/stubborn to consider that Elijah would really want to harm him.
Demi: Please don't. I don't think Aunt Jessica would ever forgive me.
John: At the very least, I wouldn't have to watch what she'd do to you. I'll be back, then.
Demi: Nods. Good luck.

John: Goes forth and approaches the cottage.
Cabin: All dark!
John: To the cabin door it is.
Elijah: Standing at ready behind the door with a sword.
John: Just knocks, as if he were entering any other house/room.
Elijah: Didn't think Demons would knock before breaking in and capturing him. Just waits.
John: No answer. Tries to open the door then. It is dark in there, after all.
Door: Locked!
John: …Anyone home?
Elijah: Like I'm really gonna answer. The voice sounds familiar… but I can't place it. Grips his sword tighter, standing a bit to the side of the door.
John: That's odd. Maybe they're not home? I don't think Elijah would appreciate me kicking the door open, regardless of it being locked or not…
Elijah: Waits and peeks a bit out of the window next to the door but can't see anything at that angle.
John: Takes a few steps back… Actually considering using magic, as he kind of (really) wants to see 'his child' and the door just so happens to be impeding that. Could Elijah be hiding? Oh, of course not.
Elijah: It's really taking them awhile to bust-in the door. Wonders if they've left… Maybe they weren't a threat…
John: Finally takes a step forward. Losing his cool quite quickly in this case. He wants to see 'his son', dammit. Throws his weight into a kick that he hopes will be enough to at least open the door.
Door: Lock breaks!
Elijah: Thankfully doesn't attack! Has been taught by Katen to always let the enemy make the first move. Is definitely on guard, though.
John: Furrows his brow, quickly regretting kicking the door down. It was a stupid move to make, but hindsight is 20/20, of course. Steps right inside, weapon not even drawn.
Elijah: Very difficult to see the intruder in the moonlight… Well he's tall.
John: Has to squint to see inside, but still steps forward.
Elijah: And alone…? That's very odd. Risks it. Take another step and it'll be your last.
John: Oh… That's his voice, isn't it…?
Elijah: Still in the shadows.
John: It is pretty dark in here. Hard to think of what to say, so let's be official. Are you the owner of this place?
Elijah: What is he? An insurance collector? That broke down my door? Well… I guess I haven't made my payments. Is this a trap? Stays on guard. Who wants to know?
John: If this isn't Elijah, I'm in kind of a tough spot. Might as well answer him then. John Crowley would like to know.
Elijah: Stares a bit, squinting… Is this a trap? That would be very cruel. Prove it.
John: That would be difficult unless I knew to whom I was proving it to. Doubts his name is world-renowned, after all.
Elijah: …His voice sounds like Mr. John's… Risks it! Steps into the moonlight of the open doorway, pointing his sword at J.N.'s chest. With a clearer view of him… Stares.
John: Probably looks quite a bit different, truth be told. Different colored hair. Just healthier and more filled out. Same eyes at the very least. Stares right back.
Elijah: Stares. He's tall like Mr. John… Can't quite make out his eye color but they're light. Face is a bit indistinct… Elijah McMurran.
John: Undeniable proof that it's me? Thinks… Voice is a little unsteady too. Trying to be calm, but he's looking Elijah right in the face. Hardly aware of the fact that there's a sword pointed at his chest. …I used to be a secret agent?
Elijah: This is either a really cruel trick or it's really him. Lowers his sword and stands there for a second in case J.N. makes a sudden move to kill him.
John: …I've missed you, Elijah.
Elijah: His heart strings tug. Backs away from him into the shadows and…. lights a few candles. Now they can both see each other clearly and does indeed stare at him.
John: Stares back. He's probably changed much more than Elijah has. Facial hair, health, age. That'll definitely do it.
Elijah: Looks very similar to his 18-year-old self. Hair is cut short and he's thinner in the waist, ankles, and wrists. Wearing simple clothes. Looks like Elijah. John looks different but… the face is the same and… I'm probably going to regret this… Sheathes his sword.
John: Finds it odd that he looks almost the exact same, but otherwise, he's absolutely convinced that it's Elijah. Trying to calm himself emotionally. Thought that he'd had enough preparation to see Elijah again and maintain his calm, but finds that he hasn't or that he never really could prepare himself for it.
Elijah: Takes one step forward. M-Mr. John?
John: …It's really me, Elijah… Voice is growing even more unsteady. Looks quite happy, but eyes are watering somewhat.
Elijah: Walks up until he's only a foot or so away. Surprised he's not ambushed and killed by now. Stares up at him.
John: Hard to think of anything to say, though there were a lot of things that he'd thought out on the way there. Stares down at him. Eyes just water even more.
Elijah: The fact that his eyes are all glisten-y, well… Would Mr. John really cry? I think he would… Hello Father… Blinks.
John: You're alive and you just called me "Father". No verbal response, but unless Elijah acts fast, he'll find himself being hugged very tightly by Mr. John.
Elijah: Hugs back. This is when he'll drive a knife in my back.
John: No knife, though he's hugging very tightly.
Elijah: No knife… Relaxes considerably… Tears as well. You think I'm a bit old for you to have to come and rescue me?
John: …It's what fathers do. We're overbearing like that. Voice is a little strained. Not really embarrassed though, just glad to see Elijah again after all the time that has passed.
Elijah: Laughs a little and buries his face a bit in J.N.'s shoulder.
John: …We've all missed you, Elijah.
Elijah: …I missed you too. Pulls away from him, drying his eyes.
John: Takes that cue to dry his own eyes. After all, he shouldn't be getting choked up like this.
Elijah: Calls out. …Aidae? You can come out, it's safe.
Aidae: Climbs out of a rather large chest. Sniffs. Oh, it's a gigantic man. Goes over to her father and cranes her neck to look up at him.
John: …Hello there.
Aidae: Hullo. Who're you? Small thin little girl with short black hair with red streaks and red eyes. Sorta shabby and faded red dress. Seems to have lost her stockings. Quite a bit of resemblance to her father.
John: I'm John… and from what I hear, your grandfather.
Aidae: Twists her mouth around and looks from J.N. to Elijah… Not seeing much resemblance but oh well. Hullo Grandfather.
John: Yeah, we don't look alike in the least bit. Feels kind of weird to be called that. Maybe I'm really getting up there in years.
Elijah: Stares a bit. From what you've heard?
John: Indeed. The information I'd been given or more specifically, Demitrius had been given, indicated that you'd be here… and that there was a little girl that lived with you. When I saw the picture of you two, well… It cleared up the possible question of whether or not the child was directly related to you or… just a child that was living with you. It's much easier to remain calm while in the midst of being professional.
Elijah: Oh… Still looks a bit confused and frowned a little when he heard Demi's name. Well, this is my daughter, Aidae.
John: She's very pretty.
Elijah: Smiles and looks a bit embarrassed.
Aidae: Frowns.
John: …Oh… I'm sorry for kicking your door in, Elijah. I got a little carried away.
Elijah: It's fine… It's fixable. While he's at it, closes it back up. Oh, um… Are you hungry?
John: Shakes his head. Not in particular. Even if he hasn't eaten, he's not feeling hungry at the moment.
Elijah: Not sure what to say. Seems 'normal' enough, though his eyes look a bit… haunted? The same sort of expression is in Aidae's eyes.
John: Looking past just being glad to see both of them, does indeed notice this.
Aidae: Bored of the silence. Where'd ya come from?
John: From Atlantis.
Aidae: Rolls her eyes.
John: Frowns a little. Thought he was kind of straightforward with that answer, too.
Elijah: The Kingdom of Atlantis, Aidae. Um… Sit… Father… Offers a chair at the dining room table and plunks Aidae down on a chair as well, with some protest, then seats himself.
John: Sits. …I should probably inform Demi that you're not going to utterly destroy me.
Elijah: Frowns and makes no comment.
Aidae: …You're a traydor.
John: A traitor? Seems honestly baffled by this.
Aidae: He's the bad guy.
John: Demi?
Aidae: …One of the bad guys.
John: Frowns. …He seemed absolutely convinced that my own son was going to run me through.
Aidae: Rolls her eyes. 'Course tha's what'd he'd say. He tries to run my daddy through.
John: …Then I'll be back in a moment to clear that up. Stands.
Elijah: Just frowning but… trusts J.N.
John: I'll be right back. And right out of the cottage!

Demi: Still hanging a bit out in the woods.
John: At least remembers where he left him and does his best to find him.
Demi: Whispers. You're alive.
John: Yeah. I just spoke with Elijah.
Demi: …Did it not go well?
John: No. Just came here to tell you that I'm still alive. I'm going back inside and talking with my son.
Demi: Nods. If you're safe, I'll return to town and book an inn. Come back in the morning. If you're not there by afternoon, I'll come looking for you.
John: Very well then.
Demi: Be safe. Holds J.N.'s shoulder for a bit, then makes his way silently through the woods.
John: Nodded back to him in response and then makes his own way back to the cottage.

Elijah & Aidae: Waiting.
John: And return he does and even closes the door behind him.
Elijah: Surprised to see he's not with Demi.
John: Demi is booking a room at the inn. I'm to meet him there in the morning.
Elijah: You're not staying long…
John: No, I'm not.
Elijah: Tries not to look disappointed. Nods and laces his fingers together.
John: I was hoping you two would come with me.
Elijah: Raises his eyebrows. Come with you?
John: Back to the castle.
Elijah: Under arrest?
John: Not that I'm aware of… I wasn't told anything of an arrest.
Elijah: I'm a criminal… I'm not expecting to be welcomed back anywhere with open arms.
John: I was under no order to arrest you, if that's any comfort.
Elijah: Looks at Aidae. …I'll go with you.
Aidae: Frowns. What about Mommy?
Elijah: It's been a week. Mommy's still not back yet. We can't stay here any longer. Or we'll starve, if I don't die of sleep deprivation first. I'll leave a note for when she returns. Yes, even if they arrest me, they can feed you at the castle and it's the safest place you can be. I may be a criminal but you're not.
John: What a slip of the mind. I'd completely forgotten about the mother.
Aidae: Seems satisfied. Mommy could find us then, no problem.
Elijah: Nods.
John: Smiles a little. …They'll be happy to see both of you. You can finally meet the twins and I'm sure Feemy and Adam are going to talk your ear off.
Elijah: Smiles a little sadly.
Aidae: Who're those people?
John: Feemy… or "Feemerson" as he likes to be called now, is Elijah's little brother. Adam is the youngest of his brothers and the twins are my daughters, Rosemary and Danielle. And Celena, of course. Oldest of the girls.
Aidae: Stares. Looks back-and-forth from Elijah to J.N. again. You don't look anything alike.
John: …I don't suppose we do.
Aidae: I think your girlfriend was sleeping with someone else.
John: They certainly grow up fast, don't they Elijah?
Aidae: Smiles at the compliment.
John: To be honest with you… Elijah isn't really my… son proper, I suppose would be the best way to put it.
Aidae: So she was cheating on you.
John: No, his dad is dead.
Elijah: My mother was married to my father who died, Aidae. Then she married Mr. John here. They have two daughters of their own, who are the youngest of my siblings. The rest are my full-blood siblings. Except Feemy, but it's complicated. Anyway, that's not something you say in polite conversation.
Aidae: What the heck is "polite conversation"? Just stares at him.
Elijah: …It's rude.
Aidae: So?
John: I don't mind but Jessica would if you're at the castle.
Aidae: Who?
John: My wife.
Aidae: Shrugs.
Elijah: It embarrasses people and makes them feel uncomfortable.
Aidae: They should toughen up.
John: Grins a little.
Elijah: Sighs. This is going to be joyful. When we were just trying to survive, teaching her manners wasn't exactly high on my priority list but…
Aidae: Psh, I've seen things that would make your hair curl! Who needs manners? Of course, I was terrified out of my mind and have nightmares and I'm still scared, but it makes me tough, right? Looks at J.N. Are you hungry now? Thinks if Elijah serves J.N. food, he might serve her some too.
John: Blinks. No.
Aidae: Neither am I. Daddy and I, for dinner, we had big ol' turkey legs and pigs 'n' apples and smashed taters and beans and rice and lotsa wine and we had a bunch of cake and ice cream for dessert. Has never tasted half this stuff. So we're not hungry at all but we were gonna offer you the leftovers.
John: That sounds really good. Sorry I didn't bring my appetite.
Aidae: Yeah, it's too bad.
Elijah: …Would you like something to eat, Aidae?
Aidae: I said I was full. Stuffed to the brim. If I ate another bite, I'd throw it all up. Too bad you can't eat your pride.
John: …When do you want to leave, Elijah?
Elijah: Tomorrow morning is fine by me. All we've really got is the clothes on our backs.
Aidae: Slumps in her chair.
John: Do you need to get anything prepared for the trip back?
Elijah: Looks around. Just sorta found the cottage abandoned. …Nope.
John: None of those leftovers?
Elijah: Gets up, goes over to the stove, opens up a pot, picks up a ladle, and shows him a stream of thin porridge. Mmm.
Aidae: Frowns.
John: Frowns. That certainly looks like a feast.
Elijah: Mm-hm. Takes a bowl and ladles some out and sets it in front of Aidae. The cat's out of the bag. You might as well eat it.
John: If I would have known, I would have brought food.
Elijah: It's fine. You sure you're not hungry?
Aidae: Eats hungrily.
John: I'm not.
Elijah: Sits back down. If you're sure.
John: …Are you sure you don't want to leave sooner?
Elijah: Shrugs. Why?
Aidae: Can I have his share if he's not eating?
John: There's enough food for everyone at the castle.
Elijah: Frowns and sighs. …We could go now… If it's alright with you.
John: If you'd like. We can go when she's done eating her fill.
Aidae: If we're leaving, can I have the rest of the porridge?
Elijah: …Yes, Aidae. Scrapes out the rest of the porridge, which is about a bowl full.
Aidae: This is a feast!
John: …I'm sorry. I'm not trying to rush you out of your home.
Elijah: Shrugs. It's not much of a home… Honestly, the only thing I have is the clothes I'm wearing, my sword, and Aidae. We found this cottage abandoned with everything in it and I don't care to take any of it with me. Leave it for the next poor person who comes along.
John: Nods. I see… At least when you get to the castle, you can sleep in a good bed and… actually eat something… I'm sorry. I should have brought some food. Sighs.
Elijah: I don't know how you could have known.
Aidae: Looks up from her half-eaten bowl of porridge. Was half-listening. You've got food, Granddaddy?
John: Not with me… Sorry. We can give you all kinds of food at the castle though. I promise.
Aidae: What sorts of food? Cake? And ice cream? These sound fascinating! I've never had them before. Turkey legs? Fruit?
John: Nods. That can be arranged. Not so much sweets though.
Aidae: Ooo and cheese! Mouth waters. And milk?!
John: Of course.
Elijah: Have you got teleport potions or something?
John: Demitrius has them.
Elijah: Sorta surprised. Didn't know he could be 'home' this very night.
John: As I said before, he mentioned booking a room at the inn in town. If we meet him there…
Elijah: Nods. Willing to face Demi to get his daughter to safety. Let me write a note to Bara. Gets a pencil and paper.
John: Bara being your wife? Assumes this, but wants to be sure.
Elijah: Nods. Yes. I think she's my wife… She said she was at least! Dunno if it's true!
John: Sorry I didn't make it to your wedding. A bit wryly, of course. Elijah hasn't been around for awhile now.
Elijah: It's alright… I don't remember it anyway.
Aidae: Digs a finger around in her ear… Which is indeed a half-ear, like her cousins' Ren and Katen.
John: Raises a brow at his comment. A little weird, but oh well. I have my son back.
Aidae: Finishes the last flake of her cereal and looks at her earwax.
Elijah: Sets a heavy mug down on the note at the table. Are you ready, Aidae?
Aidae: Looks at J.N. If you promise I get cheese and milk when we get there.
John: I promise. Even offers a hand to shake on the deal.
Aidae: Takes it and shakes, smiling at him.
John: Shakes! Smiles back. I'm a grandfather.
Aidae: You're not so bad. But I thought granddaddies were ooold.
Elijah: Picks her up and heads out the door. Figures they can talk and walk.

John: Follows. I am old.
Elijah: Eager to be rid of starvation and sleepless nights.
John: Eager to have you both at the castle.
Aidae: How old?
John: Older than your father.
Aidae: My mommy's 111. Are you that old?
John: …Not quite. Oh yeah, your mom's an Elf alright. No one I know lives that long except for them. And angels, but Elf seems more likely with your ears. How old do I look to you?
Aidae: Stares at him. 40.
John: Close.
Aidae: Higher or lower?
John: Lower.
Aidae: 35.
John: Higher.
Aidae: I dun know anymore numbers.
John: That's alright.
Aidae: So how old are you?
John: 36.
Aidae: …How old are you, Daddy?
Elijah: 27.
Aidae: Three isn't a lot bigger than two.
John: I suppose not.
Aidae: Shrugs. I'm four.
John: Four isn't a lot bigger than three.
Aidae: But you got another number after the first one. I use to play cards with an older Demon boy and I tried to learn numbers but I din't 'member 'em all.
John: …Demon boy?
Aidae: His name was… Izzy or sumthin'. I'm not a Demon I'mma… different.
John: You don't have to explain yourself to me, Aidae.
Aidae: Okay…
John: I'm just glad you and your dad are coming with me to the castle.
Aidae: Why? You dun even know me.
John: You're right, I don't.
Aidae: Well then you don't want me to go to the castle but you know that if I don't go, my daddy won't go either is the only reason you bring me along.
John: Not true. I hope that you won't remain a stranger once you get to the castle.
Elijah: Halts his path and eases Aidae to the ground, ears pricked. Puts a hand to the hilt of his sword.
John: Stops when Elijah does, of course.
Elijah: Looks and listens. Loosens his sword in its sheath. Show yourself.
John: Hearing him say that, arms himself as well. Not quite sure what or who he is talking to, though.
Bara: Comes out from the underbrush. It's me. A tall woman with short red hair and red eyes and, indeed, High Elf ears.
Elijah: Relaxes.
Aidae: Mommy! Runs to her.
John: Puts himself at ease on Elijah's cue… which was him relaxing. Hearing Aidae call the woman "Mommy" expedites that too.
Bara: Kneels down to her. Sh-hh-hhh! You want to alert every Demon in a six-mile-radius?
Aidae: Claps a hand over her mouth.
Bara: Picks her up easily and looks to Elijah and then J.N. Whispers. Who's he?
Elijah: My father, John Crowley.
John: Keeping a much wider eye out at the mention of Demons being within a six-mile-radius.
Bara: Raises an eyebrow. And what are you doing out?
Elijah: My father offered us a return trip to the castle of Atlantis and you weren't back yet. I left you a note.
Bara: Are you kidding me? They'll throw you in jail… and that's if they're going easy on you, otherwise they'll just execute you.
John: I did not come here to incarcerate my son.
Elijah: Regardless, I'm doing this for our daughter.
Bara: Frowns. Thinks. Didn't think she'd be saying this, but she wasn't exempt from their lovely experience. …They're better than Demons.
Elijah: Nods.
Bara: Well then, how are we getting there?
Elijah: Starts walking again. We're going into town to an inn to meet up with… Demi. Then we'll take potions to the castle.
John: Starts walking after Elijah once again.
Bara: Demitrius?
Elijah: I don't like it either but, like I said, I'm doing this for Aidae.
Bara: I'll trust your judgment on this. They're easier to kill than Demons, at least.
Elijah: Walks in silence until they enter town… Thankfully it's small, so there is is only one inn. Letting J.N. lead the way from here.

John: Leads them to the inn in question.
Innkeep: Directs them to Demi's room!
John: Thanks the innkeep and goes knocking on Demi's door.
Demi: Mmm… Gets up and answers. Blinks. John…?
John: Hello Demitrius. I jumped the gun, in case you were wondering.
Demi: Looks behind him and sees Elijah. Animosity.
Elijah: Animosity.
John: You still have the potions, I believe?
Demi: Um… Yes. Digs through his bag. Thankfully, brought extra. Hands all but one to John.
John: Thank you. I suppose I will see you back at the castle then.
Demi: Nods. Picks up his bag and takes his.
Bara: Frowning.
John: Hands the potions out.
Bara: If this is a trap, I don't care whose father you are, your head will be the first to roll.
John: Shrugs. Looks wholly unconcerned. Probably should be though.
Elijah: Frowns at Bara.
Bara: Takes her potion, as does Aidae.
John: She's certainly to the point.
Elijah: Nods. Sorry… Takes his potion.
John: And takes his as well.

Jessica: Sitting up in the dining room. Just stares in disbelief.
Elijah: No ambush of guards. Demi has even left. …Hey Mom.
John: Just stays quiet and lets them talk.
Jessica: Drops her teacup onto the table, spilling tea, and gets up. Elijah! She is very soon hugging him and crying.
Elijah: Hugs back. Tears.
Bara & Thanasi: Just sorta staring at each other with their mouths half agape.
John: Was kind of hoping for a larger welcome for Elijah and Aidae, but oh well!
Jessica: Clinging to Elijah tightly, stroking his hair, sobbing.
Thanasi: Seester! I do not beleev eet ees you! Where 'ave you been? We thought you were dead! Standing now. Frowns a bit and looks her up and down. Not sure if she should've called her 'sister'.
John: Walks off to get a certain child some cheese and milk.
Bara: Just looks surprised. Her expression even softens a bit. Thana… Sets Aidae down to hug her sister.
Aidae: Frowns. I was supposed to be getting food out of this deal and I'm certainly not getting hugs.
Jessica: Holding Elijah's cheeks in her hands. Baby… We were so worried about you. Are you alright?
Elijah: I'm fine, Mom, really… You're looking well? Feeling a bit embarrassed.
John: Kitchen isn't too far off and is hurrying more than a little. Will be back with food shortly.
Jessica: …Sweetheart… Covers him in kisses. Looks about him. Where's your little girl?
Elijah: Oh, um… Aidae. Pulls her forward. Her name is Aidae. Aidae, this is my mother… Your grandmother.
Aidae: Just sorta stares. Has never seen such a pretty, feminine sort of looking woman of this type. Shyly. Hi…
Jessica: More tears! Oh, Elijah, she's beautiful! Proceeds to smother Aidae with love.
John: And arrives back with the food promised. Just sets it on the table, since he doesn't want to interrupt anything.
Jessica: Spots him. More tears 'cause she's glad he came home safe. Isn't she beautiful, John?
Aidae: Actually feeling embarrassed and sorta praised.
John: Smiles a little. Very beautiful.
Jessica: Smiles. Stops hugging Aidae and proceeds to shower him with love. Thank you for bringing them home, John. Kisses him.
John: Kisses, hugs, and nuzzles.
Elijah: Picks Aidae up and sets her in a chair, pointing her to the cheese and milk J.N. brought her.
Aidae: Eats, savoring the taste.
John: It's pretty sad knowing that she was starving, but is glad to know that Elijah and Aidae and also kind of Bara, are safe in the castle and have good food and shelter.
Bara: Catching up on old times with her sister.
Jessica: Dries her tears and holds herself back from hugging everyone all over again though she does look at Bara a bit curiously. I wish more of the family were here, sweety but most of them have gone to bed.
Elijah: It's alright… Though when I go to bed… I'll probably be sleeping for a couple days.
Jessica: That's alright, get as much sleep as you need. Restrains herself from asking a thousand questions.
John: Nods in agreement.
Thanasi: Jesseeeca! Thees ees my tween seester, Bara.
Jessica: Smiles. Nice to meet you, Bara.
Bara: Fish out of water. …Nice to meet you.
Elijah: She's also my wife. I think.
Jessica: O-O-Oh!
Thanasi: Oh! Then we are fameeley!
John: Strokes his chin at that, which is more-or-less his way of trying not to laugh at something.
Bara: Um… Awkward. This is my daughter, Aidae, Thanasi… Aidae, this is my sister… your aunt Thanasi.
Aidae: Looks at Thanasi. She's pretty too, but different from my grandma. Who's sort of… special pretty. Hi Aunt Thanasi.
Thanasi: Hello, Aidae. My you're a pretty girl, non? You look a lot like your maman. If my son were here, I would introduce you. You could also meet your other cousin, Katen.
Aidae: Nods. Eats cheese.
Feemy: Into the dining room, with a yawn. Kinda sleepy, but must have some food first.
Thanasi: Notices him. Salut, Feemy!
Feemy: There's a bunch of strangers in the dining room. …Uh…
Elijah: Stares. Man, he grew up.
Feemy: Bigger horns too. It sucks now.
Elijah: Smiles at Feemy.
Feemy: Looks around at the strangers, but stops looking once he sees Elijah.
Elijah: Hello Feemy…
Aidae: Stares at his horns.
Feemy: …Um. Hello. Strange expression on his face. Not a really happy one either.
Elijah: This makes him hesitant to approach. …Are you doing alright? You've grown up…
Feemy: I… ah… have. Looks distressed, somewhat confused, and even a little hurt.
Elijah: Not that surprised by his reaction… More surprised by reactions like his mother's… Rather expected to not be accepted back immediately. Nods.
Feemy: Was looking him in the eye, but soon kind of brings his gaze to the ground. …Do I know you?
Elijah: …I'm Elijah McMurran. I'm your brother.
Feemy: …My last name is "Crowley". Seems quite intent to keep his gaze to the ground. Isn't a very good liar either. Does remember Elijah a little more on hearing his voice and seeing him in person.
Elijah: Shrugs. You're still my brother.
Feemy: …Okay. It's nice to meet you. Being childish.
Elijah: …Nice to make your re-acquaintance then.
Feemy: Dares to peek up at Elijah's face.
Elijah: Smiles a bit when he does.
Feemy: Feels just that little twinge in his chest ease up. On the verge of at least figuring out what the twinge means, at least.
Elijah: …Would you like to meet your niece?
Feemy: Nods.
Aidae: Finished with her cheese and milk, so her full attention is on Feemy!
Feemy: Smiles for his niece!
Elijah: Aidae, this is my little brother, Feemy. Feemy, my daughter Aidae. Smiles.
Feemy: …Well… my name is "Feemerson", but… you two can call me "Feemy", too. Everyone does anyway.
Elijah: Wonders if Feemy hit his head. I've been calling you "Feemy" for awhile… Force of habit. Not like I'm a stranger to forgetting things.
Aidae: You have horns.
Feemy: I may not have a memory better than any other person's, but you were quite prominent in my earlier years and hearing your voice and seeing your face in person is making it much easier to recall some things, even though I haven't thought about them for awhile. Smile wilts a bit. Nerve number one. Puts a hand on one of his horns and tugs a bit. …Ah… heh… I do.
Aidae: I guess there're worser things… You could be ugly.
Feemy: I guess so. I'll look even better when I'm finished with these horns.
Elijah: Honestly about to drop. Sits down at the table to prevent passing out in front of everyone which wouldn't be cool.
Feemy: I'm glad you're back, Dad.
Elijah: Struggles to keep his eyes open.
Aidae: Isee your real son?
John: He is. But so is Elijah. You and I have much different definitions of what 'real' means in this context.
Aidae: But he saaaid… Looks to her dad, who is sound asleep with his head on the table.
John: It may sound strange, but even though Elijah and I do not share a blood connection, I regard him as one of my own children and I'm overjoyed that he would call me "Father". Looks to Elijah with a smile… and sees him doing an Adam impersonation.
Aidae: …Okay… Daddy fell asleep. He's been awake since Mommy left, um…. Two weeks ago?
John: Stands. Then we should get him to a bed. Feemy, please give me a hand with Elijah.
Bara: Well, I suppose we should all get some rest, then… Where is Aidae sleeping?
Aidae: With you.
Bara: You're a big girl, Aidae…
John & Feemy: Carry Elijah away!