02 September 2037
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Nicholas Romolo John Crowley Adam Crowley Hana Tanek Katen Tanek Jessica Crowley Elijah McMurran Demitrius Larson Gabriel

Nick: Hides under his desk when J.N. enters.
John: Thinks it's strange that the doctor isn't in, but goes to Adam's bedside regardless.
Adam: Laying there, eyes closed.
John: No information from the doctor, so he checks his temperature the old fashioned way, by putting a hand to his forehead. Though does so carefully, in case he's just sleeping.
Adam: Running a fever.
John: Sounds about right. Sighs.
John: Wishes the doctor was in, so he could ask about his condition.
Nick: Coughs and gets up. Um… dropped the cap to my pen.
John: I see. …How is Adam doing?
Nick: Um… He hasn't been responding. Don't hit me.
John: …So he's comatose…?
Nick: I'd wager. You can try for yourself.
John: Was less questioning his diagnosis and more just hoping that it wasn't true. I trust that you wouldn't say so flippantly.
Nick: I wouldn't.
John: Then I don't need to see for myself. I'm no doctor.
Nick: I'm sorry about your son. But maybe it's better this way.
John: Stares. That, on the other hand, wasn't a good thing to say. I'll pretend for the time being that you didn't just say that. What do you know about his condition?
Nick: He's suffering.
John: Do you know what caused his coma?
Nick: I'd wager it's the same thing that's been causing him to bleed gallons of blood a month.
John: I see. Then it'd be better to talk to Hana about his condition.
Nick: Nod/shrug a bit.
John: Nice to see that my son's doctor is so caring. Nods his head to him a little, and now it's off for yet another late night visit to Hana. He must be getting sick of this by now.

John: Knock, knock, knocking on Hana's door.
Hana: After some moments, opens the door.Smiles a little. How's Adam?
John: Comatose.
Hana: Frown. Will he get better?
John: That is what I came to you to ask.
Hana: I'm not a doctor.
John: I'm aware of that, but no one else knows more about Adam's condition than you, and the doctor is sure that his coma was caused by it.
Hana: Frowns. Well… I told you about how the bugs can eventually cause… Problems besides bleeding. Blindness, for example. Neurological disorders aren't out of the question… He's had the bugs so long, it makes sense that he'd start to reach the later stages at this point.
John: Has any of your research hinted at all to some way to combat his illness?
Hana: Well, there's procreating…
John: Granted, but at the moment that's not an option.
Hana: …And… Well, this is purely theoretical on my own part…
John: Listens intently. …Go on.
Hana: Well, do you remember when he… well, um… Died?
John: Nods. I do
Hana: Well, some of the bugs died with him… It's possible if he had stayed… dead… longer that they would have all died before he rose.
John: … Nods, crossing his arms.
Hana: Like I said, it's theoretical… And would be even riskier now that he has more bugs…
John: Indeed.
Hana: It would be a real shame if we lost him before he produced another High Riser.
John: Hana.
Hana: Yes?
John: I can understand that you're a man of science. Really, I do. If you can for a moment, put yourself in my place. Someone you know, you cherish, and love is laying in a bed in the infirmary. That person's very health is in question, and yet the only person you can turn to for help seems to barely regard the one you love as being anything more than a specimen. Citing always that it would be a shame if your loved one didn't procreate. If you can put yourself in my place, then you will realize exactly why I am going to bid you goodnight, before the rest of my quickly dwindling willpower runs out and I give in to the temptation of wringing your neck. Said very, very calmly, actually.
Hana: Blink. Looks a bit befuddled. I'm just trying to look at the bigger picture… What are you going to do about Adam?
John: There's nothing that can be done, it seems. All I can do is pray for him to regain consciousness.
Hana: You shouldn't have waited so long.
John: He is not a cow, Hana. He is a person, like you, like Katen, like Jessica, and like me. And last I checked, one does not breed a Human, or an Elf.
Hana: Forgive me if I'm wrong, John… You just seem to be under the delusion that he'll get better on his own. The longer you and he waits, the worse he'll get and the likelier the chance that he'll die. We both share the same goal of wanting Adam to survive. Not to mention quality of life.
John: Crosses his arms tighter, his brow furrowing. Now a bit more obviously… distressed. You would dare to say that I'm laboring under that delusion? He's my son, Hana, and I am acutely aware of the fact that he has been worsening. I also know that there hasn't been much I can do to help. I know what I will do, though. I will NOT force Adam to… breed. That will always be his choice. Whether he wants to, or actually form a relationship will be his choice, as is his right as a person, and not an animal. All you care about is his genetics, so don't you dare compare my intentions with yours.
Hana: Maybe you should consider if you're keeping him around for your own personal happiness and not for the good of Atlantis or even for his own good.
John: 'Keeping him around'. Certainly a way of saying that I would prefer he's alive rather than dead.
Hana: Certainly. And for what? He's not happy.
John: I care if he's happy, though I can't understand how you can bring that up as a point. You'd rather him just knock up some broad so you can have another precious little Riser.
Hana: Well I was trying to understand your point. Do you enjoy seeing him suffer?
John: I'll assume that was a rhetorical question, since you could not possibly be that much of an idiot.
Hana: Shakes his head. I wash my hands of both of you. Good night. Closes the door to his room.
John: I handled that real well. Time to cool off a little before I end up snapping at someone else.

John: Just on his way out of the castle to take a walk and clear his head.
Katen: Outside.
John: A bit of a surprise. A little curious as to what he's doing out here.
Katen: Looks tense. Is scaning the vicinity… forests and sky.
John: Probably shouldn't disturb him… But, curiosity gets the better of him. Approaches!
Katen: Makes no acknowledgment of him… eyes are darting, searching, and ears are pricked, his hand on the hilt of his sword.
John: Notices the hand on the hilt of his sword and remains quiet. It strikes him that Katen is searching for somebody, and with that assumption he keeps his own wits about him, even if he doesn't know what it is that is being sought. For the time being, he'd rather not startle someone who could end him in a few short moments, or interrupt what could be a search.
Katen: Sounds unbelieving. …It's Pri—- Grabs John and pushes him to the ground, if possible.
John: It is, especially since he didn't expect that in the least.
Katen: Arrows fall, though thankfully short of them now.Coughs up blood.
John: Tries to discern where the arrows had came from, at least by how the arrows are pointing in the ground if he wasn't able to see the arrows themselves fly through the air. Katen, what's going on? Besides the obvious of being attacked in the middle of the night, that is.
Katen: The arrows are coming from the woods behind them. Has one through him. Shaking. …Price…
John: Frowns and looks to the forest where the arrows are coming from. …Katen, if you can move, you need to get back to the castle and get the guards.
Katen: Tries to get up…. ends up coughing more blood. Movement is now visible between the trees.
John: … Can't hoist him up, he'd be too heavy, but he can at least try to help him to his feet. He can't very well leave him out here, and the castle would be more defensible anyhow. Hopes that he at least can hobble… and that he doesn't get an arrow to the back.
Katen: Struggling, doing his best to master himself and walks with J.N., though leaning on him.
John: Supports him as best as he can while maintaining a speed that isn't going to leave them out in the open for too long, even if it is slightly painful. Better than being covered in arrows.
Katen: As they near the castle, begins to slow down. Failing.
John: Tries to look to see where the arrow had pierced him to begin with.
Katen: Lower back, to the side.
John: Not good. Just a bit more, Katen. Struggling to keep the same speed, even if he has to drag him a little at this rate.
Katen: Wipes blood from his mouth and does his best to keep up until they make it within the castle walls.
John: Can rest just the slightest bit easier now that they're within the castle walls. Katen, I'm going to rouse the guards and get you help. Hang in there.
Katen: Crashes to the floor, coughing up more blood. Lips tremble as though he wants to say something, but nothing comes. Looking very white.
John: Leans down and at least checks for a pulse first.
Katen: Erratic pulse, eyes looking glassy. Looks very much as though he'd like to speak, but doesn't seem to be able to.
John: …Help will be on the way. Hold on, Katen. Very firmly said, as if he had to convince Katen that it were true. Then it's to the castle, to sound an alarm. Then it's to the infirmary. Running at this point, and does make it there in short order.

Nick: Cleaning his fingernails.
John: Bursts in. You're needed at the castle walls. Katen has been injured. Demanding.
Nick: …What?
John: No time for questions. Follow me, now.
Nick: Grabs some things and follows.
John: Even if he has to grab the doctor's wrist and half drag him so he'll meet his pace, brings him as fast as he can to the outside. Hopefully the guards are at least responding to the alarm.
Guards: There is indeed now a lot more hustling within the castle than minutes before.
Nick: Dragged.
John: Even if he has to shove and push, he does quickly make it outside, dragging the doctor with him to Katen. And hopes he's not dead.
Nick: Looks over Katen and frowns.Just shakes his head.
John: … Leans down and checks his pulse one more time.
Katen: No pulse.
John: … If his eyes aren't closed, he at least draws them shut for the last time.
Nick: Looks fearful. What's going on?
John: We were attacked by Price. Get in the castle, but remain on standby. Probably a bad idea, but goes out to see if there is still movement from the forest.
Nick: Runs back to the castle gladly.
Forest: There are now Demons lined up along its perimeter.
John: Goes back to where Katen's body is. Isn't so foolhardy to attack an entire row of enemies by himself, no matter what they've done. With effort, he does hoist his body up and over his shoulder. Katen may be heavy, but he doesn't have to worry about exacerbating any of his wounds at this point. He's not just going to leave him out here either. It's back to the castle, where he can lay Katen's body safely, and he can inform the guards of the situation.
Guards: All milling about now, wondering what's going on. Quite a bit of chaos. Among the group, Demi and Elijah are spot-table as well as Gabriel and Jessica.
John: Just carrying Katen's body over his shoulder. Making his way to Elijah and Demi, specifically. If they're all grouped up, all's the better. The bearer of bad news, unfortunately. When he reaches them… gets right to the point. Price is here, and he's attacking the castle.
Jessica: What?
Elijah: What happened to Katen?
John: Katen is dead.
Elijah, Demi, and Jessica: Look stricken.
John: Doesn't look as stricken. It is a tragedy, but above all, right now he has to keep his head about him. There were more pressing matters at foot. Grieving could come later. Demons have assembled at the forest's perimeter.
Gabriel: Is there a reason we're all standing around?
John: Charging outside would be stupid. They have capable archers. As for what we're going to do, I was getting to that. Turns from them, and is soon conversing with two of the guards quickly. The topic of the conversation is quite obvious, as Katen is soon relinquished from his grasp, and given to the two guards who begin to carry it to the infirmary, for lack of a better place to put it.
Gabriel: Pray tell.
John: Once that business is done and over with. They've lined up at the forest's perimeter, but as of now we cannot be sure of their numbers, or whether or not there are more of them awaiting within the forest itself. The best we can do right now is rally the guards and remain on the defensive, at least so we can get a better grip on the situation at hand. We at least have the advantage of this castle, it's best we use it.
Gabriel: I'll go and alert Himmel. Leaves.
John: Now to Elijah and Demi. I doubt you two need me to squawk orders at you. You've been in a skirmish, I assume you know what to do on the defensive?
Elijah: We'll try to get at Price if given the chance. They're not much good without their leader.
John: Nods, and gets strange look on his face. An excellent idea. A look comparable to when Elijah was told that he was being brought into the war against Lonan so many years ago.
Elijah: Frowns at John. Let Demi and me handle it.
John: I am a captain of this castle's royal guard, Elijah. I can handle myself just fine.
Elijah: …
Jessica: Don't do anything rash, John.. this isn't about revenge.
John: I know. The priority is the safety of the people within this castle.
Jessica: Nods. I should get ready.
John: …For what? Knows the answer to this question, unfortunately.
Jessica: …For the fighting?
John: Just as I thought.Looks like he's going to protest.
Elijah: Mom, you can't… You're weak from that wound.
John: Jumps right on that. Elijah is right.
Jessica: I'm fine. I'm not going to sit by and not protect my family.
John: With that wound, you'd be needlessly endangering yourself.
Elijah: You'll do us all the best service staying put.
Jessica: Frowning.
John: Nods in agreement.

Demons: Advancing towards the castle.

John: Regardless, we haven't got time to waste. Elijah, Demi, good luck. And actually does his job as a Captain. That is to say, getting the guard's attention, rallying them to form a defensive station outside, with emphasis on not allowing the castle to be breached, organizing the guards to their effectiveness.