02 October 2037
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John Crowley Nathaniel Larson Adam Crowley Trajedie Remourna Fay Le'Voures Elijah McMurran Jessica Crowley Rosemary Crowley
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Danielle Crowley Gabrielle Michael Nicholas Romolo Joel Marsetti Renasi Reium Feemerson Crowley

John: Checks Nathaniel's room for him.
Nathaniel: The door is open and he's laying on his bed reading.
John: In he steps! Nathaniel, good afternoon.
Nathaniel: Smiles. Good afternoon, Mr. Crowley!
John: Strange. It is time for your lessons.
Nathaniel: Lessons?
John: Yes… Your lessons, like you've been having.
Nathaniel: What've I been having lessons about?
John: Today is arithmetic, yesterday was the day for your letters. Does this kid have memory loss of his memory loss or something?
Nathaniel: Smiles. If g of x equals 3x to the fourth power minus 5x squared plus 2x minus 3 then f of 3 equals 201.
John: …Spell, "tintinnabulation."
Nathaniel: Tintinnabulation. T-I-N-T-I-N-N-A-B-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. Tintinnabulation.
John: Hm… What is a Glinter?
Nathaniel: A flying machine invented by the Archangel Gabriel powered by wind magic. It is named, 'Glinter' because it reaches such speeds, that from the ground it only appears as a glint of light.
John: I see. Well, our lessons have come to an end, it seems.
Nathaniel: Smiles. I remember now. Rose told me last night that I forgot everything and you were taking care of me, so thank you a lot for all your trouble, Mr. Crowley. I really appreciate it.
John: You don't have to thank me. It is a relief that you are well again and I am sure that Gabriel will be happy to see this for… Gabriel will be pleased to see that you have recovered your memories.
Nathaniel: Smiles, getting up from his bed. Do you know when Dad'll be back?
John: That is a bit complicated. Gabriel is under sentence, but does visit.
Nathaniel: Oh. Soon I hope! Hugs John. Thank you again for looking after me, Mr. Crowley. You're the best.
John: Blinks when he's hugged and after a second or so, hugs back. I am sure that you are able to look after yourself, but if you need anything at all, I will be around.
Nathaniel: Hugs a bit tighter. Thanks! You're a really great knight, so I know I can count on you!
John: Deigns to hug a little tighter himself. It really is good to see that he is recovered. You can count on me indeed, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: Smiles up at him blithely.
John: Smiles a little back at him and scruffs up his hair. I'm sure that my daughters would love to see you right now, if you aren't busy. I won't hold you up anymore with lessons you don't need… One last question for you, though.
Nathaniel: Yes? Smiles.
John: What is my middle name? Grinning a little at this point, knowing he's really never told Nathaniel that particular thing.
Nathaniel: Thinks about this.
John: Just watches, letting him think.
Nathaniel: I-I'm sorry, Mr. Crowley… I don't know… or don't remember… I'm really sorry, Mr. Crowley.
John: Chuckles. A trick question. I never told you. It's, "Nathan", though.
Nathaniel: Smiles. Like my name!
John: Indeed. "John Nathan Crowley." This kid really is a little difficult to be very rigid around when he's like his old self.
Nathaniel: John Nathan. Grins. That's funny. Smiles.
John: A little laughter at his own expense doesn't bother him, fortunately. It is. Chuckles a little.
Nathaniel: Swings his arms around a bit. And easy to remember! So I will from now on, okay? Grins. Oh and now you don't have to teach me anymore, you can spend time with your family, right? That's goood. I'm glad I'm better.
John: I am glad that you are better as well. Nods. I'll leave you to your own devices now, but once more, if you need anything, just ask.
Nathaniel: I will! Thank you again, Mr. Crowley and if you need anything from me, don't hesitate to ask either, okay? I'll see you later. Bye-bye.
John: Of course. Goodbye, Nathaniel. With a turn of his heel, he leaves!

Adam: In his office, drinking coffee and looking over papers.
John: Knocks on his door.
Adam: Please, enter.
John: Does so. Hello, Adam.
Adam: Smiles. Hello, Father. How are you?
John: Smiles. Doing well. Am I interrupting anything?
Adam: Not at all. How can I help you?
John: I just wished to speak with you. It has been awhile since we have had the chance to do so, I believe.
Adam: Oh, yes. Smiles. What do you wish to speak with me about? So used to his father needing something from him.
John: How have you been, Adam?
Adam: I'm fine! How're you?
John: I've been well, though there have been some troubles at the barracks. Chuckles.
Adam: Oh, really? Like what?
John: It got around to the guards that there was a couple there being intimate and now most of them want that patrol route instead of the others. More chuckling.
Adam: Huh? Where?
John: Oh, at the lake.
Adam: Oh… Something seems to dawn on him and stops looking his father in the eyes, cheeks flushing.
John: Hm? Is something wrong, Adam? Tries to catch his eye.
Adam: Looking thoroughly embarrassed. U-Um… It's nothing important. Picks up the papers on his desk and taps them on the table to put them in order.
John: Something is not right here. He's suddenly grown awkward. Scrutinizes him further.
Adam: Quite red. Clears his throat, trying to think of a different topic.
John: Clears his own throat as well. Oh, dammit. It was him and that girl. …So… How is Ms. Remorena?
Adam: Flushes more. …Very busy…
John: Oh yes, it was them. Oh? I have been told that Joel and Nick are both absent from the infirmary.
Adam: They are… I'm looking into hiring another doctor, actually.
John: Nods. That would be for the best, I doubt that Ms. Remorena is enjoying running things there by herself.
Adam: No and it's not really fair for her and the other nurse to have to do so… nor to the patients. Though I understand that it was a family emergency… It's just come to light just how precarious the staff situation in the infirmary really was.
John: I am sure that you will be able to remedy that problem soon, though. For now, it seems like all she can do is her best in keeping the patients healthy until the other doctors' return.
Adam: Certainly. I was just reviewing applications.
John: Do any show promise?
Adam: Well, a few… I'd have to interview them… None seem to be quite as good as Dr. Marsetti.
John: I wasn't aware that Joel was a doctor of that much repute.
Adam: Apparently, he's quite well-respected in his field.
John: Interesting… I would have never guessed. I usually just see him and Nicholas sitting around, talking, and drinking tea.
Adam: W-Well… Scratches his cheek a bit. He's a very good doctor besides? I… haven't had much experience with him… I was mostly treated by Dr. Romolo.
John: Nods. I remember. I still owe him much for that… but I am getting off track of the thought that I had in mind… Strokes his chin.
Adam: What's that?
John: About you and Ms. Remorena.
Adam: Flushes a bit again. …Yes?
John: Maybe I am going out on a branch… but it seems as though you like her quite a bit.
Adam: Blinks. I-I do.
John: I was just wondering then, if it would be allowed for her to join us at dinner instead of having her meal sent to the infirmary?
Adam: Well… I don't see why not… If she's not too busy.
John: Nods. Then I look forward to seeing her at dinner, if she is not too troubled.
Adam: Nods.
John: Please tell me that she is not pregnant.
Adam: …I don't mean to seem as though I'm keeping secrets from you, Father…
John: Shakes his head. I don't see it that way at all, Adam. You're a grown man and you are entitled to your privacy.
Adam: Smiles. Glad his father understands that. Blushing a bit, but looks happy. …I really do love her.
John: Looks a little stern at hearing that. Do you really?
Adam: I do. Smiles.
John: The sternness eases away. Very well then. Love isn't a word to be thrown around in whimsy, but if you truly feel that way for her, then I am happy for you.
Adam: Smiles. I wouldn't say it if I truly didn't feel that way. She makes me very happy. I hope I do the same for her.
John: I'm sure you do, Son. Smiles a little, truly glad for him. It'll be nice to maybe get to know her a little better, if you two are in each other's futures.
Adam: Certainly. I'm sure she'd like to get to know you better, too.
John: I look forward to it then. Hopefully, starting with dinner.
Adam: Stands. Well, I should invite her then, shall I and I'll see you there, Father?
John: You certainly will… Holds out his arms for him. Probably should shake the regent's hand, but doesn't see anything wrong with giving his son a hug.
Adam: Smiles and hugs him tight. It was pleasant speaking to you, Father… I'm sorry we cannot more often.
John: Hugs him tightly back. It is not your fault that we cannot and I enjoyed talking with you as well.
Adam: Hugs him tighter. …I love you, Dad.
John: Hugs him tighter in return. I love you too, Son. Smiles.
Adam: Stays hugging a little longer. Still likes being held by his father.
John: Likes holding his son still! Likes it all the more now that the lingering worry of losing him isn't on mind now!
Adam: Lets go. Smiles. Well, I'd better go… See you at dinner, Dad… Smiles and off he goes.
John: Leaves himself!

Adam: To the infirmary! Thinks it best to never tell Trajedie that they were seen.
Traj: Looks very miserable right now!
Adam: Gives her a hug.
Traj: Hugs back. Adam… Hi…
Adam: Kisses her on the cheek. How're you doing, Lovely?
Traj: He calls me, "Lovely." I'm… doing alright… Smiles up at him. Obviously hasn't gotten much sleep. Most of the times he's probably even seen her is when she's unconscious or in the infirmary or with her nose buried in that book.
Adam: Cuddles and nuzzles her. You busy?
Traj: Snuggles up to him. Hmm… a little… no patients… but maintenance to do… then, we're just waiting…
Adam: Strokes her cheek. Um… would you mind coming to dinner with me?
Traj: Of course… When?
Adam: Um… Right now.
Traj: Oh…? …Oh! …Of course… I'm sorry. Gives an embarrassed little giggle.
Adam: Laughs a little. It's okay… Strokes her hair.
Traj: Clinging to him a little now, just so tired and stressed out. Great to have him here right now.
Adam: Pulls her into his arms, rubbing her back comfortingly and rocking her a little.
Traj: Smiles at that, nuzzling to him as she's rocked. Her eyes are even beginning to droop a little.
Adam: Looks to see what the other nurse is doing.
Fay: Pretty Elf thing is straightening bed clothes. Seems quite absorbed in it, making sure that nary a wrinkle is in any of the fabric. Humming to herself too.
Adam: Um… Maybe you should just sleep after dinner, okay Trajedie…? If things get too out of hand here I'll… I'll just take care of them myself and also… You should stop studying that book until Dr. Marsetti gets back. It's too much at once to have to run the infirmary by yourselves and study… If he disagrees, I'll have a talk with him. Hopefully he'll extend your deadline in the event of this emergency.
Traj: May have argued a little earlier, but she hasn't been doing so well under the pressure… and the thought of someone taking over the responsibilities for a little bit is the sound of music to her ears. Nods against him. …Okay…
Adam: I'm sure Dr. Marsetti doesn't want you to become ill as well under stress… Rubs her back and parts from her. Bows to Fay. Madam… Thank you for your hard work, as well.
Fay: Hm…? Oh, yes. You're welcome. Doesn't even know it's Adam. Hasn't looked up from the sheets, fussily smoothing them out.
Adam: Shall we then, Lovely?
Traj: We shall… but… when I go to bed… will you come with?
Adam: Of course…
Traj: Thank you… so much.
Adam: I'll always be there for you, Trajedie… Wild horses couldn't drag me away.
Traj: Wild horses can be very persuasive… but… I believe you… Strokes his cheek fondly.
Adam: Offers her his arm. To dinner then, my fair lady?
Traj: Takes his arm gladly. To dinner, my prince charming.
Adam: Blushes and leads her to the table.

Elijah: Putting food on the table. Hey Dad.
John: Hello, Elijah. Called me, "Dad" again.
Elijah: Mom said she was going to spend some intimate time with the toilet…. so, um… I made dinner!
John: …I see. I should go check on her.
Elijah: Okay…
John: I'll be back, Elijah. I can't miss dinner tonight, you know?
Elijah: Oh? Why not?
John: Adam is inviting Ms. Remorena and I told him that I would be there to get to know her better.
Elijah: I see. Thought he wanted to taste my cuisine.
John: …Smells good.
Elijah: Smiles.
John: You're just so precious, Elijah. I'll be right back, alright? Off he goes to a puking Jessica.
Elijah: Mm-kay.

Jessica: Indeed leaning over the toilet bowl.
John: She's just going to want to see me now, I bet. Enters quietly, though not so much that she wouldn't know someone was there. Not trying to sneak up on her.
Jessica: Looks over. …Oh, John.
John: To her side he goes. …Jessica. Hard to think of something to say for this kind of situation. Sorry sounds tempting, of course.
Jessica: Hello.
John: Doubts she really wants company while she's throwing up, but also wants to show her that he's still here for her at all times. Hello to you too, Dear.
Jessica: How're you?
John: Doing well… Just checking to see how you're doing.
Jessica: Just having a niiice looong chat with my good friend the toilet bowl.
John: Sounds like more of an argument…
Jessica: No… No we're good friends… It's my stomach I'm on outs with.
John: The stomach has quite a bit of political pull in the body, I see.
Jessica: Yes indeed… You should go to dinner, John… Don't let me keep you…
John: Lightly rubs her back. I just wanted to check up on you, Jessica… Make sure you were alright.
Jessica: Thank you, John but… It's just morning sickness… evening sickness… I've had it with all my children… except Feemy.
John: Feemy certainly was an easy birth for you… Chuckles, leaning in to kiss the side of her head.
Jessica: Not for his mother, I bet… Smiles. I don't envy that poor woman.
John: I don't envy that woman's husband… I can imagine his hand was crushed to pulp.
Jessica: Oh, well… We met his father before… He seemed very… formidable.
John: Indeed… I'm glad our little Feemy didn't grow up into that.
Jessica: Giggles. Well, I've always been glad he's never come to take Feemy back… to… wherever they came from.
John: I am too. Stops rubbing her back. …I should get to dinner. Adam is bringing his beau.
Jessica: Alright… Do enjoy yourself… Sincerely.
John: I would more if you were there. Puts his arms around her.
Jessica: Smiles. Well, try not to cry too much… Stands. I'm going to rest… I think I've gotten out everything but the baby itself.
John: Stands when she does. I'll see you tonight then… and I'll try not to cry in front of everyone. Wouldn't want my manly image to be tarnished. Smiles back to her.
Jessica: No, you wouldn't… Leaves her bathroom and to her bed she goes. See you later, John. Love you.
John: See you later, Jessica. I love you too. Leans down and gives her a kiss on the forehead.
Jessica: Smiles but doesn't kiss back because she doesn't think he wants to be kissed with vomit lips.
John: To dinner he goes!

Adam: Pulls out a chair for Trajedie. Where the queen would sit, if he had one.
Traj: Such a gentleman. Why, thank you… Smiles to him and takes the seat that was pulled out for her.
Adam: Smiles at her fondly and seats himself.
Traj: There are a lot of people at the table, it seems.
Elijah: The first course is creamy celery-zucchini soup and tossed salad with buttermilk dressing. Mom picked out the recipes.
John: Joins them shortly and takes his usual seat.
Traj: Eating very little. Has a small stomach and stress has killed her appetite. Also not to just eat her fill of the first course and deny the next courses.
Elijah: The food tastes good, but not as good as Jessica's.
John: Still good though. Eats slowly, as usual, but has been eating more. Between his job and training, gets a very big appetite.
Rose & Dani: Yammering with Nathaniel, flanking him now that his dad is gone.
Nathaniel: Yammers back!
Rose: Waits her turn to talk while Dani and him do so.
John: So, Tragedy.
Adam: Hopes she and his dad hit it off and prays to God he doesn't mention the incident with the guards and the two people getting intimate.
John: You're relatively new here, from what I can gather. Have you enjoyed yourself so far?
Traj: I have, Sir.
John: Good to hear. Thank you for joining us at dinner, by the way. It is a pleasure to have you at the table.
Traj: It's a pleasure to be here, Sir.
John: I've heard that you've been holding down the infirmary without Nick or Joel there to assist. It sounds like a lot of work and it's impressive that you have been able to do so. Being complimentary. More for Adam's sake than anything.
Traj: …Thank you, Sir. Don't mention the infirmary.
Dani: There's a new nurse there named Fay and I helped Fay find her. I told her that all she had to do was find Adam.
Adam: Stares at Dani.
Dani: Always wait for the perfect opportunity. Call me a, "tattler" will you?
Adam: Quietly eats his salad.
Dani: And I was right. They we-
John: Danielle. Enough.
Dani: Frowns. But they wer-
John: Keeps interrupting her. I don't want to hear it, Danielle. If you keep on, you'll be going to bed at five until you go to Academy.
Adam: Ooo. Keeps a straight face, though he's smirking on the inside.
Dani: Just looks aghast. …But…
John: …But?
Dani: Frowns. It's not fair.
Elijah: Serves the main course of scuppernong-orange-glazed pork loin, asparagus, and sweet potatoes.
John: Yum.
Dani: Sulks.
Rose: Now that she's in a sulk, she can talk to Nathaniel.
Elijah: Pats Dani on the head as he passes by.
Dani: Elijah still loves me, unlike everyone else.
Traj: You're kind of a brat, Dani.
Rose: What are you doing tomorrow?
Nathaniel: Hanging out with you again, I hope.
Rose: Okay with me!
Nathaniel: Smiles.
Gabrielle: Enters with Michael!
John: Looks up from his conversation with Trajedie. Greetings Gabriel. Michael. So nice of you to drop in and interrupt our dinner. Thanks.
Michael: Glares at John.
John: Just raises an eyebrow at him. Unworried.
Gabrielle: Hello, John.
John: Gabriel. I hope you are well.
Nathaniel: Looks. Dad! Runs over to… her and hugs.
Gabrielle: Blinks. Nathaniel… Hugs back.
John: It seems his memory has returned. I do not know how, but it is good to have him back.
Rose: It is!
Gabrielle: Smiles and holds Nathaniel close, rocking him a bit and stroking his hair. I-I'm so glad…
John: It's fortunate there was good news awaiting you this time.
Gabrielle: Thank you for caring for him.
Elijah: …Would you like to sit down and eat with us?
Michael: We would. Seats himself as Elijah gives him and Gabrielle plates.
Rose: If you wanted, I could move, so you could sit next to Nathaniel.
Gabrielle: Um… Yes… Thank you…
Rose: Gawping at her a bit. Gets out of the chair and pulls it out for her.
Gabrielle: Thank you, Rose. Sits.
Nathaniel: Sits.
Dani: Why're you a girl?
Traj: Brat.
Gabrielle: …I can be whichever gender I choose to be.
Dani: …But why are you a girl?
Gabrielle: …It's part of my punishment.
Dani: You broke the law?
Gabrielle: I did.
John: Danielle. Quite severely.
Dani: Looks to her father with big, 'What did I do?' eyes.
John: Gabriel's business is not your business. Do not ask intrusive questions of our guests.
Dani: Frowns. But he… she didn't mind. Right? Turns to Gabrielle to ask her that personally. Doesn't bother with any cute little facial expressions. Found out quickly that those don't work too well on her.
Gabrielle: I guess not.
Dani: See?
John: …Then if it is alright by Gabriel, you two can continue in that vein of conversation, but do not do that again.
Dani: Smug look. I beat Dad.
Nathaniel: Smiles. I've never had a mother before…
John: I do not like where this is going.
Gabrielle: Just smiles. Glad Nathaniel isn't too weirded out.
Dani: So, what law did you break?
Gabrielle: I reincarnated myself.
Dani: Why is that against the law?
Gabrielle: Well… It sort of breaks the laws of nature. Everything must die… and stay dead.
Dani: Nods. What's your punishment?
Gabrielle: Well… I have to create a weapon of sorts.
Dani: And you have to be a girl to do that?
Gabrielle: Nods.
Dani: Why?
Gabrielle: Because it had to be created within me… In other words, I'm pregnant.
Dani: Oh. Who's the Dad? This is fascinating!
Gabriel: Michael.
Nathaniel: A bit weirded out now.
John: Oh, ew.
Dani: Glances over to Michael, then back to her. He doesn't look too thrilled.
Gabrielle: Well, we're not in love with each other.
Dani: Oh. You're pretty, so he shouldn't feel too bad.
Gabrielle: Blinks a bit. …Thank you… Michael and I are two halves of the same soul in different bodies.
Dani: So… you're the same person?
Gabrielle: Sort of.
Dani: Two halves of the same person.
Gabrielle: Yes.
Dani: So you're kinda… related.
John: Glances at Michael, giving him a sympathetic look.
Gabrielle: Well, we refer to each other as siblings.
Dani: Blinks. Oh. So you're his sister then?
Gabrielle: Yes.
Dani: They're making you have a kid with your brother? …Ew.
Gabrielle: Exactly our thoughts.
John: …I apologize for my daughters questions Gabriel, Michael.
Gabrielle: I simply hope her curiosity belies a want to learn.
Dani: Nods. Mostly just because it technically puts Gabrielle on her side. At least it works out that way in her head.
Gabrielle: Eats the food. Thank you so much for taking care of my son, John.
John: It is not a problem. I will continue to look after him until you can return from your sentence.
Gabrielle: Thank you. You're very kind.
John: That's a new one. …There is no need to thank me.
Gabrielle: Pulls a hand through her hair absentmindedly.
Demi: So wrong.
John: Never knew Gabriel to be absentminded.
Gabrielle: Worn out.
Rose: When are you going to be back, S… Ma'am?
Gabrielle: Once the baby is born, I can return.
Rose: How far along is it… if you don't mind me asking?
Gabrielle: About three weeks, I think.
Rose: You'll be back soon, then. Sorry, I don't think I'll be here to welcome you back. Not that you'd care.
Gabrielle: I'm sorry as well… I'd have liked to continue your magical education.
Rose: Blinks. …Well… I'm going to an academy, but maybe if you don't mind, when I get back from it, you could… of course, if you don't mind.
Dani: Geez, just ask or something.
Gabrielle: Smiles. I won't mind…
Rose: Strange… but not a bad kind of strange, at least. I bet I can learn much more from you than I could at any academy. Smiling.
Gabrielle: …That's very flattering, but be sure to study hard regardless.
Rose: Nods. I will, Ma'am.
Dani: Suck up.
Gabrielle: Smiles.
Dani: Not sure which is more strange… seeing our teacher as a pregnant woman or seeing her smile.
Elijah: Serves strawberry shortcake for dessert.
Traj: Leaning against Adam's arm, sleeping.
Adam: Shakes Trajedie gently.
Traj: Surprisingly, awakens without having to be shook violently, though she jerks rather suddenly and sits upright rigidly. Eyes wide, she looks about, as if someone was going to yell at her. Oh, I'm not in the infirmary.
Adam: Smiles. You don't want to skip dessert. I also can't carry you or anything.
Traj: Oh, no… Of course not. Smiles at him and gives her eyes a small rub.
Adam: Smiles back.
Traj: Ooo, strawberry shortcake.
Adam: Trajedie finds Adam's own fork near her mouth.
Traj: Oh, Adam… Closes her eyes and takes the bite.
Adam: Smiles.
Traj: Raises her own fork up to his mouth.
Adam: Smiles and takes a bite.
Elijah: Stares at the two of them.
Dani: Also staring, though soon looks to Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: Smiling, glad his dad… mom… is back.
Dani: Glad she didn't give up her seat. Tries to feed Nathaniel a bite of strawberry cake.
Nathaniel: Stares, then smiles. Takes the bite she's holding.
Gabrielle: Watches this.
John: Watching this closely, too.
Dani: Smiling widely. Absolutely beaming.
Nathaniel: Guesses he should reciprocate and does the same.
Dani: Takes the bite happily, though doesn't close her eyes like Traj did out of a fear of leaning into the fork.
Nathaniel: Laughs a bit… Doesn't really get that it's romantic.
John: Eyeing the two carefully now.
Nathaniel: Doesn't know Dani likes him like that.
Adam: Nuzzling noses with Traj now.
Traj: Has needed this. Seems a little more awake and lively, gladly giving Eskimo kisses to Adam.
Adam: Grinning, off in his own little world. There's a bit of whipped cream on her lip… Softly smooches it off.
John: Not like we have guests over. Go ahead and make out in front of them.
Traj: Doesn't care. Giggles softly and by the same reason he'd used to smooch her, she uses it to peck the corner of his mouth, though there was no whipped cream there at all.
Adam: Giggles too.
Elijah: Looks to the two of them… Looks to John.
John: Looks to Elijah.
Elijah: Rolls his eyes.
John: Clears his throat loudly.
Adam: Looks over to his father and blushes… Pulls away from Trajedie.
Traj: Almost simultaneously does so too, looking with renewed interest at the table.
Adam: Coughs and eats the rest of his dessert without sharing. Were none of you ever young and in love? Can't help catching Traj's eye and smiling.
Traj: Looks up for a moment just to do so, smiling back to him.
Dani: I'm not bold enough to try any of that stuff with Nathaniel. Especially not when Dad is right there and his Mom is right there.
Nathaniel: Happily eating his shortcake.
Dani: Resumes eating her own.
Rose: A little irate at Dani. She didn't even try to be Nathaniel's friend when he really needed you and now you're acting like it never happened… Mutters as she eats her cake.

Nick: Not doing any better… or worse…
Joel: My master plan didn't work.
Nick: Seem happier, at least.
Joel: That's good!
Nick: Sips tea and stares at Joel.
Joel: Has cleaned himself up. Hair is combed back again and mustache is trimmed to perfection. All is well. Sips his tea and stares back.
Nick: Blinks and sips tea.
Joel: I win. Sips.
Nick: …What?
Joel: We weren't having a staring contest?
Nick: …Not that I knew of…
Joel: That's a shame.
Nick: Why?
Joel: My 1,434 game streak is a lie.
Nick: …Yeah.
Joel: Oh well. How are you feeling?
Nick: …Bad…
Joel: Worse than yesterday?
Nick: …No…
Joel: That's an improvement. Smiles!
Nick: …That makes nearly no sense.
Joel: Stabilization is an improvement, believe it or not.
Nick: …I guess…
Joel: So, how did things with the lovely Anita go?
Nick: Smiles a bit. …Well… Then frowns. …I suppose you didn't have to do anything with it…
Joel: I wouldn't say I did.
Nick: Hm.
Joel: Sips. You should have heard her. She said that if anything were to happen to you, that she would quit. She also said that you're handsome.
Nick: …She did?
Joel: That she did.
Nick: …So you didn't put her up to it or offer for her to be your successor if she asked me out?
Joel: I only made it known to her that you were quite available. Sips his tea.
Nick: …So all you did was… help things along?
Joel: You could say that. Another sip. The dear thought that a doctor like yourself would have been snagged already.
Nick: Hm.
Joel: Oh, now what is it? Do you suspect some other sort of trickery from me?
Nick: …No… Coughs. Just a… noncommittal response.
Joel: I hope you grow accustomed to commitment soon.
Nick: I hope so too… I guess it's sad but… I'm ready to settle down… Move away from home… Have a family… I'm not getting any younger.
Joel: It's not sad at all, Nick. It's life. I for one look forward to seeing what the future holds for you.
Nick: Smiles a bit. …Thanks, Joel.
Joel: Oh, don't mention it… Just looking out for Lil' Nicky… Though I guess I should stop calling you that.
Nick: I wish you would… At least save it for special occasions or… Coughs. Something.
Joel: I'll stop calling you that. You're not little anymore. You've been an adult for far too long for me to be calling you that.
Nick: …I'm glad you finally realized that…
Joel: I've always known, you know.
Nick: …I guess…?
Joel: Old people have a hard time breaking habits. Drains the rest of his tea.
Nick: …Heh.
Joel: …What?
Nick: …Never known you to admit your faults so candidly.
Joel: Well, being old is a fault that everyone is going to acquire. You should treasure your youth, you know.
Nick: Yeah… In 30 more years, I'll be as old as you.
Joel: Tries to take a sip of his tea and realizes it's empty. And I'll be in the dirt.
Nick: Oh, come now… At only 90?
Joel: Sure, why not?
Nick: You take better care of yourself than that.
Joel: Have to take into account the unforeseeable.
Nick: Frowns. I hope not…
Joel: I look at it this way… 90 is a good goal. If I live beyond that, then at least I will be pleasantly surprised.
Nick: …It'd be a shame to lose two fathers.
Joel: Smiles. Nick.
Nick: …What?
Joel: I'm honored that you think of me as a father.
Nick: Smiles.
Joel: I've always tried to do right by you, so I apologize for all of my meddling.
Nick: I suppose you've always had good intentions.
Joel: That I have. You don't need my meddling anymore, though.
Nick: I don't?
Joel: Sure you don't.
Nick: why not?
Joel: You're an intelligent young man. You know right from wrong and can make smart choices without an old codger looking over your shoulder.
Nick: I value your advice, Joel. I might not always follow it to a T, but your opinion on matters… matters to me… Coughs. If only to have a different viewpoint than my own.
Joel: Always a wise choice to make, taking in different opinions. They can overlook things you may have missed. Well, they can notice what you may have missed, that is.
Nick: Joel… Holds his arms out to his cousin again.
Joel: Gladly obliges him with a hug. Nick…?
Nick: Hugs tight. …You need to go home.
Joel: Hugs tighter as well. I know, my daughter's birthday is today.
Nick: Yeah… Tell her her present from me is letting her dad come to her party… Laughs a bit, which turns into coughing.
Joel: Of course. I'm sure she'll appreciate that. Pats his shoulder gently. Nevertheless, I'm going to ask that Anita send me a telegram should your condition worsen while I am away.
Nick: Nods. I'll do my level best to get better. Keeps hugging him. Come and visit again when you have the chance… I really start to miss you…
Joel: I miss you when you're gone as well, Nick. Doesn't mind staying in the hug, though it is a little unusual for Nick to be like this. Kind of makes him that the is either hopeful for the future or truly believes that he is doomed. …And I hope the infirmary isn't on fire when I get back there.
Nick: Laughs a bit. …That'd be a plus… Does finally relinquish Joel from his grasp and lays down to rest. Love you… Joel… Hope to see you again soon… Take care… Have a safe trip… Tell Trajedie and my mother I said, "Hello."
Joel: I love you too, Nick… I'll visit again soon, so just take care and try your best to recover and I'll give both of those ladies your love.

Renasi: Laying next to Feemy.
Feemy: …Ren?
Renasi: Yes?
Feemy: …I've been meaning to tell you something.
Renasi: What is it?
Feemy: That day I just came to the inn, when my ribs were just broken, when Ivy had to pull you away from Clive so you wouldn't punch him? To get to the point, Clive gave me the band and quit.
Renasi: Blinks. …He did…? Really?
Feemy: Nods. I was right… He just didn't like music anymore. He felt trapped by it, so he wanted out. What I'm getting at is what to do with the band…
Renasi: …Well… that's great… You have your own band now…
Feemy: I could disband it.
Renasi: …Why? Isn't this what you wanted?
Feemy: I did want it. My own band to perform headlining at a concert. To have a successful career in music.
Renasi: …So what's the problem?
Feemy: I wanted to ask you and you have to be truly, truly honest with me, Renasi. Would you be able to tour without Clive being around?
Renasi: …I… I could… try…
Feemy: I see… Tries his best not to shift too much onto his side, but turns the best he can so he can look to Ren. Ren… My love… I asked if you think you would be able to… I know you would try… You would try no matter what the conditions… but I need your honest answer… Would you be able to?
Renasi: …I don't know… It's not as though Clive was the only factor… It's the moving around all the time and being uprooted and all the crazy fans and new people and… being in the media spotlight or whatever… I don't know.
Feemy: Smiles and nods his head. I see. Alright then.
Renasi: Takes Feemy's hand, clutching it. Don't disband… Please… At least wait a month… Do the concert… Please…
Feemy: You're more important than any concert, Ren…
Renasi: If you never do the concert… You might regret it for the rest of your life… I'll be fine for another month…
Feemy: …Another month of you in bed…? Ren… I want you to get better…
Renasi: I am getting better. I promise… I'll get well enough to go to your concert myself.
Feemy: You don't have to promise that… Just concentrate on getting well, period.
Renasi: Please do the concert… There's nothing holding you back now that Clive's gone… except for me… and I'd hate myself forever if I prevented you from doing this.
Feemy: …I'll do the concert Ren… but after that, The Hungry Ghosts are history.
Renasi: Smiles.
Feemy: Smiles as well, carefully moving closer to him, not wanting to aggravate his ribs.
Renasi: At least you'll go out with a bang.
Feemy: I'll try not to mess the set up. Grins.
Renasi: Smiles.
Feemy: Grin grows a little wider. Everyone is going to leave halfway through when they realize that Clive isn't singing either.
Renasi: No they won't. You're a better singer than him. A lot of his old teasing and playfulness has diminished as his self-confidence has over the years.
Feemy: Keep saying that… You don't want to jinx it… Since if everyone leaves halfway through, it'll be just me and you there. Smiles.
Renasi: …Don't say that… Frowns.
Feemy: It wouldn't make a difference. When I'm up there playing, it's only for you anyways.
Renasi: Smiles and blushes.