02 May 2019
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Elijah McMurran John Crowley Bridget McMurran Adam McMurran Jennifer McMurran Eric McMurran

Elijah: Getting to J.N.'s house is a longer walk than I'd thought it'd be… Just short of six miles. Knocks on J.N.'s door.
J.N.: Opens the door. What do you… Oh, hello Elijah.
Elijah: Sniffs. Hey, Mr. John! I came to visit you!
J.N.: I see.
Elijah: Walking around here is kinda dangerous. So my uncle Eric gave me one of these. Pulls a cell phone from his pocket. Though I don't really know how to use it.
J.N.: …He just bought it for you?
Elijah: Yep! Stands on John's doorstep sweating.
J.N.: Come on in. Steps aside so he may enter.
Elijah: Comes in. I'm not bothering you am I? Are you busy? Are you gonna go somewhere? Are you gonna have friends over?
J.N.: Locks the door behind Elijah. Funny that. They don't actually know I'm here. To make a long story short, they think I'm at work. You should get a drink of water… Since I assume you jogged here.
Elijah: Obliges. Why do they think you're at work? Are you s'posed to be? Gulps down the water.
J.N.: Yeah, I'm supposed to.
Elijah: Chokes on the water. After some coughing and spluttering… Why aren't you?
J.N.: But I am. Kind of.
Elijah: Just stares at him blankly. Um… Huh?
J.N.: I got a substitute.
Elijah: You have a twin?
J.N.: Just as good.
Elijah: …Could you please explain to me in greater detail? I'm a little lost. Sorry.
J.N.: Alright, but if your mother catches wind of it she's going to skin me alive. I asked Middler to fill in for me. And he did.
Elijah: Middler?
J.N.: Nods.
Elijah: Why?
J.N.: To see if he would.
Elijah: What about your reputation?
J.N.: I don't care what other people think.
Elijah: Shrugs. I won't tell my mother. I don't even see her anymore.
J.N.: On that note, I'll tell her you're doing fine.
Elijah: Thanks. Why don't you want to go to work?
J.N.: I don't mind. I just wanted to see if Middler would fill in for me.
Elijah: Of course he would…
J.N.: He hates meat. My job is to cut up defenseless animals. I figured he might have a problem with it.
Elijah: I thought he just hated fowl… but why would you manipulate someone like that?
J.N.: Just fowl? Hm. Never noticed. Anyhow, there wasn't a real reason. Maybe I was trying to prove something to myself or him, but I can't ascertain what that would be if that was the objective.
Elijah: I'm not crazy about Middler like my mom and Julius are, but… That's not… Well, never mind.
J.N.: I know what you're thinking. That it wasn't right for me to do that?
Elijah: Well, I realized that you wouldn't really care if it was or not… I guess.
J.N.: Right and wrong are relative. How was school?
Elijah: Fine. You think Middler is only nice because he wants people to like him?
J.N.: I don't know why Middler is nice. For all I know, his species might require being nice as a means of survival. I haven't the foggiest.
Elijah: He just squicks me a bit. Sits down on the couch. Not 'cause he's weird looking, just… I don't know.
J.N.: Squicks?
Elijah: Gives me a weird nasty feeling.
J.N.: He does make allusions to eating people.
Elijah: Yeah, it's like he acts nice, but there's something scary underneath it. He says he's joking, but he acts so sincere the rest of the time. Frowns. What if he wants to eat my mom?
J.N.: That's a possibility.
Elijah: I'm not even there to protect her. Or my dad…
J.N.: I think she can take care of herself. Unless Middler can turn into a dragon or something.
Elijah: I-I was thinking that too.
J.N.: And he can look like anyone, too. He could escape easily and hide.
Elijah: Frowns.
J.N.: But I doubt Middler would. He doesn't have much of a spine.
Elijah: Mumbles. He could if he wanted to. Tries to get his mind off his mother being devoured by Middler. I'm going to a party tomorrow!
J.N.: Great.
Elijah: Marit invited me.
J.N.: That was nice of him. Maybe you'll make new friends.
Elijah: Nods. Aunt Bridget keeps saying I need a haircut…
J.N.: Do you think you do?
Elijah: Nah, not 'til it starts covering up my eyes.
J.N.: I see.
Elijah: Did you finish my Demon guide?
J.N.: Not yet.
Elijah: Nods. Are you doing anything in general?
J.N.: Not particular.
Elijah: No wonder you're so smart.
J.N.: Really now?
Elijah: Well, you took time off from work especially… Just to read… all the time?
J.N.: I told you why I even took off of work. Reading was just a bonus.
Elijah: I remember. Sorry. Have you eaten yet?
J.N.: No.
Elijah: Me neither. Stands up. Maybe I should head home.
J.N.: Alright.
Elijah: Thanks for having me. Bows. Good-bye. Heads for the door.
J.N.: Bye.

J.N.: Leaves too, since he's going to offer Elijah a ride.
Elijah: Looks behind him and stares.
J.N.: In a car.
Elijah: Maybe he's going on a date? Waves good-bye and walks the other way.
J.N.: Pulls up next to him. I'm giving you a ride.
Elijah: Oh. Thank you! Gets into the car. Have you ever fallen in love?
J.N.: I don't know.
Elijah: Shuts up for the rest of the car ride. Stares out the window. Pokes his lips out.
J.N.: Something wrong?
Elijah: No. Silence until they get to the house.

Bridget: Waiting for them with a big smile on her face. Mr. Crowley!
J.N.: Hello.
Bridget: Thank you for bringing Elijah home. Why don't you stay for dinner?
J.N.: Alright.
Bridget: You can park on the street, hun. Come on in.
J.N.: Parks on the street and saunters in.
Elijah: Follows after him.
Bridget: Make yourself at home.
J.N.: Nods.
Bridget: Eric will be home soon. Oh, Elijah, sit down here. Pulls out a chair in the dining room.
Elijah: Um, okay.
Adam: Looks at J.N. from his bassinet.
J.N.: Sits wherever.
Adam: Aaab!
J.N.: Hi Adam.
Adam: Smiles. Ab aab aaooo!
J.N.: Stands up and walks to Adam.
Adam: Aaab! Holds his arms up.
J.N.: Picks him up.
Adam: Gurgles. Starting to get barely discernible fuzz on his head.
J.N.: More hair than Ernest.
Bridget: Drapes a cloth around Elijah and gets out the scissors.
J.N.: Heh.
Bridget: You boys are getting haircuts. Spritzes his head with a water bottle.
Adam: Aaab! Aooo! Reaches for J.N.'s chin hair.
J.N.: Lets him.
Adam: Smiles. Baaaooo.
Elijah: Locks of thick wavy hair fall to the floor.
Bridget: Gets out the electric razor.
J.N.: Sounds like someone is going to have less hair than Ernest.
Bridget: You needn't look like a calf going to slaughter.
J.N.: Looks back at Elijah and shakes his head. He doesn't from what I can tell.
Elijah: J.N. would know. The end result is about the same length as J.N.'s.
J.N.: You look popular.
Elijah: Looks in the mirror with a distraught look on his face. Popular?
J.N.: Yeah. Reaaal popular.
Bridget: Sweeps up the hair. John's right. You look nice now.
J.N.: Maybe when I was twelve, that was really popular. Sets Adam down in the crib.
Adam: Whines. Getting ready to vault into full-blown crying.
Bridget: Is he wet?
J.N.: No.
Bridget: Comes over after disposing of Elijah's locks. What'sa matter, Adaaam? Aww… Picks him up.
Adam: Continues crying 'cause J.N. set him down and mommy's not anywhere and the world isn't fair.
Jennifer: Comes downstairs. Mo-om, when's dinner ready? Stares at J.N. and Elijah.
Bridget: In a bit, Dear. I guess your father's being held up at work.
J.N.: Hm. Leans over Bridget's shoulder.
Adam: Reaches up at J.N. and cries.
J.N.: Steps away from Bridget. Think he misses me already.
Bridget: The timer on the oven goes off. Sighs. Could you hold him a bit, then?
J.N.: Takes Adam. Why, certainly.
Bridget: Thank you. Goes to take the lasagna out of the oven.
Adam: Calming down.
J.N.: Holds him up closer so he can grab his face like a little monster.
Adam: Does so, tears abating.
Elijah: I can hold him if you want, Mr. John.
Jennifer: Sulks. Follows her mother into the kitchen because she wants someone to pay attention to her.
J.N.: Sure. Holds out Adam.
Elijah: Takes him.
Adam: Whines a bit, but doesn't fully cry. Guesses his brother is good enough.
Eric: Comes in. Hello, John.
J.N.: Nods.
Eric: Smile becomes plastered on. What's with this guy?
Jennifer: Daddy! Runs and hugs his legs.
Eric: Hello sweetheart! Picks her up. Did you have a good day at school?
Jennifer: Yep! I drew you a picture! Wanna see? Wanna see?!
Eric: Sets her down. I sure do!
Jennifer: Runs to take it from her backpack.
Eric: …I like your hair, Elijah.
J.N.: That's a stand-up thing for you to say. Sits somewhere.
Eric: Looks at J.N. a bit oddly.
Elijah: Thank you, Uncle Eric.
Jennifer: Comes back with a picture of a flower made up of colored tissue papers.
Eric: Ooo! How pretty! You made this all by yourself?
Jennifer: Yep! Are you gonna put it in your office?
Eric: I certainly will!