02 March 2019
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Ivy Akasama Julius Larson John Crowley

Ivy: Has his-self a pet bunny named Natey.
Natey: Huge bunny.
Ivy: Treats Natey like a king! The finest bunny food and bunny bed and bunny things! Grooms him twice a day and takes him out for bunny walks! Nothing is too good for Natey!
Natey: That's good!
Ivy: Needs a girlfriend, it seems.
Natey: A chick magnet.

Julius: Wakes up in a cold sweat! Pant, pant, pant, pant.
J.N: Snrrrk…
Julius: Cough attack! Looks around the quiet darkened room for hiding zombies. Looks at J.N. Just the normal one it seems. Gets up and wanders around the house in paranoia.
J.N: …Who's there? Julius?
Julius: Looking in the bathroom. Wanders back to the living room.
J.N: Oh, just you.
Julius: Raises an eyebrow and cocks his head to the side… Questioning.
J.N: Not used to someone just waltzing around.. and being mostly quiet. At least one that can't answer when I try to ask for their name… If that makes sense.
Julius: Nods. Imitates a zombie. …?
J.N: What?
Julius: Points to his eyes and turns his head in a, "looking around fashion". Points to himself, "me". Indicating that he was looking for zombies.
J.N: …They… don't exist… I think. Do they in Atlantis?
Julius: … Shakes his head. …. Shrugs.
J.N: Better zombies than Middler… or his mother.
Julius: Makes a two sign with his fingers and nods.
J.N: You agree?
Julius: Agreeing that zombies are better than Middler's mother! The second option, not the first. Middler is better than zombies.
J.N: Hm. Wonder what everyone is doing in Magic Land.
Julius: Shrug. Pulls two curls of his hair forward on his face and makes them curl upwards like Gwen.
J.N: You miss her?
Julius: Does the sorta hand thing. She was a little too excitable for him last time.
J.N: … Lost.
Julius: Points to J.N. and mimes rocking a baby, then taking cookies out of the oven. Raises an eyebrow. Roughly translates to "do you miss Jessica?”
J.N: …I saw my mother a few days ago. Grabs pen, paper, and hands it to Julius. Use it.
Julius: Writes. Do you miss Jessica?
J.N: Reads. …I guess I do.
Julius: You guess?
J.N: I do. No way to sugar coat it. Strange, hm?
Julius: You like her.
J.N: What makes you say that?
Julius: I was wondering if you did?
J.N: Then ask, don't make it a statement.
Julius: Sorry. Puts a question mark on the end of it. You like her?
J.N: How do you mean?
Julius: Romantically? It's none of my business, I'm sure. I mean, there's no question you like her platonically or else you wouldn't miss her.
J.N: Never really thought of what a romantic relationship with her would entail. Think Dan would haunt me?
Julius: Half smiles. Writes. No. It would entail you two smooching, you having to look after her kids, and dating a woman who was a sophomore in high school when you were born.
J.N: Keep it mum, but I'm looking after the kids anyway.
Julius: You are? Why?
J.N: Same reason you're here now
Julius: You promised Daniel. That's surprising, for you.
J.N: Told him I would. Well, I also owed him for everything he's done too. Couldn't pay him back. He's dead. So I'm going to do what he asked.
Julius: That's kind of you. I thought you trying to comfort Elijah was a bit odd.
J.N: It is odd.
Julius: No offense, but I still don't know why Daniel did all that stuff for you.
J.N: Makes two of us.
Julius: He didn't tell you, either, huh?
J.N: Nope. Or I didn't understand if he did. It's 1:57 and I'm feeling philosophical.
Julius: Sorry, but Daniel hates hospitals… It seems odd to me that he'd want to spend his last days in one. He was particularly abhorrent to the idea years ago is all.
J.N: We hung out some. It was a blast… Or that was the morphine.
Julius: I just think that's a lot to do for somebody… not that you don't deserve it. I mean, I know the car and the house and everything was great and the giving you his lung… I guess it was just the willing to spend his last few days alive in that sort of pain in someplace he usually hated?
J.N: Maybe he had a plan. Not sure…
Julius: You sure you're not the savior of the world or something? …You can never be too sure, really…
J.N: Sounds more up your alley.
Julius: Isn't that the truth?
J.N: Probably.
Julius: Sigh. I'm selfish. I act like I'm selfless, but then I'd rather just be a normal guy with my wife and children.
J.N: Doesn't sound like too much to ask for.
Julius: It is when you have to think of the "good of humanity" before yourself.
J.N: Tough break.
Julius: Shrug. I'm the reincarnation of the Archangel Gabriel, after all.
J.N: So. Are you going to save the world?
Julius: I have no idea. But it'd still be for the good of humanity… Gabriel is a genius after all… And I am just a know-it-all.
J.N: Thanks ahead of time.
Julius: Sigh.
J.N: Read any good books lately?
Julius: I started Gone with the Wind…
J.N: All you hoped it would be?
Julius: I don't know. I've only read the first couple of chapters. It's not bad.
J.N: There's that
Julius: I know you're so interested in me.