02 April 2019
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Gwendolyn Larson Jessica McMurran Elijah McMurran John Crowley

Gwen: All Julius ever does is sleep anymore.
Jessica: Yeah… That's all my husband does either.
Gwen: …Because he's dead.

Elijah: Hey, Mr. John!
J.N: …How'd you get here?
Elijah: I took a potion. What'cha reading?
J.N: Reading 'The Zombie Survival Guide'.
Elijah: Zombies? Do you really think they're a threat?
J.N: Not really. Just something to read.
Elijah: It should be a, 'Demon Survival Guide." But you probably already know all about that, huh?
J.N: About demons? Not really.
Elijah: Come on! You've gotta know about Demons. Well, I guess they don't have them much here, huh?
J.N: Not really.
Elijah: …Are you busy?
J.N: No.
Elijah: Scratches his leg with his foot and shrugs, then wanders about the house. You're not gonna hang out with your friends? After wandering back.
J.N: Not at the moment.
Elijah: Later tonight?
J.N: I might.
Elijah: Are you gonna play poker?
J.N: We mostly play blackjack, but either.
Elijah: Can I hang out with you and your friends?
J.N: Not sure if it'd be your thing. No sword fights.
Elijah: Frowns. I don't just like sword fights…
J.N: Well, what else do you like?
Elijah: Hanging out with you… This is usually when I hang out with my dad!
J.N: Hm… If we don't hang out at the bar, then I'll see.
Elijah: I'll be 16 in November.
J.N: That's fine, then you'd only have five years to go.
Elijah: You have to be 21 to go to a bar here?
J.N: To drink, yes. You can get into a bar if you have your parents with you and you don't drink.
Elijah: Oh… Where else do you go besides bars?
J.N: Depends on who I'm with. That's pretty much where Ernest and Curt like to go.
Elijah: Who's Curt? Who're your other friends? Hangs over his chair.
J.N: Curt. I don't think you met him. He's someone I work with. Along with Ernest.
Elijah: He's a secret agent, too?
J.N: No, they're butchers.
Elijah: Butchers? Looks a bit disappointed.
J.N: Yep.
Elijah: Shifts on his feet. Why do you hang out with butchers?
J.N: I work at a meat market. As a butcher, too.
Elijah: …I thought you were a secret agent?
J.N: Ever heard of a cover?
Elijah: Eyes widen. Oohhhh… Sits on the couch. So… When're they coming over?
J.N: They might be here in a little while.
Elijah: Excited! This guy has got to be COOL! Twiddles his thumbs. Mr. Julius is so grumpy lately… A Priest, a Minister, and a Rabbi are walking down the street. They discuss, together, the various traditions and beliefs of their different religions. Each leaves with a greater respect for the other and a deeper understanding of the world.
J.N: …
Elijah: How do you brainwash a blonde? A rigorous schedule of psychologically breaking down their confidence and resistance to outside suggestion.
J.N: …That's… a good one.
Elijah: Eventually falls asleep.
J.N: Wonders how Elijah planned on going BACK home.

Elijah: …Wakes up… LATER.
J.N: Looks up from his book. You passed out for awhile there.
Elijah: Sits up. Your friends aren't here yet…
J.N: That they're not.
Elijah: Maybe they stood you up.
J.N: They said they might stop by. There really wasn't a guarantee.
Elijah: Frowns 'cause he wanted to meet J.N.'s cool secret agent friend. That was mean of them… Um… Mr. John…?
J.N: …Yeah, Elijah?
Elijah: I… Kinda forgot to bring a potion to go back home.
J.N: This doesn't surprise me, somehow. Someone will come to that conclusion and come here sometime.
Elijah: Do you mind me staying until they do?
J.N: You don't have much of a choice.
Elijah: I guess I could camp outside… I don't wanna bother you.
J.N: Doesn't bother me. You can use the guest bedroom.
Elijah: Okay! Hops up. Hugs him. Good night.
J.N: …Going to sleep already?
Elijah: Yeah… I hafta wake up at 6:00 y'know?
J.N: Alright then.
Elijah: Goes into the kitchen for a glass of water! Ni-ight! Goes into the guest room.
J.N: Night.