01 October 2037
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Nicholas Romolo Joel Marsetti Anita Valerio Rosemary Crowley Nathaniel Larson

Nick: Looks at Joel miserably from under the covers.
Joel: At his bedside and has been. Why, even his mustache hasn't been tended to. Nick?
Nick: Mm…?
Joel: Before the Himalayas were discovered, what was the tallest mountain in Asia?
Nick: …Mt. Everest?
Joel: No. The Himalayas.
Nick: Stare.
Joel: Just because they weren't discovered, doesn't mean they weren't the tallest. Sips his tea. If you have two apples and I take one of them from you, how many apples do I have?
Nick: …One…
Joel: Two.
Nick: Stares.
Joel: Tilts his head back and points at his neck. Laryngeal prominence. Also known as the, 'Adam's apple.'
Nick: Coughs.
Joel: How are you feeling?
Nick: …Is that a trick question?
Joel: No.
Nick: Bad.
Joel: I had thought as much.
Nick: …I always prided myself on my good health.
Joel: It's not as though your health was in your power in this case.
Nick: Sighs.
Joel: So, give any thought to what I said?
Nick: …What?
Joel: The lovely Anita's obvious affection for you, of course. Sips.
Nick: Coughs. …I don't think I'm really in the position to… ask anyone out.
Joel: Of course not. Just the moment you've recovered.
Nick: …If she's still… available… If I'm not… dead.
Joel: Good enough for me.
Nick: Stares at Joel. …You tell my mother… I'm sorry… for all the trouble… I caused her.
Joel: You can tell her yourself, Nick.
Nick: Rolls his eyes.
Joel: She's only going to want to hear it from you anyhow.
Nick: She's not likely to visit…
Joel: I'm sure she will.
Nick: I doubt it… Even as I lie dying… Well… She'd nag me even on my deathbed…
Joel: She loves you dearly, even if she has an… evil way of showing it.
Nick: …'M sorry, Joel…
Joel: You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, Nick.
Nick: …Leaving you alone… and the infirmary… and you're… older… Who's going to make you tea?
Joel: You're not leaving anyone, Nick.
Nick: …I'm dying…
Joel: If you keep being negative about it, then it will indeed have a negative impact on your health.
Nick: …How'm I not supposed to be negative?
Joel: I'm aware that you're in a rough state, but you and I both know you can pull through it.
Nick: …How d'you know?
Joel: …Hello? Doctor?
Nick: I'm a doctor too, so is… Coughs. …Chuckles… who also said… I probably wasn't going to make it…
Joel: Chuckles wouldn't know his head from a hole in the ground. Which opinion are you going to trust? Mine or his?
Nick: …Yours… but I don't know what you're… basing your… Coughs. Assumptions on.
Joel: Scratches his cheek idly. Nick, I've seen people suffering from conditions that caused their skin to slough off of their body with more optimism than you.
Nick: Coughs.
Joel: Trust me when I say that you have more than a chance to pull through if you give yourself that chance.
Nick: I'm… trying… but things seem to be… piling up… Coughs.
Joel: Then ignore them. They're my problem, not yours. Only think of the future you'll have when you leave that bed.
Nick: …Back to the infirmary and… my nagging… mother. Coughs.
Joel: With a pretty nurse called Anita. Also hired another nurse, so less roundabout work for us. You could take some nights off.
Nick: …I haven't had a night off in… so long…
Joel: Think of what you could do with those nights off. Even if you don't ask Anita out, there's time to yourself you could have. The possibilities are there, you just have to make them for yourself, Nicholas.
Nick: …Mm… I know I'm being lectured when you call me, "Nicholas." Coughs.
Joel: I'm not lecturing you. Just trying to set your head straight.
Nick: …Lecturing… Smiles a bit before he goes into another coughing fit.
Joel: Just rest, Nick and think happy thoughts, will you?
Nick: …Happy thoughts?
Joel: Sure. Like the time you tried to pull my mustache off thinking it was a hairy bug.
Nick: Laughs a bit which turns into coughing. …Not so happy for you…
Joel: Twitches his mustache a bit. You had something of a grip on you when you were young, I will say that much. Now sleep and think of the bright future that awaits you.
Nick: Coughs. Wipes away tears from coughing, then coughs more.
Joel: Lightly holds his shoulder.
Nick: Tries to catch his breath.
Joel: Easy does it.
Nick: Swallows, his breathing shallow.
Anita: Enters. Good evening, Dr. Marsetti!
Joel: Sighs. Please, "Joel."
Anita: …Sorry… Joel.
Joel: Nothing to apologize for. Not even looking at Anita. Concentrating on Nick.
Anita: Comes over. How's Nicholas doing?
Joel: The same as before.
Nick: Eyes closed, looking a bit pained… Trying very hard not to cough again.
Joel: Drains the rest of his tea and stands. After you've tended to Nick, would you please see me, Anita?
Anita: Of course Doctor… Joel. Smiles at him and then begins to tend to Nick, replacing his IV.
Joel: It's away from the bed for him.
Nick: Smiles a little, just for Anita.
Joel: Just as planned.

Rose: Runs into Nathaniel in the hallway. Hello, Nathaniel. I've been looking all over for you.
Nathaniel: …Rosemary?
Rose: Nods. It's good to see you again.
Nathaniel: …Hi.
Rose: Mind if I wander with you? Not much fun, wandering alone.
Nathaniel: Okay.
Rose: How are you?
Nathaniel: Okay.
Rose: What has been on your mind as of late?
Nathaniel: Stares at her hollowly. Nothing.
Rose: I see… You should think of something.
Nathaniel: Shrugs.
Rose: …I have something for you, Nathaniel.
Nathaniel: Stares.
Rose: Let me see one of your hands. Holds out one of her own to take his.
Nathaniel: Holds out his hand.
Rose: Removes the bracelet that he'd given to her and puts it around his wrist. There.
Nathaniel: Stares at it then stares at her.
Rose: It's something you and your father, Gabriel, made for me. Danielle has one like it.
Nathaniel: Why're you giving it to me?
Rose: Well… I'm going to Academy sometime soon and I don't need a keepsake to remember you by. I'd want you to remember me, so that's to remember me by.
Nathaniel: Okay.
Rose: I've probably already told you this, but we're friends. If you don't want to wander, you could always come to my room and we could talk… and the same is true for Danielle too. She's your friend and she'd be more than willing to talk with you too. She'd kill me for saying this, but she really likes you.
Nathaniel: Cocks his head to the side. …Okay.
Rose: We're here for you. So… You don't have to be lonely. Suddenly hugs him.
Nathaniel: Blinks… Doesn't hug back. So very different from the boy he once was, who'd chatter away and ask how she was doing and hug her back and laugh and smile and call her, "Rosie" and give her little gifts every now and then.
Rose: Of course and it's quite sad. Doesn't let go either, just hugs tighter. Wishes he'd call her, "Rosie" or at least smile. No hugs or gifts would be fine if he was at least like his old self, even just a little bit.
Nathaniel: Wonders why she's squeezing him.
Rose: Lingers for just a little bit longer and then releases him. Doesn't know the full extent of his injury, only really knows that he's lost his memory. …Sorry.
Nathaniel: …Okay.
Rose: Wishes he'd stop just saying, 'Okay.' …Would you like to hang out tomorrow?
Nathaniel: …Okay.
Rose: What do you want to do tomorrow, then? While we hang out, that is? Trying to see if she can maybe stir some kind of memory out of him.
Nathaniel: …I dunno.
Rose: What seems like fun to you?
Nathaniel: I dunno.
Rose: Thinks of what they used to do when they hung out. Sighs. This is much worse for him than it is for you, remember that, Rose. Try to think of something?
Nathaniel: …The courtyard?
Rose: Oh, Grandpa's been there a lot. Maybe there will be new flowers instead of the dead ones.
Nathaniel: …I helped.
Rose: You did? Smiles a little. Then I bet there'll be a fast improvement.
Nathaniel: I guess.
Rose: You've always been very smart. I bet you've helped Grandpa a lot… S…So… How did you help Grandpa?
Nathaniel: …Digging, planting seeds, watering…
Rose: It was very kind of you to help my grandfather. He's not in much shape to do stuff like that himself… Wishes Nathaniel was back to normal more than ever. …You… really don't remember anything?
Nathaniel: …I don't think so.

Anita: Does indeed come over once she has Nick situated and is sure he's resting.
Joel: Leaning against the wall where he situated himself. Hello, Anita. How've you been? Formalities first.
Anita: I've been fine… You look a bit worse for the wear Doctor… Joel. You should get some rest. Pats his arm.
Joel: Oh, I'm no stranger to a few late nights. Don't worry about me.
Anita: Nods.
Joel: Anyhow. What do you think of Nick, Anita?
Anita: Frowns. Well… he's doing quite poorly… It's not just that he's sick… It's that he can't continue treatment for his cancer in this condition, which will give whatever cancerous cells that remain time to multiply…
Joel: Nods. And what can we do about this?
Anita: …All we can do is treat him for his current illness and hope he makes a quick recovery so he can resume treatment… Well… I'm just a nurse, you know, Doctor… Joel…
Joel: I'm technically not the practicing doctor here, you should know. I'm just here to render assistance where I can.
Anita: Nods and sighs. It's just terrible that he was misdiagnosed… If we'd known it was the flu earlier we could have treated him earlier and prevented the pneumonia… and his allergy to the penicillin just weakened his immune system further.
Joel: I should have probably come here sooner. Not that I don't trust your credentials, but I would have had him treated in the castle had we the equipment necessary.
Anita: Nods. I'm so sorry, Doctor… Joel… Frowning. It really is my fault. I should have known.
Joel: You mustn't blame yourself. That is in the past and now we have to pull him through into the future.
Anita: Nods. I promised you before and I-I… I double promise to you now… Standing up a bit straighter. I'll take care of him. I'll make sure he makes it. It's my duty as a nurse. If he doesn't… I'll… I'll quit.
Joel: That is going to happen regardless. After all, when Nick pulls through, you are coming to work with him and myself at the castle, right?
Anita: O-Of course! I meant… I'll quit nursing… For good… I wouldn't deserve to be a nurse if I let Dr. Marsetti's cousin die… and a good doctor himself to boot, I bet. And a young handsome man. I couldn't live with myself. I should've known it was the flu and not an ear infection… I don't know what's the matter with me. I must've seen more than a hundred people with the flu.
Joel: Well, I am thinking that you were trusting Chuck's judgement. I am not going to… discredit him, but just remember that if you disagree with a doctor's diagnosis, that you still have a place… Rather, a responsibility, to make that doubt known.
Anita: I-I know… I need to be more assertive.
Joel: Don't blame yourself, though. Let's just concentrate on getting Nick back on his feet, shall we? He's being awfully negative and if he keeps on that track, he isn't going to show any improvement.
Anita: Nods! I'll cheer him up. Don't you worry…
Joel: It is good to know that my cousin is in good hands. Smiles.
Anita: Beams.
Joel: If you need any help, I will be here to assist you. Bows slightly.
Anita: O-Oh! Returns a clumsy curtsy. N-No… It's my job to assist you, Dr. Marsetti a-and Nick too someday!
Joel: Nods. Of course, when that time comes. For now though, I'll merely do my best to assist in my cousin's recovery.
Anita: A-Aren't you needed at your own infirmary? I-I'm really surprised… I-I mean… You're such a famous and good doctor… I'd think you had better facilities… No offense, of course.
Joel: None taken, though funding hasn't been very focused on the infirmary. No offense meant for our regent, of course. I am sure that he has other priorities to attend to.
Anita: Why not work somewhere else?
Joel: Where else can I rub elbows with royalty? Chuckles. I suppose Nick hasn't told you that we've even seen three of the elements in our own infirmary.
Anita: No way! Gapes. The Elementals?
Joel: The same. Quintessence and Ice. Nick even made them tea.
Anita: Wooow. I guess you really do brush elbows with the important types. That's amazing.
Joel: Oh, I know. I could scarcely believe it myself. Almost blew us to smithereens too.
Anita: Wow…
Joel: Our residential Captain of the Guard had Quintessence riled up. Formed a great sword and threatened to smite him, too.
Anita: …Wow… You're so brave.
Joel: Hah, I certainly didn't stand up to the Elements nor did I serve them tea. That would be Nick there.
Anita: …He stood up to the Elementals?
Joel: No, he has more sense than that. He did serve them tea, though.
Anita: Oh… Smiles. I'd like to try his tea sometime.
Joel: He makes quite a good pot. He could also tell that whole story much better than I could. Laughs.
Anita: Oh, Dr. Marsetti, you're too modest.
Joel: Nonsense, I'm just being truthful. I've heard him retell the tale and he did it more justice than I could have.
Anita: He's a very nice man. Smiles.
Joel: Oh, that he is. A very kind man, intelligent… single, a skilled doctor as well.
Anita: …Single? Oh, you must be kidding. I thought for sure he'd have a girl back home.
Joel: Oh, not at all.
Anita: Giggles. Kind, intelligent, handsome, doctors are usually snatched up fast.
Joel: Not that one. You could say that he's quite eligible.
Anita: Oh… Suddenly blushes, realizing that she's talking to Dr. Marsetti and not a girlfriend.
Joel: …Now, I don't remember calling him, "handsome" but it looks like you figured that out for yourself. Smiles.
Anita: Quite red now. Hehe…
Joel: Could I let you in on a secret, Anita?
Anita: O-Of course… I won't tell anyone.
Joel: Nods. Good. I've heard from a reliable source that our own Dr. Nicholas Romolo has plans to ask you on a date when he recovers.
Anita: Stares, going quite red.
Joel: Now, do you know who I heard this from? Grinning akin to the Cheshire Cat, though not out of any mean-spirited or malicious pleasure. Rather, he's quite pleased.
Anita: Shakes her head, 'no' blushing.
Joel: Our very own Dr. Nicholas Romolo.
Anita: Goes even redder.
Joel: They call me, "cupid" and I have a good eye and a strong arm. From the looks of it, you wouldn't turn down such a proposal. Chuckles. Gives him something to look forward to, I would say.
Anita: Blushes and giggles a bit.
Joel: Chuckles again, crossing his arms, so they're not just hanging limply. …You think it might cheer him up a bit if a certain kind, pretty, nurse took the initiative with our handsome, kind doctor?
Anita: Blushes. W-Well, I hope so
Joel: There is no doubt that it would, I would say. I'll just step out to give you two some privacy. Laughs and steps from the wall.
Anita: Blushes and over to Nick she goes.
Joel: Steps out. Nick is going to hate me for that.

Anita: U-Um… Nick?
Nick: Peeks out from underneath his covers. …Mm?
Anita: …Am I disturbing you…?
Nick: …No… I'm having difficulty sleeping…
Anita: O-Oh… Well… I just wanted to let you know that… um… I-I'd like to go out somewhere… Once you recover. Hopes Joel wasn't teasing her.
Nick: Blushes. Joel put her up to this. …I'd… I'd… Fit of coughing.
Anita: Gives him a glass of water.
Nick: Sips thankfully. …I'd like to to go out somewhere with you once I recover… too… Anita…
Anita: Beams and blushes and hugs him.
Nick: Hugs back weakly… and happily.

Rose: Well… we can be friends anyway.
Nathaniel: Okay.
Rose: Frowns a little, but forces a smile to her face soon afterwards. I'd like that.
Nathaniel: Okay.
Rose: Just at a complete loss of what to say to him. Something that wouldn't get, 'okay' or a shrug of his shoulders.
Nathaniel: Stares at her with hollow eyes.
Rose: Is this what amnesia does to people? Stares right back into his eyes.
Nathaniel: Looks blank.
Rose: Looks concerned, sad, even a little frightened. Not of him, but for him. …Um… Maybe you won't miss me when I go, but I'll miss you, okay? Always half-hardheartedly hopes that her meaningful words are just that to him, though at this point she's not very hopeful.
Nathaniel: Okay.
Rose: Thought as much. Trying not to look disappointed or hurt every time he responds with the same noncommittal answer and for the most part, does a good job. She's not made of stone, however and it does show through slightly.
Nathaniel: Drops down to his knees.
Rose: Nathaniel! Down she goes with him, worried.
Nathaniel: Mmm… Holds his head, then lets go to hold his stomach, doubling over.
Rose: Nathaniel…?! What's wrong? Starts to rub his back slightly, but stops and the hand just hovers there instead, not sure what to do.
Nathaniel: Ah… Topples over, so he's on his side. Ahmm… Clutches at himself.
Rose: At a complete loss of what to do. She could go to the infirmary and get help, but that would mean leaving him alone and something about that just seems… wrong. Kneels down more, stroking his hair and trying her best to sound calm, which isn't working. Nathaniel… J…Just tell me what's wrong… and… and then we can get help… Okay?
Nathaniel: Ahm… Mmm… Screams!
Rose: That screaming is making it very difficult to remain calm! C…Calm down Nathaniel… We'll get help… Sniffs.
Nathaniel: Continues screaming very loudly.
Rose: Starts to tear up. Doesn't know what to do.
Nathaniel: It keeps going for nearly a full minute!
Rose: Full on sobbing by that point! May be calm and collected most of the time, but there's only so much you can expect out of a girl her age in that regard!
Nathaniel: Eventually dissolves into sobs himself…
Rose: Takes a seat and gently pulls on him, hoping just to put his head in her lap, so she can continue to try and soothe him with hair-stroking. It's a little easier to calm down now that the screaming has stopped, at least.
Nathaniel: Lets himself be pulled up, sobbing quite heavily, clutching at her skirts a bit.
Rose: …T…There, there… I'm here for y…you… Knows her words really don't mean anything, but they're actually comforting herself, helping her gain a bit more of a grip.
Nathaniel: Sobbing finally begins to abate, calming down, trembling.
Rose: Doesn't credit that much to her words, though that little bit of hope remains that they may have done something.
Nathaniel: Stays quiet.
Rose: No reason for her to badger him with questions on why he started screaming. At least, not yet. Just continues to stroke his hair and even cradle his head a little with her other arm.
Nathaniel: Relaxes and the trembling stops.
Rose: Takes a quiet, deep breath to compose herself before speaking. …Are you alright…?
Nathaniel: Moves his head from her lap to look at her. …Rose?
Rose: Looks back down to him. Her face betrays the fact that she's been crying. …Yes, Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: Frowns at her, even though he was just screaming a moment ago. …What's wrong?
Rose: …What…? Knows she's been crying, but it's a bit of a turnabout, since he was the one that was screaming.
Nathaniel: You're crying…
Rose: O-Oh… I was scared… I thought you were hurt…
Nathaniel: Thinks for a bit. I'm okay…
Rose: I… didn't know that… I was worried… You were screaming.
Nathaniel: I'm sorry… I didn't mean to worry you.
Rose: You don't have to be sorry. Stops stroking his hair so she can wipe the tears from her face, though the movement jars her slightly and causes the few gathering near her chin to drop on him. Friends worry about each other.
Nathaniel: Hugs her tight. I'm okay now, alright? Don't worry.
Rose: Blinks a bit in surprise, this being a very big turnabout. Actually being hugged by the usually unresponsive Nathaniel. O…Okay… Resumes stroking his hair.
Nathaniel: Looks down. …Why'm I wearing your bracelet?
Rose: …I… well… I gave it to you… Nathaniel?
Nathaniel: …You did?
Rose: …Yes… because I'm going to an academy soon… and… I didn't want you to forget me.
Nathaniel: Oh, I wouldn't ever forget you, Rose. Smiles and takes the bracelet off, handing it to her. It's yours, you should keep it. Don't forget me, okay?
Rose: Takes the bracelet back, staring dumbly back at him.
Nathaniel: …What's the matter?
Rose: …You… remember me?
Nathaniel: Laughs a bit. I said I couldn't forget you, right?
Rose: …But… you… did. Still staring at him, blue eyes wide in shock.
Nathaniel: Huh? Cocks his head to the side and stands up.
Rose: Lets go, but doesn't get up, just staring up at him. …What's my nickname?
Nathaniel: Rose… or Rosie… Smiles.
Rose: Bottom lip starts quivering as she tries to catch his eyes with her own, now bleary, blue ones.
Nathaniel: Frowns. You're crying again… Eyes look worried.
Rose: The look in his eyes and his words get her to just start sobbing as well.
Nathaniel: D-D-Don't cry. Kneels down to hug her.
Rose: Hugs him back very, very tightly. Nathan you forgot… but you remember now!
Nathaniel: …O-Okay. Hugs her back tightly.
Rose: At least she's crying happily, though that much is difficult to distinguish.
Nathaniel: Rubs her back.
Rose: Gradually, she calms down.
Nathaniel: See? It's okay. Smiles at her.
Rose: Nods against him. It is… You're… you again.
Nathaniel: When've I not been me?
Rose: …For awhile… You weren't you at all.
Nathaniel: Cocks his head to the side. What do you mean?
Rose: You had amnesia… and you didn't remember anything or anyone… and you always looked… sad.
Nathaniel: Blinks. I don't remember that… The last thing I remember is… Thinks. …I was sick… in the infirmary… Scratches his ear. …It's real fuzzy.
Rose: It's… I'm just glad you're you again… I thought you'd always be like that.
Nathaniel: Oh… Well I'm glad I am too. Smiles. Is my dad still gone?
Rose: Dad told me that he is. He's watching you now that he's gone.
Nathaniel: Oh really? Frowns a bit.
Rose: Nods. He was making sure you had your lessons and everything… You… forgot everything… I mean, everything
Nathaniel: Everything?
Rose: Your numbers, your letters, everything.
Nathaniel: Wow…
Rose: Nods. …I'm sorry for making a big scene… I'm just really glad you're back to you again… and Dani will be too! She really likes you… um… Oops.
Nathaniel: Smiles. I like her too!
Rose: Oh yes, Nathaniel's certainly back to his old self. …It's good to have my best friend back.
Nathaniel: Grins. Um… It's good to be back, then.
Rose: …Sorry I keep mentioning that… Smiles and rubs more at her face to try and coax the redness out of it.
Nathaniel: Smiles back and stands up, swinging his arms around.
Rose: Looks down to her hands for a moment, slipping the trinket back around her wrist. You probably don't remember, but earlier you said you'd hang out with me tomorrow.
Nathaniel: Sure! Smiles. Can't think of anything else I'd rather do.
Rose: I can't either.
Nathaniel: Pulls her up by a hand and hugs her again.
Rose: Hugs back. Once more, very tightly, as if she hadn't seen him in a long while or as if she were afraid he would go somewhere.
Nathaniel: Gives her a kiss on the cheek.
Rose: It's a special occasion, at least for her, so that doesn't even faze her. She actually reciprocates it, kissing his other cheek and tightening the hug. I got a kiss on the cheek, hee.