01 July 2023
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John Crowley Daniel McMurran Adam McMurran Celena McMurran Elijah McMurran

J.N: I didn't think I could go to sleep while still being asleep, but it almost happened.
Daniel: You're a bastard.
J.N: And you're boring. It fits. You have to be a linguist or historian. I mean, I almost nodded off.
Daniel: Languages and history are fascinating. How many languages can you speak?
J.N: Two.
Daniel: English and Pig Latin.
J.N: Three, then.
Daniel: Sighs. What other language do you speak?
J.N: Cockney.
Daniel: That's a dialect.
J.N: Tell that to the people that have to listen to it.
Daniel: Adam Fletcher Crowley.
J.N: I think it has a nice ring to it.
Daniel: The McMurran line is counting on Elijah.
J.N: She'll probably keep her last name. I wouldn't make her change it.
Daniel: Look. You marry Jessica. She gets your last name… If she wants it. My children keep their last name, unless you adopt them. If you and Jessica have a child, it'll have your last name. That's how it works.
J.N: I may not be a linguist, Danny, but I know how marriage works.
Daniel: I'm just saying I don't think my kids will get your last name if you marry Jessica.
J.N: Then it's not up to Elijah to continue the McMurran line, unless that retard Middler actually does marry whats-her-face.
Daniel: Celena.
J.N: Yeah, yeah.
Daniel: I just thought you'd adopt Adam… So he would be Adam Crowley.
J.N: Maybe someday. By the way, I know that her name is Celena. It's just fun messing with you.
Daniel: Yeah, yeah, and Elijah's gay… and so on and so forth.
J.N: I stopped making those jokes.
Daniel: Since you realized Elijah's a human being with feelings.
J.N: That took a bit.
Daniel: I know, Elijah's like a robot or something. Who would've thought he had feelings?
J.N: Yeah, who would have known?
Daniel: Not you, after calling him 'Eli' three times.
J.N: And I've done a bunch of other awful things. Let's take my dream time to recount them.
Daniel: You never remember it. Feel free to bash me, if you like.
J.N: I should read up on lucid dreaming.
Daniel: I was mean to Middler.
J.N: Why's that a bad thing?
Daniel: You thought it was when it happened.
J.N: I did?
Daniel: Yes, I distinctly remember you being on his side.
J.N: That doesn't sound much like me. I never liked him very much. Hm. Are you sure I wasn't just trying to make you feel worse?
Daniel: I don't know what goes on in the inner workings of your mind.
J.N: I thought you were a linguist.
Daniel: Linguist does not equal… Mind reader.
J.N: Then why become one?
Daniel: I'm interested in languages. Why tease Elijah?
J.N: Back then?
Daniel: Yeah.
J.N: He was there.
Daniel: Good job.
J.N: I was a jerk to everyone, I remember.
Daniel: I thought you just did it to get on my case. Since it never seemed to bother Elijah.
J.N: Calling him "Eli" worked.
Daniel: Well you just zapped his memory of the whole thing there.
J.N: Three times will do it, I'd guess.
Daniel: I don't remember you ever being a jerk to Jessica.
J.N: Well, when I was trying to quit smoking, I remember making it appear like I was going to break my two week streak by lighting up right in front of her. That got her riled.
Daniel: Well I didn't know you specifically did it to make her mad.
J.N: I kind of did.
Daniel: You're weird.
J.N: Worst part of it is, I didn't end up smoking it either.
Daniel: How is that the "worst" part?
J.N: Because a cigarette would have been just bonny at that point.
Daniel: Well being a big jerk has payed off in the end, hasn't it?
J.N: I guess.
Daniel: Do you regret anything?
J.N: Yeah.
Daniel: What?
J.N: Being such an asshole, for one. …Most of that, anyway.
Daniel: So it's not best just looking out for yourself?
J.N: Indeed, it's not.
Daniel: And why is that?
J.N: There's a lot more to life than just the self, I've come to realize.
Daniel: Like loving people.
J.N: Yeah, maybe.
Daniel: And being loved back.
J.N: That feels nice. I also actually tried to be nice to Middler. Though that didn't turn out well.
Daniel: Middler is difficult because I have trouble sympathizing with him.
J.N: That surprises me a bit. Why's that?
Daniel: Well, I can sympathize with you… You have faults, you're an imperfect person… I can understand you in a way. I have faults too and sometimes I'm a jerk. While Middler has faults… well… They're not ones I can relate to… Being so incredibly naive… Never saying anything bad about anyone… He's really the antithesis of you. But he never changes… And he's just… alien to me…
J.N: I still think he's fooling us all. Well, everyone else. He's an idiot and always bites his tongue because he wants to be liked. He just seems childish to me. That is, if he's not actually going to eat us.
Daniel: Shrugs. He just irks me. I want to like him… There's not really anything about him to dislike… He's always nice and complimentary… But like you said, yeah… He's just doing to be nice… It doesn't feel genuine. I dunno maybe I come off like that, too.
J.N: You used to. Maybe we're just jaded and Middler's a creepy shape-changing bird saint.
Daniel: Well Jessica and Julius really like him.
J.N: That's what made me think that maybe I'm a jerk still, and maybe you're psychologically angered by the color purple.
Daniel: Like Jessica and Julius are wonderful judges of character?
J.N: Well, Jessica is dating me now. So, I guess I can trust her as having an impeccable eye for the personal.
Daniel: And Julius married Gwen. Point made.
J.N: Yeah. Maybe we're the only ones that are sane.
Daniel: Thanasi likes him.
J.N: Oh well. She married an invisible person.
Daniel: I knew Rekia.
J.N: Then she married someone who ran off on her.
Daniel: He… She… They… seemed really nice.
J.N: I'm sure she, he, they did.
Daniel: Adam really likes you.
J.N: I like him too.
Daniel: Why do you like him?
J.N: He's a smart kid. I guess I also see a small bit of myself in him, but he's mostly just grown on me.
Daniel: Yourself? Adam's gonna turn into a cynical nihilistic jerk. Fake sobs.
J.N: Har-har. I reacted very poorly to an event that happened in my life. Who knows how he would react? Maybe better or worse. I think Jessica is going to take good care of him though
Daniel: Well take good care of him since you're gonna be his dad.
J.N: His fake dad.
Daniel: He likes you better than me.
J.N: He never met you.
Daniel: True. But I don't think it matters if you're not his biological father. If you love him and take good care of him, then you're his dad. Especially since he's never had one.
J.N: We'll see if he still wants me to be his dad when the time comes.
Daniel: You're not planning on marrying Jessica until like… years?
J.N: Shrugs. I don't know what's going on anymore. I actually thought about getting martial training for crying out loud.
Daniel: Well, whatever works for you.
J.N: I probably should. At least until I can get a job there.
Daniel: Probably should what?
J.N: Undergo martial training. I don't know. What else could I do? I'm aware that I can't spend all my time with people while I'm there.
Daniel: Katen'll work you to the bone.
J.N: I'm fine with that.
Daniel: My first four years of being King of Atlantis… Hell. Manners… History… Training, training, training…. Genealogy… Ballroom dancing. Ugh.
J.N: It's not like I'm going to train to be king.
Daniel: Still… I don't think I would've made it… If it wasn't for my horse… I mean… Elijah.
J.N: I've got a lot of experience being self-loathing and miserable. I'm sure that Katen can make me suffer, but hey, I've got your beautiful wife and Elijah and Adam for support.
Daniel: You could try magic lessons with Gabriel… He's probably more unbearable than Katen.
J.N: I think I'll stay out of magic.
Daniel: Why for? RPGs say… Magic is better with more intelligence. That's why I suck at it.
J.N: RPGS? …Whatever, I've spent my entire life set firmly in the knowledge that magic doesn't exist.
Daniel: So did Julius and he was awesome at it. It's innate talent… and you might have it!
J.N: Huh. I could give it a try. Shrugs. If I'm going to go to Rome, I should do as the Romans… do.
Daniel: Yep… Pretty much everything is powered by magic, too.

Adam: Stares at the sleeping J.N. Climbs into his lap.
J.N: At least he isn't snoring. Doesn't look neutral or grumpy. Just at peace.
Adam: Blinks… Scratches what hair is on his chin.
J.N: Stirs and awakens.
Adam: Blinks. Whoops.
J.N: Blinks a bit… and sees Adam…
Adam: Whispers. Sorry…
J.N: Issaight… Yawns a bit.
Adam: …You know Mommy's not here.
J.N: Mumbles, still drowsy. She isn'?
Adam: …She's in… Arudis? She's supposed to be… Looking for someone named… Gwen? Too?
J.N: Nods. I see… She ran off a long time ago.
Adam: …Can I come to your house on the Fourth of July? They don't have it here… and… I wanna see the fireworks.
J.N: If it's alright with your mother. Stretches a bit and shakes off the drowsiness.
Adam: Nods. What did you dream about?
J.N: I can't remember much. Was I talking in my sleep?
Adam: No.
J.N: Nods. …I think I was talking. In my dream. Can't remember why or anything.
Adam: To who?
J.N: I don't know. I'm not even sure if I was talking to someone.
Adam: …Will you lissen to this?
J.N: Sure.
Adam: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y and Z.
J.N: You learned the alphabet?
Adam: Nods. I can write the letters, too.
J.N: …Really? Actually a little impressed. When did you learn to do that?
Adam: Mr. Katen said he'd teach me. He doesn't like how I write the letters, though. He says I still have a long way to go.
J.N: That's still pretty good… He taught you how to do that? Or did you learn on your own?
Adam: Well, he helped me memorize the alphabet… and now he's showing me the letters and I'm drawing them… I'm gonna learn all their sounds… Then I can read.
J.N: What're you going to read first?
Adam: I dunno… I wanna read everything… I wanna learn lots of stuff… Then I won't be a dumb kid… and I won't have to just lissen to what people tell me 'cause I can know for myself.
J.N: This is why I like Adam, Dan! You're the smartest kid your age I've ever known.
Adam: Blinks. …I don't know anything yet.
J.N: Hm. A long time ago a bunch of grown men, all that could read, were convinced that the world was flat.
Adam: That's 'cause they didn't have spaceships.
J.N: They didn't discover it using spaceships. What I'm trying to say is that you can be smart even if you don't know a whole lot.
Adam: Oh…
J.N: Though the fact that you want to learn is good.
Adam: …I'd rather have friends…
J.N: Why can't you have friends and be smart?
Adam: I'm not any fun to play with. 'Cause I think before I do things.
J.N: Thinking before you do things is a good thing though.
Adam: But I'd rather think about stuff than tag people…
J.N: What do you think about?
Adam: How things work… What if things were a different way… Why things are the way they are… Shrugs.
J.N: Nods. Sounds interesting. And it kind of does. …Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
Adam: Shakes his head 'no'. I just wanna learn a lot. What do you want to be?
J.N: Right now?
Adam: Yes.
J.N: Hm… It's not something I've put much thought to. I'm usually fine with just being employed, being able to read, and just keeping busy.
Adam: Nods. …I want hot chocolate.
J.N: At least it's not chalk.
Celena: Enters the room… Drops a curtsy.
J.N: Hello Celena.
Celena: Hello Mr. Crowley. How are you?
J.N: I'm doing well, yourself? Trying to be polite.
Celena: I'm doing quite well, thank you for asking. Isn't it your time for bed, Adam?
Adam: No.
J.N: How's Middler doing, Celena?
Celena: He is very handsome and impeccably dressed and loving, caring, and giving. Just like my father.
J.N: Alright. Maybe he'll be up for cards later.
Celena: Middler would never gamble.
J.N: That's too bad. I just figured he'd want company.
Celena: I don't think Middler needs your company.
J.N: Raises an eyebrow at her.
Celena: Raises an eyebrow back, looking like her mother… and her father… simultaneously!
J.N: That's creepy. Why is that?
Celena: He has much more respectable people to be spending his time with.
J.N: Like who? If you do not mind me asking.
Celena: Like my mother… and Lord Gabriel… And Queen Thanasi.
J.N: I see.
Elijah: Ugh, cut the crap, Celena.
Celena: Glares at Elijah.
J.N: Hey Elijah.
Elijah: Looks at her cross-eyed with a goofy face. Stops to say… Hey Mr. John. Gabriel's a jerk and Thanasi used to be a prostitute.
Celena: Well, you know what? It's better than being an idiot muscle-head.
J.N: …There's no need for that, either of you.
Celena: Glares daggers at him. You're not our father.
J.N: I know I'm not your father. I am entitled to my opinion though and it is just as I said. You can take it however you'd like. But also considering the trouble you got into somewhat recently, I don't think you'd want your mom to know that you're still making fun of your brother.
Celena: Glowers. Excuse me? He's the one making fun of me. And he's older and should know better. An adult, even.
J.N: …If I remember clearly, all he did was tell you to stop making fun of me. Then he mentioned Thanasi and Gabriel, to which you called him an idiot muscle-head.
Celena: I wasn't making fun of you. I was merely pointing out your deficiencies… If you were a real man… You would take note of them and fix them. Or at least apologize for them. And Elijah is an idiot muscle-head. As you can see, I'm only telling the truth.
Elijah: Laughs a little.
J.N: I can appreciate honesty. I'm sure your mother will too.
Celena: Good. She's known me and trusted me a lot longer… and she loved my father a lot more than she loves you.
J.N: That's true too. Are you telling me that when I tell her all of what you said, you're going to deny it?
Celena: She's not going to be upset because she knows you're lying about me.
J.N: I'm not hoping to make your mother upset. It's actually quite far from my mind, considering that she has a lot on her mind, especially around this time. Her work load has increased and she may still be enduring diplomatic difficulties and I do not really want to trouble her.
Celena: That's because you only care about her.
J.N: I care about Elijah, Adam, and Feemy too. I'd care about you, but you seem dead set on not letting me.
Celena: You don't have any reason to care about me. You just want my mom.
J.N: Raises both eyebrows. That's what you think?
Celena: Yes. You only like Elijah 'cause he's dumb and Adam because he's a little kid and doesn't know any better.
Elijah: Scoffs/Laughs.
J.N: You're entitled to your opinion, Celena.
Celena: Well you're not even going to try and prove me wrong which just goes to show.
J.N: You want me to prove to you that Adam isn't a little kid and knows better and that Elijah isn't dumb?
Celena: No… I wanted you to prove that you don't just want my mom.
J.N: Ah. That'll be tricky. You know that I'm moving here, right?
Celena: So?
J.N: We'll have plenty of time to chat each other up on the subject is all I'm saying.
Celena: Which proves my point. If you need time to think about it, geez.
J.N: The time wouldn't be for me to think about it.
Celena: All you want is to have sex with my mom.
J.N: That's a bit of a jump. Fine. If I have to explain it to you.
Elijah: Takes Adam from J.N. and carries him away.
J.N: In moving here. You do know that I'm leaving behind my parents, my friends, my house, my career. Everything that I worked for where I lived will really amount to nothing here. I chose to move here to be closer to Jessica, Elijah, Adam, Feemy, and yes, even you. I elected of my own free will to leave everything in exchange for you and your family. Not only that, but despite that, I'm going to try my hardest to assimilate into a society that I barely know about and adopt customs that are foreign and even acknowledge facts that are complete falsities where I am from. In addition I'm not just going to laze around the castle, I'm going to find work even if it means being away from you all, just so I'm not 'getting a ride on someone else's dime', as the saying goes. In light of all of that, you think that I just want to sleep with your mother?
Celena: There's still not any reason for you to want to get to know me.
J.N: Sure there is. You're interesting and I like your honesty. Maybe not interesting, but I do value honesty quite a bit! Though you're probably just 'being honest' as a way to point out my obvious flaws and mask it as being truthful.
Celena: You wouldn't want to at all if you didn't want to date my mother.
J.N: So, why are you doing all of this again? Is that your reason?
Celena: Sniffs. It's not fair.
J.N: What isn't?
Celena: My daddy died and now everything's complicated and I just want things to go back to the way they were. But since they can't, I don't want anything to change and you're making it… Mommy's not supposed to love anyone else after Daddy dies because that means she didn't really love him at all… Sobs.
J.N: …Frowns and sighs. Very lost in this sense.
Celena: And I loved Daddy and I don't have a daddy anymore and I don't want another because no one can replace him… And you're not even as nice or as good-looking as him, either…
J.N: I'm not trying to replace your dad…
Celena: But if you marry Mommy, then you'll be my stepfather and I'll have to treat you like a dad and people'll think you're my dad…
J.N: You could still refer to me as Mr. Crowley and call me ugly, if that'd make you feel better. Completely non-sarcastic, too.
Celena: Just stands there and cries.
J.N: I have that effect on people these days it seems. And it's not like I can do anything to comfort her either.
Celena: Besides you'll never like me 'cause I'm mean to you and you like Elijah better and Adam cause they're duuumb. Sobs.
J.N: I was mean to your father and he liked me just fine. Decides not to bring up the fact that her brothers aren't dumb.
Celena: Well you could at least give me a hug or something.
J.N: I was worried you'd claw my eyes out. Kneels down. …I would have sooner, but I thought you didn't like me. Which is somewhat untrue. I usually never initiate the hug process unless I'm in an emotional state or it's someone I know and am close to.
Celena: You're not any good at this father stuff.
J.N: I'm not…
Celena: Well you should learn.
J.N: …You still want that hug?
Celena: You're not supposed to ask. You're just supposed to do it.
J.N: You mentioned the hugging first.
Celena: You were supposed to do it without me asking.
J.N: Wasn't there supposed to be the chance of horrible maiming if I did give you a hug and you didn't want one? Hugs. Oh well. Being afraid of a twelve-year-old isn't my thing.
Celena: Surprisingly, hugs back.
J.N: That is a bit of a surprise.
Celena: Cries on J.N.'s shoulder…
J.N: Remains there for her, even if he doesn't know if he should try to say something to try to comfort her.
Celena: …I'm sorry…
J.N: That's as much of a surprise as the hug was.
J.N: …It's okay… Don't worry about it. Honestly, you weren't insulting me that badly.
Celena: …I want my Mommy to be happy too… and I don't think my daddy would be proud of the way I'm acting… He liked you, too… afterall…
J.N: …I'm sure he'd understand.
Celena: Sniffs and lets him go. I always try to be a lady, but I'm not any good at it.
J.N: Why do you say you're not good at it? Doesn't know what the nuances of being a 'lady' is, at least not for Atlantis.
Celena: I'm not refined and kind and accepting and humble and… All those other things.
J.N: I see…